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Saturday March 8th 2014 • St Jean de Dieu


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CLOTHES - SHOES - GENUINE BELTS Gustavia • Passage de la Crémaillère Tél. 0590 27 54 26 • De 9h30 à 13h et de 15h à 19h30.


Daily News… LOST GERMAN SURVIVES ON FLIES IN AUSSIE OUTBACK Stranded by floods and lost, a German backpacker survived for about two weeks in Australia’s inhospitable Outback on a diet of insects, police said Friday. Daniel Dudzisz, 26, went missing in February south-west of Longreach in remote Queensland as he reportedly tried to walk solo more than halfway across Australia. Police said a motorist picked up the bedraggled tourist on Thursday near Cooper Creek outside the town of Windorah. Dudzisz -- who is diabetic and insulin-dependent -- told police he waded through floodwaters and ate flies to survive his ordeal in the vast and wild Outback. «If you hadn’t heard it with your own ears -and my officers have -- you certainly wouldn’t believe it,» Inspector Mark Henderson told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. «He joked about never going hungry in the Australian Outback because of the amount of flies you can eat for their protein apparently.» Dudzisz told police he was determined to continue his journey to Australia’s Northern Territory and was last seen heading beyond the remote town of Mt Isa to cross the state border. The German has been walking through New South Wales and Queensland states for several months and Henderson said local farmers had kept police informed of his whereabouts, often calling after meeting him on their properties. «It’s a very remote and isolated area with lots of hazards,» Henderson told AFP, with one of them the deadly inland taipan snake which was currently «out in force» due to flooding. «It’s not great territory» for walking at night, as Dudzisz does, added Henderson, saying there were also fierce wild boars in the area. Henderson said police became worried when Dudzisz set off from Windorah on February 17 heading to Jundah, about 90 kilometres (50 miles) away, in the path of floodwaters, and was not seen again.

LIPBONE REDDING NEW limited VINTAGE collection ! Tél. 0590 27 52 16 • À côté de l’Isola

La Gloriette


Open for Lunch tous les jours sauf mercredi.

Pizza, burger, salade le soir, sur place ou à emporter

Grand Cul de Sac - Tél : 0590 29 85 71

Red Pool & Beach Party Every SUNDAY DJ Al Kaleen HOTEL LE MANAPANY Anse des Cayes - reservations : 0590 27 53 85

MARCH 3 RD – MARCH 22 ND, 2014


NEW  BAND CLOSED ON SUNDAY - Gustavia Harbour - Tel. 0590 29 74 09

International News… SCHUMACHER : NO CHANGE Michael Schumacher remains in a «wake-up phase» from the coma he was placed in following a life-threatening skiing accident nearly ten weeks ago, his spokeswoman said Friday. The statement from Sabine Kehm was the first since February 13, when the Formula One legend’s family said they continued to strongly believe that he would recover. Kehm said: «Michael is still in the wake up phase. «The situation has not changed. Any medical information published which is not confirmed by the team of doctors treating Michael or his management has to be considered as not valid.»

SCHUMACHER : NO CHANGE David Cameron laughed off the widespread mockery of a photo he posted on Twitter of him looking serious while on the phone to Barack Obama. In a tweet to actor Patrick Stewart, one of those who had parodied Cameron’s photo, the premier posted a snap of a meeting with former US president Bill Clinton -- «this time face to face, not on the phone». On Wednesday, Cameron posted a photograph of himself discussing the situation in Ukraine in a telephone call with Obama. His grave expression was intended to convey the seriousness of the subject, but it was mercilessly mocked online.

Great Bay Express NOUVEAU

Gigôt d’agneau, flageolets et tomate provençale


Liaison rapide et confortable entre Philipsburg et Gustavia deux à trois fois par jour. Pont extérieur et pont climatisé.


