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As I sat at my desk last week, I realised that it was the first time this year that I wasn’t travelling to any one of six cities on business.

Publisher Lisa Mc Namara •

Editorial Managing Editor Marina Zietsman • Features Editor

With most of my days spent at work, my daughters don’t get as much “alone time” with me as I would like. So, when Julian turned 16 in February, I decided the best present I could give her, was my time. At the end of this month, she will cash in a birthday voucher for “a week of undiluted mother and daughter fun”. We are travelling to the city of her choice, visiting art galleries, museums and markets. We’ll go to shows, shoe stores and possibly a whole lot of other shops too. But my gift isn’t where we go or what we do, it’s my undivided attention, listening to her and hearing her. It is laughing and getting lost – a lot! We both have an appalling sense of direction and won’t have my youngest, or my husband, to help us out. I can’t wait! Happy birthday, sweet pea.

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PS Don’t miss our fantastic party resource. Fortunately, we still have a few more years of parties to plan for Robyn.

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May 2011



may 2011

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a note from lisa

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12 when the door shuts

a teenager’s need for privacy should be respected and monitored, says Glynis Horning

16 party fun for any space 


Child magazine gives you ideas for party games – from the beach to the lounge and the swimming pool

11 itchy itch chickenpox is a common childhood disease. Chareen Boake gives advice

20 crossing the line


should you discipline other people’s children? By Joanne Lillie

24 you name it, baby! Christina Castle looks at the lighter side of naming your baby 25 intrepid adventurer on board  Elaine Eksteen shares her toddler’s first camping experience with us

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26 no wrapping paper needed Marina Zietsman’s feel-good and alternative ideas for birthday gifts


10 upfront with paul

28 cake time! Jenny Dodd brings you four mouth- watering, themed cake recipe ideas

 Paul Kerton gets serious about his seven-year-old’s university education 32 resource – the ultimate party guide  Compiled by Lucille Kemp 48 a good read

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50 what’s on in may 66 last laugh  Sam Wilson is baffled by her son’s excellent manners


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May 2011


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over to you sugar monster

tomatoes, pesto and water he went back to his old

Your child is “special”, “an old soul”, so “at peace”,

self. So, this got me thinking: if your child is wild and

so “in tune”... I used to think this was largely due to

unhappy – adjust the diet. I could be wrong, it may

his character. I found out last weekend that this is not

not have been the food, but it was the first time he

necessarily so. Someone, with good intentions, gave

had had so much sugar in one sitting and it was the

him a large bowl of sugared cereal with chocolate

first time I had ever witnessed such behaviour in my

milk and gave him undiluted juice. For the next three


hours I literally had no idea what I was dealing with.

I felt so sorry for my child. He was beside himself

He had an initial high where he ran and ran, then

and I thought of all those children struggling and

he got mad, then he got irrational, then he started

being told off all the time when maybe just losing the

screaming at me because he wanted a train to come

sugary cereal and bringing in the wheat cereal might

along the track… “now!” Then he started screaming

change their worlds.

because he wanted to go home “now”! Then, when

Laura, Constantia

monkey blood Mercurochrome is still commonly used in schools, but the USA’s FDA (Food and Drug Administration) banned it in 1998. Are we in South Africa just slow off the mark? Or are schools choosing the cheaper antiseptic? I’d love to read an article in Child magazine about the pros and cons of “monkey blood”. Maybe we should stop using it, seeing that it contributes to mercury poisoning. Anonymous professional response Mercurochrome is a product that was once

we got to the car, he refused for 15 minutes to get

widely marketed for use as a topical antiseptic

into his car chair. I picked him up (20kgs-plus) and

for use on minor cuts and scrapes. There are

put him there – the fight was not easy. He hollered

two issues with Mercurochrome. The first is that

and thrashed about in his chair for three minutes

it contains mercury, a metal that is known to

then fell fast asleep (he never normally sleeps at that

be poisonous. Although no one has definitively

time). We met a friend for a picnic, and when he woke

linked Mercurochrome to mercury poisoning,

up, he was still in a foul mood, refused to walk, and

presumably because the metal is only present

just did not want to be there. After some cheese,

in trace amounts, many people prefer to err on the side of caution when it comes to mercury. The FDA originally grandfathered the drug in,

“no” is good enough


I’m responding to Lisa Mc Namara’s pub’s note in the April issue of Child magazine. Saying “no” is so important. We don’t always have to agree, say “yes” or please everyone. It is empowering to say “no” or, when caught off guard, “can I get back to you” or “let me think about it”. So many people feel they can’t say “no”. They feel obliged to say “yes”. We also don’t always have to explain ourselves. Sometimes our “no” should be enough. When we do say “no”, it is empowering and it will be easier the next time. Our lives should reflect our priorities and when it does, our thinking and choices, are aligned with that. We live the life we want, not the one we wish we had. Andrea Cizlak, avid reader of Child magazine, mom, psychology student and wife

excellent feedback We run a craft programme, which is aimed at empowering abused and disadvantaged women in the community. On behalf of our community, thanks for featuring us in your magazine; we’ve had lovely feedback. Peggy kindly collected old jewellery  from the ladies in her church group. Paarl Media has donated paper and carpet tiles to the Zamakuhle Crèche in Chesterville. Forty litres of

magazine cape town

paint were also donated to a mom with two children whose house was accidentally set on fire. Tina also donated some old jewellery and other children’s goods. We also received donations from Greenglades, an outlet for gifts and crafts as well as Burgess Florist, Carla’s Party Shop and Linen Square. Thank you so very much. You have blessed people with your magazine. Tracy Gombert, Ukuthula Craft Programme

meaning that it was exempt from new standards or regulations. It was later decided that it should be banned until additional research could prove that it was safe for use. The second issue with Mercurochrome is the colour. The dark reddish to brown stain covers up the natural colour of the skin around the wound, making it hard to detect the early signs of infection.

thanks for caring

So what is the present advice? Medical

I am a very fond reader of your magazine and ever since reading this magazine, I have bonded so much more with my daughters. There is always something in it for us three to do together. If you don’t touch my heart, then you touch my house in some way. I have learned togetherness from Child magazine and my little one started to grow her own little herb garden. We laugh more together and I am making more time for my children now. Thanks for caring for the busy moms and their sweet angels. Tasneem Hendricks-Toefy 

Mercurochrome solutions are cheap and widely

a big “thank you”

write to us

Thanks so much for helping us make our Red-a-Fair such an amazing, successful event. The weather played along and the crowds came in their droves. Most importantly the children had an absolute ball. Thanks so much once again for all your support and inclusion in your March issue. We really do appreciate it. Well done on a superb monthly helper. Lynn Giles, Red-a-Fair Committee

available over the African continent. Clinical use of Mercurochrome remains a safe and cheap way of dealing with superficial cuts and scrapes in children. Prof AB (Sebastian) van As, head of the Trauma Unit Red Cross Children’s Hospital and president of Childsafe South Africa

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May 2011



May 2011

magazine cape town

magazine cape town

May 2011



giveaways in may party-planning perfection

your child’s dream house

Supakids is a team of trained professionals with the skills to create the most magical children’s birthday parties, guaranteeing a memorable experience for you and your little ones. They have over 200 party themes available, though if you require a theme that is not listed, you’re urged to contact your nearest agent who will gladly source it for you. The team is fast becoming a household name in South Africa, having appeared on KTV and Pasella, and boasting 22 agencies nationwide. Contact: 021 552 4776, sherree@ or visit One lucky Cape Town’s Child reader stands the chance to win a party for their child valued at R3 500. Terms and conditions apply. To enter, email your details to with “Supakids Win” in the subject line or post your entry to Supakids Win, PO Box 12002, Mill Street, 8010 before 31 May 2011. Only one entry per reader. By entering this competition you consent to Hunter House Publishing handing over your contact details to the company providing the win and/or their agents and you may receive marketing communication from them, as a result.

Having a space to call their own is a child’s dream and Strawberry Kids is in the business of realising these dreams, designing and manufacturing exclusive outdoor playhouses for girls and boys of all ages. The houses are purpose built so you can choose from seven different styles and sizes. They are made from quality exterior materials and can be painted in any colour. If you’d like one for older children or yourself as a possible outdoor office or studio, an extended height option is available on most styles. The playhouse components can be assembled by you, or by using one of Strawberry Kids’ preferred installers in your area. A Strawberry Kids creation will give your child years of outdoor and creative fun and play. For more information contact: or visit Strawberry Kids is offering you a chance to win a Strawberry Kids Playhouse (Princess for girls or Fortress for boys) worth more than R4 000. To enter the competition, log on to, select Child Mag Competition and enter your details before 31 May 2011. Only one entry per reader.

sweet fantasy Let Fairytale Fantacies amuse the children at their next party, leaving you to sit back and relax. Fairytale Fantacies entertains with your choice of party characters including Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Belle, Tinkerbelle, Barbie, pirates and Power Rangers. Their characters will entertain your children with games, crafts, glitter make up and basic face painting. Enquire about their pamper parties. For more information contact Tracey 083 631 6655 or Karen 083 294 4783, or visit One reader of Cape Town’s Child stands a chance to win a two-hour party entertainment package valued at R2 000, with either a Princess or Pirate option, which includes a special gift for the birthday girl or boy. To enter, email your details to with “Fairytale CT Win” in the subject line or post your entry to Fairytale CT Win, PO Box 12002, Mill Street, 8010 before 31 May 2011. Only one entry per reader.


May 2011

magazine cape town

go green with your gift

beach in your back yard Crazy Concepts imports and distributes playground equipment and toys. A favourite for children one year and older is the Step2 Shady Oasis Sand and Water Play Table, which features dual wells for both sand and water play. Your child pours water into the wide funnel activating the water wheel, canals, moats, lakes and harbours. The play table also comes with a removable umbrella, and a seven piece accessory set. Visit the Crazy Concepts store in Olive Grove Business Estate, Somerset West (021 850 0102) or contact head office for stockist information: 082 826 1786, or visit Three readers of Cape Town’s Child stand a chance to win a Step2 Shady Oasis Sand and Water Play Table valued at R1 000 each. To enter, email your details to with “Crazy Concepts CT Win” in the subject line or post your entry to Crazy Concepts CT Win, PO Box 12002, Mill Street, 8010 before 31 May 2011. Only one entry per reader. By entering this competition you consent to Hunter House Publishing handing over your contact details to the company providing the win and/or their agents and you may receive marketing communication from them, as a result.

top toys Polly Potter’s Toy Store opened in Parkhurst under the ownership of Gia Bert three years ago, and today there are seven Polly Potter’s Toy Stores around Gauteng. Polly Potter’s Toy stores provide a

Kiids Boutique presents Kidsonroof, an ecofriendly brand from Holland that offers an ecological approach to playing as it is made from recycled cardboard and is 100 percent biodegradable. Kidsonroof is a sturdy cardboard desk with two stools, printed with animals as well as built in holes designed for secret hiding places. This is ideal as a child’s first desk for writing, drawing, playing, hiding under and inventing stories for children three and older. Kidsonroof is available at Kiids Boutique, 51 Waterloo Rd, Little Chelsea, Wynberg. For more information contact: 021 762 8935, or visit Four readers of Cape Town’s Child stand a chance to win a Kidsonroof valued at R480. To enter, email your details to with “Childmag Win” in the subject line before 31 May 2011. Only one entry per reader.

quality range of toys and gifts for babies, toddlers and young children. They source their toys from around the world and also stock a range of locally made products, offering a unique selection of traditional wooden toys at inexpensive prices. Polly Potter’s is well known for their dollhouses, rocket ships, red wagons, hand puppets and theatres, puzzles, books, TP’s and all kinds of imaginary play. They are the sole sockists of Kidkraft and Melissa and Doug Victorian Dollhouses and accessories. For more information and branch details visit One reader of Cape Town’s Child stands a chance to win a Kidkraft Savannah Dollhouse or Kidkraft Rocket Ship valued at R2 000. To enter, email your details to with “Polly Potter CT Win” in the subject line or post your entry to Polly Potter CT Win, P.O Box 117, Dullstroom, 1110 before 31 May 2011. Only one entry per reader.

magazine cape town

congratulations to our March winners Sue Dallas who wins a gift voucher from Cape Union Mart; Kathy Savage who wins a getaway to Garden Route Game Lodge and Thelma Odendaal who wins a nu•m8+ GPS locator by Lok8U.

May 2011


upfront with paul

tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor…


Saskia, Paul and Sabina

s I write this, it is my youngest daughter’s seventh birthday. You may think it too early to be thinking about your children’s careers. I certainly do, or did; until I sat next to a career advisor on a plane recently. My tack has always been, get a decent all-round education, get “school” qualified and then look around. Be flexible and adapt. There’s plenty of time for that. Wrong! “That” is no longer good enough. For starters, education, and particularly


May 2011

further education, is no longer an assumed entitlement and is indeed fast becoming an ultra-expensive luxury, shortly to be rationed to fewer students. South Africans have always paid for varsity but Western universities are now putting a premium on further learning. Even Britain, where the universities used to be free to everyone as long as you turned up with a modest smattering of qualifications, is now using the credit crunch

as an excuse to tighten the budgetary noose to the point where students now leave university with a degree plus an average personal debt of R350 000. And a burden of debt is not a great start to working life. Foreign students pay almost three times the fees of local students here, but it is still cheap compared to Europe. Expect an immediate influx of foreign students. Good for the bottom line, bad for prospects. Competition for places – which are being radically reduced – is now ferocious. Marks matter. Grades matter. Mindset matters. And all this, unfortunately, starts now. No longer can youth mess around experimenting with various courses until they hit on the right one. “Oh, Daddy, philosophy is so dreary, please, please let me try chemical engineering.” Mistakes are expensive. Time is expensive. The hallowed gap year will disappear. Smart people know that a year spent drifting around South America teaching English to Peruvians is better spent getting a head start in your chosen vocation – networking and interning.

Career advice, though, is traditionally limited and vague. When I was at school it was nonexistent. Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor… Eeenie-meenie-minee-mo… You either worked hard to become a professional, dropped out and became a tradesman, moved into Dad’s business or joined the army or navy. The jobs landscape is changing daily. Any kind of technology – computer, energy, bio or nano is a hit. Sectors such as finance (see a banker’s bonus and weep), medicine, law and design will remain stable but many everyday jobs will disappear. Languages are going to be so important but choice is crucial. It takes the same time, energy and commitment to learn one language as it does to learn another. Bottom line – learn what everyone else is speaking. The good news is, business and trade are now global. If you can’t get a job here, you can always get a job there. The big joke in Europe now is if you are going to India and want to know what the weather is like, call your local bank’s helpline. Paul Kerton is the author of Fab Dad: A Man’s Guide to Fathering.

magazine cape town


PAUL KERTON gets serious about his seven-year-old’s future vocation.


itchy itch CHAREEN BOAKE looks into the common



childhood disease, chickenpox.

hickenpox is a viral infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus, and gets its name from the way the spots resemble the bumps on a chicken’s comb. Highly contagious, it is common among children aged five to nine, though its symptoms are usually more severe in adults and infants. Passed through airborne particles, droplets in exhaled air or fluid from sores and blisters, chickenpox can also be transferred indirectly through contact with items such as clothing or crockery. It’s contagious up to five days before and after the rash appears, but once the scabs have formed, the person is usually no longer contagious. Symptoms of chickenpox tend to appear 14 to 16 days after exposure to the virus (but can occur anytime from 10 to 21 days afterwards). Symptoms include a mild fever for one to two days, cold-like symptoms, irritability, general lethargy and a rash. The rash begins as red round or oval spots that develop blister-like centres; these blisters eventually develop into scabs. Although the rash is extremely itchy, scratching only worsens the symptoms and can cause bacterial skin infections. The rash normally starts on the scalp and makes its way to the trunk and finally the arms and legs.

magazine cape town

when to watch out Although chickenpox is not usually a serious concern, paediatrician Dr Marlé du Toit from Netcare Kuils River Hospital in Cape Town says that in rare circumstances and cases of compromised immunity it can lead to serious complications like pneumonia and encephalitis. Skin infections are also possible. During pregnancy, chickenpox is very risky, especially during early pregnancy or near delivery, where it can result in eye problems, underdeveloped limbs or brain damage in the foetus. Pregnant women should contact their health practitioner immediately if they suspect that they might have chickenpox or if they know they have come into contact with an infected person. You can only treat the symptoms of chickenpox. Try soothing baths, use calamine lotion or cornstarch to soothe the itching, keep nails clean and short to avoid infections from scratching and use medication prescribed by your doctor to control the temperature. Aspirin should never be given to children with chickenpox. If a child is having problems eating or drinking because of chickenpox in their mouth, make sure to give them soft foods and avoid acidic drinks such as orange juice. If the child has a very high fever, vomits more than three times, has difficulty

walking or waking up, and shows signs of confusion you should again consult your doctor. The chickenpox (varicella) vaccine is highly recommended by many healthcare professionals. The initial vaccination is administered when the child turns one. Sister Petra Pretorius from the Olivedale Mother & Baby Clinic in Johannesburg says that between ages one and 12 only one dose of the vaccine is administered, but older children and adults need two doses, between four and eight weeks apart. After vaccination some children may develop mild symptoms for one or two days. If you’ve had chickenpox, can you get it again? After a chickenpox infection the varicella virus remains dormant in the body so, although it’s very rare, children and adults can get chickenpox again especially if the first case was very mild. The virus can reappear in older people or people with weakened immune systems in a region fed by a specific nerve: this is called shingles and can be very painful.

May 2011



when the door


As our children turn into teens, the need for privacy increases and doors close. How should


musement mixed with wistfulness last year when my 13-year-old broke off in mid conversation as we reached his room, and politely but firmly closed the door behind him. “Please mom,” he said from the other side, “I need to change now and do some stuff.” This, I knew from his 17-year-old brother, was the start of the final phase of growing up. Growing into his own person. And growing apart from me… After the glory days of sharing, begun snugly in the womb when even our most basic


May 2011

body systems were inextricably linked, he was cutting loose – closing the door on childhood, and to a degree on me. For all the pangs and problems it can cause parents, the closed bedroom door signals a need for privacy that is not just normal, but crucial for teens, says psychologist Dr Peter Marshall, author of Now I Know Why Tigers Eat Their Young (Whitecap Books). “They’re not just goofing off,” he explains. “They spend a large part of their time just thinking about things, trying to figure out who they are,

who they want to become. There’s a lot of work for them to do, and they need some space to do it.” Besides, as sociology professor Frank Furedi, author of Paranoid Parenting (Penguin), puts it: “There are moments in everyone’s life when you feel uncomfortable with the world and you want to be on your own. You might wish to do things that would be embarrassing in front of others, like examining parts of your body.” When teens shut the door or tell you to go away there’s no point being hurt, he says: “You

should respect this, and knock on the door before going in.” It’s when parents just don’t get it, and keep pushing, that trouble comes. “Teens can get really resentful and stop communicating with you,” warns psychologist Gael Lindenfield, author of Confident Teens: How to Raise a Positive, Confident and Happy Teenager (Thorsons).

so, should we worry? “Teens’ need for privacy and time alone does not necessarily mean they

magazine cape town


we handle this? GLYNIS HORNING reports.

have something to hide,” says humandevelopment specialist Kelly Warzinik, co-author of Family Life in 20th-Century America (Greenwood). “They need to be allowed to make choices and learn from their mistakes. What they do not need, however, is complete freedom and privacy.” Teens must still be monitored to make sure they are safe. There’s a fine line between monitoring teens and respecting privacy. “Teens often complain that their parents interfere with their independence,” Warzinik says, “but they also appreciate their parents’ concern.” Johannesburg counselling psychologist Karin Steyn sees this often in her practice. “One girl told me she thought her parents didn’t love her. When I asked why, she said they didn’t care if her room was a mess or what she did in there or in her life; they let her do whatever she wanted. Children need boundaries to feel cared for and secure.”

messing with their mess By closing their doors, teens are creating a space “to learn the art of taking control of life for themselves and being responsible,” says Steyn. “Their room is their sanctuary,

magazine cape town

an extension of themselves, but many parents think because it’s in their house, it’s their space. They’re bothered that if it’s a mess guests may see this and think them bad parents.”

The closed bedroom door signals a need for privacy that is not just normal, but crucial for teens. A more valid reason for teens to keep their room tidy, and one she advises explaining to them, is that their room is a mental projection of what goes on in their heads. “It’s okay for it to be a bit messy, but they should be expected to make their bed, keep it clean and put clothes in the wash basket, or their lives too will be a mess.” But don’t rearrange a messy room, says Steyn. “Just make suggestions – then let them learn from consequences, like having nothing clean to wear.”

Of greater concern to most parents than the appearance of teens’ rooms, however, is what they may get up to there. “This has everything to do with the relationship you’ve created with your children from the time they were babies,” she says. “If you’ve given them strong values and clear boundaries, and established mutual respect and trust, you should be fine.”

earning trust Trust is always earned, says Steyn. “There are parents who say they’d never invade their children’s privacy. But I’ve also seen a mother whose son committed suicide. Later she found references to suicide in his diary. She told me if she could do things over, she’d have read it earlier.” While Steyn wouldn’t condone this, she sympathises with her, and with a father who confided recently that he too had gone through a child’s diary. “He felt bad, but she was in puberty, temperamental, and experimenting with relationships, and she’d stopped communicating with him. He was worried.” It’s the job of parents to find out what’s happening in their children’s lives,

May 2011



especially if they stop communicating or you pick up warning signs of depression or self-destructive behaviour, Steyn says. (See box entitled: “keep eyes open when doors close”.) “Most teens tell me ‘I try to speak to my parents but they don’t understand me’. Your attitude is crucial.” She suggests saying, “I may have my own beliefs, but I’m open to yours and others. I respect that you are your own person, but I need to tell you why I feel differently.” Parents harp on about wishing children had open doors, she adds, “But what it often comes down to is parents having open minds. If yours is open enough for

literally and figuratively to your teen’s world. This can strengthen rather than destroy your relationship.” Steyn’s mother (a fellow psychologist) set the tone for what Steyn often advises parents when it comes to cigarettes or alcohol. “Mom smelt in my room that I’d been smoking. She sat down next to me and said firmly: ‘If you want to mess up your lungs, it’s your decision. But you’re not doing it with my permission or where I can smell it. Smoking is not a healthy, responsible thing to do’.” Steyn continued to experiment with cigarettes, “But I knew she was right so it didn’t last.”

