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Friday February 8th 2013 - Ste Jacqueline

Cours de la veille : 1€


1.3398 $

Gustavia Tél. 0590 27 57 57 Lun - Ven : 8h à 15h30 Sam : 8h à 12h30


Daily News… XENA’ ACTRESS FINED OVER NEW ZEALAND OIL PROTEST Xena: Warrior Princess» actress Lucy Lawless was fined in a New Zealand court Thursday for boarding a ship with environmentalists last year in protest at plans to search for oil off Alaska. Lawless had pleaded guilty to unlawfully boarding the oil-drilling ship Noble Discoverer with a group of Greenpeace activists last February and occupying it for three days in a bid to prevent it setting sail for the Arctic. The actress and six other activists scaled a 53-metre 174-foot drilling derrick on the ship, which was contracted to Anglo-Dutch energy giant Shell, and were eventually arrested by police after refusing to come down. The group, along with another Greenpeace member who helped organise the protest at the North Island port of Taranaki, were each fined NZ$650 ($545) and ordered to perform 120 hours of community work. However, judge Allan Roberts rejected an application from Shell’s New Zealand subsidiary for more than NZ$600,000 in damages from the protesters, saying such an application should be pursued through the civil courts. Lawless, who appeared under her married name Lucy Tapert, said she did not regret her actions. «We are proud to have taken part in our attempt to stop Shell’s reckless plans to drill for oil in the pristine Arctic,» she told reporters outside the court. «Since we occupied the Noble Discoverer, it has become evident to everyone watching, from the millions who have signed Greenpeace petitions, to the US government... that it can never be safe to drill in the Arctic.» The US Interior Department granted Shell conditional approval to begin drilling exploration wells in the Arctic Ocean in August 2011, in a move slammed by conservationists. However, Shell announced last September that drilling had been delayed after a dome used to contain potential oil spills sustained damage during a test.



Vendredi 8 février - 10€ Colas rôti, pommes persillées, brocolis Dimanche 10 février - 15€ Commandez avt 11h pour midi et avt 16h Entrecôte sauce pleurotes, pour le soir ! gratin dauphinois La Pointe - Gustavia - Tél. 0690 55 93 49



OFFRE DÉCOUVERTE Gommage Elixir & Massage Relax 1h 150 Euros Hôtel MANAPANY

Anse des Cayes

0590 29 82 02



NEW  BAND CLOSED ON SUNDAY - Gustavia Harbour - Tel. 0590 29 74 09

International News… ASIAN ASTROLOGERS YEAR OF SNAKE A stock market slide, escalated conflict between Japan and China and more Gangnam-styled success for South Korean singer Psy will shape the incoming Year of the Snake, say Asian soothsayers. Those who make predictions according to the study of feng shui -- or literally «wind-water» -- are influential in many parts of Asia where people adjust their lives or renovate houses and offices based on the advice. As they bid farewell to the Year of the Dragon, the fortune tellers warn that the «black water snake» that emerges to replace it on February 10.

FIRST LADY TO ATTEND SLAIN GIRL’S FUNERAL IN CHICAGO First lady Michelle Obama will travel to Chicago on Saturday to attend the funeral of a 15-year-old student who was gunned down in President Obama’s adopted hometown days after she performed at his inauguration, an administration official has confirmed. The first lady will be joined by White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, the former Chicago Public Schools superintendent. Hadiya Pendleton performed at the inauguration with her high school band and drill team on Jan. 21.

Offrez une bouteille de champagne rosé pour la St Valentin La bouteille Bruno Paillard Rosé 45,00€ La bouteille Billecart Salmon Rosé 55,00€

Ouvert de 11h00 à 15h00 et de 16h00 à 22h00 LE BISTROY - St Jean - Villa Créole - 0590 52 20 96 -

LeLolTo dieZretouour aku bKar’F! e AMEDI DU MARDI AU S


boisson Plat du jour + 1




One shot offert aux ladies !

Lady’s Night

More than 1900 newspapers from 95 countries in 51 languages


HO KAPORAL FEMME/ slims couleurs,

e World Music around th jeans, pantalons tee shirts, robes, etc...

Please Order your favorite newspaper before 6pm and get it delivered the next day !

Tél. 0590 52 43 93

Du lundi au samedi 9h30 - 13h et 15h30 - 19h. St Jean, Les Mangliers (derrière station service).

Carte habituelle + pizza

Retrouvez le Ti-Zouk sur facebook !

