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( July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016)

A note about the child-models in this publication: All of the people and children in the photos are volunteers; the children are all models photographed with the expressed permission of their legal guardian(s) or parent(s). All of the scenes have been posed; none of them depict actual incidents or refer to specific cases. In order to protect children and their confidentiality, absolutely no children who receive/received our services or their families were used in this publication.

mission & vision


impact lives




letter from leadership the reason




organization overview power of partnership

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programs and services our children








financial statements



statements of financial position statements of activities


fy 2016 donor list



staff and board members






mission V I S I O N



Our Mission To provide collaborative intervention services to child abuse victims, so that they are encouraged to embrace a future driven by hope. Our Vision To be the foundation for the most effective community response to reported child abuse and provide children a turning point on the pathway to healing. Our Philosophy Child abuse damages our community’s most vulnerable citizens and often has generational implications. In the context of violence, child abuse is a public health problem that presents complex social and moral dilemmas concerning its cause, effect and remedy. Addressing child abuse requires a comprehensive plan with multiple, coordinated strategies.


we can I M P A C T


The Child Abuse Network (CAN) exists to reduce the trauma that a child abuse investigation can pose for a child.

Before our program came into being,

children frequently endured stressful examinations and numerous interviews by various agencies in cold, sterile facilities.

CAN owns and manages a specially designed facility where child abuse intervention services are centralized. By enabling medical, mental health, investigative and legal professionals to work together under one roof, CAN minimizes the trauma of multiple child interviews and medical exams, and eliminates duplicate efforts in determining whether abuse has occurred.

Most importantly, CAN provides families with referrals to therapeutic and community support services to connect children with the services they need to begin their healing. CAN helps stop the hurt and begin the healing. To learn more about CAN visit: www.childabusenetwork.org.


a letter f r om

o u r

lea d e r ship

It has been said that the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. This year the Child Abuse Network team worked tirelessly to ensure that we effectively met the critical need for services while simultaneously preparing to lay the foundation for future growth opportunities.

It is difficult to comprehend that once again, over 2,516 children were in need of CAN this past year. For the past five years the number of children served has averaged around 2,500. These consistently high numbers have demonstrated that this is not an abnormality but rather our new reality. The Children’s Advocacy Center, CAN’s facility, continues to operate over capacity - an average of 50 children each week in a Center designed to serve 40 children a month. The numbers are overwhelming, yet they are also testimony to the fact that the Center is critical to child

abuse investigators as they seek the best quality information in order to determine abuse while reducing system trauma to children and offering a compassionate transition for families from investigation to therapeutic and support services. In addition to providing our child-focused services, the past year was a very busy year for CAN as we prepared for our reaccreditation in the fall of 2016. The process has involved detailing our compliance with the ten national standards for Children’s Advocacy Centers, which are included 4

on pages 8 and 9 of this annual report. The board’s program resource committee, which is comprised of board members and staff, meticulously examined each standard and documented policies and procedures which guide CAN’s everyday operations. Drafts and re-writes kept the committee busy throughout the year and culminated in a 79 page narrative report which was submitted in April to our accrediting organization, the National Children’s Alliance (NCA). In addition to the narrative application, the accreditation process includes a site visit. In November, two NCA site reviewers spent a day interviewing CAN staff, partner agency representatives and board members. The reviewers then submitted their recommendation to the NCA board of directors regarding CAN’s re-accreditation. CAN’s two major fundraising events were held in April: the CAN Superhero Challenge and the CANdlelight Ball. For the third year in a row, the Superhero Challenge was held on the grounds of PostOak Lodge on a spectacularly beautiful spring day. Children of all ages dressed as their favorite superhero and bounded over obstacles designed by community organizations and corporations. A huge thanks to event chairs Ashley Neal and Mary Ann Cameron for orchestrating this incredible event. Be sure to mark your calendars for next year’s event on Sunday, April 2, 2017. The 2017 Superhero Challenge will be chaired by Rebecca Thompson and Jessica Zimmerman. CAN’s second event, the CANdlelight Ball, was an elegant black tie event. Rachael Hunsucker chaired the unforgettable evening at the Mayo Hotel