Parents harp on about wishing that their children still had open doors, but what it often comes down to is parents having open minds. them to feel able to come and talk to you about anything, and you keep working at that relationship, showing a genuine interest in them and their friends, likes and dislikes, many problems will simply not arise or will be dealt with before they amount to anything.”

a right to snoop? If, however, in spite of your best attempts to speak to your teen, they remain withdrawn and uncommunicative, and there are other warning signs, you have not only the right but the responsibility to intrude on their space, says Durban counselling psychologist Akashni Maharaj. Just don’t sneak in – tell them you are doing it: “I’m worried about you and as your mother I’m still responsible for you. I’m going to have to look in your bedroom.” Then go in and do it together. “This can be viewed as a reciprocal show of trust, caring and understanding,” Maharaj says. “Rather than having your action questioned and seen as invasive, you open the door both


May 2011

Exploding in anger and telling teens you forbid them to do things is invariably futile. Unless they buy into your reasoning they will often continue elsewhere and be more reluctant to turn to you in future.

talking ’bout sex, baby! Rising sexuality and social expectations of how they should handle this are behind much teen angst and experimentation behind closed doors. “Masturbation is perfectly natural, and just one reason to always knock,” says Steyn. “Walking in on a private moment can be difficult for them, especially if your attitude is outrage or fury. So many of the issues around guilt and sexuality that we see in adults stem from teen experiences like that. They need to be able to do things without fear of being judged or condemned.” But when it comes to having friends of the opposite sex behind closed doors, be guided by your own values, and again make these clear, she says. “Tell them ‘I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of your magazine cape town

wanting to be a sexual being at this stage. I don’t think you’re emotionally ready, and your studies should be your priority if you want to succeed in life’.”

the net effect The biggest sexual danger behind closed teen doors today, however, comes from online sex sites and social networking – even if teens are not actively looking for it. “Developmentally, adolescence is when teens naturally hunt for information that helps satiate their interest in better understanding changes to themselves and the opposite sex,” says Maharaj. “When doors shut, open communication with your teens about sexuality and how vulnerable they are to predators online is vital.” She advises keeping computers in family rooms, not teen’s bedrooms. If necessary, restrict them to a phone without internet access. A survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project showed 32 percent of online teens (43 percent of social-networking ones) have been contacted online by strangers and 17 percent of online teens (31 percent of social networking ones) have “friends” on their social network profile that they’ve never met in person. British research shows

more than one in three teen girls have had sexually explicit messages, pictures or videos on their cell phones. “Make your home a ‘safe to talk’ zone where your child who is online can talk to you about their online friends and topics doing the rounds online,” advises Maharaj. “Rather than getting angry and removing privileges, become part of their world. This gives an ideal opportunity for having healthy discussions about sensitive and potentially dangerous issues they may become privy to.” Again, it’s important that teens know you trust them, so if you plan to check their emails or smses, tell them you will be doing it, for their protection. This can serve as a deterrent, and be welcome leverage against pressure from friends to participate in activities like sexting that they themselves don’t feel ready for. You can also use filters, by subscribing to Net Nanny, SurfWatch, CyberPatrol or CYBERsitter. You can even make your membership of social networking sites like MXit a proviso of their joining. Just don’t be tempted to be their “friend” outside of these sites, cautions Steyn. “More than ever once doors close, your teen needs you as a parent, not a friend.”

keep eyes open when doors close Without being unduly suspicious, stay alert to signs of the following: post traumatic stress (This can manifest after internet bullying or coercing) • difficulty sleeping • difficulty concentrating • irritability • hypervigilence • exaggerated startle response depression • long periods alone in their room • withdrawal • unusual moodiness • changes in eating patterns • changes in sleeping patterns • neglect of appearance • falling grades huffing (Inhaling chemical vapours from household products for a euphoric effect) • Slurred speech • Chemical smell on breath

• • • •

Runny, red nose Sores around nose and mouth Loss of appetite Nausea and vomiting

substance abuse • as above, plus: • bloodshot eyes, enlarged or reduced pupils • sudden use of incense in their room, mouthwash or mints choking game (Chasing a euphoric or erotic high by cutting blood flow to the brain) • disorientation after being alone in their room • increased irritability or hostility • marks on their neck • frequent headaches • bloodshot eyes • bleeding spots under facial skin • unexplained scarves, cords, belts or plastic bags, especially tied to the furniture

If you notice any of these, keep calm. Tell your teen what you’ve seen, that you are concerned because you love them, and that you want to help. If they still won’t open up to you, take them to a psychologist or counsellor. For parenting advice contact Famsa: 031 202 8987, 021 447 7951 or the Family Life Centre: 011 788 4784. For substance abuse advice, contact SANCA: 031 303 2202/202 2274, 011 482 1070 or 021 945 4080. For depression advice, contact SADAG: 0800 567 567 or sms 31393

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how to

party fun for any space Old-fashioned party games are the perfect way to keep an energetic group of children entertained. CHILD MAGAZINE brings you twists on some of the classics as well as some great new ones.

These games and activities are perfect for grassy gardens where noisy shrieks can be expected.

piñata A papier-mâché or cardboard shape filled with sweets, prizes and confetti is hung up high. Players take turns hitting it with a stick until it breaks open and the treasure falls to the ground. They then collect as much loot as they can. themes, twists and tips Making a piñata is not that difficult: use craft glue to stick strips of newspaper to a large balloon. Leave to dry overnight then cut a small hole in the top. Paint, decorate, fill with sweets and hang. best for ages 3–6

icebreaker Treats and prizes are frozen in layers in a large plastic bucket. The ice block is removed from the mould and


May 2011

placed on the grass. Players take turns to scoop a cup of water from a bucket, run and pour it over the ice, attempting to melt it and free a prize. themes, twists and tips Freezing the ice in layers over a few days will ensure the treats are better distributed. The larger the bucket or container the more fun – having a chest freezer helps. Freeze two ice blocks and make it a team relay. best for ages 3–8

balloon stomp Divide players into two teams and tie balloons around each player’s ankles. Each team must now pop the other team’s balloons while keeping their own intact. themes, twists and tips Choose two different colour balloons to separate teams. Add music and let players stomp until the music stops at which point they must all freeze. Anyone who doesn’t freeze is out of the game. best for ages 4–8

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back garden

small indoor spaces No garden? No problem. These indoor games and activities can be played in even the smallest apartment.

the princess. Pencil the initials of each player where he pins on the tail so you can keep track. best for ages 2–6

balloon pop

mystery foods

Place a small note inside each balloon before blowing it up or filling it with helium. These notes can include dares, forfeits, jokes or the names of prizes (Hooray! You’ve won a...). Tie the balloons into bouquets using ribbon and let each player take a turn to pop a balloon using a pin or by stomping on it. themes, twists and tips Choose balloons in your colour theme. Place small treats such as mini fizzers into each balloon instead of a note. To keep a helium balloon weighed down, place a brick or rock inside a small gift bag and tie the ribbons to the handle. best for ages 4–8

Place 10 to 15 different foods with distinct flavours but varying textures into separate bowls. Try strawberries, bananas, chocolate, peanut butter, mayonnaise, gherkins, olives, popcorn, tomato sauce and mustard. Cut the solid foods into tiny pieces. Blindfold each child and have her smell each dish. If she can’t identify it correctly she must taste a small sample of it. Give her two points if she identifies by smell and one point for taste. At the end tally the points to see who wins. themes, twists and tips For younger children choose tastes they will enjoy. For older children you can throw in a sour surprise such as lemon juice or vinegar. best for ages 6–12

pin the tail on the donkey Draw a donkey with an X for a tail. Draw a separate tail onto cardboard or make one from wool. Players are blindfolded and spun around three times with the tail in hand and they then need to feel their way to the donkey and try to stick the tail in the correct position. The most accurate player wins a prize. themes, twists and tips For a modern twist, pin the watch on Ben 10, the bat on Batman or the crown on

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them how to ice butterflies, frogs and clown faces. Bake your cupcakes in flat-bottomed icecream cones – no wrappers to tidy up. No time to bake cupcakes? Use Marie Biscuits instead. best for ages 2–10

ice it Bake a batch of cupcakes and make bowls of various colour icing using icing sugar, water and food colouring. Throw in a platter of interesting toppings (cherries, sprinkles, nuts and coconut) along with some plastic teaspoons and let children decorate their own cakes. themes, twists and tips Match icing to your theme colours or bake the cakes in themed wrappers. Show

May 2011


how to

beach With outdoor games and activities that suit a sandy terrain, you can make use of common beach accessories.

water balloon toss Standing in two opposing lines, players gently toss a water balloon to each other and try to catch it without letting it burst. After each successful catch they take one step backwards. Once it pops, the players are out. The last pair standing wins. themes, twists and tips This game works just as well with a tennis ball, though this isn’t quite as much fun. best for ages 5–10

sandman Have players divide into teams. Each team must collect twigs, shells and pebbles from the beach and then build a large sandman (similar to a snowman). The best sandman wins. themes, twists and tips Bring sets of old clothing along and have teams “dress” their sandman. Take photos of each guest next to his sandman and use these as “thank you for coming to my beach party” cards later. best for ages 4–12

musical towels Think musical chairs but use beach towels instead. Each player lays his towel out and dances around to the music while one towel is removed. When the music stops, players must find a towel and lie down. The player caught without a towel is out. themes, twists and tips Add in an activity such as doing sit-ups in a row to ensure players don’t cheat by hovering over the towels. best for ages 3–12

park These outdoor games and activities don’t require large props – we know you have enough to carry as it is.

sticker tag Think paintball without the pain. Buy a couple of packs of sticky dots or squares and distribute one sheet per player. Have players run around and tag each other by sticking stickers on their backs. At the end of the game the player who has been tagged the least wins. themes, twists and tips Divide into teams so players only tag members of the other team. best for ages 3–12

relay races Divide players into two teams and have them race against the other team to win prizes. Traditional variations include a sack race, a three-legged race or an eggand-spoon race. Hard-boiled eggs minimise the mess. themes, twists and tips Introduce obstacles to the race to make it more interesting. A fun alternative is for players to run while holding onto an untied balloon filled with water without spilling any of it. best for ages 2–12

treasure hunt Children love a good treasure hunt. Scope out your local park and then draw landmark clues such as trees, slides and swings on index cards. At each point they should find another clue card and eventually the last clue will lead them to a treasure map, which tells them where the treasure is buried or hidden. Use a shoebox and fill it with chocolate coins and party favours. themes, twists and tips For older children, write out riddles as clues instead of drawing pictures. best for ages 4–12


May 2011

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pool With games and activities that can be played in and beside the pool, you can use common pool toys and props.

spoon dive Gather up all the different sized spoons in your house (except your vintage cutlery) and toss them into the bottom of the pool. Let the children dive in to retrieve the spoons. Break guests up into smaller groups if there are lots of children. The child who retrieves the most spoons wins a prize. themes, twists and tips Tie different coloured ribbons around the handles of the spoons and assign values to each colour, so a red ribbon might be worth five points while a blue one is worth 10. Total up points to determine the winner or allocate small prizes and treats to each colour. best for ages 5–10

noodle joust Two players straddle a lilo while jousting with pool noodles to knock the other player into the water. Once a player is knocked off, a new challenger takes his place. The last player on the lilo is the champion. themes, twists and tips This game can get rough so make sure to supervise at all times. best for ages 6–12

poolside relay Players are divided into two teams. The first player in each team must race with a pool noodle between his legs to a second point where he drops the noodle and puts on a pair of flippers, large baggies and snorkelling mask. He then runs back to his team where he swaps his outfit with the next player, who then runs to the second point to undress and fetch the noodle. The race continues like this until the last player has finished. themes, twists and tips Use your imagination to add silly actions and extra pool props, and remember to play this game away from the edge of the pool. best for ages 6–12

restaurant These quieter activities and games can be played around a restaurant table, but still allow for lots of fun.

marshmallow art A bag of marshmallows and a pack of toothpicks can provide fabulous entertainment as pairs of players have to compete at building simple 3D shapes such as stars, dogs and houses. themes, twists and tips Choose shapes that correspond to the theme. Add in different shape, size and colour marshmallows to keep it interesting. best for ages 6–12

bingo Prepare bingo cards (index cards with pictures or numbers on them). Each card should be unique. Have a set of master cards and show one master card at a time while players find the matching picture on their playing card and cross it off. The first player to cross off all their pictures or numbers says “Bingo” and wins. themes, twists and tips Use pictures or symbols on the Bingo cards that correspond to your party theme. best for ages 5–12

general knowledge Print pages with 10 blank columns and 26 rows (one for each letter of the alphabet). Give each player a sheet and pencil and then call out a theme such as “boys’ names”. Give players two timed minutes to fill the first column; each new row corresponding to the next letter in the alphabet (Andile, Bob, Charlton, Dave etc). Players get one point for each space they fill. Tally up points to see who wins. themes, twists and tips Themes can include cars, countries, colours, girls’ names, bands and cartoon characters. best for ages 8–12

For more game ideas visit

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crossing the line Creating boundaries and limits for our own children is part of everyday parenting. But should

’d always thought that other people’s children were other people’s business; that their behaviour – good or bad – had nothing to do with me. Yet, just recently I found myself admonishing two nine-year-olds who were throwing stones at squirrels. I didn’t think twice about telling them off.

but, is it really okay to discipline other people’s children? “When it comes to discipline, it’s so important that adults have a very firm grasp of what true discipline actually is,” says Anne Cawood, a social worker and school counsellor from Cape Town. “If you believe that discipline


May 2011

and punishment are synonymous, then it could present problems when it comes to disciplining children who are not your own. However, if you have the mindset that discipline means teaching, guiding and socialising, then it becomes important for any adult who sees unacceptable behaviour in a child to set firm, gentle boundaries for the child. Children need help to learn that there will always be certain expectations – and that these may be different in varying situations,” says Cawood, who has four children, and is the author of the Boundaries series of parenting books. Your approach to other children very often depends on the relationship you have with that child’s parents. If

your values are similar, discipline can be a collaborative effort. But, as Johannesburg-based clinical psychologist Liane Lurie says, “Once upon a time we might have said ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ but, today, with children being exposed to or experiencing drugs, pornographic material and sexual practices at an earlier age, parents are bound to be more protective over the kinds of messages our children may receive from others. We may very often take a shielding stance that what our child does is no-one else’s business,” says Lurie, whose work focuses on children and young people. “This could make us defensive and resistant to anyone else guiding our children.”

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we be applying the same rules to the offspring of others? JOANNE LILLIE asks the experts.

If you believe that discipline means teaching, guiding and socialising, then it becomes important for any adult who sees unacceptable behaviour in a child to set firm, gentle boundaries. There is a very fine line between causing offence by interfering, or helping and preventing harm, and this is where the issue gets contentious. Most moms we spoke to said they would not interfere with another’s parenting, but there may be two exceptions to this. “Even if you have been placed in a position of authority – the parent has trusted

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you to look after the child on a play date, for example – or because the child is doing something potentially harmful to himself or another child, it’s a very tricky situation,” says Cape Town multimedia designer and mom Lanielle Gould. “It’s tricky because behaviour, attitude and even what is regarded as harmful can be subjective.

“I had an experience where a friend’s child put her hand too close to the open flames of a braai. Another friend snatched her hand away to prevent her being burnt. The child’s mother was furious because the little girl got a fright and she felt the other woman had been too rough,” says Lanielle.

May 2011



house rules “If a child is with you – either in your home or when you are out somewhere, then you need to set the rules and limits,” says Cawood. “A child may be allowed to control the TV remote in his own home, but if he walks into your home and picks up the remote to change the channel you have every right – in fact, responsibility – to say, firmly: ‘Sorry, in this home the children have to ask before changing the channel – please will you give it to me.’ This is fair and very respectful. Similarly, if you are on an outing and your child’s friend demands a sweet at a shop, you would need to firmly state: ‘We don’t have sweets before dinner. When we have eaten you may choose a sweet from the jar, but we are not going to buy any now.’ Then remain very firm regarding this limitation,” says Cawood. A child needs to know that what may be allowed in her own home may not be allowed in another. This provides a platform for developing respect and, later, learning to tune in to the needs of others, explains Lurie. Lisa Lait, marketing manager and mother of Robyn, four, and Rowan, two, from Johannesburg says, “I absolutely expect children who visit my home to abide by my rules. Very often a visiting friend will end up doing something with my child that is not acceptable. In that case, I will tell both children off at the same time, starting with something like: ‘You know the rules of this house, we do not...’ Then you can only hope that they both listen, and if they don’t and the parent is there, the parent can follow through.”

Local parenting expert, Megan de Beyer adds, “Unless there is disruptive, rude or angry behaviour, we should always focus on the character and temperament of other children in our home, before we worry about rules and etiquette. The first thing to recognise is whether your child plays well with and enjoys her friend. Also some mothers are tense when their children have friends over, which can be picked up unconsciously by the visitor and result in unwelcome behaviour.”

the parent trap We as parents can be extremely sensitive to criticism – and telling another mother or father how to manage their child could cause a rift in your relationship. There really is nothing you can do unless it is a very close friend of yours and you have an open and honest relationship, says De Beyer. “If a guest to your child’s birthday party, for example, is being disruptive and is under age four, I’d find a way to change the play, bring in a distraction or simply give the child attention,” she says. “From five up I think it’s reasonable to speak kindly and carefully to the parent, if he/she is there. If the parent isn’t present, I would recommend that you try a distraction first. If that fails, speak to the child kindly and clearly about her behaviour and then give a suggestion of what she can do instead. Most children between five and 10 listen to a stranger quite willingly if you communicate without anger. If she continues to be disruptive, then you could contact the parent and explain the situation and ask if they could come and

tips for gentle guidance • C  hoose your battles Let the little things go and save your interventions for major incidents. • Don’t single out the perpetrator “In setting limits, try to direct your need for order to all children concerned. Try: ‘Let’s all go and play outside for now and leave this game for later’,” advises clinical psychologist Liane Lurie. • Use distraction first Move on to a new activity or game. Something absorbing will keep those would-be naughty hands busy. • Avoid “you” language and punitive methods when guiding other people’s children Do not accuse or criticise the parents, rather ask for cooperation and use “I” language to express the fact that the behaviour is not acceptable in your home, says counsellor and author Anne Cawood. • Hold your judgment Rather get to know other children and give them positive attention, then begin to set boundaries kindly. It is best not to make it difficult for your child to have friends over to play, suggests parenting expert Megan de Beyer. • Cape Town life coach and mom of 20-month-old Joshua, Janet Chadwick, says “To understand your children’s playmates, perhaps arrange a play date or two first with the other parents in attendance. That way, you can get an idea of what to expect from the children, what sort of values and boundaries they have, and how they interact with your children.” • Have realistic expectations Learn to communicate assertively – but never be aggressive or personal, counsels Cawood.


May 2011

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There is a very fine line between causing offence by interfering, or helping, and preventing harm. deal with it. Remember it’s always how you do something rather than what you do,” says De Beyer. “So much depends on the way things are said,” agrees Cawood. If your appeal to an unruly child is going unheeded, and you need to involve his mom or dad, try this approach: “I am sure Jason is just very excited, but he is making things very difficult to control, so would you please ask him to calm down?” If the parent continues to ignore your request, then you may need to become more assertive and give the child a choice; something like: “Please stop pushing the other children over or you will need to go and sit quietly on the chair outside.”  It is all about the way you communicate how the child’s behaviour is affecting the other children – or you. “If the other parent takes offence, then that really is their problem,” says Cawood. Another strategy when enlisting the aid of another child’s parent is to try phrasing your concerns in the plural, suggests Lurie, such as: “It seems like things are getting slightly out of hand, what should we do about it?” In this way you invoke cooperation as opposed to a feeling of blame or resistance.

out and about If you are in a public space and a child is interfering with your child, or not listening to your requests, then you should feel confident to speak firmly to the child, says Cawood. It’s useful to remember that there may be a particular context for a child’s behaviour – he may be tired, sick, irritable or just in need of attention. “Up until a certain age, a child’s primary means of communication may be behavioural rather than verbal,” says Lurie, which means since they can’t tell you how they feel, they may act out. In the case of a playground bully, naturally your first priority is the safety of your child. But don’t react in anger, says De Beyer. “The bully needs to know his behaviour is not okay. You could simply ask: ‘Can you explain what is going on magazine cape town

here and what you are doing?’ in order to engage with them, then say what you saw and that it’s not okay to do that. But do not shout, criticise or hit another child – we cannot correct a bully by being a bully ourselves,” she warns. So when should you step in? Without hesitation when a child is in harm’s way or if a child is breaking the law, moms and experts agree. But as with all your parenting, focus on the behaviour you saw when offering guidance, and do not criticise a child’s character. Do it kindly, and never in anger, concludes De Beyer.

naughty monkeys need understanding Children may act in a way we see as naughty for many reasons: to attract attention, to assert their independence, or because they feel that they lack parental or adult approval on some level, and so there are no boundaries to behaviour. Some children may know the difference between right and wrong but lack the ability to control impulses or urges to act. The behaviour of any child has what is referred to as “communication value” – it expresses something about how a child is feeling about a particular situation at a particular time. A child may, depending on his or her developmental stage or maturity, lack the vocabulary to express what he or she is processing on an emotional or cognitive level – but they do have the ability to act out or misbehave as a way of expressing distress. Remember that unconditional acceptance doesn’t necessarily equate to approval of certain behaviours. A sound relationship can go a long way in inculcating values and managing disciplinary challenges successfully, says Johannesburg clinical psychologist Liane Lurie.

May 2011


straight up

you name it, CHRISTINA CASTLE gives the funny side of figuring out what to call your bundle of joy.

aming your baby is an emotional process. But not necessarily for the reason it should be. Just when you think you’ve decided on the “one”, someone will blow it for you. It may be your husband’s granny who announces that all firstborn boys must be called Christoffel Albertus Hendrick. Perhaps your own sister recalls that child you were at school with who was always digging in his nose and eating the treasure. “Wasn’t his name also Stuart?” Or you discover that your partner’s old university crush also just happened to be called Kate. There are more obstacles in place when naming a baby than in a steeplechase. And they can even appear at the point of no return… “Spring Day,” said my obstetrician as she booked my Caesar date. “What great names you could have for a baby born on Spring Day.” She was obviously suggesting that I was having a girl, I thought, and I


May 2011

moved into hormonal overdrive as I started thinking pink and planning fresh Spring Day names: Lily, Rose, Jasmine, Daisy, Ivy, Poppy and Violet. Just imagine how I could decorate the room. But what I eventually gave birth to on that first day of September a good number of years back was certainly no petal. “It’s a bull calf,” said our Eastern Cape farming relatives (they could only be from my husband’s side of the family). Yep, I had given birth to a hefty 4,1kg boy – a second boy, bigger than the first. As delicious as he was, we realised we could not give him a delicate name. He needed something big – large, in fact. And with a surname like Castle, we had to be just a little careful. When our first son was born he went nameless for about a week. In the hospital nursery he became known as Castle Lite. Friends also swamped us with their favourites: Sterling Castle, Bitterly Cold Castle, Charles Glass… We settled on Dylan.

With a vacuum of boys’ names second time round, the bull calf also spent the first few days of his life nameless. When on our final day in hospital the paediatrician strolled in to our room for a final checkup and asked if we had decided on a name, I answered proudly and deliberately. “Yes, his name is Alexander.”

in the name of naming… Two Cape Town’s Child readers stand a chance to win Hammond Kids personalised lettering spelling your child’s name. You can choose the princess or fairy lettering for girls, or the josh lettering for boys, valued at up to R360. Hammond Kids sells locally manufactured children’s bedroom furniture and décor and is based in Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock. For more info, or visit

“Nice,” said the paediatrician, who picked up the name dictionary I had next to my bed and read: “Alexander. Leader of men.” Good name for a bull calf, I thought. “And the diminutive forms are Alex, Alec, Lex and Sandy,” he continued, laughing. “Good one. Sandy Castle.” Sandy Castle. We didn’t see that one coming. To enter, send your details to with “Hammonds Kids Win” in the subject line before 31 May 2011. Only one entry per reader.

