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Tickets: Standard in advance £30 | On the door £40 | Under 16’s £15 | VIP ringside £50 Location: Sheffield Octagon Centre Western Bank, S10 2TQ

Doors: 3.30pm (show starts 4.30pm) Arrive early to avoid queues

For general information or tickets contact 07833 923 635 or 07753 938 505 f u w

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Call Grace today!

Augustines American indie rockers, Augustines, have had quite a year already. The release of their second and self-titled album received rave reviews, whilst over their London gig at The Lexington sold out in just four minutes. We spoke to Eric Sanderson, former member of Pela, about what’s in store for the band for the rest of 2014.

The new album, Augustines, came out last month. What kind of response have you got from that so far?

luckily in that through releasing the record we were given the opportunity to become professional musicians and the opportunity to fulfil all that we wanted to.

It’s been overwhelming. Whenever you put out a body of work you never know quite how people are going to receive it, but we’ve been really fortunate with the record. We’ve had a lot of wonderful reviews. A lot of people are already singing along at shows, so it’s been really humbling and wonderful.

And, you know, whenever you exist in a certain state for a long period of time that state becomes a part of your identity. The idea of me being a struggling artist was very much part of my identity and all of a sudden we were no longer struggling artists, but officially artists. With that freedom comes responsibility, so we kind of had to do a lot of soul searching and re-establish our core, so that we could move forward and feel good about the work that we’re doing.

You refer to the album as a ‘Walkabout’, what do you mean by that? Basically it’s kind of a response to our last record and on the last one we we’re struggling with a lot of themes that were very difficult. There was a lot of struggle involved in the record, both emotionally and physically. [We had] the desire to be musicians and the desire to get out of a situation where you feel like you’re being held back. And we were

So, has it been a big change adjusting to that level of success? The biggest thing is that when we made our first record nobody knew who we were and we made the record entirely for ourselves, but when we made this record we

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share some laughs with us, share some songs with us and sing along. We’re just trying to have a good time at our shows. Life is too short to be introspective all the time; you need to get out of your head and enjoy life a little bit.

“When I got down to that core and had many months of reflection I realised that I’m genuinely happy when I play music”

You mentioned earlier that you spent some time as a “struggling musician”, so what made you decide to pursue a career in the first place? Was that an idea you had from an early age or a later development? It’s both, you know? When I was a child I dreamed of playing music. I loved music; it resonated with my spirit. I think the turning point though came after Pela broke up; Bill and I were left with no opportunities, no record, no band and a tremendous amount of debt. The whole dream of becoming musicians was rapidly coming to an end or had ended. It was almost like when you break up with a girl or like whenever people have lost their true love in life and you have to go through this phase of letting go of them before you carry on. We had to let go of the dream of being musicians and reconnect with our core and figure out what it is that makes us happy, at that point that was the only thing that mattered. So when I got down to that core and had many months of reflection I realised that I’m genuinely happy when I play music and to have a life that’s full of joy and full of love music has to be a part of it. That was the momentum that started Augustines for me.

knew that there are people out there who care about what we do and are looking forward to what we’re doing, so we had an audience. We had to live up to not only our own expectations, but whatever expectations they had.

What have you got planned for the rest of 2014?

How would you say this album has progressed from your last one? Has the pressure of people knowing you made it harder to produce?

We will be touring pretty much the entire year, which is something that we’re all looking forward to. We’re excited because we’ll most likely be going to Australia this year and we’re going to be doing a lot of tours here in the UK and Ireland. I really hope we can make it to Mexico too this time around. Next summer we’ll just be doing a lot of festivals.

No, no not at all, I mean even though we have these new responsibilities, we still apply the same process and ethics. We realised early on in our musical career that all you can ever do is make something that you’re proud of and something that you’re proud to show your friends.

The Augustines will be playing the Cockpit in Leeds on 10th April.

Of course. You’re playing Koko in Camden next month, what can people expect from the gig?

For more information visit:

They will come to a show and hopefully have a drink and page #7

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18/02/2014 08:40


Leather’ as if the tracks that came between had never even happened.

at motorpoint

It seems the theme of ‘Would You Like a Tour?’ is interactivity, as part way through the concert a section of stage descended from the heavens so the star could get just that little bit closer to his adoring fans. Drake used this extra section of stage as an opportunity to sing to his fans, with him picking out random members of the audience and proclaiming ‘I see you’ to them. Drake didn’t stop there however as he went even further with the interactive side of his show when he got one lucky fan up on stage so he could serenade her.

Dave Purdy


t’s March 14th, and tonight world-renowned rapper Drake hits Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena to play to a sold out crowd of rap fans and lucky ladies. The Sheffield gig is part of Drake’s ‘Would You Like a Tour?’ tour, which is in support of the rap star’s third album ‘Nothing Was The Same’. It was the song ‘Tuscan Leather’ from this new album, which Drake chose to open with, but there was a twist, after Drake had just ‘spit’ the first verse the tune suddenly switched to ‘Take Care’ single ‘Headlines’ much to the surprise of the packed crowd.

The night was not only a treat for the ears but for the eyes as well, with Drake’s songs accompanying massive explosions and fireworks just to give his show a little more bang for the audience’s bucks. This extra effort on the production side may not however have been adequately matched by the rapper’s own wardrobe choice, with him wearing just a plain outfit and choosing not to make any wardrobe changes, a manoeuvre some of his counterparts seem to favour.

The next song on the set-list ‘Crew Love’ provided Drakes’ support act for the night, The Weeknd, a chance to redeem himself after the audience seemed more interested in getting another beer than listening to his music during his set. It seemed to do the trick as he was met with applause when he walked onto stage to sing with the real reason everyone was there.

The night ended with the first single from the new album, ‘I Started From The Bottom’, but from the looks of this gig the bottom is certainly not where he’s at now.

After this collaboration Drake proceeded to continue with the third verse of opening number ‘Tuscan

Seven Tors at The Hop I didn’t purposely go and see Seven Tors. That’s not to say that I didn’t want to, I did; I’d meant to go watch them for quite some time, but as usual life had got in my way. When I finally did manage to see the band, on a mid-week night last month, it was at The Hop, because I happened to be out on a stomach empty of food and full of a disgusting wine and gin combination. Seven Tors consists of Nicola Worthington (vocals/guitar), Tracy Hendry (guitar), Emily Agius (synth/keys/vocals), Dave Cuthbertson (bass) and new, yet old band member Jen Tomkinson (drums/percussion). The night I saw the band happened to be a very special one; the first time Jen

Tomkinson joined the band live on stage. This warranted some very loud ‘whoops’ from the audience when it was announced followed by the odd wolf whistle as the band began to play. There is no doubt that Nicola Worthington has a beautifully melodic voice. Hearing her sing just about any lyrics would be an experience in itself, yet when this is set against the backdrop of four other extremely talented musicians the experience becomes something entirely more special. My personal highlight of the night was the band’s rather original version of Clubfoot by Kasabian, as this was the first time I was actually able to hear the lyrics to this song, which are surprisingly good and much better when sung by Nicola Worthington and co.