where our sponsors and their guests dined and enjoyed an evening of fantastic live entertainment. The seventh annual CANdlelight Ball will be held on Friday, April 21, 2017. The event chairs, Cari Marshall and Ashley Hudgeons, are in the midst of planning another memorable evening with a few surprises. To all of you who have supported CAN throughout the past year, you have my sincere gratitude for allowing us to provide our quality, child-focused services to the thousands of children who needed them. CAN only exists because of the Tulsa community’s support and resolve that children should not be re-victimized by child abuse investigations. Donors, volunteers, staff and partner agencies all play a vital role in assuring that there is one place which is singularly focused on the child and where, in one appointment, a team of professionals can help relieve a child’s anxiety, fear and pain. One place and one appointment to stop the hurt and begin the healing – a remarkable achievement. Thank you for making it possible.


T. Carley Williams 2016 Board President

1 in 15 children is involved in a child abuse investigation in Tulsa county. That’s about 2 children per average sized classroom.

We CAN Make a Difference CAN’s Child Specialist, David Glanz, provided a mental health consultation at the request of the guardian of a sweet twelve-year-old girl who came to the Center for services. What the guardian later shared with David during a follow-up call truly moved him. The child’s guardian told David, “Since we came to CAN four hours ago, this child is a completely different child, it’s like a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. Before coming to the Center, she was scared, and after her visit she crawled up in my lap and showed trust and affection.” 6

organization overview The Child Abuse Network, Inc. is an accredited member of the National Children’s Alliance (NCA). As a member of NCA, the Child Abuse Network is referred to as a Children’s Advocacy Center and operates under the following standards:


• Multidisciplinary Team A multidisciplinary team for response to child abuse allegations includes representation from the following: law enforcement, child protective services, prosecution, medical, mental health, victim advocacy and Children’s Advocacy Center. • Cultural Competency and Diversity Culturally competent services are routinely made available to all CAC clients and coordinated with the multidisciplinary team response. • Forensic Interviews Forensic interviews are conducted in a manner that is legally sound, of a neutral, fact finding nature, and are coordinated to avoid duplicative interviewing. • Victim Support and Advocacy Victim support and advocacy services are routinely made available to all CAC clients and their non-offending family members as part of the multidisciplinary team response. • Medical Evaluation Specialized medical evaluation and treatment services are routinely made available to all CAC clients and coordinated with the multidisciplinary team response. • Mental Health Specialized trauma-focused mental health services, designed to meet the unique needs of the child and non-offending family members, are routinely made available as part of the multidisciplinary team response. • Case Review A formal process in which multidisciplinary discussion and information sharing regarding the investigation, case status and services needed by the child and family is to occur on a routine basis. • Case Tracking Children’s Advocacy Centers must develop and implement a system for monitoring case progress and tracking case outcomes for all MDT components. • Organizational Capacity A designated legal entity responsible for program and fiscal operations has been established and implements basic sound administrative policies and procedures. • Child-focused Setting The child-focused setting is comfortable, private, and both physically and psychologically safe for diverse populations of children and their non-offending family members.

power of partnership The Child Abuse Network is a member of Tulsa County’s multidisciplinary child abuse team, which is organized and sanctioned under Oklahoma State Statute (Title 10A § 1-9-102) and is formally referred to as the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Task Force on Crimes Against Children.


Current signatory members of the task force include: Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office Tulsa County Department of Human Services - Child Welfare United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Oklahoma University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine - Tulsa Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Tulsa Police Department Broken Arrow Police Department Owasso Police Department Child Abuse Network, Inc.

Task force members agree and pledge to cooperate and coordinate their efforts to: •

Identify, investigate and prosecute those persons who commit crimes or acts of deprivation against children

Maintain a multidisciplinary child abuse team pursuant to Title 10A § 1-9-102

Provide child victims of crime and their families with medical, psychological, investigative and other appropriate assistance

Provide educational programs that impact the causes and effects of crimes against children

Promote any activity chosen by the members to be in the interest of children within Tulsa County

services provided in fy 2016


medical medical evaluations evaluations

% 13 mental

health consults



20% case review

forensic interviews

programs and services The Child Abuse Network coordinates and facilitates a centralized, team approach to minimize the trauma of child abuse investigations.


