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Oxbridge Success Five students from the year group of eighty have received offers to study at either Oxford or

Cambridge University. Given the tough competition for places this is a tremendous achievement.

Offers from Cambridge have been made to: Poppy Bradley (Natural Sciences at Emmanuel College), Georgia Reid (Law at Homerton College) and Adrianna Wojtyna (Engineering at St. John’s College), while

offers from Oxford have been made to Suli Scatchard (Geography at Christ Church College) and Aleksandra Bulira (Economics and Management at Jesus College). The array of subjects in which they have been successful is pleasingly wide, and they have all been rewarded for their talent, their intellectual curiosity and their diligence. Universities will continue to make offers until May, but already Chigwell students are in a very healthy position overall, with over 80% of applicants holding offers from Russell Group universities at this point. The range of courses applied to is vast, extending from medicine and engineering through economics and related disciplines to the performing arts. Congratulations go to these students and to the teachers who have worked so hard to support them. n

London Academy of Excellence Chigwell is one of a group of independent schools which work with LAET, a maintained selective sixth form college which opened a year ago in Tottenham. The college aims to offer support for A level students in the area hoping to go on to selective universities. LAET admits students from less affluent backgrounds, 60% from the most deprived postcodes around Tottenham. Some students and staff spent the day with Chigwell students working together and sharing experiences of starting A level courses. n


News From Chigwell | Spring 2019

Chigwell Junior School High In National League Table Staff and pupils have been celebrating the Junior School’s excellent set of KS2 SATs results as reflected in the Sunday Times list of the top 100 Prep and Primary Schools. The School has been placed 18th in this nationwide league table and congratulations go to all those in the Junior School for their hard work in achieving these outstanding results. n

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Learning+ at Chigwell Learning+ is a suite of initiatives designed to offer Chigwellians the chance to think for themselves outside the classroom.

We encourage participation and the most able particularly enjoy the chance to challenge and question, and to investigate areas beyond the curriculum. The elements of the Learning+ programme include TICs (Top Institutions and Courses),

Peter Tatchell with students at The Williams Project The CAN (Chigwell Academic News), Higher and Extended Project Qualifications (HPQ and EPQ) and The Williams Project. The Williams Project is a fortnightly speaker society designed to give Chigwell pupils and staff the chance to learn from experts, outside the classroom and in an informal environment.

The Project is named after Bernard Williams, one of the foremost British philosophers of the 20th century, and an Old Chigwellian. This year’s speakers have included Richard Barham OC who gave a talk about the business of football and Peter Tatchell who spoke on ideas of gender and his experiences as a long-time human rights, LGBT activist. n

Higher and Extended Project Qualifications Thirty-four Year 11 and 13 students showcased their projects and research at the Higher and Extended Project Qualifications presentation evening. Working on their own, each student had designed, researched and executed a project on a topic of their own choice. From their eyecatching stands, students talked enthusiastically about their chosen topic to an audience which included pupils, parents,

teachers and governors. HPQ and EPQ projects covered a huge range of disciplines encompassing science, medicine, law, economics, politics, art and history, as well as focusing on pertinent issues such as Brexit, plastic pollution, anorexia, veganism, drag culture and even Harry Potter. The efforts of the Year 11 students will be rewarded with an extra GCSE, whilst for Year 13 students their projects allow them to develop their interest in a particular area and gain a qualification equivalent to half an A Level. n

News From Chigwell | Spring 2019


Howard and Mitchell Essay Presentation Evening Congratulations to sixth form students, Charlotte James-Pajwani and Sophia Mouzourides for winning this year’s Howard and Mitchell Essay Prizes. These prestigious prizes are given in recognition for a well-researched and written, externally moderated extended essay on science (Howard) and humanities (Mitchell). Charlotte’s personal interest fuelled her rigorous research into whether a cure for Type 1 Diabetes might be found through stem cell research.

