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Tramlines is a Sheffield institution. Though it may only be four years old, the free music festival that encompasses 70 venues across the city and boasts 4 city centre main stages. Tramlines’ audience has bolstered from 2009’s 35,000 revellers to near on 175,000 in 2011. With Roots Manuva, Ms Dynamite, We Are Scientists joining internationally acclaimed local acts Rolo Tomassi and 65daysofstatic on the main stages of the 2011 ‘Best Metropolitan Festival’ (UK Festival Awards), 2012’s Tramlines promises to be bigger and better than ever before. With every imaginable genre covered by the festival’s diverse line-up, Tramlines offers the perfect possibility to check out some of the best upcoming bands in the country (we highly recommend kooky Leeds Uni formed foursome Alt J and Northern soulstress Lulu James), the festival also offers a veritable feast of home-grown talent. With so many acts to choose from, here at Chic we decided to point you in the direction of a few of our local favourites…



--------------------------------------Who are you and what do you do...

We are Matt, Harry, Rob and Alex. Collectively we play varying combinations of drums, guitars, bass, a few too many synthesisers and some singing. We play electronicinfused future-pop with beats and bass lines.

What can people expect from your live set?

We use a lot of electronics on stage such as synths, laptops etc. therefore the sound we make is quite ‘big’. We like to have a lot of fun and we hope this makes people dance. Specifically for Tramlines, we’ll have quite a few new songs, and as it’ll be a summer gig we’ve roped in some special friends on brass to help us out...

Ar e you pleased to be playing Tramlines?

As a Sheffield based band it means a lot. It’s a great chance for emerging local artists to perform, get noticed and have a laugh, and it’ll be a nice way to round off a fairly hectic few months for us. Plus it draws in lots of people from all over the country, who get to experience just how wonderful Sheffield is.

What are you most looking forward to at Tramlines this year?

There’s so much to choose from: Field Music, Future of the Left, Mazes, We Are Scientists, Roots Manuva are the big ones. 65daysofstatic will be particularly special as it’s a home show.


The Hot Soles

f /thehotsoles

--------------------------------------Define Tramlines…

It is exhilarating and fresh. It is the best inner city festival that allows new bands to expose themselves to new audiences.

Y o u p e r f o r m e d a t T r a m l i n e s l a s t y e a r. What made you want to play again this year?

Last year everyone was just buzzing. I didn’t see any trouble or anything. It was like a rehearsal for world peace in one city - just such a good vibe, there isn’t a negative to say about it.

What will you be bringing to the line-up that no-one else will?

We will bring The Hot Soles party, it is a very different kettle of fish to The Vengaboys party; we are running the pirate ship adjacent to the Vengabus. But what will be different, you get to see a fat guy running around on stage for half an hour…

Aside from yourselves, who would you recommend checking out?

End of the day, if you turn up to Tramlines, at any venue you will see someone of quality, it is like one big tasty jam. If I had to say band wise, I would say Hey Sholay as they are on the stream train out of here. It goes Hey Sholay stream train, Vengabus followed by us on a pedalo.


Chic | Tramlines Special


--------------------------------------For those not in the know, who ar e you and what do you do?

We write pop music about woeful tales of love and loss cloaked in happy tones and melodies.

What does Tramlines mean to you?

It’s great to have a local festival right in the heart of the city. It’s great that it provides a platform for the younger up and coming bands. We have played it every year since its inception and each year the crowds have been more passionate and intense.

What is your best Tramlines memory?

Last year we played a very intimate show, kind of private, we had people queuing outside, not getting in. Inside was chaotic. We felt sorry for the venue after the fans quite literally tore down the roof. It made us realise never to fake pretend getting out lighters for our slow number. Bit of a fire hazard.

Who are you sad to be missing out on this year due to you being on stage? We want to go see The Hosts this year at the Library Theatre. A fantastic local band and great set of human beings. Unfortunately, our sets clash, we think?


Tf rudy Sings The Blues /trudy-sings-the-blues

--------------------------------------What ar e you bringing to Tramlines this year?

A lively atmosphere. We plan to play songs people like and just put on the best show we can.

How would you define Trudy Sings The Blues?

We are trying to have a new sound, we just want to be a little different to what everyone else is doing. We don’t see anything wrong in people being able to hear our influences, as long as we can bring an element of surprise to the table; we want to take our influences and use them to create our own sound.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at this year’s Tramlines?

We want to support other bands from the Chesterfield scene, but we also really want to see The Crookes and Roots Manuva. We will probably just dip in and out to see what is going on.

