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VENEZ DECOUVRIR NOTRE RAYON POISSONNERIE : ARRIVAGE ULTRA FRAIS EN DIRECT DE RUNGIS ! Notre traiteur vous propose ce dimanche : Paella Royale ­­­­­­­Tél. : 0590 879 239 ou 0590 29 54 70 - -

Saturday January 4th 2014 • St Odilon


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1€=1.3586$ FOR MEN LINEN CLOTHES SHOES - GENUINE BELTS Gustavia • Passage de la Crémaillère Tél. 0590 27 54 26 • De 9h30 à 13h et de 15h à 19h30.


Daily News… OBESITY BALLOONING IN DEVELOPING WORLD The number of obese and overweight people in the developing world nearly quadrupled to almost a billion between 1980 and 2008, a think-tank report said on Friday. There are now far more obese or overweight adults in the developing world than in richer countries, the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) said. The London-based institute said more than a third of all adults around the world -- 1.46 billion people -- were obese or overweight. Between 1980 and 2008, the numbers of people affected in the developing world rose from 250 million to 904 million. In the developed world, the figure rose from 321 million to 557 million. This represented a rise from 23 percent to 34 percent of the world population. «The growing rates of overweight and obesity in developing countries are alarming,» said ODI research fellow Steve Wiggins, who co-authored the Future Diets report. «On current trends, globally, we will see a huge increase in the number of people suffering certain types of cancer, diabetes, strokes and heart attacks, putting an enormous burden on public healthcare systems.» The report said overweight and obesity rates have almost doubled in China and Mexico since 1980, and risen by a third in South Africa. The study said the rise in obesity was down to diets changing in developing countries where incomes were rising, with people shifting away from cereals and tubers to eating more meat, fats and sugar. The over-consumption of food, coupled with increasingly sedentary lives, was also to blame. The report found that North Africa, the Middle East and South America saw overweight and obesity rates increase to a level similar to Europe, around 58 percent. At 70 percent, North America still has the highest percentage of overweight adults.

NADÏNE vous souhaite une très bonne année ! Tél. 0590 27 52 16 • À côté de l’Isola

La Gloriette


Open for Lunch tous les jours sauf mercredi.

Pizza, burger, salade le soir, sur place ou à emporter

Grand Cul de Sac - Tél : 0590 29 85 71



SPA LUNCH PACKAGE Sun bed + Cocktail «bien-être» + Lunch* + Massage 1 heure sur RDV

125€ Hôtel MANAPANY

Anse des Cayes

*Lunch hors boissons •

0590 29 82 02

DEC 16TH - JAN 5TH, 2014


OW! RR MO TO DAY RY EVE N OPE - Gustavia Harbour - Tel. 0590 29 74 09

International News… PUTIN PUTS ON SKIS Russian President Vladimir Putin polished his action-man credentials by skiing in Sochi on the first day of a visit to the host city of the Winter Olympic Games opening in a month. The leader -- who in the past has been photographed fishing and horse-riding bare-chested, piloting aircraft and a submarine, hang-gliding, playing ice hockey and practising judo -- donned a black ski-suit along with Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev for a run close to a complex that will be used for downhill and biathlon competitions in the Olympics. The Winter Olympic Games are to take place February 7-23.

CANINE ‘INNER COMPASS’ German and Czech researchers studying squatting dogs doing their business have found the pooches have an «inner compass» that may help explain how they find their way home over great distances. When the four-legged friends stop during a walk to defecate or urinate, they tend to do so along a north-south axis, provided the earth’s magnetic field is stable at the time, the scientists said Friday. There was no notable difference in magneto-sensitivity among breeds, which ranged from a tiny Yorkshire terrier to a large St Bernard, said team member Dr Sabine Begall of Germany’s Duisburg-Essen University.

Great Bay Express NOUVEAU

Sauté de bœuf, sauce foie gras, pommes de terre confites


Liaison rapide et confortable entre Philipsburg et Gustavia deux à trois fois par jour. Pont extérieur et pont climatisé.


