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Chichester College AS Graphic Communication Congratulations on achieving your place on the course…

All of you here were offered a place on the course because we believe that you have something special to share with the world and more importantly, the world of design. Each of you has been chosen and given the chance to develop your skills in order to make a career for yourselves within the Graphic Design industries. Some of you wish to become Graphic Designer, and even go on and do a Degree in Graphic Design. I will do everything in my power to give you the skills, to get the best grade possible however; you will get out of this course exactly what you put into it. If you apply yourself and give 100% effort, you will be rewarded.

Kim Atkins Course Leader

Course Team Kim Atkins Course Manager Extension: 2289 Staff room: E27 Email:

Personal Tutors Name Vikki Andrews





Lydia Cambell



Vicky Elrick



Chris Galloway



Late Submission All work produced for the course must be submitted at the given deadline. This includes personal study set by your lecturer as well as major assignment deadlines. Any late submission can be refused by your lecturer and a grade not given for that particular piece of work/unit at that time. Anyone who misses a deadline without good reason may have to complete additional work in order to achieve the relevant unit. Late submissions will only be accepted by students with extenuating circumstances. These submissions will only be excepted once you have submitted an extenuating circumstances form, had a follow up meeting and we are happy that the reasons for late submission are valid (under 18s will require parental signature and may require parental attendance at meeting).

Holidays/Trips All holidays, trips and festival visits must be booked outside of the college term times. Anyone who does take time off during term time without permission from the course leader will be put onto the referral system as well as risking the achievement of their full qualification. If holidays (during term time) have already been booked please inform your course leader immediately, during induction week. Failure to notify us will result in the above action being taken. Absences due to family issues may be authorised by your course leader with the completion of an appropriate form.

Attendance/Absences All students must attend all classes and sessions without fail, this could endanger you place on the course. Lateness will also not be tolerated as this too attributes to your attendance percentages. Continued lateness will result in the use of the referral system. If you are going to be absent/late to college, you must inform your Personal Tutor who will in turn inform your course leader and appropriate lecturer(s). Failure to do so will also result in the use of the referral system. Any students who are absent or late will be required to complete a relevant form and attend a meeting if deemed necessary to discuss the situation.

Equipment list. Here is the equipment list for your first year, though some of this will be included in your art pack. Art packs are £25 and are available from the art technicians. Sketchbooks. These are a very personal thing and can be made or bought. However, some method of recording ideas, thoughts, notes, either through sketching or writing, is required for field trips and studio/project work alike. Scraps of paper will not do. The size of sketchbook used is your choice, however, I would suggest working in sizes from A5 to A3. Portfolio. Portfolios are essential for keeping your design sheets, graphic works neat and safe. At this stage your portfolio does not have to be too expensive, we will discuss this as we move into the year. Rulers. Metal rulers are best as they can be used in the studio/workshop to give accurate measurements as well as acting as a cutting edge. Size 300mm. If you can prevent these from walking off then they will last you a lifetime. Digital Camera + Memory Stick. We recommend that you get a digital camera (noting too elaborate – put it on the Xmas list). Also you will need a memory stick or hard drive to store your computer work on – at least 2GB. Pencils. A traditional pencil set concentrate on grades 2H through to 4B, with perhaps B and 2B being those most frequently sharpened, will be useful for sketching etc. Pens. Drawing pens with fine nibs (0.7, 0.5,) can be useful, also a set of coloured drawing pens would also be useful. Wet Media and Dry Media A set of watercolours or acrylics may also be useful, along with various other media like pastels chalks etc. You need to show you can experiment with various traditional media. Masking Tape. Any type. Glues. General Gluesticks for paper and card and PVA or UHU (yellow tube) adhesive for card

Learning Resources Chichester Online You will be able to access all your project briefs, the handbook and useful material on the internet. 1. Go to: 2. Type in your student Login and Password 3. Select: ART042CF1A – National Diploma 3D Design

eTracker You will be able to track your progress, grades and deadline dates on eTracker.

The L Drive The L Drive is where all the course material is stored in College. Access it from any computer at College. It is located on the Desktop. This is split into several key sections:

Resource Image Resources

Visual Library

Location L:\Media Archives\image resources

Use Thousands of scans from weird and wonderful books that you can use in your work or for inspiration

L:\Media Archives\Visual Library

Thousands of scans from Art & Design books for research, analysis and inspiration

L:\Media Archives\

Where you can access loads of images and work from previous students, i.e. web pages, animations, exhibitions.

