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Fall 2016

LEADERSHIP LETTER Almost 30 years ago during the course of a child abuse investigation, children endured numerous interviews by different professionals in various locations. What happened in Tulsa so many years ago, is that the Tulsa community got together and said “Enough! Our children deserve better! They deserve one place to be brought to talk to experts, to be cared for, and to make their hurt stop.” The Tulsa community determined that our children would no longer be re-traumatized by the very system that was designed to protect them. CAN continues to be the only non-profit in Tulsa that provides child abuse intervention services. I want to offer my personal thanks to last year’s Board President, T. Carley Williams. I hope to follow in his footsteps and continue to create more awareness of CAN in the community. I am so honored to be involved in such an active and dedicated board, and we will work hard to be the best advocates for our innocent children. We have many very important key individual board members who will continue to play an integral role in the year ahead. Their experience and dedication to CAN are such an asset, and I am very thankful for them. I’d like to share a little about myself. •

Family: David and I have been married for 13 years. We have two children, Ben, 9yo, and Lily, 7yo, and a Bichon Frise dog, Buddy

Occupation: National Business Development Specialist for Cyntergy

Favorite book: The Help

Favorite music: Coldplay, Sting

Hobbies: Traveling

Where I grew up: Tulsa

Favorite childhood memory: Family trips to Hawaii

How I first learned about CAN: Through my participation in Leadership Tulsa, I served as an intern on the CAN board. After serving as an intern on the board, I knew immediately I wanted to be a board member. I am honored to be part of such an important organization.

As a mother of two small children, I will continue to be one of the strongest advocates for the children whose voices need to be heard. I would love for you to join me in providing hope for these children. Best,

Marnie Phelps


FY 2017 Board of Directors Marnie Phelps, president Cari Marshall, president-elect Tim Neuman, secretary Ray Poudrier, treasurer T. Carley Williams, past president Lisa E. Albers Adrienne L. Barnett Lauren Bingham David Glasgow Susan L. Gross Captain Rick Helberg Ashley Hudgeons District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler April Brookover Margwarth Jennifer Matson Julie Merritt Bryan J. Nowlin Tara O’Mahony Mendi Parker Sheriff Vic Regalado Mike Rhoads Dr. John H. Schumann Kaitlin Snider Stephan A. Strode Justin Thompson Rebecca Thompson Eric VanGilder Barbara E. Findeiss, executive director

Vision: To be the foundation for the most effective community response to reported child abuse and provide children a turning point on the pathway to healing. Mission: To provide collaborative intervention services to child abuse victims, so that they are encouraged to embrace a future driven by hope. Philosophy: Child abuse damages our community’s most vulnerable citizens and often has generational implications. In the context of violence, child abuse is a public health problem that presents complex social and moral dilemmas concerning its cause, effect and remedy. Addressing child abuse requires a comprehensive plan with multiple, coordinated strategies. State law requires EVERY person to report suspicion of abuse or neglect to the Department of Human Services. If you suspect that a child is being abused and/or neglected call: Oklahoma hotline: (800) 522-3511 National hotline: (800) 4ACHILD (800) 422-4453

CAN Service Statistics

January 1, 2016 - June 30, 2016

1,314 560 536 218

Total number of new children served:

Ages: 0-6 years:

Ages: 7-12 years:

Ages: 13-17 years:

Children were seen for the following alleged abuse:



135 661 21

Physical abuse

Sexual abuse

Witness to violence



(13 fatalities & 1 related to trafficking)

Types of appointments

(not all children seen at the Center receive the same services):

959 383 229 Forensic Interviews

Medical Evaluations

Mental Health Consultations

In 1992, the Center was built to serve


kids a Month

Now, we see on average


kids a Week


Pictured above are volunteers, donors and board members who attended the annual appreciation reception on June 23.

CAN’s annual appreciation reception on June 23 honored volunteers, donors, staff and CAN’s Board of Directors for their dedication and devotion to the children served at the Children’s Advocacy Center. Attendees celebrated a year of successes and kicked off a new year full of opportunities. The following new Board of Directors officers were announced: President - Marnie above Phelps,are President-Elect - Cari Marshall, President - T. Carley Pictured volunteers, donors, staff and Past board members who Williams,the Secretary Tim NeumanReception and Treasurer - Ray26. Poudrier (see top attended Annual-Appreciation on June center photo above). The highlight of the annual reception was the presentation of the CAN Distinguished Service Award. This award honors the commitment and dedication of an individual, group of individuals or organization that has made a significant contribution to the mission of CAN. This year’s award was presented to Corporal Greg Smith with the Tulsa Police Department’s Child Crisis Unit. Corporal Smith has gone above and beyond for Tulsa’s children.