BREAKFAST PACKAGE on request 0690 49 43 55 • 0590 87 92 39 Fax 0590 29 54 70 •

Gustavia - La Pointe - Tél. 0590 27 90 60 Ouvert de 11h à 14h30 et de 18h à 23h. Fermé le lundi.




ROBES | JUPES à partir de





CHAUSSURES à partir de 10€ BANDEAUX à partir de 10€ COMBISHORTS | VESTES BOTTINES HAUT DE GAMME... Prix sacrifiés !

PIED NU PATTE Des prix canons sur l’ancien stock NU ts ! Chaussures et vêtements enfan

les 7, 8 et 9 février,


De nombreux petits prix pour vous faire plaisir ! A ne pas manquer !

De 9h à 19h non-stop jeudi, vendredi & samedi ! Tél. 0590 52 43 93

St Jean, Les Mangliers proche de la Poste (derrière la station service) - Du lundi au samedi de 9h30 à 13h et de 15h30 à 19h

Filles des iles y Valentine’sDa

et vous invite a venir decouvrir toutes les




Great Bay Express NOUVEAU

Lasagne de poisson OU Salade de lentilles, lardons, œuf poché


Liaison rapide et confortable entre Philipsburg et Gustavia deux à trois fois par jour. Pont extérieur et pont climatisé.


Tél. 0690 718 301


Local news… SAINT-BARTH HARMONY SCHOOL The School of Music St. Barth Harmony is pleased to announce the expansion of its team with the arrival of a new music teacher offering acoustic guitar and percussion lessons in Portuguese. For more information, contact Ricardo: 0690 728602 or Abigail: 0690 59 09 31. PROGRAM: THE YOUNGZ PARADE • F  riday February 8th, 2013: Parade «Special Collegians in Red-Yellow-Green» Departure 6:30 pm at Ti Zouk K’Fé. • S  unday, February 10th, 2013: Parade in «Military», Departure 6.30 pm in Ti Zouk K’Fé. • M  onday February 11th, 2013: Parade in «pajamas», Departure 7.00 pm at Ti Zouk K’Fé. • T  uesday, February 12th, 2013: Mardi Gras. • W  ednesday, February 13th, 2013: End of Carnival 2013 with the “Burning Vaval”, parade in «Black and White» Departure at 7:00 pm at Le Select. We are waiting for you all for the upcoming parades. For more information 0690 30 76 76 (President) or 0690 48 87 23 (Treasurer). BASKET BALL TO WIN A basketball is to win every Saturday morning during the lessons from 9am to 12pm. Damien offers basketball lessons at the elementary school Gustavia. Price 15e / morning. Information and registration there or with Damien 0690 39 86 22. FELICA ART EXHIBIT IN GUSTAVIA Felica (from Casa Couleurs) has an exhibition from January 28th to February 9th, 2013 at the R St Barth shop from 10am to 1pm and 3:30pm to 8pm, 25 rue du Général de Gaulle, Gustavia. Tel. 0690 54 90 24. SBTC CARNIVAL COURSES The Saint Barth Tennis Club organizes carnival courses during the school holidays, for children from 5 years-old, from Monday 11th to Friday, February 15th from 9am to 12pm, 100e per week snack included. Registrations at the reception from 4:30pm to 7:30pm or directly on line


FINE FOOD & PIZZA AT THE HARBOUR’S Enjoy a cocktail with the view on the harbour


Pizza Menu

(choice of 3 different starters, one meat or one fish)

Starter, main course

Pizza, dessert, wine glass, coffee



Carré d’Or (Luxury Shops) BNP Bank



Restaurant 0590 29 52 24 - Berny 0690 59 65 91 Open every night from 6.30pm Gustavia - La Pointe, Rive Gauche

ST BARTH ESSENTIEL PHOTO CONTEST ”St Barth Essentiel” organizes its third photo contest. Theme: Wildlife of St Barths. This contest is open to all. You have two months from now to send your photos in HD by email to and prints on A4 paper by regular mail: St Barth Essentiel BP 1032 St Barthelemy 97012Cedex. Three photos per person maximum, specifying name / first name / address / phone number and the date of the photo and the place of shooting. Send before March 7th, 2013. BASKET BALL TO WIN A basketball is to win every Saturday morning during the lessons from 9am to 12pm. Damien offers basketball lessons at the elementary school Gustavia. Price 15e / morning. Information and registration there or with Damien 0690 39 86 22.


