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Something or someone that is strange or unusual. Eg: We don’t have many tall people in our family so anyone close to 6 feet is an anomaly.


A watermelon contains about 6% sugar and 92% water by weight. As with many other fruits, it is a source of vitamin C.

MAY 2011



Industrial Health Hazards and Safety Measures

Fire Safety training For employees

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Recent Advances in Infertility

‘Vaatsalya Aroghya Bhagya’

Pulse Polio Campaign

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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Inaugurated at Vaatsalya Hospital, Hassan


“We are protected against polio” Kids from Anantapur possing for a photograph after taking polio drops at Vaatsalya, Anantapur

A Staff Nurse from Vaatsalya Hospital, Narasannapeta checking the blood pressure of an old woman during a camp.

aatsalya Hospital, Hassan inaugurated it’s state of the art 10 bedded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit on 11th April which is being managed by a Team of Paediatricians. The Chief Guest for the inauguration was Dr. Doddegowda, Senior Paediatrician, Malnad Nursing Home, Hassan. The other guests who graced the occassion were Dr. Vasappa, President of IAP, Hassan and a Senior Paediatrician from Belur; Dr. Prasanna Kumar, Head of Paediatric Department, HIMS, Hassan; Dr. Pattabi, Senior Paediatrician, Photo : Nick Khazal/VI

Vaatsalya’s CEO Dr. Ashwin Naik with members of the Global Shapers Karnataka Youth Summit, Bangalore.

Vaatsalya welcomes their new consultants

Jayashree Nursing Home, Hassan; and Dr. Shyamala Devi, DHO, Hassan. Dr. Bharahti Rajashekar, Medical Director and Consultant Gynaecologist, Dr. Haroon, Consultant Physician and Dr. Pavan, Consultant Nephrologist from Vaatsalya Hospital, Hassan were also present at the event along with forty other doctors who are associated with Vaatsalya.

Dr. Doddegowda, Inaugurating NICU at Vaatsalya Hospital, Hassan with Shyamala Devi, DHO, Hassan.

Vaatsalya’s Journey through USA

Dr. Ashwin Naik during the Global Philanthropy Forum, San Francisco


Ashwin Naik in the following article shares his experience at the conferences he attended in the United States recently and how it was an opportunity to talk about Vaatsalya - An Innovative Healthcare Company !

“In the month of May 2012, I represented Vaatsalya at some of the leading conferences in Washington DC, Capital of United States of America. First conference was the inaugural investor investee meet organized by the International Partnershi p in Innovative Healthcare Delivery (IPIHD), an organization formed by Duke University, USA, McKinsey Consulting and World Economic Forum. IPIHD’s goal is to identify and support healthcare innovations from across the world and enable cross country learnings.

I was part of a panel discussion on how companies around the world are building successful organizations and attracting capital to build their growth. Other members of the panel were Lisa Ahlberg from McKinsey, Hal Wolf from Kaiser Parmenante (one of USA’s largest hospital network) and Mubasir Sheikh from Primera, an investment firm. I also presented the Vaatsalya story and our growth so far along with our plans for the future in a lightening pitch session which was conducted later.

Continued in Pg. 3

Vaatsalya Launched Diabetes Clinic and Kidney Clinic at Hassan Dr. Geethanjali Bai MS MD Dr. S Sudheendra Kulkarni Consultant Gynaecologist & Obstetrician Vaatsalya Hospital, Anantapur

MBBS DCH Consultant Paediatrician, Vaatsalya Hospital, Anantapur


aatsalya Hospital, Hassan inaugurated the Diabetes Clinic and Kidney Clinic over a two day event on 1st and 2nd April 2012. The welcome speech was given by Dr. Bharathi Rajashekar, Medical Director and Consultant Gynaecologist; Dr. Renganathan, VP - Special Projects spoke about

the future projects planned by his team and a short awareness talk on hypertension, diabetes and kidney disease; Dr. Haroon, Consultant - Physician gave a health talk on diabetes and hypertension and Dr. Pavan - Consultant Nephrologist spoke about the Kidney Diseases and its effects. The event was followed by

a free screening camp for Diabetes and Kidney Disease which was attended by around 100 patients.