Tél. 0690 718 301


Local news…

Vintage & designer Outlet La pointe, Gustavia Tél. 0590 27 68 12 9h30-19h30 non-stop

ASSOCIATION LEZARDS DES CAYES The association Lézards des Cayes would like to invite you to a fun afternoon on Saturday, January 11th, 2014, from 3pm at the park in Anse des Cayes. Program : board games, artistic confections, snacks. .. For children and adults. Your games and ideas are welcome ! AFFMAR OFFICE HOURS The Ship Safety Inspector, Caron Marie - Maritime Station of the Northern Islands would like to inform you that the service’s office hours are scheduled on Friday, January 10th, 2014. You can make an appointment by calling or sending a fax to +590 590 275 758. (in the morning between 8am and noon ) or by e -mail: TERRITORIAL SWIMMING POOL Lessons will restart on Monday, January 6th, 2014 : aqagym, aquabiking, adult swimming (Masters), swimming school, water garden , Ti ‘ Crevette. Information at the pool: +590 590 276 096. VECTOR CONTROL- SAFETY OF CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS The President of the Collectivity would like to remind all the entrepreneurs of their important responsibility in the vector control and the need to remove or make inoperative, all breeding sites generated by their construction projects. May be potential breeding sites: any containers, cavities that may contain water (tanks under construction), tools such as wheelbarrows, gutters and other pipes. The territorial Police has to check each site and give a fine to entrepreneurs who have failed to take the necessary precautions. For further information or advice , contact the ARS +590 590 278 221. The President of the Territorial Council, Bruno Magras.

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ARS SPATIAL SPRAYING The Health Agency (ARS) and the Collectivity of the island of St Barths would like to inform you that in order to fight against mosquitoes, spatial spraying sessions with deltamethrin insecticide will take place in the following areas, at dawn and / or in the late afternoon : In Marigot, Pointe Milou, Vitet and Camaruche on Monday, January 6th ; In Gustavia, Lurin, Public and Corossol on Tuesday, January 7th ; In Colombier, Flamands, and Anse des Cayes on Wednesday, January 8th ; In St -Jean, Lorient, Saline on Thursday, January 9th ; In Grand Fond, Toiny, Petit Cul and Grand Cul de Sac on Friday, January 10th ; In Marigot, Pointe Milou, Vitet and Camaruche on Monday, January 13th. It is recommended to open windows and doors when the vehicle is passing, for greater efficiency. ARS would like to remind you that prevention measures based on mechanical destruction of the breeding sites developed at the individual or collective level remain the most effective in limiting the spread of dengue. Avoid mosquito bites by protecting yourselves with nets and using repulsive creams and lotions. Limit the proliferation of mosquitoes by eliminating their breeding, ie all places with stagnant rainwater, by protecting the barrels and tanks and checking the proper flow of water from the gutters. In case of fever, consult a doctor and avoid self-medication. ASSOCIATION OUANALAO SENZALA The association offers capoeira lessons for children from 7 years-old on Tuesdays and Fridays from 5pm to 6.30pm and for adults on Mondays and Thursdays from 6pm to 7.30pm on the Collectivity quay. Contact Yann 0690 55 36 99. Facebook: Ouanalao Senzala Capoeira.

37 km/h



Chers habitants de Saint-Barthélemy, Je vous présente à toutes et tous mes meilleurs vœux pour cette nouvelle année. Je vous souhaite ainsi qu’à vos proches une bonne santé ; j’ai une pensée particulière pour ceux de nos aînés qui pourront très bientôt être accueillis et soignés comme il se doit dès l’ouverture de l’EPHAD. Je tenais enfin à vous remercier du travail que vous accomplissez au quotidien. Vous contribuez chacun à faire de cette île un lieu unique au monde, synonyme de simplicité, de paix et de beauté, dans lequel nous avons la chance avec nos enfants et nos invités de nous accomplir pleinement et librement. Très belle année 2014 à vous tous. Le Président de la Collectivité, Monsieur Bruno Magras

ALL NEW BOATS MODELS 2013 Motor Yacht Cruise To St Barth, Pinel, Tintamarre, Anguilla

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Deep Sea Fishing

Catamaran Sailing Cruise Half day, Full day and Sunset Champagne on new Lagoon 450

Jet Ski, Fly board (Jet Pack) & Diving center

Jicky Marine Service private dock

•A  ll

nautical activities boarding from our Private Dock in Gustavia. •F  ree Valet Parking.





