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The type  of  foods  for  this  restaurant  is  Italian.  I  had  an  image  of  pasta  and   pizzas  for  Italian  foods  so  I  put  pictures  of  them.   The  ideas  of  using  bright  vivid  colors  came  up  in  my  mind  because  I   wanted  this  restaurant  to  be  a  family  restaurant.  My  targets  are  young   people  and  families  with  small  children.  I  didn’t  want  this  restaurant  to   become  an  expensive  place.  To  take  that  “expensive”  image  away,  I  used   bright  colors,  round  soft  fonts  and  some  small  cartoon  image  on  the  front   of  the  business  card.  The  green,  white  and  red  were  used  a  lot  because   they  are  the  colors  of  the  Italian  flag.   I  have  a  shadow  for  the  restaurant’s  name  and  the  phone  number  because  I   wanted  the  words  to  stand  out  more  than  the  images.     For  the  pictures,  I  used  real  photos  because  I  thought  it  would  look  good   using  real  photos.  (image  1)             ←image  1           ↓image  2   image  3                                         ←image  4    

But I  remembered  about  the  copyright  and  changed  it  into  cartoon  images   with  no  copyrights,  which  anyone  can  use  them  (image  3)     I  got  the  idea  of  using  olives  pictures  for  the  business  card  because  Italian   food  often  uses  olives.       I  researched  about  restaurant’s  business  cards  and  found  out  that  they   have  phone  numbers,  address,  homepage  URL  and  when  it  opens.  I  chose   the  opening  time  carefully  and  decided  to  open  this  restaurant  at  8AM   because  cheap  family  restaurants  should  open  early  and  close  late  at  night.   I  made  the  map  with  the  straight  lines  and  put  them  randomly  to  look  like   a  map.  The  red  star  was  put  there  to  show  the  place  of  the  restaurant.   Again,  I  used  red  and  white  to  put  the  Italian  flag  color  together.       At  first,  the  red  and  the  white  line  were  thin,  but  I  made  it  thick  because  I   there  were  spaces  at  the  top.  (Image  1)  I  also  made  the  fonts  bigger  since  I   still  had  spaces.  I  changed  the  telephone  number  from  045  ###  ####  to   ***  ***  ****  because  my  restaurant’s  address  is  in  Italy,  and  it  would  be   weird  if  the  phone  number  started  from  045  because  that’s  the  Kanagawa   prefecture’s  number.     In  image  3,  there  is  a  picture  of  an  olive.  There  are  two  types,  the  purple   one  and  the  green  one.  I  erased  the  purple  one  because  I  wanted  the  main   colors  to  be  red,  white  and  green.       Overall,  the  type  of  food  is  Italian,  the  price  is  cheap  and  the  customer   targets  are  for  all  people,  since  it’s  a  family  restaurant.      

how i did it  
how i did it  

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