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Haim at O2 Academy The Gentlemen – Departures

Dave Purdy

The crowd, once excitable and collectively chattering to one another, quietens and the lights go down. A heartbeat of drums begins, with flash lighting mimicking the beat. Then they appear. At first they are nothing more than silhouettes; reduced to an outline of long hair and guitars. They begin to play “Falling”, as spotlights illuminate their faces. Haim, three LA born sisters, who just happen to make rather brilliant music, are centre-stage and immediately wooing the audience with their quirky banter and bizarre interjections. Este Haim tends to do much of the talking. “Thank you Sheffield, for inviting us into your home.” She says, before inviting us to imagine that we’re now in the Haim household, where the sisters are jamming and playing some “good old fashioned rock and roll.”

‘Departures’ is Sheffield foursome The Gentlemen’s latest instalment of upbeat electro-pop. The album opens with the appropriately named ‘We Can Have a Disco’ which sets the scene perfectly for the rest of the album with it’s blend of racy guitar riffs and synth that wouldn’t feel out of place on an arcade beat ‘em up (which is no bad thing). Lead singer Nicholas Rognli-Olsen Noble’s vocals are up in the stratosphere for most of Departures and rarely descends to the levels of mere mortals, ‘New York Girls’ provides ample proof of the fact that he clearly relishes hitting those high notes whilst “singing like a cast member from Michael Jackson’s Bad.” The Gentlemen are no one trick pony either with a tune that wanders away from the electro into the realms of rock ‘n’ roll in the form of ‘This Is It’, where Sean D’Souza Walsch’s guitar screeches through each verse. The record ‘I won’t Let You Down’ also adds a little variety to the album with it’s laid back minimalist sound that goes back to basics with only vocals and an acoustic guitar, producing a pretty intimate sound. Departures’ disco indie pop makes for an easy listen that is sure to provide either a song to dance to or an opportunity for you to do your best Justin Hawkins impression while attempting to sing along. page #11

After a few favourites, including “Don’t Save Me”, Haim move on to more serious matters. “Do you want us to rap for you?” They ask the audience, who, of course, want nothing more than these ladies to attempt rapping. The girls then burst into what seems like an unpremeditated rap song, which ultimately falls flat pretty quickly; luckily the girls are able to resuscitate the dying moment by launching straight into the intro for “Forever”. With Haim’s relatively fast climb to fame, you might imagine that they would be somewhat less professional than bands who have done the rounds when it comes to playing large venues, however throughout the gig the girls maintained complete control of their performance. Despite this and after maybe seven songs the band abruptly leaves the stage and the lights go down. The usual encore chants and feet stamping follow this and Haim returns to the stage to give their highlight song performance: a version of Beyonce’s “XO”, which they first performed on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge and have now added to their set. Having only very recently started listening to Haim, I had extremely high expectations when it came to seeing them live. I was not disappointed and left the O2 with a greater appreciation for the band than I’d gone in with.

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If there are two cities in the UK that produce fantastic music it has to be Sheffield and Birmingham. That’s a grand statement, but hey, I’ll stick by it. This month sees Johnny Foreigner, brummie ‘supercalafragalisticexpealadocious emo band’ play the Steel City. We caught up with the guys to talk about music, love and, of course, Sheffield. Firstly, let’s ask the obvious, where does your name come from? Culture, alienation, boredom and despair. Ooh, ooh, ooh. How do you feel the band has changed over your years together? I feel like we’re calmer as people but the music has got more loud and angry. We’ve got better at dealing with the millions of other ‘band things’ that don’t involve writing and playing pop songs, we know when to censor ourselves and we’d like to think we’ve improved as musicians. Its like each release is a new evolution of the Prime but they all have the same Matrix rammed somewhere in the chest. What would you have done had you not got into music?  It feels more like music chose us than the other way round. Probably something repetitive, uncreative, dull and unfulfilling like the ‘real jobs’ we try and cling to, or selling our talents to others. There’s not a whole lot else we can do to be honest.

Tell us about “You Can Do Better”. It’s our first full-length record as a four piece; Lewes who does our art decided he was going to play guitar in 2012. It’s for sure the odd one out. It’s the loudest and shortest album we’ve made, the first time we’ve released on CD and 12” at the same time, and lyrically the least grounded in like real life. I’m still undecided on whether that’s a good or bad thing but it felt like a necessary step after obsessively documenting everything on our last record. Also, every other album we’ve done, we specifically set out to make an album, whereas for this one we were content to sporadically release EPs for a year or two then, at the end of summer, it just started raining songs. What’s your personal favourite track on the album? This isn’t quite keeping in commerce, but my favourite new song is called “You Can Do Better”. We wrote it specifically to open these shows with and it’s never going to be recorded. It feels weird to publicly pick one. Like, you’re not supposed to have a favourite child, right? I love them all equally, even the ones that came out wrong or horrible. When did you first know you wanted to be a musician? I remember being entranced with a Casio keyboard when I was eight, or nine. Like, I’d pick two auto-chord keys and play them over and over for seeing what notes would fit, and I’d look at the clock and hours would have past. It was

page #14

like finding another universe in your wardrobe. But it was seeing these impossibly cool sixth form girls play ‘Walking on Sunshine’ at some inter-school quiz when I was 13 that made me want to live inside the wardrobe forever and do a band (sic).

Sheffield is always good to us too, there always seems to be a definite buzz of people going to watch bands ‘cause it’s a fun social thing to do. You guys have a rare sense of civic pride too. Invoice me if I break the mic. Sorry. Lastly, have you ever been in love?

What can we expect from your Sheffield gig? We’re always in love. This tour is going to be special because for the first time in the UK we’ll have visuals. Our friend Ben is coming along, and he has a modified ‘keytar’ that he uses to cue and manipulate images projected onto a screen behind us. page #15

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ick Mulvey stands at the front of the naked stage, alone, only joined by his guitar. The two of them are bathed in ruby light. He waits, his dark brown eyes staring solemnly ahead. As the crowd hushes and silence spreads through the room, he starts to sing: “Softly in the evening dusk, a woman is singing to me. She takes me back, down the Easter of my years, until I see.” Throughout the set, Mulvey barely raises his voice, and yet it fills the room with a rich, dark timbre and an unmistakeable presence. He hums frequently, and plucks the strings of his guitar delicately, delivering song after song with high concentration. But it’s not only Mulvey who is lost in sound tonight. He hypnotizes the audience with his captivating voice, which oozes out of him seemingly effortless as he sways back and forth rhythmically. In between songs, Nick Mulvey smiles and exchanges bits of conversation with the audience, but the focus of his performance clearly lies on the music.

interested in music.” emphasizes Nick, he cites his interest in music ranging from dub-reggae, modern classical and Japanese music to West African music, rock and techno. Despite the success of Portico Quartet, who were nominated for a Mercury award in 2008, Mulvey chose to part ways with the band in 2011 to focus on his solo career. “It was always something in the back of my head, and I really started to become unhappy with not doing it,” he admits. “It was time for the change, and if you don’t do the change, the change starts saying fuck you!” he slams his palm down on the armrest of his leather armchair. Then, a little more calmly and matter-of-fact, he explains, “I delayed it for a whole because the band was successful in its for the own way and because I loved being in the band. But after a while it started to make me sick. I if you had to make the change.”

“It was time change, and don’t do the change, the change starts saying fuck you!”

