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Liaison rapide et confortable entre philipsburg et Gustavia deux à trois fois par jour. Pont extérieur et pont climatisé. réservations chez SbTT :

Great Bay Express

réservez sur


0690 718 301

Great Bay Express Tél. : 0590 879 239 - Fax 0590 29 54 70 - -

Votre Ferry entre St Barth et St Maarten !

Friday december 30Th 2011

St Famille n° 3847’

COURS DE LA VEILLE 1.2961 $ pour 1€

Today’s Ocean temperature is:


27°/ 80 F


Time to jump into the water!

Le Carré d’Or - Gustavia Tél. 05 90 27 69 74


DAily newS… Twin nASA probeS ApproAch lunAr orbiT Twin NASA spacecraft are set to blast into lunar orbit at the weekend on a mission to study the subterranean structure of the Moon in order to better understand the origins of planets. The first Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL-A) will begin orbiting the Moon at 2121 GMT on December 31, followed by GRAIL-B on January 1 at around 2205 GMT, NASA said in a statement. "This mission will rewrite the textbooks on the evolution of the Moon," said GRAIL head researcher Maria Zuber, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, adding that the spacecraft were thus far performing well.The $500 million pair of washing machine-sized satellites were launched on September 10 on a mission to map the Moon's inner core for the first time.Beginning in March 2012, the two unmanned spacecraft will send radio signals that allow scientists to create a high-resolution map of the Moon's gravitational field, helping them to better understand its sub-surface features and the origins of other bodies in the solar system. The mission should shed light on the unexplored far side of the Moon and test a hypothesis that there was once a second Moon that fused with Earth's Moon. The two spacecraft have taken three months to reach the Moon as opposed to the usual three-day journey taken by manned Apollo missions. The longer journey allowed scientists to better test the two probes. The two spacecraft have covered more than 2.5 million miles (4 million kilometers) since they were launched in September, according to NASA. As of Wednesday, GRAIL-A was 65,860 miles (106,000 kilometers) from the Moon. GRAIL-B was 79,540 miles (128,000 kilometers) away.



SHe LL Be ACH Fashion show everyday - Tél. 0590 52 08 08 Facebook : sunday saint tropez



Vendredi 30 décembre - 10€ Brandade au crabe, salade verte

Plats du jour à emporter midi et soir ou livrés sur Gustavia

Island Flavors vous souhaite de bonnes fêtes !

La Pointe - Gustavia - Tél. 0690 55 93 49




- G USTAVIA H ARBOUR - T EL . 0590 29 74 09

inTernATionAl newS… ruSSiAn police FinD SMuGGleD cAViAr Police have discovered a huge stash of contraband caviar stored in a hospital morgue freezer alongside dead bodies in Russia's second city of Saint Petersburg, officials said Thursday. Kept in large canisters marked "Aviation Security. Inspected," the stash of both red and black caviar weighed 175 kilograms (385 pounds) a haul that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (euros) on the open market. "


Le Spa Payot est ouvert tous les jours de 8h à 19h. Hôtel Manapany - 0590 29 82 02

iTAly ThieVeS reTurn STolen FATher chriSTMAS GiFTS A bag of presents stolen from a Father Christmas in Rome has been returned with an apologetic note from the thieves after the victim made an impassioned appeal. "We're sorry. We made a mistake". Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!" read the scrawled note left by the bag with 1,000 euros worth of presents that were stolen on Christmas Eve.


For New Year's Eve : Shoes and evening dresses ! ©Xavier Merchet-Thau

Pélican Beach - St Jean (à côté du Nikki Beach) Monday to saturday from 10 am to 7:30 pm, and sunday from 11 am to 7 pm.

Tél. 05 90 52 08 82.

Nouveau à Gustavia

OUVERTURE DE L’ECLIPSE NIGHTCLUB Ouvert le jeudi, vendredi et samedi à partir de 22h.

