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Liaison rapide et confortable entre Philipsburg et Gustavia deux à trois fois par jour. Pont extérieur et pont climatisé. réservations chez sBtt :

Great Bay Express

réservez sur


0690 718 301

Great Bay Express Tél. : 0590 879 239 - Fax 0590 29 54 70 - -

Votre Ferry entre St Barth et St Maarten !

friday January 13th 2012 Ste Yvette

n° 3860’

COURS DE LA VEILLE 1.2829 $ pour 1€

Today’s Ocean temperature is:

26°c / 79°F


Time to jump into the water!

Le Carré d’Or - Gustavia Tél. 05 90 27 69 74


daily NEws… ECB says liquidity mEasurEs EffECtivE, holds ratEs stEady The European Central Bank said Thursday its decision to make unlimited liquidity available to eurozone banks was helping to stabilise the region's crisis-ridden economy as it left key rates unchanged. At its first policy-setting meeting of this year, the ECB held its main interest rates steady at 1.0 percent, as expected, following two straight months of rate cuts. Bank chief Mario Draghi told a news conference that recent moves to provide banks with unprecedented amounts of liquidity were proving effective in tackling the debt crisis. "We have seen several... positive developments. The more time that passes since we had the first three-year long-term refinancing operation, the more we see signs that it has been an effective policy measure," Draghi said. Last month, the ECB launched its longest-ever liquidity operations, lending eurozone banks as much as they wanted for a period of three years at super-cheap rates. It was just one of a number of special liquidity measures to avert a credit crunch in the 17 countries that share the euro. And banks in the region queued up in their hundreds to borrow nearly half a trillion euros in the first-ever operation in late December. Demand in a second operation scheduled for February was expected to be just as strong, Draghi said. Nevertheless, there has been concern that instead of lending the money on to businesses, the banks have preferred to park the cash at the ECB instead for fear of possible default. But the central bank chief insisted this was not the case."We really see evident signs that this money does not stay in the deposit facility, this money circulates in the economy," he said.





- G USTAVIA H ARBOUR - T EL . 0590 29 74 09

SHe LL Be ACH Fashion show everyday - Tél. 0590 52 08 08 Facebook : sunday saint tropez


Jean-Paul Vendredi 13 janvier

1/2 poulet San Daniel, pousses d’épinards, pommes JP’s - 10€

Plats du jour

Dimanche 15 janvier

à emporter midi et soir ou livrés sur Gustavia

Fricassée de gambas, thon et pinces de crabe, riz thaï - 15€

La Pointe - Gustavia - Tél. 0690 55 93 49

iNtErNatioNal NEws… fiNaNCE-PuBliC-dEBt-EuroZoNE Italy and Spain aced their first bond auctions of the year as the European Central Bank praised crisis-hit eurozone countries on their progress, but concern swirled over Greece's fate. BritaiN-liBya-iNtElliGENCE-PoliCE British police will investigate if the secret services were involved in transferring two men to Libya where they were allegedly ill-treated by Moamer Kadhafi's regime, officials said.

Philippe Toussaint Diplômé en Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise Diplômé en Ostéopathie Attaché d'enseignement (Collège Européen de Recherche et d'Enseignement en Energétique Chinoise) consultera à l’Hotel Manapany du dimanche 8 au lundi 16 janvier. Hôtel Manapany - 0590 29 82 02

BECKEr ordErEd to Pay uP iN wEddiNG fEE disPutE A Swiss court has ruled that German tennis legend Boris Becker must pay the minister who presided over his nuptials 2,800 euros in a long-running dispute over the wedding fee. The court in the canton of Zug where Becker lives also ordered the pastor who carried out the June 2009 ceremony to pay towards the ex-sportsman's legal expenses in its judgement obtained by ATS news agency on Thursday.

men’s collection KALPA XL TOURBILLON

Jewelers since 1980

Quai de la République - Le Carré d’Or - Gustavia Harbor - Tél. 0590 27 87 47.

Jewelers since 1980

Quai de la République - Le Carré d’Or - Gustavia Harbor - Tél. 0590 27 87 47.

loCal NEws… Parillada de poisson sauce tartare, frites et salade OU Panini maison au jambon cru, mozarella, légumes et pesto.

Restaurant sweet restaurant !

