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Great Bay Express Votre ferry eNtre st barth et st maarteN ! Liaison rapide et confortable entre philipsburg et gustavia deux à trois fois par jour. Pont extérieur et pont climatisé.

0690 718 301 Tél. : 0590 879 239 - Fax 0590 29 54 70 - -




thursday march 22th 2012 Ste Léa


ALUMINIUM Menuiserie aluminium

COURS DE LA VEILLE 1.32124 $ pour 1€


Fini la pluie et le vent ! Abris de terrrasse téléscopiques Ouverture / fermeture en quelques secondes !

Tél. / fax 0590 29 17 43 - Anse des Cayes

n° 3918’


Le Carré d’Or - Gustavia Tél. 05 90 27 69 74

Daily News… russiaN jet takes off with 'hole iN wiNg' What looked like a large hole in the wing did not stop a Russian airline jet from taking off for Siberia with dozens of panicked passengers on board. The Boeing 737 jet was delayed on the tarmac of a Moscow airport when one of the passengers looked out of a window and noticed an ovalshaped gap on the left wing above one of the engines.A video posted on the Komsomolskaya Pravda tabloid website showed the man complaining to a cabin crew member and the incident being reported to the cockpit. The paper said the Transaero pilot had by that stage already abandoned one attempt to take off because his indicators had issued a warning. A second attempt was then called off when passengers began "rushing for the exits," Komsomolskaya Pravda said. An airline spokesman said 27 of the 70 or so passengers on board were let off the flight on Monday but denied that the pilot had to abandon any takeoff attempts. "The flight was delayed," Transaero spokesman Konstantin Tyurkin told AFP. The plane eventually landed more than three hours behind schedule in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. The private airline called the incident little more than a misunderstanding. Tyurkin said the pilot had simply been alerted to a malfunction in the jet's air conditioning system and was investigating the incident without alerting the passengers on board. The delay apparently gave one person time to notice the missing wing element and raise the alarm. Tyurkin said all that was missing from the wing was the cover to a hatch workers use to check the left engine. It was not immediately clear who had misplaced the hefty piece of equipment or why. "This was a technical element. Its absence doesn't prevent takeoff," said Tyurkin. "It does not affect safety."

Le b ête à z’ a ile s

Sushi bar &restaurant MIC HAEL’S SUGGESTIONS


Tél. 0590 27 52 16 - 10h-13h - 16h-19h30

New " Non Sushi " Menu / Home Made Deserts Nouvelle Carte De Suggestions / Desserts Maison WWW.BAZBAR.COM

- GUSTAVIA HARBOUR - TEL. 0590 29 74 09

Daily News… freNch serial killer self-DeclareD al-QuaeDa militaNt French police laid siege to an apartment block where a self-declared Al-Qaeda militant who claimed a series of deadly attacks on troops and Jewish children was holed up. bomb iN paris iNDoNesia’s embassy A bomb blast outside Indonesia's embassy in Paris caused serious damage to surrounding buildings but no injuries, police said, as investigators sought a motive for the attack.


PAYOT Peau Nette 1 microabrasion 1 soin Payot visage spécifique 1 Détox peau de DLAB Hôtel Manapany - 0590 29 82 02

toxic waste iN russia Russian authorities announced plans to clean up more than 160 tonnes of highly toxic waste that was illegally dumped close to a town after outraged residents appealed to the Kremlin. opera aND art museum iN Dubai Debt-laden Dubai will build an opera house and a modern art museum, the government said, in the first such project since the Gulf emirate was hit by the global economic downturn in 2008.


Open for Lunch tous les jours sauf mercredi.

Pizzas le soir, sur place ou à emporter Grand Cul de Sac - Tél : 0590 29 85 71

IMAGINE ONE UNIQUE PLACE, FOR ONE UNIQUE EXPERIENCE... 15 Different kind of Massage, Spa Combination, Facial Dr Brandt, Pedi/Mani, Soak off gel OPI, Hairstyling....