Forensic Interviews (1,831 interviews) Forensic interviews are one of CAN’s most critical services. The Child Abuse Network employs professional child interview specialists who conduct forensic interviews at the request of child welfare or law enforcement investigators. CAN’s interviewers are specially trained to facilitate children’s abilities to make accurate statements about their experiences regarding reported abuse. CAN requires that its interviewers have graduate level education and specialized knowledge in the areas of child development, family systems and the dynamics of abuse. Medical Evaluations (738 exams) Medical evaluations are an essential part of a child abuse investigation. Medical findings assist investigators to determine whether abuse has occurred. Additionally, the child-friendly medical experts often relieve any anxiety that children may have about the health of their bodies. CAN contracts with the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine - Tulsa to provide child abuse medical evaluations. The medical team is comprised of specially trained child abuse pediatricians and a nurse (LPN). The team responds to same/next day requests from the child welfare and law enforcement investigators. Mental Health Services (513 consultations) Child abuse investigations can be very overwhelming, and many children and families have difficulties dealing with new emotions and anxieties. CAN assists families in many ways, including crisis intervention, consultation and referrals to appropriate therapeutic services and community support programs. CAN employs mental health specialists who have extensive knowledge in child development, the dynamics of abuse, crisis intervention, family systems and community resources. The mental health specialist’s primary focus is to provide immediate support and information to children and their caregivers, so they can establish long-term relationships with appropriate community support programs and therapeutic services. Case Review and Case Management (788 children) CAN’s team coordinator administers case review meetings twice a week. Case investigators have the opportunity to meet formally with team-agency representatives to discuss and exchange information related to specific child abuse cases. The team seeks to combine the insight and professional knowledge of individual team members and agency representatives for a more complete understanding of case issues and a more supportive response for the child and caregiver(s).

services provided in fy 2016



43 per month

mental health


62 per month

medical evaluations

153 per month


66 per month

case review

forensic interviews

our children Children come to the Child Abuse Network within the first three days after abuse has been reported. In FY 2016, the Child Abuse Network provided 3,870 services to children from 19 counties in Oklahoma. CAN provided services to 2,516 new children or approximately 50 children each week. Ninety-six percent of services provided were to children from Tulsa County. 14

a snapshot of the children we served in fy 2016 Gender

56 %

44 % male




ages 13-17

40 %

% 43 ages 0-6

ages 7-12

(average age is 8 years and 1 month)

Type of abuse

% 19 % 43 sexual % neglect



% 36 physical

(“other� includes: fatalities, witness to violence or witness to fatality, human trafficking and emotional abuse)

financial statements Years Ended June 30, 2016 and 2015

Once again the Child Abuse Network has received an unqualified opinion from our independent auditor, Creason & Associates, P.L.L.C. CAN is financially sound and our FY 2016 peformance has exceeded the Finance Committee’s high standards of fiscal responsibility. Please note that significant differences between FY2015 and FY2016 financial positions (Pledges Receivable) and Statements of Activities (Contributions) are attributable to CAN’s capital campaign.


Statements of Financial Position June 30, 2016 and 2015 Assets Current assets Cash Restricted cash Contributions, grants and pledges receivable Prepaid expenses Total Current assets

2016 $

Assets held by others Pledges receivable Property and equipment: Land Building Furniture and fixtures Medical equipment Less accumulated depreciation Net property and equipment

1,036,218 1,776,017 943,619 29,475 3,785,329

2015 $

1,123,097 954,109 692,945 30,946 2,801,097

58,462 1,382,996

57,763 1,572,600

485,000 1,061,239 201,952 56,666 1,804,857 387,601 1,417,256

485,000 1,046,791 198,929 56,666 1,787,386 335,039 1,452,347

Total assets



Liabilities and Net Assets Current liabilities Accounts payable and accrued liabilities