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d i p e r t n i r e r u t adven rd on boa



couple of Fridays ago we headed off on a longanticipated family adventure: our toddler’s very first camping trip. We were hoping it would lead to many more weekends with our son enjoying what had been one of our favourite activities pre-baby. The spot we’d chosen was the other side of a rather bumpy gravel pass – the last bit of the journey elicited much laughter as we all bobbed about on the “wobbly” road with exaggerated “hold tights”. We selected a shady site on a blissfully empty field – just us, nature and the wide-open sky – and unpacked our gear. Pitching a tent, it turns out, is a lot trickier with a toddler in tow. Luckily ours took a liking to the mallet and with that and a few tent pegs, he was kept suitably entertained as we pitched our canvas home. That sorted, we headed off in search of a mountain pool to cool off in. Our swim was punctuated with our son’s shrieks of delight. Then we spotted a frog being lifted out of

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ELAINE EKSTEEN introduces her toddler to camping and finds things a little different from how she remembers them. the water. This is why we’d come: wildlife to which to expose our city boy. But what was that holding the frog in its mouth? Could it be an otter? Err no, a snake. Mom suddenly felt a whole lot less adventurous and hopped out. Getting him to bed that night required stamina. We must have overplayed the “we’re all going to sleep together in the tent” line in the prep talks. He wanted Mom and Dad there to keep him company in his strange new room. After what felt like hours (and it was at least one) and a lot of jumping up and down to peep at Daddy manning the fire, he eventually drifted off. With our son asleep, we sat outside next to the campfire, hoping to soak in the sounds and smells of nature we’d so missed… but these felt increasingly distant as the night continued. What had been a tranquil nature-lovers’ campsite just a couple of years back had turned into camp central. Cars continued to stream in well after dark. Our nearest neighbours’ gas lamp was bright enough to light our way back over the mountain (and we were tempted!) and not too far from us a party-loving youngster was running a pop-up bar from the back of his bakkie (complete with liquor dispensers, a fold-out bar counter and cocktail shaker). This was certainly not what we’d had in mind! When yet another car pulled in at 11:30pm and set up camp so close we could hear them chewing on their braaied mielies, we resolved to head home in the morning. Had we wanted to hear others discussing what they’d seen on YouTube or be woken by the sounds of alcohol-

fuelled debates, we needn’t have driven two hours to find it. We’d hoped our boy would get a taste of the nature and outdoors we so love – but this was not it. However, when at the crack of dawn our son woke up jabbering about the tent and wanting to go for another swim, his sparkly eyes filled with excitement, his parents shrugged off their irritation and together we headed off in search of a remote rock pool. Few others were up and we had the swimming spot all to ourselves. We looked at frogs, examined dragonflies and inspected fish. Our nearest neighbours seemed a million miles away – bliss! By the time we returned for our son’s nap the rest of the campers had just headed off for swims of their own, and we settled down for a snooze on a blanket under a tree. Now this is why we’d come.

May 2011



no wrapping paper needed MARINA ZIETSMAN looks at out-of-the-box birthday gifts for children, and rounds up six ideas that come straight from the heart.

It might sound like a cliché, but giving to the less privileged is very rewarding. There are plenty of organisations in South Africa that enable you to sponsor a child for a fixed amount every month. Children of the Dawn (childrenofthedawn., for example, cares for Aids orphans and you can contribute a small sum every month, which pays for their school fees and other necessities. You regularly receive a letter from your sponsored child and you also get to write


May 2011

gifts that keep growing Plant a tree or start a new herb garden or veggie patch with your child on their birthday. You could even make this part of the party entertainment – hold a ceremony and hand over the plants or a watering can and a signboard that reads: “This is Inno’s garden”, for example. Gardening with your child can be a fun and much-loved activity – something she may never outgrow. Plus, she’ll enjoy watching her gift flourish, and will also learn about taking responsibility for caring for her plants. You could try a pizza herb garden by planting oregano, basil and parsley or a scented herb garden with geraniums or lavender. Planting a tree has more significance than you doing your bit for the planet. Traditionally trees have been planted in many cultures in honour of an accomplishment or an important day such as a graduation, wedding, retirement or the birth of a child.

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make a new friend

to them. This way your child can contribute with his own stories, photos and drawings, or help choose a Christmas gift and school stationery to send to the sponsored child. Your child will learn loads from his new pen pal. UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund) has a project that allows your child to send a virtual gift to a child in need. You will receive a card via the post or an e-card in your inbox as a token of thanks for contributing. Let your child choose a gift on their website and feel the thrill of making someone else happy (visit for further ideas for sponsoring a child visit:

Remember to plant an indigenous tree, which is suited to the climate in your area. Did you know that many trees have a particular meaning? For example, the cedar tree stands for healing, cleansing and protection. The fig tree represents the knowledge of natural kindness and the marula tree is a symbol of fertility. for a list of indigenous trees, visit:

be creative Start a family scrapbook with memorabilia, photos, found treasure, and so on. Countless memories are built during the formative years and should be captured. It may be wise to start this book a few years in advance and then present a book of memories to your child on a birthday when he’s old enough for you to continue working on it together – this also gives you the opportunity to give the gift of time.

help a furry friend There are numerous ways to help animals in distress in South Africa – just Google “adopt a pet South Africa” and you’ll find a host of legitimate organisations that need your help. You can give a pet a home, sponsor money or goods, adopt the animal virtually or volunteer your services. And don’t forget your local zoo: at Johannesburg Zoo (jhbzoo. your child can “adopt” an animal and know they are being taken care of – without you having to clean up after them. Other organisations that regularly have volunteer programmes or fundraising initiatives are the SPCA (, SANCCOB ( and The Society for Animals in Distress (

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for more opportunities to help animals in distress visit:

for a rainy day Your child might not appreciate it now, but starting a university or education fund for their future is something they (and you) will be pleased about come their Grade 12 year. Plus it’s an excellent answer to requests for gift suggestions from faraway (or near) aunts, uncles and grandparents. Perhaps the quick, hard facts are enough to inspire you? Depending on which institution your child chooses, the current estimated tuition fee per year ranges from R18 000 to R36 000. Throw inflation into the mix and you can only shudder at what this might become 10 years from now. (And that’s excluding accommodation, transport, food or entertainment.)

do the projects and read the articles together. Sports magazines are also very popular with older children. ZigZag covers surfing with a dollop of lifestyle thrown in the mix. Plus there are magazines focusing on rugby, cricket and soccer – perfect for young boys. And remember, your child can also give any of these gifts to another child for their birthday. to find a magazine for your child, visit:

For more ways to make a birthday special, visit www.

surprise in the post A magazine subscription is a gift that arrives in your postbox every so often, and few things excite children as much as receiving a parcel in the mail. National Geographic, for example, has two great children’s titles: National Geographic Little Kids (for children aged three to six) and National Geographic Kids (for children six to 13). Both magazines inspire a love of learning and nature. They are also excellent tools for helping parents enhance the time they spend with their children: you can

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cake time! Stuck for an idea for this year’s birthday cake? JENNY DODD offers four great recipes to make your child’s party one to remember.

farmyard frolics Here’s just the cake for a farm-inspired party… get creative and transform your home into a farmyard. Soon moos, oinks and baas will fill the air at this happy event. Great for three- to six-year-olds.

1. Bake the cake according to the recipe and leave to cool completely. 2. Coat the upper two-thirds of the cake with green icing while the “field” section (the lower third) should be iced brown to resemble soil. Mark off the different areas – field of vegetables, pig in mud, field of sunflowers. 3. Separate the field from the grassed section with a row of sugared fruit cubes. 4. Coat the muddy section with brown icing and place the pig in position, with streaks of mud dripping off the toy. 5. Form a few bushy shrubs from icing for the sheep to graze on. 6. Dot a few kernels of corn for the chickens to enjoy. 7. Use a star nozzle to mark out the fields, adding a gold ball on alternate stars. 8. “Plant” one field of melons. 9. Use orange Astros to form carrot heads. Pull out green icing tops. Do the same using dark red submerged Astros to simulate beetroot. 10. Attach the sunflowers to the cocktail sticks with Prestik and insert into the cake. 11. Place the scarecrow in position to oversee the crop. 12. Place the tree in position and scatter red Astros on the grassed section to resemble apples.

suggested game: feed the ducks Fill a plastic tub with water and float two or three small rubber ducks on the surface. (Be mindful of smaller children – fill the tub at time of play and do not leave unattended; empty immediately after the game.) The children line up behind a marker at a predetermined distance away from the tub. Children take turns to attempt to toss the ball into the tub. Successful children choose a prize from a basket, and the game continues until each child has hit the target. (Those who struggle may be permitted to move closer to the bucket.)


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• 1 x basic cake (see box on page 31) prepared in a 280mm square tin • icing (see box on page 31) – green, brown, yellow, blue • sugared fruit cubes • plastic farmyard toys • gold balls • melon sweets • large Astros • small craft sunflowers • wooden cocktail sticks • Prestik • small novelty scarecrow • small plastic tree

putting par-tee! Make this above par birthday cake, load it and the gang into your car and head to your local mini-golf venue. From the first tee to the last, loads of fun will be had by all. This theme works well for ages eight to 12 (or 80!). • 1 x basic cake (see box on page 31) baked in a rectangular 320 x 220mm baking tin • sugar paste • powdered food colouring – green, brown • 1 x chocolate-dipped pretzel stick • wooden skewers • icing (see box on page 31) – green, flesh, blue • edible glitter • 1 x Marie biscuit or Rich Tea biscuit, crushed • dolls of choice • gold balls 1. Bake the cake according to the recipe and leave to cool completely. 2. Roll a small golf ball from a pinch of sugar paste. Colour some sugar paste with green colouring and fashion a green triangular flag. Set aside to firm up, and then attach it to a pretzel stick with a dab of icing. 3. Fashion two putters by moulding a putter head from brown sugar paste and attaching it to a wooden skewer cut to size to fit doll. Set aside. 4. Demarcate the putting course on the cake. Coat the putting green surface with green icing. 5. Colour some more sugar paste with green food colouring and roll out to 3–4mm thick. Cut out the shape of the putting area and place in position on the cake. 6. Create a slight hollow in the cake for the bunker, and then cover with fleshcoloured icing. 7. Create another hollow in the cake for the water hazard and coat with blue icing. Sprinkle with edible glitter. 8. Coat the sides of the cake with green icing. 9. Use a multiple hole nozzle to create grass on the remaining surface of the cake. 10. Sprinkle the biscuit crumbs in the bunker. 11. Place the flag in position, together with the ball. 12. Attach wooden skewers to the dolls for support and insert into the cake. 13. Use a dab of icing to place the putters in the dolls’ hands. 14. Enhance with sugar paste flowers as illustrated.

high school rock If your preteen is dreaming of a High School Musical themed party, then here’s a cake to make her day. • 2 x basic cakes (see box on page 31) – baked in 320 x 220mm tins • icing (see box on page 31) – white, red • wooden skewers and silver balls • sugared jelly sweets for spotlights • dolls of choice • Prestik 1. Bake the cakes according to the recipe and leave to cool completely. 2. Cut a 200 x 220mm rectangle from each cake and sandwich together with icing to form the stage. 3. Slice one of the remaining 120 x 220mm pieces into three 40 x 220mm strips. Place these three strips along the back of the stage for the curtain, sandwiching together with icing and using wooden skewers to secure. (Freeze the other remaining 120 x 220mm piece for later use in a trifle or something similar.) 4. Coat the upper surface of the stage with white icing and the sides of the cake with red icing. 5. Coat the curtains with red icing and use the star or ribbon nozzle to create the drapes. Jazz up with silver balls. 6. Position the sugared jelly sweets along the front edge of the stage for spotlights. 7. Attach the dolls to wooden skewers with Prestik and insert into the cake as illustrated.

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stone age Dinosaurs remain an all-time favourite with children – team them with cavemen and cavewomen and your party will be a roaring success. Here’s a cake for the big day. This theme works well with five- to 10-year-olds. • 2 x basic cake mixture (see box on page 31) – baked as 1 x 280mm square cake, 1 x 200mm round cake, 1 x 1,5 litre pudding-bowl cake • icing (see box on page 31) – brown, yellow • “greenery” available from craft shops • Crunchie honeycomb sweet pieces • speckled egg sweets • 2 x small dolls • plastic dinosaurs • chocolate-coated nuts in varying sizes • white bone-shaped sweets 1. Prepare the cake batter as per the recipe. Use the one batch for the square cake and divide the second cake batter mixture between the round tin and the oven-proof pudding bowl. Because of the depth of the bowl cake, the baking time should be extended to 50–60 minutes. Leave the cakes to cool completely. 2. Coat the upper surface of the round cake with brown icing. Trim the surface of the pudding bowl cake if necessary and place flat side down on top of the round cake. Hollow out a cave entrance, using the removed section to “pad” around the base of the dome if necessary to fit neatly on the round cake. 3. Coat the square cake with brown icing and place the cave in position as illustrated. 4. Insert the artificial greenery as illustrated. 5. Create a quarry with the Crunchie honeycomb sweet pieces. 6. Create a dinosaur nest with a mixture of brown and yellow icing and place the speckled eggs inside. 7. Place one of the dolls on the back of a dinosaur, securing with Prestik, and position on the cake. Add the other doll and dinosaurs as illustrated. 8. Pile the chocolate-coated nuts on the cake to resemble rocks. 9. Randomly scatter the white bone sweets around the cave.


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suggested game: musical dino prints Trace the template (see page 31) onto the cardboard and cut out dinosaur footprints, one less than the number of children. Place on the ground in the play area. On starter’s orders and to music, the children dance about – when the music stops each child rushes to a footprint. The last child is extinct. Play continues and with each round a footprint is removed, thus ensuring that there is always an extra child. The last child remaining receives a prize.

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basic icing This recipe is sufficient to ice the basic cake, for larger cakes or where the star nozzle is used, the quantity will need to be doubled. • 100g white margarine, at room temperature • 2½ cups (625ml) icing sugar, sifted • 5 tsp (25ml) boiling water • ½ tsp (2,5ml) vanilla essence

Template for putting par-tee cake

Template for musical dino prints

basic cake • • • • • • • •

4 extra-large eggs 300g (300ml) white sugar 2½ cups (625ml) cake (plain) flour 4 tsp (20ml) baking powder pinch of salt ¾ cup (180ml) oil ¾ cup (180ml) water 1 tsp (5ml) vanilla essence

1. Preheat the oven to 180˚C (350˚F). 2. Beat the eggs, then gradually add the sugar and beat until thick and pale. 3. In a separate bowl, sift the flour, baking powder and salt together. 4. In another bowl, lightly whisk the oil, water and vanilla essence to combine. 5. Gently fold the dry ingredients, alternately with the liquid, into the egg mixture. 6. Pour the cake mixture into the required greased pan(s) – see individual recipes for details. 7. Bake for 30–35 minutes. To test whether the cake is baked through, insert a skewer into the centre of the cake. If it comes out clean, it is done. 8. Turn out onto a rack to cool completely before icing.

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1. Mix together the margarine and sifted icing sugar. 2. Add the boiling water, a little at a time, and mix until the desired consistency is obtained. 3. Add the vanilla essence. 4. Once the icing has been mixed, it may be coloured by adding powdered colouring, blending in small quantities (about ¼ tsp) at a time, until the desired shade is obtained. Liquid colouring may also be used, but take care that the consistency does not become too runny.

about the book Party Party by Jenny Dodd (Struik Lifestyle) offers a great collection of children’s birthday party themes. From “feisty fire engines” and “karate kicks” to “birthday bugs” and “enchanted forest”, there’s party inspiration galore. With suggestions for invitations, food, games and activities, treat bags, birthday cakes and décor, this book will help you plan the perfect celebration for your child. Available at all good bookshops nationwide.

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resource You can also access the party guide online at

Accessories and Services 082 Party On Rents out genuine slush puppie machines, jumping castles, a mermaid island, gladiator and water slides and popcorn and candyfloss machines. Can deliver. Contact Enid: 082 727 8966 AA Castle Hire Hires out jumping castles, water slides, gladiator water slides, ball ponds, gladiator castles, jump and slides, candyfloss and popcorn machines, children’s tables and chairs. R230–R750. Contact: Linda or Harry: 021 534 8471, 084 434 8471, or visit Abby’s Aquarium Adventures Craft kit party packs with a sea theme for ages 5–12. Craft kits from R20–R65 each. Contact Heidi: 076 854 0699, or visit Andy’s Candy Candyfloss producer that also offers a wide selection of sweet merchandise. V&A Waterfront. Contact Pierre: 084 499 6279 or B-Day Parties Party shop specialising in children’s themed parties. A full themed party package for 1–10 children R1 625, 11–15 children R1 985, 20 children R2 345. Contact: 021 853 1727, linda@bdayparties. or visit Binding Memories Designs, prints and binds photo books to preserve your child’s birthday party memories. Contact Greta: 021 913 5247, 082 926 5921 or Bounce-About Jumping Castles Various jumping castles, water castles, slides and a Belgian-chocolate fountain. From R300 for half-day to R450 for full-day. Contact Charmaine: 082 777 1544 or Bouncy A variety of jumping castles and a water slide for hire. Contact: 021 976 0201, 078 605 6472, richard@ or visit Bubble Ball Children can walk, run, dive and roll on water without getting wet


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in a Bubble Ball. On-site supervision is provided. Contact Jessica: 072 633 7097,, Lynette: 076 646 7459, or visit Buzy Boxes Makes up party bags and can offer instructions and materials for crafty activities to be done at the party. R10–R25 per bag, R8–R25 per craft activity set. For more info: visit Candle Maker’s Deli Supplier of candlemaking and soap-making materials for crafts parties. Can help you with ideas or refer you to crafts party organisers. Candle-making supplies R600 for 10 children. Contact: 021 552 4937, sales@ or visit Cape Chocolate Fountain Hires out chocolate fountains. R550–R2 200. Contact Zanet: 021 789 1305, 083 455 4988, or visit Cape Creative Entertainment Applies henna tattoos and does face painting. R250 per hour Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm. Extra cost if travelling out of the southern suburbs after 5pm. Contact: 082 324 3741 or Cape Photography These party photographers also take on face painting for children. They have a mobile studio with professional lighting and can produce prints onsite. They also produce HD videos of birthday parties. From R350. Contact: 021 685 6213, 072 796 6588, 072 107 4044, info@capephotography. or visit Caring Candies Manufactures healthy sugar-free candies and chocolates without artificial sweeteners, colourants or allergens. Contact Denise: 021 552 7575, 082 824 4418, or visit Carmen Lorraine Photography Children’s party photography. From R850. Contact: 082 415 1652, or visit

Castles4Rascals Funky jumping castles for hire. R450–R650. Contact Tamara: 083 CASTLES (2278537), or visit City Sightseeing Cape Town For a children’s party on a double-decker, hire the bus for R2 900 per half-day (four hours). Bring your own party packs and food. Meeting place by arrangement. Join their Kids’ Club for a birthday treat. Contact: 021 511 6000, or visit Craft Blanche Accessories and embellishments required for invitations, card making, scrapbooking and craft/DIY kits for all themed parties or events. From R8 per item. Contact: 021 554 2290, 083 383 2049, or visit Crafty Stuff Competitively priced online craft supply store offers free projects and patterns, updated weekly. For more info: visit Crafty Supplies A wide variety of craft items and kits that can be used for party activities and party-pack fillers, including face paints and designs and masks. From R2,50. Kenilworth. Contact: 021 671 0286 or Crazy Concepts Hires and sells highquality playground equipment, ball ponds, rock climbing walls, rides and jumping castles. Delivery and installation countrywide. Contact Lizelle: 082 826 1786, or visit Dawn’s Jumping Castles For jumping castles (balls and slide optional) and water slides. From R320. Contact: 021 701 8321, 083 561 1226 or Design a Balloon Themed décor for large and small parties. Also sells helium balloons. Paarden Eiland. Contact: 021 511 9676, or visit Dial-a-Surprize This online gift store sells gifts, helium balloons, cakes, party

packs, flowers and hampers. Contact: 021 461 0821, or visit Djoni’s Party Classics Hires out cream gazebos for parties. DIY – you collect and make up. R450. Contact: 021 462 6126, 083 455 1028 or Fairies and Goggas Hires out jumping castles, bubble machines and costumes. Sells themed party packs and costumes. Contact Carol: 082 998 8961, or visit FunkiPics Photography Creative, interactive photo shoot to record your child’s birthday party. Includes hi-res photos on CD and prints. Contact: 021 552 7445, 083 443 4044, safra@ or visit Funky Bananas Sells novelty toys, balloons, helium, cakes, party packs, themed party décor and birthday candles. Rents out jumping castles. Contact Parklands: 021 556 7808, Durbanville: 021 976 3061, Brackenfell: 021 981 9844 or visit Funtasia Party Décor Helium balloons, renting of costumes, tables, chairs, tablecloths, party boxes and more. Helium balloons R5,50, party packs R11,50, chairs R5 (rent), themed plates from R29,95 and serviettes from R19,99. Contact: 021 914 6935 or Gavin Daniell Photography Children’s birthday party photography. One hour R500 or two hours R1 000. Creative editing available at R250. Contact: 083 299 5725, or visit Gelli Baff A two-pack powder that turns pool water into jelly-like goo and back again. Contact Wendy: 021 556 0332, 086 111 2006, 072 474 9566, wendy.ekman@ or visit Goodie Two Shoes Offers goodie boxes to hold stickers, crayons, puzzles, clay and toys. No-sweet party pack alternative. Different sizes and themes magazine cape town

photographs:, ILLUStrationS:, nikki-leigh piper

Having a party? Here’s who to call. Compiled by lucille kemp

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available. Delivery countrywide. From R35. Contact Memre: 082 466 3182, or visit Heathyr Huss Photography For all occasions. Packages from R650. Contact: 082 373 0201, or visit Hi Ho Cherry O Educational Toyshop Specialises in educational and developmental games, puzzles, toys and art and crafts. They also provide a Birthday Box, where you go to the shop beforehand and choose gifts for your invited guests to buy. Meadowridge. Contact: 021 715 9033, 083 702 8132, or visit Indoor Outdoor Play Centre Sells soft play systems, jungle gyms, toddler play systems and educational products. Contact: 079 887 8322, or visit Invents For custom-made stationery, décor and accessories. Contact them for a free quote. Contact Louisa: 082 680 9902 or Its Mine Labels Offers a wide range of personalised magnetic invitations, pictureperfect labels, party pack stickers, tattoos, and personalised ribbon and wrapping paper. Based in Johannesburg but will post to any destination worldwide. Contact: 011 646 3640 or Itz’aparty Online party supply store that stocks over 2 000 items including balloons, cake decorations, games, piñatas, party favours and tableware. Pick a theme from 150 options. Free shipping for orders over R650. Contact Helen: 012 751 0395, or visit Jolly Jump Castles Hires and sells inflatable fun items for children and adults. They offer a complete delivery, set up and collection service throughout the Western Cape. From R450 per item. Contact Sonia: 021 552 6757, 082 827 7999,, Naomi: 021 979 1729, 072 324 2607, or visit Jump 4 Joy Castles Jumping castles with a variety of ball ponds, climbing ropes and slides available for half-day or full-day hire. R270–R380 half-day, R370–R530 full-day. Chocolate fountain also available. No delivery. Helderberg. Contact Helene: 021 853 1187, 082 222 0859 or Jumping Candy Castles Hires out inflatable items such as jumping castles, water slides and ball ponds. They also hire out and operate popcorn and candyfloss machines. Prices include delivery and setup. Contact Mervyn or Carol: 021 715 9502, 082 842 4007 or visit Jumping Fun Hire a jumping castle for your child’s party at R300 for a standard two- to three-hour party. For longer parties or full-day rental, ask for a quote. Party packs from R12 each. They can design a party pack for the theme of your choice. Delivery and collection in southern suburbs only. Contact Tracey: 073 841 9008 or visit