Did he deliberately choose to go down a completely different path for his solo music? He shakes his head. “It just naturally became that way because I was singing with a lyrical content and [accompanied by] just a guitar. So immediately from the beginning it was going to be different on the surface level.”

When I catch up with the singer-songwriter backstage in a hallway of the Harley Hotel, our conversation confirms he lives and breathes music, regardless of style or genre. Mulvey, who studied Ethnomusicology at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, says his choice in university made an important impact on his life. Not only because that was where he met the other members of Portico Quartet, a successful band Nick Mulvey was a member of for over six years. SOAS also made a big impression on his music as a solo artist, because studying there exposed him to music from all over the world. “I always responded to a variety of different sounds. It seems strange now, but as a 17-year old I really liked Zimbabwean music. But I wasn’t only interested in world music, I was just

Beneath the surface, Mulvey goes on to explain, there are a lot of similarities between any projects he is involved in. “Even as a solo artist I’m still the same person I was in the band. And I’m really focused on texture as opposed to harmonic complexity. I don’t like complicated chords, I like it to be simple, but with interesting texture.” Nick Mulvey’s album First in Line is out on 12th May. He will be playing several summer festivals throughout Europe, followed by a full UK tour of the album in autumn. For a complete list of dates visit

by Ina Fischer

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MUSIC RELEASES Real Estate – ‘Atlas’ Those of you that are unfamiliar with Real Estate, they are a five-piece new-psychedelic, indie band hailing from Ridgewood, New Jersey. Forming in 2008, their rise to prominence has been impressive, as they are steadily but quickly becoming a real favourite of music lovers from both the US and across Europe. Their early tracks were created initially by singer/guitarist Martin Courtney and Matt Mondanile (who is also the man behind solo dream pop act Ducktails), and you can really see where Real Estate get their beautifully hazy sounds from if you’ve ever taken a listen to Ducktails (I recommend that you do). I personally love ‘Days’. It’s a record that you can play through in its entirety (particularly in the summer months) and just let your mind float off to a sunset beach somewhere. The release of ‘Talking Backwards’ came with a video posted on the band’s website documenting some of the recording process of ‘Atlas’ confirmed my own excitement for its release and is sure to be another one to listen to for those summer afternoons and festival evenings.

Chet Faker Built On Glass Jack Greenwell Chet Faker is a name we are beginning to get to know seemingly incredibly quickly. Having signed a record deal with Downtown Records back in only 2012, what this man (real name Nicholas James Murphy) has brought to the electronica, dance scene currently thriving across the world at the moment, is pretty special. From his roots in Melbourne Australia, Chet Faker’s rise to prominence has been pretty meteoric so far, gaining public exposure when his cover of Blackstreet’s classic ‘No Diggity’, which went viral in 2011 and featured in a 2013 Superbowl commercial. Chet Faker’s discography to date consists of a collection of impressive EP releases, including tracks co-written and produced with frequent collaborator and electronica artist by his own right, Flume. One of which is a three track EP called the ‘Lockjaw EP’. Having not listened to either artist’s before, I was pleasantly surprised at the complexity and haziness of the sounds from all three, and have completely adopted them as my soundtrack for now, whilst the Yorkshire weather shows glimpses of getting better!

This new album is his first full-length effort entitled ‘Built On Glass’. We’ve so far only heard the first single to be released called ‘Talk is Cheap’; a slick, cool and sophisticated electro-soul number that if accurately shows off the vibe of the whole record, then we’re in for a treat. The mellow tones of brass and punchy electric drums give centre stage to Chet’s full vocals (and beard, go watch the video). An all round good sounding record so far, and one I’m very much looking forward to hearing in full.

The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream The War On Drugs are a band that I have only just discovered this past year, after hearing a track off of their second record called ‘Slave Ambient’ and I felt as if I had come across something that was truly special. This (now) quartet from Philadelphia is a shoe-gaze, indie rock band with really hazy rich guitar lead tracks, though what I really couldn’t believe is how much of a real Americana influence they have in their songs. Hearing ‘Your Love Is Calling My Name’ I could have sworn I was listening to a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers track from the golden year. If the previous releases are anything to go on, this record should deliver some equally brilliantly written and experimental music that sticks to its American roots, whilst holding its own in the modern day indie rock scene. Long time collaborators Adam Granduciel and Kurt Vile formed The War On Drugs. Following the release of their first record, there was a large line-up change, which saw three of the members leave the band. Granducietl has said that upon creating the band’s name he knew it was a title under which they could explore a multitude of different music genres, and that appears to be what they are subtly doing. The single we’ve heard from this record is ‘Red Eyes’, which true to form, pushes their sound further towards the hazy indie sound that appears to be their current direction. I very much look forward to the rest of ‘Lost In The Dream’, and if they are producing music this good then the sky really is the limit for this band.

page #22

Man to Watch: This month in Sheffield all eyes will be searching for the man that is Jamie Jones. The man behind the brilliant cross-genre band, Hot Natured, and the label, Hot Creations, will be in the Steel City this month for a variety of gigs and he will most certainly be in demand, as a whole host of Northern fans turn out to see the man himself in action. The Steel City is alive with the sound of house music fans falling all over themselves and crying about how much they love the man that is Jamie Jones. “He’s one of the best DJs in the world”, says one super-fan, Shane Gilmartin, “I have always admired his music and, more importantly, his hair!” He’s not alone in this; many other fans have admitted that they not only adore the man’s music, but also his voluptuous and ‘bouncy’ hair. Voted number 1 DJ by Resident Advisor and hailed as the man behind introducing a more melodic and warmer tone to techno music, which has paved a new path for the genre itself. His label, Hot Creations, has been created with creating an iconic and original sound, which helped to reinvent the genre itself. His first release in 2006, “Amazon”, launched what would soon be a globally successful career. From then he went on to work with the likes of BBC Radio 1, releasing the Essential Mix, which features tracks ranging in genre from underground to cosmic disco. In 2010 he released something that really put him on the music map, a remix of Green Velvet’s classic hit “Flash”; this raced to the top of the charts and secured Jamie Jones as one of the best DJs of our time. “I’m trying to illuminate this very niche, almost secret world of underground house and techno in a way that can be accepted by the mass public. Bringing two world’s together.” says Jamie about his continuous efforts to popularise house music in the main stream. This month, on 4th April, Jamie Jones will be playing Kaluki at Plug, Sheffield. Formed way back when, in 2006 in Manchester, Kaluki is a renowned party hosting raves and special guests. This month Jamie Jones will be playing the Steel City and taking his unique sound to the confines of Plug. Don’t miss out. page #23


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FILM RELEASES Priyanca Kumari

The Other Woman

The Amazing Spiderman

Cameron Diaz stars in a romantic comedy alongside Kate Upton and Leslie Mann and three-timing Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. After discovering she is not his primary lover, Diaz’s devises a plan to seek revenge but along the way, accidentally meets her supposed sworn enemy, his wife, Mann. She discovers they have far too much in common and decide to befriend one another.

For Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), it’s great to be Spiderman. He’s embraced that spider bite and triumphed over any formidable villains that have threatened his city. He’s had an exciting romance with Gwen (Emma Stone) and swung from web to web between countless skyscrapers. But being a hero comes with a price: his fellow New Yorkers know there is one guy out there to protect them from disaster and with the emergence of Electro ( Jamie Foxx) – the latest one in the line of Spidey’s adversaries, things aren’t as swift as before.