Régine et son équipe remercient leur fidèle clientèle et lui souhaitent une merveilleuse année ! Gustavia - 0590 27 53 20 Ouvert le soir du lundi au samedi.

la PoiNtE EN mouvEmENt The second show of La Pointe En Mouvementdrum group - is expected this Sunday, January 15th on the following topic: "An-Tan-Révolisyon" - Costume: white clothes (with no advertising) and red scarf. Symbol: the slaves’ revolt against their despots and the fight for freedom. Departure from the association’s office - Rue de la Paix in Gustavia (above the Tresorerie) at 6pm sharp. Info.: Henri 0690 45 35 02.


immuNiZatioN The Health Agency (ARS) delegation of SaintBarts and Saint Martin would like to communicate the immunization program provided by the immunization team of Saint Martin’s Hospital, for the month of January 2012 and would also like to wish a happy new year to everyone. In St. Barts on Monday, January 16th, 2012 at the health center in Gustavia from 9 am to 3pm. Immunization are free and for people being 6 years-old and older. ti ouaNa salsa assoCiatioN Salseros y Salseras, the Ti Ouana Salsa association now offers lessons in Lorient’s ballroom (opposite to Jojo’s parking) according to the following schedule: every Monday at 9pm: Intermediate Course: every Wednesday at 9pm: Advanced course, every Thursday at 7pm: Lessons for beginners: 8:30pm. Initiation course (bachata in January). For more information, please contact us: 0690 30 25 12 or 0690 57 20 90 or rEmiNdEr: wall housE musEum The territorial museum would like to remind you that the result the contest in partnership with the organizers of the exhibition “St. Barth Travel Stories” and the Magazine de la Famille will take place on Sunday January 15th at 2pm..Vous have until Saturday, January 14th to register. Questions and answers can be found at the Gustavia Museum, an urn is available to drop your answers, and do not forget to put your name, email address and phone number at the back, you can find more information on the Magasine de la Famille’s December issue, page 26, special entertainment will be proposed during this opening day at the Wall House museum. ChEss tourNamENt oN saturday, JaNuary 14th at thE BriGaNtiN St. Barts Chess Association organizes this Saturday, January 14th at 1:30pm, a chess tournament with fast games, that is to say seven 2x10 minutes with 7 rounds. Brigantin will hold this tournament, open to all and the qualifying for the blitz BNP national final held on June 16th. Jef Follner, winner of a similar tournament in St-Martin last Sunday, will be the favorite. Registration € 1. 1st prize: a meal at Ti Zouk Kfé. St. Barts Chess Association wishes a happy new year to all chess players and invites all amateurs to join them. Information: 0690 55 12 14.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 8:00PM $45 Catholic Church, Lorient : Opera Night Denyce Graves, Ryland Angel, Steven La Brie Sarah Joy Kabanuck & David Miller SATURDAY, JANUARY 14, 8:00PM Special Endowment party by invitation. See Frances DeBroff. SUNDAY, JANUARY 15, **5:00PM** $50 Anglican Church, Gustavia : Jazz Night John Ellis, Jason Marsalis, Aaron Goldberg, Reuben Rogers TUESDAY, JANUARY 17, 8:00PM $40 Anglican Church, Gustavia The Jerusalem String Quartet Works of Borodin and Tchaikovsky WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 8:00PM $45 Anglican Church, Gustavia Piano Night with Phillip Bush and Friends SATURDAY, JANUARY 21, 7:00PM FREE Gustavia Pier : Saint Barth Harmony Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford & Russ Irwin with Jonny Lang, Chris Layton, Scott Nelson and Friends to celebrate the KICK-OFF of our ENDOWMENT CAMPAIGN FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 8:00PM $30/2 for $50 A.J.O.E. Lorient Paris and Nice Ballet Dancers SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, 8:00PM $30/2 for $50 A.J.O.E. Lorient : Paris and Nice Ballet Dancers Tickets sale : Tickets are for sale at the tourist office beginning Monday, January 2. Advance tickets at 10% discount available January 2 thru 9 only. A “Season Pass-book” is 10% less than individual tickets. Children under 13 free. No reserved seating.

maintenant en couleur sur IPhone et IPad !


Happy New Year 2012 !

Comptez sur nous pour vous faire dépenser moins !

ear 2012 starts and it looks promising. The program of protection of Iguana Delicatissima takes a regional dimension and we participate actively in its animation due to the success on St Barth and to the mobilization of the population. A similar program of protection of the marine turtles is going to be set up at the beginning of the summer to study and make discover in particular the green turtles of Colombier. Year 2012 is also an electoral year and the Nature Reserve hopes that the project of territorial public institution which will allow a more global management of the natural areas and the biodiversity of St Barth will be born after the elections. Let us remind that the Nature Reserve is apolitical and that its management is insured by a non profit organization with a


Life begins for this baby turtle one night of december in Grand Cul de Sac….

democratic functioning. The team of the Nature Reserve makes the maximum with its means to answer 7 days a week, 365 days a year in all the necessities of management also out of tha Nature Reserve’s limits. The rangers of the Nature Reserve can achieve their missions thanks to all the citizens from St Barth and visitors who participate actively in the protection of our environment by reporting them their observations. But they sometimes collide with unexpected and surprising adversities and it is this wilderness, this island so small but so beautiful, this rock which seduces people of whole world, which cashes the knocks docilely. To us all to make these very small efforts to respect the simple rules which protect St Barth, it is our only insurance of a great future.