Sophia’s commitment to human rights led her to look further into the ‘Shades of Grey within Global Human Rights’ – including modern slavery, abortion and euthanasia. Both winners distinguished themselves through answering thoughtful and challenging questions from the audience of parents, peers and teachers. The dinner that followed the presentations was enhanced by a tough, logic game and heartfelt, inspirational words from previous winner, Zuzanna Borawska, now studying medicine at Oxford, who encouraged younger pupils to take up this essay challenge for the lasting value it offers. n

Meet the Future: Advice from Old Chigwellians This year School has introduced Meet the Future at which Old Chigwellians who have left school in the last few years have spoken to older students about their choice of career in a series of informal lunchtime talks. Stasi Georgieva, who works in marketing and public relations, was one of the first OCs to return. She discussed how her degree in Spanish has led her into surprising professional directions. Other OCs have spoken about their careers to date in medicine, the Civil Service, the Bank of England to name just a few. In addition, Sixth form students interested in finding out more about a career in medicine were treated to a General Practice Simulation Experience. Old Chigwellian Stuart Innes and colleague Charles Southey, both currently

Stasi Georgieva visits Chigwell in their final year of Medicine at King’s College London and due to start life as junior doctors next year, came to the Sixth Form Centre to run example scenarios and gave a question and answer session. Such advice is invaluable to our students who are deciding upon their future career paths. n

Stuart Innes at the Sixth Form Centre 04 | 05


Tim Pruss Memorial Prize Sixth form students Deetya Patel and Amarah Udat were awarded the Tim Pruss Memorial Prize for their volunteer work in Cambodia. They spent two weeks volunteering at two schools located on an island near Phnom Penh where the work they did involved teaching maths and English to underprivileged children aged 4-10 as well as labour work that contributed to the refurbishment of the schools. One of the days, which was also referred to as ‘Community Day’, was devoted to educating

the children about how to tackle big environmental and health issues that the country faces such as plastic pollution and sanitation. This allowed Deetya and Amarah to provide some solutions to these problems through interactive activities that would increase the children’s understanding of the effects that some of these problems have and how to prevent it from becoming worse.In between the days of volunteering they were also able to immerse themselves in the unique culture that Cambodia had to offer by visiting historical and cultural sites such as the Angkor Wat temples and the killing fields and genocide museum. n

Classics Conference Essay Prize for Christopher Christopher Collins was awarded first prize in the GCSE classics conference essay competition. His submission of slightly less than 1,000 words was entitled “How ‘historical’ was Herodotus’ account of Croesus’ reign?”. Herodotus was the first major ancient Greek historian, often called the ‘father of history’. Christopher argued that his account of the reign of the wealthy King Croesus of Lydia was too reminiscent of traditional Greek storytelling

and contained too many irregularities for it truly to be considered ‘historical’ in the modern sense, but that its literary merit was such that it is certainly of historic significance. He was delighted to receive complimentary comments from the judges, and to be awarded the first prize of £100 in book tokens. His essay featured in the school’s journal, The Pilot. This is a publication written and produced by Chigwell pupils and gives an insight into a wide range of topics from differing age groups of Chigwell School pupils. n

News From Chigwell | Spring 2019


Annual Epping Forest Schools Parliamentary Debating Competition For this year’s competition it was decided to enter a Year 10 team for a change. Hari Vadher and James MacArthur were given the unenviable task of speaking on behalf of the motion: “This

House believes that global warming is a myth”. At least they didn’t have to speak first after the team order was decided by ballot. They both delivered their arguments persuasively and found it to be a valuable experience, which should stand them in good stead for future competitions. n

I Can Engineer Competition Twelve Year 8 pupils were invited to the I Can Engineer Awards Day at the Houses of Parliament.

This annual competition is run by the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) and the pupils presented their ideas to a team of engineers, including the President of the ICE,

and participated in a series of engineering based activities. They also met local MP, Dame Eleanor Laing MP and looked around the Houses of Parliament including areas that are not usually accessible to the general public. After having viewed the Jubilee Room, Westminster Hall and the Lobby, the tour then extended

to look at the engineering elements of the building, including the sewage system built in 1888, designed by the renowned engineer, Sir Joseph Bazalgette. Francesca Hallet and Grace Barham won the Prize for Innovation and Millie Webster and Molly Freedman won the Sustainability Award. n

Russian Embassy GCSE Presentation for Vika Year 9 pupil Vika Barker distinguished herself by scoring 98% in her Russian Language GCSE. At the age of just 12 years old she was one of the youngest

sitting the examination. The GCSE consisted of four sections and she scored very highly in all of them. She was invited to the Russian Embassy in London where she was formally presented with her certificate. n 06 | 07