Tél. 0690 718 301


Local news…

Envie d’un bon dîner, mais léger et bon pour la santé ? Tous les soirs dans notre rôtisserie, nous grillons le poisson à la broche sous vos yeux. C'est beau, ça sent bon et c'est sain…


SCUBA DIVING Réservations au 0690 419 666 Place n°29 - Quai de la Collectivité

Maude Coiffure Visagiste, styliste, maquillage à domicile homme, femme & enfant

ST BARTH HANDICAP The St Barth Handicap in partnership with the Rotary Club, the Lion’s Club Association, The Red Cross and the Middle School Mireille Choisy, is organizing the “week of handicap”. Several actions are planned: - Thursday, March 13th, 2014 meeting between the school and the SESSAD - Friday, March 14th, conference at the harbour’s room on «Dys» - Saturday, March 15th, afternoon of exhibitions, games and other activities on the Quai General de Gaulle. From March 10th to 15th, 2014, Let’s change our vision of Handicaps! RED CROSS ST BARTHÉLEMY The team of the clothing shop would like to announce the super- sale, «just 1e » on Tuesday, March 11th and Saturday, March 15th from 9am to 12 o’ clock and on Wednesday, March 12th, 2pm to 5pm in our premises, 34 Rue de la Paix in Gustavia. Come and find lots of bargains. WINE TASTERS OF ST BARTH Super Toscani Made in Italia 72th Tasting of the Wine Tasters of St Barth hosted by Laura and Aurélie , this Saturday from 7 pm. Follow them on Facebook « Wine Tasters of St Barth » or on their blog http://winetastersofstbarth. Contact : + 590 690 41 68 86 BASKETBALL Every Wednesday and Saturday morning from 9am to 12am, Damien organizes basketball sessions for girls and boys at the Gustavia primary school. Basketball practice on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Gustavia primary school from 4 to 5 pm and from 5:15 to 6:30 at the middle school. Registration 0690 39 86 22. Today’s weather forecast :


EXHIBITION : DOUGLAS WHITE For his fourth exhibition, the Association, Art Saint Barth offers to discover the strange and suprising work of Douglas White. During his residency at Eden Rock, the British artist first suprised us with his sculpture, Black Palm. The palm appearing so life-like, yet in reality designed using exploded truck tires, collected along the roadside. The palm has been residing for one month camouflaged among the vegetation at Eden Rock. It even fooled a couple of doves, who chose to make their nest inside. Shortly after two newborns arrived! For the event of the opening, the sculpture will be displayed on the beach of the hotel, enabling vistiting guests to view. By collecting discarded objects in nature, Douglas White infuses these abandoned materials with a second life. Using both ecological and artistic gestures, this contemporary art stirs both present and historical awareness. We are reminded of the palm, noted as the most glamorous trees of his time, worthy of becoming the emblem of the Cannes Film Festival, as well as the unsettling events of past days of colonalism. The exihition will also hold a demonstration of wood being eletrified from a extremely high load of electricty. This effect creating webs of infinate delicacy on the works of wood. The event will aso feature a chance to discover his works of octopus, using the ink from the actual octopus ! You will understand very quickly, Douglas’s natural way to suprise and makes us think, is this not the meaning of contemporary art?. Splendor Solis is a public exhibition, educational for children, addresses the themes of ecology and recycling to concerning collectors. Splendor Solis, Douglas White, Eden Rock Gallery. Sunday March 9, 5-8pm.

27 km/h




Particulier, yacht, villa, hôtel - Tél 06 96 17 61 97 Maude Coiffeuse St Barth -



PRIX BRADERIE DE -10% A -70% | |

Route de Saline. CC Les Amandiers - St Jean Tél. : 0590 29 64 16.


du 8/3 au 15/3 inclus





Grande Braderie


Un Article -50% 2 Articles -60% 3 Articles -70% PRÊTS-À-PORTER, BIJOUX, CHAUSSURES, CEINTURES, SACS, POCHETTES... Ouvert de 9h à 18h30 - Tél. 0590 29 47 42 - Les Amandiers Route de Saline, St Jean


Ouvert LE DIMANCHE (7J/7)

Maintenant en couleur sur IPhone et IPad ! •

News St Barth

Rue Jeanne d’Arc - Rive gauche - Gustavia - Tél. 0590 87 79 54

Local news

Rip Curl Gromsearch presented by Posca

© Damien Blanc

Poor conditions, high level and big success for the first stage of the Rip Curl GromSearch presented by POSCA held on Saturday, March 1st and Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 on the beach of Lorient, Saint- Barts.

NEWSPAPERS DELIVERY SERVICE More than 1900 newspapers from 95 countries in 51 languages

NEW International “ New York Times available ! ”

Please Order your favorite newspaper before 6pm and get it delivered the next day !

