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Operation Scugog ~ Holiday Hampers Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as ever you can. J. Wesley Neighbours Helping Neighbours Prince Albert PS has adopted three Scugog families through the Operation Scugog Christmas hamper initiative. Each family will receive all of the ingredients (peanut free food items) for Christmas dinner* as well as gifts for each family member. Additional items (e.g., morning treats) and personal touches are greatly appreciated. Wrapping paper, tape and tags are also appreciated. Gifts for the adults will be wrapped at school while gifts for the kids will go unwrapped so that the parents are able to prepare gifts for the children. A wish list was created by each family and is provided below. Each division has adopted a family and the wish list for each family has been sub-divided by class. Prince Albert families can contribute by donating a specific items or making a small financial contribution towards the purchase of larger wishlist items. We have shoppers set to go who would love to gather the higher prices items on behalf of many families donating. All contributions are greatly appreciated. If donating by cheque, please make payable to “Prince Albert PS” so that we are able to purchase the items wished for by the families detailed below. Items and donations are requested by Monday, December 13th. * Food provided for Christmas dinner will include everything for dinner except the turkey for which the families will receive a voucher to shop for.

Primary Division (JK-Grade Three) ~ Family D8 Family has a Mom and three girls. The girls are ages 8 and two 5 yr old twins. Wishlist Items: Kindergarten M/W

Kindergarten Tu/Th

Grade 1 Class

Wrapping Paper/Tags Christmas Meal* items Treats

Twin Daughter Age 5 Wishes: Clothes - Size 6 Mittens/Socks Hat PJ’s Strawberry Shortcake

Twin Daughter Age 5 Wishes: Clothes - Size 6x/7 Mittens/Socks Hat PJ’s Zhu Zhu’s My Little Ponies

Christmas meal for family C15 too.

Grade 2 Class Mom’s Wishes: Size XL Bath Towels Hoodies Socks - Size 10 Mittens/Socks Hat PJ’s

Grade 3 Class Daughter Age8 Wishes: Size 10 Mittens/Socks Hat/Touque PJ’s Likes Spongebob Books Wii games

Junior Division (Grades 3/4 - 6) ~ Family C15 Family has a 2 parents and 2 boys. Boys ages are 7 and 13. Wishlist Items: Grade 3/4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Resource Room (Junior)

Boy - Aged 7 Wishlist: Size 9/10 Track pants Hoodies Sock/underwear PS2 games Cars &trucks

Boy - Aged 13 Wishlist: Size 30" waist/34" length Jeans Socks/Boxers Hoodies Winter Coat PSP Games

Parents Mom: Size L (12-14) Trackpants Size 10 slippers

Wrapping Paper/Tags

Dad: Size Large Pants 36-38"/ 32" length trackpants jeans sweater/t-shirt

Intermediate Division (7-8) ~ Family D7 Family has a Mom and 2 boys. Boys ages are 10 and 13. Grade 7

Grade 8

Resource Room (Intermediate)

Boy Age 10 Wishlist: Size 14 Boxers PJ’s Socks Tech Decks

Boy Age 13 Wishlist: Size 14 Boxers PJ’s Socks Tech Decks

Mom Wishlist: Size 9 clothing queen size sheets tea towels shampoo & conditioner

Christmas Dinner wrapping paper/tags

Please be in touch with your child’s classroom teacher if you have questions about donation items. Any duplicate items will be donated to Operation Scugog. Thank you, in advance, for your contribution and working with us to help kids give to kids in their community. The staff at Prince Albert Public School

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Operation Scugog  

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