Making Best Use of Technology to Bridge the Gap

Shimoga: Doctors at Vaatsalya Hospital, introduced a very unique method of spreading awareness about For online version visit

various diseases to their patients and the general public. This initiative that is led by Dr. Dhananjay Sirji involves the doctors at Vaatsalya Hospital, Shimoga recording an audio message on their mobile phones about various diseases, how they occur and how it can be overcome. These audio clips

were then transferred via Bluetooth to the patients’ and their family member’s mobile phones to spread the awareness. They were also encouraged to pass it on to their acquaintances so that the message is passed on to as many people as possible. -1-



Snapshots of Change Health, Hygiene and First Aid

Malur: Vaatsalya Hospital conducted a health talk at the Government Primary School on 17th March 2012. The talk was given by Dr. Suresh on the topic “Basic Awareness – Health, Hygiene and First Aid treatment”. It was attended by over 150 students.

Students listening to Dr. Suresh at the program.

Respiratory Screening Camp Gadag: Vaatsalya Hospital conducted a respiratory disease camp on 19th March 2012. Around 20 patients were screened at the camp. Investigations like Lung Function Test (Spirometery) & Peak Flow Meter Test were provided at the camp free of cost.

Emergency Clinic for devotees

Narasannapeta: Vaatsalya Hospital provided first aid services to over 100 people in the village of Singupuram during the annual festival celebration at the local temple. The camp was organised on 6th and 7th April 2012 and attended by many of the devotees.

Vaatsalya team at the emergency clinic

Free Health checkup camp for Villagers Narasannapeta: Vaatsalya Hospital, conducted a free medical camp at Deergasi village on 8th April 2012. It was attended by around 150 patients in and around the village.

In-house training programs Tarikere: Vaatsalya Hospital, Tarikere conducted a training program for the nursing staff at the hospital on 22nd March 2012. They were trained on the usage of the ECG, NST and Pulseoxymeter. CIPLA executives during the Training program at Malur

Tarikere staff headed by Suma during the training

Anantapur: Vaatsalya Hospital in association with CIPLA conducted a training program for the paramedical staff on 25th March 2012. The topics for the training program were Laboratory bio safety, Nutrition, Care for Pregnant Women, Safety precautions for needle prick injuries, Alcoholic hand wash techniques and Five movements for hand washing.

Vaatsalya doctor consulting a patient at the camp

A patient during his Peek Flow Meter test.

Safe Pregnancy Campaign Hanamkonda: A safe pregnancy camp was conducted at Vaatsalya Hospital on 28th and 29th March 2012 by Dr. Sreelaxmi. It was attended by around 40 expectant women.

Gadag: Vaatsalya Hospital conducted a Blood Group and GRBS screening camp at a slum nearby the hospital. Around 120 people availed the facilities at the camp which was conducted by Dr. Modinbasha, Dr. Preeti, Anupama and other nursing staff. Vizianagaram: Vaatsalya Hospital conducted a free medical and surgical check up camp at Pedakada Village on 10th April 2012. Dr. Malla Venkateswara Rao, Dr. Padmakumari, Dr. Renukumar, Dr. Bhavani and Mr. Ramana were involved in the camp which was attended by over 200 patients. Free medicines were also distributed to the patients.

Dr. G Srilaxmi consulting an expectant mother during the camp.

Hospital Facility Awareness Program Vizianagaram: Vaatsalya Hospital conducted a meeting for 150 Asha workers on 3rd April 2012. The meeting was conducted at two primary health centres in Gantyada and Pedamajjipalem villages. They were explained about the hospital facilities and Aarogyasri facilities available at Vaatsalya Hospital, Vizianagaram.

Eswar Rao, Marketing Executive, Vizianagaram addressing the asha workers

For online version visit

Dr. Venkateswara Rao during camp at Pedakada Village

Industrial Health Hazards and Safety Measures

Narasannapeta: A health awareness talk was conducted by Vaatsalya Hospital at the Venugopal ITI College, Narasannapeta on 11th April 2012. The topic for the talk was “Industrial health hazards and safety measures”. It was conducted by Dr. Golvi Mohan and attended by over 150 students.

Dr. Mohan demonstrating to the students.

Shilpa Mani Corporate Correspondant, VT, Bangalore

A snap from the training program

Malur: Vaatsalya Hospital conducted an in-house training program for their nursing staff on 26th March 2012. The topics covered in the camp were “Usage of Nebulisation and Awareness of asthma disease”. The program was sponsored by CIPLA. Gulbarga: An in-house training program was conducted for the housekeeping staff by Mr.Mahesh,

Nursing Superintendant, Vaatsalya Hospital on 16th April 2012. This program was attended by around 20 housekeeping staff who were trained on their cleaning schedules, Bio Medical Waste management and proper handover during shift changes.

A snap from the BMW management training.