W O R L D F U S I O N S PA - O p e n 9 a m t o 8 p m 7 / 7 Hotel Christopher, Pointe Milou • Tél. +(590) 590 276 363 - -


Proudly presents March 16th • March 26th

Seaman Schepps “America’s Court Jeweler“

10h00 - 13h00 • 16h00 - 19h00 • 18 rue Auguste Nyman • Gustavia

Cuisses de poulet, riz parfumé

Rognon de veau OU quiche chèvre, tomate et basilic

local News…


Eddy vous propose : Ses Ragoûts… Sa Fricassée de Lambis… Son Tourment d’Amour… Saline Beach - Fermé le lundi. Réservation conseillée : 0590 52 46 05 De 12h à 15h30 et de 19h à 22h.

suspeNDeD blue parkiNg ZoNe From Thursday, March 22nd at 8 pm and until Monday, March 26th, 2012 at 8 am, the specific measures provided by Order No. 2009-110 (P) dated Dec 7th 2009 establishing a blue parking zone are suspended in Gustavia. traffic DuriNg the st-barth bucket From Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 at 8 am and until Monday, March 26th, 2012 at 8 am, traffic of all vehicles will be on one way on the road (formerly CD 209) called "Sous le Fort", from the docks "Jeanne d’Arc" to Public and on the street "Republique". Exit of vehicles from North Gustavia, will be made through the streets "Oscar II" and "Augustus Nyman" towards the "Tourmente" roundabout. Notice to the users of the gustaVia port The port management hereby informs port users that the "St Barths Bucket" will take place during March 22nd, 23rd and 24th. In this event, 47 sailing ships between 90 and 180 feet in length will come together for a 3-day regatta. Please take care and keep your distance to these shipsduring maneuvers and especially during races. While casting off from various quays between 9.30 AM and 11.30 AM, these vessels will take priority over all but the ferry traffic. The same applies at their return to port. Charter ships should arrange their arrivals and departures outside ofthese hours. Private boats moored in the port will not be permitted to maneuver during these hours. Port personnel will be watchful to ensure these instructions are respected, as divers will be continually underwater for security. The port management thanks you for your cooperation and wishes for the sailing events to get underway in the best E. Brin, Port Director possible conditions.

saiNt barth yacht club : courses for the easter holiDays On the occasion of the Easter holidays, the association Saint Barth Yacht Club offers two weeks of sailing courses. Week 1: Monday 2nd to Friday 6th, April 2012. Optimist courses morning and afternoon, RS Feva Course in the afternoon. Week 2: Tuesday 10th to Saturday, April 14th, 2012. Optimist courses, morning, RS Feva Course and Opti Competition in the afternoon. The price of the course of 5 half days is 120€. The second course for members of one family is 100€. The St. Barth Yacht Club also offers throughout the year adult courses and equipment rental (single or double dinghies, kayaks, paddle). Additional information on 0590 27 70 41 and on-site registration at the sailing school in Public. QuicksilVer competitioN march 25th aND 24th, 2012 Good news : the compétition Quiksilver and Ajoe Reefer Surf Club is still on and will be held at Lorient. Schedule has slightly changed as folowwing : Saturday March 24th, meeting at 1 pm for categories aged under 10 and under 14 (the finalists of the category - 14 years will be selected for the Open). Sunday March 25th, meeting at 8am for all other categories (open - ondines - longboard). Great prizes to be won including 2 surf boards… Music - Bar - bbq paella on the beach all weekend… Entry fee (5€) directly at the Quiksilver store in Gustavia for competitors being St Barth residents. For competitors for anywhere else, registrations are done via FB with a private message (onsite payment on March 24th). We told you we loved it. and it's not gonna change ! See you soon ! Courses for children are maintained on Saturday morning.


PLEIN DE NOUVEAUTÉS ETE 2012 Passage de la Crémaillère - Gustavia 0590 52 48 29 De 9h à 13h et de 15h à 19h.

© Artman Agency

Pelican Beach

NEW C O L L E CT I O N FO R WO M E N AND MEN Pélican Beach - St Jean (near Nikki Beach). Horaires : du lundi au samedi de 10h à 19h et le dimanche de 12h à 19h. Tél. 05 90 52 08 82.