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Ouvert LE DIMANCHE (7J/7) Rue Jeanne d’Arc - Rive gauche - Gustavia - Tél. 0590 87 79 54

St Barth Essentiel’s Newsletter

Inventory of spiders Second mission

Marché U vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse année

From October 1 to 19, we hosted (thank you Brigitte!!) Ph.D Patrick Maréchal for the second campaign in the inventory of spiders. During his stay, this Doctor in Life Sciences also led a conference on the theme “The inventory of living: the case of St Barth’s spiders.” Marechal explained the growing interest in biodiversity and its study,

including a renewed interest for inventories, the first step towards understanding our environment. “In this context, spiders appear increasingly as a key group involved in the overall balance within ecosystems” he notes. The presentation projected during the conference, will be soon available on the website of the association.

Participation In Heritage Week From November 27 to December 1, in partnership with various associations, the Collectivité of St Barth organized a Heritage Week on the main theme of Architectural Heritage. Our association co-produced three events: - A presentation, Nov. 27, of Heritage Skills and the trip to French Guyana by Heritage Club that we started in February

in partnership with the Economic Chamber and Mireille Choisy Junior High. - A visit, November 28, of Fort Gustave led by our Secretary General for two classes of the Sainte-Marie elementary school in Colombier - And finally a guided tour of Gustavia in partnership with two other associations: ASBAS and St. Barth Heritage.

Bien mieux pour moi elle profite à tous ! Mes nouveaux avantages : TOUJOURS DES POINT CUMULÉS* PAYEZ VOS COURSES AVEC VOS POINTS* * Pour plus d’informations voir les conditions d’utilisation de la Carte U disponibles en magasin et sur

St Jean - Centre Commercial La Savane Tél. 0590 27 68 16 Marché U Sbh Ouvert de 8h à 20h du lundi au samedi. Dimanche de 9h à 13h et de 16h à 19h. Horaires de haute saison valables jusqu’au 5/01.



LE CENTRE ALIZÉS VOUS SOUHAITE UNE EXCELLENTE ANNÉE 2014 Lundi au samedi de 9h à 18h30. Fermé dimanche et jours fériés.

Fermé le samedi midi. Ouvert le samedi soir. Colombier - 0590 27 93 48


Michel et son équipe vous attendent pour déjeuner ou dîner au bord de la piscine.

Langouste fraîche du vivier Les 100 grs à 7,00E FLAMANDS - RÉSERVATION 05 90 27 63 61

Ouvert tous les jours !

Aidez-nous à vous sauver. DONNEZ.

Horoscope Aries : Roll out the red carpet. Treat guests like royalty and show those closest to you how welcome they really are.

Leo : Don’t let a few kind words cloud your judgment. Folks may be trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Sagittarius : Those who march to their own drummer may be marching alone. Avoid the urge to question the status quo.

Taurus :   Giving to those less fortunate is admirable, but be aware of those who are just taking advantage of you.

Virgo : If the ring is out of your grasp, go out and buy one. You’ve come a long way, but there’s still a long way to go.

Capricorn : There are two sides to any argument. If you see the situation from both, all your bases are covered.

Les Sauveteurs en Mer – B.P. 131 97095 Saint-Barthélemy cedex

Gemini : Friends may count on you, but that doesn’t mean they should become your dependents.

Libra : Adopting a wait-and-see approach will suit you better than trying to make drastic changes right now.

Aquarius : Avoid smothering a loved one with your affection when they actually need a little private space.

Tél./Fax : 05 90 27 57 58 - Cel. : 06 90 35 08 63 Email :

Cancer : A day fraught with ups and downs awaits you. Expect surprises lurking behind every door.

Scorpio : Don’t rock the boat. Mind the rules of decorum when mingling with colleagues in social situations.

Pisces : Giving until it hurts may be admirable, but it really won’t do you any good in the long run.

Les sauveteurs en mer sont tous bénévoles et dépendent de vos dons pour acheter des bateaux, du carburant, des équipements de secours et financer leurs formations.

Bulletin de soutien à renvoyer à :

Bonne année ! Nous serons ouverts le dimanche 5 janvier 10h/12h30 & 16h/19h30 - Le Carré D’or, Gustavia - 0590 27 69 74 -

Toute l’équipe du BONITO vous souhaite une excellente année 2014

© Pierre Carreau



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Tanya Michelle & Soley Gustavia Service valet de parking Réservation recommandée Tél. 0590 27 96 96 ou 0690 68 76 86 Visit our website : - Email :

DIABY L’informatique qui a le sourire !