Release date: 18th April

Release date: 23rd April

This friendship results in a mutual plot to take revenge on Coster-Waldau and play him as much as they’ve been played. As if ‘the other woman’ wasn’t enough, they both stumble upon his third mistress, the big-breasted one. Also starring singer Niki Minaj as Diaz’s friend and advisor, join the fierce girls in this side-splitting comedy and see how the girls rule, while boys will forever drool.

Peter must now confront a foe far more powerful than his own. Harry Osborn his old friend, returns and Peter comes to realise that all of his enemies have one thing in common: OsCorp. Is Peter and Gwen’s relationship on breaking point? Will Spidey be able to defeat the almighty Electro?


Release date: 4th April Divergent is a thrilling action-adventure film set in futuristic Chicago, where their society is divided into 5 political parties: Abnegation the selfless, Dauntless the brave, Erudite the intelligent, Candor the honest, and Amity the peaceful. When all teenagers reach the age of 16, they must choose to either stay in their faction of birth, or transfer into another faction. Beatrice Prior must make the decision to stay with her family in a faction she feels she isn’t right for, or to transfer into another faction, and leave her family behind. What follows is a highly competitive initiation, where the newly renamed Tris must make some tough decisions, but she must also keep a secret that she was warned could mean death, while she juggles friends, initiation, and a newfound love interest. Later, Tris is warned she is Divergent and will never fit into any one group. When she discovers a conspiracy by a faction leader to destroy all ‘Divergents’, Tris must learn to trust in the mysterious Four and together they must find out what makes being Divergent so dangerous before it’s too late.

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Beatrice Prior

review: her Surprisingly the most romantic film I have seen in a long while was a film about the love affair between one man and one operating system. Set in LA in the not-so-far-away future, Her is a romantic comedy, science fiction hybrid: a rom-com-sci-fi. This may sound rather terrible, granted, but somehow it’s not.

Samantha doesn’t have a body, and yet the intimacy in this film is not created through steamy sex scenes, but through long conversations and a seemingly real connection.

In this, Spike Jonze’s futuristic depiction of LA, the human race has become almost completely reliant on technology. Theodore Twombly ( Joaquin Pheonix) works writing other people’s love letters, a sign that even the basics of maintaining a relationship in the modern world have been outsourced. We find him post-break up and pre-divorce in a state of emotional and mental turmoil. This is portrayed with Joaquin spending much of the first few minutes of the film looking sad and moseying around droopily. On something of a whim he downloads a new operating system for his computer, the latest version complete with artificial intelligence. Once installed the OS springs to life voiced by none other than Scarlett Johansson and going by the name of Samantha. At this stage Samantha is little more than the bare bones of what she is to become, she learns from ‘reading’ and from what Theodore exposes her to. There is a rather touching scene in which Theodore takes her people watching; she is able to see the world through the camera on his phone, which he directs towards the people from his shirt pocket and the two communicate through and earpiece. Over the course of the film the two become close. Theodore has never before felt so close to another being, probably due to the fact that much of him is reflected within Samantha, since he is moulding her all the time. The two embark on a relationship even employing the use of a surrogate sex partner for Theodore. However, it’s not all plain sailing and it soon becomes clear that Samantha is evolving faster and faster and with this outgrowing the relationship. What is truly touching about this film is the way in which intimacy is created between the two characters. You would imagine that this would be rather difficult given that

Side note: It has crossed my mind that the whole film is a commentary on just how narcissistic the human race is. In that, if we were presented with a version of ourselves, which we are able to mould, we would ultimately fall in love with them, because we are all in love with ourselves. However, maybe I am over thinking the film.

Love in the time of sci-fi Of course, Her was not the first film to combine a love story and sci-fi. Here are just a few others that are worth a look:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) Break ups are tough. What if you could erase it all? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind explores the notion of memory and what would happen if we could just make the past disappear.

The Time Traveller’s Wife (2009) From the best-selling book comes this film of love across time. The only part of this I find a little odd is that the time traveller in question meets his wife when she is a mere child and yet he is a grown man. Odd.

TiMER (2010) This story centres on a literal TiMER, which is implanted into a person’s wrist and counts down the time until they meet their soul mate. For Oona O’Leary, though, her TiMER is blank, meaning her love life is yet to be decided. page #27

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BOOKS Nash by Jay Crownover Release Date 29th April 2014 Saint Ford has worked her whole life to become a nurse, finding no time for love. The last thing she wants in her calm life is the one who nearly destroyed her in high school coming back into her life. The brooding Nash Donovan might not remember the pain he caused those years ago, but he’s back again. Uncovering a dark family secret has turned his world upside down and is now trying to figure out his future. He sees Saint, the pretty nurse everywhere and can’t ignore the sparks between them and isn’t willing to give up on her. When Nash discovers the truth, he must face the fact he may have already lost Saint’s heart before he began to fight for it.

Modern Twist

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

Pointe by Brandy Colbert

Release Date 1st April 2014

Release Date 10th April 2014

A modern twist on the original classic. Amy Gumm, the other girl from Kansas finds herself becoming today’s hero. She has been recruited by the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked and trained to fight Dorothy. She found her way back to Oz, seized power and now, no one is safe.

Theo’s dream has always been to become an elite ballet dancer. She is better now. She’s eating again and dating boys kind of appropriate for her. Things are beginning to get back on track for her.

Whoever expected Oz to be a place where Good Witches can’t be trusted, Wicked Witches could be the good guys and the yellow brick road crumbles? The Mission: remove the Tin Woodman’s heart, steal the Scarecrow’s brain, take the Lion’s courage and finally, Dorothy must die.

But, when her oldest friend Donovan returns home after spending four unbearable years with his kidnapper, Theo finds it hard to cope. She begins to relive memories about Donovan’s abduction and his abductor. Donovan is trying to live a normal life and isn’t talking about what happened, but even though Theo knows she didn’t do anything wrong, telling the truth in the situation would put all her dreams at risk. But, keeping quiet may turn out worse.

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STAN SKINNY Q&A The Student Mag chats to Stan Skinny. Poet, Stan Skinny, is an interesting chap. We caught up with him to listen to him talk.

What are you doing at the moment?

Tell us about The Shipping Forecast. I have been running for about three years now. It features top poetry stars from the UK scene as well as local headline acts and open mic for new folk to give poetry reading a go. Interspersed with this is a collection of characters and features such a George the shark, Liam Gallagher book review, message in the bottle and other silly games and of course the naff raffle or the naffle as it’s affectionately known. It’s been at four different venues now. Gradually getting closer to water and to my house so, eventually it will be held in my bathroom and I’ll run a bubble bath for everyone, that’s the dream anyway. Who inspires you to write poetry? Largely my inspirations were musicians, Morrissey, Paul Heaton and Jarvis Cocker (who played a big role in me coming to Sheffield as I hoped to meet him and swap email addresses, not sure for what purpose. When I finally did meet him and told him that I had come to Sheffield to meet him, he said “you don’t look very hard”, and I said “could I give you my card?” and he said “it’s not my birthday”. He is yet to reply to an email. My inspirations for poetry now are the people I’ve met, there’s some lovely people in the poetry community and I owe a great deal to Matt Black and Joe Kriss two very fine poets in Sheffield and two even better human beings. Your bio says you’re continuing your pursuit in owning an ice cream van – has this happened yet? Sadly no, but I hope it does. Do you think the arts council will give me a grant to buy an ice cream van? Where do you even get them from? I wonder if there’s a secret ice cream Mafioso or club like the free masons? They seem like a great mystery. I’ve got some big ideas for ice cream vans though, and I’m not just talking about sauces other than raspberry and chocolate.