AMBIANCE MUSICALE ANTILLAISE ! Salle climatisée non-fumeur. Entrée payante - Tenue correcte exigée - Ouvert vendredi et samedi. Gustavia - La Pointe - 0690 40 96 11

locAl newS… Calamars sautés à l'espagnole, riz pilaf OU Salade Lyonnaise

chriSTMAS MASSeS To The GenerAl public: proGrAM December 31st at 5:30 p.m. in Lorient: Mass of grace for the benefits received and asking for forgiveness for sins committed during the years 2011. January 1st 2012 New Year's Mass at 9am in Gustavia. Kaze Eugene P, smm. loST bAG Lost in Gustavia: small black bag with iPhone, money and ID.. Please contact me: 06 90 41 87 97. You will be rewarded. becoMe A VolunTeer FireFiGhTerS As part of its development, St Barts’ Emergency Centre recruits men and women, motivated and available to others. Applications will be available at the emergency center between January 3rd and January 8th, 2012. Tel: 0590276231.


s a l o n



Les Jardins de St Jean - 0590 27 69 16 Du mardi au samedi de 10h à 19h.

Restaurant sweet restaurant !

Open on saturday December 31st and Sunday January 1st. Gustavia - 0590 27 53 20

uSe oF rock breAker AnD pneuMATic or elecTric JAckhAMMer It is strictly forbidden to use any Rock Breakers in Gustavia from December 15th to January 15th, 2012; all over the island from December 20th to January 5th, 2012 as well as during the bank holidays and on Sundays. During the high season from March 15th to March 31st (unless prohibited), the use of these two machines will be allowed from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm. Outside the high season, from Monday to Friday from 7am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm and on Saturdays from 7am to 12pm. locAl pool - beST wiSheS The territorial poo’s staff,l Olivier, Jean-Marc and Jocelyn wish you a happy holiday season. The pool will reopen on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 bASkeTbAll TrAininG SeSSionS DurinG The chriSTMAS holiDAyS During the Christmas holidays, Damien organizes Basketball training sessions, every morning from 9 to 12 for girls and boys aged 4 years-old and more at the primary school in Gustavia. Price: € 15 per morning. Contact Damien: 0690 39 86 22.

conFerence-DebATe on The chAnGeS FroM The new pToM STATuS As part of the visit in St. Barts of Mr. Hugues Chevalier, head of the economic action center of Guadeloupe’ regional customs authority, the Collectivity of Saint Barts is holding a conference/debate on the changes resulting from the new PTOM (Overseas Countries and Territories) status of St. Barts starting January 1st, 2012, in the presence of the President of the Collectivity, Bruno MAGRAS, on Friday, January 6th, 2012 at 6pm in the meeting room of the Collectivity. The meeting, open to all, will be an opportunity to present the changes resulting from our island’s new PTOM status and answer questions from participants on this subject. ASSiSTAnce For The eDucATion ouTSiDe The School yeAr 2011/2012 The School Service inform students that the application for assistance for education outside the school year 2011-2012 (former student financial help) is available on the website of the Collectivity in the areaFormulaire de la Collectivité (Collectivity’s forms) - Formation (Education). We invite you to download this document and contact the School Service to schedule an appointment for the submission of the file. Applications must be completed and submitted before January 3rd, 2012. For any information, please contact the School Service: Tel: 29 80 0590 40. DenGee FeVer preVenTion Simple daily habits are important for everyone’s health. In order to effectively fight against the proliferation of mosquitoes, we would like to remind you of how to stop them: cover all water reservoirs, avoid stagnant water in containers (cups, pots, buckets ...), clean the gutters, eliminate useless clutter, change water in vases every week, turn over dinghies and other small boats on the beach. Professionals (Construction managers, Villa managers, etc ...) and individuals, let’s act together ! horSeriDinG leSSonS For ADulTS The association Galop des Iles reminds you that adult lessons are offered every Sunday morning from 9 am to 10 am for beginners (up to Galop 3 level) and from 10am to 11am for advanced adults (from Galop 4 level). Feel free to contact Aurelie: 0690 39 87 01.

