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Verte Pricing Chart

NAILS Acrylic Gels Acrylic Sculptured Acrylic Overlays Acrylic Ornamental Prizma Nails Party-Tips One Colour Toes Plain Gel & Manicure Soak-Off Diamantes Shape,Buff & Polish Repairs

$85 $95 $85 $70 $95 $85 $55 $45 $60 $50 $1ea $20 $10

REBALANCES One Colour French Prizma

2 wks $40 3 wks $50 2 wks $45 3 wks $55 2 wks $55 3 wks $60

MANICURES 10-minute quickie Normal Mini Spa Mini-Pedicure

$10 $30 $50 $55

Acrylic Nails Using environmentally friendly liquid I make a perfect French nail. We have several different shades of white and pink so you can choose something that suits you. This requires rebalancing every 2-3 weeks to kee looking beautiful.

Overlays This is where you already have the length you require in your natural nails but would like an acrylic layer put over to strengthen them up.

Ornamental This is when I make a colour that you want. These are made just for you, they have glitter through them and are very beautiful.

Prizma This is a strong acrylic system which is extremely good for people who have a very oily nail bed. It has glitter throughout and comes in a range of colours.

Party Tips These are for a one-off occasion. They will only last for a few days as they are tips which are blended to the end of your nails and then we can paint them. They have NO product on them.

Tinting Eyelash Eyebrow Eyelash & Eyebrow Eye Combo

15mins 15mins 20mins 30mins

$15 $15 $25 $35

(eyelash & brow tint & eyebrow wax)


Eyebrow Wax Lip Chin Lip & Chin Full Leg Half Leg 3/4 Leg Bikini Underarm Brazilian (1st time) Brazilian (upkeep)

15mins 10mins 10mins 15mins 60mins 30mins 45mins 15mins 15mins 60mins 45mins

$15 $10 $10 $15 $50 $30 $40 $20 $20 $60 $50

Men’s Waxing Full Leg Half Leg 3/4 Leg Back Arms - Full Arms - Half Shoulders Chest Back & Shoulders Chest & Shoulders

60mins 30mins 45mins 20mins 30mins 20mins 15mins 20mins 30mins 30mins

$60 $40 $50 $30 $30 $20 $20 $45 $40 $55

Any three services in one visit receive a 20% discount

Verte Pricing Chart  

Verte Treat Yourself

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