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Apple’s antioxidant prevents the damage to cells and tissues. The fiber contained in apples reduces cholesterol. Apples are high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C

MAY 2011


MAY - JUNE 2012

Reaching the needy Free Health Check up Camp for Villagers

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Vaatsalya’s Training Academy Page 4

World Environment Day at Vaatsalya

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International Nurses Day Across Vaatsalya Hospitals

ZOR LAGA KE HAIYAA..! Tug of War competition arranged in Vaatsalya Hospital, Narasannapeta during the Nurses Day

“Tribute to Florence Nightingale” A scene from Nurses Day Celebration at Vaatsalya Hospital, Hubli

profession in our society. This year is no exception. Vaatsalya hospitals has been celebrating Nurses’ day since their inception in 2005. This year, an oath was taken by all the nursing staff to show their dedication towards their profession. There Vaatsalya Hospital Staff taking an Oath during the was also a presentation on Nurses day celebration various challenges of modern nursing International Nurses Day, celebrated which was presented by the nursing on 12th May every year is also recognised around the world as Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Florence Nightingale’s work laid the foundations for a modern nursing profession. She set out to improve the care that nurses give, helping to save lives but also improve the quality of A nursing staff making rangoli during the nurses day celebration patients’ lives. Today’s nurses are the guardians of Florence Nightingale’s superintendent this was followed by vision. It is always a time for nurses a Quiz Competition on Infection to gather and celebrate the role of this control and Basic Life Support,

Launching Soon

Arif Basheer

Corporate Correspondent, VT, Bangalore

honouring the senior staff nurses at the hospital, sharing of individual experience in their nursing career and rangoli competition etc. International Nurses Day is the perfect opportunity for recognizing the contribution and effort of nursing staffs. Vaatsalya presented Florence Nightingale Awards to 25 of their

A scene from the quiz competition during the nurses day celebration

nurses who delivered extraordinary performance this year

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Vaatsalya Hospitals is proud to add two new hospitals to their network at Chikmagalur and Proddatur. Asha workers from Lakkavarapukota, Vizianagaram, reading the Vaatsalya Times in an event arranged by Vaatsalya Hospital.

Vaatsalya welcomes their new consultants Vaatsalya Hospital, Proddatur, Andhra Pradesh

Dr. Haseebuddin

Dr. Seema

Consultant Anaesthetist Consultant Pathologist Vaatsalya Hospital, Gulbarga Vaatsalya Hospital, Shimoga

Vaatsalya Hospital, Proddatur Vaatsalya Hospital, Proddatur started its operations on 15th May 2012 under the leadership of Dr. Nagadastagiri Reddy, Medical Director and Consultant General Surgeon. An MBBS graduate from Kurnool Medical College and an MS from Nagpur University, he started Kalyan Chakravarthy in 1986 hoping to provide affordable surgeries for the people of Proddatur. He has previously held the post of Assistant Professor

Vaatsalya Hospital, Chikmagalur, Karnataka

of Surgery at King George Hospital at Vishakapatnam. He is also the president of Sevabharathi Proddatur Hostel for poor and orphan children providing scholarship for the children. He is presently one of the Governing Council members of the Indian Medical Association, Proddatur.

Vaatsalya Hospital, Chikmagalur Inaugurated on 15th May 2012, Vaatsalya Hospital, Chikmagalur is headed by Dr. J P Krishne Gowda, Medical Director and Consultant Paediatrician. Dr. Nagadastagiri Reddy, An MBBS graduate from MRMC, Medical Director & Gulbarga and a Diploma in Child Consultant Surgeon Health (D.CH) from Karnatak Medial College, Hubli, Dr. J P Krishne

For online version visit

Gowda started Joldal Nursing Home on May 10, 1978 along with his wife, Dr. Jyothi Krishna, Consultant Gynaecologist. His dedication in reaching out to children in need has also extended towards “Ashakirana Blind School”, where he has presided over as a President for the past few years. He is also the recipient of Kannada Rajyotsava Award. He is an active member of Indian Red Cross Society, Karnataka Medical Council and Indian Academy of Paediatrics. Dr. J P Krishne Gowda, Medical Director & Consultant Paediatrician



MAY - JUNE 2012

Snapshots of Change

Reaching the needy Free Health Check up Camp for Villagers Hassan: A free health check-up camp was conducted at Kuppali Village on 21st April 2012. It was attended by over 80 patients who received basic health treatments from Dr. Bharathi Rajashekar, Medical Director and Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician; Dr. Haroon, Consultant Physician and Dr. Pavan, Consultant Nephrologist.