LOCAL NEWS Schedule : Thursday, March 22th

St Barths Bucket Regatta 2012 March 22 - 25

This year again, to the delight of our eyes, big sail boats of the St. Barth Bucket are back for three days of racing during which we can see their large sails around st barts. Since its premiere in St Barth in 1995, which then counted four participants, the Bucket continually attracted more and more superyachts each year (47 this year) for an even more grandiose show. The competitors, sloop, ketch or schooner, are divided into three categories based on size criteria (from 100 to 200 feet), design and performance: The Elegantes des Mers, Les Grandes Dames des Mers and the Gazelles des Mers. As in previous years, a tent on the dock of General de Gaulle will be used as the office for the participants, and venues for evening festivities ending each racing day. 2012 St. Barths Bucket Regatta Official Charity Every year the Bucket Regatta designates a percentage of the entry fee for donation to a worthwhile charity in St. Barths. This year we have chosen the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres House in Lorient, a house that has had such a positive history. The house served as a school and later as a residence for the Sisters. It has fallen into disrepair and is in need of significant restoration. Though the goal is to have renovations completed by summer of this year, only slightly more than 70% of the €662,300 necessary funding has been raised. Your donation can help achieve the goal. To make a donation to this worthwhile cause, please make out a check in the name of “Ass. Dioc. – Maison des Soeurs” or contact us for bank transfer information. For additional information, please contact : Harry and Rose-Mary Fauconnier: 05 90 29 72 52, or Bucket Regattas:





Saturday March 24th 8 am - 6 pm : Race office open (BMQ*) 8.30 am - 9 am : Captain/tactician briefing (BMQ* - stage) Pre-race briefing mandatory for captain and safety officer 11 am : First gun – race 2 Scheduled start for the first yacht in fleet 7 pm - whenever. . . : Bucket bash (BMQ*) 6:30 pm : Bucket bar open (BMQ*) 7 pm : Daily awards presentation 7 pm - 9 pm : Cocktails and buffet dinner 7 pm - 11.30 pm : Musical entertainment by Christine Gordon and youthwaves Sunday, March 25th 8am - 6pm: Race office open (BMQ*) 8.30 am - 9 am : Captain/tactician briefing (BMQ* - stage) 11am: First gun – race 3 - Scheduled start for the first yacht in fleet 6.30 pm - 9 pm : Final awards ceremony & cocktail party (BMQ*) 6 pm : Bucket bar open (BMQ*) 6.30 pm - 7.15 pm : Final awards presentation 7.15 pm - 9 pm : Cocktails, hors d’œuvres and music. *BMQ : The Bucket Marquee at the Quay.

Every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday from 9pm !



is playing at

Bonito Bar Enjoy The Best Cocktails of the island, by Mixologist Jérôme © Pierre Carreau


9am - 7pm : Registration 5pm - 6pm : Captains’ meeting (BMQ*) - (mandatory for captain, safety officer & racing tactician) 12 am : J class exhibition race 6:30 pm : Bucket bar open (BMQ*) 7 pm - 9 pm : Fleet welcoming party (BMQ*) - Cocktails, hors d’œuvres and music. 7 pm - 9 pm : Owners’ reception (location TBA). Invitation only Friday, March 23th 8 am - 6 pm : Race office open (BMQ*) 8.30 am - 9 am : Captain/tactician briefing (BMQ* - stage). Pre-race briefing mandatory for captain and safety officer 11am: First gun – race 1 - Scheduled start for the first yacht in fleet 7 pm - 9.30 pm : Dock party & fleet open house (BMQ*) 6:30 pm : Bucket bar open (BMQ*) 7 pm : Daily awards presentation 7 pm - 9.30 pm : Musical entertainment by Soley 7 pm : Fleet open house – invitation only. Invitations will be issued to yacht owners to allocate to their crews and guests. Participating yachts moored stern to at the quay are encouragedto share their favorite libation and fare with fellow yacht owners, crews and local dignitaries.

vGustavia Tél. 0590 27 96 96 Réservation recommandée. Visit our website :

hotel st barth isle de france St barthélemy - french west indies

WEEK-END ‘Bucket Regatta’ Breathtaking views of the Bucket from La Case de L’Isle & La Cabane de L’Isle

Réservation conseillée • Reservation advised Hôtel St Barth Isle de France - Baie des Flamands Tel : (59) 0590 27 61 81 - (59) 0590 27 58 68 - -



Aujourd’hui :

SUR PLACE OU À EMPORTER Colombier - 0590 27 93 48


Bavette grillée beurre maitre d'hôtel, frites et salade verte

Automatisation et fabrication de portails Visionnez vos caméras de surveillance depuis votre Iphone ou ordinateur partout dans le monde.

Le N°1 de l’automatisme - Guillaume : 0690 64 11 26



Learn French ! Apprenez l'anglais !

