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Chien Chic Boutique is an all encompassing fashion, accessories and lifestyle magazine specifically tailored for your furry companion.

















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EDITOR’S NOTE: Chien Chic Boutique”, created by dog lover Nina Blanchard, aims to bring you affordable but high quality designer dog clothes, accessories and items straight to your door. Can you earn money while meeting people with the same love of dogs and animals as yourself? Of course you can. At Chien Chic Boutique, we are always welcoming dog loving individuals to become “Chien Chic Boutique” representatives. Becoming a representative will give you the independence to work on a part-time basis, anywhere in the country, doing something you love. Not to mention the potential to earn up to 20% commission on an order – in just one evening’s work. If you choose to grow your own business and become a sales leader, that grants you the ability to recruit representatives to join your own team. The more your team grows, the more your earning potential grows too. Starting at the 4% team leader commission, you’ll have the opportunity to grow this up to 9%, which will also be added to your own sales. If this sounds like something you would love, then please contact us and become part of the Chien Chic Boutique team today.

Nina x CONTACT US TODAY Email: Phone: 07799430327 Visit:


...and How To Rid Your Pet of Them! ro t n o C Flea


Fleas are a common problem for pet owners, research has shown that 10% of the UK dog population and 20% of cats will be harboring fleas as you read this – that’s about 890,000 dogs and 2.2 million cats! The ability of fleas to thrive and persist is due to their biology and incorrect use of flea treatments. This post aims to provide owners with some useful practical tips and information to help and successfully treat and prevent flea infestations.

og l o i B Flea


The flea life cycle shows how fleas proliferate in the environment. When a flea jumps onto a pet, it will begin to feed soon afterwards by penetrating the skin and sucking the animal’s blood. This can cause intense itchiness and inflammation of the skin in those pets that are hypersensitive to flea saliva. Scratching can lead to hair loss and self-trauma, leading to bacterial infection in some cases. Such animals should be referred to a vet because not only will they need flea treatment, they will also need medication to treat the itchy, inflamed and possibly infected skin. Thankfully most pets will not be so badly affected and will just require a flea treatment however it is also important to treat the environment. 24 hours after feeding, the female flea will lay eggs in the animal’s coat – up to 50 eggs per day! These will fall off the pet as it moves through its environment, scattering flea eggs everywhere. When the eggs hatch, larvae emerge and will migrate to seek darkness,

such as deep within carpets, between floor boards and within bedding. Eventually the larvae will create a cocoon called a pupae in which they will develop to become a flea. The pupal stage can be regarded as a state of hibernation because the pupae are resistant to chemicals, in fact all flea products and can remain viable for up to 12 months. From the scale of egg production and the prevalence of pupae, it can be seen how flea numbers can increase so quickly and persist in the home environment. Once developed, the immature (and hungry) fleas will emerge from their protective cocoons in response to increases in temperature, humidity and nearby vibrations ready to jump onto the next animal or human that passes by.

s a e l F r fo t n e m Treat

The strategy for flea control requires breaking the flea life cycle by using a product that kills fleas on the pet. Due to the environmental burden of flea eggs, larvae and pupae, a flea infestation will not resolve shortly after administering the treatment because new fleas will continue to emerge from any existing viable pupae. The time taken to fully eradicate the infestation will depend upon the numbers of these life cycle stages in the pet’s environment however, the process can be accelerated by following the key steps below: Administer the flea treatment according to the manufacturer’s instructions and repeat at the recommended intervals. Ensure that all household pets are treated with a suitable product. Check the animal’s body weight to avoid under dosing.

Use a household spray that kills eggs and larvae. Thoroughly clean all pets’ bedding – wash above 60°C to kill eggs and larvae. Vacuum all areas where the pet has access (including the car) to remove eggs, larvae and pupae. The vibrations will also stimulate pupation and emergence of new fleas which will jump onto the treated animal. Turning on the central heating and placing damp towels over the radiators will increase room temperature and humidity and stimulate pupation. The Fleascreen Combo contains an adulticide which kills fleas on the pet plus an insect growth regulator which stops flea eggs from hatching and the larvae developing, therefore, providing additional control of the flea life cycle takes in the environment. Both Frontline and Fiprotec contain an adulticide

which only kills fleas on the infected pet. Chien Chic Ltd are please to announce, that we are one of the groomers in Hereford chosen to sell this licensed veterinary combo flea screan. It has been tried and tested on our own dogs and it works a treat. Good news to you is its much more affordable than other brands whilst doing exactly the same job.This is a combo flea treatment so will kill fleas,ticks and will stop eggs developing, for up to 8 weeks. In each pack there are three applications supplied as a spot on. We can supply for Small, Medium, Large Dogs and Cats. Please visit:



Collars & Leads Sets With DO&G handmade dog collars, your fluffy companion will be the most stylish pooch in the park. From decadent and luxurious Chinese silk to trendy denim to your classic leather collar, your dog will never fail to be comfortable, content and dashing 24/7

es n o t S s Preciou

s d a e L s Preciou

S:PJ1715 M: PJ1716 L: PJ1716

One Size: PJ1718

S:PJ1178 M:PJ1179 L:PJ1180

One Size: PJ1184

S:PJ1181 M:PJ1182 L:PJ1183

One Size: PJ1185

s l a t e M s u o i c e Pr

One Size: PJ097

One Size: PJ096



Collars & Leads Sets ecti l l o C er h t a e L


XS: PJ043 S:PJ049 M:PJ085 L:PJ244

One Size: PJ096

XS:PJ047 S:PJ083 M:PJ089 L:PJ248

One Size: PJ095

XS:PJ042 S:PJ048 M:PJ084 L:PJ243

One Size: PJ090

XS:PJ046 S:PJ082 M:PJ088 L:PJ247

One Size: PJ094

XS:PJ044 S:PJ080 M:PJ086 L:PJ255

One Size: PJ092

XS:PJ045 S:PJ081 M:PJ087 L:PJ246

One Size: PJ093

n o i t c e l ol C i r a Saf

S:PJ1144, M:PJ1145 L:PJ1146 XL:PJ1147

One Size: PJ1149

S:PJ1140 M:PJ1141 L:PJ1142 XL:PJ1143

One Size: PJ1148



Statement Collars Silk

s n o i s s e Expr

One Size: SE001

One Size: SE002

One Size: SE003

One Size: SE004

One Size: SE005

One Size: SE006


lk i S l a rient

One Size: OS003

One Size: OS001

One Size: OS002

One Size: OS005

One Size: OS004

ic h C o Boh

XS:RG006 S:RG007 M:RG008 L:RG009 XL:RG010

XS:RG001 S:RG002 M:RG003 L:RG004 XL:RG005

One Size: BCD002

One Size: BCL001



Purrfect Collars We also cater to our feline friends too. The stunning CA&T collars (which are made from high-quality fabric, featuring a fully adjustable elastic collar) are paired with a patterned bow and adorned with a gold bell, making our cat collars not only high-quality, but fabulous.

s w o B ned r e t t a P








Pursuits The K9 Pursuits ‘Get Active’ range features a whole collection of innovative, functional and of course, high-quality products for your dog. From the (adorable but essential) K9 “Float Coat” for your fluffy companion’s water adventures, to the interactive indoor games, the ‘Get Active’ line doesn’t just stop there. The collection also includes (but is not limited to), a K9 Treat Holder, K9 Accessory Bag, K9 Activity Belt and Lead, a K9 Travel Bowl… and so many more. Grab your active gear and get ready to explore what the world has to offer with your dog by your side.”

e g n a R ve i t c A Get



Accessory Bag e g n a R Colour

This handy accessory bag features all the pockets and components you’ll need to hold your dog’s treats and accessories. With a useful velcro flap (which can be opened and closed with one hand), and measuring 15cm in width, this k9 Accessory Bag comes in a fabulous orange, bright blue or chic brown shade - making it a staple for those adventures with your favourite furry friend.






Activity Belt e g n a R Colour



Created using lightweight but durable nylon fabric and tough webbing, the K9 Activity belt is ideal for keeping all your doggy treats in one place. Featuring a padded inside for extra comfort as well as a breathable mesh layer, the Activity Belt can also be used in conjunction with the K9 Activity Lead for hands free walking or running with your favourite canine friend. The metal D-Ring on either side of the belt allows you to attach the Activity Lead or other items, as well as being fully adjustable around your waist with durable interlocking buckles, ensuring the Activity Belt doesn’t leave your waist any time soon. Available in hot pink or lime green.



Outdoor Accessories You and your dog’s favourite new outdoor accessory trio: the Foldable Travel Bowl, the Activity Lead and the Treat Holder. The Activity Lead allows you to run or walk hands free with your companion firmly attached to you via the Activity Belt (see page 19). Triple stitched for extra security, the stitching down the sides of the belt are also reflective, ensuring you and your dog stay safe and seen not only in the day, but in the evening too.

wl o B l e v a r T e l Foldab



ad e L y t ctivi


der l o H t Trea

Green: PJ1602

Red: PJ1601

Blue: PJ1603

The Foldable Travel Bowl is made from tough waterproof fabric, featuring a fully cleanable lining in bright orange, which is also waterproof. Featuring a carabiner clip and metal ring for attachments, this useful travel bowl is perfect for trips out to hold your dog’s food or water. Last but not least is the brilliant Treat Holder, made from cleanable nylon fabric with a drawstring for closure. The triple stitching is reflective, once again ensuring you and your dog’s safety. The Treat Holder is available in three different colours: green, red and blue, and measures 8cm x 14cm x 16cm



Adventures Whether it’s camping, sailing, or simply a lovely drive, we’ve got everything you need and more to keep your lovely furry friend safe and sound.


k c a p k c Ba

Fitted with detachable packs, adjustable straps, fully breathable mesh and reflective stripes, the K9 Pursuits Trail-Blazer backpack is the ideal backpack for your furry friend! Available in “Small”, “Medium” and “Large”.