Corporal Greg Smith with Barbara Findeiss

STATISTICS COMPARISON - 2006 to 2016 July marks the beginning of a new fiscal year for Child Abuse Network. In June 1988, CAN was incorporated; over the course of 28 years, more than 35,000 children have received services at CAN. But sadly, child abuse still exists and CAN is needed in the community more than ever this year. At the Children’s Advocacy Center, CAN staff and the medical team are seeing increasing numbers. From July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016, we provided services to 2,516 children in a single year. These services included 1,831 forensic interviews, 738 medical evaluations, 353 mental health consultations, and team reviews for 788 children. In just 10 years, CAN’s number of children seen has increased by 54%, and forensic interviews have become the most requested service, increasing by 150%. The number of children team reviewed has also increased by 32%. (see graph below) In 2012, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services reported that the number of children involved in Tulsa child abuse investigations and assessments was just under 6,600. Then in 2013, that number spiked to over 9,000. And in 2014, it increased again to almost 11,000: this represents a 66% increase in just two short years. It also means that 1 in 14 children in Tulsa County is involved in a child abuse investigation or assessment. These are staggering numbers, and CAN could never provide all of its services without the support of donors, volunteers and the community. Thank you for supporting these children when they need help the most!

SUPERHEROES OF ALL AGES Hundreds of capes blowing in the breeze, sweet little eyes peeking through their masks, children barely able to contain themselves excitedly wait for the announcer to say “GO!” Superheroes of all ages attended the 3rd Annual CAN Superhero Challenge on April 3 to particpate in one of two obstacle challenges. Led by presenting sponsors AAON, D&L Oil Tools and QuikTrip, over 1,000 Superheroes helped to raise nearly $73,000 to benefit CAN. The 2017 Co-Chairs - Rebecca Thompson and Jessica Zimmerman - would like to thank the 2016 Co-Chairs - Ashley Neal and Mary Ann Cameron - for all of their hard work and great leadership! With the support of the committee, this year’s event was another smashing success! “It doesn’t matter what age you are,” said Rebecca Thompson. “You can show your Superhero at any age.” Please join us on Sunday, April 2, 2017, for the 4th Annual event. For more details, visit childabusenetwork.org, call 918-624-0201 or email events@childabusenetwork.org.

SAVE THE DATE! 4th Annual CAN Superhero Challenge April 2, 2017 POSTOAK Lodge & Retreat


Janet & Bailey Word, Cari & Gordon Marshall

The CANdlelight Ball is CAN’s major fundraiser, and thanks to the contributions of our sponsors and event attendees, the event has raised over $1 million in the past five years. The event began in 2012 as a way to raise critical funds for CAN; during this five year tenure, CAN has served over 12,000 Tulsa children. CAN would never have been able to provide services to this astonishing number of children without the financial support of our sponsors. The 5th Annual event, held on April 23, was a huge success, and raised over $250,000.

“We are grateful for our donors who have made the CANdlelight Ball such a wonderful tradition,” said Cari Marshall and Ashley Hudgeons, 2017 event Co-Chairs. “We hope that you will continue to help light the way for a brighter future for Tulsa’s children!” The 6th Annual event is set for Friday, April 21, 2017, at The Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa. For more details, visit childabusenetwork.org, call 918-624-0201 or email events@childabusenetwork.org.

SAVE THE DATE! 6th Annual CANdlelight Ball April 21, 2017 The Mayo Hotel

Thank You, Patrons, Donors & Volunteers!

Thank You!

We offer our deepest gratitude to all who support CAN. Your generous gifts enable us to help abused children begin their healing. The donors noted below represent gifts larger than $50 received from January 2016 - June 2016. We are grateful for every donation. If there is an error or omission, please contact CAN’s Development office at (918) 624-0201 or events@childabusenetwork.org. (The complete donor list is published in the CAN Annual Report.)

AAON, INC ** Nicole & Steven Amend * American Bank & Trust Co. * Anonymous (6) Toni Aubuchon ** Monica & Tyler Auschwitz *** Jayne L. Austin Gloria & Kirk Bailey *** Andrew Ball * The Barnett Family Foundation * Adrienne Barnett * Billie & Howard Barnett * Lenice & Kurt Barron * Jean Belford Nikki & John Bell * Krista & Charles Bendana *** Annie & Brad Berrett Stephanie & Travis Biggert ** Bixby Optimus Club BKD Foundation * Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma *** The Boeing Company Kristin Bohanan Susan & Bill Bonner * Diana & Scott Booren Michelle & P.J. Brobston *** Sarah Broermann ** Marilyn & Chuck Buland Kelly Riley & Ryan Butler ** Mary Ann & Craig Cameron ** Stephanie Cameron * Shelley & Cason Carter ** Terren & Wes Caswell ** CHUBB * Cimarex Energy Co * City of Broken ArrowCDBG Amy & Bill Clark * Ashley Coffman ** Theresa Collins * Claire Combs ** Conner & Winters, LLP * Joshua Cooper Cotton Consulting LLC * Mollie & J.W. Craft ** Sheri & Robert Curry * Cyntergy AEC *** Heather Day ** DCP Midstream LDN District Attorneys Council Dana & Doug Drummond * Elizabeth Dunlap ** Dr. Vicky Weidner & Brian Edwards Isaac Ellis * Ron Emmons * Whitney & Daniel Eslicker* Bruce & Linda Ewing * Becky Fields * Barbara & Lawrence Findeiss * Amanda Forman *

