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Behind ChiCura

CHICURA OUR NAME The name ChiCura is composed of two words which are very important in relation to the thoughts and dreams behind the brand. Chi comes from the Chinese qi and means life energy. Cura is the Latin word for care. In other words, caring for life!

OUR MISSION It is ChiCura’s long term mission to come up with a variety of designs that you can acquire with a clear conscience.

ONLY animal-friendly products that are produced under humane conditions. Likewise, our mission is to donate up to 10% of our annual profits to charity.




SO FAR... So far, we have launched prints, art cards, frames and cushions. All designs consist of photos taken and retouch by ourselves. We are very passionate about photography and loves the creative process, from the photo shoot to working with the images.


OUR ZODIAC DESIGNS We are fascinated by individuality.The why and how we people form our unique personalities. We also like to be reminded of our good qualities, don’t we? Therefore, we created these 12 zodiac designs. The look is minimalistic and modern and can easily fit with the rest of your home.They can stand alone or together, maybe in different sizes, to give your home that personal touch. The designs are available in sizes: A5(Art Cards), A3, 50x70 cm & 70x100 cm.


Capricorn - The Goat CP-1088

Aquarius - The Water Bearer CP-1077

Pisces - The Fish CP-1078

Aries - The Ram CP-1079

Taurus - The Bull CP-1080

Gemini - The Twins CP-1081

Cancer - The Crab CP-1082

Leo - The Lion CP-1083

Virgo - The Virgin CP-1084

Libra - The Scales CP-1085

Scorpio - The Scorpion CP-1086

Sagittarius - The Archer CP-1087



CHICURA MAPS Layer upon layer our world is evolving. Full of history that’s been created by people’s thoughts and actions. You’re part of it.

Maps Our World - White CP-1112WHITE

Each map is available in 5 different colors or customized color on request. The designs are available in sizes: A5(Art Cards), A3, 50x70 cm & 70x100 cm.


Maps Our World - Grey CP-1112GREY

Maps Our World - Green CP-1112GREEN

Maps Our World - Brown CP-1112BROWN


Maps Our World - Golden CP-1112GOLD

Maps Aarhus - White CP-1107WHITE

Maps Africa - White CP-1150WHITE

Maps Barcelona - White CP-1143WHITE

Maps Berlin - White CP-1113WHITE

Maps Bordeaux - White CP-1151WHITE

Maps Brussels - White CP-1149WHITE

Maps Danmark - White CP-1102WHITE

Maps Deutschland - White CP-1141WHITE

Maps France - White CP-1138WHITE

Maps Greater London - White CP-1146WHITE

Maps Greece - White CP-1148WHITE

Maps Hamburg - White CP-1136WHITE

Maps Iceland - White CP-1110WHITE

Maps Jylland - White CP-1106WHITE

Maps Kalaallit Nunaat - White CP-1147WHITE

Maps København - White CP-1101WHITE

Maps Køge - White CP-1100WHITE

Maps Kolding - White CP-1105WHITE

Maps Langeland - White CP-1103WHITE

Maps London - White CP-1152 WHITE


Maps Malmรถ - White CP-1108WHITE

Maps New York - White CP-1145WHITE

Maps Norge - White CP-1111WHITE

Maps Oslo - White CP-1109WHITE

Maps Paris - White CP-1139WHITE

Maps Roma - White CP-1153WHITE

Maps Scandinavia - White CP-1140WHITE

Maps Stockholm - White CP-1114WHITE

Maps Sverige - White CP-1115WHITE

Maps Telemark - White CP-1137WHITE

Maps Tokyo - White CP-1144WHITE



OUR PHOTO ART & GRAPHIC DESIGNS The designs are available in sizes: A5 (Art Cards), A3, 50x70 cm & 70x100 cm. Available in special sizes on request. Option: Printed on other materials - please contact us for further info. All designs are printed by ourselves & on ECO-Friendly (FSC) paper.