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Just Because Specialises in children’s party photography. Covers Cape Town and surrounding areas. Travel to other areas can be negotiated. From R400. Contact Kym: 073 464 2707, photos@just-because. or visit Just Labels Colourful, personalised gift stickers for children’s birthday presents. R12 for six stickers. Choose your own wording and pictures. Postage nationwide. Contact: 031 266 1738, sales@justlabels. or visit KC and the Drinks Factory Slush and cocktail drinks machines for hire. Contact Kathy or Chris: 021 790 5336, 083 558 5966, or visit Kiddie Rides Automated children’s rides (like those in shopping centres) can be rented. R190 per machine, if collected. Delivery can be arranged at an extra cost. Contact: 021 448 2541, kiddierides@ or visit Kids Labels International Offers a wide variety of gift labels. Labels posted countrywide. For more info: visit Kids Like Us Piñata Factory Vast range of custom-made piñatas to complement any theme or occasion. R180–R300. Contact Cassandra: 072 228 0563, cassandra@, kids_like_us@live. com or visit Kids Parties Galore A party-coordinating service that offers various party packages and children’s party hire. Visit their online party shop. Based in Panorama. Contact Melanie: 083 736 0661, or visit Kid’s Party Packs Supplies colourful plastic party buckets to suit your theme. Decorated party carry bags and party boxes filled with juice, chips and sweets. Table cloths and chair covers with tie backs. Themed birthday cakes and cup cakes. Budget party bags from R9,50. Contact Brieta: 083 328 9253 or Kidz-a-Peal Provides an arrangement of educational toys, dress-up costumes, face paints, party accessories, prizes, gifts and more. Items priced from R1. Contact: 021 762 8580, 021 762 3545 or Kidz Only Online shop for gifts and educational toys delivered to your door. They manufacture and sell sand art for sand-art parties. Based in Ottery. Contact: or visit Kidz Party Hire Rents out or sells party hats, invitations, plates, cups and serviettes in a variety of themes as well as party décor, photo boards, banners and backdrops. Book 20 children or more and pay only R25 per child. Rondebosch. Contact Raygana: 021 697 1318 or 076 908 6933 King Cake Party City Stockists of party décor, dress-up outfits and accessories as well as novelty and themed cakes. Contact Access Park: 021 671 0869, Gardens: 021 461 9448, Kenilworth Centre: 021 671 1176, Kuilsriver: 021 906 4419, N1 Value Centre: 021 595 3314, Parow: 021 930 2455, Table View: 021 556 7969, Tokai: 021 715 3150 or visit magazine cape town

Labels Inc A range of personalised stationery including party invitations, gift labels and cards. From R60. Contact Lauren: 082 556 4232, lauren@labelsinc. or Karen: 082 897 7799, karen@ or view their catalogue and place your orders online at Lacey’s Promotions Offers a range of branded party accessories from party blowers, lucky packets and bubbles. Delivery countrywide. Contact: 031 705 1055 or Little Occasions Children’s Designer A collection of partyware including invitations, paper cups, plates, napkins, balloons, greeting cards, wrapping paper, gift bags, and gift tags. View and order online; purchases delivered to your door countrywide. Contact: 011 071 7436, 083 415 6162, or visit Loadsafun Buy children’s costumes, accessories, capes, fairy goodies, tutus and other dress-up products. Countrywide. Contact Carol: 072 703 3006, info@ or visit Love Letters Online store offering a range of personalised stationery as well as things like place mats, personalised gifts and organisers. Contact: 083 327 5363, or visit Macaroon Offers personalised, online stationery, which can be designed with your personal photographs to create invitations and more. Also gift stickers. From R200. Contact: 074 581 1731, taryn@ or visit Merrypak This Ndabeni store sells a range of party supplies including party boxes and bags, masks, streamers and balloons. Invitations can also be printed. Contact: 021 531 2244, info@merrypak. or visit Money Box Party Packs Novel, affordable party pack range includes blank money boxes, set design money boxes and DIY colouring-in money box packs. From R8. Contact Tracy: 082 422 7872 or visit Mozart Ice Cream Classics Sells ice cream in a variety of different cones, cups and take-away tubs. Hout Bay, Cavendish and Tygervalley. Contact: 086 110 5724 or visit Mural Maniac Custom, hand-painted backdrops in a party theme of your choice. From R1 500. Photo boards available, from R550. Contact Theo: 021 559 6090, 072 359 7958, muralmaniac@ or visit Nox Designs Personalised labels for birthday and party packs. Shipping countrywide. From R35. Contact Nicky: 082 496 2930, or visit Oodles of Doodles Personalises plastic, wooden and fabric products as well as party buckets. R18 each; order 10 and pay R15 each. Visit the online shop. Contact: or visit Parties4Africa Online shop with a wide range of party products such as plates, cups, serviettes, hats, blowouts, tablecloths magazine cape town

and invites. Overnight delivery countrywide, dependent on goods ordered. Contact Cheryl or Penny: 035 772 6592, 083 635 5353, 084 406 6313, info@parties4africa. or visit Parties Galore For themed party setup, from the hire of tables, chairs and tableware to party buckets and picture cakes. From R30 per head. Northern suburbs. Contact Genené: 082 838 2082, Nicole: 084 749 6009 or Party Animal Jumping Castles Jumping castle hire in the southern suburbs and Helderberg region. Contact: 082 922 0684 or Party Animals Helium balloon suppliers and decorators. Prices vary. Contact Samantha: 021 557 0256, or visit Party Boutique They have over 2 000 party items, accessories and decorations. Table View. Contact Des: 082 779 7803 or Party Characters Sells character accessories. They also hire out party accessories such as plates, cups, napkins, blowouts and jumping castles. Contact Rushka: 021 911 2973, 072 315 5053 or visit Party Corner Supplies balloons, dress-up accessories and tableware. Accessories R2–R200. Contact: 021 433 1355, 083 745 3413, or visit Partykids Packages and delivers your choice of party themes, décor and party packs. Contact: 021 976 4215, 071 143 5264, or visit Party Net Place your order online for party accessories. Nationwide delivery. Contact: 011 803 7970, 087 808 8998, questions@ or visit Party Packs ‘n Piñatas Party packs made to order from R20. Empty piñatas R170 or filled with sweets and trinkets R215. Excludes postage. Contact Kim: 087 805 9977, 082 683 5766, info@ or visit Partypax Specialises in themed party packs for all occasions. Party packs from R12 each. Free delivery within southern suburbs. Contact Tracey: 073 841 9008, or visit Party Pix Party photographer. Contact Audrey: 082 428 4802, partypixsa@gmail. com or visit Party Shop SA Supplies party accessories including helium balloons, party-themed packages, wigs, costumes, accessories, banners and more. Countrywide. Contact: 011 793 4238, or visit Party World Party décor and accessories, including helium balloons, printed serviettes, banners, boxes, streamers and more. They also provide cakes. Somerset West. Contact: 021 851 2786 Pedal Go-Karts Rent the pedal go-kart for the party. Suitable for children 5 years and older. Contact Martie: 082 899 2221, Celia: 084 955 3254, or visit May 2011



Peggy’s Place & Plate Hiring Selection of cake stands, party platters and more to hire. Contact: 021 705 0235 or ppph@ Perfect Planning Hire party products such as a popcorn machine and a gazebo and buy assorted party ware. Also visit their online store. Delivery free in and around Durbanville. Contact: 021 975 0329, or visit Personally Yours They personalise everything from invitations, craft kits and serviettes to gift wrap, ribbon, scrapbooking material and greeting cards. Gardens. Contact: 021 423 4115, or visit Piñata Africa Custom-made piñatas in any shape or size to suit your theme. Posted throughout South Africa. From R220. Sweets extra. Contact Marianne: 082 457 2276, or visit Pinney’s Party Creations Hand-crafted, themed invitations, party plates and party boxes to buy plus posters to adorn walls or hang from the ceiling for hire. Order a month in advance. From R50. Contact Tanya: 079 185 5923 or tanya. Plastics for Africa Educational toys and puzzles, party pack gifts, art and crafts and games as well as a complete range


May 2011

of party supplies. Contact Montague Gardens: 021 551 5790, Somerset West: 021 852 4007, Tokai: 021 702 1700 or visit Poppynono Custom-made party packs and invitations as well as décor for hire. Party packs R80–R150, invitations from R300 for electronic version and from R500 for 25 printed copies including envelopes and décor rental R1 500–R2 500 for 10 children. Contact Monique: 072 277 6872 or Pretty Little Party Specialises in customised and hand-crafted invitations, thank-you cards, birthday banners, party favour tags, cupcake toppers and gift tags. Contact Lizelle: 084 586 2370 or visit Puzzle Worx Personalised puzzles using your own photos. Also photo bags. From R18,50. Contact Jody: 083 275 6567, info@ or visit RDA Events Management Supplies draping, décor and props. Killarney Gardens. Contact: 021 556 0361, 082 571 6101 or Rent-a-Toy Safe, durable, quality educational toys from a large library of age- and gender-specific toys to rent as party entertainment. Contact: Roxanne: 083 275 2195, capetown1@rent-a-toy. or visit Ronald’s Jumping Castles Jumping castles and water slides for hire. No time

limit. R350 for jumping castles, R350 for water slides. Free delivery. Contact: 021 945 3257, 084 752 6838 or Rosys Party Corner Stockists of all party accessories. Mitchell’s Plain. Contact: 021 371 9173 or Rumble Grumble Parties Jumping castle for hire as well as party décor, cakes, party packs, clowns, magicians, planner and coordinator. Contact: 072 835 8812, or visit Serina’s Jumping Castles Slides, castles, and a ball pond available. Delivery in Durbanville and surrounds. R300–R400 in summer for half-day; same price in winter for full-day. Contact: 021 976 6326 Sky Toys Wholesale company with a variety of balloons – from plain and printed to novelty, foil, helium balloons and inflatables. Order online. Deliveries countrywide. Contact: 011 837 3924, 083 377 3786, or visit Star Dot Toys A shop with dress-up clothes, helium balloons, novelties and gifts. Contact Hout Bay: 021 790 0384, Tokai: 021 702 4081 or Anne: 082 337 6049 Stay Stuck Personalised gift labels in different colours and styles. Gift blocks R45 for 18, gift dots R55 for 22. Contact: 082 385 4331, or visit

Stick With Us! Personalised invites, party box and gift stickers, thank-you cards, banners and posters. Contact Mandy: 082 377 0513 or The Crazy Store A discount store for all you might need for your child’s party. Contact: 021 505 5500 or visit The Fairy Shop Fairy, mermaid, princess, wizard and king dress-up outfits; fairythemed party décor and accessories, fairy lights and decorations and fairies for cake decorations. Party packs for boys and girls, R18 each or R15 if you buy 10 or more. Gifts include fairies, books, musical jewellery boxes and hair accessories. Kenilworth. Contact: 021 783 0301, fairyshop@ or visit The Party Place Stocks a variety of hats, dress-up accessories, helium balloons, feather masks from R10, birthday banners, candles, napkins and other themed items. Contact Yvonne: 021 797 7397 The Scrapbook Sells everything you need for a scrapbook for your child’s birthday memories. Contact: 021 674 6425 or The Song Studio Sells personalised children’s music. Songs, composed especially for children, are sung directly to them. Through the inclusion of their name in each song, they are encouraged to sing along and participate. Price of an album R140. Contact: or visit

magazine cape town

The Story Studio Creates a bound book of memorable photographs from your child’s party. The package consists of a two-hour photo shoot of the party and a personalised story around the events of the day. You receive a CD of the best shots. R1 400. Contact Taryn: 082 451 3388, or visit Tinkle-pea Specialises in gifts and party favours. Countrywide delivery. Contact Jenny: 082 804 5678, jenny@tinklepea. or visit Toadeez Children’s Fantasy Furniture Handcrafted toadstool furniture available for hire. Contact Kim: 082 622 6800, or visit Toddlers Warehouse Party-pack toys such as wooden pens, pencils, spinning tops and clown whistles at wholesale prices. Shipping countrywide. Contact Tania: 011 979 1676, 072 398 8053, or visit Toodu An online service where you post your party to-do list requirements and they forward you the contact details of all the service providers you need. Contact: visit Visual Creations Themed décor, pyrotechnics, fireworks displays, sound and lighting, and function coordination. Paarden Eiland. Contact: 021 511 9676, 082 553 0438 or

magazine cape town

Wild Kids Entertainment Jumping castles, children’s tables and chairs, photo boards, bubble machine, face painter, cakes, party packs, Wild West train, paintball target shooting range and gazebos. Can deliver. Contact Naomi: 021 979 1729, 072 324 2607 or

Animal parties Cape Camel Rides A short camel ride at Imhoff Farm in Kommetjie. Contact: 021 789 1711 or 082 748 6461 Drakenstein Lion Park Get up close to rescued lions at this sanctuary, just outside Paarl. R25 per child; R45 per adult. The outside area with jungle gym is ideal for a party. Contact: 021 863 3290, info@ or visit Horse Trail Safaris Ponies are delivered to your child’s party or outrides can be organised at their venue in Hermanus. Contact: 021 703 4396, info@ or Le Bonheur Croc Farm Large indoor venue to host parties in various themes. Facilities include shaded spots, sandpit, a dam with jetties, a doll’s house, swings, climbing gym, and the croc ponds. Children can touch a baby croc and during summer months witness a feeding. Picnic, braai or negotiate a venue fee for selfcatered events. Contact: 021 863 1142 or

Mountain View Horse Trails Brings ponies and other animals to your home. Experienced animal handlers lead the ponies around. Children may ride the ponies and touch all the animals. Price depends on venue location and whether you only want the animals or ponies or if you want both. Contact Glodien: 083 727 0256 or mountainviewhorsetrails@ Plaaswerf Kids’ Parties Children aged 1–7 can feed sheep and hold rabbits. There is an indoor jumping castle, ball pit and playroom, pedal tractors, sandpit and water slip n slide in summer. Party packs and a variety of themes available. R70 per child. Durbanville. Contact: 082 564 0100, or visit Reflectionz Children make friends with the horses. There are fun group activities for a minimum of six children from 9 years and older. They also offer catering for the parties. Contact: 021 553 4348, 082 373 0358, or visit The Barnyard Restaurant Large grounds in Tokai with a central sandpit, jungle gym, slide, swings and farm animals. The twohour birthday package includes party food, juice and a personalised birthday cake. Face painting, pony rides and a jumping castle are also available. From R1 100 week days or R1 200 at weekends

and holidays for at least 10 children. R70 per extra child. Contact: 021 712 6934 or The Giraffe House Wildlife Centre Offers a venue, wildlife-themed table settings, party packs/gift and entrance to an animal encounter. Bring your own eats if you like. Kiosk available. R60 per child; R35 per adult (group rate). Contact: 021 884 4506, info@ or visit Water Gardens Barnyard Children’s party venue with or without catering. Birthday cakes, cupcakes, treasure hunts and assorted crafts. From R500 for 10 children, including popcorn, candyfloss, cookies, balloons and seating with covers. Ottery. Contact: 021 703 9182, wgf@ or visit Zippity Zoo Mobile touch farm and petting zoo that comes to your venue with rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, a pig, a goat and rats. Photography service also offered. R1 000–R2 000. Contact Jenny: 078 804 7444, or visit

Art and Crafts Parties A Scrap Above Offers scrapbooking activities at your home with a variety of themes suitable for ages 8–18 years. From R75. Contact: 079 529 9015, info@ascrapabove. or visit

May 2011



Artee Parteez Art and crafts parties from R60 per child, puppet shows from R400, spa parties from R1 000, recording studio parties at R1 600, marimba parties from R1 000, and Lego parties from R700. Contact: 084 207 0180, kirsty@arteeparteez. or visit Artjamming Painting parties with party packs, a canvas and non-toxic paints. Parties of 10 or more receive a discount. From R95. Contact Cape Quarter: 021 421 6129 or Willowbridge: 021 914 9224 Charmed Children’s beading parties at your chosen venue. From R70 per child. Contact Sherilyn: 082 887 0752, sherilyn@ or visit Children’s Art Workshops Professional face and body painting. Contact Ursula: 083 544 4076 or Creative Clay Parties Children handcraft items with clay and clay paints. The clay is fired and glazed in a kiln and returned to hand out to the party guests. Minimum eight children. R60–R80 each. Contact Heidi: 021 556 5916, 082 630 6303 or Eazy Stitch They come to you and host a one- to two-hour workshop in fabric painting, hand puppets, beading or T-shirt dyeing. Contact: 083 629 2929, or visit Kula Kids Children can paint and decorate fridge magnets, trinket boxes, photo frames and more. A range of themes to choose from. Completed crafts can be taken home. R25–R40 per child. Contact Leanne: 083 293 7208 or QT Pie Crafts Craft parties in mosaics, candle dipping, soap making, fabric painting, ceramic painting, gel candles, tie dyeing and more at a venue of your choice. From R55 per child. Contact Cindy: 021 556 2010 (a/h) or 084 580 7497 Sand Art Parties Supplies a sand-art table with 14 colours, 10 glitters and assistance for a two-hour party. Contact Renee: 021 910 0935 or 082 731 4772 Sue Nepgen’s Studio A variety of art and crafts parties at your home or at a venue of your choice. Parties have an environmental slant but any other theme can be worked into the activities. She also provides entertainers such as musicians, magicians, puppeteers and face painters. Contact: 021 794 6609 or Toby Tower A range of educational stickers, DIY activities and products such as sticker albums and pictures, 3D pop art, colouring-in puzzles, gel, sand and scratch art and more. Contact: 021 787 9600, 0800 220 488, tobytower@pyrotec. or visit Wendy’s Fabric Painting Children’s parties offered in Pinelands or at your home. From R35. Contact Wendy: 021 531 8076, 082 391 4954 or

Cakes and CAtering All-in-one Cakes Cakes, platters and party packs on request. From R6,50–R14,50. Contact Jenny: 021 919 3058, 083 262 2621 or


May 2011

Cakes for Kidz Home-made cakes in a variety of themes and designs for your party. Contact Isobel: 021 434 1796, 082 921 2803 or Charly’s Bakery Order your birthday cake in any theme. This well-known bakery has made cakes for Oprah Winfrey, Madiba, Thabo Mbeki and Archbishop Tutu. Contact: 021 461 5181 or visit Creative Cakes Specialises in unique hand-crafted, 3D-sculpted cakes or photo cakes, as well as party confectionery to suit your theme. Contact Carol: 021 557 0084, 083 568 8758, carol@creativecakes. or visit Cupcakes etc Provides funky designer cupcakes as well as children’s party cupcakes (R12–R18) and birthday cakes. Loop St. Contact: 021 423 2322, or for some party options: visit Decadent Cakes Birthday cakes and cupcakes, specialising in modelled figures and objects on cakes and decadent Belgium chocolate mousse cakes. Cupcakes from R5,50 and cakes from R240. Based in Edgemead. Contact Janine: 082 431 5870, decadentcakes@ Delishi Dishi Birthday cakes, cupcakes, platters and party treats made to order. Contact Taryn: 076 979 7686 or Delite Foods Specialises in tasty, sugarfree, low-fat foods such as jellies, biscuits, chocolate drinks and sweets that are perfect for all children, including those who are diabetic or hyperactive. Purchases shipped countrywide. Contact Fran: 021 702 0721/2, or visit Denise’s Delights Cakes, cupcakes and catering platters made to order. From R350. Sea Point. Contact: 021 434 3469 Divine Tastes Birthday cakes, cupcakes and platters that you can design yourself. Cakes from R350, cupcakes from R5. Contact Tertia: 021 975 8910, 083 234 6343 or Fantabulous Cakes & Parties Birthday cakes, cupcakes, party packets and platters. Cakes from R350. Call for a quote for party packets. Contact Lene: 021 982 4174, 083 287 4874, or visit Feather’s Cakes & Gifts Birthday and wedding cakes plus exquisite gifts. R210–R400. Table View. Contact Fiona: 021 556 8989, or visit Florentines Beautiful birthday cakes (including fairy, horse and piano cakes). From R250. Contact: 021 761 0581, or visit Frostings Cupcake Boutique Specialises in work-of-art cakes and cupcakes for all occasions. Toppings custom made and cakes designed to complement any theme or colour scheme. Cupcakes from R11,50–R35. More than 300 cupcakes to choose from. Contact: 021 914 0264, or visit magazine cape town

Healthy Cakes 4 You Novelty birthday cakes in a variety of themes. Cakes can be made sugar-free and/or diabetic-friendly or vegan. From R200. Contact: 021 674 0487, 082 968 2717, healthycakes4you@gmail. com or visit Hmmm… Delicious treats such as cakes, biscuits and gingerbread men. Gardens. Contact: 021 462 1950 Home-Leigh Kitchen Supplies children’s birthday cakes, cupcakes and party food. Cakes from R200–R350 and cupcakes from R6–R12 each. Contact Leigh: 021 671 3945, 083 406 8883, leehob@hotmail. com or visit Hundreds & Thousands Cakes Creatively crafted 2D and 3D birthday cakes. From R275 for a party of 10–15 children. Contact Farida: 083 539 1717, or visit Inkredible Products Supplies edible paper and the equipment to do your own edible printing. They also do in-house printing of licensed characters for which they have the necessary copyrights. From R42,75 per A4 sheet in minimum orders of 15 sheets. Contact Jannie: 083 310 1450, sales@ or visit Jorja’s Cakes Makes cupcakes, character cakes, 3D and edible picture cakes. Cupcakes from R7 and cakes from R230. Contact Nadine: 082 562 6186, info@ or visit Juicy Lucy Offers a platter menu. Options include gourmet sandwiches, mini cheese grillers, dips, mini wraps and veggie sticks. Platters are ready within two hours of order. For more info: visit Kauai Wholesome food available in large enough quantities for a party of any size. Contact Nuraan: 021 552 0222, catering@ or visit Liesl’s Cupcakery Specialises in themed and personalised cakes and cupcakes. Contact Liesl: 082 929 1238 or visit Mini’s Party Cakes Specialises in shaped and picture cakes, as well as picture and regular cupcakes. Cakes from R220, cupcakes from R4,50. Contact Mini: 021 557 7865, 082 773 8836 or minis. Mukhtar Hiring Services Hires out party furniture, marquees and tents, and cutlery and crockery. Contact: 021 638 1187, or visit Party Cakes Birthday and occasion cakes beautifully baked and decorated to your order. Hand-made figurines and details complete the cakes. From R250. Contact Monique: 084 608 4729 or Picnix and Peppadill Catering Offers catering from traditional to outdoorsy. Options include platters, hampers, picnics, individual meal packs, themed and spit braai options. From R45. Based in Constantia Valley but services areas throughout Cape Town. Contact Antoinette: 073 195 4298 or Linda: 083 265 7737 Red Apple Catering Offers platters, treats, catering and a party venue. Prices start at R100. Contact Brigette: 082 566 5669 or magazine cape town