Over 120 patients attended the camp and were tested for basic ailments.

Doctors from Vaatsalya attending to the patient

Dr. Golvi Mohan and team during the camp at Kothuru Village

Doctor from Vaatsalya Gulbarga checking a patient at Hebbal Village

30th April in Jami village. More than 70 patients attended the camp where more than 20 patients were identified with surgical cases. Dr. Renu kumar and Dr. Bhavani were the consultants involved in the camp.

Vizianagaram: A free medical helpline camp was conducted on 8th May at Pulabag village on the occasion of a local temple festival. More than 300 devotees availed the services of the camp and received free medicines as well.

Dr. Renu Kumar and Dr. Bhavani during the camp at Jami village

Patients registering at the camp in Pulabag

Gulbarga: An outreach camp was conducted at Hebbal Village in Gulbarga district on 28th April.

Gulbarga: A health check-up camp was conducted at the Government Hospital in Sedam, Gulbarga on

Dr. Bharathi Rajashekar during the camp at Kuppali Village

Narasannapet: A free helpline program was conducted at Kothuru Village on 25th April by Dr. Golvi Mohan. More than 60 people availed the basic health services that were provided. Vizianagaram: A free surgical check-up camp was conducted on

Shilpa Mani Corporate Correspondant, VT, Bangalore

12th May. The camp was attended by over 120 patients and was conducted by Dr. Basavanth Patil, Medical Director and Consultant Surgeon. Vizianagaram: A Surgical check-up camp was conducted at Alamanda Village on 29th May by Dr. Renu kumar and Dr. Bhavani. More than 150 patients were screened and few surgical cases were referred to Vaatsalya Hospital as well.

Dr. Bhavani attending to the patients at the camp

In-house training programs Tarikere: Basic nursing training program was conducted for all the nursing staff by Suma,

Gulbarga: Dr. Vinod Uplaonkar, Consultant Paediatrician conducted a training program for the nurses at Vaatsalya Hospital on 6th May. They were instructed on the procedure for Neonatal Resuscitation.

Vaatsalya Anantapur training program

Nursing staff taking notes during the presentation

Nurses during the training session.

Hubli: A training program was conducted for nurses on April 29th and May 6th at Vaatsalya Hospital on Defibrillation & Temporary cardiac pacing and usage of the ECG machine. This program was conducted by the Intensivist team and the Nursing Superintendent in collaboration with GK Pharmaceuticals.

Gulbarga: Training program on Patient Monitoring Systems and Pulseoxymeter was conducted for the nurses at the Hospital by Maheshwar, Biomedical Engineer, Vaatsalya Hospitals.

Mr. Maheshwar during the demonstration of patient monitoring system

Free Bone Mineral Density Camp Anantapur: A bone mineral density camp was conducted at Vaatsalya Hospital on 25th April. More than 150 patients availed the services and treatment provided.

A patient diagnosed during the camp at Bijapur

Gadag: A respiratory camp was conducted on 21st May by Dr. Preeti. The camp was attended by more than 25 patients.

Nursing staff intently listening to the trainer

Administrative Officer, Vaatsalya Hospital on 22nd May.




a nursing training program for its nurses at the hospital on 1st June. The nurses were trained on Collection of Urine, Bed sore dressing, Cap and Mask, How to use the I.V set &

Anantapur: A training program was conducted on 28th May in association with Micro Lab limited for the nurses at Vaatsalya Hospital. The nurses were trained on Dehydration fluid in balance and Premature baby care. Anantapur: Vaatsalya Hospital, in association with CIPLA conducted management and Industrial hazards” was conducted for the students and staff of Sai Ratna ITI College on May 7th. The talk was given by Dr. Golvi Mohan, Medical Director and Consultant General Surgery; and was also followed by a practical session on basic treatment procedures in the event of an emergency.

A snapshot during the presentation at Anantapur

Fluids, and Cauterization Procedure.

Free Awareness program on “Anaemia in Pregnancy” Gadag: A health awareness talk about “Anaemia in Pregnancy” was conducted on 25th May by Anupama, Nurse Manager at Vaatsalya Hospital. It was attended by more than 20 patients.