Cheryl & John Forrest * Margie Franks * Jill & Jeromy Garcia ** E.L. & Thelma Gaylord Foundation The Gelvin Foundation * Sarah Jane & Matt Gillett * Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma Troup 442 ** David & Audra Glasgow*** Glenpool FOP 133 Glenpool Optimus Club GlobalHealth *** Sunny Goodson ** Natalie & Vaughn Graham ** Laurie & Jim Green Meg Grewal ** Rachael Grigg ** Susan & Kevin Gross * Debbie & Tony Guilfoyle * Jack Guillory Robert Gusnard * Shannon Habermehl ** Heather Hale ** Hall Estill * AnnMarie Hayden ** Helmerich & Payne, Inc. * Lindsay Hendrix ** Nancy & Bill Hermann * Cathy & Steve Herrin Hille Foundation David Hogan * Hogan Taylor, LLP * Lisa & David Holden * HUD/City of Tulsa - CDBG Rachael & Ragen Hunsucker * Alissa Hurley ** Inasmuch Foundation * Shionka Jones ** Justin Thompson Restaurant Group ** Kendra Scott * Christie & David Kendrick * Jerry Kennedy * Alana & Jason Kennon * Jackie Kouri & Gary Paxton * Christine & Steve Kunzweiler * Bonnie Laster Sarah Launchbaugh ** Law Office of Jack D. Crews Moira & Mike Lawson * Tracy Lee ** Janie & Curt Long * Emily Lyon ** Mabrey Bank * Brooke Mahan ** Shana Mahan ** Manhattan Construction * April & Paul Margwarth * Mariner Wealth Advisors Oklahoma * Amy & Chad Mariska * Cari & Gordon Marshall * Lorna & Stephen Mason * Jennifer & John Matson * Mazzio’s **

Guy McCall Anna & James McColl * Roger McCutchen Carol & Steven McGrath Kevin McNamara * Lou and Connie Miller Charitable Foundation * Linh Mokhtee ** Monte Cassino School ** Brandi & Matt Moore * Carol Mountford Nabholz *** Ashley & Ben Neal *** Susan & Rick Neal * Beth & Gregory Nellis * Pat & Tim Neuman Kim & Eric Nicholas * Blake Nordlund * Teresa & Bryan Nowlin Tara & Brian O’Mahony *** ONE Gas * ONE Gas Foundation ONEOK ** Jim Panico ** Tina & Lance Parkhill * Patriot Bank ** Sara & Jared Pawelka ** Pediatric Healthcare Fund PediStat ** Lori Petersen ** Marnie & David Phelps * Brenda Pipestem ** Rebecca & Ray Poudrier * Jennifer Powell Robert Pritchard ** Porscha Radcliffe & Larry Rooney * Holly Ragsdale ** Julie Rahhal ** The Reed Family * Cassie Reese * Abby & Jacob Reid *** Steven Remchuk Kathy & Mike Rhoads * Allison & Adam Robertson ** Raal H. Roos * Lisa Rutledge ** Ingrid & Brent Sadler * Jennifer Schissel ** Jill & John Schumer ** Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation * Dr. Frank & Mary Shaw * Megan Short ** Mteesa Shouse * Heather Smith ** Kim Smith * State of Oklahoma - CAMA Allocation Grant Mary & David Suliburk ** Greg Swann ** Michael Tate * Telecom Pioneers - OK Chapter #41 David E. and Cassie L. Temple Foundation Temple Israel Brandi Thompson **

Rebecca Thompson * TriArch, PLLC * Tulsa Area United Way Tulsa Federal Credit Union *** The Tulsa Foundation Tulsa Shimmy Mob Emily Turner ** Rose & Rondie Turner * UBS Matching Gift Program The Univeristy of Tulsa * Stacy Upton ** Ashwini Vaidya ** Paula & Michael Viseur * Megan Vogel ** Torre Waldo ** Terri & Charles Wall * Mary Catherine Ward ** Andrew Warren Lyndsey Weeks ** Jenny Werkmeister ** Kathy & Bob West * Jennifer White ** Kathy & Dale Whiteis Lisa & Brandon Whitworth * Susanna & Henry Will * Marydith M. Williams * Williams *** Brooke Wilson ** Janet & Bailey Word * WPX Energy Maria & Jeremy Yerton John & Nicole Young * The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation Jessica Zimmerman ** The John Steele Zink Foundation * Tributes In honor of Adrienne Barnett Charlotte & Wade Edmundson Mollie Williford In honor of the birth of our daughter Evelyn Karly & Jeremy Mason In honor of Richard Kear Carlos Burell In honor of Sally Posner Myra & Ronald Jeffris In honor of Ed & Kay Schermerhorn Susan Schermerhorn In honor of “the many lives of children that we touch” Janet & Mark Chappell