쐓 쐓 Soirée zouk avec le groupe Nustyle VOTRE BOUTIQUE DE CHAUSSURES ET ACCESSOIRES

New Year's Eve Menu 90€

쐓 Velouté de giromon à la langouste

Pompkin and lobster Soup ou/or Wahoo mariné fumé aux courgettes grillées Smoked marinated wahoo with grilled zuchini Duo de colas et ouassous poêlés sauce papaye Duo of pan fried yellow tail and river prawns with papaya sauce 쐓 ou/or Magret aux trois poivres et guavaberry Three pepper duck breast and guavaberry

Banane glacée au grand-marnier Banana and grand-marnier sabayon ou/or Gâteau ananas coco Coco and pineapple cake Salines, Réservations: 0590 52 46 05

쐓 Collection petits et hauts talons. La Villa Créole - St Jean - Tél. 0590 27 21 30. Ouvert de 9h30 à 19h30 non-stop!

MENU DU REVEILLON NEW YEAR’S EVE MENU Samedi, 31 décembre 2011 Saturday, December 31st 2011 Tempura de homard sur guacamole de petits pois

Lobster tempura on guacamole of garden peas •••

Risotto et Foie gras « tout poêlé », émulsion à la truffes Pan-sautéed risotto and Foie gras, truffle emulsion •••

Saint-Jacques en pétale, caviar d’aquitaine, crème de lentilles parfum combawa Slices of scallop, caviar from Aquitaine, cream of lentils, combawa flavour •••

Dos de bar et langoustine, « miso-mango » et quinoa Bass and crawfish «mango-miso » and quinoa •••

Granité mojito Mojito granité •••

Chapon rôti, jus d’une sangria, polenta et châtaignes caramélisées Roasted capon, sangria juice, polenta and caramelized chestnuts •••

Crème brûlée clémentine, tuile chocolat Clementine Creme brulée, thin laced chocolate biscuit •••

Tartelette cacao, crémeux caramel, glace fumée Cocoa tartlet, creamy caramel and smoked flavored ice cream Anse de Toiny - St Barthelemy Restaurant Le Gaïac : 0590 29 77 47 Hôtel Le Toiny : 0590 27 88 88


Mignardises 6 plats – 6 courses 130€/pers, hors boissons – excl. Beverages 7 plats – 7 courses 150€/pers, hors boissons – excl. Beverages 8 plats – 8 courses 180€/pers, hors boissons – excl. Beverages

S PA PAY O T Package «Before the night» - 80€ · une pédicure + manucure + vernis · un maquillage flash par Guerlain · une coupe de Champagne SPA PAYOT - Ouvert de tous les jours de 8h à 19h - Réservations 0590 29 82 02

Looking forward to have the best dinner of the year ? It is not too late ! Come to join us to celebrate New Year’s Eve at PaCri with special menu elaborated by Mattia Bonisolli former chef at two stars Michelin « Maestro » in Washington and now Fiola. Live jazz-soul music through out the year !

New Year’s Eve 2011-2012 - 180 euros L’Aperitivo di Benvenuto Cerignola Giant Green olives, Parmesan Chunks drizzled with balsamic vinegar, Traditional “Crescia” bread

Misticanza di Ricotta e Pomodori Secchi Salad of fresh Ricotta cheese, sundried tomatoes, little herbs with a balsamic b=vinegar reduction

Tartare di Mahi Mahi Mahi Mahi tartare with lime zeste, cucumber basil and radishes

Il Crudo di Tonno Fresh raw Ahi Tuna chunks, green olives, lime segment and candied lemon zestes

I Paccheri all’Aragosta e la sua Bisque Paccheri di Gragnano with fresh Lobster, cherry tomatoes in a bisque reduction