Malur: A health awareness talk on

Free Awareness program for Students A patient diagnosed during the free BMD camp at Anantapur

Expectant mothers and their relatives during the Anaemia awareness program in Gadag

Free Asthma Disease Detection Camp Bijapur: Vaatsalya Hospital conducted a free asthma disease detection camp on 2nd May. It was attended by over 25 patients. For online version visit

Kids listening to Dr. Sunitha Prabhu during the program at Malur

Dr. Mohan During the awareness program at Narasannapeta

Narasannapet: An awareness program on “Household emergency

Hygiene and First Aid was given by Dr. Sunitha Prabhu on 15th June at Government High School. The program was attended by more than 1500 students and staff.

Free Health Checkup Camp for Factory Workers

Malur: A free health check-up camp was conducted on 26th May for the factory workers at Noody Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Girish Bijjargi treated more than 50 workers at the camp. -2-


MAY - JUNE 2012

Vaatsalya to start 15 Training Centres in Tier II and Tier III cities by end of 2012 A construction worker during the camp at Malur

Narasannapet: A health checkup camp was conducted for the employees of Trans World Garnet Company on 29th May. This camp was conducted by Dr. Devendar and was attended by more than 200 people.

Employees waiting for the consultation during the camp at Narasannapeta

Ongole: A free health check-up camp was conducted for the employees of Rajashekar Enterprises in Annavarapaddu Village, Ongole on 7th June. More than 150 patients attended the camp which was conducted by Dr. Sudheer. Free medicines were distributed at the camp as well.

Vaatsalya team during the camp at Ongole

An employee from Transworld getting checking his Blood Pressure at the camp.

Dr. Veerendra Hiremath


Co Founder and Chief Project Officer

to bridge this gap by creating training institutes based on its collective learning. Institutes with tailor made training material to ensure that there are no gaps between

Current Healthcare Scenario Healthcare infrastructure in India has come a long way since independence. Both the public and private sectors have contributed to make this possible. However the growth has not been able to catch up with the needs. Though Urban India has facilities comparable with that of the best in the world, the rural and semi-urban places are deprived of the very basic primary and secondary care. Healthcare Professionals are in short supply across the world and in India the shortage is very acute, according to the surveys - we have 0.9 nurses per 1000 populations and the proposed average is 3.3 nurses per 1000 populations. This puts the deficit at 2.4 nurses per 1000 population or in absolute numbers about 30 lakh shortages as opposed to what is desired. We have 0.3 physicians per 1000 population and the desired average is 1.5 physicians per 1000 population. In today’s scenario we could easily categorize the nurses into 8 – 10 different specialties based on the skill sets desired– Operation Theater, Neonatal Intensive Care, Medical Intensive Care, Surgical Intensive Care, OPD, Casualty, Dialysis, Ophthalmology and so on. But, the nursing courses in the country offer no such specialization and are generic in nature. This poses a problem, shortage superimposed with inadequate training, further complicating things.


the class rooms and patient care on the floor. Roll Out Plan Fifteen Training units will be started in 2012 and with Head Quarters in Bangalore. They will be equipped with state of the art facilities at all the hospitals to ensure that about 30 – 40 nurses get trained every year along with the healthcare delivery. These units will focus on a “Two year Nursing course” in addition to short terms courses for existing staff. Bangalore will have a training unit that will focus on specialized training programs for – Dialysis Technicians, Research Associates and administrative staff like – Managers and Administrators. Between 2014 and 2018 a total of 100 training units shall be built to help bridge the gap. Selection of Students & Eligibility Criteria: Eligibility: Students from rural areas with PU / 10 + 2 years of education. Students will be selected based on an entrance test. For courses like the managers, Administrators & Research associates, students with Graduation will be preferred however; students qualifying for the respective entrance tests shall not be denied admissions.