At the moment I’m busy running a number of events in Sheffield and Rotherham, I host a shooting stars inspired quiz every Monday at the Riverside and the Word Smack Cabaret at the Bridge Inn in Rotherham. I’m also writing bits and bobs and working on a soundscape project, recording the sound of walls. What are your plans for the future? My plans are to keep trucking, keep performing and gigging until someone gives me an ice cream van. Interview questions by Priyanca Kumari

The Shipping Forecast Spoken Word Comedy: The Riverside Jack Greenwell It appears the change in weather as we begin to hit springtime, brings out the best and humorous sides to the people of Sheffield. The creative arts is a continuous presence in the city these days, but the immergence of alternative subscenes of the arts, such as poetry and comedy is something I at least have only just discovered, and ‘The Shipping Forecast’ is a prime example of an event I think people interested in the creative scene need to know about. Going for a few years now, The Shipping Forecast is a spoken word comedy event that showcases both the local talents of the city and nation’s underground and amateur comedians and poets, which has this year taken up residence in The Riverside Pub. A great location and a great laugh with some excellent material, there is no reason not to take a wander down to this on the 11th of April. Not only displaying talent in this field, but offering chances to get involved too, The Shipping Forecast has open mic slots available on request via email, so if you fancy yourself as the next name on the bill of local comedians then be quick to get in touch at: Also follow updates on line-ups, and mic slots on Twitter: @poetryforecast

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You choose the sub, you choose the deal!


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FOOD Student Summer:

Dieting Advice

by Kelly Beall

It’s that time again, coming up to the summer months and all we can really think about is being on the beach and sipping cocktails with our friends. During the build up to our summer holidays, one thing that always tends to be a worry for many of us, is dieting. Are we actually going to be comfortable enough to wear that brand new bikini after months of over indulging on alcohol and hangover food? Maybe not, and that is why for some, it’s time to enjoy healthier options all in the name of preparing for those two days of UK summertime.

Smoothie Diet Smoothie diets can seem a little boring to some people, but by smoothie diet I don’t at all mean a non-alcoholic liquid lunch, I simply mean replacing your usual breakfast and lunch to two fruity smoothies, and then having a lovely healthy-balanced tea. The best way to actually gain a healthy outcome while enjoying your smoothies, is to make them yourself. This way, you know exactly what is going in them, they are 100 per cent fresh, and you get to make a smoothie of your choice. All that is required when making your perfect smoothie is, of course, all the fruit you could dream of, followed by a blender, some low-fat Greek yoghurt and plenty of ice.

Let go of that take-away craving Temptation is the worst, especially when you’re having a hard time meeting university deadlines and wanting to catch up with friends that you haven’t seen in a long time. However, it is completely ok to treat yourself once a week if you are sticking to a healthy balanced diet the rest of the time. Takeaway temptation and going out for food is something that always seems like a good idea at the time, but in the long

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run just genuinely makes you feel worse about yourself if you end up having too many. The best way to let go of takeaway cravings is by telling yourself how much more you will actually appreciate it when you deserve it and haven’t had it in a while. Another good way would be to make sure you keep stocked up on your favourite meals that are tasty but healthy, that you will actually enjoy and still feel super fine afterwards.

How to Get Free Food...

It’s a well-known fact that eating on a student budget can be tough. If you’re strapped for cash and are fed up of eating pasta night after night then follow this guide to sink your teeth into some free food. by Lisa Robinson

Free Birthday Cupcake at Fancie Portion Sizes I don’t know about you, but this is my main downfall when trying to lose a few extra pounds. I enjoy my food too much, never know how much to cook and then never want to let any go to waste. Portion size is probably the most important aspect of dieting, besides watching what you actually eat. You can actually enjoy all of the foods you would normally would, by controlling how much you eat of them.

Top tips for cutting down portionS • Meet yourself half way - cook half as much as you would usually.

• Good portions come in small packages - would you normally buy a bag of crisps just because it is bigger than the other one? Well DON’T! • Size up servings - look on the packaging of certain foods at what the typical serving actually is, you’ll be surprised.

Make sure that you stop by Fancie on your birthday to get your hands on a free cupcake. All you need to do is flash your ID, take your pick of their scrumptious flavours and enjoy. There’s nothing better than free cake, especially on your birthday!

Fill out a university survey They might be annoying but those pesky university surveys often have their perks. If you don’t mind spending an afternoon ticking a few boxes, attending a focus group or taking part in an experiment then you could be rewarded with a free hot lunch - it definitely beats that cheese sandwich.

Get a job in a restaurant Feeling the pinch? Then get yourself a job at a restaurant. Not only will you get to gorge on all of the yummy food in your break but you’ll also earn a bit of extra money in tips. Don’t forget to ask if there’s any food leftover at the end of the night, it’s more than likely that you’ll get to take this home with you.

‘Get married’ If you fancy spending an afternoon tasting cake, eating canapés and drinking champagne then grab a friend and head to your nearest wedding fair. You might have to spend the afternoon hiding your ring finger from prying eyes and endure the company of smug couples but it’s well worth it for the freebies on offer. page #35


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The start. Tailed by the shadowy reassurance of ‘still being young’ and not much being expected from me, I made headway into my twenties, routeless. Intending to get a degree some day, for now, I was in no rush to fulfill a typical adult potential I would have to commit to. For most of my friends that had chosen university off the blocks of college, it suited as nothing more than an ostentatious disguise of sensibility and adulthood. With few of own ideas on what else to do with their twenties yet, they accepted their three year pass to freedom; protected from anymore growing up by their all-consuming identities as students. Over the terms began the gradual tail off of my friendships with my uni friends, starting when they realised I wouldn’t be joining them and ending when I realised I had other things first to make of 20.

Diary of a

Establishing my own identity as a dance kid – before I became a student, I got to know ‘house’ music, delving deep into a music scene that split and reformed into glorious sub-genres of magic. Whilst the ‘others’ worked out how to write an abstract that differed from a conclusion, I gave ‘hard house’ an exploratory go. Hitting it with all the brash energy I was meant to, crashing through nights of steely sound and unrelenting pace; partying alongside creatures you only got to see after midnight. As I hit 22, I joined the queues for decadent themed nights- to listen something they called ‘electro’; arrogant compositions of boppy house and vocals that made you raise your hands, just as proof of being there. From the club nights came the after parties; emerging majestically at the end of a night- we needed to carry on. Chatting shit with no one I knew, I engaged in curious exchanges of knowledge on anything we felt like speaking about. Three years passed like that, and my uni friends were returned to me; reconditioned models of what they once were; along with their credible understandings of what was happening in the Far East and a new love for nicknaming everything, some of them had even grown up a bit. For the first time since they left me, I gave them a curious once over, was I ready to leave my dance kids and join them?