★ ★ ★ ★ Blue Spa Package

Et aussi le Russe, l’Espagnol, le Portugais/Brésilien, l’Allemand et le Suédois…

par personne 45€

Déjeuner (hors boissons) + accès à la zone hydro Lunch (beverage not included) + acces to the hydro zone

Massage and Lounge Package

• Cours de langues sur mesure • Professionnels et particuliers (Formation pro remboursées DIF) • Enfants: scolaires et initiation • Traductions assermentées • Interpretariat CIL - Immeuble Lafayette - Gustavia 0690 61 37 60 / 0590 27 13 01


par personne 95€

Déjeuner (hors boissons) + massage relaxant Carl Gustaf (50 mn) Lunch (beverage not included) + Carl Gustaf relaxing massage (50 mn)

Prestige Carita Package

par personne 135€

Déjeuner (hors boissons) + soin visage Carita 90 mn Lunch (beverage not included) + facial by Carita (90 mn)

Romantic Night Package Tél. 0590 29 79 00

pour 2 personnes 450€

Massage couple «Tête à tête» (50 mn) + 2 coupes de champagne + dîner servi accompagné d’une bouteille de champagne rosé Couple massage «Tête à tête» (50 mn) + 2 glasses of champagne + dinner with a bottle of rose champagne


Lagon Gd Cul De Sac - 0690 59 66 06

Thierry Pierre Liot

Hypnothérapeute diplômé de l’Institut Français d’Hypnose Eriksonienne

L'hypnose peut vous aider: motivation, définition d'objectif, mal-être, tabagisme, ect.. Cabinet à Marigot - Sur rendez-vous. Tél. 0690 25 44 95

Aries : You may discover you are caught up with the idea that you want to achieve maximum physical pleasure.

leo : Your spirituality may become a topic of some interest in your life now. Be ready to defend your motives.

sagittarius : Don’t do anything you may regret later. Not everything, and certainly not every one, are as they seem.

taurus: A young person in your life may be seeking help and advice, even though they’re not being obvious about it.

Virgo : Keep an eye on your physical well being. Today you may find your health deteriorating just a bit.

capricorn: Your intuition is running strong and you may find you are having prophetic dreams that can guide you.

gemini : You’ll want to listen carefully to what others are saying before proffering advice or admonition.

libra : You may find you pick up several new tricks with which to surprise your significant other. Keep an open mind.

aquarius : Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There’s a good chance that there are others who also do not understand.

cancer : Focus investing it wisely. Now is not the time to invest in crazy schemes or getrich-quick notions.

scorpio : After searching for what seems like a long time, you’re finally going to be offered a position of some sort.

pisces : Health is key to your continued success and it’s possible you’ve been neglecting this for some time now.

Rue de la République Gustavia Tél. 0590 27 72 48

Tous les jeudi, soirée

Tous les jours

Moules marinières Plat du jour 16 Suggestions frites maison à partir de 20

22€ St Jean - Tél. 0590 27 68 16

Salle Climatisée - Service continu de 12h à 22h30 -

Ouvert 7j/7 Même le dimanche !

Le Goût du Vin Le Ti Zouk K’Fe

Jeudi 22, vendredi 23 & samedi 24 mars

partir de 19h Jeudi 22 mars à

! s a p a T e é r Soi avec DJ Alice

HAPPY HOUR ! De 18h à 19h30

à partir de 17h

DEGUSTATION GRATUITE de Diadema rose de Provence, habillé par SWAROVSKI

Carte habituelle + pizza Retrouvez le Ti-Zouk sur facebook !

Gustavia - La Pointe - Tél. 0590 27 90 60 Ouvert de 11h à 14h30 et de 18h à 23h. Fermé le lundi.




Boutique Gout du Vin • 0590 27 88 02 Overt de 10h à 13h et de 16h à 20h. L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.


Aéroport Gustave III • Saint Jean • Tél. 0590 272 041 • Du lundi au dimanche de 9h à 17h30 non-stop.

St Barth Bien-être

Le Ti Zouk K’Fe

Soin esthétique - détente à domicile

A midi - 10€ avec une boisson

Hachi parmentier Sur place ou à emporter Gustavia - La Pointe - Tél. 0590 27 90 60

A l’épicerie de Corossol


Tous les vendredis, samedis et dimanches :


PAËLLA GÉANTE CUITE AU FEU DE BOIS I ❤ COROSSOL Merci de réserver au 0590 52 04 87

Du lun. au sam. de 6h30 à 12h30 et de 15h30 à 19h30 et le dim. de 7h à 12h et de 17h à 19h. Free wifi spot en terrasse.


