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Thursday March 21th 2013 - Ste Clémence


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Menuiserie aluminium

Abris de terrrasse téléscopiques

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Tél. / fax 0590 29 17 43 - Anse des Cayes

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Daily News… INDIA’S BILLIONAIRE CLUB SLOW TO SHARE RICHES They may build skyscraper mansions, travel by private jet and throw sumptuous wedding parties, but it seems India’s super-rich are much slower at opening their wallets for charity. India now has 55 dollar billionaires, the fifth-biggest number in the world, according to a Forbes ranking this month. But like other emerging economies such as China, its charitable giving still lags markedly behind that in the West where the tradition of wealthy businessmen donating chunks of their fortunes is much more deeply ingrained. High net worth Indians gave up an average 3.1 percent of their income to charitable causes in 2011 -- up from 2010 but far behind the 9.1 percent average in the United States, according to global consultancy Bain & Company. But analysts say the upturn in giving as more Indians get seriously rich is going at a snail’s pace. «The pace for corporate India and especially the new rich giving up its wealth is excruciatingly slow,» said Manjeet Kripalani, executive director at Gateway House, a Mumbai-based think tank. «Corporate philanthropy needs to look at a thoughtful way of scaling up giving,» she told AFP. While impressive growth in the past decade has created a swathe of Indian tycoons, the more recent economic slowdown has compounded the slow take-up of philanthropy, despite a pressing need to tackle widespread poverty. «Giving is impacted by sentiment, which remains weak at the moment. It is likely to be flat or extremely moderate in terms of growth,» said Arpan Sheth, author of Bain’s annual Indian study. The latest report released this month did not give fresh statistics, but said donors were «putting a higher bar on understanding the impact of their giving, before they commit to causes» in the tough business environment.

NOUVELLE COLLECTION Tél. 0590 27 52 16 • À côté de l’Isola


Open for Lunch tous les jours sauf mercredi.

Pizzas le soir,

sur place ou à emporter Grand Cul de Sac - Tél : 0590 29 85 71



LIVE  BAND CLOSED ON SUNDAY - Gustavia Harbour - Tel. 0590 29 74 09

International News… UK MUSEUM FEARS NAPALM DEATH Britain’s prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum said Wednesday it had been forced to cancel a concert by «grind metal» band Napalm Death because of fears that the music will quite literally bring the house down. The British band had been scheduled to play a daring concert at the museum on Friday through a ceramic sculpture which -- if all had gone to plan -- would have exploded under the force of their music. But the museum has now concluded that not only would the ceramic sculpture explode, but chunks of the rest of the 150-year-old building might come down with it.

LONDON SHOW ICON DAVID BOWIE Outrageous costumes and hand-scrawled lyrics are among hundreds of items going on show in a major London retrospective tracing David Bowie’s relentless self-reinventions over five decades. Charting the British singer’s rise to fame and his reincarnations as Ziggy Stardust and other outlandish alter egos, the «David Bowie Is» exhibition has become the fastest-selling show in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s history ahead of its launch. «David Bowie is a true icon, more relevant to popular culture now than ever,» said the V&A’s director Martin Roth.

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Hotel • Villa • Yacht • Restaurant ~ ~ Tel. +590 (0)690 25 04 75

Great Bay Express NOUVEAU

Porc à la normande, tagliatelle et tomate provençale OU Cocktail de crevettes


Liaison rapide et confortable entre Philipsburg et Gustavia deux à trois fois par jour. Pont extérieur et pont climatisé.


Tél. 0690 718 301


Local news…


Eddy vous propose : Ses Ragoûts… Sa Fricassée de Lambis… Son Tourment d’Amour… Saline Beach - Fermé le lundi. Réservation conseillée : 0590 52 46 05 De 12h à 15h30 et de 19h à 22h.



Les hamacs sont

là !

Ouvert du lundi au samedi de 8h30 à 12h30 et de 14h30 à 18h30. Petit Cul de Sac Tél. 0590 29 16 79 (anciennement Blanchisserie Solaire).