Commitments and contingencies Net assets: Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Total net assets Total liabilities and net assets

2,540,535 4,013,368 6,553,903 $


2,595,108 3,206,825 5,801,933 $


Statements of Activities Years Ended June 30, 2016 and 2015

Changes in unrestricted net assets Support and revenue Federal and state grants Contributions and private grants Investment income Other income Total unrestricted support and revenue Net assets released from restrictions

2016 $

Total unrestricted support, revenue and reclassifications


141,830 293,235 699 341,235 776,999 841,509


87,775 324,467 730 316,971 729,943 838,562



965,585 181,071 112,881 1,259,537

852,598 150,941 122,661 1,126,200

Total Expenses

175,833 237,711 413,544 1,673,081

186,771 191,195 377,966 1,504,166

Change in unrestricted net assets



Expenses Program services Child abuse team Community awareness Expansion campaign Supporting services: Management and general Fundraising

Changes in temporarily restricted net assets Contributions State of Oklahoma CAMA distribution Net assets released from restriction

1,139,359 508,693 (841,509)

2,909,756 525,992 (838,562)

Change in temporarily restricted net assets



Change in net assets



Net assets, beginning of year



Net assets, end of year 18





donors an d s u ppo r te r s July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016

“To the world you may be one person. But to one person you may be the world.” – Unknown AAON INC Crystal Abernathy Academy of Martial Arts Karisa Adams Judy Allen Heather Allphin AmazonSmile Foundation Nicole & Steven Amend American Bank & Trust Co. Katherine Anderson Anonymous (6) Mary Arriola & Victor Arriola II Toni Aubuchon Monica & Tyler Auschwitz Jayne L. Austin

Gloria & Kirk Bailey Sherry Baker Andrew Ball Marianne Ballard Lakisha Banks Friends of Judge Barcus Adrienne Barnett Billie & Howard Barnett The Barnett Family Foundation Jerry Barr Tomas Barrientos Lenice & Kurt Barron Megan Barron Trey & Kendall Barrow Judy & Robert Bastemeyer


Robin Bates Jean Belford Nikki & John Bell Krista & Charles Bendana Jodie & Ben Benner Annie & Brad Berrett Stephanie & Travis Biggert Bixby Optimus Club BKD, LLP BKD Foundation Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma The Boeing Company Kristin Bohanan Susan & Bill Bonner Diana & Scott Booren

The Mervin Bovaird Foundation Britani Bowman Shirley Bradley Carrie Brannon Deidra & Nick Breese Michelle & P.J. Brobston John Brobston - State Farm Insurance Sarah Broermann Cecily Brown Melissa Brown Marilyn & Chuck Buland Brandi Bullock Julie Bunting Denise & Boyd Burns Kelly & Ryan Butler Aubrey Cain Courtney & Jake Cain Sharon & Forrest Cameron Mary Ann & Craig Cameron Stephanie Cameron Billie Campbell Andrea Canada Dr. Kathleen S. Cannon & Dr. Douglas S. Pittman Spencer Cantey Elizabeth Carr Roberto Carreno Emily Carter Shelley & Cason Carter Terren & Wes Caswell Patti Chalkin Julian Chesbro CHUBB Cimarex Energy Co City of Broken Arrow-CDBG Melanie Ciupak Amy & Bill Clark Becky Clark Kelly Clark Ashley Coffman Dean Collins Theresa Collins Erica Colvert Claire Combs Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc. Conner & Winters, LLP