Junior School Pupils Question MP Year 6 pupils enjoyed a visit from Rt Hon Dame Eleanor Laing MP. As part of their studies on ‘Rules, Rights and Responsibilities’ the pupils have been learning about the English political system and were able to put their questions to their local MP. The pupils had the privileged opportunity to learn about life as an MP, to debate as though they were in the House of Commons and to pose the questions that they had prepared in advance. As she left, Dame Eleanor praised the children for their probing questions and knowledge. n

Superb Suppers: PSHE Dinner Competition The annual house PSHE dinner competition saw Year 9 pupils preparing and serving their offerings to their families and teachers. The pupils in each of the four Senior School houses worked with the school caterers to create superb three-course

meals and the competition took place over four consecutive weeks. They had to work together to agree the theme for the evening, the menu, decorate tables, prepare and then serve the meal. The performance of each group of pupils was then judged for the house competition. Pictured are some of the pupils from Swallow’s house, developing skills that will hopefully serve them well for the future. n

Young Darwin Scholarship for Suli Congratulations to Suli Scatchard who is one of fifteen people in the country to be awarded a Young Darwin Scholarship by the Field Studies Council. This scholarship is an FSC initiative to encourage and

support young people who have a real interest in the natural world, to develop the next generation of ‘Darwins’. Suli attended a residential course with the other scholars and is provided with a mentor and is supported with fieldwork in biology, geography and environmental studies. n

News From Chigwell | Spring 2019


Art+ Workshop with Gabriele Grassi

Architect and educator Gabriele Grassi, graduate of the Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London (UCL) hosted an exciting Art+ session at School.

Originally from Italy, Gabriele is a Part One Architect based in London who is currently working for an architectural practice based in Covent Garden. His recent work is often interactive, making use of digital VR technology as a means of exploring three and four dimensional space and how we can create

and interact with built and virtual environments. For his workshop at school, Gabriele introduced pupils to a number of creative, architectural themed activities using two and three dimensional art materials inspired by Roald Dahl’s novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was an excellent session that was thoroughly

enjoyed by all of the children. Year 7 pupil Aaryan said that he, “found Gabriele to be a really creative and interesting person. The materials he brought were unusual and fun to use. I’d never made a 3D construction like this before and it was good to find out about architecture!” n

Woulter Kolkman Far East Photographic Exhibition The School Gallery displayed an exhibition of digital photographs of China and the Far East by Wouter Kolkman. As well as being the Head of IT Systems at School, Mr Kolkman is also a keen and highly accomplished photographer. The digital photographs in the exhibition

covered a range of topics and took various aspects of life in China such as the many food markets, the incredible architecture and the various peoples who inhabit it as their subject matter. Mr Kolkman’s exhibition formed part of the ongoing Chigwell Arts Programme (CAP) and his exhibition made a valuable contribution to the cultural life of the school community. n 08 | 09


Rapt by Raptors The Year 3 pupils had a big surprise when they came to their first art lesson with Mrs Tilbrook; a room full of live, beautiful owls from the Epping Forest Owl and Hawk Sanctuary run by Rita Wells in Fyfield, Essex. The ten stunning birds included Barn Owls, Little Owls, and even a great European Owl who was called Marlena. The spellbound pupils learnt all about the owls, what they hunted and ate, and how they have excellent eyesight and hearing. They then spent the rest of the lesson sketching them. n

More Art at Chigwell...

News From Chigwell | Spring 2019


Dance Showcase The Dance Showcase saw over fifty girls and boys take part in this biannual show for charity.

There was a wonderful variety of dance styles on display in the Chigwell School Drama Centre, including ballet, contemporary, street and tap. The pupils all worked hard to

choreograph their own routines spending many hours coming up with innovative ideas to wow the audience. There were various superb solo and group performances and even several

sibling partnerships too. The showcase took place during Anti Bullying Week so all the money raised from ticket sales was donated to the Anti Bullying Alliance. n

the audience to Can’t Stop The Feeling, You’re The One That I Want with We Go Together, I Wanna Dance With Somebody and I Want You Back. New Hall was packed with parents and returning Old Chigwellians, such is the popularity of the event. In addition to showcasing

a good deal of musicianship and a lot of hard work from the Year 13 students preparing their Houses for the evening, the event raised over £750 for the Tim Pruss School in Tamil Nadu, India. n