MEETING ST BARTHS INTERNATIONAL PROPERTIES OWNERS Melanie Smith, President of the St. Barths International Property Owners Association announces that the third meeting of 2013 will be held at 5:30, Thursday, March 21st at the meeting room at the Capitainerie (entrance on the main dock). At each meeting, the Association strives to provide factual, unbiased information on various issues that affect foreign property owners in St. Barths. All international property owners are invited to attend. The 4th and final meeting of 2013 will be held on Tuesday, 9 April. BISHOP COLLEGE INFORMATION MEETING Mrs Labrecque, Assistant Director of the Admissions, will be available between March 18th and 21st to meet with families interested in receiving information on the school or to supervise the admission tests. For more information or to make an appointment, please contact Ms. Labrecque at: or +1819-574-5493. LEZARDS DES CAYES ASSOCIATION The association Lézards des Cayes invites all its members and affiliates, and all persons interested in the General Assembly which will be held Friday, March 22nd, 2012 at 6pm at the association’s office. On the agenda: Election of the Board of Directors and the new office as well as the presentation and selection of projects for the new year. We are waiting for you. ST BARTH ESSENTIAL PHOTO COMPETITION EXHIBITION Photos of the contest organized by the association in St Barth Essentiel in partnership with the Centre Alizé on the theme»Wildlife of St Barths» will be exhibited from Monday 16pm to Friday, March 22nd in Collectivity Hall, during opening hours.

TERRITORIAL COMMISSION FOR SPORTS The Territorial Commission would like to remind all St. Barths Sports Associations wanting to use the sports facilities of the Collectivity (outside of normal use), that a written request is required to be filed or sent by fax to 0590 27 71 77 or by mail to the Secretariat of the Executive Council: within at least 5 days before the scheduled date of the event. If the request and the deadlines are not respected, we will have the obligation to refuse it. SAINT-B’ART ASSOCIATION: SHORT STORIES CONTEST-DEADLINE: MARCH 21ST The 8th edition of the short stories contest has already started for several weeks and the deadline for registrations and short stories by email and post is coming soon. For March 21st, registrations and short stories will be sent to concoursdenouvelles@ymail. com and to Leila Nazzal-BP 345-97096 Gustavia. To read the regulations, please send an email to this address. BASKETBALL: EASTER HOLIDAYS During the Easter holidays, Damien organizes basketball sessions for 4 years-old children and older at the primary school of Gustavia, from 9am to 12pm from Monday to saturday. Price: e 15 per morning. Information and registration on site or by calling Damien 0690 39 86 22. The St Barth Basketball Club is a partner of the youth ticket. ASCCO TENNIS AND COLLECTIVE SPORTS SESSIONS Easter, 1st week: Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th and Friday, March 29th from 9am to 12pm: e 100 for 5 days. 2nd week: Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 3rd, Thursday 4th, Friday 5th, and Saturday, April 6th from 9am to 12pm: e 100 for 5 days. Information and registration until Saturday, March 23rd: 06 90433133.



10am to 1pm - 4pm to 7pm. Closed on sunday. 0590 27 90 53 -

Vue sur le port... !

Formule déjeuner : 1 plat du jour, 1 boisson, 1 café


Rue Jeanne d’Arc - Rive gauche - Gustavia - Tél. 0590 87 79 54 - Fermé le dimanche



COLLECTION The Natural Reserve Letter


Humpback whales season The humpback whale season is in full swing in St Barth with several observations per day in this early period of March. They come from the south and are observed mainly in the areas of Toiny – Grand fond - Cul de sac. Often with their calves, they come close to the coast to breastfeed and rest, and return slowly to the northern waters with its reserve of fish, for the summer. These marine mammals are sensitive to disturbance, especially with their calves, so beware if you are lucky enough to approach them. Maintain a

distance of 150 meters, slow down and stay still, get out of the way and limit yourself to 15 minutes for observation! They often see observations as harassment and danger, it disturbs the phases of the feeding of calves. St Barth is part of the AGOA sanctuary that protects marine mammals. Participate! If you see whales, call 0690317073 and give us their number and their direction. Thanks to the data collected in all the islands we can estimate the total population and determine their migration routes. Thank you!