Facilities: Each training unit will be equipped with classrooms to accommodate 30 to 40 students each with facilities for Video Conference, lab facility with mannequins and other equipment that are deployed in patient care (Defibrillators, ECG Machines, Syringe and Infusion Pumps, Caurtery machines) and diagnostics to simulate hospital like environment Course Curriculum: The two year course shall be divided into first year of Theory + practical and second year of internship. Customized and exclusive course content shall be used at all the units and will be the one that has been customized based on our learning and the one that matches ground realities. All units will follow the same time table and will not deviate from it at all costs. Exams and tests and other evaluations will be coordinated from Bangalore. Apart from the clinical courses the students will have modules on soft skills and communication For more details : Please contact the Hospital Administrator or call us on our toll free number 1800 425 88888

Tips for building a balanced exercise plan for Senior Citizens Dr. Chandra Shekar Patil Dr. C S Patil is the Medical Director and Consultant Diabetologist in Vaatsalya Hospital, Hubli. He is also a founder of Vaatsalya Senior Citizen Club, Hubli. Staying active is not a science. Just remember that mixing different types of exercise helps to both reduce monotony and improve your overall health. Here is an overview of the four building blocks of senior fitness and how they can help your body. The 1st building block of senior fitness: Cardio endurance exercise

cycling, rowing, tennis, and dancing. The 2nd building block of senior fitness: Strength training • What is it: Builds up muscle with repetitive motion using weight or external resistance from body weight, machines, or elastic bands.

• What is it: Uses large muscle groups in rhythmic motions over a period of time. This type of exercise increases your body’s ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues and to remove waste over sustained periods of time. Cardio workouts get your heart pumping and you may even feel a little short of breath.

• Why it’s good for seniors: Helps elderly people prevent loss of bone mass, builds muscle, and improves balance—both important in staying active and preventing risk of falling. Building up strength will help seniors stay independent and make day-today activities such as getting in and out of a car, and lifting objects. The 3rd building block of senior fitness: Flexibility

• Why it’s good for seniors: Helps lessen fatigue and shortness of breath. Promotes independence by improving endurance for daily activities such as walking, house cleaning, and other errands. Cardio includes walking, stair climbing, swimming, hiking,

• What is it: Challenges the joint’s ability to move freely through a full range of motion. Can be done through static stretches (stationary), and ballistic stretches (moving or bouncing) to keep muscles and joints supple so they are less prone to

For online version visit

injury. • Why it’s good for seniors: Helps body stay pain free and increases range of movement for ordinary physical activities such as looking behind you while driving, tying shoes, shampooing your hair, and playing with grandchildren. The 4th building block of senior fitness: Balance • What is it: Maintains standing and stability under a variety of conditions including static (stationary) and dynamic (moving) balance. • Why it’s good for seniors: Improves balance, posture, and quality of walking. Also reduces risk of falling and fear of falls. Try yoga, Tai Chi, and posture exercises to gain confidence with balance. Types of activities that are beneficial to seniors: • Walking. Walking is a perfect way to start exercising. It requires no special equipment, aside from a pair

of comfortable walking shoes, and can be done anywhere. • Senior sports or fitness classes. Keeps motivation alive while also providing a source of fun, stress relief, and a place to meet friends. • Yoga. Combines a series of poses with breathing. Moving through the poses works on strength, flexibility and balance. Yoga can be adapted to any level. • Tai Chi and Qi Gong. Martial arts-inspired systems of movement that increase balance and strength. Classes for seniors are often available at Vaatsalya hospital . Talk to your doctor or physical therapist about exercise programs about your problems and needs at Vaatsalya Hospital. -3-2-


MAY - JUNE 2012



Staff Nurse Vaatsalya Hospital, Gulbarga


Ground Staff Vaatsalya Hospital, Gadag

World Environment Day (WED) is observed on 5th June of every year to raise awareness on the importance of protecting our biodiversity, identifying problems related to the environment and to take positive environmental action. It was on this day in the year 1972 that the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment was formed. Each year world environment

Swathik Naren Reddy

HR Executive Vaatsalya Hospital, Ongole


Staff Nurse Vaatsalya Hospital, Hubli


Housekeeping Staff Vaatsalya Hospital, Mysore


Housekeeping Staff Vaatsalya Hospital, Malur


Accounts Executive Vaatsalya Hospital, Mandya


Hospital Aid Vaatsalya Hospital, Narasannapeta

day is celebrated with a theme which includes a slogan as well. This year, the World Environment Day theme was Green Economy: Does it include you? This year’s theme highlights the Green Economy as an essential way to rethink our business processed, if we are to create a brighter future. But more importantly, the theme accentuates

Store Incharge Vaatsalya Hospital, Shimoga


Driver Vaatsalya Hospital, Vizianagaram

Hospital Aid Vaatsalya Hospital, Anantapur

K. Laxman

Vaatsalya Hospital Gulbarga team planted new trees in front of the hospital. The event was led by Dr. Basavanth Patil, Medical Director and Consultant Surgeon, Vaatsalya Hospital Gulbarga. Vaatsalya Hospital, Malur planted trees near hospital premises. Dr. Sunitha Prabhu, Medical Director and Consultant Obstetrician and