House Music The annual House Music competition provides a fun, lively and polished evening of musical entertainment in which all Senior School pupils participate. Small groups from each of the four houses performed Charles Wood’s Oculi Omnium for item 1. The arrangements were devised by the pupils themselves.

stage, perhaps not every dance step would have been awarded a 10 by a Strictly Come Dancing judge, maybe not every note was sung in perfect tune but no one could doubt the enthusiasm of the members of Caswalls, Lambourne, Penns and Swallows houses who treated

For item 2, the four ensembles performed Beyonce’s Love On Top, Somebody To Love by Queen, Everglow and Sky Full Of Stars by Coldplay and Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life. Finally, in item 3, all members of each house danced and sang their chosen house song. In the limited space available on 10 | 11


Chigwell Community Run for Charity A team of nearly 100 Chigwell parents, staff and Old Chigwellians ran in the Royal Parks Half Marathon for charity.

The run took the athletes on a stunning route past many of London’s most famous sights and their efforts saw them raise just over £90,000 for Cancer Research UK. Ed Aspel, the Executive Director of Fundraising and Marketing

at Cancer Research UK, said, “No individual person or single action will beat cancer and the fundraising community at Chigwell School is one of the finest examples of where these beliefs are being put into action. Your support is helping us to make faster progress towards our goal of three in four people surviving cancer by 2034. Congratulations to each and every one of you who have taken part in an event this year. Together we will beat cancer.” n

Mighty Mini Marathoners There was a great deal of enthusiasm when Pre Prep pupils and staff participated in an

energetic and enjoyable mini-marathon. All pupils happily walked, jogged and ran along a mile

route through the school’s ground to raise funds for Cancer Research UK and also to show their support for the hundred or so staff, parents and pupils who recently took part in the Royal Parks Foundation Half

Marathon. Pupils were delighted with the running workshop which preceded this event and especially pleased with their medals. Through the generosity of our families over £320 was raised for the charity. n

News From Chigwell | Spring 2019


The annual Eren Pars memorial football match took place between the Year 12 and the Year 13 students.

Eren Pars Cup Match

Eren died from cancer on 25th May 2012, three years after leaving Chigwell. His parents and the school instituted the match between the two sixth form teams in his memory and this year, like last year, it was won by the Year 12 side in a closely contested match and by the only goal. This was after five successive Year 13 victories. Mr and Mrs Pars generously gave money to the School to be given to the charity of the choice of the winners which this year was Breakthrough Breast Cancer. n

Ten Years of Supporting Streets2Homes Sixth form students helped deliver Harvest Festival donations to Streets2Homes in Harlow.

These food gifts were donated by pupils from across the whole School – Pre Prep to Sixth Form. Streets2Homes is a charity which manages a day centre, providing a safe and

friendly environment for the homeless. These gifts of food and essential supplies will help the charity to support those struggling to make ends meet. This is now the tenth year of supporting Streets2Homes and thanks to the generosity of Chigwell students and families an estimated £27,000 worth of food and supplies has been donated to the charity over the last decade. n

▲ Operation Christmas Child

▼ Sponge throwing

▲C  ake sale

▼H  arvest Festival

12 | 13


Our Day Out The Senior School Play, Willy Russell’s classic school field trip play Our Day Out, was performed in the Drama Centre to packed houses. It was a lively and entertaining production, both moving and heart-warming with many episodes of broad humour. Christopher Collins, as the oldfashioned and cynical teacher Mr Briggs, kept the narrative moving, very ably supported by the rest of the cast, several of whom played a variety of roles. Visually exciting with amusing freeze-frames and an easily manipulated set, the action moved from the school gates to various locations including Conwy Castle, seaside cliffs, a petting zoo and a funfair, then back to reality and the school gates again. Russell’s play raises very pertinent educational issues and is as relevant today as it was when it was first performed, around forty years ago. n

Year 11 Devised Drama It is always refreshing to see what GCSE drama classes can come up with in terms of devised drama. The audiences were treated to very contrasting pieces, each with real strengths. The short plays varied from the surreal to everyday reality to slapstick comedy. All had real merit and were a testament to the ingenuity, imagination and flair of the performers. Pupils were able to display a range of their impressive skills including acting, costume, makeup, sound and set design. n

News From Chigwell | Spring 2019


Choral Concert Year 11 Drama pupils performed in an exceptional series of scripted pieces.