Esme Jalla page #38


In some cases drugs, which are sold as being legal may contain illegal substances within them, they may also be very dangerous. Think twice when taking anything, legal or otherwise. If you are not sure what you’re taking then you cannot be sure what effects it will have on your body.

Just because something is legal doesn’t make it safe..


Feeling the pressure?

ay back in 2009 as little as ten people died in the UK as a result of taking legal highs, by 2012 that number had risen significantly to 68. That might not sound like a lot, but the fact that anyone at all has died from taking something that is legal and so readily available is a travesty in itself.

It’s all very well and good simply telling people not to take drugs, but that doesn’t always do the trick. Often peer pressure is the cause of people taking drugs. If you’re on a night out with a group of people who are all taking drugs it can feel impossible to resist, however there are certain things you can do if you feel pressurised into taking drugs.

“Legal highs” are chemically different from illegal drugs; sometimes the formula of an already classified drug is slightly altered so as to dodge the law. They are not controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act. These drugs are designed to mimic the effects of illegal substances and can often have the same negative effect on users.

Know your own mind Take a step back and work out how you feel about drugs. Don’t be swayed by anyone else and be assertive in your opinion.

Be clear

The problem with legal highs is very simple, they are not regulated, and so you don’t know what you’re taking. Thinking that something is safe just because it hasn’t been made illegal yet is a naive and potentially fatal mistake.

Tell people clearly and directly that you don’t want to take drugs. Don’t make a big deal out of the issue, simply say no in a firm manner. The people around you will respect you more if you’re clear about what you do and don’t want to do.

This is how it works. Companies make a substance, a legal high, and start selling it. It becomes popular. Then it is tested and subsequently made illegal. So, the companies slightly alter the drug, so that this new drug no longer comes under what is classified as illegal. They start selling this new drug. It becomes popular. Then it is tested and subsequently illegal. So, companies slightly alter the drug and so the cycle continues. Companies who produce legal highs are always one step ahead of the law. With untested and unregulated substances so readily available on the market users are put in grave danger by taking the drugs.

Prepare yourself If you are going out and you are aware that the people you’ll be with will be taking drugs, prepare how you will respond. Maybe talk to someone you trust about this beforehand.

For more straight forward advice on drugs call Frank on 0800 77 66 00 or visit page #39



0114 244 34 47 page #40



0114 268 7627

Sharrowmills, Ecclesall Road, S11 9PL

• M.O.T.s

• Exhausts

• Servicing

• Repairs

• Brakes

• Engine diagnostics

• Shockers

• All work guaranteed

10% STUDENT DISCOUNT! Valid NUS Card Required

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t’s always interesting to see the different types of styles filling up the busy student locations and streets of Sheffield. Being a student myself, I can guarantee that you will always find one of us shopping in the city centre and making the most of our student discount, as well as hanging around the university campus gossiping with our friends about the night before. So one sunny afternoon I decided to head down to the city centre with the Sheffield Hallam campus being very close by, in order to see if the students of Sheffield have started to update their look ready for spring.

by Kelly Beall

Bethanie Markham, 18 Sheffield Hallam University

Geneva Mate, 16 Sheffield College

Bethanie’s style stood out to me from a mile. Her highwaisted, cropped boyfriend jeans and checked shirt were the perfect combination for spring. Taking style inspiration from her grandad wearing one of his shirts tucked into her loose fitted jeans with a thin strap black belt, her classic look ticked all the right boxes.

Wearing a brown ribbed jumper over a floral shirt with a velvet art deco inspired skirt, Geneva’s look was very vintage chic. Looking extremely fashionable, especially with her Dr Martens and black tassel bag, you could tell that she likes to mix and match with fabrics and layer up to get the perfect British look.

Get Bethanie’s look:

Get Geneva’s look:

Blue Angel Jeans by Boutique - Topshop £55

ASOS leather Duffle Bag with tassels - ASOS £25

Pink Gingham Check Chiffon Shirt - Newlook £17.99

Floral chiffon shirt - Topshop £32

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Emma Senior, 21 Sheffield Hallam University

Sophie Moore, 18 Sheffield College

Amy Bennett, 21 Sheffield Hallam University

Emma’s colour clashing is what made her outfit stand out the most to me. I loved how she was wrapped up just the right amount but her look still had that spring feel. The contrast between her dark pink scarf and powder blue handbag gave her outfit a fresh touch. Her dress also gave off a girly vibe with printed dragonflies and a mesh finish.

With some girls living by the fact that ‘black clothes are a lifestyle’ it is clear that they would very much be in love with Sophie’s look. Wearing a black dress with polkadot mesh, Sophie made this outfit casual with black leggings, a black leather biker jacket and finishing it off with a pair of converse. The mix of textures within her style is what made her stand out and she definitely knew how to make it look cool.

Amy’s look was very classic and she knew just how to work it. Wearing every girl’s wardobe staple - the perfect pair of skinny jeans along with a camel colour sophisticated coat and tartan scarf, she looked like one hell of a classy student. Paired with black biker boots and a monochrome satchel, what’s not to love about this outfit?

Get Emma’s look:

Get Amy’s look: Rose Check scarf - Miss Selfridge £16

Get Sophie’s look:

Vinyl edge paint satchel Topshop £20

Black leather-look zip biker jacket - New Look £39.99 page #43

Blue skinny jeans - New Look £22.99

Photos by Sophie Hanson

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547 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield S11 8PR T: 0114 2669119 W: Design by A1/A2 prints available. T: 0114 2210305.

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ART Back To The Future Part 4

Jack Greenwell

The Arts and Design scene in Sheffield is thriving right now, with­­­­­­­ an ever-increasing number of people producing work we see in the city’s bars, clubs, shops and buildings themselves. The gallery spaces across Sheffield always contain something really unique and special to find if you’re prepared to look hard enough! Offering weeklong exhibition spaces to its students, Sheffield Hallam’s Arundel Gate Court studio provided the perfect chance for two of its graphic design students to launch their own project entitled ‘Ordered Chaos’, which culminated in a debut exhibition for the duo – ‘Back to the Future Part 4’. Ordered Chaos are: Emma Greaves, and Gemma Hardiker. Taking inspiration from a visit they (and myself ) had from Leeds’ own design duo ‘Lord Whitney’, the two are now embracing the wacky world of 3D and set design! They began the process of designing and building their own wild and conceptual sculptures a couple of months ago, setting themselves a theme of ‘Life in the Future’. With an application to the AGC Gallery, the girls got themselves a one-week exhibition in one of their spaces titled ‘Back To The Future Part 4’, in which they collaborated with a number of students from the graphic design course, building and displaying their illustrations. Ordered Chaos are continuing this fantastical journey all the way through their third and final year at Sheffield Hallam. The results of their work and newly found passion for 3D design can already be clearly seen in the success of their exhibition,

and things are looking promising for them! We may well have another household name in Sheffield’s design scene! The AGC Gallery is open for students to apply for exhibitions and shows similar to Ordered Chaos, so I would highly recommend people get involved in it too – both displaying and observing work from the University. Follow and keep up to date with the girls work on: Twitter: @OrderedChaosD Web:

Get Arty Art’s not all about merely looking at dusty old pictures. Why not get involved and give it a try? Some people say it’s quite a satisfying pastime, though you’d be wise not to trust people; in general people are liars and fools. Life Drawing at Millennium Gallery Friday 4th April and Friday 11th April 10.30am-12.30pm • £7.20 / £8 Here’s your chance to give life drawing a shot. ( Yes, that’s drawing a nude model… no sniggering, please). If you think you’ve got a knack for drawing get yourself down to Millenium Gallery to try it for yourself. Live Late: They shoot videos, don’t they? Friday 25th April 7pm-10.30pm • FREE

@AGC Works Gallery

‘A night of music, art and creative interaction.’ What more could you want? During the evening the organisers will be shooting an entire music video that you just might happen to be in!