I Ravioli al Tartufo Homemade Ravioli served with a mouthwatering cream of truffle

Il Mahi Mahi Daily caught MahiMahi roasted in a mixture of tuscan aromatic herbs, garnished with a quenelle of crushed and sautéed potatoes

La Frittura dell’Adriatico Traditional deep fried Adriatic seafood: crispy prawns and squids

La Panna Cotta e il Caramello Home made Panna Cotta served with a creamy Caramel sauce

Strawberry Mojito Strawberries, limes zeste, mint and wild sugar topped with a homemade Minted Granita

Tonight live jazz-soul music ! Visit Estelle Lefebure's boutique… Open everyday for lunch and dinner right on the ocean - Reservations : 0590 27 66 55 - Email :

T é l .

( + 5 9 0 )

6 9 0

5 6

2 4

7 4

prêt a porter homme et femme

New year’s Eve Menu - 135 € Terrine de foie gras au Monbazillac et pain d’épice Montbazillac flavoured terrine of foie gras, with gingerbread Ballottine de langouste aux citrons confits, salade de mâche aux pointes d’asperges / Lobster ballotine, with confit lemons, lamb’s lettuce and asparagus tip salad Granite Grey Goose au fruit de la passion / Passion fruit greygoose granite Belles Saint Jacques rôties, mousseline de cèleri rave aux parfums de truffe, émulsion crème de lard /Beautiful roast Saint Jacques, truffle flavoured celeriac mousseline with a creamy bacon emulsion Ou Filet de bœuf “Angus”, pommes sarladaises aux essences de truffes, poêlée de champignons des bois, miroir Côtes du Rhône “Angus” beef tenderloin, truffle flavoured sarladaise potatoes, fried forest mushrooms and cotes du rhone mirror sauce Délice au chocolat, panier de fruits rouges crème glacée vanille / Chocolate delight with red fruit and vanilla ice cream

Vue sur le feu d’artifice Rue de la République - Gustavia - Tél. 0590 27 72 48

TENUES DE SOIRÉE HOMME ET FEMME St Jean, Les Mangliers proche de la poste (derrière la station service) - ouvert en non stop 9h30 - 19h00 - Tél. 0590 52 43 93

En panne d’idées pour le réveillon ? Votre Marche U vous propose ses suggestions pour un dîner sans fausses notes...

- Plateau de fruits de mer /Menetou Salon Dom. des Coteaux 2007 - Foie gras/Pinot gris vendanges tardives Rangen Wolfberger 2007 - Poêlée de st jacques/Meursault « la Barre » Monnier et fils 2008 - Pavé de biche braisé/Crozes hermitage Les Perdrigolles 2007 - Assortiment de fromages/Pessac Léognan Château Bois Martin 2006 - Omelette norvégienne/ Champagne Mumm cordon rouge - Mignardises *L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

St Jean - Tél. 0590 27 68 16 - Du lundi au samedi de 8h à 20h non-stop. Fermé le dimanche 1er janvier.

locAl newS… TrAFFic ADViSory FroM The TerriToriAl police Gustavia Using the opportunity of the festivities around New Year’s Eve, the Territorial Police Forces would like to point out some elementary rules and of lavishing useful recommendations with the road users. 1 – Traffic in Gustavia must remain possible at all times to the traffic of Police, Safety, and Security forces services particularly: - the access to the hospital - and the exit of Gustavia towards the airport. D E S I G N E R


Vous souhaite une excellente année 2012 ! Wish you a happy new year ! Gustavia - La Pointe 0590 27 68 12