After a career as Creative and Ad Film Director, in the US and France, Jean Verrechia, a French artist, started 10 years ago, a painting career in St Barth and Provence. Exploring the world of flowers, he tries to captivate Nature ephemeral beauty. “It’s tempting to explore their bare immodesty, the bright and the dark side of their voluptuousness”. That’s what Jean Verrechia does in his paintings, trying to reveal Flowers’ secrets. His work’s simplicity masters the space, the approximate drawing let the colors take over. At the brigantin, Friday, February 8 at 6.30 pm. ASSOCIATION OF LEZARDS DES CAYES The association Lezards des Cayes invites you to join the afternoon organized for decorating the enclosure wall of the place, on Saturday, February 9th from 3pm. The presence of a responsible adult is compulsory for children. ASSOCATION YACHT CLUB SAINT BARTH Long live the Carnival… On the occasion of the Carnival holidays, the Saint Barth Yacht Club offers sailing courses on the theme of Carnival of course ! • 1 week sailing course from Monday 11th to Friday, February 15th, 2013. Various courses are in the program called «Voile Loisir»(= Sailing for fun), optimist boat groups for all levels in the morning (7-11 years-old), group RS Feva all levels in the afternoon (from 12 years-old) but also « Sport Sailing School » in the afternoon. Information and on-site registration at the sailing school in Public. Tel: 05 90 27 70 41 or Email: ASCCO TENNIS COURSES Organized by Amandine & Franck, for 6-12 years (boys and girls), rackets and balls provided. Course from Monday 11th to Friday, February 15th from 9am to 12pm, 100 euros for 5 days. Registrations 06 90 14 23 70. GARAGE SALE The APEL of Ste Marie in Colombier is organizing on Sunday, February 24th a market / garage sale open to individuals and professionals. For any information please call 0690 46 62 48. Registrations must be submitted before February 8th, 2013. Number of participants is limited.


POLO 12.12


85e 50e*

89e 60e*

79e 50e*

U N E I D É E C A D E A U…

7 RUE DU BORD DE MER - GUSTAVIA - 0590 27 66 90 DU LUNDI AU SAMEDI DE 9H À 20H *sur une sélection de coloris. Offre valable uniquement les 8 et 9 février.

e d o m e d é l i f é D


Vendredi 8 février à 22h au restaurant Bagatelle

WOMEN / Gustavia - Rue du Roi Oscar II (in front of bakery Choisy) | MEN / Gustavia - Rue Lafayette (behind La Cantina)



Tél : 0690 628 747

Lagon Gd Cul De Sac - 0690 59 66 06

Email :

Local news…

Fun Cup 2013 :


My excellent preparation before this event allowed me to join the battle for a final victory against high-level competitors, three other competitors in the world cup PWA being present.

With a top speed of high performance in this beginning of season I won 4 races out of 5 run and won then this 2nd edition of the Saint Barth Fun Cup, in front of Taty Frans and Bjorn Dunkerbeck (41 times world champion!). This result confirms my progress last season, and the winter work is a great start for my 2013 season. I am very satisfied with the organization of the St. Barth Fun Cup, which allows me to promote my sport and my island to locals but also through the international media. Now my ambition is to make this event the most important event of the early international season for windsurfing. The next edition has been announced for the end of January 2014! Antoine Questel

© Julian Schlosser

David notre caviste vous invite à découvrir La Maison de Grands Vins de Bourgogne

© Christelle Lescure

Samedi 9 février

Antoine Questel’s feedback ! Hi everybody ! The second edition of the Saint Barth Fun Cup was held from February 1st to the 3rd on the beautiful spot of Saint-Jean Bay in perfect conditions with a steady wind of 12-18 knots for the all 5 rounds. Once again organizer of the event, I still, compared to the previous year, managed to free myself from this role to focus on my race. I would like to thank you to the volunteers who have dealt with the stress and let me returned immediately to the competition.

L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé, à consommer avec modération.

La fidélité est toujours récompensée ! Bénéficiez de bons d’achats ou de paiement avec vos points fidélité directement en caisse.

3€ d’achats = 1 point Vue sur le port... St Jean - Centre Commercial La Savane Tél. 0590 27 68 16. Horaires : Du lundi au jeudi de 8h à 13h et de 15h à 20h. Vendredi et samedi de 8h à 20h non-stop. Dimanche de 9h à 13h et de 16h à 19h.