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All That Jazz! Rebecca Clifton

Have you ever watched live jazz? If the answer is no then this needs to change! If the answer is yes, then I’m sure you’ll agree it is a most enjoyable treat. Whether you just like to sit and appreciate the talent of the artists, chat to friends with a drink and some food as it plays in the background, or better still get up and dance! It is a great experience that can relax and revitalise. So, go and explore the city for hidden jazz troves. Sheffield holds a variety of jazz styles and venues for every taste .So with this brief guide you can find somewhere to appreciate the jazzy vibes.

Where to find Jazz… That you can sit and appreciate.

That you can get up and dance to.

Great bands frequent the city in some of the large venues. Jazz acts can be found at the Crucible Studio, a small room inside Crucible Theatre, which attract better known artist, such as Jay Phelps, on the 14th March. Millennium Hall on Ecclesall road, is another prominent venue, and one of the larger venues to hold jazz in the city. These are great place to go to see real jazz professionals at work.

But, the best place to start if you’re a jazz novice is somewhere like Revolution de Cuba, on a Wednesday, where they have local live acts, which have a swing vibe to them. The fantastic and local residents of Sheffield The Dizzy Club, will be playing there in April. Or, go to Cubana’s on a Thursday, where the jazz has a latina, or a soul edge. The best thing about these venues is you can simply turn up, and they happen on the same day every week. Have a few drinks, a dance and best of all its free. The perfect way to try something new!

That you can enjoy causally. Great pubs such as The Lescar have a weekly jazz night, ( Wednesday) which features national and local acts, and Thornbridge pub, The Greystones, also offers fantastic evenings with a variety of jazz styles. The Showroom cafe host jazz performances on a Sunday lunch for free, great for a lazy end to the weekend; watching live music! The jazz in these environments is intimate and captivating, and a perfect alternative night out!

This is just the beginning of a long list of fantastic venues and artist to see across Sheffield, associated with jazz. Live music is great to experience, and Sheffield offers a host of musical option. So investigate what performance are happening in your favourite bars and while you’re there explore the sultry, seductive world of jazz.

Get Jazzy If Rebecca has managed to sway you into the realms of the jazz lovers then why not get out there and see some live jazz for yourself? Jazz at The Lescar: Ivo Neame Quintet Wednesday 30th April 9pm £7 adv. Renowned pianist, Ivo Neame, tipped as one of the finest composers of his generation takes to The Lescar stage with his outstanding band as part of this six week long UK tour.

MUSIC page #47

E very W ednesday T he L escar is home to the best week ly jazz night in S heffield featuring a diverse range of music from local, regional and national touring artists. Doors 8.30pm Music starts 9pm

12th March Ryan Taylor £5

23rd April Richard Iles’ Microscopic £5 (in association with Jazz North)

19th March Afuriko £5

30th April Ivo Neame Quintet £7

26th March The Weave £5 (in association with Jazz North)

7th May Michelson Morley £5

2nd April

Laura Jurd Quartet £5

14th May Sheffield University Jazz Orchestra £5

9th April

Aubin and Sunniva with Neil Yates £5 (PRS New Music Series)

21st May Christine Tobin with Phil Robinson & Dave Whitford £7

16th April

Stuart McCallum and Mike Walker £6

28th May Sam Leak - Alex Merritt Quartet £5

Advance tickets available at: Porter Brook Gallery (Sheffield Music Shop) Venue: The Lescar, 303 Sharrow Vale Road Sheffield, S11 8ZF Contact: Jez Matthews / 07740 201 939

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Doner Meat & Chips



OPEN LUNCH TILL LATE MON-SUN Come and get your Student VIP card now for more exclusive offers

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*all major credit cards accepted

Buy any Pizza and get the 2nd for

Opinionated Drawing Cities Together Sam Whitaker

The future is almost here: Travel to London from Sheffield in under an hour? Yes, please.


id you know that London is, population wise, France’s 6th largest city? A recent BBC article quoted the French consulate as estimating that between 300,000 and 400,000 French citizens now live in our capital. Job opportunities are noted as being the biggest factor drawing people, however close to half a million citizens upping sticks and relocating over the sea has to involve other factors. Proximity could be one, however the same levels of immigration aren’t noted from Germany or Spain, so what makes the Paris to London excursion so popular? I believe it may well be the Eurostar, which connects central London to central Paris in 2 ¼ hours. The Eurostar, also known as HS1 (high speed 1), is now being followed up by construction of a new super fast railway line, HS2, which will take the travel time between Sheffield and London down to around one hour, essentially halving the current time. This throws up the question of whether South Yorkshire, just like France, will experience its very own exodus as professionals seek out job opportunities in the capital.

Cities •

Sheffield is not Paris however, and the factor that will prevent a movement of people southwards lies in the bringing of Sheffield to within around an hour of London, meaning no relocation will be necessary. The distance becomes a reasonable commute and people who wish to peruse careers only available in London will be able to do so without needing to relocate. The argument also goes further as investors and businesses are certain to realise that if a commute to the outer areas of Greater London is the same length as getting to Sheffield, with its comparatively low priced property, abundance of green space and two universities, each with a diverse pool of graduates to employ from, then a huge amount of investment is going to travel northwards. Another benefit would be the cultural expansion Sheffield would experience. Artists, musicians, actors and anyone else could travel with ease, promoting their art to different scenes and giving the best that Sheffield has to offer a national platform on which to be recognized. There’s often a debate about the North-South divide and contention over how to bridge the gap, with a big argument being that money should be diverted northwards. However when has simply throwing money at a problem ever solved it? The HS2 line gives Sheffield the opportunity to grow and prosper in its own way whilst giving its people easy access to everything London has to offer.

page #50

• Music Taste Does your music taste define you? Ina Fischer takes a look at why we so often judge people on what they listen to.


ack in school, art lesson was the only time we’d be allowed to listen to music in the classroom. There was a dated ghetto blaster (these days you could probably call it ‘retro’) parked on the windowsill, and more or less anyone could choose what songs to play. I say more or less because in reality, not everyone could just walk up and put on an album or change the radio station. In retrospect it seems silly, but there was actually a lot of risk attached to just popping on your favourite tracks. If the others in the room – especially the “cool” kids – didn’t like it, your popularity would automatically dwindle. On the other hand, playing an absolute banger or discovering an artist before they became famous could win you new friends in a (drum) beat. The study “Message in a Ballad” from 2006 also finds that we use our musical preferences to convey a certain image of ourselves. And, lets be honest here, who can’t relate to that? Most of us are guilty of name-dropping at one point or another to impress someone, whether that be when talking to a date, an employer or a new friend.