Pour votre réveillon du 31 décembre, l’épicerie de Corossol est ouverte samedi 31 décembre de 6h30 à 12h30 et de 15h30 à 19h30 et fermée le dimanche 1er janvier 2012, et vous propose : Foie Gras Mi Cuit du Sud Ouest du Chef Pascal Preynat Huitres Marennes d’Oléron N° 3 Coquille de Lambis, Crabe Farçi, Accras de Morue Cuisse de Poulet farçie au Lambis Christophine au Crabe Christophine à la Langouste Gratin de Patate Douce et Pomme de Terre Fricassée de Cabri, Riz, pois d’Angole

Merci de réserver au 0590 52 04 87 Toute l’Equipe de l'Epicerie de Corossol vous souhaite de bonnes fêtes de fin d’année



2 - The drivers of vehicles are strongly advised: - to leave Gustavia downtown, in priority by using the street August Nyman (known as “Rue du calvaire”) in direction to the airport, and by the road of Lurin. - while parking, to always think of the other drivers, and of the needs of passages for the Police, Safety and Security Forces vehicles. Studs and Ru beacon has been laid out in certain intersections and along the pavements to facilitate this traffic. - to avoid anarchistic parking on the main road in the parish of Saint-Jean, from the Airport terminal towards the `Centre Neptune' direction of Lorient. Police, Safety and Security Forces vehicles must borrow this axis without encumber. Practical advises : Enjoy festivities and Have fun parties, but you should appoint a driver to remain sober. We count on the good citizenship and on the collaboration of each one so that these days some rules are complied with. Thanking you for not sully these festivities by an irresponsible behavior on the road. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 / BONNE ANNEE 2012 SAinT JeAn To fully address the traffic challenge bound to the festivities of the end of year, the Territorial Police would like to remind that a one-way street sign of traffic has been established on the Saint Jean's main way, between the Bridge and the Gas station. From this may result congested road on the secondary crossing way "La Plaine des jeux" and bypassing Saint Jean's pond. We are thus anxious to specify some elementary rules, as well as practical advices to

drivers. 1. Drivers are asked : - To reduce considerably their speed of traffic in these zones, where move numerous pedestrians and to be particularly watchful by crossing " la Plaine des Jeux" between the fire station and the territorial swimming pool where go and come throughout the day children, - To park always by thinking of the other drivers and the passages of vehicles of fire, help and safety(security), - To respect the temporary road marking organized as well as the blocks and the brook-tag which were arranged in certain intersections and along pavements to facilitate the traffic. - To avoid anarchy car parks on Saint Jean's roads, between the airport and the Center Neptune in the direction of Lorient as well as on the road leading of the stadium to the swimming pool and that by-passing the pond 2. Pedestrians are asked : To move on roads, with the biggest caution and to be very watchful by crossing them. Safety & Security Services (Brigade of fire, Police services, etc.) have to circulate without blocks. Practical Advises : party in-group by appointing a driver who will remain sober. We count on the public-spiritedness and the collaboration of each and all so that these rules be respected. Please, do not soil these festivities by an irresponsible behavior on the road. The Head of Police Department. recreATionAl weDneSDAyS The public pool educators, Jean-Marc and Olivier, organize a recreational morning for children aged 4 and older every Wednesday. The program is as follows: Learning and Development in swimming, organized games and free games. 8 am to 11:45 am, bring sunscreen, shirt and towel. Snacks are provided by the pool (juice and pain au chocolat or croissant): 16 euros /morning. Reservation before Tuesday 5pm: 0590 27 60 96. The ASSociATion coloMbier Appel organizes a garage sale ( for individuals) and a flea market (for professionals) on the sports field at the school, on February 12th, 2012. Info: 06 90 71 57 38.

La Crêperie

Gustavia Depuis 1986

OPE N ON SUN DAY - ANY TIM E LUN CH ! 춌 춌 Formule 1 plat 춌 Toute l’équipe 춌 춌 + 1 crêpe dessert au choix : 21€ la Crêperie de 춌 ••• 춌 Formule crêpes et galettes : 21€ vous souhaite 춌 une bonne (2 crêpes salées + 1 crêpe sucrée au choix) 춌 année 2012 ! 춌 •••


Carte habituelle

춌춌 춌

Ouvert de 9h à 22h tous les jours - Tél. 0590 27 84 07 - Rue du Roi Oscar II - Gustavia




31 Nustyle

La Pointe - Gustavia - Tel. 0590 27 90 60

from SXM en live !