Joshua Cooper Sandy & Art Cotton/Cotton Consulting Paul Coury Staci Cozby Mollie & J.W. Craft Christy Craig Misty Craig David Crandell Cuesta Foundation, Inc. Ashley Cunningham Heather & Brian Cupp Nancy Curry Sheri & Robert Curry Cyclonic Valve Company, Inc. Cyntergy AEC Carl Daugherty Kayla Davidson Melissa Davis Robbie Davis Tara & John Dawson Heather Day Karol Day DayBreak Family Services, LLC DCP Midstream LDN Allison Denning Rupa Desilva District Attorneys Council Dana & Doug Drummond Elizabeth Dunlap Amanda Dussling Diane Eason Yasmine Ederer Dr. Vicky Weidner & Brian Edwards Isaac Ellis Ron Emmons Jon Engelbrecht Whitney & Daniel Eslicker Bruce & Linda Ewing Daphne Falletti Debbie Fawn Becky Fields Barbara & Lawrence Findeiss Fran & Kevin Fleming Jennifer Flexner Flint Foundation Amanda Forman

Cheryl & John Forrest Diane Fowler Joy Francis Sharna & Irvin Frank Foundation Margie Franks Cathy Frescaz Bob C. Fries Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. Jill & Jeromy Garcia E.L. & Thelma Gaylord Foundation The Gelvin Foundation Barry Gibbon Jennifer Gilbert Sarah Jane & Matt Gillett Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma Troop 442 David & Audra Glasgow Glenpool FOP 133 Glenpool Optimus Club GlobalHealth GoFresh Jared Goldfarb Gwen Goodner Goodrich Foundation Sunny Goodson Natalie & Vaughn Graham Laurie & Jim Green Vanessa Green Jacob Greenfield Kendra Greenlee Meg Grewal L. Brad Griffin Rachael Grigg Jessica Gross Susan & Kevin Gross Debbie & Tony Guilfoyle Jack Guillory Anna Gundy Robert Gusnard Shannon Habermehl Katie Haight Heather Hale Hall Estill Quin Halpin Lisa Hamilton Kayla & Mike Hankins

Thomas Hankins Jackie Hanna Danny Hartwig AnnMarie Hayden John Heiman Helmerich & Payne, Inc. Jamie Henderson Lindsay Hendrix Nancy & Bill Hermann Cathy & Steve Herrin Hille Foundation Leslie Hillsberry David Hogan Hogan Taylor, LLP Lisa & David Holden Julie Holmes Karie Houston Georgia Hsu HUD/City of Tulsa - CDBG Ashley & Trevor Hudgeons Amanda & Kent Hudson Rachael & Ragen Hunsucker Carlene & J.D. Hunt Amy Hunter Alissa Hurley I Am Services Ihloff Salon & Day Spa Inasmuch Foundation International Shimmy Mob Aaron Isley Juliana Jacobi Lesley Jennings Kelly Jensen Melanie Johnson Robert Johnson Summer Johnson Christine Joly Joman Management Michael U. Jones Shionka Jones Nancy & Tim Jones Josette Bath and Body Angela Juarez Jamie Judd Justin Thompson Restaurant Group George Kaiser Family Foundation Rosemary & Vic Karjian Misty Karo

Kendra Scott Christie & David Kendrick Jerry Kennedy Alana & Jason Kennon Soumya Kidiyoor Sarah Kin Mary Katherine Kindred Ms. Sandra S. Klein Jackie Kouri & Gary Paxton Christine & Steve Kunzweiler Frank S. and Julia M. Ladner Family Foundation, Inc. Kelly Lam Rebecca & Stuart LangdonGalbreath Heather Langley Carlos & Pam Langston Bonnie Laster Jenny Laubach Sarah Launchbaugh Allison Lauinger Law Office of Jack D. Crews Moira & Mike Lawson Tracy Lee Kathy & Edward Leinbach Teri Light Lyndsey Lindemann Elizabeth Lindsay Kim Little Littlefield, Inc. Harriet Livathinos Maren Lively Rachel Lively Janie & Curt Long Dean Lowe Lauren Lunsford Emily Lyon Robert Lyon Mabrey Bank Brooke Mahan Shana Mahan Manhattan Construction April & Paul Margwarth Mariner Wealth Advisors Oklahoma Amy & Chad Mariska Betty & Phil Marshall Cari & Gordon Marshall Andrea & Dean Martin Nellie Martin


