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LeadForce I Lead & Data Management Software I Leading the Pack

LEADING THE PACK Needs Driven Technological Solutions

LeadForce速 is proprietary and was developed by Laser Image to meet the ever changing and increasingly demanding needs of our insurance clients. What started as an order mailing, lead distribution and data management need - evolved into a leading web based, robust, dynamic, and strategic, insurance business solution. Thanks to technology, the internet, and a host of forward thinking individuals, our lead and data management software is now available across multiple platforms and has changed the way agents and their managers do business. LeadForce offers the most streamlined lead ordering and distribution system that is eco-friendly, simple to use, web based and now available as a mobile application. 1

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LeadForce® has two separate portals. One is designed with Managers and Administrators in mind and offers treasure trove full of features and benefits you won’t find anywhere else. With one click of the mouse managers can order mailings by zip code, demographics, and lead piece. A simple drag and drop features makes assigning leads as easy as it gets, and since it goes directly to the agents dashboard their is no need to print which means it’s “green” and saves trees as well as reduces your paper costs.

One click lead assign

and quick view status updates makes managing a breeze.

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LeadForce I Lead & Data Management Software I Leading the Pack

Customizable Dashboards for Managers and Agents

LeadForce I Lead & Data Management Software I We have an app

LeadForce® has once again stuck it’s flag down first by developing and launching the first ever lead delivery application that has geo-mapping, lead and disposition updates, and hot links to the prospects phone number for one touch dialing. We gave away three iPhones last month in our launch promotion to Universal American agents/ support staff who clearly see the advantage they have over their competition by accessing new leads the instant they come in. They were surprised to see how much they could do with their phone and excited to test out the geo-mapping which offers up driving directions, and try the hot link quick call feature. which allowed them to contact the prospect the same day the lead came in. LeadForce will continue to bring it’s clients stateof-the-art features to help them stay competitive!


First to Market Work from anywhere!


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Our IT Geeks - Never Rest!

It’s impossible for us to show you every screen and the multitude of features, but rest assured LeadForce® continually grows and evolves for the better -– always improving and updating the aspects agents and managers need and want most. If there is a viable business need that will improve productivity, reduce cost, save time, or help in decision analysis, we are dedicated to developing a LeadForce business solution that is relevant and timely.

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LeadForce I Lead & Data Management Software I New and Improved


LeadForce I Lead & Data Management Software I Proven and Reliable

OUR own UNIQUE niche... Laser Image, the company behind LeadForce has been developing this online data driven system for twenty years. Creating the most robust and relevant lead management program was a collaborative effort. Thanks to all our insurance clients, we continued to tweak, enhance, evolve and grow a system that answers pretty much every business need they throw at us.

We live and breath insurance. Where as, the competition is all over the board.

We have experienced growth and profitability in a struggling economy due in great part to the fact our system is a must have in the insurance world if you plan to gain greater market share. Staring with proven creative that delivers the best proven ROI to easy one click ordering to instant access to leads..the system is designed specifically for the insurance industry.

Our competitors don’t offer everything we do, just bits and pieces. LeadForce is an all encompassing solution for the CEO on down to the field level. Accountability, productivity, cost analysis, mapping your next office location based on propensity to buy, are just a few things you won’t see anywhere else. We are the best because we are focused on helping you run your business and not selling you tired leads.


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LeadForce - Total buisness solution for insurance companies  

Proven creative, mail ordering, lead distribution, data management, robust reporting, web 2.0 easy navigation and use. For the CEO down to t...

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