Animation musicale avec DJ Vince Vue sur le feu d’artifice !

R OC KE F EL LE R DO C K D O WN TOW N TU E SD AY TO S ATU RD AY 10 -1 4 H / 1 6- 1 9H


Bacalhau Noruega secagem Aveiro Portugal e Presuntos de Porco Preto de Barrancos & IbÊrico Para passar uma boa festa de fin do ano e bem começar o novo gostoso !

Bom ano novo 2012 cheio de felicidades.

Morue de Norvège sèchage Aveiro Portugal, � Pata negra pur bellota (cochon noir) � de Barrancos & IbÊrique


íˇ? ë&#x;Ž

íś‹ ě?—



Pour finir l'annÊe en beautÊ et dÊmarrer l’annÊe 2012 avec goÝt !

Bonne et heureuse annĂŠe 2012.

Du lundi au samedi de 9h30 Ă 13h et de 16h Ă  20h. Me. Gusta | Zone D'ActivitĂŠ Les Mangliers | Saint-Jean | (59 0)6 90 30 81 81|


PLAT DU JOUR À 10€ Aujourd’hui :

Tartare de thon "pays", riz thaï

1 plat du jour, 1 boisson, 1 café

SUR PLACE OU À EMPORTER Colombier - 0590 27 93 48


Rue Jeanne DArc - La Pointe - Gustavia - Tél. 0590 87 79 54 - Fermé le dimanche.

A l’occasion de l’ouverture de son salon de coiffure, une mise en beauté vous sera offerte lors de vos shampoing, coupe ou brushing (sur présentation de cette publicité) For information contact : 0590 275 946 35 rue de la République, Gustavia

horoScope Aries : Make sure that you’re using your energy in the right way. You should be able to help yourself as you help the world.

léo: There is some excitement coming to your life soon, but it may be tinged with regret. You’ve gained, but you’ve lost.

Sagittarius : You may do whatever you want to hide from it, but love is knocking on your door; maybe, you’ll open it.

Taurus : It’s hard to plan for the future when so much of the past keeps coming back to vex you.

Virgo :Your personal appearance could be more important to your success than you think. People judge you by it sometimes

capricorn : The mystical realm is calling to you now and you’re feeling a tendency toward philosophical thought.

Gemini: Take time to catch up on your rest now. You need to enjoy and recharge your personal batteries.

libra : Someone close to you has some good advice regarding a problem you have been experiencing.

Aquarius : You finally have the chance to discuss a matter that is dear to your heart. What’s better than a receptive audience?

cancer : Your working life is in the spotlight today, though you might not feel like making much of it.

Scorpio : Remember that all things change as you make your way.You might have to deal with a new angle soon.

pisces : Like it or not, that highly-charged emotional issue you've been trying to avoid is about to come to a head.

vous souhaite une bonne année 2012 Villa Créole - St Jean - Tél. 0590 29 84 05

Chef Laurent Cantineaux is honored to cook this week with the

"Juvia Miami Beach" dream team : Chef Sunny Oh and Kaoru Chang (Nobu Miami) Pastry chef Gregory Gourreau (Ducasse Las Vegas)

Menu de la St Sylvestre 2011 ••• Saturday December 31st Huîtres Oléron et Caviar Sévruga, “salsa jalapeño” Oleron Oysters and Sevruga caviar, jalapeño salsa

••• Toro de Thon “Blackened’’, Vinaigrette à l’huile de moutarde Blackened toro Tuna, Mustard oil vinaigrette