Facilities in Grand Cul de Sac The technical Service of St Barths, in collaboration with the Nature Reserve, have put a pontoon and a slide structures in the lagoon of Grand Cul de Sac. Users will be able to embark and unload their equipment with more comfort and take their boats out of the water more easily and in a more environmentally friendly way. A nice pontoon, well done !

Coussins, plaids, couvre-lits, serviettes de toilette… Aux couleurs de l’été !

Keep your eyes open and call the Nature Reserve ! Thank you to all the volunteers that call and help the Natural Reserve they bring us valuable help. Emergency : 0690 31 70 73 -


Venez vite ! Public - Tél. 0590 27 62 18 8h - 12h et 13h30 - 16h30 Fermé mercredi et samedi après-midi, et dimanche tout la journée. Retrouvez-nous sur Facebook

Bazar de GDM


COLLECTION CHRIS SHOP La Villa Créole - St Jean - De 10h à 13h et de 15h à 19h - Tél. 0590 27 59 40




Déjeuner à l’Indigo + Soin au spa 1h + Accès transat plage (hors boissons).

Petit-déjeuner + Soin au Spa 1h + Déjeuner à l’Indigo + Accès transat plage (hors boissons).

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Grand Cul de Sac • 97 133 St Barthélemy Uniquement sur réservation : 0590 52 90 36 • Pour de plus amples informations, contacter l’hôtel


Pélican Beach - St Jean (near Nikki Beach). Open Monday to Saturday : from 10 am to 7 pm. and Sunday : from 12 am to 7 pm. Tél. 05 90 52 08 82.

r cie er m re à nt tie U é ch ar M de e ip qu l’é e ut To

chaleureusement ses partenaires ! Le Salon

French touch Paradise

La Crêperie Gustavia Depuis 1986

Douceur des Antilles

Liste des gagnants du Super Tirage DELAIRE Véronique gagne 1 aller/retour San Juan offert par WIMCO FERREIRA Catherine gagne 1 TV 66 cm offerte par HOME TECHNOLOGIE MONTAGNE Stephanie gagne une manucure et une coupe offertes par LE SALON & FRENCH TOUCH PARADISE CORDJMAN Marlène gagne 2 déjeuners offerts par LE JARDIN RESTAURANT BOUSSEAU Samantha gagne 2 petits déjeuners offerts par LE JARDIN ROSSEL Maria gagne 1 bon d’achat offert par IL ÉTAIT UNE FOIS GIMENEZ Stéphanie gagne 1 bon d’achat offert par RENE DHERY TEIXEIRA Paula gagne 1 bon d’achat offert par CRAZY FETE GUMBS Michelle gagne 1 bon d’achat offert par CRAZY FETE GOINET Véronique gagne 1 bon d’achat offert par CRAZY FETE THIBAULT Catherine gagne 1 bon d’achat offert par CRAZY FETE

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St Jean - CC La Savane -

Marché U Sbh

Tél. 0590 27 68 16. Du lundi au jeudi 8h-13h et 15h-20h. Vendredi et samedi 8h-20h non-stop. Dimanche 9h-13h et 16h-19h.

PLAT DU JOUR À 10E Aujourd’hui :

Brochette de bœuf sauce au poivre, frites et salade verte SUR PLACE OU À EMPORTER Colombier - 0590 27 93 48

Aide à la personne et baby sitting : Une équipe de professionnels à votre service

Sound & Lighting Designer Eric MASSON Le partenaire de vos événements

Assistance aux personnes âgées et à mobilité réduite* Baby sitting à la demande* * A l’heure ou au forfait

Pour tout renseignement : 0690 64 06 71

Soirée privée - DJ - Event - Cocktail - Vidéo Mise en lumière de vos espaces int./ext. Tel : 06 90 34 44 57 -




