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A.1. Villa Savoye


Villa Savoye is the most famous project of Le Corbusier

who is pioneer for modern architecture. Even though Villa Savoye is from last century, but it really changed future which we could see at present. The building is an icon of modernism, and we can see from photographs, how well the building’s forms express a new idea for how people should live. 3 In the several past centuries, most of architects sticked to old ways and their buildings always look similar and in old styles. This situation actually against the world’s development tendency. In lecorbusier’s Idea, house is a living machine. Therefore, in his opinion, architects need to focus on functionalism in the future design. From Villa Savoy we could find the philosophy of “ five new points” which is Corbusier’s thought toward future design. Actually, those concepts fit in the world’s need. Because of the development of modern society, more new materials and technologies could apply in architecture. Villa savoye expanded future ideas by giving out new concepts and focuses, where architecture is redefined. Many architects use the concepts and learn this style.




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Air journal final haoming chi 715933