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We decided to write this magazine because we thought that this social and family problem is hidden. Most of the cases are left behind because the judges focus more in famous cases or the pervert ones. In this article we tried to explain what happens to both persons involved on the cycle of abuse (abuser-victim). Also we wanted to show that this happens all around the world and especially on the different endings of the cases. We refer to the legal part, not to the psychological part. We hope this magazine could be a tool to open minds and to make aware of how serious is this issue. Also, everyone should know that is possible to involved and help many families through organizations dedicate to dealing with this problem. Take your time to read this magazine and spread the word as much as you can!


Valentina Santostefano 18 years old

Carolina Rodriguez Zeng 17 years old

Julieta Macias 17 years old

Scars after the hell Written by Carolina Rodriguez Zeng Child abuse could be something difficult to identify because most of the times, children don’t tell what happened. It’s one of the cruelest types of violence because the aggressor takes advantage of the child’s weakness to control him. We know little about the life of the victim, that it’s why I wanted to write this article, so that we all know more about this problem. The answer to the questions in the tittle it’s simple: nothing. And that is why I wrote this article. If someone has been abused, signs of unjustified anger could be shown, problems to sleep and the need no to be alone. Instead, children or teenagers don’t tell about the abuse because of shame or fear to be alone, left behind or to be called a liar. In Argentina most of the cases happened in the house of the victim or in the house of the aggressor. Statistics shows that in this country 47% of the victims are between the ages of six to twelve.

28% are from 0 to five and the rest are more than thirty years old

Child abuse left many sequels on the victim that had consequences on his adult life. In the short term, the victim is going to experiment a lot of negative feelings triggered by the guilt of the fact or because of the way of dealing with this. Girls usually show themselves very depressive or anxious. Boys have sexual aggressive behaviors and difficulties to socializing. Also, when kids are little, they deny the fact and when they are older, they feel guilty and ashamed. However, in the long term, victims have difficulties to have sexual relationships and enjoy them. They experiment depression, stress and littles control of the anger and women specially have self-destructive behaviors. Also, the consequences get worst because of the frequency of the abuse, the use of threats and the family link if this exist. The emotional impact depends of four variables: the profile of the victim, the characteristics of the act, the relationship between the abuser and de victim and the consequences associated to the discovery of the abuse. Normally, the general psychological consequences are nightmares, changes in diet, take drugs, alcohol, hyperactivity, fear, problems with sexual identity and social isolation. Also, physical consequences could be chronic pains, mental and eating disorders, suicide attempts, identity disorders and problems to reach orgasm and feel satisfaction.

Many girls who were abused end up pregnant or with some disability. In this cases most of the time the aggressor usually is the father or the stepfather. Reiterative abuse increases the chances of pregnant the victim. I hope this article helps people to identify a victim of abuse before it’s too late. Child abuse is a hard issue but we all need to know a little about it.

The stories needs to be listened Join us in this fight, kids would be grateful

“Survivors of abuse show us the strength of their personal spirit every time they smile�

Inside the mind Written by Julieta Macias It´s important to know that child abuse has an unknown background for many people. This hidden part is related to the abusers and their personalities which are the fact that causes the situation and leave consequences in children. According to the results of research, the adult wants to dominate the kid, that is why they pick a defenseless one. It´s recognizable the mental illness that the abuser present. This person has a personality disorder which produced in them a distortion of the person. They see the victims as object used to satisfy their needs. Taking into account some characteristics that are repeated in most of the cases, we can configurate a possible profile of the molester. The firt aspect is telling lies to control and manipulate the behaviour of the victim. The second characteristic is to deny that the act happened and after that to avoid physical contact with the kid in public places. The last aspect is being irresponsible and impulsive in every situation in their life. To find the reason why they do it, we would have to go deeper. The best known one is that someone who was physically abused has more tendencies than other to physically abuse a child. But this doesn´t apply for all the abusers. High expectation is another reason when the abusive situation happens between a parent and his/her child. Some abusive parents usually impose heavy burden on their children in the form of demands which are impossible to achieve. The consequence of unsatisfying this expectation is child abuse. Over-demanding parents react with violence when things don´t go as well as they expected. Punishment, in some cases, ends being a synonymous of violence. Following the same pattern-intrafamiliar abuse- there is other reason for this. Things such as addiction to drugs or alcohol, stress caused by work or relationship problems, make parents/aut/uncle abuse their kid to relieve their issues. The big different between this and the other, is that appear more possibilities of who could be the molester. The list of causes is longer but it´s important to know at list some of them. Despite the fact that some of this cases never comes up and are still hidden, there are statistics about the abuser based on the reported ones. First we have a percentage in relation to the age of the abuser. A 49% has between eighteen and forty years old, while a 51% are older. The gender that dominate is masculine with a 89%, only a 11% represent the feminine abuser. The last thing analyzed is who are and the results are that 75% of the abusers are relatives of the kid, while a 40% are the father and a 16% are the stepfather.

If we take into account all this information about the molester, we can realize how important is to stay awake if any of this aspects appear in a family that we know. Also this reminds us to show affection to kids because we would never know what they are going through. Reporting this help both persons, the abuser and the kid, because the first one could have a psychological help and the victim could go out of that hell. It´s always better to speak than to shut up, your voice could save a life.