L’informatique qui a le sourire !

0690 55 76 50 iNformatioNs loCalEs

La fidélité est toujours récompensée ! Bénéficiez de bons d'achats ou de paiement avec vos points fidélité directement en caisse.

3€ d'achats = 1 point Journées

Plus de points avec les produits

Points Bonus

St Jean - Centre Commercial La Savane Tél. 0590 27 68 16 Du lundi au jeudi de 8h à 13h et de 15h à 20h. Vendredi et samedi de 8h à 20h non-stop. Dimanche de 9h à 13h et de 16h à 19h.

usE of roCK BrEaKEr aNd PNEumatiC or ElECtriC JaCKhammEr During the high season from March 15th to March 31st (unless prohibited), the use of these two machines will be allowed from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm. Outside the high season, from Monday to Friday from 7am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm and on Saturdays from 7am to 12pm. ouaNalao BEaCh CluB Cheerleaders’ training sessions are starting again. See you every Wednesday from 2pm to 3:30pm at the elementary school in Gustavia. Enquiries 0690 73 16 07. iNformatioN from ColomBiEr’s sChool For the start of the school year in September 2012, the enrollment of children born in 2009 who have siblings at St. Marie’s School, will be on Tuesday January 17th and 24th from 8 am to 11:30am and from 1:15pm to 4:30pm. For others, enrollment will be held on January 24th and 31st 2012 at the same hours. In any case, please make an appointment by phone: 0590 27 61 18. Parents should bring the health record, the family book and 39 euros (check or cash) for fees.

BasKEtBall Every Wednesday and Saturday morning from 9am to 12am, Damien organizes basketball sessions for girls and boys at the Gustavia primary school. Basketball practice on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Gustavia primary school from 4:15 to 5:15 and from 5:30 to 6:30 at the middle school. Registration: or by phone 0690 39 86 22. swimmiNG sChool The St Jean public pool has a swimming school for all levels. Every evening after school, children can have lessons. Info : 05 90 27 60 96. thE tErrotorial Pool Jean Marc’s water aerobics are group lessons in the water: muscular work with no joint trauma, canning of the body and drainage of the legs. Program of the week: Monday (arms and legs) and Thursday (abs and gluts) from 12:20 p.m. to 1:05 p.m.; Tuesday (abs and gluts) and Friday (arms and legs) from 5.15pm to 6pm.. Adult swimming lessons are organized by Olivier on Tuesday and Friday from 12:00 to 1pm. work on swimming techniques, endurance, strength, breathing and conviviality. Medical Certificate is obligatory and call 0590 27 60 96 for information.

PLAT DU JOUR À 10€ Aujourd’hui :


Nage de rouget safranée, riz

carte !


Formule déjeuner :

1 plat du jour, 1 boisson, 1 café

SUR PLACE OU À EMPORTER Colombier - 0590 27 93 48

Rue Jeanne DArc - La Pointe - Gustavia - Tél. 0590 87 79 54 - Fermé le dimanche.

Votre Professionnel pour Particuliers et Entreprises PC et MAC Installation - Réparation - Maintenance - Cours Vente et arrivage régulier de matériel Forfait déplacement-main d’œuvre à petits prix !

Cédric GREAUX – 0690.65.23.42


s a l o n

HOMME prêt a porter homme et femme




Chemises manches longues Différents coloris (turquoise, gris souris, rouge, violet)

Jeans T-Shirt


65€ à partir de 100€ à partir de 27€

Pantalon en toile 65€ T-Shirt à partir de 27€ Combi-Short à partir de 79€ Short à partir de 58€

St Jean, Les Mangliers proche de la poste (derrière la station service) - 9h30 à 13h - 15h30 à 19h - Tél. 0590 52 43 93


Les Jardins de St Jean - 0590 27 69 16 Du mardi au samedi de 10h à 19h.

Aries : The plans you’ve made for so long are about to reach fruition. Today nothing will stop you.

léo: You may be feeling dissatisfied with the direction your life is heading, but all hope is not lost.

sagittarius : You may have to divert most of your resources, but the good news is that it should all come together.

taurus : Your sensitivity puts you in good stead with those who need comfort at this time. Help them if you can.

virgo : You shouldn’t be afraid of a differing opinion, provided both parties are willing to talk things out rationally.