Sleeping Angels Birthday cakes, chocolates, croissants, quiches and fudge. For more info: visit Supacakes Provides cupcakes, cakes and party treats. Milnerton. Contact: 021 552 4776, or visit The Baking Tin Offers a range of baking equipment from children’s themed novelty cake tins and stands and ingredients. Novelty cake tins R50 deposit; R30 per day rental. Claremont. Contact Mike: 021 671 6434, 083 452 6533 or The Cake Box Designer cakes set up, styled and delivered to you on the day. Contact Lilia: 082 338 5496, lilia@mweb. or visit The Chocolate Moose Supplies novelty cakes. From R360 for a basic cake, R425 for a photo cake, from R550 for 2D design cakes, and from R850 for 3D design cakes. They deliver or you may collect from the shop in Noordhoek. Contact: 021 789 2891, cakes@chocolatemoose. or visit Unique Novelty Cakes Hand-moulded novelty cakes. Contact Sharon: 021 696 8766, 082 762 2787, uniquecakes@mweb. or visit Village Bakes and Crafts Tailor-made themed birthday cakes, decorative cupcakes, homemade sausage rolls, marmalades and jams and mini chicken pies. Constantia Village Shopping Centre. Contact: 021 794 5850 Wild Flour A full range of cakes, tarts, quiches and platters. Cupcakes from R8 each, cakes from R95, birthday or character cakes from R280, sweet or savoury platters from R140 and tarts or quiches from R55. Special dietary requirements are quoted on. Sea Point. Contact: 021 433 2361, amelia@wildflour. or Yummy Mummy Cakes and Bakes Party-specific cupcakes. Enquire about their candy cakes and caramel and toffee apples. Delivery in all areas at R1/km. Contact Cassandra: 021 553 5134, 082 776 3338 or yummymummycakesandbakes@ Zoe Cakes for fun Freshly baked designer cakes and cupcakes. Cost depends on order. Contact Lynn: 083 462 4624, or visit

Cooking parties Eleven Food Coaching Co-Op An interactive cooking class creates a fun environment for you to teach children 6–10 years old how to enjoy food. Saturday mornings. Ground Floor, Building C, The Boulevard Office Park, Searle St, Cape Town. Call to enquire about cost. Contact: 021 461 3820, or visit Good Food Fun Food Each child prepares their own cake or cupcake or their own pizza, or they create other eats from pizza dough. Sweets, popcorn and juice supplied. You supply the birthday cake. R90 per child. Contact Althea: 084 625 0225 or May 2011



Little Cooks Club Cooking parties for 2–14 year olds. For 2–7 year olds R150 per child and 8–14 year olds R190 per child. Contact Christine: 083 556 3434, christine@littlecookslclub., Lisa (northern suburbs): 073 227 3404, or visit Pizza Party People Children are shown how to knead pizza dough and roll it out. This gets lightly fired and returned to the child to put toppings on, before going back to the oven to be cooked and cut into slices. All equipment is provided and their team cleans up the area. From R1 800. Minimum 25 children. For more info: visit Tots n Pots Offers tailor-made baking parties. Choose from a menu of themes and recipes. Various packages include party packs, hats, aprons, ingredients, crafts and all equipment for baking. Contact Chene (Constantia): 083 649 7405, chene@, Susan (Southern Peninsula): 084 999 8068, or visit

Educational parties Atom Ant Science Fun Parties They go to your home or venue and keep the children entertained with fun science experiments and demonstrations. For 5 to 12 year


May 2011

olds. R80 includes at least two interactive science activities that guests make and take home with them. Contact Ann: 082 570 5796, or visit Chocolate Workshop Party Sheilagh can host the party or run it at your venue. She supplies the cake for which the children make truffles and decorations. Maximum six children, 8 years and older. Standard fee R800. Based in Claremont. Contact Sheilagh: 021 671 2067, 084 303 6633 or Experilab Children conduct at least six experiments, which they can take home. Experiments include making slime, instant snow, bouncing balls, bottle jet drag racers, volcanoes and martian mud. Party packs optional. R65 per child; minimum 10 children per party. Bellville. Contact: 021 914 7665 or Gold of Africa Museum Intrigue a small group of your child’s friends with a tour of this interesting museum. Children under 16 years R25, adults R35. CBD. Contact: 021 405 1540, or visit Iziko Planetarium The school entrance or lobby area can be booked for parties for up to 40 children. They can go on an educational adventure and watch children’s shows. Venue hire R250; R10 per child and R25 per adult. Contact Lungi: 021 481 3823 or

Two Oceans Aquarium The venue provides a child-friendly guided tour of the aquarium; a fully catered lunch with party box, décor and activities including get up close with a penguin. Have a diver send your little one a special message or form part of the cast of the puppet show. R105– R275. Contact Anne-Marié: 021 418 3823, 082 890 0833, or visit

Entertainers Abracadabra This onehour show is strong on magic tricks, including the classic live rabbit production. Suitable for 5 to 10 year olds. From R700. Contact Adam: 021 554 1404 Action Entertainment & Events Professional entertainment suppliers and home of Puddles the clown. Contact Norman: 021 785 6917, 082 368 9632, or visit AfrodizzyActs They provide performers such as human statues, giant clowns, face painters, magicians, beat boxers and jugglers. You can also hire a photo booth. R500–R5 000. Contact: 021 461 5406, 082 087 5748, or visit Babies Read Books and Toddlers Too Old-style party fun with music, movement and puppets. For toddlers 2–5 years.

Contact Sharon: 021 461 2843, 082 222 4082, or visit Balloon Angels High-quality balloon art and face painting. Party packages start at R500 for up to 20 children. Contact Lynne: 021 858 1335 or 076 604 7524 Blue Flame Events and Branding Specialists Balloon modellers, face painters and jumping castles. Email them for a quote. Contact: 021 856 2774, 072 599 2288, or visit Café Roux A child-friendly setting with a playground, face painting and pony rides. Ask for the children’s menu. Noordhoek Farm Village. Contact: 021 789 2538, info@ or visit Cape Sidecar Adventures Fun rides on vintage sidecars. From R300 per hour per sidecar, minimum two hours. Rate includes sidecar with chauffeur (excludes delivery outside greater Cape Town). Contact Tim: 021 434 9855, 082 308 5483, tim.clarke@ or visit Chilli Moon Productions Face painters, fashion shows as well as something for the boys. R450 per hour. Contact Michelle: 021 424 7054 or 082 504 4130 Chris Welsch Show A one-hour show covering magic, juggling, ventriloquism and balloon modelling. Fun fair and jumping castle available. Contact: 021 931 2354, 082 977 2886, or visit

magazine cape town

Clamber Club Parties Obstacle course fun and games for 1–9 year olds. R890– R1 250. Contact Louise: 082 904 2344, or visit College of Magic Hire a magician, juggler, mime artist, face painter, ventriloquist, clown or stilt walker. They travel to your venue. Contact Jennifer: 021 683 5480, events@collegeofmagic. com or visit Crazy Colin Themed magic shows. Contact: 078 625 9663 or visit Cre8tive Kids Themed party entertainment such as games, crafts, reality check and puppet shows. They assist with everything from party planning to party packs, birthday cake, food and décor. Contact Dan: 021 715 8676, 084 291 7112, cre8tivekids@ or visit Dance Accent One-hour hip-hop dance parties for children 6 years and older at a venue of your choice. Children are taught a warm-up and choreographed routine prepared according to the theme of the party. From R700. Contact Nici: 082 563 1733, or visit Debby Doo Action songs, magic, bubbles, party games, ball games, dancing parties and balloon modelling. From R600. Contact Debby: 084 409 1683, debbyjam@ or visit

magazine cape town

Devin the Juggler Devin combines creating balloon masterpieces while on stilts with juggling and magic. Book a 20–30 minute show with another half an hour of balloon modelling. Contact Devin: 082 499 2218, or visit Enchanted Parties A variety of themed party entertainment. Also face painting, games, magic, puppet shows and crafts. Party packs, goodie boxes and cakes provided. Ages 2–teens. From R550 for up to 20 children. Contact Ingrid or Chrissie: 021 683 0295, 083 602 5563 or Fairytale Fantacies Let the characters entertain the children with crafts, games and more. Choose from Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Tiana, Tinkerbelle, Dora, Barbie, pirates and more. Pamper parties also available. Contact Karen: 083 294 4783, Tracey: 083 631 6655, or visit Foo Ling Yu Party magician suitable for ages five and older. Available seven days a week. Anywhere in the greater Cape Peninsula, R550 (R50 extra for Somerset West, Durbanville, Table View). Contact: 021 781 0071 or 082 959 1015 Gilly Southwood Storyteller Fun and interactive storytelling adapted to suit 4 to 12 year olds. 45 minutes. Ideal in between games and blowing out the candles.

R500–R600 plus travel costs. Contact Gilly: 082 872 4512, gilly@cybersmart. or visit Glendini Children’s magic parties for 5–7 year olds. From Tinkerbell the fairy appearing in his ears, to sweets appearing from nowhere, Glendini even “turns” the birthday child into a rabbit for a photo opportunity. R400 for 30 minutes, R500 for 45 minutes. Contact Glenn: 073 405 1199, or visit Golden Bridge Tales Offers classic puppet shows, imaginative puppet-making workshops and party games. Prices vary according to duration and variety of activities. Contact: 021 439 8113 Gorgeous Does face painting for 2–8 year olds, mini make-up artistry and spa days for 8–13 year olds, and make up, photo shoot parties and spa days for 12–16 year olds. Venue of your choice. Contact Gina: 084 651 5908 or Kids Pamper Parties Does two-hour pamper parties at a venue of your choice. Covers mini manicure, pedicure and fantasy make up. Ideal for 5–7 year olds and 8–10 year olds. R1 000 for five children R150 per child thereafter. Contact Kirsty: 082 950 8620 or Madeleine the Magic Clown Magic and clown shows. Contact: 083 925 8714 MADT Magic Adri’s show is packed with high-energy children’s comedy magic,

audience participation, balloon modelling and the appearance of Roxy the Rabbit. R650–R850. Contact Adri: 082 576 5745 or Magical Parties Hire entertainers for face painting, balloon shaping, party games, art and crafts, fairies, clowns, magic shows, puppet shows, mimes, stilt walkers, jugglers and party characters. From R250 per hour. Contact: 073 263 1920, or visit Magical Party Creations Puppet shows, magic shows, ventriloquists, face painting, balloon modelling, games and more. For children 3–7 years. Weekends only. Contact Michelle or Ceri-Anne: 021 551 1486 or Magician Balloon modelling, juggling and a magic show. For children 4–7 years. For a 45-minute show R750. Balloons R10 each. Contact Joy: 082 258 3764 McLaren Circus A traditional circus show with acrobats, tightrope walking, juggling, clowns and performing ponies. Mini circus shows are also available. Contact: 083 525 2403, or visit Nouveau Faces Professional face and body painting by specialists. From R600, maximum 20 children; R700 for 35 children. Conditions apply. Noordhoek. Contact: 072 139 8363, or visit

May 2011



Party Pro Offers fun-fair equipment such as children’s rides, party-activities equipment as well as circus acts and entertainers. From R300. Cape Town. Contact: 021 762 6566, 079 994 4100, or visit Puppet Granny Estelle, master puppet artist, international solo puppeteer and creator of the Rainbow Puppet Theatre, is a birthday party specialist. Ideal for children 3–7 years. Contact Estelle: 021 671 9646 Puppet Shows For All The puppet show comes with a stage, lighting and music at a venue of your choice. For 30–45 minutes. Varied shows for different age groups: 2–3 years, 4–6 years or 7–90 years. Cost on request. Contact Doug: 021 448 0794, 082 562 4588 or Puppet World Interactive puppet shows with music, lighting and puppet characters. Themes include animal stories, fairy tales and Dora the Explorer. Countrywide. Contact: 031 208 8202 or 082 808 0057 Sally Fletcher Variety shows for children 6 years and younger. Clown-dressing, magic tricks and glove puppets for ages 6 and older. Magic show, face painting and balloon modelling also available. Contact Sally: 082 360 7885 TeenyWeeny Smile Factory Tall or short stories, stilt walking and characters, puppets, balloon sculptures, clowns and face painting. Contact Rosemary: 083 502 9206 or The Incredible Dog Show Provides entertainment for children’s parties. Countrywide. Contact Lloyd: 084 500 0415 or Tony Lee the Magician Specialises in children’s shows. Contact: 082 899 0109

Fancy Dress Hire Annie’s Wardrobe A wardrobe-hiring house in Salt River offering fairytale characters, themed fancy dress and period and vintage costumes. Children and adults from R50. Contact: 021 447 4050, or visit BKE Costumes Specialises in superheroes and Star Wars costumes. Also costumes for parents wanting to dress for their children’s themed party. R100 for rental plus R200 refundable deposit. They have clown suits, several Spider-Man costumes and a devil costume for girls. Costumes and availability can be seen on the website. Contact Bernhard: 073 198 6623, bkernst@ or Costume Wonderland Adult and children’s fancy dress costumes available for hire as well as many accessories such as helium balloons, piñatas and selected party supplies. R50–R350 per costume with a refundable deposit of R100– R500. Durbanville. Contact: 021 976 5749, or visit Fancy Dress Costume Hire Themed party costumes for hire. Price starts at R70 per full costume excluding deposit. Also sells face paint, masks, wigs and party items. Bothasig. Contact: 021 558 8758, 084 558 8758 or


May 2011 Collection of costumes imported from the US and Europe exclusively for children. Latest characters plus pirates and fairies. From R150 for two nights’ hire. Contact: 021 557 6891, or visit Kidz Costumes Fancy dress hire for children. Contact: 021 559 6666 or Mardi Gras Fancy dress and costume hire. From R60–R450. Deposit required. There’s also a wide range of contacts and suppliers to help with party planning. Bree St. Contact: 021 424 9716, cara@mardi. or visit Stage Creations Fancy-dress costumes, hats, wigs, masks and other accessories such as stage, film and professional make-up, glitter, masks, hats and eyelashes. Gardens. Contact: 021 510 1820, 083 789 2970, stagecreations@ or visit Starz Fancy Dress Costume Hire A large variety of accessories such as wigs, masks, hats and more available for sale and hire. Rental R60–R80 plus R100 refundable deposit. Sybrand Park. Contact: 021 696 5605 or 082 495 3455 Theatreland Stocks a variety of fancydress costumes and accessories for hire. Contact Plumstead: 021 797 3002, Bellville: 021 949 5782, Pinelands: 021 531 5919, Sea Point: 021 434 3862, info@ or visit

Indoor parties Action Cricket Offers a combination of two sports including netball and soccer. All equipment and an umpire provided for a two-hour party. Suitable for children 5 years and older. R800 for 20 children. Contact Claremont: 021 671 3665, Montague Gardens: 021 552 3165 or Brackenfell: 021 981 6100 Build-A-Bear Workshop Children make their own animal, giving it a heart filled with their best wishes and personalising it from a selection of outfits and accessories. Each child takes home a furry friend and the guest of honour gets a gift. Included are printable invitations and thank-you cards. From R95 per guest, minimum six children. Contact: 08611 BEARS (23277) or visit Cape Mobile Spa Professional therapists bring the spa to your venue for pamper parties for girls. R490 per hour, minimum two hours, maximum 10 girls. Contact Pam: 082 393 5848, pam@capemobilespa or visit CityRock Indoor Climbing Supervised, two-hour parties with rope-climbing, largewall climbing, bouldering and more for 6–25 children. Booking essential. No catering. R150 per child for two hours including up to five instructors and full equipment rental. Observatory. Contact: 021 447 1326, or visit Clay Café Ceramic painting parties and there is also a jumping castle and play area. From R65 each, party boxes R15. Hout Bay. Contact: 021 790 3318 or magazine cape town

Dros Restaurant A family restaurant with a fully equipped playroom. Tables can be reserved for parties. Contact head office: 012 803 5969 or visit Funky Monkies Hosts children’s parties at their venue in Zevenwacht Mall, Kuils River. There is a soft-play area for toddlers, plus jumping castles and slides. Contact: 021 903 6565 Fun Time Kids This two-hour party venue in Epping is halaal. From R65 per child. Platters can be ordered. Ideal for children 9 months–12 years. There’s a jumping castle and climbing wall too. Contact Salegga: 082 298 1193 or Jimmy Jungles Ball pond and climbing play centre with a separate area for toddlers. Two-hour party costs R75 per child including a party pack, cake and a two-hour free-play voucher for the birthday child, drinks and eats. Invitations received when deposit paid. Minimum 10 children. Contact Claremont: 021 683 0005 or Tygervalley: 021 914 1705 Kidz Playzone A wide range of activities from jumping castles and climbing frames to PlayStation and air hockey. Private party rooms can accommodate any theme of your choice. There is a 7m climbing wall, plus sand art or pottery and an art and crafts corner. They offer weekday discounts on parties. From R75 per child. Durbanville. Contact: 021 979 4872, 084 575 2546, or visit Let’s Go Bowling Parties for children 6 years and older. From R60 includes one game, a party pack, a game of bowling and a lunch option. Bring your own cake. Contact N1 City: 021 595 2100 or Somerset West: 021 850 0254 Me-time Parties include full use of venue and play area, party coordination, games, themed decorations and activities. R80– R120 per child. Contact Lara: 021 418 1573, 082 491 0389, or visit Pamper Parlor Offers pamper parties for girls of all ages at their Durbanville salon or at a venue of your choice. Contact: 073 919 9442, or visit Party Playhouse A clean, safe and secure venue, complete with junglethemed maze room, ball pond, fairy castle, and more. R20–R70 per child. Contact Samantha: 072 529 8518, info@ or visit Roly Polyz Playpark Supplies an exclusive-use party room, themed party packs, a party host dedicated to looking after the children, and activities such as danceheads, sand art or canvas painting. Sandwich or cake platter plus tea or coffee for adults. R2 000 for 10 children. Add R150 per extra child. Photo edible ink cakes R350, lunch R30 per child. A variety of themes available. Contact Heidi: 021 418 1818 or Scallywags Play Café A safe indoor party venue, equipped with a jumping castle. They have two large party rooms, which can be decorated in a variety of themes, and they take care of all your party requirements. Parents can also enjoy a magazine cape town

cup of coffee and light meal while the children play in a safe environment. R95 per child includes venue hire, party packs, entertainment, balloon and a small gift for each child. Claremont. Contact: 021 671 5988, or visit Spur Steak Ranches Each child gets a selected children’s meal, soda, ice cream and party cup filled with sweets at R42,95. Invitations optional. Balloons, headdresses and play canyons are available. Visit or contact the Spur to make your booking. Contact: 086 000 7787 or visit Supafun Indoor party and play venue offering full themed parties for children 1–6 years. They also offer a full Mugg & Bean menu as well as a casual children’s art studio. Contact: 021 552 4776, sherree@ or visit The Ice Station Birthday parties on ice. R65 per child, minimum 10 children. GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World, Goodwood. Contact Dawn: 083 303 4907 or visit The Magic Company A secure party area with entertainment and electronic rides for children. R85–R100 includes popcorn, cake, luxury party bucket and R50 worth of entertainment. Cakes available to order. GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World, Goodwood. Contact: 021 534 0244 or The Playshed Fun, creatively themed parties with snacks for children under 12 in a private party room, and a play area with slides, a jungle gym, toys and dress-up facilities. R65−R80 per child. Pinelands. Contact: 021 801 0141/2, playshed@gmail. com or visit The Yello Armadillo They provide personalised themed parties, pamper parties, event planning, décor, entertainment, catering, party packs, novelty snacks and birthday cakes. From R120 per child. Parklands. Contact: 021 557 3460, 082 897 1880, yelloarmadillo@ or visit

Indoor and outdoor parties AWI Functions: The Perfect Party Place Venue for hire. R850 for four hours during the day. Contact Claudia: 021 439 7724 or Bizzy Bodies Play and Party Venue A selection of standard or decorated themed parties with a 700m² space to run, play, jump and ride. From R80 for two hours. Westlake. Contact: 021 702 0505, 021 702 1212, or visit Blackball Rentertainment Has rodeo bulls, slides, surf simulator, climbing wall, bouncy boxer, jumping castles, ball ponds, video games, pool tables, soccer tables, jukeboxes, karaoke set-up, saloon bar shoot out, Gold Cup horse racing, children’s rides, disco lights and more. Contact Gina or Grace: 021 701 1275, or visit Blue Water Café A party venue at Imhoff Farm in Kommetjie where children can run on the expansive lawns and enjoy May 2011



safe play areas, jungle gyms, swings, the Higgeldy Piggeldy Farmyard, snake park and camel rides. Party catering and venue R70 per person. Contact Lesley: 021 783 2007, or visit BouncyKidz Jumping Castles For hire of jumping castles. Also offers picture cakes, cupcakes, customised invitations and party packs to suit your theme. Northern suburbs. Contact: 084 259 4161, marcelle@ or visit Buddy Bear Choose an animal or bear, then stuff your bear, add a heart and make a wish. Give it a voice. Weigh and measure it to check it is healthy, then dress it, and take it home. Contact Leanne: 031 764 2318, 031 764 2383, leanne@buddybear. or visit Bugz Playpark Hosts parties in one of their five outdoor venues and for winter they also have seven indoor venues. From R69,95 per child. Contact: 021 988 8836, or visit Clever Cats Party Venue Farm-style parties for children. Catering or self-catering option. Minimum of 10 children. R75 per child for three hour’s play includes party pack, meals and décor for your theme . Contact Tana: 076 311 3090, clevercats@ or visit Col’Cacchio Pizzeria Most stores offer a make your own pizza party to children.