S:PJ1411 M:PJ1412 L:PJ1413

at o C t a Flo

This bright orange Float Coat is ideal for dogs who may not be the most comfortable or confident in the water but still love to splash about. With reflective accents, adjustable straps and a top grab handle for quick and easy retrieval, the K9 Pursuits Float Coat ensures an exciting but safe water experience for your pooch. Available in various sizes.



Pup Pocket For the little puppies that aren’t quite ready for the big wide world yet, but are still curious to see it, the K9 “Pup Pocket” is the perfect item. Measuring 38cm x 7cm x 23cm, it’s created from water-resistant nylon fabric, has an inner safety harness for added safety and has mesh sides ensuring well-ventilated travels for your mini furry friend.




Pursuits es n r a H e l b a h t Brea






Available in a beautiful cherry red, jet black and royal blue, these stunning mesh harnesses are comfortable yet strong wearing, ensuring your dog stays safe at all times. Available in various sizes.



Interactive Games The K9 range of interactive games provide hours of not only physical stimulation, but mental stimulation too! These games were designed to give dogs an exciting “treat seeking� task that will challenge and keep them busy. Clearly graded in difficulty ranging from 1 (easy) to 5 (difficult), and 100% recyclable, these interactive games provide hours of fun for your dog.








The Immortals

Octopus: PJ1616

Crab: PJ1615 Squeak Snake: PJ1618

Gecko: PJ1617

Squeak Snake: PJ1620

Frog: PJ1619

Mini Duck: PJ1622

Mini Frog: PJ1621



Switchers & Sliders Dogs that eat quickly can suffer from bad indigestion and flatulence, causing both them and their owner to suffer. The K9 Switchers and Sliders allow your dog to slow down while eating but also have fun, adding an exciting twist to meal times. Available in various colours.

rs e h c t i Sw



s r e d i l S





s e s a C Carry

Agility This “Agility Hoop Jump” is perfect for starting your pooch’s agility journey! Whether it’s for fun or for a potential future in agility competitions, the Agility Jump Hoop is the ideal addition to your back garden. And thanks to its carry case and easy to build structure, you can take the Agility Hoop Jump wherever you and your dog choose to go.

d l i u B o Easy t

Hoop Jump: PJ1451

Weave Poles: PJ1418

High Jump: PJ1452



A one-size-fits-all collar that lights up to keep your dog safe on those evening walks. With rechargeable LED lights available in blue, green, or red, the battery life lasts for up to 7 hours and can be charged via a USB.

Blue: PJ1460

Green: PJ1461

Red: PJ1462




Pawfume Shop

A favourite here at Chien Chic, these doggy perfumes are just like the ones you would find on the high street. From “T’Alien” to “cKnine”, these pawfumes are safe and easy to use, and are used in our own grooming studio. From the zesty and floral “She’s a Dog In a Million”, to the musk and sandalwood of “FurEternity”, these pawfumes contain chamomile extract which help to soothe your furry friend’s skin. Modelled after popular human perfumes, these pawfumes allow your dog to have that special “je ne sais quoi” after their bath or grooming session.


Toto Chienelle

Breed Agility

Tropical Tails

Baby Powder



Dog in a Million

Jinny Chow

John Paw Gotea


She’s a Dog in a Million





Anti-bacterial Collars

Made from recycled inner bicycle tubes, these no stink anti-bacterial dog collars and leads from Cycle Dog are the perfect way to reduce your carbon “pawprint”. The reclaimed rubber prevents bacteria from growing and thriving, stopping the collar from becoming sticky and smelly. The collar features a Latch-Lock metal buckle fastener, an ID Spot Loop Attach, and a lead attachment. We also stock the “Ecoweave” collars, which have been created from post-consumer recycled water bottles, and come in various funky styles. .