Volcano - Golden CP-1133

In The Making - Golden CP-1134

Tornado - Golden CP-1135

Liquid CP-1031

Volcano CC2 CP-1027

In The Making CC2 CP-1026

Jellies CP-1030

Volcano CP-1028

In The Making CP-1029

Make It Happen CP-1034

Grandpop CP-1033

Rain Walk CP-1035

Sun Out CP-1036

Tornado CP-1037



Pixel Distortion CC2 CP-1127

Pixel Distortion CC5 CP-1130

Pixel Distortion CC1 CP-1126

Pixel Distortion CC4 CP-1129

Pixel Distortion CC3 CP-1128

Octagon Of Ink CP-1090

Circle Of Ink CP-1091

Diamond Of Ink CP-1093

Triangle Of Ink CP-1092

Square Of Ink CP-1089

Rectangle Of Ink CP-1094

Upside Down CP-1073

Stick Together CP-1074

Paper Flower CP-1072

Depth CP-1071

Hipster CP-1052

Old School CP-1053

Buttons CP-1069

Diamond Drops CP-1070

Layers CP-1051



Floating Flowers CP-1068

Jellie Light CP-1063

Hide In Paradise CP-1065

A Day In Paradise CP-1064

One Of A Million CP-1061

Forest Reflection CP-1066

Growth CP-1067

Cotton Flower CP-1131

Unfold - White CP-1125

Unfold - Brown CP-1124

Stand Tall CP-1123

Shade To Sun CP-1122

Cynara Scolymus CP-1120

Majestically - Brown CP-1121

Layers Of Nature CP-1058

Conserve H2O CP-1045

Ooouch CP-1044

Foxtail CP-1042

Shoot Up CP-1047

Expression CP-1046



In Between CP-1040

Affection CP-1055

Jungle Love CP-1054

Inner Light CP-1039

Leaf Vein CP-1060

Leaf Network CP-1059

Elephant Ear CP-1050

Green Distortion CP-1048

Blue Distortion CP-1049

Bubble Gum CP-1056

Candy Floss CP-1057

Disco Girl CP-1098

Cool Girl CP-1097

Dancing Girl CP-1095

Call Me Girl CP-1096

Pina Colada CP-1038

Punk Girl CP-1099


Gorilla Thoughts CP-1032

Dear Red Deer CP-1024

Camel Front CP-1010

The Noble Bongo – Black CP-1117/Black

The Noble Bongo – White CP-1117/White

Two In One CP-1142

Mrs. Rhino CP-1012


Mr. Antlers CP-1025

Camel Back CP-1011

Mr. Ibex CP-1021

Pure Spirit CP-1116





2 IN 1 MAGNETIC FRAMES - Thin & elegant - 4 different colors - 6 different lengths - Solid oak and ash wood - 2 ways to mount the same frame - European Production


Dark Ash

22 cm - CF-1024A/22 31 cm - CF-1024A/31 43 cm - CF-1024A/31 51 cm - CF-1024A/51 61 cm - CF-1024A/61 71 cm - CF-1024A/71 Oak

71 cm 61 cm 51 cm

22 cm - CF-1024O/22 31 cm - CF-1024O/31 43 cm - CF-1024O/31 51 cm - CF-1024O/51 61 cm - CF-1024O/61 71 cm - CF-1024O/71 Ash, Black

43 cm 31 cm / A3 22 cm / A4

22 cm - CF-1024AB/22 31 cm - CF-1024AB/31 43 cm - CF-1024AB/31 51 cm - CF-1024AB/51 61 cm - CF-1024AB/61 71 cm - CF-1024AB/71 Ash, White

22 cm - CF-1024AW/22 31 cm - CF-1024AW/31 43 cm - CF-1024AW/31 51 cm - CF-1024AW/51 61 cm - CF-1024AW/61 71 cm - CF-1024AW/71