Formule - 9€

real estate A louer Loft coeur Montréal 2x2 couchages, tout équipé, gym & piscine, 800$ /semaine. Tél. 0690 73 39 32. Villa Pte Milou 2 ch sdb piscine jard park vue mer privé mens 3000€ hors charges. Tél. 0590 29 73 25. Local commercial à louer avec possibilité de bail 3-6-9 à Gustavia, petit loyer. Tél. 0690 14 24 32. Loue 1er mai Vitet case vue mer calme chbre séjour SdB cuisine clim dressing 1800€ HC. Tél. 0690 72 08 79. A louer petit app. centré confort piscine du 1er Mai au 30 Sept 1600€ mois CC. Tél: 0590 87 84 28. Rest. à Gustavia recherche pizzaiolo et serveuses. Tél. 0590 27 90 60. à céder bail commercial 3/6/9 tous commerces sup 30m2 St-Jean la villa créole, Tél. 0690 41 95 00. Cple de vacanciers ch. villa 1 ch. avec vue pour une semaine au 31 mars (ou 01.04). Mail + photos à Réponse et paiement rapide. Loue à l'an. Villa de standing 1Ch. Vitet, piscine, parking et vue. Libre au 15 /03. 2500€ CC. Loue Loft 80m2 La Pointe Gustavia com. ou prof. poss. mixte Résid. 1500€ + CH. Disp 31 Mars. Tél. 0590 27 56 70. Achète studio ou case de particulier à particulier. Prix raisonnable. Tél: 0690 71 17 57. à louer petit bureau à St-Jean, loyer 940€/mois. Tél. C.M.I. 0690 35 18 35. A Louer Local 38 m2 à Petite Saline. WC, Douche, Clim, Parking et Citerne. Libre au 16/03. 1080€. Tél. 0690 50 94 14. Loue 100€, 110€, 120€, 130€/nuits, bungalows de charme à SBH, pour 2 pers., piscine, vue mer, kitchenette, calme, clim. Tél. 0590 52 41 50 ou

à louer villa 3ch. + mezzanine, piscine, garage et grande terrasse, 4000€/m à Petit Cul de Sac. Tél. 0690 35 12 49. job seekers Le Ti rech. extra. Contact Thomas 0690 35 25 26. Rest. The Strand rech. barman, chef de rang et commis. Se prés. ou Tél. 02590 27 63 77 ou Loïc 0690 34 69 03. Le Ti rech. danseur latino. Poste à pourvoir à ce jour. Office: 0590 51 15 80. Etudiante école aux. de puériculture, cher. à faire du baby sitting. Emilie au 0690 47 67 56. job offers Rest. La Plage rech. Chef de rang. Se presenter ou Tél. 0690 56 55 42. Eden Rock rech. vendeur(se) boutique de vêtements. Sens commercial, conn. en gestion des stocks, anglais courant et esprit d’équipe indispensables. Candidatures par email Tél. 0590 29 79 91. Marché U ch. logements pour son staff, contacter Julie Chevreul au 0690 57 13 03. Yacht Club rech. un(e) chef de rang confirmé. Tél. 0690 23 70 07 à part. de 14h. Sté Kitrad recr. Chauffeur-Livreur dispo, bonne présentation et instinct commercial. Tél: 0590 27 79 15. Le glacier recherche 1 serveuse. Tél. 0690 48 53 31. Hôtel Le Sereno rech. un Agent de maintenance (H/F). Expérience sur le poste requise. Envoyer votre candidature à Hotel St-Barth Isle de France recherche un assistant maitre D’hôtel, poste à pourvoir de suite , se présenter au restaurant avec CV, demander Fréderic ou Jérome



brand l a c o l e h t

Medium international Suite à de nombreuses demandes, de retour à St Barth du 12 au 26 mars.

Voyance d'exception par flashs. Aide sérieuse et efficace dans tous les Tél. rdv : 06 90 72 96 39 domaines.