ve a e W o Ec





a i r e t c a Anti b




th d i W 1 inch

M:PJ1298 L:PJ1306

M:PJ1299 L:PJ1307

M:PJ1305 L:PJ1313

M:PJ1358 L:PJ1359

M:PJ1303 L:PJ1311

M:PJ1362 L:PJ1363

M:PJ1366 L:PJ1367

M:PJ1300 L:PJ1308

M:PJ1301 L:PJ1309

M:PJ1302 L:PJ1310

M:PJ1303 L:PJ1311


ads e L h 60 inc PJ1368 6FT_1.25

PJ1322 6FT_1.25

PJ1323 6FT_1.25

PJ1324 6FT_1.25

PJ1325 6FT_1.25

PJ1326 6FT_1.25

PJ1327 6FT_1.25

PJ1328 6FT_1.25

PJ1329 6FT_1.25

PJ1360 6FT_1.25

PJ1364 6FT_1.25


Trail Buddy

5c 1 x 5 1 e z i S e On






CycleDOG Fuzzies

MED: Blue 20CM PJ1347

MED: 33X23X8CM PJ1343

SML: Green 10CM PJ1348

MED: 33X23X8CM PJ1343

MED: 20X10X13CM PJ1341


MED: 20X10X13CM PJ1342


MED: 31X18X18CM PJ1340

MED: 25X25X8CM PJ1344

LRG: 25cm PJ1352

MED: 18cm PJ1353

MINI: 15X10X3CM PJ1346

SML Ball: 12cm PJ1354



Ecolast Toys

20cm Orange Tyre Flyer: PJ1332

9cm Green High Roller: PJ1331

6cm High Roller: PJ1330

15cm Green Snake: PJ1339

10x7.5x7.5cm Pink Turtle: PJ1336

17x4x4cm Blue Hippo: PJ1333

17x4x4cm Orange Dino: PJ1335

10x7.5x7.5cm Purple Dino: PJ1337

10x7.5x7.5cm Pink Hippo: PJ1338

17x4x4cm Green Turtle: PJ1334


Barking Bakery

Baked lovingly by Michelle (with the taste testing help from her dog Spot) in the Barking Bakery kitchen, only the highest quality of ingredients make it into her delicious doggy-friendly treats. From customisable cakes to iced “Woofins”, Barking Bakery are the doggy bakery of you and your dogs’ dreams.


Barking Bakery

Perfect for your pooch, Barking Bakery have the Pawty cake for any occasion! A low fat, light and fluffy moist delicious sponge, topped with their famous icing and bone shaped biscuits – this delicious treat is sure to make your dog’s day. The cake is completely customisable as it comes with icing pens and candles for you to write your own message to the furry love of your life

sab i m o t s Cu



e g a s s e m n w o r u yo e t i r W




Barking Bakery

The baby of the original Iced Woofin, Barking Bakery’s Trio of Mini Woofins, are the perfect tea time treat for your dog and their friends (if there’s any left to hand out, that is)…Michelle’s expert taste-tester Spot loves the original Barking Bakery favourite: the “Iced Woofin.” Lovingly handmade with dog friendly, delicious and delightful ingredients, there is no treat better than the Iced Woofin – just ask Spot.”

t Product Lis

Iced Trios 0609 Uniced Trio’s 0610

ses a C y r Car

t Product Lis

Vanilla Iced Vanilla Woofin 0601 Carob Iced Vanilla Woffin 0602 Pink Iced Vanilla Woofin 0603 Vanilla Iced Carob Woofin 0604 Carob Iced Carob Woofin 0605 Pink Iced Carob Woofin 0606 Vanilla Woofin 0607 Carob Woofin 0608


Barking Bakery

th d i W 1 inch

Doggy Popcorn Bag 0611

Rocky Road 0619

Small Animal Popcorn Tub 0621

Doggy Popcorn Tub 0618

Garlicky Hen Popcorn Tub 0622



t Product Lis

LimeGreenHarness-XS LimeGreenHarness-S LimeGreenHarness-M LimeGreenHarness-L Dungarees-S Dungarees-M



t Product Lis

LoveR&B-M GreyFurCoat-XS GreyFurCoat-S BlackFurCoat-S

t Product Lis

YellowRaincoat-XS YellowRaincoat-S YellowRaincoat-M PinkRaincoat-XS PinkRaincoat-S PinkRaincoat-M GreenRaincoat-XS GreenRaincoat-S GreenRaincoat-M


t Product Lis

RedVelvetFriday-S RedVelvetFriday-M RainbowJumper-S RainbowJumper-M PopcornJumper-S PopcornJumper-M PopcornJumper-L

t Product Lis

YellowHoodie-S YellowHoodie-M YellowHoodie-L BeeDenimGillet-S BeeDenimGillet-M BeeDenimGillet-L FloralHipHop-S FloralHipHop-M FloralHipHop-L


t Product Lis

BlueJumper-S BlueJumper-M BlueJumper-L BlueJumper-XL WingedHarness-M SparkleCoat-L


DoggieBACKPACK LionBackPack-M LionBackPack-L LionBackPack-XL


GroomingPARLOUR TOP QUALITY GROOMING FOR YOUR DOG Hydrobath Dog Bath Mud Spa Treatments Full Grooms/Trims High Quality Spitz Spray Nail Clipping Anul Gland Expression Wash and Brush with Luxury Shampoo

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