Memorials In memory of Mark Kirby Melissa J. Ethridge-Jack In loving memory of Stephanie 14 Jan McKay

In-Kind Donors Katie Arens Gloria & Kirk Bailey ** Jessica Bennett BeThereBooks Byers Creative Scott Carman Rebecca & Matthew Davis Mariann Duca Alfred Dugas Linda & Larry Eliason Faith Lutheran Church Whitney Fraser Carol & David Geil Sarah Jane & Matt Gillett Girl Scout Troop #1964 Mary & Ron Grecco Lisa Hamilton Lunden Hecht iHeart Media ** Courtney Johnson Justin Thompson Restaurant Group ** Kendra Scott * Taylor Kilpatrick David Kyle * Anna Lawmaster Paula & Joseph Maker The Mayo Hotel * Dana McBurney Helping Hands Memorial Drive UMC Kym Morella * QuikTrip ** Stacey & Mike Salisbury SAPIEN Spray Equipment Company * Tulsa Co. Dental Alliance TulsaKids Magazine ** TulsaPeople Magazine * Tulsa’s Channel 8 ** Volunteers of America

* CANdlelight Ball Sponsor ** CAN Superhero Challenge Sponsor *** Sponsor of both events


DONOR SPOTLIGHT: Matt Davis Matt Davis has been donating stuffed animals to CAN since 2011. In the past five years, he has made more than 40 donations, totalling over 1,200 animals! The items Matt donates to CAN are a variety of sweet and cuddly stuffed animals. Every child gets to pick out an item he or she would like to take home from the Center’s “comfort item” wall, which Matt helps keep supplied throughout the year. Thank you, Matt, for thinking of the children and making a difference in their lives! Matt Davis with some of the donations he’s given this year

CAN greatly appreciates all of the thoughtful donations received throughout the year. If you would like to make a donation to CAN, please bring donations to the Children’s Advocacy Center (2829 S. Sheridan Road) and visit the CAN Wish List at www.childabusenetwork.org.

you CAN help

There are many ways to support the children served by CAN. Here are a few ideas: Provide Wish List Items

Volunteer Your Time

Give a Charitable Gift

Books, Games & Puzzles for Children & Adolescents Backpacks & Book Bags (New) Journals & Pens Baseball Caps (New - Child & Teen) Stuffed Animals (New) 8.5” x 11” Copy Paper

CAN relies on volunteers from the community to supplement our staff hours of service.

CAN depends on gifts from generous donors like you to fulfill our mission to help children in crisis. Through the generosity of our community, we are able to provide all our services at no cost to the families we serve!

*Visit childabusenetwork.org for an up-to-date Wish List of needed items OR to make a charitable donation online.

This past year our volunteers provided 1,359 hours of service. If you are interested in joining our team of 200 volunteers, please contact Dawn Barrick, volunteer coordinator, at 918-624-0204 or dbarrick@childabusenetwork.org.

Thank you for your loyal support. Contact CAN for more information: (918) 624-0201 or info@childabusenetwork.org

Leaving a Legacy Through Planned Giving Child Abuse Network deeply appreciates our supporters who have chosen to include our organization in their family’s charitable giving strategy. There are many strategies for planned giving, including listing a charity as a recipient of a life insurance policy or estate planning. Most people have questions about planned giving, which can be a daunting process. CAN provides a no-cost planning service for those who would like more information about planned giving, how to start the process, or simply want to have their current plan reviewed. To set an appointment to speak with one of the planning professionals, please call (918) 624-0201.

you CAN stay connected Please let us know if we need to update your contact information: (918) 624-0201 or info@childabusenetwork.org.



Connect with CAN to: • Schedule a tour of our Center • Learn more about gift options • Learn about upcoming events and Center news • Learn more about volunteer opportunities facebook.com/candlelightball



Questions? Volunteer? Donate? www.childabusenetwork.org info@childabusenetwork.org (918) 624-0200

Profile for Child Abuse Network

Child Abuse Network Newsletter Fall 2016  

News, updates and details about what's been going on and what's to come at the Child Abuse Network in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Recognition of CAN do...

Child Abuse Network Newsletter Fall 2016  

News, updates and details about what's been going on and what's to come at the Child Abuse Network in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Recognition of CAN do...