Formule déjeuner : 1 plat du jour, 1 boisson, 1 café 


Rue Jeanne d’Arc - Rive gauche - Gustavia - Tél. 0590 87 79 54 - Fermé le dimanche



Clients professionnels

Clients particuliers


DECK IPÉ Direct Brésil

25 x 140 mm - 1 er choix - 1000 m 2 dispo AU DETAIL : 81€/m 2 A LA PALETTE : 80€/m 2 DE 150 A 250 M² : 79€/m 2 PLUS nous consulter


E G A K *

ur e n e


ont 13 c ux er 20 a e i ouv 23 févr n de u’au e vag le jusq i r r t a valab n a Av *Tarif ACCESSOIRES DE POSE


Vis Inox 5 x 50 : Vis Inox 5 x 60 : Bouchons IPÉ : Tiges filetées Ø 10 :

BOIS US Choix Prime


2 2 3 3 3 T

34€ le M 2

X 4 2.41€ ML X 6 3.76€ ML X 4 4.83€ ML X 6 6.71€ ML X 8 9.58€ ML one eleven 31.50€/plaque

4.90€ le 100 5.90€ le 100 90€ les 1000 3.65€ ML

Soit 62.53€ le paquet (1.84 m²)

32€ le M 2

à la palette (46 m²)

Email :

Dépot bois Saline - Nicolas : 0690 73 38 30 - Ouvert de 7H30 à 12H00 et de 13H30 à 16H30 Bureau & Showroom - Camaruche - Tél. 0590 52 49 04 - Fax. 0970 32 59 08 - Ouvert de 8H à 12H00 et de 15H à 18H

“Chez Rolande”

PLAT DU JOUR À 10E Aujourd’hui :

Cuisine créole traditionelle

Papillote de daurade aux légumes grillés, riz

A midi :

plat du jour à 10€

SUR PLACE OU À EMPORTER Colombier - 0590 27 93 48

Sur place ou à emporter

Flamands - 0590 27 51 42 - Ouvert midi et soir.

Daily suggestions

& live lobsters in the tank Rue du Général de Gaulle - Gustavia 0590 27 53 20



Soin Silicium Lift • Satisfaction 100%

Les produits de la gamme sont désormais disponibles ! Pour tout renseignement : 0590 275 946 35 rue de la République, Gustavia

Yellow Submarine LE SAMEDI À 11H...


AVEC 1 LOT À GAGNER Adultes : 40e, enfants -12 ans : 25e

Épave, tortues, barracudas, requins dormeurs... CABINE CLIMATISÉE Quai des ferries - 0590 52 40 51 ou 0690 32 45 99

Aries : You are building something important with your current dedicated determination.

Leo : You could set off a chain of events by signing an agreement or discussing something that is none of your business.

Sagittarius : If you maintain a spirit of generosity and charity, payment in kind could come from the least likely sources.

Taurus :  Old friends are likely to be on your mind, and can be helpful. The evening will be better than the morning.

Virgo : Miscommunications going on around you warn that this is not a good time to begin anything important.

Capricorn : Give yourself a break. You may put pressure on yourself to fulfill a major ambition.

Gemini : Write down your ideas and brainstorms and you may be able to use them at a later time.

Libra : Your calm, pleasant demeanor will be a happy sight for friends who are seeking a safe oasis.

Aquarius : Don’t buy the Brooklyn Bridge. Postpone a final decision about major expenditures until next week.

Cancer : You may feel blocked, but that is a cosmic signpost indicating you should wait until the time is right.

Scorpio : Sometimes you think you are right when you are very wrong. Defer decisions about people.

Pisces : You should watch what you say, as your words might simply be misinterpreted by others.

CIVETTE BOUTIQUE HOMME Cour Vendôme à Gustavia.

Du mercredi 6 au samedi 16 février

VENTE PROMOTIONNELLE EXCEPTIONNELLE sur une sélection d’articles : polos, pantalons, pulls, chemises...

50% DE REMISE ! Ouvert de 10h à 13h et de 16h à 20h.

C t MA PC e


En raison des travaux sur la rue Schoelcher, la boutique reste ouverte aux horaires habituels et “Cédric informatique” vous récupère votre matériel en panne ! Du lundi au vendredi : 8h30 - 12h30 et de 15h - 18h Samedi : 9h - 12h - La pointe-Gustavia - 0590 87 25 04


Classified ads…


Learn French & Italian ! Apprenez l’anglais et l’italien ! Et aussi le Russe, l’Espagnol, le Portugais/Brésilien, l’Allemand et le Suédois… • Cours de langues sur mesure • Professionnels et particuliers (Formation pro remboursées DIF) • Enfants: scolaires et initiation • Traductions assermentées • Interpretariat CIL - Immeuble Lafayette - Gustavia 0690 61 37 60 / 0590 27 13 01

L’informatique qui a le sourire !