Soirée moules frites

Soirée créole

Soirée gourmande


menu à 35€

menu à 39€


Ouvert 7/7j, même le dimanche Salle Climatisée - Service continu de 12h à 22h30

Rue de la République Gustavia Tél. 0590 27 72 48

Horoscope Massage relaxant


Soin du corps

à partir de 55€

Soin du visage

à partir de 50€

Manucure + pose de vernis


Pédicure + pose de vernis


Epilation demi-jambes + maillot + aisselles


Epilation jambes complètes + maillot + aisselles


À Grand Cul de Sac ou à domicile Sabrina au 06 90 33 52 44

Tabouret de bar €


QUARTIER DU ROY, ANSE DES CAYES - 0590 27 65 37 LUNDI AU VENDREDI 8H30 12H / 15h30 18h - SAMEDI : 8H30 12H

Aries : You can’t hit the ball every time at bat. There is always someone keeping score and adding up the averages.

Leo : Start the week by attending to your personal affairs with the same level of skill you would provide to an employer.

Sagittarius : Recent overindulgences may make you feel guilty. Make sensible changes and deny yourself a treat.

Taurus : Respect and trust are the two easiest things to lose and the hardest things to get back.

Virgo : People will be more reasonable and willing to look optimistically at any plan on the table if everyone benefits.

Capricorn : Your financial acumen gets high marks. Be sure that whatever you endorse holds benefits for everyone.

Gemini : In the upcoming week, treat others with the same respect and consideration you would like in return.

Libra : Don’t be surprised if someone critiques your presentation or demands that you try just a little harder.

Aquarius : A positive outlook and faith in your fellow man could be rewarded with good fortune this week.

Cancer : Being generous attracts prosperity. Sound business practices of the past may reward you in the present.

Scorpio : Don’t be stingy about giving to charities, giving of yourself or giving someone the benefit of the doubt.

Pisces : Everything will become clear and you will be able to act from moral certainty rather than trusting to dumb luck.

L’informatique qui a le sourire !

0690 55 76 50



Vente montage réparation Pneus voitures et camions ­­Particuliers et professionnels Arrivages réguliers direct d’usine

Tel: 0590 27 23 95 / 0690 64 87 34 Lorient Route de Saline, face à l’hôtel La Normandie

La Saintoise - 0590 27 68 70 SUGGESTIONS : LA NORMANDE crème fraîche, camembert, persillade, mozzarella L’AMERICAN BURGER boeuf haché, salade, oignons frits, cheddar, tomates, sauce barbecue

Pizzas au feu de bois Burgers à emporter Corossol - Du mardi au dimanche de 18h à 22h

Classified ads… Solal a perdu son bracelet (jonc) en or vendredi 8 au soir entre St Jean et Gustavia, grande valeur sentimentale. 0690 33 51 62, récompense. vous propose ses soirées



R oute de S alines - 19 h R éservations  :


23 h

sauf dimanche

0590 511 598

Late service 11pm - Service tardif 23h

REAL ESTATE Grd cul de sac particul. vend belle annexe de villa, 48m2, cuisine ext, ch, sdb, living, ouvert sur deck de 72m2 avec piscine, récent, calme et privé sur 564m 2 de jardin tropical. 785 k€ Tél. 0590 87 37 08. JF 33 ans depuis 5 ans sur l’île en CDI rech. logement à l’année. Poss payer 2 mois loyer d’avance + caution. Tél. 0690 57 84 98. A louer terrain de 110 m2 à Pointe Milou, 1 ou 2 ans, 650e/m. Tél. 0690 77 06 15. Le News rech logement 2 ch séparées, loyer raisonable. Tél 0690 57 26 19. Dame retraitée rech appt ou studio pour début juin, loyer raisonnable. 0690 51 51 79. For sale, beautiful villa in Saline, 3 bedrooms, swimming pool, end building Feb 2012. Owner to owner (no real estate). 2,4 millions €. Tél. 0690 55 46 82. Loue Bungalows de charme 170e /nuit pour 2, clim, Wifi, cuis équip, terrasse, piscine, vue mer, jardin, calme, park. Tél. 0590 52 41 50. www.