May 2011

Some stores also offer indoor and outdoor children’s play areas. Children’s meals start at R28. For more info and to find a store: visit Fun in the Forest A private farm that hosts parties for children and has an indoor venue. Hire only the venue or they’ll assist with a tailor-made party. Laser Quest available. Somerset West. Contact: 072 390 0884 or visit Gordons Gymnastics Club Fully supervised parties for children aged 3–12 years. Large built-in trampoline, safety foam pit, various apparatus supervised by coaches, a jumping castle, jungle gym for outdoors. Also a braai area and separate room to set up your party. R600–R650 for 10 or less children, thereafter it’s R50–R60 per child. R300–R350 non-refundable deposit. Contact: 087 809 0471, info@ or visit Gracelandvenues Slippery slide rides. Full use of the animal touch farm and the jungle gym. Pony rides optional. Full party pack included. Parties in winter run at their indoor venue. Contact: 021 863 4109, 072 264 4009, or visit Gumboot Parties Offers a farm party and a Survivor party. They can host parties to your theme. Durbanville. From R70– R85 per child. Contact Chané: 072 182 9333, or visit

Karate Partyz 4 Kidz Full karate-themed party and entertainment service at your home or the Bergvliet studio with games, karate and demonstrations. Catered and self-catered parties are available in-studio and on call outs. Contact Ian: 021 712 3394 or 082 710 7734 Karmanel Party Farm Indoor and outdoor facilities with jumping castles, pony rides, play park and a touch animal farm in Joostenbergvlakte. R69 per child includes meal, party pack and juice. Contact: 087 802 6280, karmanelfarm@ or visit Kidz Discovery Offers an indoor space and outdoor play area with jungle gym, sandpit and spring rocker. Includes all play equipment, music and catering equipment. R600 plus a basic fee for helper. Ideal for children 1–5 years. Maximum 25 children. Extras include a sand quarry, a roller coaster and an indoor jumping castle. Contact: 083 654 2494, info@kidzdiscovery. or visit La Cabane A restaurant that supplies the catering and venue; you can bring entertainers. Only pay for catering; not venue hire. Contact: 021 790 8686, info@ or visit Little Picasso’s Café Birthday party venue and play centre. From R75 per child (private venue option available). Parklands. Contact: 021 557 7950, or visit

Major Mongoose Adventure and Play Parties Venue is outdoors. Games included are paintball target shooting. The cabin can be hired for private parties. Bring your own entertainer. Fish Eagle Creek Farm, Somerset West. Contact Jenni: 084 359 3433, fecreek@mweb. or visit Marietjie’s Jumping Castles A range of indoor and outdoor castles, plus a ball pond. R250–R300. Delivery and set-up can be arranged. Contact Marietjie: 021 553 1465 or Parachute Fun Sells a 12-handle parachute, for entertainment. R750, including ideas for party games. Contact: 082 558 0511, or visit Party Tots Offers party equipment and services, from jumping castles to face painting, balloon artists and magic shows. Jumping castles from R200, equipment such as trains, carousels, ball ponds and slides, R50–R300; party entertainment from R250 an hour. Contact: 021 939 7169, 083 654 3893, or visit Planet Kids Milky Way package includes two hours play, use of a separate, decorated party room, juice and one handmade party pack, an electronic invite, party favours and use of play equipment. They also host themed parties. Additional entertainment can be arranged. R80–R120

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per child. Contact: 021 788 3070, info@ or visit Scarecrows Family Restaurant & Events Management Party service that includes an on-site party planner, décor, helium balloons, catering, birthday cakes and cupcakes, party packs and activities such as jumping castles, pony rides, water slides and entertainers. Contact Natalie: 021 790 0841, 072 202 8599, or visit Scratch Patch Fill a bag of tumblepolished gemstones from only R14. Contact Simon’s Town: 021 786 2020 or V&A Waterfont: 021 419 9429 Sparkle Pamper Parties For girls aged 6–12. Cakes and décor options also available. R1 100 for 10 girls. Contact: 083 491 0010, pamper.parties@hotmail. com or visit S.W.A.T Laser Tag This safe combat game is mobile and can be taken to most venues. From R90 per person. Minimum 10 players. Contact Donovan: 074 188 8777, or visit

Music parties Drumkidz Djembe drum sessions get children of all ages drumming to stories, songs and games. From R690 for 15 children, which includes a free

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activity sheet for each child and a gift for the birthday child. Contact Table View: 079 161 3999, melanie@drumkidz.; Helderberg: 071 871 5839, lana@; all other areas: 021 434 7610, or visit Drumming SA Offers interactive drumming parties for children aged 5 and older. From R1 200 for a 45-minute session. They can also include singing and dancing in the session. Parents are welcome to join in. Contact: 021 715 2450, 084 686 3872, or visit Music@Work Your child records his own CD with friends at this professional recording studio in Welgemoed. The full package includes six custom-designed CDs and 90 minutes of fun creating the music at R1 400. Contact Laurika: 072 293 0954 or The SoundHouse Children create music or digital media projects and the birthday child receives a CD or DVD. Contact Meryl: 021 686 2825, info@soundhouse. or visit TJ’s Music School Discos and music for children’s and adult’s parties. A fourto five-hour disco from R700–R800, depending on distance travelled. Based in Pinelands. Contact: 021 531 7234 (mornings), 072 900 7344 or glenn@

Outdoor parties Action Pursuit Group A 3½-hour paintball party for 11 year olds and up at Imhoff Farm in Kommetjie. For 10 to 80 children. Laser tag for 6 years and older. Self-catering. Contact: 021 790 7603, or visit Adventure Sports & Tours 4U Mountain bike party for children 12 years and older, minimum 10 children, R80 per bike. Rock climbing party for children 10 years and older, R70 per person. Sandboard party for children 6 years and older, from R70 per person. Contact: 021 696 3631, 083 356 5591, or visit African Brothers soccer parties Organises and hosts two- to three-hour soccer parties for girls and boys at their venue in Gardens. Contact Craig: 072 425 5983 or Boot Camp SA Military-themed, 2½ hour party, including venue, activities, invitations and the cake. Suitable for children 6 years and older. Tokai Forest. Contact: 082 455 6723, or visit Bounce About Jumping Castles Rental of jumping castles, water slides and a Belgian-chocolate fountain. From R300 for half-day to R450 for full-day. Contact: 082 777 1544 or

Café Dulce at Stodels This eatery in Bellville hosts parties, plus there are animals on the premises to delight children. Monday–Sunday 10am–12pm. R55 per child includes party food and nibbles to feed the animals. Contact Fred: 021 910 4607 Cape Farmhouse Restaurant Children’s area, party platters and horse rides. From R30 per head for platters. Contact Sarah: 021 780 1246, or visit Carousel Carnival Creations Offers an old-time carousel and Little Tommy Train (including driver). R1 300 per item for three hours; thereafter R150 per hour or R2 000 for both items for three hours and R200 per hour thereafter. Contact Aubrey: 021 919 7447 or Helderberg Farm Venue for outdoor parties. Create your own party. Entrance fee R16–R25. 021 855 4308 or visit Hot Shots Paintball Specialises in children’s parties and offers braai facilities and a large spectator area for you to sit and watch the game. Contact André: 084 657 4466, Mathew: 074 182 0514 or visit Jolly Roger Pirate Boat Enjoy a two-hour party aboard the Jolly Roger Pirate Boat at the V&A Waterfront. Minimum 10 children. R110 per child. Pay extra for exclusive use of the boat. Contact: 021 421 0909 (9am–6pm) or

May 2011



Millstone Farmstall & Café This Pinelands spot offers a garden with a ship-themed tree house, swings, a Wendy house, slide and sandpit. R250 for the venue for two hours or longer. Catering according to your budget. Indoor facility with fireplace available. Children can also watch or ride the horses nextdoor. Tuesday–Sunday, 8am–5pm. Contact Linda: 021 447 8226 or 082 407 8910 Mondeor Garden & Life Provides a party venue at its restaurant in Somerset West. R35–R95 per child. Contact Annette: 021 858 1608, 082 565 0615, mondeor@ or visit Out There Kids Adventures Birthday parties range from adventure racing to mountain biking. Also may include orienteering, hiking and tubing. Minimum 15 children. R1 500–R1 850. Contact Beryl: 072 853 5802, or visit Paula’s Party Stuff Supplies waterslides, obstacle courses, fairy jumping castles, trains-on-tracks, battery-operated go-karts and mobile discos. Ask for cakes, piñatas, candyfloss and popcorn plus photo boards, tables, chairs and bubble machines. Delivery throughout Cape Town. Contact: 021 713 2020, or visit Ratanga Junction Party combinations for children under 1,3m or children over


May 2011

1,3m. Includes unlimited access to rides appropriate for a child’s height, party pack, ice cream treat and gift for birthday child. Century City. Contact: 021 550 8504, 021 550 8566 or visit Rugbytots Parties A one-hour party of games, energy and fun at a venue of your choice for boys and girls, led by one of their highly trained coaches. The birthday child receives a gift. Contact JP: 079 972 1641 or Silvertree Restaurant This venue is inside the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. Pick a picnic option or Silvertree can host parties on request at a cost. Contact Abida: 021 762 9585, functions@ or visit Sporting Chance Tailor-made sporting birthday parties. One coach from R500, two coaches from R650, three coaches from R800. Contact Janet: 021 683 7299, or visit Sunscene Outdoor Adventures Hosts adventure parties with their high- and low-ropes activity course or sandboarding parties. From R70 per child. Contact Jessica or Janet: 021 783 0203, 084 352 4925, or visit Tag Rugby parties A 90-minute party for boys and girls from age 7. Contact: 0861 002 269, 082 440 1921 or stuart@

The Farmyard This Melkbosstrand venue offers a jungle gym, farmyard playground, animal petting, a children’s car and a jumping castle. Party packs R28 each; cakes from R260. Contact: 021 553 2563 or Tygerberg Nature Reserve The venue offers children the opportunity to experience nature and, for the more adventurous, Survivor-type challenges. From R80 per child. Contact Brieta: 083 328 9253, brieta@ or Water Walkers These inflatable balls can be used in your own swimming pool. From R750 for two hours, which includes two inflatable balls with operating staff. Contact Glenn: 021 424 1801, 082 696 4834, or

Party Planners All-in-one Parties Includes party entertainers and a selection of activities, your choice of live entertainment as well as karaoke, themed personalised party packs and food, art and crafts. Also a birthday cake plus free themed party invitations and free tables and chairs for up to 30 children. They arrange a venue or go to a venue of your choice. Call to enquire about costs. Contact Anita: 084 654 4303, Leigh-Anne: 078 738 5593, or visit

Awesome Parties Specialises in children’s themed parties. They supply tables, chairs, covers, balloon trees, party packs, cakes, themed tableware, jumping castles, waterslides, balloon modelling, face painting and magicians. From R230 for 10 children. Contact Nerissa: 021 945 2029, 083 579 6041, nerissa@awesome-parties. or visit Butterfly Inc Party planning, décor hiring, theme cakes and party packs. Rents out tables, chairs, cloths, covers and tiebacks. R160 for 10 children. Theme cakes from R200. Party pack contents from R10. Contact: 084 966 6667, butterflyvtw@ or visit Cherry Dreams Party Décor Foam, pamper and themed parties, hire of tables, chairs, including covers, for children and adults, jumping castles, bubble machines and electric rides. They offer catering, cakes and face painting. They deliver and set up the party for you. Contact Charmion: 082 771 1832, or visit Crazy Chameleon They provide all the décor requirements. Their basic décor prices include chairs and covers, table and table cloths, birthday banner, flags and a photo board. 1–10 children R400, 11–15 children R500, 16–20 children R600, 21–30 children R700. Contact Jo: 079 509 8556, or visit

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Crazy Kidz Parties They bake the cake, rent out play equipment such as a jumping castle and water slide, and handle party setup with table settings and photo boards according to your theme chosen from their website. Contact: 083 557 7281, 082 567 9119 (sms only) or visit Dolly Dinkle Organises traditional party games, fantasy dress and vintage-inspired décor. Hire only from R850; deluxe party from R1 450. Can deliver. Bree St. Contact Jodi: 082 925 1379 or Doodlebugs Full party service based on a wide range of themes. Party accessories for hire. Order themed thank-you gifts, prizes and birthday cakes. For children 11 years and younger. Contact Sue: 073 561 8621, Kerry: 082 738 4002 or andrew_ Dottibug Parties Personalised party planning and hiring of children’s tables, chairs, linen, accessories, craft parties and custom-made party packs. Contact Ferhana: 021 713 4458, 079 924 1071 or Enchanted Creations Party hire and décor shop supplying invitations, personalised banners, jumping castles, motorbikes, water blasters, themed décor, accessories and 3D cakes. Delivers countrywide. Contact Michelle: 084 567 5220, Brenda: 072 765 1207, info@enchantedcreations. or visit

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Event Interiors Designs every aspect of your child’s party from the décor, food, invitations and styling to sourcing a venue and entertainment. Contact: 021 465 6947, 082 881 1753, seon@eventinteriors. or visit Fantasy Kids Offers a full range of party services, from décor, party packs, cakes and accessories to entertainment at the party. Contact Lianne: 083 708 3670, or visit Humpty Jumpty Provides a party planner, table décor, party packs, cakes, jumping castles, shooting tunnel, candyfloss and funprix. Party setup from R70 per child and jumping castles from R400. Contact: 021 790 6155, 082 564 0599, humptyjumpty@ or visit Jax Events Plans and caters for the birthday party. Themed parties an option. Call for a quote. Contact: 079 528 7139 or Jelly Bean Events Specialises in parties for children aged 5 years and older. Party entertainment includes creative parties, dancing parties and pamper parties. There is popular Disney channel music, glitter make-up and lighting. Smoke and bubble machines available for hire. They teach fun dance routines and play age-appropriate musical games for two hours. Contact Amanda: 083 3929 593 or

Kids’ Grand Prix Specialises in children’s grand prix parties. Contact Adrian: 082 905 8910 or Kids Themed Parties Offers themed décor, entertainment such as jumping castles, bubble machines, quad bike parties and catering; including chairs and tables. Delivery, setup and collection included. Décor party package from R400 for 10 children. Contact Donna: 072 565 1520, or visit Kidz Fiesta Party Planners Themed party accessories, themed décor, entertainment, jumping castle hire and more. From R35– R135 per child. Contact: 083 466 6139, or visit Little Creations, Kids Event Solutions Coordinates parties. Basic packages for 10 children from R695. Contact Abby: 082 997 3593, or visit Mangaleka Events Events management company that provides catering, décor, audio visual and assistance with venue hiring. Contact Nadeem: 079 266 4370 or Party-in-a-Box Organises parties from invitations to food and entertainment. Contact Lianne: 021 551 5887, 083 708 3670, or visit Piece of Cake Full party-planning service from accessories, catering and party

novelties to photography and venue decorating. Contact Jessy: 082 347 1143, or visit Ringa Ringa Rosy Plans the party indoors or outdoors including entertainment, venue sourcing and décor. Also manufactures and hires out jumping castles. Contact: 021 761 1696, 021 794 6030, or visit To view the jumping castles visit Rocking Kids Hiring, planning of event, a range of themes, décor, entertainment, cakes, party packs and invitations. Contact: 082 099 2401, info@rockingkids. or visit Sparklz Party Planners Themed parties for children 2–8 years. They supply tables, chairs, linen, cakes, cupcakes, party packs, entertainment, a photographer and more, at your home or venue of choice. They deliver, set up and collect. Contact Belia: 021 532 0808, 082 475 2029 or sparklz@ Supakids Offers a full party-planning service at a venue of your choice. Contact: 021 552 4776, sherree@ or visit Vanilla Milkshake Events They can plan your party from start to finish with your theme. Contact Romy: 083 320 0469,, Margot: 072 380 8100, or visit

May 2011



a good read

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for toddlers great gift

Zoe and Beans – Where is Binky Boo? By Chloë and Mick Inkpen

Kipper By Mick Inkpen

(Hodder Children’s Books, R109) Kipper has touched a chord with children and parents alike and in this edition Kipper gets tired of his old and worn basket and sets off to find another place to sleep. Needless to say, he eventually returns to his old basket, where his pet rat and favourite bone await him. It is the best basket in the whole wide world. Inkpen’s illustrations are as enduring as always and children as young as two will enjoy the story and the drawings. This edition of the book comes with a special 10-episode DVD where your child can watch Kipper on his trail of adventures.

Freddie and the Fairy By Julia Donaldson and Karen George (Macmillan Children’s Books, R72) Freddie is delighted when he meets a fairy who offers to grant him his every wish. But fairy Bessie-Belle can’t hear very well, and Freddie’s wishes keep coming out wrong. Wishing for a pet gets him a net, and a dog turns into a frog. Then Freddie tries for a cat, only to be surprised by a bat. Freddie really gets annoyed when, instead of a parrot, he gets a carrot! Luckily the Fairy Queen appears to set things right. This lovely, simple story has a great lesson at the end.

The Perfect Hug By Joanna Walsh and Judi Abbot (Simon & Schuster, R90) There are hugs for wrigglers, and hugs for gigglers; hugs that are tickly and hugs that are prickly. The little Panda in this story is out to find the perfect hug – with hilarious consequences. But will he find it? This book shows there is a perfect hug right under your nose. A feel-good picture book, this is simply bursting with the cuddliest, “snuggliest”, most perfect hugs and is an adorable follow-up to The Biggest Kiss. You’ll have a special mommy or daddy moment every time you read this story to your child, as it’s sure to lead to a long hug of its own.

(Macmillan Children’s Books, R106) Zoe loves her doll Molly, but so does her dog, Beans. And it’s become a bit of a problem. It all began when Beans lost his favourite toy, Binky Boo. Will Zoe and Beans ever find him? Let’s hope so, because Molly is getting very stinky! Join the lovable, lively Zoe and her devoted dog Beans on their very first adventure. Zoe and Beans: Where is Binky Boo? is the beginning of a new series featuring two adorable characters children are sure to love. Children aged three plus will enjoy the heart-warming comic storytelling combined with vibrant characterised illustrations.

for preschoolers for early graders Giraffe’s Knot By Michaël Escoffier and Kris Di Giacomo (Macmillan Children’s Books, R66) One morning Giraffe wakes up with a knot in her neck. All the animals give suggestions to solve her problem. One suggests cutting her up to untangle the pieces, the other wants to attach her to a crane and stretch her until the knot is untangled. A third even thinks if she swallows a snake it will help. Poor Giraffe is desperate. Then Elephant tells her about the great elephant sangoma, called TickleTickle. Needless to say, a lot of laughter saves the day. This is a lovely African-themed book to teach children all about how friends can help untangle “knots” in our lives.

Hidden Images – Garden By Roger Burrows (Running Press Kids, R75) Children between four and eight will have hours of fun with this colouring-in book with a difference. It stimulates visual creativity and guides you to find plants, animals and other related shapes and objects buried within every page. On each page you’ll find patterns repeated – upside down and backto-front. Use coloured pencils, felttip pens or crayons to create your very own garden. You may even want to frame some of the designs or use them for greeting cards, decorations or as wrapping paper.


May 2011

One Potato By Sue Porter (Mathew Price Ltd, R63) Children between the ages of four and eight will delight in this story about Goat’s quest to get the last potato on the plate. Unfortunately the other farm animals have the same idea. So, he suggests several competitions, and the winner will get the potato. But being farm animals, they all have different strengths and the tasks dished out by Goat seem a bit unfair. Goose’s neck is too wobbly to stand on its head, and Pig is too round to race to the top of the hayloft. In the end, the clever mice end up with the prize.

Near One Cattail By Anthony D. Fredericks and Jennifer DiRubbio (Dawn Publications, R130) This stunningly illustrated book teaches children about the importance of wetlands and why they are in danger. Children go on an exploration of a wetland and learn in rhyming text about all the animals that live there. It shows the interconnectedness of the animals that can be found there and it will trigger young readers’ curiosity to find out more. This is the fourth title in the award-winning Web of Life series and children as young as four will enjoy the pictures, while children up to the age of 10 will love to read it and learn more.

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magazine cape town

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King’s School craft market and fair This annual indoor craft market and fair has over 90 craft stalls offering delicious eats, jumping castles, face painting and games.




bump, baby & tot in tow

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Vintage Ideas Market A leisurely browse at this magical market reveals the nostalgic appeal of vintage décor items.

Pilates and Design your Life workshop Join them for a healthy fun-filled morning of meditation, Pilates and life coaching.

Bellies n Beyond A registered nurse and midwife offers antenatal and postnatal classes.

Lunch Is On Me Purchase a Lunch Is On Me sticker for only R10 and feed a child for an entire week at school.

May 2011

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May 2011



SPECIAL EVENTS 3 tuesday Krismis van Map Jacobs This Afrikaans set work for high school learners is based on the forced removals to the Cape Flats in the early ’70s and explores the life of feared gang leader, Map Jacobs. Suitable for high school learners. Ends 13 May. Time: 10am. Venue: Artscape Theatre. Cost: R40. Book through Computicket: 083 915 8000 or Artscape Dial-a-Seat: 021 421 7695 or visit

5 thursday Taste of Cape Town Features include premium dishes from 14 top restaurants, the Pick n Pay Wine Theatre, the Johnnie Walker Whisky Theatre and the Grolsch

7 May – DSK Fashion Show


May 2011

Beer Academy, the exclusive Taste Club House plus a Kidz Zone on the weekend. Ends 8 May. Time: Thursday and Friday 6:30pm–10:30pm, Saturday 1pm–5pm and 6:30pm–10:30pm, Sunday 12pm–5pm. Venue: Green Point Cricket Club. Cost: from R70. For more info and bookings: visit or

6 friday Camps Bay Preparatory School open day For parents with children currently in pre-reception and Grade 2. Time: 8:30am–12pm. Venue: The Drive, Camps Bay. Contact Hildegarde: 021 438 8075

7 saturday DSK Fashion Show The annual fashion show of the German International School Cape Town. Learners model international as well as local designs and live music and dance acts are presented. Time: 7pm. Venue: Bay View Ave, Tamboerskloof. Cost: R40 (pre-sale) or R50 at the door. Contact Iris: Riebeek Valley Olive Festival A weekend carnival of food and wine, art and music and activities. Time: tbc. Venue: The Riebeek Valley, nestled at the foot of Kasteelberg, an hour-long drive from Cape Town. Contact Nichola: 082 896 5022, nichola@phatcatz. or visit Heart 104.9 Mommy and Me Walk Put on your trainers and head to Canal Walk where you and your child can have a


fun-filled morning in aid of helping other less fortunate children. Time: 7am–8:30am. Venue: Canal Walk Central Court. Cost: R35 for a mom and child team and R5 for every additional child. For more info: visit


8 sunday Mother’s Day train trip Take a steam train that winds along the rugged coast of False Bay, through villages scrambling up the steep slopes and along the beautiful coves and beaches. Time: 10:30am–4:40pm. Venue: Cape Town Station to Simon’s Town. Cost: adults R220, children 3–12 years R110. Contact: 021 556 1012, info@atlanticrail. or visit Roxette in concert Enjoy “Listen to Your Heart”, “Joyride” and “Dangerous“. Also 10 and 11 May. Time: 8pm. Venue: Grand Arena, GrandWest Casino. Cost: R272– R399. Book through Computicket: 083 915 8000 or visit

11 wednesday 1000 Women Luncheon Women’s Hope Education and Training Trust (WHEAT) hosts the lunch as part of the 1000 Women against Domestic Violence project. Entertainment by Tannie Evita and take in Coda. Network, enjoy a meal and take home a goodie bag. Time: 12pm. Venue: Ballroom of the CTICC. Cost: tables of 10 can be purchased for R3 500. Contact: director@wheattrust. or visit

V&A Waterfront Wine Affair Whether it is sushi, oysters, cheese, charcuterie or perhaps traditional South African bobotie with a twist from Karibu Restaurant, there is plenty to tantalise the tastebuds. Ends 6 May. Time: 5pm–9pm daily. Venue: The Lookout, Granger Bay, V&A Waterfront. Cost: R75–R110. Book through Computicket: 083 915 8000 or visit

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Valley Pre-Primary School open day View the facilities of this independent, co-educational school for your four- to sixyear-old. Time: 8:30am. Venue: Hout Bay. Cost: free. Contact: 021 790 1540

12 thursday Jesus Christ Superstar The show stars Wonderboom’s Cito as Jesus of Nazareth. Ends 28 May. Time: 8pm. Venue: Artscape Opera House. Cost: R115–R365. Book through Computicket: 083 915 8000 or visit

13 friday Winnie the Pooh premiere and storytelling In celebration of the release of Winnie the Pooh in cinemas, fans can participate in an interactive story-telling and have the chance to meet Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. Storytelling ends 15 May. Show times: 10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 2:30pm and 4pm. Venue: Canal Walk Shopping

20 May – Reach for a Dream golf day

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Centre, Central Promotions Court. Cost: free. For more info: visit

14 saturday Inaugural Constantia Waldorf Kindergarten Fair Activities for children such as crafts, candle making, puppet shows, pony rides, as well as food and a tea garden. Time: 11am–3pm. Venue: Spaanschemat River Rd. Cost: free entry, parking R10. Contact: 082 451 5565 King’s School craft market and fair Annual fair has over 90 craft stalls, delicious eats, jumping castles, face painting, games and more. Time: 9am–2pm. Venue: King’s School, next to His People Centre, N1 City. Contact: 021 595 8902 Lemonade Mouth This new Disney Channel movie tells the story of how the powerhouse band, Lemonade Mouth, came to be. Time: 10am and 7:10pm and 15 May 4pm on DStv channel 303.