Capricorn : Changes and updates to your home decor will bring you happiness today. It’s time for a change!

Gemini : Now is a good time to take the lead on any projects of the day. Others will recognize your abilities.

libra : You have a tendency to think in terms of worst-case scenarios and that’s just not the case now.

aquarius : The long term rewards from the work you start today will surpass your wildest expectations.

Cancer : Your bargains and arrangements will work out well today. Every interaction will work in your favor.

scorpio : You’re being influenced by someone close to try something you would normally not even consider.

Pisces : You could be tempted to overindulge now, but unless your funds are limited. Spend time with family.


Le Ti Zouk K’Fe

1900+ newspapers from 95 countries in 51 languages BREAKFAST

Aujourd’hui midi - 10€

Darne de daurade grillée, sauce chien Gustavia - La Pointe - Tél. 0590 27 90 60

Please Order your favorite newspaper before 6pm and get it delivered the next day !

PACK AGE on request

Cell 0690 49 43 55 - Tél. 0590 87 92 39 - Fax 0590 29 54 70 -


ClassifiEd ads… Toilettage à domicile Colliers antiparasitaires et accessoires à petit prix


Sophie sur RDV 0690 65 21 27

AV annexe semi rigide 5 pax avec moteur 25cv Yamaha enduro, 2000€. Tél. 0690 54 10 67. AV Vedette habitable 11m, avec dinghy et corps mort sbh, 30.000€. Tél. 0690 22 96 80 rEal EstatE

Aide à la personne et baby sitting : Une équipe de professionnels à votre service Assistance aux personnes âgées et à mobilité réduite* Baby sitting à la demande* * A l’heure ou au forfait

Pour tout renseignement : 0690 64 06 71

SbhFaustina Formatrice en langues étrangères depuis 1999

Mais comment vais-je faire avec les clients américains cet hiver …

Pas de Panique. SbhFaustina vous propose des formations en


Recherche maison 3 chbres à l’année proche de Gustavia. Budget 2800€ mensuel. Tél. Mathieu, 0690 19 09 45. A louer du 15/02 au 15/03 appt centre piscine, parking, vue mer, 1000€/sem ou 3500€/mois. Tél. 0690 56 15 20. Particulier ch. 1 ou 2 terrains constructibles +/- 700m². Tél. 0690 77 42 57. Part. vend hauteurs de Corossol terrain 1630 m2, vue sublime, permis batir villa 3 chbres, citerne, terrassement fini, 1,850 m€. Tél. 0690 73 88 06 ou wine-art-travelling Loue 130€/nuits, bungalows de charme à SBH, pour 2 personnes, piscine, vue mer, kitchenette, calme, climatisé … Tél. 0590 52 ou 50 41 Recherche case 2 ou 3 chambres à l'année. Tél. 0690 51 31 57. Urgent: Ch. villa avec vue mer, 3 chbres min. ou un terrain, impérativement calme de superficie ≥ 1800 m2, préf. orienté ouest. Tél. Christophe Sachot 0690 53 77 13, Cimm-Immobilier.

Le News recherche logement pour 1 personne à partir du 01/03/12, de pref. ss coloc. Tél. 0590 87 92 39. JoB sEEKErs

JF ind rech. villa, exp entretien, gest. villa luxe avec ref, étudie toutes prop., anglais. Tél. 0690 14 64 04. Ouvrier polyvalent électricité, placo, carrelage, motivé, sérieux cherche poste à l'année. Tél. 0690 57 31 66. Musicien propose cours guitare percus, tous styles. Tél. 0690 22 97 23. Homme 40 ans, motivé, monteur - cableur - électricien, recherche emploi. Tél. 0690 51 31 57. EmPl. offErs

Salon Fostokjian rech. coiffeurs en CDI et en extra, anglais exigé. Se présenter au salon avec CV. Tél. 0590 29 75 72. Maya’s To Go recrute vendeur/euse motivé, anglais demandé, exp. en restauration souhaitée. Se présenter à la boutique avec CV. Le Yacht Club cherche Dj résident. Tél. 0690 20 85 01 ou Société de restauration rech. de suite 1 commercial(e) parlant anglais. Tél. 0690 73 85 68 ou 0690 73 13 20. Recherche Capitaine 200, poste à pourvoir de suite, Veuillez envoyer CV et Diplômes à :

sur mesure selon vos besoins, vos moyens et votre disponibilité. • Cours particuliers à domicile ou sur votre lieu de travail • Formations en petits groupes d’adultes de même niveau • Sessions de conversation pour le travail de l’expression orale • Language Cafés sous forme d’évènements ponctuels • Traductions et interprétariat Et pour les enfants dès 5 ans : • Contes en anglais • Cours en petits groupes • Rattrapage et soutien scolaire en Anglais 0690 768 335


