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CHIHULY BLANKETS from Chihuly Workshop

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CHIHULY BLANKETS No. 10, No. 11, and No. 12

As a college student studying weaving and textiles, Dale Chihuly fell in love with both handwoven Navajo blankets and the Pendleton trade blankets they inspired. He began collecting Pendletons while he was in school, marking the beginning of his involvement with Native American design. Inspired by the geometric designs and colors of the Indian blankets, Chihuly and his team began creating drawings out of glass threads in the 1970s. Using a newly developed technique, the team carefully arranged the threads and picked them up onto the surface of hot

blown-glass. This new technique led to the creation of the Navajo Blanket Cylinder series. In 2002, these Navajo Blanket Cylinders inspired a series of limited edition blankets designed by Chihuly and produced in collaboration with Pendleton Woolen Mills. These blankets combine the expressive elements of Chihuly’s work with the timeless tradition of Native American trade blankets from Pendleton Woolen Mills. Chihuly Workshop is proud to present Chihuly Blankets Nos. 10, 11, and 12—the

latest in this series. These new editions celebrate the patterns, colors, and Native American traditions evident in Chihuly’s work. Each blanket is crafted in a numbered edition of 250. An impressive statement displayed on a wall, or warm and practical in a chair or folded at the ready at the foot of a bed, these 64 x 80" blankets are a blend of pure wool and a little spool-spun cotton. A sewn suede patch includes the Chihuly signature and number in the edition.


82% Pure Wool and 18% Spool-Spun Cotton Warp 64 x 80" Sold Out



82% Pure Wool and 18% Spool-Spun Cotton Warp 64 x 80" $500.00



82% Pure Wool and 18% Spool-Spun Cotton Warp 64 x 80" $500.00


Suede Patch Detail

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Chihuly Blankets from Chihuly Workshop