What is the most memorable Tramlines per for mance you have seen to date? Dananananaykroyd were amazing, though they have split up now. Rolo Tomassi are always brilliant too, and The King Blues.

What for you is the holy grail of Sheffield venues?

The Motorpoint Arena would mean we had really really made it, but there are so many great venues; the Leadmill has an amazing history and Corporation is pretty cool too.


Cats for peru

--------------------------------------What does Tramlines mean to you?

Loads! It is the highlight of the year for Sheffield music so it means a lot for us to take part. We have played it every year and the atmosphere in Sheffield is brilliant all weekend.

What are you most excited to see this year?

One of our favourite Sheffield bands, Roper, are back after a hiatus so really looking forward to catching them. House vs Home Records are curating the Red House on Sunday so I am going to see some of that. The main target for the weekend though is seeing Roots Manuva!

Who are you sad to be missing this year?

My mates band, August are playing at the same time as us (Sunday 7pm) so gutted to be missing them!

Your Tramlines highlight to date?

Last year at a Harley was probably our best gig to date really busy and the crowd really into it.

Chic | Tramlines Special



--------------------------------------We hear you have been a little busy of late…

We are currently finishing recording our début album of original material. We will be launching the single ‘Baby Steps’ from the album on Thursday 21st of June and launching the album on the 1st of September. Both launch gigs will be at the Greystones. We have also just finished writing and producing a song for the Olympic torch coming to Sheffield. The song will be performed by a group of local school children at the Olympic torch event on the big stage outside the city hall on the 25th of June.

What can people expect fr om your Tramlines set?

Catchy, soulful, original songs with individual female vocals and interesting instrumentation including a baritone guitar and loop pedal! We are influenced by artists such as John Mayer, Gary Go and Ed Sheeran.

What makes Tramlines such a success?

Tramlines is about people from all over the country coming to Sheffield to see what it has to offer. Although the main stage is a fantastic centre piece for the event, the thing that we find really fantastic about Tramlines is the fact that people get to see all sorts of different local talent all over Sheffield and it’s a chance for local acts to showcase their talents to people they wouldn’t normally have chance to play to.

What are you most looking forward to at Tramlines?

Selfishly we are most looking forward to our gig at the Library Theatre at 5pm on the Saturday of Tramlines! We have played the venue before and it’s a perfect gig for the kind of stuff we do and we can’t wait! Also looking forward to seeing The Gentleman and Ian Britt.


The Violet May

--------------------------------------What is it about Tramlines that you love?

I just think it is all really good fun; it is good gig for bands to play, it is a good weekend, it is a good showcase for Sheffield bands, and best of all it is free.

As a Sheffield showcase, what does it offer Sheffield bands?

It gives smaller bands the chance to play at venues they would not normally get to, from the Leadmill through to the O2 - it gives them the chance for mass exposure in a way that lots of them won’t have experienced before.

Tramlines is a r eal pat on the back for Sheffield acts, do you think it sets a good example to other cities?

There used to be Music In The Sun, which had all the support from Sheffield bands. You had Longpigs, which was Richard Hawley’s band, and Babybird, who sang ‘You’re Gorgeous’, but that was the nearest we had. I think that is where they got the inspiration from. It is in a similar ball park but bigger and better.

What has been the best act you have seen at Tramlines?

We played The Forum in our second year and I went to the Frog & Parrot to drop off a guitar and saw this 7 year old kid playing the drums - it was immense - he was proper amazing. He had glasses on and an American bandanna, just banging it out. I don’t know where he has gone or his name, but he was amazing.

What do you think makes Tramlines special?

It gets people from the outskirts of town together, unites them in the sound of music. You get to the hearts of the real people of Sheffield.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A s i f t h e r e g u l a r T r a m l i n e s f a r e w e r e n ’ t e n o u g h , t h i s y e a r, o r g a n i s e r s h a v e p u t t o g e t h e r t w o v e r y d i f f e r e n t e v e n t s f o r t h e f e s t i v a l ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Satur day: Signals at Tramlines Sunday: Kid Acne and Pipes


(Yellow Arch Studios)

present South Yorks

Signals is an all-day showcase of underground electronic music culture, from future bass, and techno through to ambient and sound design. It will be unfolding within the former industrial setting of Sheffield’s renowned Yellow Arch Studios and, keeping within the spirit of Tramlines, is completely free.

South Yorks is all about celebrating the region’s colossal musical heritage and proficiency. This year’s event has culminated into an epic gathering of seasoned and fresh creatives in an incredible space in the heart of the city.

Chic | Tramlines Special

Image: Yellow Arch Studios by Deep C

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