Anantapur: On 19th April 2012, the district fire officer along with a team of 11 fire personnel gave fire safety training to the employees of Vaatsalya Hospital. They were instructed on the protocol to be followed during a fire accident, how the situation has to be handled along with a mock session in the open area beside the hospital. This training was attended by over 40 staff members.

Vaatsalya staff during the mock drill with fire extinquisher

Vaatsalya Health Card for Journalists in Mandya Mandya: A free health checkup camp was conducted by Vaatsalya hospital on 17th and 18th April 2012. It was attended by over 30 Journalists who were provided with a health card that offers the card holder consultation free of cost, 10 per cent discount on inpatient billing (excluding pharmacy and diagnostics), and free ambulance for emergency (within a 50-km radius) to the card holder and their family members. This

A snapshot from the camp arranged for journalists in Mandya.

initiative is in continuation to the program that was first implemented in Vizianagaram in March 2012.

Multi Speciality Camp Conducted

Free Diapers for New Born

Ongole: A free medical camp was conducted by Vaatsalya Hospital on 19th April 2012 at Santhanuthalapadu Mandalem. More than 100 patients participated in the camp which was conducted by Dr. A V Sundara Rao, Medical Director and Consultant Neurosurgeon; Dr. Mahendra Reddy, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon and Dr. Krishna Rao, Consultant Diabetologist.

Shimoga: Vaatsalya Hospital, initiated a new program in association with Pampers to distribute a pack of diapers for the new born infants in the hospital. Vaatsalya Hospital, Shimoga‘s Administrative Officer, Suhas quoted saying “So far we have distributed over 6000 diaper packets and will be continuing this activity”. This gesture was well received by the parents. -2-



Vaatsalya’s Journey through USA Continued from Pg. 1

Next was the World Healthcare Congress which is one of the largest gatherings of healthcare organizations, which had representation from 60 countries this year. I was impressed by two sessions which were conducted – One about the role of hospitals in wellness (as opposed to sickness). Mark Bertolini Chairman and CEO of Aetna, who himself is suffering from a spinal cord injury spoke about his personal experiences in hospitals and how the future is going to focus more on convenient care, outside of a hospital, in the community and more choices and information for patients and families. He strongly advocated the growth of patient communities or care giver communities to continue support to patients after they go back home from the hospital. This is in line with our own program – Surgery Club which

wellness being a behavioural issue and cannot be managed by hospitals. It requires a radical rethinking of our healthcare and wellness system and incentives for people to be healthy and stay healthy. I spoke to Jay after the conference and he promised to come to Bangalore later this year and speak about his ideas to Indian Hospitals. More information about his initiatives at Second inititative that was very impressive was the “Healthy Iowa Program”. One of the states in US, Iowa has put together a plan to make Iowa the healthiest state in America by engaging the entire state to start thinking and living healthy. 99 Counties in the state have created their own charter to do things differently – e.g monthly walk to work day, nutritionist in every supermarket, bicycle zones in

each county, healthy living surveys (1000 people in the state surveyed everyday), happiness index, living close to their parents etc. Governer of Iowa and key members of the program, CEOs of WellMark and HyVee presented their story. At the World Health Congress, I was part of the panel on Global Health Innovations along with Pedro Yurigian from Medicall at Home (Mexico), Victor Zhau, CEO of Duke University Medical System and Farhad Riahl from Novartis

I was part of a panel on Creating Shared Values – How companies are using market based approach to solve social inequality issues. Overall it was an excellent experience to learn and share our story. It was also heartening to see that across the world, people had heard about Vaatsalya Hospitals and were eager to learn more. All credit goes to our entire Vaatsalya team which works hard every day to make sure the best care is given to our patients.Of course there are many challenges and things

Health Systems. We discussed the opportunities and innovations across the world and role of private sector, public sector and governments in working together. Third conference I attended was Global Philanthropy Forum, which is a gathering of international A snapshot from Global Philanthropy Forum conference philanthropic organizations to share experiences and learn from each other. Some of the key speakers were Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank and Tony Blair, Ex Prime Minister of United Kingdom.

