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WEB 2.0


Arrivals and Morning Debrief ( Safety, Outline of Day etc)


9.30-9.45am Explaining Blogs on data projector, seeing examples of cool blogs that kids have created and look like websites. 9.45-10.30am Hands on creating own blog design. 10.30-11am

Morning Tea – freeplay noncomputer activities eg: table tennis


Taking photos for blog, explaining different software to create movement with photos. Showing different examples.

11.15-11.30am Brainstorming ideas of what kids would like visually on their blogs. Detailing camera use. Picking music to “flow in”

Giving it all a go!


Lunch - non computer time.


Freeplay on computers


Touch base where everyone is up to on their blogs. Where they might need help etc. Work more on projects


Free Choice activities


Similar outline each day, except each day a new web 2.0 tool will be introduced and played with, and a design tool will be introduced and utilised. *** Also we will be using glogster to create webpages for young people advertising their enterprises, the business youth will pick which webpage they want profiling their enterprise, which will be uploaded to for Nelsonians to be able to see and “hire” or trade. EG: youth advertising babysitting services. Journalism skills will be learnt if we do any interviewing for our blogs. *** Morning and afternoon tea provided. Bring your own lunch. *** But ultimately it’s about being on holiday, programme is flexible and we want the kids to have FUN! From 11-1 we will have a movie playing too for any kids wanting to chill out and a Nintendo WII on hand for “downtime”. 


Holiday Programme

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