Nurses, Doctors and Administrative staffs participated in this event Vaatsalya Hospital Vizianagaram, in association with Vizianagaram Munici pal Council conducted “Green Rally”. Many companies from Vizianagaram including hospitals partici pated in this program Vaatsalya Hospital Anantpur was one step forward in observing world environment day. The hospital staffs were divided into teams and performed various activities like, cleaning places adjacent to the hospital and planting trees. The event was inaugurated by Dr. Roshan, Anaesthetist and Mrs. Kalyani, Administrative officer by planting a tree.

Our Best Performing Nurses Of The Year 2012

Rudresh G M

It is with great pleasure to share with you the names of nurses across our hospitals who have demonstrated an Exceptionally Outstanding Performance. The Nurses Performance Review for the year 2011-12 was an extensive process with assessments about the quality of their work being reviewed by the Consultant-Doctors, Medical Director of the hospital, Nursing

Mohammed Kushro Soud Pramod B Somnoor

T Manjula

Gynaecologist Vaatsalya Hospital, Malur inaugurated the event. Vaatsalya Hospital, Narasannapeta observed world environment day by planting trees near the hospital premises. Dr. Golivi Mohan, Medical Director and Consultant surgeon Vaatsalya Hospital, Narasannapeta inaugurated the event. All hospital staff including


Devayani Naik

the fact that ‘you’ are an important element to its success and invites you to evaluate whether the steps being taken by the government, private sector, civil society and community in your area ‘include you.’ There were diverse environmental awareness programs organized across Vaatsalya hospitals in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Some of them are below

Mrali N Rao Guest Editor, VT, Bangalore


Mehaboobi Kukanoor

“Green Economy: Does it include you?”-


Employee of the Month for May 2012

Vaatsalya Hospitals Observed World Environment Day - 2012



Sangameshwar Gulbarga

superintendents and the Zonal Head of nursing. A Transparent channel of reporting has been formulated wherein the Nursing Superintendent of the hospital gives a feedback since he / she is the person who interacts on a day-today-basis with the nursing staff and can assess their services accordingly, next the appraisal is cascaded to the Senior Consultant of the respective wards who are able to

Nagaraj V Gadag Gadag

Mohan Banu Rajaput Gollu Demudu Naidu Bijapur


the hospital who endorses his / her remarks accordingly and finally the Appraisal format fully completed is sent to corporate office to be assessed by the Head of Nursing Services. Efforts have been made to include Personal qualities, Individual abilities, qualities of leadership and professional knowledge in order to see how the nursing staffs of the hospital performs their duties and get customer

D Roopa


Eashwariah N Anantapur

B Chandra Kalavathi Anantapur

Front Office Executive Vaatsalya Hospital, Hanamkonda

Free Surgical Screening Camp Proddatur: A free surgical screening camp was conducted on 3rd June by Dr. Nagadastagiri Reddy, Medical Director and Consultant Surgeon. More than 30 patients attended the camp and were tested for B.M.I, BP and a general check-up.

D Appalamma Narasannapeta

Ashwini Mysore

Anjaneya Kumar Shimoga

Geol Mary Philip Mysore

Priya Fernandus Shimoga

Satisha N Mysore

Bharathi K V Shimoga

Manjunath SH Shimoga

Flavia Aranha Hassan

Harshalatha Hassan

Sunitha MS Tarikere

Shankara BS Mysore

judge their performance in the clinical field and give a constructive feedback. Lastly the format is cascaded to the Medical Director of

satisfaction. The exercise had been carried out and 22 of our nurses have scored exceptionally outstanding performance in the year 2011-2012.

Vaatsalya team at the Police Station during the camp at Bijapur

A snap shot from the safe pregnancy awareness program at Vizianagaram

Shivakumar Mysore

Brigadier Dhylis Arujah Head - Nursing Services

Free Health Checkup Camp for Police Personnel

A nursing staff checks blood pressure of a patient during the camp at Prodattur

For online version visit

Bijapur: A general health checkup camp was conducted on 9th June in association with CIPLA at Gandhi Chowk Traffic Police Station, Bijapur. More than 30 police personnel attended the camp.

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