Photo : GPF website

Dr. Ashwin Naik during his interview at World Healthcare Congress

was initiated in Vizianagaram and Diabetes club initiated in Hubli, Hassan and Shimoga. Another panelist was Jay Walker, a prolific inventor (450+ patents) and a non healthcare person but deeply interested in health and wellbeing who spoke about

that are not perfect everytime, but we learn from each experience and make sure things get better and better”. Dr. Ashwin Naik CEO, Vaatsalya Healthcare

Recent Advances in Infertility Dr. G Sreelaxmi Medical Director and Consultant obstetrician & Gynaecologist Vaatsalya Hospital, Hanamkonda Infertility is the inability to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse. The management of infertility rests on correct diagnosis of the reasons for failure to conceive. Both married partners must be examined. Dealing with infertility in women involves tracing complete menstrual history, testing endometriosis, physical examination, testing for sperm antibody and investigations for tubal factors. Endocrine disorders deserve special attention. There are many cases where no adequate reasons are traced for failure to conceive where in supportive therapy is the only treatment. Detailed history taking plays a key role in diagnosis of infertility like past history of Anti tubercular treatment, surgical history for appendicectomy and ectopic gestation which causes adhesions and leads to infertility. Genital tract development anomalies are diagnosed by ultrasound.

IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination)

For online version visit

The following are the tests that are useful in the diagnosis & treatment of Infertility. • Follicular study by TVS (Transvaginal Sonography) to diagnose the ovulatory cycles • Endocrine disorders by hormonal study of TSH, Prolactin, LH, FSH. • Tubal patency by H S G (Hysterosalpingography) • Laparoscopy for diagnosis of P.C.O.S, endometriosis, Ashermans syndrome, tubal pathology • Karyotyping for chromosomal study of sex chromatin (Barr body); Turners syndrome, Klinefelter’s syndrome. • Semen analysis plays an important role to diagnose male infertility. • Recent advances in treatment include ovulation induction agents IUF, IVF, ICSI. • Ovulation induction agents include hormones, HCG and success rate is 10-20% in one cycle.

IVF (In-vitro Fertilisation)

IUI – Intra Uterine Insemination

IVF includes –

where semen is collected, sperm washing is done to separate the healthy sperm and these sperms are directly injected into uterus to facilitate fertilization. This procedure is indicated in oligospermina & ejaculation dysfunction.

• Monitor and stimulate development of healthy eggs in ovaries. • Ultrasound guided collection of eggs. • Combine egg and sperm together in lab and provide appropriate environment for fertilization embryo growth • Transfer embryo into uterus. • Success rate is 30-35% for women under the age of 35.

IVF – In-vitro Fertilisation is a process by which an egg is fertilised outside the body. IVF is a major treatment for infertility when other methods of assisted reproductive technology have failed. The process involves monitoring a woman’s ovulatory process, removing ovum or ova (egg or eggs) from the woman’s ovaries and letting sperm fertilize them in a fluid medium in a laboratory. The fertilised egg (zygote) is then transferred to the patient’s uterus with the intent to establish a successful pregnancy. This process of fertilization is done the lab by an embryotranser.

ICSI – Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection In this process a needle is carefully advanced through the outer shell of egg and egg membranes; sperm is injected into inner part of egg. Indicated in <15-20 ml sperm count, low sperm motility, poor sperm morphology, IEFA, MEFA for azoospermia. Compiled by:-

Dr. Deepali Thakur Corporate Correspondent, VT, Bangalore

ICSI (Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection)




Congratulations Employee of the Month for March 2012

Suhas B

Administrative Officer, Shimoga Vaatsalya, Bangalore


Staff Nurse Vaatsalya Hospital, Gadag

When the mission is aligned Public - Private Partnership can do wonders ! Shilpa Mani

Pulse Polio Campaign by Vaatsalya Vaatsalya Hospitals conducted the Pulse Polio Program across all its hospitals in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh on 15th April 2012. There was an overwhelming response in all the hospitals for the program. More than 1500 children were administered polio drops across all the hospitals in the Vaatsalya network. Among these 1500, the most outstanding response was received from Tarikere, a small town in chikmagalur district where more than 350 children were administered polio drops. Vaatsalya Hospital, Shimoga along with the Government of Karnataka and Rotary Club participated in the inauguration

of the Pulse Polio program in Shimoga on 15th April 2012. This program was presided over by the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr. Sadananda Gowda, who inaugurated the program and also administered polio drops for few children.

Karnataka Chief Minister Sri Sadananda Gowda administering polio drops to a kid in Shimoga.

Corporate Correspondent, VT, Bangalore

A staff from Vaatsalya Hospital, Narasannapeta administering polio drops to a child in Narasannapeta Bus Stand.

A photo during the pulse polio campaign at Vaatsalya Hospital, Gulbarga.