0690 55 76 50

Célèbre voyant médium compétent sérieux et discret

L’arrivée de votre messie TOUT EFFET A UNE CAUSE, TOUTE CAUSE A UNE SOLUTION Résultats 100% garantis en 48 heures

Connu par son efficacité et la rapidité du résultats de son travail, avec la maîtrise de sa force spirituelle il vous aidera à résoudre vos problèmes et vous conseillera en amour. Retour immédiat de l’être aimé. Annulation de divorce. Fidélité, impuissance sexuelle, maladie inconnue, chance aux jeux, protection contre l’invisible, business, attraction de clientèle, examens, permis de conduire, protection contre toute sorte de jalousie etc... Paiement après résultats, consultation gratuite vendredi de 14h30 à 18h

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nos nouvelles cartes de Tapas et de Plats.


à partir de 20h Live music with

PapaGuyo & Dana Jared Pizzas sur place ou à emporter Réservations : 0590 29 52 24 26 rue Jeanne d’Arc - La Pointe (Ex-Harbour’s - à côté du Yacht Club)

NEWSPAPERS DELIVERY SERVICE LIVRAISON DU JOURNAL DU JOUR More than 1900 newspapers from 95 countries in 51 languages Plus de 1900 journaux de 95 pays en 51 langues

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Tél. 0690 17 57 39

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News St Barth

Classified ads… REAL ESTATE

A St Barth, loue nuit ou semaine, bungalows de charme 190e/ nuit, pour 2 personnes, vue mer, piscine, calme, kitchenette, lit king-size, clim. Tél. 0590 52 41 50 ou www.aucoeurcaraibe. com Appart 2 chambres tout confort, sur St Jean 3500e/semaine. Tél. 0690 51 32 31. Hôtel St Barth Isle de France recherche pour un de ses collaborateurs appartement colocation. Contacter Alexandre 0630 54 11 37. Particulier rech de suite location appart ou studio tt confort pour 5 mois, 15001700e/mois. Tél 0690 29 82 77. JOB OFFERS

Hertz cherche préparateur veh. polyv., bon niv. anglais, permis B, CV + LM à recrutementhertzsbh

Eden Rock - St Barth recrute un agent de réservation. Expérience similaire exigée, anglais indispensable, excellente présentation.Envoyer CV et LM à rh@ La C.E.M. rech son/ sa directeur/trice général, de formation supérieure, spécialisé en droit des affaires, bonne connaissance du secteur public et/ ou consulaire et des règles qui le régissent; complétée de réelles compétences, notamment dans le domaine juridique et du management d’équipes pluridisciplinaires. CV + LM + prétentions à presidence-cemsbh@ Hôtel Guanahani & Spa recherche un plagiste jusqu’au 12 janvier 2014. Expériences en 5* étoiles luxe confirmées et anglais indispensable. Tél. 0590 52 90 02.

Le groupe Carole Places recherche une vendeuse pour la boutique du FIRST. CV à boutique@ Eden Rock St. Barth recrute lingère. Se présenter à l’hôtel côté Cup’s ou CV et LM à rh@ Urgent : Restaurant Black Ginger ch. commis de cuisine avec notion d’anglais. Tél 0590 29 21 03 ou env. CV par mail à pat.

AV BMW 120i cabriolet, modèle 2009, 16000 km très bon état, 15000€. Tél. 0690 41 79 62. AV voiture électrique modèle 2011, 13000 km très bon état, 7200€ . Tél. 0690 41 79 62. MISC. SALES

Recherche house surfboard, taille environ 6’2. Tél. 0690 57 26 19. Ve n d s a c C h a n e l Jumbo cuir caviar


noir accastillage

AV Jeep Liberty sport 2003 CT ok, nbrses réparations (factures) 4.800€ à déb. Tél. 0690 09 22 05. AV TERIOS rouge 2008, 41 000km Très bon état, CT OK, 8000€ à débattre. Tél. 0690 35 16 02.

doré 2.700€ . Tél : 0690.24.90. 99 Vds cause double emploi pack de démarrage Skylanders Swap Force WII U, jamais ouvert, dans sa boite d’origine. Prix: 55€. Tel: 06 90 35 10 11.


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