The Saviours Written by Valentina Santostefano You need to be informed, know how we can help and what to do when you have a child abuse case either from a family member or from any other child. Therefore, in this article I will present two organizations that are responsible for protecting to the abused children and their families. One organization is from Argentina, called Fundacion ASAPMI and the other of the United Kingdom, called NSPCC. ASAPMI Foundation (Argentine Association for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment Pediatric-juvenile). (Member of the ISPCAN (International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect)) Who are they? They are a group of professionals dedicated to the issue of child abuse; with the intention to form an association to maintain and defend all that was achieved in favor of the protection of children such as the Law on Protection against Domestic Violence and the Punishment of the Law 26,061 on the Comprehensive Protection of the Rights of Children and Adolescents and to achieve representativeness at the national level, both to the different state bodies, as compared to the international organizations responsible for situations of risk of childhood and adolescence. Some of its objectives are:  to contribute to the development mental, physical and social development of boys, girls and adolescents, acting from the wide field of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention on all forms of mistreatment, abuse, neglect and/or exploitation, whether it occurs at the family level, institutional or social.  Promote actions for the integration of public and civil society organizations, linked to the prevention of child abuse and adolescent that belong to different regions of our country.  Act in the implementation of awareness programs and display of violence against children and adolescents.  Develop training programs for various approaches to prevention and treatment  To know and disseminate the current status of the existing local investigations, and in course.  Generate gradually spaces of containment and guidance to professionals and technicians who work in the prevention and assistance, to the burnout of this problem. What do they do? On the web page, you can find articles on child abuse and child abuse written by different specialists, as well as publish a glossary where defined important terms as "abandonment", "sexual abuse", "emotional abuse", "social", "ritualism". They have a section called "Notes" where they publish stories that talk about the ASAPMI participation in different events, report cases of child abuse and communicate what was achieved at the judicial level (laws, decrees, judgments to abusers, etc.). They also offer contact addresses and telephone numbers of different care centers, health centers, organizations, secretariats, ministries, etc. to the victims and their families find support fast and effective in all corners of the country.

Events that took place in recent years: the cafes of ASAPMI: "project to prevent the victimization of boys, girls and adolescents victims and witnesses of crime in the judicial process", theoretical and practical course: "systematization of practices in the approach to family violence, the cafes of ASAPMI: "sex offenders do security measures possible?" For more information (CONTACT): Email: // Also, to obtain further information and to be able to contact the organization, we can donate money through a bank account. In this case, we must enter to and send an e-mail before the transfer to establish contact with one of the representatives of the NGO NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) “Abuse robs children of their childhood. Without help, the scars of abuse can last a lifetime. And as devastating as it can be for the child, society pays a heavy price too”. Who are they and what they do? They are the leading children's charity in the UK, specializing in child protection and dedicated to the fight for every childhood. They are the only UK children's charity with statutory powers and that means they can take action to safeguard children at risk of abuse. This organization works with families when they're going through difficult times They offer all kinds of support – from helping new parents care for their baby to giving professionals the tools they need to assess neglect. Sometimes they visit primary schools to help children understand what abuse is and giving them the confidence to speak out and seek help if they ever need it. The organization helps parents keep their children safe through campaigns like the Underwear Rule and Share Aware. They are working in every community in the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Objectives: (some of them)  Bring Better support for new parents and babies  Making the internet a safe place  tackle the supply and demand of child sexual abuse images  Equal protection for children online and offline  Better support for children giving evidence in court  Changing legislation to protect children Information that they bring: they explain how abuse change childhood; they post a lot or stories from different victims of abuse or witnesses of this; also they post news and opinions about that issue. They have a “Glossary” (like the ASPMI foundation) with definitions of lots of words like “neglect”, “bullying and cyber bullying”, “online abuse”, “domestic abuse”, “child sexual exploitation” . Also they expose the signs, symptoms and effects of abuse So that people can detect if you are dealing with a case of child abuse and denounce it. The organization, gives us the tools so that we can help in these cases. NSPCC gives the possibility to participate actively in different ways like

“Donate to the NSPCC”, “Campaign with us”, Get expert training and consultancy, volunteering for NSPCC and Childline, etc. Also they have a help line service that I think is very important so every country should have something like that: Help for adults concerned about a child (0808 800 5000)-Help for children and young people (0800 1111)-For donation and fundraising queries (020 7825 2505) Also you can CONTACT with them through the social media: Tw: Facebook: - Youtube: For more information go to

After reading “TheSurvivors” Hi! My name is Mariana, I would like to share my experience with the NPSSC. I realized that my son was being a victim of child abuse by his stepfather (my exhusband). In the middle of this shock situtation, I decided to tell this to my mom. She gave me the number of this organization which since I called it, they have being helped me a lot. Now my kid is over coming this traumatic situation.

Afterreading “Insidethemind” Hi, I´m Mike. I want to express my desagrement based on my experience with this article. My brother used to be an abuser and I´ve never found any relation between our family treatments and his mental illness. I am pretty sure that this article doesn´t represent my brother because my parents raise us with love and respect. In conclusion, you can´t generalize and you must search much more cases about this issue.

After reading “Scars after the hell” Hi, my name is Mark. Reading this article remids me the dark childhood that I´d suffered. When I was six years old, my uncle abused of me so many years but It took me a lot of time to make others realized the situation. I gave sings I all the posible ways but any of them succeeded. If my parents would know about the things this article inform, my situation would have been discovered sooner. Thanks for sharing this information!

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Choosing this issue make us realize how many things we didn’t know about it. Many people ignore the impact of Child Abuse because they haven’t gone through this situation yet. It doesn’t have to be like that, everyone should be informed about this problem and the consequences, mostly the damage that the victim suffers and the mental illness that the abuser has. When we found organizations which fights against this problem, we feel better because the light is turning, gradually, on. It’s important to know that it doesn’t matter how little the help we give is, it contributes always. Now, we know the signs of someone who had been abused, the number of organizations and we could understand better why aggressors do what they do. This project helped us to be open minds with this reality and realize that unfortunately this could happened to anyone be know. For that cases is better to be in inform so after, we could prevent a tragedy.

The dark side of the light  
The dark side of the light