‘Vaatsalya Aroghya Bhagya’

Anand MB

Staff Nurse Vaatsalya Hospital, Gulbarga

A Health Awareness Inititative from Vaatsalya Through All india Radio. Dheerendra Pandhari, Corporate Correspondent, VT, Bangalore

Sunil Mirgani

Administrative Officer Vaatsalya Hospital, Hubli


Housekeeping Staff Vaatsalya Hospital, Mysore


Housekeeping Staff Vaatsalya Hospital, Malur


Staff Nurse Vaatsalya Hospital, Ongole

P Kalyani

Staff Nurse Vaatsalya Hospital, Narasannapeta

Krishna Naik

Staff Nurse Vaatsalya Hospital, Shimoga

Vaatsalya’s Live Phone in Program ‘Vaatsalya Aroghya Bhagya’ which is aired in All India Radio - Bhadravati station is receiving good response from people. A total of 13 episodes have been aired so far by various Vaatsalya doctors. Each episode, having a duration of thirty minutes is being aired every Tuesday morning at 9am which is broadcast on 635 mghz in Shimoga, Chikamangalore, Davangere and surrounding districts. The program was started with Dr.Girish-Consultant Paediatrician & Medical Director, Vaatsalya Hospital, Tarikere on the topic

“ C o m m o n problems in children and their remedies”. This being the first program to be aired, Dr. Girish received a huge response from parents enquiring about the problems their children facing. Dr.Dhananjay Sirji, Consultant Paediatrician & Medical Director, Vaatsalya Hospital,Shimoga spoke about Neonatal care; Dr. Pruthvi B.C, Consultant Physician, Vaatsalya Hospital, Shimoga spoke about Diabetes, Dr. Dayanand, Consultant Nephrologist spoke about Kidney diseases; Dr. Yateesh, Consultant Paediatrician spoke about Nutrition and Dr. Pradeep, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon spoke about Surgery in children. In the coming days Dr.Geeta Ravi, Dr.Amita Hegde, Consultant

Inviting you to grow with us Afrien

Staff Nurse Vaatsalya Hospital, Tarikere

G. Geetha

Staff Nurse Vaatsalya Hospital, Vizianagaram

We invite young, enterprising doctors, nurses, paramedics and administrative staff (recent graduates and experienced)

who have the passion to make a difference in the lives of patients and the desire to build a new trend in healthcare to join our growing team.

Gynaecologists from Vaatsalya Hospital, Shimoga; Dr. Praveen, Consultant Gynaecologist, Vaatsalya Hospital, Tarikere and Dr. Manu, Consultant Paediatrician, Vaatsalya Hospital, Shimoga will be discussing various other topics. In future Vaatsalya will start similar programs at locations where they are present. Doctors from across Vaatsalya receive feedback from people about their programs how it helps them get health tips sitting at home. Three months after broadcasting the program, one patient from a small town visited Vaatsalya Hospital, Shimoga and told the doctor about the program he had heard on the radio and also about his disease which the doctor had covered in the program. He was grateful for this program as it helped him understand the disease and visit the hospital for a remedy.

Duty Doctors: MBBS with Minimum of 1 year experience in clinicals on rotational shifts Clinical Assistants: 0-1 years experience. Willing to work in rotational shifts, Qualification:BAMS or BHMS Nurses: (GNM/BSC) With xperience

in NICU, ICU, SICU, Operation theatre, Labour room & Dialysis. Freshers can apply for trainee jobs.

April 2012

Nursing Superintendant : (GNM/BSC/ MSC) 6-10yrs with Experience in NICU, ICU, SICU, Operation theatre, Labour room & Dialysis. Pharmacists/Pharmacy Assistants: Vidya Sagar

Security Staff Vaatsalya Hospital, Gulbarga

Bharathamma Suryanarayanan

Staff Nurse Vaatsalya Hospital, Malur

Housekeeping Staff Vaatsalya Hospital, Narasannapeta

Mohini Krishnaveni

Staff Nurse Vaatsalya Hospital, Shimoga

Staff Nurse Vaatsalya Hospital, Vizianagaram

Snehalatha D

Staff Nurse Vaatsalya Hospital, Hubli

B.Pharma/D.Pharma Preferred Experience or Fresher (With 2-4 Years experience) Patient Care Coordinators:

BHMS/ BAMS with Min experience of 1 years in clinicals

Kumari K

Security Staff Vaatsalya Hospital, Mandya

Shyamala Vasantha

Housekeeping Staff Vaatsalya Hospital, Anantapur

For online version visit

Housekeeping Staff Vaatsalya Hospital, Tarikere

Durgesh Puttamma

Staff Nurse Vaatsalya Hospital, Gadag

Housekeeping Staff Vaatsalya Hospital, Mysore

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