••• Foie gras “torchon’’ au Porto, Gelée de Coings et Pain d’épices Foie gras poached in port wine, quince jelly and ginger bread Option végétarienne : Ceviche de Tomates cerise et Pastèque, Bocconcini et Oignon rouge croustillant Vegetarian option : Cherry tomatoes ceviche, watermelon, bocconcini and Crispy red onions

••• Queue de Langouste braisée au Vadouvan, Pamplemousse et Céleri rave glacé Braised lobster with Vadouvan, Grapefruit and glazed celery root

••• Joue de Bœuf “Rossini”, Purée de Panais, Endive poêlée et Choux de Bruxelles Braised beef cheek “Rossini”, parsnip purée, sauted endive, Brussel sprouts Option végétarienne : Portobello et Endive poêlée, Purée de Panais et Salade de Pousses d’épinards Vegetarian option : Sauted Portobello and Endive, parsnip purée and Baby spinach salad

••• Fruits tropicaux en Chaud-froid / Tropical fruits “chaud-froid’’

••• Tartelette “forêt Noire”, Glace kirsh et griottes / “Black forest” tart, Griottes and Kirsh ice cream 4 0 0 € PA R












Gustavia Tél. 0590 27 96 96 Réservation recommandée. Visit our website :

Le Ti Zouk K’Fe

Aujourd’hui midi - 10€

Tartare de wahoo Gustavia - La Pointe - Tél. 0590 27 90 60

Aide à la personne et baby sitting :


Une équipe de professionnels à votre service

Toilettage à domicile Colliers antiparasitaires et accessoires à petit prix

Assistance aux personnes âgées et à mobilité réduite* Baby sitting à la demande* * A l’heure ou au forfait

Pour tout renseignement : 0690 64 06 71


Sophie sur RDV 0690 65 21 27

clASSiFieD ADS… reAl eSTATe



Hôtel Le Toiny rech. logement 1 chambre pour un couple. Loyer et caution payés par employeur. Tél. 0590 27 88 88, demander Irène. Loue 130€/nuits, bungalows de charme à SBH, pour 2 personnes, piscine, vue mer, kitchenette, calme, climatisé … Tél. 0590 52 41 50 ou Job SeekerS

La Rôtisserie est ouverte le 1er janvier ! Pain frais dès le matin !

A GUSTAVIA Le Saint Barth Café est ouvert à partir de 6h.

A ST JEAN La Rôtisserie est ouverte à partir de 5h. Au Snack : hamburgers et autres à partir de 5h ! St Jean - Tél. 0590 29 75 69

Votre Professionnel pour Particuliers et Entreprises PC et MAC Installation - Réparation - Maintenance - Cours Vente et arrivage régulier de matériel Forfait déplacement-main d’œuvre à petits prix !

Cédric GREAUX – 0690.65.23.42

Jeune fille sérieuse, disponible, rech. extras en bar et service ou babysitting. Tél. 0690 72 91 96. Assistante maternelle propose de garder vos enfants la nuit du 31. Tél. 0690 17 85 48 ou 0590 51 11 39. eMpl. oFFerS

Hotel christopher ch. chef de partie petit déj., urgent. Env. CV à generalmanager@ ou à la réception de l’hôtel. Urgent : Hôtel 4* Luxe rech. 1 agent manutentionnaire pour son service économat. Tél. 0690 41 60 52. Top Services recrute personnel hommes motivés, emploi à l'année. Tél. Jérome 0690 58 77 35 ou 0590 27 96 63.