0690 55 76 50 Installation, Réparation, Formation Mac et PC, Internet, Réseaux, Solutions professionnelles.

Quat’Pattes Toilettage à domicile Colliers antiparasitaires et accessoires à petit prix


Sophie sur RDV 0690 65 21 27

Faîtes un geste pour la planète... Consultez votre quotidien sur le web.

Maintenant en couleur sur IPhone et IPad ! •


News St Barth



SARL Centre Alizés avec bail commercial à céder, 100.000e . Visite + infos au 0690 61 97 97. Couple sur l’île depuis 20 ans rech maison 3 ch. belle prestation avec ou sans piscine. 0690 770 100. Rech maison avec piscine, 2 ou 3 ch pour clients sérieux. Contacter Marco. SBI. Tél. 0690 306 407 ou marco.valora@gmail. com À louer appartement neuf à St-Jean, 2 ch, cuisine équipée, grand séjour, terrasse, parking. Dispo 3000e/m. Marco/ SBI. Tél. 0690 306 407 ou marco. Le News rech case ou apt 2 ch. pour employés Tél. 0690 57 26 19. Loue Bungalows de charme 170e /nuit pour 2, clim, Wifi, cuis équip, terrasse, piscine, vue mer, jardin, calme, park. Tél. 0590 52 41 50. www.

Propose cours de soutien scolaire - Primaire et collège. Tél. 0690 53 18 00. Cuisinier Traiteur Réf. Dispo pour extra ou remplacement exclusivement. étudie tt propo. 0690 64 98 14. F. Sérieuse ch. emploi: super marché, boulangerie, magasin, hotel, heures de ménage... 0690 54 78 77. JOB OFFERS

Restaurant Le Harbour’s rech serveuse, de 16h à minuit, réf. restauration et anglais exigé. Bernie 0690 59 65 91. Le Ti recherche extra. Contact Thomas 0690 35 25 26. La Rôtisserie rech 2 pâtissiers poste à pouvoir immédiatement, expérimentés et motivés. Pierre Olivier Tél. 0690 57 43 13. Recherche chef de partie bonne référence. Tél. 0690 30 50 53.

Bijouterie Goldfinger rech. vendeuse/ vendeur bonne prés. anglais exigé. déposer CV à la boutique. Cuisinier français 43 ans, 29 ans d’expé étudie toutes propositions. 0690 22 11 12. Restaurant Bagatelle rech Barman confirmé pour poste à l’année. Eric 0690418169, CV: eboudon@ Eden Rock St Barth recrute un/e assistant/e administrative, connaiss en compta souhaitée. CV et LM à rh@ Le Groupe HILTON rech personnel de Salle, Bar, Cusine pour ses Hotels dans les Emirats Arabes Unis. Candidatures avec CV+ LM +Photo à Marc.Gicquel@

Cause départ vends Kia soul de couleur beige, 11 mois. Tél. 0690 71 17 57. Vends Savejo pick up pour pièces. 500e 0690 31 36 35. AV Scooter sym 50cc de 2011. 1500km, pot et pneu neufs, révision ok 1.100e. 0690 570 665. AV Mini Cooper 10000e Tél: 0690 39 48 35. Scooter Sym 2011 9200 km pot neuf, pneu neuf rév OK 1200e. Tél. 0690 30 61 16. AV Suzuki Samuraï CT OK, BEG, 1998, 66,600km, 2300e. Tél. 0690 34 88 45. NAUTIC

AV Semi rigide de 7,50 m, BWA 2006 Yamaha 225cv + remorque. 11.000e. Tél. 0690 41 78 47. MISC. SALES

Braderie de tableaux à l’hôtel Guanahani & Spa samedi 9 février VEHICULE SALES en salle de réunion A vendre Hyundai Tuc- de 9h à 13h.

son Auto ttes options TBE 32000Km CT et Vignette Ok. 7.800e. 0690 22 63 91.

Cherche machine à laver Américaine d’occasion. Tél. 0590 27 82 82 ou 0690 88 19 05


Publication Director : Eric Mortier - Designer : Sébastien Poyato - Commercial : 0590 879 239 Published and printed at 1.000 ex in English by SARL The Concierge, B.P. 636, 97099 St Barthélemy. Le News declines all responsability for advertisement content. Any total or partial reproduction is prohibited. Do not drop to the ground. RC 500 089 297 00013 - Dépôt légal à parution - ISSN :1289-0235 - Source A.F.P. - News online :

Looking back, I have this to regret, that too often when I loved, I did not say so. David Grayson