20 friday Reach for a Dream inaugural golf day The package includes 18 holes of golf in a four-ball alliance, prize giving dinner, goodie bag, prizes and the opportunity to fulfill the dreams of children with lifethreatening illnesses. Venue: Clovelly Country Club. Cost: R2 800 per four-ball, R700 per player. Contact Genevieve: 021 555 3013 or To book your four-ball contact Maureen: 021 591 1260 or

12 May – Jesus Christ Superstar

The French Preprimary School open day View the facilities of this school for your three- or four-year-old. Time: 9:30am–11:30am. Venue: 101 Hope Street, Gardens. Cost: free. Contact: 021 461 2508 or

21 saturday Parklands College open day Spend the morning viewing the fantastic facilities on offer. Time: 10am–1:30pm. Venue: 91 Raats Dr and 50 Wood Dr, Parklands. Contact: 021 521 2700

23 monday Amaza This isiXhosa setwork for high school learners is a thriller set in a rural Transkei village. Ends 3 June. Time: 10am. Venue:

Artscape Theatre. Cost: R40. Book through Computicket: 083 915 8000 or visit or Artscape Dial-a-Seat: 021 421 7695 or visit

26 thursday The Good Food & Wine Show An indulgent gourmet exhibit complete with cooking classes and performances for children. 26–29 May. Time: 10am–9pm daily. Venue: CTICC. Cost: R40–R85. For more info: visit

28 saturday Stellenbosch Waldorf School open day There are talks, activities, an exhibition and tour of the school. The organic farmers’ market and school stall with activities

May 2011



Pronutro Africanx Trail run South Africa’s exciting three-day trail running stage race is made up of teams of two, who battle it out on a route of 22km–45km each day. The race village in Kleinmond is a hive of activity with entertainment throughout the day, which makes the event ideally suited for a family breakaway. You can support the athletes at various vantage points along the route. 6, 7 and 8 May. Venue: Kleinmond Caravan Park. For more info: visit

provides entertainment for the children as well as fresh organic produce to buy. Time: 9:30am–1pm. Venue: Stellenbosch Waldorf School, Spier Wine Farm, off Annandale Rd between the R44 and the R310. Cost: free entry. Contact Belinda: 021 881 3867, or visit

29 saturday The Grande Provence Big 5 MS Luncheon The Multiple Sclerosis Big 5 fundraiser features five leading executive chefs, headed up by Darren Roberts, who prepare five courses. There are performances by five local artists, five auction prizes and five raffle items. Time: 11am–5pm. Venue: Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate, Franschhoek. Cost: R1 100 per person – full ticket price goes directly to MS Western Cape. Contact: 021 876 8600 or

29 May – The Grande Provence Big 5 MS Luncheon

FUN FOR CHILDREN art, culture and science Close encounters art exhibition Encourage all members of the family to appreciate art and view the steel sculptures created by using mixed medium and recycled steel, and oil paintings. 14 April–14 May. Time: Tuesday–Friday 10am–4pm, Saturday 10am–2pm. Venue: The Forge Studio, 31 Newlands Ave, Newlands. Cost: free. Contact Peggy: 079 035 9534 or


May 2011

Collect-a-Can Artistic Expression Competition Draw, paint, sculpt or even write a story or poem to the theme: “I can make a difference to the future by recycling cans today”. Submit your artwork together with an entry form (available online) to them by 31 May. The age categories are: Grade 0–7 and Grade 8–12 learners. Cost: entry is free. For more info: 011 466 2939, hazel@ or visit Darling Museum open day Local crafters showcase their talents in a variety of old-fashioned crafts such as quilting, spinning and weaving, butter making, flower pressing and beadwork. There are also all kinds of interesting items for sale at the car boot sale in the parking area opposite the museum. Take the family for a treat in their new garden area. Time: 10am–2pm. Venue: Darling Museum. Cost: free entry. For more info: 022 492 3361 or Free two-hour introductory fabric painting workshop For adults and children. 29 May. Time: 8:45am–10:45am. Venue: Pinelands. Cost: R30 per kit. Contact Wendy: 021 531 8076, 082 391 4954 or Historical Hunt Kalk Bay Join A Whale of a Heritage Route for an on-foot historical hunt. Identify 15 photographic clues to uncover various historical attractions and win a meal voucher. Clues introduce you to the many nooks of Kalk Bay. There is an ambush clue and decoys to mislead. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. 29 May. Time: 8:45am–12:30pm. Venue: assemble at Outspan Restaurant under the Money Tree in Kalk Bay. Cost: R45 per person, children 5–12 years half price, toddlers free. Contact: 079 391 2105 or awhaleofaheritageroute@ Learn to speak Italian Participate in fun activities and creative workshops. 7, 14, 21 and 28 May. Time: 11am–12pm. Venue: The Italian School of Cape Town, first floor The Grimley, 14 Tuin Plein Str, Gardens. Cost: R60 per child per day or R200 per child per month. Contact: 021 461 8261 or magazine cape town

classes, talks and workshops Conscious Kids Classes These are dynamic classes that include speech and drama, storytelling, creative movement, art and crafts, and yoga. Time: Wednesday 2:30pm–4pm (6–9 year olds), 4pm–5:30pm (10–13 year olds). Venue: Erin Hall, 8 Erin Rd, Rondebosch. Cost: R70–R500. To reserve your place or for more info: 083 644 4980 or Equal Zeal life skills workshops 7 May “Sibling Success”: learn to communicate with each other in a more favourable way; for children 6–18 years. 14 May “Dealing with Divorce”: shows young people that their feelings of anger, frustration or sadness are normal and provides tips for getting through it; for children 6–18 years. 21 May four-week Zeal for Life family workshop: helps set your family up with the three key ingredients for success – happiness, inspiration and motivation; for Grade R–Grade 5. 31 May “Parentz Chatz”: Loving with Zeal; based on the Five Love Languages of Children. Contact Angelique: 082 453 4313 or Kidz Discovery Offers professional baby and toddler, mother and child groups that are age-appropriate and address all aspects of your child’s development. They have a passion for art and tactile exploration, language, fine and gross motor development, visual motor play, funky experiments and fun learning. For children 3 months–4,5 years. Time and cost: call to enquire. Venue: The Drive, Camps Bay. Contact Kathy: 083 654 2494, or visit Let’s Get Ready! Workshop for parents and teachers of 3 to 8 year olds. Support what your child needs at school: numbers, phonics, reading and perceptual skills. 20 May. Time: 10am–11:15am. Venue: 11 Middleton Rd, Claremont. Cost: R80. Contact: 082 714 4356, rlighton@mweb. or visit Tots n Pots A fun-filled, hands-on cooking and baking workshop. Join them in cooking baked spaghetti, jam sandwich pudding, raisin soda bread and salmon and pea quiche. 4–28 May. Time: children 3–6 years Wednesday and Thursday 3pm–4pm, children 2–10 years Saturday 10am–11am. Venue: Constantia Tots n Pots. Cost: R680 per term (eight weeks) or R90 per class if space available. Contact: 083 649 7405, or visit

Learn to speak Italian

family outings Farmhouse Rocks at Cape Farmhouse 7 May: Stark Raving Sane. 14 May: Bed on Bricks. 21 May: a tribute to Syd Kitchen. Time: 3:30pm. Venue: Cape Farmhouse Restaurant, junction off the M66 and M65 at the bottom of Redhill Rd, 3km past Scarborough. Cost: adults R50, students R40, children under 12 free. Contact: 021 780 1246, or visit Kirstenhof Primary School fun run The day consists of two running races, 2,5km and 5km. Fun activities include jumping castles, rides, water balls, games, food and crafter stalls, and a tea garden. 28 May. Time: 10am. Venue: Lente Str, Kirstenhof. Cost: 2,5km R15, 5km R20, games R2–R5, all-access bands R80. For more info: visit Ratanga Junction 1 and 2 May. Time: 10am–5pm. Venue: Century City. Cost: children over 1,3m R142; under 1,3m R70 and non-riders R45. For more info: visit SA Cheese Festival Catch the last two days of the festival. Children are entertained in the Kiddies’ Corner. 1 and 2 May. Time: 10am–6pm daily. Ends at 5pm on the last day. Venue: Sandringham, between Cape Town and Paarl. Cost: R90–R110; children 12 years and younger enter free. For more info: 021 975 4440, cheese@agriexpo. or visit The Cape Country Meander Comprises eight towns: Elgin Valley, Botriver, Caledon, Riviersonderend, Tesselaarsdal, Greyton, Genadendal and Villiersdorp. Six mountain ranges, three mountain passes and

Tots n Pots

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May 2011


calendar seven dams provide the natural backdrop to this route. The Cape Country Meander maps and brochures are now available at tourism bureaus and selected guesthouses, hotels and eateries in Cape Town and the region, to assist travellers in maximising their experience of this part of the Overberg. For more info: visit

finding nature and outdoor play Biodiversity Expo Schools can enjoy exhibits on the first two days while the whole family can participate in the weekend activities. An orienteering event has you consulting your compass. 5–8 May. Time: tbc. Venue: Old Mutual Conference

St George’s Mall Earth Fair Market


May 2011

Centre, Kirstenbosch. Cost: free. For more info: or visit Butterfly World Time: Monday– Sunday 9am–5pm. Venue: Route 44, near Klapmuts. Cost: adults R43, children over 3 years R25, families (two adults, two children) R111. Contact: 021 875 5628 or visit Free cableway rides for children this winter Pay for one adult return ticket and two children under 18 years ride free. The Cableway winter special is valid on school holidays, weekends and public holidays. Cost: adult return R180, which includes two children under 18 years travelling free. For more info: visit Giraffe House The centre is home to a host of four-legged animals, reptiles and birds. Time: Monday–Sunday 9am–5pm. Venue: The Giraffe House Wildlife Awareness Centre, cnr R304 and R101. Cost: adults R45, children 2–15 years R25. For more info: visit Intaka Island Nature Reserve A 16-hectare wetland and bird sanctuary in the middle of Century City. Time: Monday–Sunday 7:30am–5:30pm. Ferryride time: 10am–4pm. Venue: 2 Park Lane, Grand Central, Century City. Cost: adults R10, children 3–12 years R5. Ferry-ride cost: adults R30, children 3–12 years R20. Contact: 021 552 6889 or visit Two Oceans Aquarium Enjoy their egg hunts, snake shows, and art and

Vintage Ideas Market A leisurely browse at this magical market reveals the nostalgic appeal of vintage décor items, jewellery, glass and silverware, kitchenalia, garden accessories and irresistible bric-a-brac. Experience the charm of days gone by with veteran cars or have a professional valuation done of your family heirlooms and handme-downs. Attend a workshop on how to transform your vintage furniture into red-hot signature pieces for your home. Fabulous food, wines and music form part of the exciting long weekend line-up. 29 April–2 May. Time: 9:30am–4pm and until 2pm on 2 May. Venue: Simondium Country Lodge. Cost: adults R30, children free. Contact: 021 874 1046 or visit

crafts. 1 and 2 May. Time: Monday– Sunday 9:30am–6pm. Venue: Dock Rd, V&A Waterfront. Cost: adults R96, children under 4 years free, 4–13 years R46 and 14–17 years R74. Contact: 021 418 3823 or visit World of Birds This bird park has over 3 000 birds. Time: 9am–5pm. Venue: Valley Rd, Hout Bay. Cost: adults R70, children R40, children under 3 free. Contact: 021 790 2730, or visit

markets Rondebosch Craft in the Park See handmade crafts, enjoy the freshly made pancakes and relax with a cup of coffee.

Also, support Animal Rescue and other deserving charities. You are welcome to drop off anything that you don’t want or need anymore at the information desk; it is taken to Marsh Memorial Home, a safe haven for about 60 children at risk. They are grateful for anything that you can give them. 2–14 May. Time: 9am–2pm. Venue: cnr Campground and Sandown Rd, Rondebosch. Contact Ann: 021 531 4236 or 083 272 5482 Schoolyard Market Enjoy the many sights, warm fires and aromas of fresh coffee and food while browsing through the diverse, interesting and vibey stalls stocked with gourmet foods and art and crafts. A variety of craft workshops also on offer. There are

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plenty of fun activities to keep the little ones occupied. 28 May. Time: 9am–1pm. Venue: Elkanah House, 85 Sunningdale Dr, Sunningdale. Cost: free entry. Contact: 021 554 8586, or visit St George’s Mall Earth Fair Market Time: 12pm–6pm, every Thursday. Venue: Upper St George’s Mall, off Wale St. Parking in Mandela Rhodes Place available. For more info: visit

The Bay Food and Wine Market A family-friendly, quality food and wine market with a child-friendly outside area and children’s zone including sand art, face painting, play dough and many other fun-filled activities. Eat, drink, shop and relax to live music while your children are entertained. Time: 9:30am–2:30pm, every Saturday. Venue: Victoria Mall, cnr Victoria and Empire Rds, Hout Bay. Cost: free entry. Contact Claire: 082 385 0915, Philippa: 079 553 9320, info@ or visit Tokai Earth Fair Market Time: every Wednesday 3pm–8pm and every Saturday 9am–2pm. Venue: South Palms (same location as Builder’s Warehouse and Reader’s Warehouse in Tokai Main Rd). For more info: visit

on stage and screen

13 and 14 May – Coppelia at Elkanah High

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Coppelia Dancers of Elkanah Dance Academy perform their rendition of the age-old classical ballet. This is a delightful, entertaining ballet suitable for young and old. Characters are portrayed by students between the ages of 4 and 17 years. Dinner is available to purchase at the Schoolyard Café at the Elkanah High School. 13 and 14 May. Time: 3:30pm and 7:30pm. Venue: Theatre@Elkanah, 85 Sunningdale Dr, Sunningdale. Book through Computicket: 083 915 8000 or visit

Hansel and Gretel at the Rainbow Puppet Theatre This show is ideal for children from 4 years. 7, 14, 21, 28 May. Time: 10am–11:15am, every Saturday. Venue: The Rainbow Puppet Theatre, Constantia Waldorf School, Spaanschemat River Rd, Constantia. Cost: R20. Contact Alison: 021 783 2063 or therainbow.puppettheatre@ Lemonade Mouth A new Disney Channel movie. Time: 14 May 10am and 7:10pm and 15 May 4pm on DStv channel 303. McLaren Circus From poodles to pythons, acrobats and clowns, the McLaren Circus is a great family outing. Also enjoy pony rides, and balloon and light shows during intermission. 21 April–2

McLaren Circus

Hansel and Gretel at the Rainbow Puppet Theatre

May. Time: 3pm and 7:30pm. Venue: Glen Gary Shopping Centre, Durbanville. Cost: R50–R90. Contact: 082 747 5726 or visit

playtime and story time Bizzy Bodies Indoor play park for children 1–12. Time: Monday–Saturday 10am–5pm. Venue: Bizzy Bodies, 23 Bell Crescent, Westlake Business Park, Tokai. Cost: R40 for one hour. Contact: 021 702 0505, info@ or visit Bloubergstrand Library story time Certain Mondays and Wednesdays; call to enquire. Stories are ideal for 8 to 9 year olds but the library does accommodate older children. Time: from 3pm. Venue: Andrew Foster Rd, Bloubergstrand. Cost: free. Contact: 021 554 1641

May 2011



Kronendal School holiday club Children can bake, paint, build, swim, play and go for secure mountain and beach walks. 2 and 18 May. Time: full-day 7:30am–6pm; three-quarter day ends 3pm; half-day ends 1pm. Venue: Kronendal Primary School, Hout Bay. Cost: half-day R60, threequarter day R90 or full-day R120. Contact Joanne: 076 402 2333 or

Brackenfell Library story time Every Wednesday, excluding holidays. Activities included. For children 3 years and older. Time: 10:30am–11:30am. Venue: Paradys St. Cost: free. Contact: 021 980 1261 Bugz Family Playpark Time: Monday– Sunday 9am–5pm. Venue: Bugz Playpark, Kraaifontein. Cost: R20, babies that can’t yet walk and pensioners enter free. Contact: 021 988 8836 or Claremont Library story time Every Wednesday for children 1–3 years. Time: 10am–10:30am. Venue: Claremont Library, Wilderness Rd. Cost: free. Contact Kathy: 021 674 4195 Durbanville Library story time First Thursday of the month. Time: 10:30am–11am. Venue: Oxford Rd. Cost: free. Contact: 021 970 3094 Fish Hoek Library story time Also a craft hour every Friday morning at 11am for preschoolers. Venue: Civic Centre, Recreation Rd, Fish Hoek. Contact: 021 784 2030 Hout Bay Library story time Every Friday for children 2–5 years. An age-appropriate movie is usually screened after the story. Time: 10am–11am. Venue: Melkhout Crescent. Cost: free. Contact: 021 790 2150

Kloof Street Library story hour Monday 3pm–3:30pm (ages 2 and older). Contact: 021 424 3308 Kids Easter Karnival Enjoy Easter egg hunts, face painting, children’s rides, ball ponds and jumping castles. Parents can relax at the coffee corner with a complimentary coffee. 1 and 2 May. Time: 10am–4pm daily. Venue: Somerset Mall, Somerset West. Cost: R20. Contact: 021 852 7114 or visit Kidz Playzone holiday programme Offers crafts on a daily basis until the end of May. For children 1–12 years. Time: 9:30am–2pm. Open on Mondays during school holidays. Venue: Durbanville Business Park, Durbanville. Cost: from R20 per hour. Contact: 021 979 4872, bev@kidzplayzone. or visit Kraaifontein Library Afrikaans and English story time For children 2–10 years. Call Nelia to enquire beforehand. Time: Wednesday 10am. Venue: Brighton Rd. Contact: 021 980 6209 Little Birdy Bookshop story time Time: 12:30pm, every Saturday and Sunday. Venue: Main Rd, Greyton. Cost: free. Contact: 079 350 9658 Noordhoek Farm Village Saturday activities and entertainment 7 May: cookies and hot chocolate. 14 May: storybook adventures. 21 May: wintertime crafts. 28 May: winter magic show. Time: 10:30am–12:30pm. Venue: The Bandstand, Noordhoek Farm Village. Cost: free. Contact: 021 789 2812 or visit Roly Polyz workshops 4 May: place mats with tree designs, made by stamping with leaves and sticks. 6 May: hanging funky fish made from paper bags, streamers and all things glittery. 8 May: fabric painted hungry caterpillar T-shirts. Time: 10:30am–12:30pm. Venue: 8 Bree St. Cost: R150 per child, siblings R125 including free play at Roly Polyz, snacks, and the art and crafts workshop. Contact: 021 418 8181 Rondebosch Library story time Every Wednesday and Friday for preschoolers 3–5 years. Time: 10am. Venue: St Andrews Rd. Contact: 021 689 1100 Somerset West Library For more info contact children’s librarian Paige: 021 850 4458 or 021 850 4526/7 The Playshed Time: 9am–5pm Tuesday– Sunday during the school holiday for play with parents’ supervision. Drop-off mornings on Tuesday and Thursday until 12pm. Phone ahead to book. Contact: 021 801 0141/2

Kidz Playzone holiday programme


May 2011

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sport and physical activities Children’s Capoeira classes Capoeira is a great way for children to exercise while having fun. All ages are welcome – the experienced instructors adapt the exercises according to each child’s age and ability. Time: Tuesday 2pm–3:30pm and Saturday 9:30am–10:30am. Venue: Capoeira Cordão de Ouro Academy, first floor, 53 Castle St, Cape Town. Cost: R70 per class (reduced rate if both classes are attended). For more info: cdo. Darling half-marathon and 5km fun run Pack the car for the annual the Darling half-marathon, 5km fun run and Doggie Dawdle. For the fitness lover there is the 21km run and for those who like to smell the coffee along the way there is plenty of time to walk it. For those who enjoy a stroll get those feet moving with your furry friend and stand in line to win lots of prizes. There are stalls and Darling’s famous pancakes. 21 May. Time: 8:30am–9am. Venue: Darling Primary School, Kalkoentjie Rd. Cost: 21km licensed athlete R45, unlicensed athlete R70, 5km walkers/dog owners: R15. Contact Mary: 082 684 5575 or visit