Dark Oak: A5 / CF-1029 A4 / CF-1030 A3 / CF-1031 30x40 / CF-1032 A2 / CF-1033 50x70 / CF-1034 70x100 / CF-1035

Oak: A5 / CF-1001 A4 / CF-1002 A3 / CF-1003 30x40 / CF-1005 A2 / CF-1026 50x70 / CF-1004 70x100 / CF-1012

WOODEN FRAMES Our frames are available with acrylic or real glass. Acrylic glass is a lightweight frame. It is easier to handle during transport and when you move it around in your home. Solid oak and european wood. They are manufactured in EU and by the use of sustainable wood production. High quality back closing system. A5 & A4, include both hangers and easel back. Special sizes or colors - contact us for quote.

Black: A5 / CF-1006 A4 / CF-1007 A3 / CF-1008 30x40 / CF-1009 A2 / CF-1027 50x70 / CF-1010 70x100 / CF-1011

White: A5 / CF-1019 A4 / CF-1020 A3 / CF-1021 30x40 / CF-1022 A2 / CF-1028 50x70 / CF-1023 70x100 / CF-1025


OUR ART CARD DESIGNS Our Art Cards can be used as a card for various events as well as wall decoration. All of our poster designs are also available as Art Cards. Here is just a little selection. Printed in Denmark on 320G ECO-Friendly (FSC) paper. ECO-Friendly envelopes are included.


Make It Happen CC-1002

Grandpop CC-1003

One Of A Million CC-1010

Chopsticks CC-1016

Shadow CC-1013

Yellow Drops CC-1015

Green Drops CC-1008

Leaf Network CC-1009

What A Lady CC-1011

Mighty Good Man CC-1012

Big Hearted Beast CC-1026

Leaf Vein CC-1001

Single Fox CC-1006

Divine CC-1014

Sun Out CC-1007



For Luck CC-1027

Sprout CC-1018

Stag CC-1028

Pretty Boy CC-1023

Keep Growing CC-1031

What’s Up CC-1005

Bingo Bongo CC-1024

Round And Round CC-1030

Blue Rose CC-1019

Love Laugh Live CC-1021

Candy Floss CC-1025

Bubble Gum CC-1022

Sun Of Nature CC-1032

Expression CC-1017

Jellie CC-1029

Layers Of Nature CC-1020


BEHIND CHICURA The story leading up to ChiCura’s birth... The founders behind ChiCura, Charlotte Harbo Lavian and Daniel Lunding Lavian, got together in March 2010, in a work-way that is. Besides being working partners, they have, in their private lives, also been a couple since 2007. Thoughts about an independent life were a high priority for them, so they quickly agreed that they should try it out, despite being aware of the many challenges they had to face. Daniel and Charlotte each come from two very different backgrounds, which means that together they stand strong. Daniel has the economic and strategic business background. After his studies, he has played a big role in several growing companies and is good at juggling many tasks at the same time. “Good at juggling many tasks at the same time” This doesn’t apply in private.” adds Charlotte. Charlotte is from the more creative, visual branch and has worked in different large photography studios. In 2010, she started as a self-employed photographer and retoucher in CH Touch. Later in 2014, Daniel became part of CH Touch, which they still run to this day. The photography studio has its own studio in Copenhagen as well as employees and is behind images for large Danish and international brands. After having worked with different brands for many years, the dream grew. Suddenly, CH Touch became the springboard for a new brand that Daniel and Charlotte began to work on at the same time. It absolutely had to have something to do with photography, design, and creativity since they had already created the perfect foundation for it.

In February 2015, ChiCura was born...




ChiCura ApS

Copenhagen - Denmark

Phone (+45) 50802015

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ChiCura Main Catalogue 2019_1  

ChiCura Copenhagen is a Danish brand that works with Photo Art. Our products include posters, art cards and frames. All poster designs are...

ChiCura Main Catalogue 2019_1  

ChiCura Copenhagen is a Danish brand that works with Photo Art. Our products include posters, art cards and frames. All poster designs are...