Rech. boulanger pâtissier polyvalent, poste à pourvoir de suite, salaire motivant selon exp., non logé. Tél. 0590 29 75 69. Hôtel Le Sereno cherche Night Auditor / Agent de maintenance / Demi chef de partie. Env. CV à Boutique prêt à porter à Gustavia ch. vendeuse motivée, experiences et anglais souhaités. Tél. 0590 27 52 43. Bonito rest. recr. 1 commis de salle, exp. Ht de G exigée, 1 chef de partie. Se présenter sur place outél. Nicolas 0590 27 96 96. Bt Gustavia cherche vendeuse motivée, expérience, anglais, plein temps et à l'année. Tél. 0590 27 85 57 le matin. Hertz recherche chargé de clientèle polyv. pour l'aéroport. Tél. 0690 51 32 33. Station service Lorient rech caissier(e), poste à pourvoir au 15/01/2012. Déposer CV à la station. Tél. 0590 27 62 30. Restaurant le Grain de Sel rech. cuisinier, poste à pourvoir de suite. Se présenter sur place. Hôtel 4* recherche 1 réceptionniste parlant anglais, poss. logement. Tél. 0590 27 66 55. vEhiCulE salEs

AV cause départ Suzuki Vitara XL7, 3 rangs sièges, 5 ptes, grd coffre, clim/cd, 700000 km, 2001, pneus neufs, vidange vient d'être faite, Great offer! Tél. 0690 22 69 90.

Av Suzuki Jimny bachée, TBE, 2005, 4 pneus neufs, freins neufs, 3800€. Tél. 0690 38 43 07. AV Terios blanc dec. 05, 40 000 km, CT et vignette OK, TBEG, dispo. au 9/01, 6000€. Tél. 0690 61 37 34. AV cause départ scooter piaggio Typhoon, BEG, pneus neuf, 650€ à déb. Tél. 0690 39 57 47 AV Suzuki swift, 2007, automatique, CT ok, révision faite, TBE, 7000€. Tél. 0690 41 94 39. AV quad AIE 275, 15000km, état propre, révision faite, 1500€. Tél. 0690 67 89 79. AV Suzuki Van Van 24000km, bon état, pneu arrière neuf, 1200€. tél. 0686 48 77 38. misC. salEs

AV cause départ appareils proform fitness état neuf : tapis de course, vélo élliptique pliable. Tél. 0690 61 32 23. AV meubles neufs en bois Teck, urgent cause départ, prix très interessants. Tél. 0690 72 89 38. Murs roche, taille et pose soignées, qualité. Tél. 0590 27 66 52. AV baie coulissante allum schuco 4 portes, vitre anticycl., dim: 3,53 x 2,06m, 1 000€. Tél. 0690 77 09 90.

Le Centre Alizés vous présente ses meilleurs voeux pour 2012 et ses nouveaux services : Le Transfert d'argent par MoneyGram


La Carte Bancaire PCS et ses recharges de 20, 50, 100 et 150€

Immeuble Chamade, 1er étage Rue de la République Gustavia - Depuis 1997

Le TOPUP Digicel vers Haïti

Tél. : 0590 29 89 89 - Fax : 0590 29 81 10 e-mail :

Horaires : Du lundi au samedi de 8h30 à 19h30 Opening Opening hours : Monday to Saturday 8.30 am to 7.30 pm.

Des impressions couleurs grand Format A2 (420 x 594 mm), A1 (594 x 841 mm), taille max 609 x 914 mm.

Le News declines all responsability for advertisement content. Any total or partial reproduction is prohibited. Do not drop to the ground. RC 500 089 297 00013 - Dépôt légal à parution - ISSN :1289-0235 - Source A.F.P. - News online :

A man can't soar too high, when he flies with his own wings. By William Blake


Publication Director : Eric Mortier - Designer : Julie Berlizon - Commercial : 0590 879 239

Published and printed at 1.000 ex in English by SARL The Concierge, B.P. 636, 97099 St Barthélemy.


WWW.SBHFERRY.COM P RÊT - À -P ORTER fiNaNCE-PuBliC-dEBt-EuroZoNE Italy and Spain aced their first bond auctions of the year as the European...


WWW.SBHFERRY.COM P RÊT - À -P ORTER fiNaNCE-PuBliC-dEBt-EuroZoNE Italy and Spain aced their first bond auctions of the year as the European...