Boutique Sunday St Barth Shell Beach ch. vendeuse mannequin pour défilé. Tél. 0690 56 51 75. Cherche une personnne pour garder un enfant à la maison le matin. Tél. 0690 20 80 50. Garage en carrosserie ch. carrossier peintre à tps plein. Tél. 0590 27 50 51 ou 27 57 12, Rech. pr nouvelle boutique au Mangliers produits portuguais et espagnols, responsable/ vendeuse, pl. tps, parlant portugais et francais, salaire motivant. Tél. 0690 30 81 81. Restaurant le Bagatelle rech. extras en cuisine pour le jour de l’an. Tél. Chef Emmanuel 0690 34 85 20. VLounge recherche extras pour les fêtes : salle, bar, voiturier. Tél. Samira 0690 75 10 13. VLounge recherche urgent chef de rang confirmé + commis de bar avec references. Tél. Samira 0690 75 10 13. VLounge recherche hôtesse bi-lingues anglais/français et si possible Russe. Tél. Samira 0690 75 10 13.


Cherche serveur/se , extra ou temps plein, se présenter au restaurant 88 avec un CV. Hôtel Le Toiny rech. 1 animatrice enfants diplômée pour dimanche midi + femmes de chambre à temps partiel, postes à pourvoir de suite, se présenter avec CV. Salon Fostokjian rech. coiffeurs en CDI et en extra, anglais exigé. Se présenter au salon avec CV. Tél. 0590 29 75 72. La Rotisserie recherche une vendeuse qualifiée motivée et sachant parler anglais poste à pourvoir immédiatement, se présenter à la boutique de St Jean . Tél.0590 29 75 69 Hotel Carl Gustaf recherche 1 Chef de Partie. Poste nourri logé . A pourvoir immédiatement.CV hebergement@hotelcar ou à la reception de l’hôtel. Hotel St Barth Isle de France recherche un Valet de chambre avec permis de conduire. Se présenter à l’hôtel avec CV.

Restaurant La Case de l’Isle rech. Chef de Rang confirmé, anglais indispensable, poss. logement. Demander Frédéric ou Jérôme au 0590 27 58 68. Société loc. véhicules recherche en urgence laveur- livreur, permis B, anglais souhaité, pas serieux s'abstenir. Env. CV à, tél. 0590 27 74 34. Restaurant "La Route des Boucaniers" sur Gustavia, recherche Chef de Rang/Barman confimé, parlant anglais, et un Commis de cuisine. Tél. Katia 0590 27 73 00. Société recherche esthéticienne - masseuse pour CDD, permis et anglais éxigés. Tél. 0690 34 35 18. Vehicule SAleS

AV Grand vitara, 3 ptes, BEG, CT ok, dec 2003, 65500kms, 3900€ à déb. Tél. 0690 51 52 48 AV camion benne KIA 2700 diesel, 2007, CT ok, prix 3800€. Tél. 0690 75 59 24.

Le Centre @lizés remercie sa fidèle clientèle pour sa confiance et lui souhaite de bonnes fêtes ! Encore de services pour 2012 !


Rue de la République Gustavia - Immeuble Chamade - 1er étage Tél. : 0590 29 89 89 - e-mail :

SAMEDI 31 DÉCEMBRE A l'occasion de la Saint Sylvestre, le restaurant Les Bananiers vous propose de venir dîner en famille ou entre amis avant les douze coups de minuit ! Carte habituelle et suggestions festives. Cotillons et bonne ambiance assurée ! Notre carte en quelques plats : Terrine de foie gras de canard « maison », chutney de courgettes au poivre de Sichuan Salade de gambas aux fruits exotiques, vinaigrette maracuja Tataki de bœuf, salade wakamé et sauce soja Magret de canard entier grillé aux baies roses et vinaigre de framboise Tournedos de bœuf aux morilles Nage de St Jacques et gambas au parfum de citronnelle Papillote de daurade aux petits légumes

19€ 18€ 16€ 23€ 26€ 24€ 21€

COLOMBIER - TÉL. 0590 27 93 48 SERVICE DE 12H À 14H ET DE 18H30 À 22H.

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Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired. Jules Renard


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0690 718 301 DAily newS… WWW.SBHFERRY.COM Island Flavors vous souhaite de bonnes fêtes! P RÊT - À -P ORTER Friday december 30 Th 2011 St Fam...

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