The concert provided the 2018 Chigwell Young Musician of the Year winner, Lucas Abrami-Gill the opportunity to display his pure baritone voice in three Mozart Concert Arias: ‘Mentre ti lascio, oh figlia’ (K.513), ‘Io ti lascio, oh cara, addio’ KV 245 (KV621A) and ‘Per questa bella mano’ KV 612 which also featured a performance by Tony Hougham, Principal Double Bass of the Royal Opera House. This was followed by excerpts of Handel’s ‘Messiah’ (1743) sung by the choir and featuring the accomplished solo voices of sixth formers (Lucas, Maria Khokhar, Anika Jayanth, Oliver Jackson and Rosie Singha). The Christmas surprise appeared when Unto Us a Child is Born was sung by ten Old Chigwellians: Hannah Edwards, Sarah Chamberlain, Maddie Lovett, Payam Kapur,

Henry Bird, Max Albert, Rachel Maton, Lara Hobbis, Alice Beagley and Yasmin Antoniou. The charmingly inventive John Rutter Christmas carols made up the second half of the

evening, sung by the Chapel Choir (who have just released their album In Excelsis) along with the delightful addition of parents, staff and many Junior School children. The evening was a superb musical

Christmas feast from the start to the finish – an encore of Ding Dong Merrily on High orchestrated by Howard Ebden, swelled by the vast audience in this prestigious venue, completed the occasion. n

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Junior School Michaelmas Concert The talented Junior School musicians entertained a packed New Hall with seventeen performances that revealed showmanship, determination and, above all, musicality. The Junior Drumline set the beat, followed by the popular Ukelele Group, small and large ensembles of strings, French horns, trumpets, string quartet and Stringles group, clarinets, brass, and cello groups. The evening also included several accomplished solos from Sophia (Kodaly: violin), Joe (Rutter: flute), Mily (Debussy: piano) and Rose (Sondheim: French Horn). A medley of Harry Potter film music was conjured up by the Junior Orchestra and the Modern Music Ensemble gave a superb performance of jazz legend, Lee Morgan’s Sidewinder. Musicals featured in the Year 5 and 6 choirs with the boys singing Electricity (Elton John) from Billy Elliot and the girls performing a dazzling medley from West Side Story (Leonard Bernstein). Huge congratulations go to all those involved. n


News From Chigwell | Spring 2019

Chigwell Prep and Primary Music Festival One hundred and ten pupils from fifteen area schools attended the Chigwell Primary Schools’ Music Festival. A challenging variety of activities took place around the main orchestral and choral events. In addition, workshops for strings, brass, guitar, percussion and music tech gave pupils a whole day to improve or take a chance on a new instrument, guided by the energetic peripatetic teachers. The celebratory concert at the end of the day demonstrated just how much can be achieved through confidence, motivation, expert guidance and teamwork. Every pupil had the opportunity to perform some of their work produced during the day including music from the String Workshop and a delightful rendition of Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog from the Guitar Ensemble. The vast orchestra, led by Miss Felicity Leach, performed three pieces, Beethoven’s Hymn to Joy, Ghost Ride by Richard Ling and the appropriate Marching Through Mud also by Richard Ling. The concert and day itself came to a successful resounding end with A Million Dreams performed by the choir. The whole day was a great success and we hope that all those who came away enthused by the experience will continue to make music. n

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Chigwell Pupils Reach Everest Base Camp

Fifteen senior school pupils and two members of staff undertook a nineteenday trek to Everest Base Camp, Nepal. They set off from Lukla, a tiny settlement sitting at 2,845m in the foothills of the Himalayas. The next few days took the group through the scented blue pine forests of Phakding and Monjo, over the Hillary Bridge and up to Namche Bazaar, nestled at 3,440m. From then on, the landscape changed from rich forest to the shrubbery and juniper bushes of Dingboche, at 4,360m. At this altitude it is extremely important to acclimatise, and two enjoyable

days were spent trekking in the Chhukhung region. The trekkers’ acclimatisation mantra ‘climb high, sleep low’ certainly paid off, as by the time the group had departed Dingboche all were fit and ready to tackle the last leg of the trek to Base Camp. Pupils scrambled over rocks alongside heavily-laden yaks and marvelled at the iceblue water of the glacial streams and waterfalls that raced down the mountainside. After eight long hours of walking, the team finally made it to Everest Base Camp. Looking down at the site from the ridge, pupils saw the Khumbu Glacier, the famous Khumbu Icefall and Base Camp itself, framed by the majestic peaks of Mount Nupste, Mount