Library The Library has an extensive selection of books, journals and DVDs that we have worked very hard to build up over the years. It has some really great books that you will need to make use of during your time on the course as these resources are invaluable to your personal design development. Useful Addresses Coln Gallery – North Street, Chichester – Art shop (sketchbooks, scalpels, and art materials) can be expensive. Sussex Stationers – North Street, Chichester – reasonably priced, though small selection of art materials, sketchbooks and stationary. WH Smith – North Street, Chichester – general stationary supplies and fairly good stock of journals. Hobbycraft – Havant – art and craft supply store. Computer use during lessons The use of computers to view sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube (even for music), Ebay, and so on, is strictly prohibited during lesson time. Anyone caught viewing any such sites without permission will have their computer use entitlement revoked for a period of time. The referral procedure may also be used. If a lecturer feels you are using the internet in a way that is not relevant to your studies they will be entitled to use disciplinary action. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Ebay, email accounts and so on can be viewed during your non-lesson time at open access or via the college’s wireless network. The entire college estate is set up for wireless internet. Simply bring in your own laptop or internet ready device and speak to computer services to get online.

Code of Conduct As well as the general college code of conduct, you must also read through this code of conduct, sign at the bottom of the page and hand this to your course leader. This form will be kept as a record of your agreement to these rules. By signing this form you are declaring that you have read the information within this handbook as well as the rules below, and that as a student on this course you have understood this information and agree to abide by all rules given within. The rules below are in place to help you learn and succeed to the best of your ability. 1.

Submit all work (major assignments and personal study) on time and to deadline given.


Arrive punctual and on time to lessons – don’t miss your opportunity to learn.


Attend all lessons given on time table – achieve 100% attendance.


Inform staff of reasons for any absence and non-attendance.


Attend all meetings and tutorial sessions given by teaching staff and personal tutor.


No eating or drinking in class – Bottled water only.


No sitting/waiting/loitering in corridors and other areas (such as E-block foyer).


Wear appropriate clothing and footwear to your sessions (observe W70 Health+Safety for instance)


Bring correct equipment and materials with you to sessions – Art Kit, sketchbooks etc. – ready to learn.

10. Leave all studios and workshops tidy before leaving each session. 11. Observe appropriate manners and behaviour whilst on college property and during lessons. 12. Place all litter in bin – keep studios, workshop and college grounds tidy. 13. Smoking is permitted only in the designated areas (shelters opposite W70 + bottom of C-block) 14. Carry student card at all times – required for identification purposes, library/open access use. 15. Do not use Mobile phones during lesson times unless instructed by lecturer (turn it off) 16. MP3 players may only be used with permission from lecturer. (use it, don’t abuse it) 17. Do not use computers in lesson time for any other reason than that specified by your lecturer (No Facebook, Twitter, ebay, Youtube or other similar site to be used, viewed unless instructed by lecturer). 18. Listen to lecturers when they are talking/giving instruction. 19. Listen to other students when they are talking/giving opinions/presenting work. 20. Keep all work in a safe place until the qualification has been achieved. 21. Follow instructions given to you by college staff. 22. Focus, concentrate, make an effort and not distract others from learning – be fit to learn. 23. Achieve to the best of your ability. Exceed expectations. 24. Enjoy yourself and have fun whilst learning.

By signing this form you are agreeing to abide by all rules listed above and conduct yourself according to the information within this handbook. All relevant disciplinary action will be taken and the referral procedure used should you break this agreement. Name: Signature: Date:

Lecturer Code of Conduct In exchange for your agreement to adhere to our rules and policies your lecturers will agree to: 1. Assess work and deliver feedback in an appropriate time period (agreed by lecturer and student at time of submission). 2. Arrive punctual and on time to lessons. 3. Respect all students. 4. Be approachable and patient to all students. 5. Be understanding and polite to all students. 6. To teach to a high standard. 7. To be professional at all times. 8. Work with students to help them achieve to the best of their ability. 9. Not use mobile phones in lesson time. 10. Listen to students when they are talking/giving opinions/ presenting work. 11. Observe appropriate manners and behaviour whilst in lessons.

handbook 11-12  

A level graphic design handbook for yr 11-12