BREAKFAST PACKAGE on request Cell. 0690 49 43 55 • Tél. 0590 87 92 39 or 0590 29 54 70 •

Poor conditions and high level for the first stage of the Rip Curl GromSearch presented by POSCA, Big success for the first stage of the Rip Curl GromSearch presented by POSCA held on Saturday, March 1st and Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 on the beach of Lorient, SaintBarts, in the Caribbean. For the first time since its creation in 1999 the Rip Curl GromSearch made a stopover in the Caribbean in order to give a chance to young surfers of the islands to score valuable points for the qualification to the European final. They were forty surfers from all around the Caribbean, St. Martin,Guadeloupe, Martinique and of course the island of Saint- Barthélemy. Despite the poor surf conditions, the competitors gave us

a great show and were able to please the large audience present on the beautiful beach of Lorient. Beyond the sporting event, the public will able to participate in many activities offered by POSCA with customized hats of the event and surfboard decorating by a local artist. The organizers already announce the next meeting in 2015 to all participants for the second edition of the Rip Curl GromSearch presented by POSCA «Somewhere» in the Caribbean. A big thank you to all the sponsors and those who have made the organization of this stage possible. More information: and RipCurlGromSearchPresentedByPosca

4 Anniversaire e

s r a m 18 u a r ie r v fé 7 2 Du

Marché U fête ses 4 ans et vous invite à célébrer son anniversaire avec 3 semaines d’animations !

Cette semaine destination l’Amérique ! Du jeudi 6 au mardi 11 mars Escapade culinaire aux USA avec une escale par le Mexique !


Tout pour les

St Jean - Centre Commercial La Savane - Tél. 05 90 27 68 16 NOUVEAUX HORAIRES Du lundi au samedi 8h-20h. Dimanche 9h-13h.

Local news

© Julie Berlizon

St Barth Bucket Regatta 2014

The entries are in for the 2014 edition of the St Barths Bucket Regatta and we have a great fleet heading to the beautiful island of St Barthélemy. Thirty eight of the world’s largest sailing superyachts will gather in Gustavia for three days of great trade wind sailing, wholesome competition, shore side camaraderie and shenanigans St Barths style. The fleet will include a number of the latest launches from the world’s premier superyacht builders. Registration will open at 0900 on 27 March, with a «Rules Review» seminar beginning concurrently. After a day of practice sailing, learning and taming the ropes (lines), the Skippers Meeting, Welcome Party and Owner’s reception will follow. After Friday’s racing, at 1700 the Bucket will host a presentation by the Environmental Agency of St Barths and the NGO Megaptera, to educate the community on a concurrent scientific project, tagging and tracking whale migrations. The symposium will be followed by the Fleet Open House, a traditional highlight of all Bucket events. Saturday night will host the annual

The entries are in for the 2014 edition of the St Barths Bucket Regatta and we have a great fleet heading to the beautiful island of St Barthélemy.

Bucket Bash on the Quay in Gustavia. There will be dining, dancing and music by the very popular Soley into the night! This year for the Sunday evening awards, the Government of St Barths has extended an invitation for the Awards Ceremony to be held on the grounds of the Hôtel de la Collectivité, the Government offices across the harbor from the Capitainerie. In the Bucket Tradition, racing will be pursuit style with the slowest rated yachts starting first and finishes determined by the order of finish. The fleet is divided into four classes: Les Grandes Dames, Les Demoiselles, Les Elegantes and Les Gazelles des Mers and we will continue the successful focus on competition within the classes. All yachts share the same starting and finishing line and sail the assigned course for their specific class. Live Race Tracking is an exciting addition to the race coverage. Daily awards will be presented to the top finishers in each class. As usual, we will pay particular attention to the traditional Bucket discretionary awards for meritorious acts and the occasional eyebrow raising behavior that perpetuates the «je ne sais quoi» spirit of the event. These include the Wolter Huisman «Spirit of the Bucket Award», the Vitters Seamanship and Sportsmanship Trophy, the Holland Jachtbouw Cool Crew Award and the coveted Skulduggery Cravat, for the yacht or crew that demonstrates the best and most fun, ‘left field non-adult behavior». Each year, the Bucket Regatta designates a portion of the entry fees for donation to a meaningful non-profit program in St Barths. This year the St Joseph School and their grounds improvement project will be the recipient of our donation. One of the oldest educational institutions on the island, The St Joseph School is a private Catholic institution that welcomes more than 200 students ages 3-11, from kindergarten through primary school. The school is in need of funds to improve the schoolyard/playground, where the clay coated sand is a health risk to the children and must be upgraded. The 2014 St Barths Bucket is pleased to be able to help the St Joseph School and allow the children to continue to learn and grow in a healthy environment. For More information:



© Annickli

Samedi 8 MARS 18h à 21h / Saturday MARCH 8 from 6pm to 9pm

Ouvert du LUNDI au SAMEDI OPEN from Monday to Saturday 10am-1pm / 3pm-7pm Espace Papito Lindo, Villa Créole, St-Jean (voisine à la boutique Iléna) WWW.KATEKOVA.COM

Fermé le samedi midi. Ouvert le samedi soir. Colombier - 0590 27 93 48


Robes en voile de soie motifs cashmere - 38 Euros 9h30-19h30 non-stop La Pointe, Gustavia - Tél. 0590 27 68 12 Saint Barth Stock Exchange

Horoscope Aries : You are building something important with your current dedicated determination.

Leo : You could set off a chain of events by signing an agreement or discussing something that is none of your business.

Sagittarius : If you maintain a spirit of generosity and charity, payment in kind could come from the least likely sources.

Michel et son équipe vous attendent pour déjeuner ou dîner au bord de la piscine.

Taurus :  Old friends are likely to be on your mind, and can be helpful. The evening will be better than the morning.

Virgo : Miscommunications going on around you warn that this is not a good time to begin anything important.

Capricorn : Give yourself a break. You may put pressure on yourself to fulfill a major ambition.

Langouste fraîche du vivier Les 100 grs à 7,00E

Gemini : Write down your ideas and brainstorms and you may be able to use them at a later time.

Libra : Your calm, pleasant demeanor will be a happy sight for friends who are seeking a safe oasis.

Aquarius : Don’t buy the Brooklyn Bridge. Postpone a final decision about major expenditures until next week.

Cancer : You may feel blocked, but that is a cosmic signpost indicating you should wait until the time is right.

Scorpio : Sometimes you think you are right when you are very wrong. Defer decisions about people.

Pisces : You should watch what you say, as your words might simply be misinterpreted by others.


Ouvert tous les jours ! Make your own jewel at

Australian and black tahitian pearls. Lundi - samedi : 9h30 - 13h / 15h - 19h30 23 rue du général de gaulle, gustavia - Tel : 05 90 27 28 81

Thierry Pierre Liot L’informatique qui a le sourire !

0690 55 76 50

Diplômé de l’Institut Français d’Hypnose Eriksonienne

Hypnothérapeute Programmation Neuro-Linguistique L’hypnose peut vous aider... Pensez-y ! Cabinet à Lorient - Sur RDV - Tél. 0690 25 44 95

Classified ads…

Depuis le 3 mars, nos horaires ont changés ! 8h-20h du lundi au samedi et 9h-13h le dimanche

St Jean - Centre Commercial La Savane Tél. 0590 27 68 16 Marché U Sbh Du lundi au samedi de 8h à 20h. Le dimanche de 9h à 13h

Aidez-nous à vous sauver. DONNEZ. Les sauveteurs en mer sont tous bénévoles et dépendent de vos dons pour acheter des bateaux, du carburant, des équipements de secours et financer leurs formations.

Bulletin de soutien à renvoyer à : Les Sauveteurs en Mer – B.P. 131 97095 Saint-Barthélemy cedex Tél./Fax : 05 90 27 57 58 - Cel. : 06 90 35 08 63 Email :