A saisir Bail 3/6/9 - Villa Créole, 120.000e. Tél:0690 50 59 92. Loue à l’année Appt 70m2 2ch rénové tout confort vue port Gustavia 2000e+CH. 0590 27 56 70. Gd Studio ch/salon meublé cuisine sdb terrasse couv, park, état neuf. 1300e / mois. 0690 67 03 12. SARL Centre Alizés+bail commercial à céder, 100 ke. Tél. 0690 61 97 97. JOB SEEKERS H peintre travailleur indépendant, disponible de suite. Tél. 0690 27 02 53. Diplômée Bac +5 droit, spécialisée droit social, connaiss droit des affaires, propose prest en statut salarié ou indépendant. Tél : 0690 22 50 41. JOB OFFERS Le Tom Beach rech un(e) réceptionniste confirmé, chef de rang, un plagiste. Cand à management@ ou se prés. Meat and potatoes rechcuisinier, chef de partie, à pourvoir de suite Tél. 0690 63 01 99. Hôtel C. Gustaf rech. 1 veilleur de nuit à compter du 22/03 + 1 agent maintenance contrat saisonnier à compter du 15/04. Env. CV+LM à hebergement@ ou les déposer à l’hotel.

Maya’s to go traiteur rech vendeur/vendeuse dynamique et motivé, angl exigé, exp en restauration et tenue caisse demandées. Se prés avec CV à la bout. a St Jean. Resto Entre 2 rech un commis de cuisine pour début avril. Tél. 0690 63 44 44. VEHICULE SALES AV Scooter Mio 100, B.E.G, Vign ok + Casque 1.000e à déb. Tél. 0690 88 61 76. AV Grand Vitara bâché, CT et vign Ok, très agréable à conduire. 4.000e. Tél. 0690 35 56 92. AV Scooter PGO Ligerio 125cc de 2012, 2500km, vign.Ok, fourche à remplacer. 2.100e à déb. 0690 29 08 64. Urgent AV cse départ Quad 250, BE, vign OK, 1.400e. Tél. 0690 49 25 78. Av pour pièces Smart noire 2002 avant mise au rebut. Faire offre au 0690 61 97 97. AV Cause départ Quad Kymco 400 MXU, nov 2012, état neuf, 3.700e. Tél. 0690 73 98 59. AV Kia Picanto ttes options 2007, 39600Km, BEG, CT et vign. Ok, 4.000e. Tél. 0690 22 10 69. AV BMW 120i cabriolet blanc nov 2008, 9000km, 17.300e, 4 pneus neufs. seult SMS 0690 57 81 85.

Vends Terios Auto TBE 2009. Tél. 0690 46 40 04. AV Jeep Asia Rocsta, carross/châssis BE. Freins arrière à refaire, mâchoire fournie. Éch avec Quad si poss. Tel 0690 51 74 17. Vends Suzuki Gd Vitara, boite auto, 3 portes de 2010. TBE. Tél:0690 47 30 00. Vend Quad suzuki LTR 450cc noir édition limitée, moins d’1 an. Valeur 9000e vendu 6000e, 0690 63 68 93. Vend Jimny manuelle, 2006, 28000 km CT et vign Ok. 4000e. Tél entre 10h & 17h au 0690 74 12 69. Urgent AV Quad Sym 250 BE, révisé, vign OK, 1500e à déb. Tél: 0690 49 25 78. AV Suzuki Samuraï CT OK, BEG, 1998, 66,600km, 2300e. Tél. 0690 34 88 45. MISC. SALES Cse dep vend pots de fleur gueridon vaisselier tables chaises porte-manteaux. Tél. 0690 81 25 03. Cse dep vend scie sauteuse ponceuse Makita Perceuse Metabo fer et table à repasser. 0690 81 25 03. Vide maison: pots de fleur, table, guéridon, vaisselier, petit outillage, vaiselle... Tél. 0690 81 25 03.


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