Olivia Martin Sasha Martin Christy & Michael Mason Lorna & Stephen Mason John & Jennifer Matson The Mayo Hotel Mazzio’s Guy McCall Anna & James McColl Roger McCutchen Jeannie & Joe McDaniel Carol & Steven McGrath Jenni McKeown Suzanne McKown Ashley McNamara Kevin McNamara Scott Meyers Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Caden Miller Lou and Connie Miller Charitable Foundation Angela Millington Jean Millwee Mary Mitchell Linh Mokhtee Monte Cassino School Brandi & Matt Moore Amy Moore Lynn Moore Kym Morella Carol Mountford Robert Mouser Suzanne Mullen Amy Munsell Nabholz Construction Nicole Nascenzi National Children’s Alliance Ashley & Ben Neal Susan & Rick Neal Amanda Neely Beth & Gregory Nellis Nancy & Don Nelson Roger Nelson Pat & Tim Neuman Doyle Newman Amy Nichol Kim & Eric Nicholas Rachel Nichols Breana Noble

Blake Nordlund Kimberly & Robert Norman Ailee & Ryan Nowlin Teresa & Bryan Nowlin Tara & Brian O’Mahony ONE Gas ONE Gas Foundation ONEOK Jim Panico Karen Park Tina & Lance Parkhill Parkhill’s Wine & Spirits Patriot Bank Sara & Jared Pawelka Pediatric Healthcare Fund PediStat Kathleen Pence PEO Chapter N Lori Petersen Susan Peterson Marnie & David Phelps Carrie Phillips Brenda Pipestem Mary & Gregory Pittman Pledgeling Foundation Ashley Porto Rebecca & Ray Poudrier Jennifer Powell Riley Powell Marilyn & Michael Predovic Robert Pritchard Michelle Pryer Gary Quiggle Jill Rackley Porscha Radcliffe & Larry Rooney Samuel Rader Holly Ragsdale Julie Rahhal Donna Rambo Mary Rankin Teri Ratz Anna Raybourn Michelle Reagor The Reed Family Cassie Reese Abby & Jacob Reid Steven Remchuk Alexandra Remy Jessica Reynolds

RGK Foundation Kathy & Mike Rhoads Joseph E. Rice/Rice Benefits & Investments Karen Riley Valerie Ritter Riverview Wine & Spirits Melissa Roberds Allison & Adam Robertson Dana Robertson Rodolf & Todd Amanda Rodriguez Kristin Rodriguez Patrick Rooney Raal H. Roos Hayley Rose Lisa Rutledge Sage Farms, LLC Carrie & Dave Salce Sarkeys Foundation Kristin Schenk Kay & Ed Schermerhorn Jennifer Schissel Jill & John Schumer Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation Paul Seikel Kala & Gary Sharp Dr. Frank & Mary Shaw Ann Shepard Heather Sher Alane Shettler Cherry & Bill Shoemaker Jennifer Short Megan Short Mteesa Shouse Altrina Simpson Molly Sinnett Aaron Smith Elizabeth Smith Eric Smith Heather Smith Kim Smith Melissa Sommer Lindsay Sparks Sy Songrug Alice & Charles Stanford Josie Starnella McKenzie Starns

State of Oklahoma - CAMA Allocation Grant Lisa Steele Detective Kathy Still Connor Stomabugh Dathel Storey Jennifer Stowe Stacy Strow Stephan Strode Mary & David Suliburk Jennifer Sumner Sutures Greg Swann Catherine Tangreth Patricia Tanner Nikki Tapia Michael Tate Priscilla & Joseph Tate Catherine Tatum Miriam Taylor Misty Taylor Tami & Ernie Teeters Marlene & Charles Tefertiller Telecom Pioneers - OK Chapter #41 David E. and Cassie L. Temple Foundation Temple Israel Brandi Thompson Brett & Catherine Thompson Rebecca Thompson Victoria & Greg Thorne Steve Tipton Christian Tolen Mandi Tomasi TriArch, PLLC Tulsa Area United Way Tulsa Chapter Institute of Real Estate Management Tulsa Community Foundation Tulsa Federal Credit Union The Tulsa Foundation Tulsa Shimmy Mob Emily Turner Rondie & Rose Turner UBS Matching Gift Program The University of Tulsa