Lhoste and Ama Dablam. They also witnessed a distant avalanche to complete the scene. Stepping down to Base Camp, amid the strings of prayer flags flapping in the wind, was possibly the highlight of the expedition. After eight long days of trekking, having braved temperatures ranging from 20°C to -20°C and constantly thinning air, all pupils finally reached their goal. Everest Base Camp is at 5,340m and all reached it which was a superb achievement for a group of 14-17 year olds. The final days of the trip were spent recuperating in the thriving hub of Kathmandu, and pupils enjoyed visits to the famous Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple) and Durbar

Square. The expedition proved to be a valuable, educational and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Pupils immersed themselves in the Nepali way of life and embraced the traditions and beliefs. The expedition was most certainly a trip of a lifetime and the memories of beautiful landscapes, stunning panoramas and magnificent mountains will not fade. n

News From Chigwell | Spring 2019


Madrid Football Tour Twenty-five Chigwell footballers honed their sporting skills on a development tour to Madrid. The senior students were based in the north east region of Madrid and took part in two training sessions at the Real Madrid Academy under the gaze of the foundation coaches, as well as a training session with La Liga side, Atlético Madrid. The teams played two matches each against local opponents, Paracuellos and Kings College Madrid. The standard of opposition was very good and both matches were extremely competitive.

The squad visited the main tourist attractions in the city as well as Santiago Bernabéu, Real

FOC Fireworks Display The annual Friends of Chigwell (FOC) firework night saw over fifteen hundred parents, pupils and friends assembled on Top Field for a fantastic display.

supplied food and gadgets. The whole evening was organised by the parent volunteers of the FOC who work magnanimously throughout the year to plan events which bring Chigwell families together and raise additional funds for the School.

Not only were the audience treated to a stunning show of fireworks but they were also serenaded by the Chigwell Big Band and a fine array of stalls

We are very fortunate indeed to have such a committed team of parents who are prepared to support us in this way and give of their time so generously. n

Madrid’s stadium. The group were complemented on their behaviour on many occasions

during the tour and were great ambassadors for the School, both on and off the pitch. n

Stella Sails the High Seas

Congratulations to Stella Kearin who, as an army cadet, completed part of the Lord Dannatt Round Britain Challenge as a commemoration of the end of World War II. She sailed the Lord Nelson from Edinburgh to Belfast, a really memorable experience. n 18 | 19


Other Activities…

Pre Prep Great Fire of London workshop

Pre Prep Outdoor Education

Pre Prep Mobile Zoo visit

Year 6 at Neasden Temple

Year 8 at Stubbers Activity Centre

Year 8 at Stubbers Activity Centre

Year 4 Verulamiam visit

Scout investitures

News From Chigwell | Spring 2019


Chigwell Hosts Primary Schools’ Football and Netball Festivals Chigwell School held the annual primary schools’ netball and football festivals. Twelve and eighteen teams participated in the netball and football events respectively from a variety of local schools. The netball teams were placed in small groups as part of the first round of matches and they were then placed into larger groups

allowing each team to play opposition of similar ability. The aim of this festival is to give all players the opportunity to play against other schools, learn new skills and, most importantly, to enjoy playing the sport. The umpires and coaches were fantastic and supported the players throughout each match, which has undoubtedly developed confidence and new skills. All teams improved throughout the morning.

Football teams were placed in three pools of eight and played seven friendly matches. The focus this year was on creating a learning environment where the pupils could play more freely enjoying their football and being more expressive without restriction. The quality of football played was first-rate and the players performed in a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. Congratulations to all the schools that took part

and to those who worked so hard behind the scenes to make the event happen. n

Cross Country

Karate: European Silver Medallist Year 8 pupil André Micallef represented England at the WUKF European Karate Championships in Malta. He fought extremely well and came second in the solo kumite (fighting) category. n 20 | 21


Football at Chigwell


News From Chigwell | Spring 2019

Hockey at Chigwell

22 | 23

News From Chigwell | Spring 2019




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