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EQUIPMENT FOR THERMAL TREATMENT Astepo and Simaco present the D.S.R. (Double Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger) unit with a very large surface capable of processing product with pieces and viscous products. The new vertical design, which takes up minimum space, is userfriendly in order to easily carry out maintenance and replace the ryton scrapers; the motor is remotely driven by an inverter. The unit has a self-balancing rotor with a mechanical seal, which makes it very simple despite its great flexibility for product range/capacity. Simohot is a horizontal blancher designed for the treatment of fruit and vegetables and is made with different diameters/lengths. Heating is by means of the circulation of hot water outside the jacket and through the internal spiral coil. The main difference compared to other models is that these units can be used under vacuum to obtain a soft deareation

while blanching/cooking the products pieces. Astepo and Simaco also propose an ohmic exchanger, 60 kWh high frequency for carrying out experimental tests or for low capacity applications with diced fruit and vegetables in syrup or brine, or sauces and soups with composites. The unit grants a high efficiency (96%) with a linear power supply controlled by the line’s PLC or thermo-regulator. There are several electrodes and pipes according to the application/ product from ¼” to 3” which grant flash treatment of liquids, viscous products and containing pieces. New developments such as smoothies, FSOJ orange juices or thermosensitive products such as artificial sauces can be treated with nutritional/organoleptic enhancing fragrances to the tradition heating technologies, in combination with the scraped surface model for browning-

EDIBLE OIL PRODUCTION Andreotti Impianti is active in the design, manufacture, and start-up of plants for the production of edible oils and fats, oleochemicals (fatty acids, glycerine, and derivatives), and special related products. This Extraction Division covers all the necessary equipment for

oil extraction from oily seeds, from seed preparation and, when required, pre-pressing, to solvent extraction and desolventised meal treatment. As regards the solvent extraction section, the right type of plant is selected according to the nature of raw material to be proc-

28 - Italian Food & Beverage Technology - LX (2010) march

sensitive products such as carrots etc. With regards to filling, Astepo and Simaco propose a pilot stand-alone mod. PT.A.F. for trials and small manual operations and for small or 1,000 L bags together with a high performance bag in box filler mod.

HS-LA, for the filling of bag in box with dispenser caps such as vitop, press tap and flextap. (Astepo - Via Martiri della Liberazione 12 - 43126 Parma Italy - Tel. +39 0521 302811 Fax +39 0521 302812 e-mail: (Simaco - Via Bertolini Donnino 9/11 - 29100 Piacenza Italy - Tel. +39 0523 578292 Fax +39 0523 606070 e-mail:

60 kW/h ohmic module mod. Sterilohm (Astepo-Simaco).

essed. For oilseeds processing the slow solvent percolation system is used, with self-filtering continuous belt, while for slaughterhouse by-products processing, the fat is extracted in sequential stages of solvent immersion and miscella dripping using multistage screw extractors. Both plant types include meal desolventisirig and oil-solvent miscella distil-

lation sections; these sections are designed to guarantee the production of crude oils or fats and meals completely desolventized and to the highest standards. As for all the plants of Andreotti Impianti’s production line, particular care is devoted to this division, too, for the design and for the process parameters optimizing in order to reach the best quality


Rivista esclusivamente in inglese, sviluppata a supporto di tutte quelle aziende italiane che vogliono puntare sull’export di macchine, prod...


Rivista esclusivamente in inglese, sviluppata a supporto di tutte quelle aziende italiane che vogliono puntare sull’export di macchine, prod...