Delvera Boot Camp for children

Delvera Boot Camp for children Delvera’s Vineyard boot camp teaches little ones how to scale towering cargo nets, traverse rope swings and leopard crawl through mud-filled trenches. Soldiers test their military skills during exciting platoon races and military activities. Life-sized military obstacles, war cries, cammo face paint, push-ups and target shooting are all part of the fun. Contact Boot Camp SA: 082 455 6723, capetown@bootcamp-sa. or Delvera Farm: 021 884 4352 Dirtopia MTB Festival A mountain bike festival with children’s bikes available for hire, a children’s corner, BMX track, hiking and biking trails for all levels and ages as well as a trail run. 29 April–2 May. Time: 8am daily. Venue: Dirtopia Trail Centre, Delvera Farm, R44, Stellenbosch. Cost: from R50. Contact Nicolene: 021 884 4752 or visit Laser Games The laser system emits a harmless infrared beam, so there’s no pain or mess. Unlimited ammunition is included and there is no need for uncomfortable protective safety gear. Parents are welcome to join their children. Suitable for 6 years and older. Time: Monday– Sunday 9:30am–11am, 11:30am–1pm, 1:30pm–3pm, 3:30pm–5pm. Venue: Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie. Cost: R95 per player for a two-hour session. Contact Robyn: 021 790 7603 or Little Angels acting classes Little Stars is a drama, dance and freedom class designed for budding stars ages 3–6 years magazine cape town


or 7–10 years. It is an introduction into the world of self-exploration, drama and dance. Techniques used in the class will help your child build self-confidence and learn to work as an individual and within a group. The experience stimulates creativity and enriches their imagination. Time: 10am–11am (3–6 years), 11am–12pm (7–10 years), every Saturday,. Venue: The Zen Studio, Bloubergstrand. Cost: R250 per month. Contact Nadya: 021 556 2490, 071 605 8047 or visit Little_Stars.html Planet Kids modern dance classes For boys and girls, taught by a qualified dance teacher. The class lasts 30 minutes with 15 minutes of play before and after the class. Time: from 3pm, every Tuesday afternoon. Venue: Planet Kids, 3 Wherry Rd, Muizenberg. Cost: R50 per class, R320 per term. Contact: 021 788 3070, info@ or visit Rugbytots South Africa’s first rugbyspecific play programme for young children. It has been designed to develop your child’s physical, psychological and social attributes, as well as gently encouraging rugby-specific skills such as running with the ball, finding space, kicking, catching, scoring a try and much more. For children 5–7 years. 3 May. Time: 4:30pm. Cost: R45 per 45-minute session. Venue: 30 Orange St. Contact: 079 972 1641 or jp@rugbytots. For programmes for children in other age groups: visit Sports Science Institute of South Africa Kid’s Club This programme offers classes that cover all components of exercise for children of all fitness levels. Classes are led by qualified fitness instructors and biokineticists and covers age groups 7–11 years or 12–15 years. They’re open throughout the year and children can

Sports Science Institute of South Africa Kid’s Club May 2011



Flower bunchmaking workshop

enrol for either a school term or a full year. Time: Monday–Thursday 4pm–5pm and Friday 3pm–4pm. Excludes public and school holidays. Venue: Boundary Rd, Newlands. Cost: available on booking. Contact: 021 659 5600, or visit

only for parents classes, talks and workshops Bodytalk Access Learn five simple techniques to combat stress and address day-to-day health challenges. Ideal for use


May 2011

at home, school and at work. 7 May. Time: 9am–5pm. Venue: Natural Health Practice, 76 de Bron Ave, Kenridge, Durbanville. Cost R950. Booking essential. Contact Laurel: 084 443 3783 Cake-decorating class 7 May: birthday cake decoration. 14 and 21 May: cupcake decoration. Venue: CAB Foods Bellville Factory Shop, 34A Northumberland Rd. Cost: R200–R250. Contact Maggie: 021 948 6644 CPR for family and friends CPR courses for non-medical folks, parents, caregivers, and children 12 years and older. 7 May. Time: 9am–1pm. Venue: Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic. Cost: R250. Contact PEC: 021 705 6459 Domestic worker cooking course Sugar and Spice Nanny Training offers a get-your-hands-dirty course as opposed to cooking presentation-style. All delegates get to prepare the dishes in the class and take home a little sample for tasting. They teach nannies how to bake home favourites. 30 May. Time: 9am–12:15pm. Venue: 19 Poplar Rd, Bergvliet. Cost R400. Contact Russ: 072 291 2208 or russ@ Down Syndrome Inclusive Education Foundation (DSIEF) Focuses on informing parents of children with Down’s syndrome of the concepts of “Early Intervention” and “Inclusion for Life”. Workshops, seminars and talks are based on international research. Venue: based in the southern

suburbs. For more info contact Michele and 12pm–1:30pm, every Saturday. Venue: Martin: 021 797 0502 or Tanja and Marc: St Joseph’s adult education programme, 021 712 5552, info@down-syndrome. 21 Belmont Rd, Rondebosch. Cost: or visit R175 for the month. Contact Jai: 021 Flower bunch-making workshop 685 1257, or visit The florists at Pick n Pay, Constantia, Claremont and Plattekloof share some tips Learn CPR and save a life Paediatric and give a professional demonstration nursing sister Lee-Ann White runs a CPR after which participants make their own course for parents, childminders and au bunches. Flowers supplied by Pick n pairs. Discovery Health members earn Pay Flower Market. Tea and petits fours Vitality Points for attending. 14 and 28 are served. Each of the participants May. Time: 10am–12pm. Venue: Pinelands. goes home with a bunch of flowers of Cost: R220. Contact Lee-Ann: 021 531 their choice made by themselves. 25 4182 or 072 283 7132 May. Time: 10am–12pm. Venue: Steenberg Golf Estate. Cost: tbc. Contact Henrietta: 021 794 619 Group coaching for moms Easy, practical, fun session to help you to change your thinking. 16 May. Time: 10am–11:30am. Venue: 11 Middleton Rd, Claremont. Cost: R100. Contact: 082 714 4356, or visit Kundalini yoga classes taught by Yogi Bhajan, including yoga postures, relaxation and yoga meditation. 7, 14, 21 and 28 May. Time: Learn CPR and save a life

magazine cape town

Nutrition revolution workshop 8 May. Time: 12pm. Venue: Cape Farmhouse Restaurant, junction off the M66 and M65 at the bottom of Redhill Rd, 3km past Scarborough. Cost: R650–R1 700, depending on assessment chosen. The first hour is free. Contact Pierre: 044 690 5189, 079 875 5635 or Pilates and Design your Life workshop A healthy, fun-filled morning of Pilates, meditation and life coaching. Using the “I DARE” approach, come up with an action plan to help you reach goals. I DARE stands for “Intention”, “Design”, “Action”, “Reflection” and “Evaluation”. 28 May. Time: 9am–12:30pm. Venue: 11 Alexander Rd, Muizenburg. Cost: R250. Contact: 082 319 0731, or visit SA Childcare and First Aid Training Centre workshop For parents, au pairs and caregivers on the topic of toddlers, tantrums, how to tame them and setting positive boundaries. 26 May. Time:

Wellness open day

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on stage and screen Sea Point Tennis Club tournament Holds their month-end tennis 10s tournament. All levels of players are welcome. The “Play and Stay” concept of playing tennis with low pressurised balls and smaller courts is used for all players. Floating trophy for the winners and loads of prizes. 28 May. Time: 8am–12pm. Venue: Sea Point Tennis Club. Cost: R100. Contact Justin: 084 586 5501

9am–11am. Venue: Cape Town MediClinic. Cost: R130, which includes tea and biscuits. Contact Andi: 082 784 5794, or visit Safe Kids accredited child and infant CPR and basic first aid courses Presented by a paramedic and mom. Venues: Plumstead: 13 May 9:30am–12:30pm. Blaauwberg: 7 May 1pm–4pm and 26 May 6:30pm–9:30pm. Somerset West: 7 May 9am–12pm. Green Point: 27 May 9am–12pm. Kenridge: 17 May 6:30pm–9:30pm. They come to your home if these dates and venues do not suit you. Contact: 084 800 0157, carolyn. or visit

Sugar and Spice nanny cooking class For domestic workers and nannies of all ages. 14 May: mince and pasta dishes. 28 May: chicken dishes. Time: 9am–12:15pm. Venue: Bergvliet. Cost: R400 per class or R350 per class if both classes are attended. Contact Russ: Wellness open day Learn how to overcome illness and regain health naturally through BodyTalk, therapeutic reflexology, play therapy and massage. They also offer pregnancy health advice and perinatal care. 28 May. Time: 9am–3pm. Venue: Natural Health Practice, Kenridge, Durbanville. Cost: R200 per session, talks are free. Contact Fiona: 082 567 2045

Body Language Hilarious and informative, Gaëtan Schmid fascinates by unveiling the hidden meanings behind your everyday gestures. 3–28 May. Time: 8:30pm. Venue: Kalk Bay Theatre. Cost: R55–R175. For more info: visit REwind: A Cantata for Voice Features the legendary Sibongile Khumalo joined by soloists Otto Maidi, Stéfan Louw and Nozuko Teto alongside the Cape Town Opera Voice of the Nation chorus, the Heavenly Voices Chorus and a string octet. This is a must-see for anyone with an interest in new art in South Africa. 12–14 May. Time: 8pm. Venue: Baxter Theatre, Rondebosch. Cost: R100–R200. Contact: 021 410 9807 or visit

Body Language

May 2011



1–2 May – Decorex

out and about Canal Walk Motorshow The biannual motorshow features the finest vehicles on the market. 1 and 2 May. Time: 9am–9pm. Venue: throughout the mall. Cost: free. For more info: visit Decorex Brings a blend of new concepts and fine collections to the South African décor and design scene. Highlights include the Plascon nature-inspired Colour Forecast, the South African Handmade Collection, and the Choc&Mocha, a chocolate and coffee bar. Talks and workshops focus on lifestyle, architecture, food and fashion while experts in the field are there to answer questions and offer solutions. Bring digital pictures of your home and watch the space transform before your eyes with Decorex’s latest computer programmes. 1–2 May. Time: 10am–8pm and until 6pm on Monday. Venue: CTICC. Cost: adults R60, children under 12 years R5. Contact: 021 410 5000 or visit Honey and Hounds Women’s Breakfast Enjoy a women’s brunch, in aid of animals across the Western Cape. Profit on ticket sales and 25 percent of earnings on all Honey accessory sales go to the SPCA Cape of Good Hope. Bookings close 7 May. Only 200 tickets available. 14 May. Time: 9:30am–12pm. Venue: The Silvertree Restaurant, Kirstenbosch. Cost: R180 per person (includes brunch and Kirstenbosch entry fee). Book through Webtickets: visit

support groups Asperger’s parent support group 11 May. Time: 7pm. Venue: Vera School for Autism, Anglesey Rd, Rondebosch East. Cost: free. Contact Avril: 083 666 2157 or Autism South Africa For more info: 021 557 3573, or visit Cancer Care support group Held on the first Tuesday of every month. Time: 5:30pm. Venue: Panorama Medi-Clinic. Cost: free. Contact Emerentia: 021 930 4245 or Childhood Cancer Foundation of South Africa (CHOC) Helps parents to meet other parents and survivors. For more info: visit LGBT parents support group For gay and lesbian parents and parents-to-be,


May 2011

there are regular meetings to exchange ideas and experiences. Contact the Triangle Project: 021 448 3812, health2@triangle. or visit Safe Schools call centre Educators, learners and parents can call the toll-free number to report violence, sexual abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, vandalism or to report corruption in schools. The call centre also provides information on HIV/Aids, racism and pregnancy. Time: Monday–Friday 8am–7:30pm. Contact: 0800 454 647 Selective Mutism support group For more info on meetings and support: or visit Speak Easy Support group for people who stutter, their family members and friends. Meetings are used to discuss issues around stuttering, to share new ideas and experiences, discuss feelings and to practise one’s speech techniques. Contact or visit Tourette’s syndrome support Nicolette (Durbanville): 083 292 5481 and Chuki (Somerset West): 082 924 4909 provide telephonic support and advice to parents of children with Tourette’s syndrome on where to go for professional help. For more support groups visit


bump, baby & Tot in tow

classes, talks and workshops BabyGym An interactive brain and body development workshop for babies 2 months and older. 3–31 May. Time: 10am, every Tuesday. Venue: Fish Hoek. Cost: R630. Contact Marlise: 073 145 4367, or visit Bellies n Beyond A registered nurse and midwife offers antenatal and postnatal classes. Time: Tuesday or Thursday evenings 6pm–8pm. Venue: Intercare Medical Centre, Parklands. Cost: R1 100 for nine lessons. Contact Tracy: 082 884 0623 or Home Birth Gathering This month’s theme is centred on water birth. The gathering is for those who have given magazine cape town

birth at home, for those who have wanted home births, for those who are planning a home birth or are thinking about it or are just curious. It is also for those whose home births did not go as they had wished. People who are choosing a hospital birth but would like it to be as natural as possible are also welcome. 22 May. Time: 2pm–4pm. Venue: Erin Hall, 8–10 Erin Rd, Rondebosch. Cost: R50 per person, R80 per couple. Contact Ruth: 078 557 9070, or Lana: 073 514 9754, or visit La Leche League breastfeeding support groups 9 May, Panorama contact Carol: 021 558 5319 or Irma: 073 513 1056. 10 May, Durbanville contact Trudy: 021 913 2816 or Tiffany: 021 913 3586. 17 May, Tableview contact Juliet: 021 556 0693 or Elaine 021 976 8537. 3 May, Milnerton Medi-Clinic contact Simela: 021 553 1664. 18 May, Parow contact Dilshaad: 021 930 2475. Time: 10am. Cost: free Musicise classes Songs, nursery rhymes, songs from musicals with instruments, bubbles and hand puppets for babies and toddlers. Time: call to enquire. Venue: 1 Mount Nelson Rd, Sea Point. Cost: R350 per month or R80 per class. Contact: 084 409 1683 or Parent Centre moms-to-be and momsand-babies group Time: 10am–12pm, every Thursday. Venue: Kingsbury Hospital, second floor, maternity section, Wilderness Rd, Claremont. Cost: R40, including refreshments. For more info: 021 762 0116 or SA Childcare and First Aid Training Centre postnatal workshop For expectant moms and dads. 28 May. Time 9am–1pm. Venue: Cape Town Medi-Clinic. Cost: R450 per couple. Contact Daniele:

Sugar and Spice Nanny Training

021 300 0661, satrainingcentre@gmail. com or visit Sugar and Spice Nanny Training Give your domestic worker all the essential skills, knowledge and confidence to care for your baby. Course content includes first aid, childproofing, time management, understanding routines, hygiene, nutrition and ageappropriate games. Course starts in Green Point on 20 May and in Panorama on 31 May. For times, venue and cost contact Caithe: 071 366 4725, or visit The Mama Bamba Way Antenatal Weekend workshop Birth preparation classes for creating an empowering and transformative birth experience for women, their partners and their babies. 7 and 8 May. Cost: R1 800 per couple. Time: 10am–5pm each day. Venue: Mama Bamba, 101 St James Place, 39 St James St, Vredehoek. Contact Robyn: 021 461 8257, or visit For the Mama Bamba Way antenatal course, contact: 021 461 8257 or

playtime and story time Bizzy Bodies Indoor play park for children 1–12. Children under 15 months enter free. Time: 10am–5pm. Venue: Bizzy Bodies, 23 Bell Crescent, Westlake Business Park, Tokai. Cost: varies, call to enquire. Contact: 021 702 0505 or visit

Adventure Boot Camp Keep your maternity clothes for your next baby and take advantage of Adventure Boot Camp’s winter special: two camps; five days each for R850 per camp. Contact: 021 447 2746, 082 567 2267 or to register visit

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May 2011



SuperStars baby and toddler activity workshops These are aimed at providing your baby or toddler with a safe and supported environment in which to play and explore. 3 May–24 June. Time: Tuesday 9:30am–10:15am for ages 3–6 months; Tuesday 10:30am–11:15am for ages 6–9 months; Wednesday 9am–9:45am for ages 9–12 months; Wednesday 10am–11am for ages 1–2 years; Tuesday 3pm–4pm or Friday 10:15am–11:15am for ages 2–3 years. Venue: Little Picassos Café, Northumberland Close, Parklands. Cost: R550–R650 per term, eight lessons per term. Contact Angelique: 082 431 3608 or

Clamber Club These toddler groups are divided into three age groups for children between 9 months and 3 years. The baby group is for babies between 2 and 12 months. Activities focus on movement. Branches in the City Bowl, Somerset West, Blouberg and Paarl. For more info: visit Jimmy Jungles Secure facilities for toddlers and children from 6 months of age. Branches in Claremont and Tyger Valley. Contact head office: 021 914 1705 or Kloof Street Library toddler story time Tuesday 9:30am–10am (0–2 years. Contact: 021 424 3308 Moms’ Club For moms and babies to meet and make friends. At least once a month there is a speaker on a baby-related topic.

Moms’ Club

Jimmy Jungles

Time: every Tuesday 10am–11:30am, during term time. Venue: Medway Youth Centre, cnr Medway and Milford Rd, Plumstead. Cost: free. Contact Barbara: 074 580 4480 or Observatory Library story time Every Wednesday for children 1–4 years. Time: 11am–11:30am. Venue: Station Rd. Cost: free. Contact: 021 447 9017 Planet Kids play dates Toddler play dates (12–23 months): Tuesday and Thursday 10am–12pm. Baby play dates (under one year): Friday 10am–12pm. Cost: R1 for every month of age; cost applies from 10 months. Venue: Planet Kids, 3 Wherry Rd, Muizenberg. Contact: 021 788 3070, or visit

Sea Point Library story time Every Wednesday 10am–11am for preschoolers and younger. Contact: 021 439 7440/1 The Playshed baby coupé A safe place where they can crawl and roll plus a special place for children under 3. Contact: 021 801 0141/2 or

support groups Cleft Friends support Support group for parents with babies born with cleft lips and palates. Contact: or visit Cleft lip and palate support For telephonic, professional advice and referral from a speech therapist with years of experience in cleft lip and palate therapy. Contact Ros: 021 404 6459

family marketplace


May 2011

magazine cape town

Hi Hopes programme Offers families of deaf babies home-based, family-centred support and information. Contact Renee: 021 949 9388, 076 891 8188 or devilliers. Little Miracle Support group for parents of premature babies. Contact: 0861 548 853, or visit Postnatal Depression Support Association The organisation offers help for moms and their families. You can also join the chat group. Contact the national helpline: sms “help” and your name to 082 882 0072 for them to contact you. Head office: 021 797 4498 or visit For more support groups visit

how to help Geneva Crisis Centre A place of shelter, hope and restoration for abused women and children. The centre also accommodated refugees that were affected by the xenophobic attacks that swept South Africa, and they have made provision for abused men and elderly people. The centre needs help with trauma and HIV counselling for victims, as well as donations of beds and stoves. Contact Juanita: 021 904 9912 or Heaven’s Nest An emergency foster care home that cares for abandoned, neglected and abused children, as well as those affected or infected by HIV/Aids. Currently Heaven’s Nest cares for 14 children between the ages of 6 months and 8 years. In late 2010, a classroom was built with support and funding from the local

community, lottery fund, community chest, corporate social initiatives and international aid. Two teachers dedicate time every Monday, Tuesday and Friday to the cause but more teachers are needed to cover Wednesday and Thursday. Should you wish to contribute in any way to this childcare facility, please contact Eleanor: 021 703 9781 or Lunch Is On Me Purchase a Lunch Is On Me sticker for only R10 from your nearest Simply Asia restaurant or from psfa. and feed a child for an entire week at school. The Peninsula School Feeding Association provides daily cooked meals to 335 000 children in 738 schools. Contact: 021 447 6020 or visit to find out more on how you can get involved in this or other PSFA initiatives. Two Oceans Aquarium Adopt-ASchool programme This enables previously disadvantaged learners to enjoy a specially-tailored, hands-on learning experience, which includes classroombased lessons on a variety of environmental conservation themes, and a tour of the

Two Oceans Aquarium Adopt-A-School programme

aquarium to discover the ocean’s fauna and flora firsthand. Standard packages include transport to and from the aquarium. Meal options can also be included for learners. The packages are 60 learners: R3 350 (with meal: R4 550), 120 learners: R6 450 (with meal: R8 950), 180 learners: R9 150 (with meal R13 350) or R69 per learner, R80 includes a meal. Get in touch with the team for more info on partner benefits. Contact Kim: 021 418 3823, 083 564 4237 or

don’t miss out! For a free listing, email your event to or fax it to 021 462 2680. Information must be received by 4 May for the June issue, and must include all relevant details. No guarantee can be given that it will be published. To post an event online, visit Lunch Is On Me

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May 2011


last laugh

manners maketh... the mom? SAM WILSON is no prude to being rude, which is why

Joe, Sam and Benj


have never been big on manners. I’m sure there’s some unremembered childhood trauma underpinning this, but I have always seen manners as a way of hiding one’s true self from everyone else. I know, a bit of a curveball, but that’s how I feel. Being someone with no internal monologue, it’s always been hard to hide anything about myself, which is why I am so uncomfortable around composed, polite folk. While I am bumbling forth about the eye-wincing minutiae of my life and falling all over myself to spill my personal failings, polite folk tend to clam up, watching me in mild distress and sometimes distaste. Which, of course, exacerbates the burble. Picture the scene: “Hi, I’m Sam,” I’ll say winningly at some function or other, waving a wine glass. “Those canapés look delicious!” “So nice that you could come,” says polite person, smoothly. “Would you care for a canapé?”


May 2011

“Gosh, I’d ‘care for’ six, but my tummy’s been a bit dodge today, so I’d better not,” I’ll reply. “Although, we all know that after a couple more glasses of champers, I’m going to eat as many as are left, so why not?” Polite person looks puzzled and leaves as quickly as possible. Now, if she’d just been impolite and said something like, “I know! I ate a tray in the kitchen before I brought them out! They are delicious! Does my breath smell like liver paté?” we’d be BFFs for the evening. But no. For me, the ruder I can be around you, the closer the friendship, and vice versa. I never introduce myself on the phone to close friends, I just start talking. I complain when guests don’t bring me drinks in my own house, if they’ve made for themselves. I ask deeply personal questions from the get-go. I just find politeness, well, very boring. That is, until I met my son Benjamin. Benjamin was born polite. Hell, he would have thanked me fresh from the womb, if he hadn’t had to go through that pesky “learning to speak” phase. And it’s a joy to behold. “Hello, I am very pleased to meet you,” Benj will say, extending a hand to anyone newly in his environs. “My name is Benjamin Späth.” [cue winning smile.] “And this

is my mother, Sam Wilson.” [cue deferential gesture in my direction.] “Um, hi,” I’ll mumble awkwardly, while wiping my perennially sweaty palm off on my jeans. “It’s nice to, you know...” You must see the impact it makes on people. A little politeness, applied with skill, and people light up like Christmas trees on Holy Night. Which in turn makes my beloved Benj feel really good about himself. Thereby kicking off an entire cycle of happiness from just one polite gesture. “How do you do that?” Andreas, Joe and I will ask Benj after such encounters. (Because while all three of us are also nice, no one else got the “self-assured politeness” gene.) “Who taught you? Is it hard?” “I don’t know,” Benj will say, with a smile, “it just comes naturally to me. And it makes meeting people and talking to them so much nicer if you’re thoughtful from the start.” Wow. Way to turn my world on its head, little guy. This parenting stuff is not for sissies. Sam Wilson is the Editor-in-Chief of, and She is secretly in awe of how nice her sons are, and fervently hopes, somehow, she had something to do with it.

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her son’s politeness so baffles (and impresses) her.

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