Stacy Upton Dr. Ashwini Vaidya Carrie Van Pelt Pam VanMeter Sheila Visconti Paula & Michael Viseur Megan Vogel Chrissie Wainright Torre Waldo Holly Wall Terri & Charles Wall Anna Ward Mary Catherine Ward Andrew Warren Lyndsey Weeks Dawn Wells Jenny Werkmeister Allison & Jason Wesson Kathy and Bob West Lindsay West Paul Wheeler Jennifer White Kathy & Dale Whiteis Sondra & Jim White Lisa & Brandon Whitworth Teresa Wiggins Frieda A. Wilcox Kelly & Rick Wilkerson Susanna & Henry Will Chris Willaby Williams Companies Carrie & Carley Williams James Williams Jessica Williams Marydith M. Williams Brooke Wilson Emily Wiltshire Marilyn Wolfe-Farr Janet & Bailey Word Sarah Worley WPX Energy William B. Wynn IV Erin Yancy Maria & Jeremy Yerton Aubrey York Kate York Allynn Young Brian Yuan Anton Zakharchuk

The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation The Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation Jin Zhou Jessica Zimmerman The John Steele Zink Foundation

In-Kind Donors Anonymous (2) Nancy and Jack Adkisson Katie Arens Mary & Victor Arriola II Gloria & Kirk Bailey Jessica Bennett BeThereBooks Pat Bowman Brava Quartette Haley & Parker Brobston Robyn & Bruce Brooks Anna Burton Byers Creative Scott Carman Commerce Bank Jessica David Kayla Davidson Rebecca & Matthew Davis DayBreak Family Services, LLC Mark Dixon Sharon Doty Mariann Duca Alfred Douglas Linda & Larry Eliason Faith Lutheran Church Nita & Jay Foley Chelsie Fondren Whitney Fraser Jennifer Fultz Carol & David Geil Carmen Gent Gilcrease Museum Sarah Jane & Matt Gillett Girl Scout Troop # 1964 Golf Club of Oklahoma Mary & Ron Grecco


Green Country Quilters Guild Lisa Hamilton Sheila & Ted Haynes Lunden Hecht Jersey Magic Courtney Johnson Denise Johnson Justin Thompson Restaurant Group Kendra Scott Taylor Kilpatrick David Kyle Cari & Gordon Marshall Marshall Brewing Company The Mayo Hotel Dana McBurney Patricia McBurney Devra McManus Helping Hands Memorial Drive UMC Mona McNabb Rainbow Assembly # 178 Kym Morella Dana Morey MPact Events ONEOK, Inc. OU-Tulsa Library Owl & Drum Pavilion QuikTrip Retired Postal Ladies Stacy and Mike Salisbury Salvation Army James Schrader Kate Smith Spray Equipment Detective Kathy Still Krysten Taber Victoria & Greg Thorne Tulsa Chapter Institute of Real Estate Management Tulsa County Dental Alliance Tulsa Diamond House Unity Youth Group Mai Vang Volunteers of America Tricia Wilkinson

Tributes In honor of Adrienne Barnett Charlotte & Wade Edmundson Mollie Williford In honor of Robyn Brooks and Family Cherie Cook In honor of the birth of our daughter Evelyn Karly & Jeremy Mason In honor of Marvin Esmond Michael Esmond In honor of Jason, Alan and Susan Forman, and Marco Simonelli Amanda Forman In honor of Richard Kear Carlos Burell In honor of Sally Posner Myra & Ronald Jeffris In honor of Ed & Kay Schermerhorn Susan Schermerhorn In honor of Scott Selma, Rich & Cartmill, Inc. Osteopathic Founders Foundation In honor of “the many lives of children that we touch� Janet & Mark Chappell In memory of Lola Lenore Beil Betty Beil In memory of Elanore Bollinger and Jane Peace Robyn & Bruce Brooks In memory of Skyla Brooks Pam Cox In memory of Mark Kirby Melissa J. Ethridge-Jack In loving memory of Stephanie 14 Jan McKay In memory of Phil Stone Jennifer & Floyd Daniels

We apologize for any exclusions or inaccuracies that may have occurred in acknowledging our generous donors, supporters and volunteers. Please contact us at (918) 624-0217 so we may make corrections for future publications.

we can ma k e


d i f f e r ence

To learn more about the Child Abuse Network, Inc. or to schedule a tour of our facility, please contact Barbara Findeiss, executive director at (918) 624-0200 or visit www.childabusenetwork.org.