Urgent JF serieuse cherche appt 2 ch sur Gustavia. Tél. 0690 48 69 51. Urgent JH bonne ref rech coloc, étudie ttes propositions. Tél. 0690 38 76 77. Loue Bungalows De Charme 180e/nuit, à St Barth, pour 2 personnes. Nuit ou semaine. Vue mer, calme, 2 piscines, Kitchenette, Lit King Size, Clim, Wifi, TV DVD... 0590 52 41 50 ou www. A louer du 25 mars au 30 oct 2014, maison 2ch, piscine 2.450e/m, vue mer, calme. Tél. 0690 61 02 67. A louer à Anse des Cayes, maison 4 ch, a partir de mai, meublé, edf inclus, eau en sus 3.600e/m Tél. 0690 37 24 80. Christophe Fostokjian, cherche logement 1 à 2 chambres. Etudie toutes propositions. Tél. 05 90 29 75 72. AV Marigot (sxm) centre 2 studios meublés, exc rapport 42.000e et 45.000e. Tél. 0690 49 87 02. A louer Gustavia studio meublé dispo de fin avril à fin oct loyer 1200e + eau et élec. Tél. 0690 77 08 90. For sale beautiful new villa up from Salines, sea view 3 master bedrooms, swimming pool. Contact +59 0690 554 682, mail: kay.

St Martin Oyster Pond, vend villa 112m2, vue mer, ds rés avec piscine, 195 000e Tél. 0690 88 76 40. A louer à Toiny au 1er mai maison 3 chs, 3 sdbn, salon, cuisine, buanderie, garage, terrasse, parking, vue mer. Tél. 0690 55 46 52. Loue ch. vue lagon, dans coloc à 2, pour H/F calme et soigneux, 900s/TCC. 0690 35 96 78 Ch local stockage env 20 m2, accès facile, prix rais, Bungalow ind. à louer, sdb privée dans grande villa coloc à Camaruche fév et mars only 1.600e Tél. 0690 69 25 60. Couple avec réf sérieuses recherche appartement Tél. 0690 41 05 57. Part rech de suite location appart ou studio tt confort pour 5 mois, 1500-1700e/ mois. Tél 0690 29 82 77.

JOB OFFERS Le Sereno St Barth recrute chef de rang, commis de salle, 3 ans d’expérience dont 1 à l’internationale. Dispo, rigoureux, actif. Possibilité logement. CDD. CV à Agence Ici et La recherche agent de réservation bilingue EN/FR. Tél. 0590 27 78 78 ou marketing@

Form Fitness recrute hôte(esse) d’accueil, 25 h semaine(après midi), poste en CDI. Anglais exigé. Envoyer CV + photo à Cherche charpentiers qualifiés CDD 6 mois mini. Tél. 0690 285 636. Cherche JH employé de commerce polyvalent. Connaiss informatique requis. Saisonnier et «Job à court terme» s’abstenir. Tél. 0590 27 65 28, Déposer CV au Mono Shop. Rech secrétaire-comptable à temps plein. Connaissance sociale. A pourvoir de suite. CV à annick. Hôtel Guanahani & Spa rech un(e) femme/valet de chambre en CDD. Disponible de suite. CV à : hrmanager@ ou à déposer. La Plage recherche commis de cuisine, expérience souhaitée. Contact Guillaume: 0590 27 53 13. Restaurant Océan Gustavia recrute un serveur / serveuse. Expé souhaitée, anglais indisp. Téléphoner au 05 90 52 45 31 ou se présenter au Restaurant. Recherche cuisinier avec expérience à l’hôtel Manapany & Spa. Possibilité de logement. Contact: 05 90 27 66 55.

The Strand cherche chef de partie ou commis de cuisine, poss de logement. Tél. 0690 57 41 36 ZOLPAN rech CDD 6 mois, LM et CV à sgautier@

VEHICULE SALES AV Grand Vitara 3 portes ct ok déc 2009 36.000km bon état général 9.000e . Tél. 0690 57 05 79. AV Suzuki APV 2010 8 places 50.000km en l’état, 8.000s à débattre 0690 20 91 64. Sym allo 125 2011, 12000km, mot impec, pneus neufs, rev ok, qqs errafl, 800s 0690 677 617. Urgent AV Kymco agility Bl 50cc acheté neuf nov 2013, 3.600km scooter 2T 850e. Tél. 0690 28 46 80. PGO noir 50 ss garantie 1.300kms, vign 2014 ok, 2 casques, 1.300e Tél. 0690 67 17 54. AV Hyundai Tucson de 2012, TBE, 12.000km, prix 16.000e, cell 0690 544 056

MISC. SALES A cause double emploi APN compact neuf Sony WX200, 2 mois, 170e. AV centrale vapeur pro Rowenta Pro Perfect, état neuf, 100e . Sèche cheveux Calor Moveling 1400, 15e. Tél. 0590 57 26 19. L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération.



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