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B.6. Learning Objectives and Outcomes In part B, the learning objectives for me is to learn and understand how to practice the computational design nad apply it in fabraction. Finish the study of the interative exercises and the case studies, I start to understand the logic behind the algorithm and programming scripting are imporant for the further steps. What’s more, learning different case and try to imitate is a good starting point to support my computational design study. For me, outcomes from Part B is extremely outsanding. Before the, I’m even not familiar with Rhino and really poor using grasshopper. However, Part B provide a good study method for me and I really get lots of impovement. At end of the study of Part B , eventhough I couldn’t say I’m good ar grasshopper, I still have my own understand toward it. What’ more, it is amazing that I also could use Unity 3 D to display idea! In the next part study , I will focus on technique protopyes. How apply my knowledge on real design is the the final goal for me to study AIR



Air journal final haoming chi 715933  
Air journal final haoming chi 715933