F Y 2 0 1 6 O FF I C E R S

S T A FF ( c o n t i n u e d )

T. Carley Williams

David Glanz, LCSW

Marnie Phelps

Leslie Foster, LCSW

Adrienne L. Barnett

Jessica Scott, LCSW

Cari Marshall

Ali Kern, LCSW

Child Specialist


Child Specialist

President Elect

Child Specialist

Past President

Child Specialist


Dawn Barrick

Ray Poudrier

Volunteer Coordinator


Shelia Minor-Johnson

Team Coordinator/Child Advocate


Leslie Wood

Family Services Coordinator

Barbara E. Findeiss, MPH

Jackie Hewitt

Executive Director

Administrative Assistant II

Rose Turner, LCSW

Socorro Goines

Managing Director

Administrative Assistant

Lea King, MBA, CIC, CRM Finance Director

Michelle Brobston

Operations Specialist


F Y 2 0 1 6 B O A RD O F D I R E C T O R S Kirk O. Bailey CHUBB

Major Julie Harris Tulsa Police Department

Ashley Neal Community Volunteer

Adrienne L. Barnett Norman Wohlgemuth Chandler Jeter Barnett & Ray

Ashley Hudgeons Hillcrest HEalth Systems

Tim Neuman Williams Companies, Inc.

Annie H. Berrett OU Department of Family Medicine Lauren Bingham D&L Oil Tools Barbara E. Findeiss Child Abuse Network, Inc. Sarah Jane Gillett Hall Estill David Glasgow CBRE Susan L. Gross Community Volunteer

Rachael Hunsucker All Souls Unitarian Church District Attorney Stephen Kunzweiler Tulsa County’s District Attorney’s Office April Brookover Margwarth Tulsa Federal Credit Union Cari Marshall CMCi Consultants, LLC Julie Merritt Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Kim Nicholas ONEGas Inc. Bryan J. Nowlin Hall Estill Marnie Phelps Cyntergy Ray Poudrier ONEOK Mike Rhoads Oklahoma Insurance Department Meg Watkins Junior League of Tulsa, Inc. T. Carley Williams BKD, LLP

FY 2016 ADVISORY COUNCIL Caroline Z-H Abbott Victoria Bartlett

Brian N. Edwards C. Michael Thornbrugh

Kathy West

FY 2016 PRESIDENTS COUNCIL Steven H. Austin Adrienne L. Barnett Robert W. Block, MD Ginny Creveling Susan L. Gross David Holden

Susie Jackson L. Dru McQueen Ann Metcalf Michael A. Rhoads Jack W. Schanck Genie Shannon

Kala Sharp Roy M. “Skip” Teel, Jr. R. Scott Vaughn Rick Verity T. Carley Williams Chris Woosley

If you suspect abuse, call: Oklahoma Hotline: (800) 522-3511 National Hotline: (800) 4ACHILD (800-422-4453)

Children’s Advocacy Center 2829 South Sheridan Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129 phone (918) 624-0200 fax (918) 624-0222 www.childabusenetwork.org www.facebook.com/childabusenetwork

Profile for Child Abuse Network

FY 2016 Annual Report for Child Abuse Network, Inc.  

This is the annual report for the Child Abuse Network, Inc. for Fiscal Year 2016. It includes: organization overview, financial statements,...

FY 2016 Annual Report for Child Abuse Network, Inc.  

This is the annual report for the Child Abuse Network, Inc. for Fiscal Year 2016. It includes: organization overview, financial statements,...