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Are you interested in

Modeling? Photography? Fashion Styling? Makeup? Hair?

If you are, come by our Fashion Tribe meetings every Tuesday next school year, and get involved! Shot by Joshua Hernandez. Modeled on Armando Salgado. Photo Edited by Vanessa Sotelo. Styled by Julian Garcia. Clothes from American Apparel

The Fashion Tribe of Harlandale High The Fashion Tribe of Harlandale High



Editor-in-Chief Grace Avila Design Director Julian Garcia Executive Editor Gabriel Perez Photo Editor Vanessa Sotelo Beauty Director Gabriela Lopez Advertising Director Celia Rodriguez Contributing Editor Brianna Gonzales


he Fashion Tribe needs help putting together fashion shows, fashion magazines and interning at the hottest events in town. If you would like to be a part of these fabulous club activities, come by Ms. Hetherly’s (Rm 54) in 3rd hall to get more info. id we miss something? Grammar mistakes, spellchecks or just content concerns. If you have an opinion good or bad about Chief Couture’s Prom 2009 Issue, just speak up and contact us at one of the addresses in the top-left box.

- Grace Avila

Best Dressed!

The most darling, elegant outfits at Harlandale’s Grand Hyatt Prom!


To the wonderful management & staff at Betsey Johnson & American Apparel at La Cantera for clothing loan-outs. Also to the faculty & the administration for supporting the Fashion Tribe and all of our endeavors. Also to all the participants of photo shoots that didn’t make the cut!

Liliana Camacho

Brittany Coronado Louren Elizondo



From Holly Golightly to Lady Gaga the absolute best hair and makeup trends for Spring 2009 Photographed by

Jessica-Marie Casares

How To


irst, you will want to apply a light smokey eye. hen, glue on a pair of long, false eyelashes before brushing on a little bit of pale pink blush. fter the smokey eye has set, brush just a little bit of some purple eye shadow over it to add some mystique. ub only a little bit ofpale pink blush, as to not distract from the eyes. inish the look up by applying a lot of hairspray to a Noveau French Twist, and Voila! Holly Golightly in five minutes!


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Gabriela Lopez

Beauty Director

How To


fter applying a solid liquid foundation, apply some bronze eye shadow to illuminate the eyes. hen, let the shadow set while you lightly curl your hair to add a little bit of cute. fter, your eye has set apply some short, false eyelashes that match your hair color. astly, rub on a gloss that is no more than two shades from your real lip color, and there you go! You have a natural, yet glamorous look in no more than five minutes!




au naturel

A big trend on the Spring/Summer 2009 runways is this bare and beautiful look, but the all-natural look isn’t as natural as you may think!


How To


irst and foremost, start on a soft, loose braid made on one side of your head rather than centered. hen very lightly apply a red shimmery gloss to the lips. pply an extremely light smokey eye to add some mystique but no drama. astly, apply some normal false eyelashes. Those add the drama for this easy, quick, flirty look!


The Mystic A flirty lip& sultry eyes make for

one fun night out!

Photographer: Jessica Casares Director: Gabriela Lopez Models: Madeline Booker Heather Luevano Malena Castillo Brianna Gonzales Hair & Makeup: Ana Ayala Frances Campos Sarah Kelley Roxann Cervantes Assistants: Julian Garcia

How To


irst off apply some intense blue and pink eye shadows. ub a little bit of peach blush on those beautiful cheeks. traighten your hair to add a neat contrast to this colorful look. inally, rub some white liner beneath your bottom lashes to balance the pink and blue, subduing this crazy look


Color Crazy!


It takes a big and bold personality to pull off this look, but it takes beauty know-how to keep from looking like a clown!


Hong Kong Beauty

How To


efore you apply a light white shadow through the brow. nd apply a royal blue shadow on the top lid. hen line the silhouette of the eye with black liner. inally, rub some rose blush on the apple of the cheeks and a bright pink gloss to the lips!

A T F Photos: Shot by Christian Aldana. Makeup and hair: Gabriela Lopez.


h Wan Wong was Harlandale High’s foreign exchange student from Hong Kong this semester. She will be missed as she moves back to China this summer. She has enlightened us with her cultural knowledge and graced us with her immense beauty. Thank You, Ah Wan!

Listen up, girls!

Please! Stop wearing tight clothes! Brianna Gonzales Contributing Writer


ot everyone has the perfect “coke bottle” figure. Some of us are curvy, some not so much. Some of us like to wear flirty, little pieces that complement our body ever so well, like snug, low-rise jeans. We may or may not wear these to attract attention (Then again, that’s sort of the purpose of almost all clothes even if you are the kind of person that doesn’t like to make a statement

with what you’re wearing. Think about it.) Perhaps we wear them because they’re “in” and maybe because they’re just so darn cute! But it does attract the wrong attention when the sides of your mid-drift are hanging out over your snug pants and slightly out from under your shirt. That is if your shirt is too small, or maybe it’s just your pants or maybe your clothes just don’t fit you! Hence, the muffin top! Come on! It’s not very sexy, and it’s not very becoming of you either. Let’s say you’re just a little thick and you’re think-

ing, “Woah! Those pants are cute on her. If I wear them I’ll look cute and thin too.” WRONG! There are different sizes for different people. Two sizes too small wouldn’t look good on anyone, it would just look weird. That’s not the kind of attention you want. If anything, you shouldn’t want any attention for your body. As motherly and cliche as this sounds, your mind is what makes you beautiful. Imagine that the hottest person ever was standing right in front of you but there was nothing going on up-

stairs. They’re not so hot anymore, are they? I’m not saying you have to be a size 3 to wear something cute, but wear something that actually fits you. There are fabulous clothes out their for both skinny and curvy girls alike. There is no such thing as a reallife human Barbie. It’s impossible. And who’s to say what you have to look like to be attractive? Confront your imperfections and accept them, because you’re not the only one who has them. Be happy with your body.

Work it! Love it! Respect it.

Double Threat

Whether you’re pretty in pink or just want to live life in black and white, we have a prom dress for you!

Director Celia Rodriguez Photographed by Joshua Hernandez

Black & White = Class & Elegance

Dresses throughout

Betsey Johnson Accesories for pg. 1,2,3

A’Gaci Accessories for pg. 4

Betsey Johnson

Pretty in Pink is nice,



Photographer: Joshua Hernandez Director/Stylist: Celia Rodriguez Model: Heidi Sauceda Hair & Makeup: Erica Sauceda Assistants: Julian Garcia Brianna Gonzales Adrian Olvera Jerry Dismuk

is better!


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Chief Couture Prom 2009 Issue  

The latest in Prom fashions with Prom's Best Dressed and a word from Brianna Gonzales' about a national crisis - the muffin top

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