Jambes complètes / maillot / aisselles Demi-jambes / maillot / aisselles

43€ 35€

classifieD aDs…

Cel. 0690 800 994

De 12h à 22h30 - Fermé le dimanche


Sabrina 0690 335 244 -

Gustavia - La Pointe

Plat du jour + boisson + dessert

Massage relaxant Forfaits épilation

T U E S D AY - S AT U R D AY 10-14H / 16-19H S TON E A GE CA RIBB EA N

AV Mini Cooper 2, Toutes options, C.T et Vign. OK, 13.000 €. Tél. 0690 41 78 59. AV scooter Peugeot SUM up 125, de 2011. 1.000€ Tél. 0690 74 13 11. AV Sym Cello 125, 10/2010, 7.000 Km, Pneus neufs, couleur noir,1.300 € à Déb. Tél. 0690 33 46 69. AV GETZ en excellent état.3.700Km, C.T et Vignette OK. 5.500€. Tél:0690 71 17 57. Quad sym lander 250 , entret. OK. 1200€. Tél : 0690 35 23 11. Occas à saisir, AV Quad 300cc SYM, Bon état, pas de rép à prévoir, pneu AR neuf, 1700€ Tél: 0690 57 47 96. AV Ignis 2004, 4X4, 71000Km, véhicule suivi (factures) CT OK, 3600€ à Déb.Tél: 0690 36 30 86 ou 0690 75 10 33. AV Quad SYM 300 S, 2008, Top Case, Vehicule sales aucun frais à prévoir, 1600Km, Urgent Vend MIO 100cm3 état neuf 2000€. Tél: 0690 36 30 86. 1000Km de 10/11 révision et Nautic vignette OK, 1650€ à Déb. Tél. 0607 70 71 27. AV voilier Catamaran 9m, visible sur AV Suzuki Samuraï Nbrx travaux corps mort à Corossol, 45000€ à deb., effectués TBE 70.000Km CT et Vign. rens. et photos Tél. 0690 61 97 97. OK. 2800€. Tél. 0690 58 05 16. misc. sales AV Cause départ Scooter Piaggo Fly Cause départ, partage container 20 125 Noir Révision à jour 8000 km 3 Fin 2010 + Casque 1100 € pieds (33m ) de St Barth vers Métropole. Départ Avril. + vend tout ! Tél. 06 90 56 05 18. Vend scoot Sym 125cc, an 2011, (meubles, puériculture, accessoires,...). révision ok, 6600 kms, pneus neufs, infos sur ou au 1000€ ferme . Tél.06 85 64 91 28 Av ZIP noir 50cc, 11/11 ss garantie, Cause départ vente de mob. et 1800 kms, 1 000€ à deb. Tél.0690 access. bonne qualité à prix sacrifiés visite et vente du 19 au 21 de 37 07 22. AV Suzuki Grand Vitara. V6 5portes 18h à 19h à la maison avec panan. 2003. TBE, CT OK. 7000 euros. neau de chantier en face l'hotel Tropical à St Jean. Tél. 0690 46 74 67. AV SUM up 125 BLEU, cause départ, AV création de vêtement soie, prix 6500 km + casque 1.200 €. Tél. sacrifiés cause départ. Total stock 9000€, vendu 4500€. Pas de détail. 0690 49 21 69. AV MBK 50 + Casque, 320 € et Tél. 0690 88 70 23. machine à laver, T.B.E. 300 €. Tél. AV 5 jeux de Playstation 2, 100€ le 0690 51 31 93. lot.Tél. 0690 55 62 26. Rest. Le Jardin rech. cuisiner h/f autonome, dispo. déb. ou courant avril, CV et exp. exigés. Bruce: 0590 27 73 62. La Petite Colombe rech. Vendeuses(rs) anglais serait un plus, 1 cuisinier traiteur et 1 livreur (poss. logement). Tél. 0690 65 84 30 ou 0690 65 61 41. Urgent Hôtel 4* recherche serveur/se parlant anglais possibilité logement. Tél: 069 71 68 13. Rest. Entre-Deux rech. serveuse ou serveur pour le soir, libre de suite, se prés. sur place ou tél. 0690 63 44 44. Rôtisserie St Jean rech. vendeuse en CDI 39h, libre de suite, angl. souhaité, salaire motivant, CV sur place ou Tél. 0590 29 75 69 ou 0690 57 43 13.

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An angry skipper makes an unhappy crew. Rudyard Kipling


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