But is it up to us to choose what kind of music we like? Can we teach ourselves to like a certain genre or artist? Research from the University of Melbourne shows that whether we appreciate a certain style of music depends on how much dissonance our ears can detect. The knowledge someone has about a specific chord (and what notes it is made up of ) determines how much pleasure they get from hearing it. In short, we can learn to enjoy any kind of music- in some cases; we just have to listen to it more. I can personally vouch for that with an embarrassing anecdote: When I was sixteen, I had a massive crush on a guy that really liked Marilyn Manson. Even though I was more into pop music at the time, I gave it a listen – and to my own surprise really enjoyed it. The first few songs took some getting used to, but after a while I started to appreciate the heavy distortion and dissonant chords – I could discern melodies and rhythm where before I had only heard noise. Musical preference plays a key part in first impressions – that much is certain. But beyond that, should we really judge people based on their music taste? As much as I like singing along to Taylor Swift with my friends when we’re out on the town, I wouldn’t be caught playing her music to my colleagues during the daytime. I don’t want to be labeled as ‘that’ kind of girl. Everyone’s got a guilty pleasure, and maybe it’s time we stop feeling guilty and start embracing our inner musical dork.

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tips & tricks Are things getting a little dull at the moment? It’s not quite summer yet, and you’re feeling anxious to get some excitement back in your life. I don’t blame you. As we all know this time of year is the most boring; there’s nothing to do, exams are plentiful and the sun keeps tempting you outside only to hit you right in the face with the fact that it’s still freezing. What you need in your life is some new things! Retail therapy is very much the way forward. Feeling down? Buy something. Need a cry? Buy something. Failed your last exam? Buy something… and so on. Here are some useless things you might want to buy.

Periodic Table of Swearing Magnets £11.99

Fuel: The world’s smallest phone charger £24.99

Hot Boots

It’s time to make your language colourful… literally. Cover your fridge with whichever obscenity suits you at the time. Long gone are the days of fridge letter magnets.

Phone are getting more hi-tech and fancy every day, but with that, lasting battery life still hasn’t been mastered. Finally, here’s a phone charger you can carry on you at all times. It’s absolutely tiny and will give you 20-30 minutes of talk time, letting you make that last drunken call you definitely won’t regret in the morning (hmm…).

Times can be hard, or you can just be a student and refuse to pay for heating, giving yourself 17 different colds a year. You no longer have to be scared about your feet turning to blocks of ice, hot boots will provide a toasty paradise in two minutes. They have non-slip soles and come in three colours, in case you fancy all three.

It looks like a little petrol tank, giving the illusion you are actually putting petrol into your phones empty tank. For those who don’t drive, this will give you the same effect as filling your car (kind of).

You can relax and unwind in the lavender scent each of them gives off. No more smelly feet, hello warm and toasty tootsies.

Who said swearing isn’t good for your education? Here you have a whole periodic table, mixing science with swearing. This is one way to keep fridge diplomacy and make sure your milk doesn’t disappear before you get home. It’s a blunt yet colourful and poetic way to express what you really want to say.

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hook-up apps Talking to people is hard. Thankfully in the age of smartphones, apps and all the rest of that shaboodle we no longer have to talk to people, we can let the World Wide Web (yes, I’m still calling it that) do that for us! There are, of course, many problems with these apps; they encourage people not to use social skills and work on a basis of rating people on their appearance. But, let’s for a moment ignore all of these problems and concentrate on what’s important, we get to rate pictures of guys and / or girls without it seeming weird or stalkerish. Here are a few of our favourites:


Tinder is so fun. I’ve heard some success stories of people who met their now boyf or girlf (is that a thing?) on Tinder, but frankly I don’t care about those stories. I care more about being able to rate a picture of a hot guy, send him some weird messages and the fact that now, for some reason that’s acceptable.

Grindr Are you gay, bi or maybe even just a little curious? Yes? Then Grindr is definitely the app for you. Now you can search by ‘Tribe’ and find the ideal man for you. The drawback of this is that Grindr is only for men… urgh, hello sexism.

Coming soon! 3under

They (whoever they are) are developing a new app called 3under that allows you to hook up for… you guessed it… threesomes. This will work more or less the same as the likes of Tinder or Grindr, however there will be both couples and singles looking to meet up with each other and the app will, or should be, used to hook up for a night of magical threesome pleasure. page #55

Review: Gayvox One of our newly single Student Mag staff members is looking for love (or at the very least lust). This month she tried yet another ‘hook up’ app, Gayvox. Oh, did we mention she’s bi? That is probably relevant too. Here’s what she said: The best thing about the app is that it lets you see how near people are to you in miles. So you can search ‘around me’ and find people who are near by. I guess this could be dangerous after I’ve had a couple of drinks on a night out, but so far it hasn’t been a problem. You can also set what mood you’re in from ‘Hook up now’ to ‘Find love’ to ‘Have a drink’. This is great because it means you can find people who are looking for the same thing as you easily, without having to have any awkward conversations! You can also upload naughty pictures and set who from your ‘favourites’ list can see them. I haven’t done this yet, because I’m a little scared! I also haven’t found love on Gayvox yet, but there’s still time.

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shakespeares listings check our or top events this month: Friday 4th 'Wyrd Live' The Electric Luddites plus support Alt Rock/Jazz - £5 Saturday 5th The Melrose Quartet and The Wilsons BBC Folk Award Nominees Wednesday 9th Horizontal Sunday Folk - £7/£5 advance Thursday 10th Eurosessions Folk music and Dance

proper pub, proper music & proper ales, end of! best w collechisky in shef tion field!

Friday 11th Green City Blues Blues Dance class and social - £5 Saturday 12th King Bee Legendary early R'n'B, Soul, DJ night all on vinyl - £4 Sunday 13th The Rheingans Sisters Folk - Workshop 1-4, Concert 7.30 Monday 14th Thornbridge Folk - £8 Wednesday 16th Brasy Polish folk group Friday 18th, Saturday 19th Sunday 20th Sheffield Folk Sessions Festival includes amongst many other events Friday 18th Jim McDonald CD Launch Saturday 19th Gina le Faux Trio and Dovetail - £10 Monday 21st Toffee Music Hall and Vaudeville - £3 donation April 24th The Kins plus support Indie April 25th Wordlife - Spoken word poetry and music

0114 275 59 59 146 - 148 Gibraltar Street sheffield, s3 8ub page #57

April 26th James Apollo plus support - Fantastic American touring band Sunday 27th Green City Blues - £5

tips & tricks Trusper Tips

We just had to share this with you. This month in the Student Mag office we just cannot get enough of the Trusper Tips app. If you haven’t yet seen the app then let us enlighten you a little. The app is packed full of user tips on just about everything imaginable. We’ve chosen a few of our recent favourites to share with you. Take a little peek:

How to make a Candy Cane Martini By Jamie Nicole on Trusper

Top 8 most useful websites for students

Ingredients ¼ ounce Vanilla Vodka ¼ ounce White Crème De Cacao ¾ ounce Peppermint Schnapps Garnish: Peppermint Candy or Candy Cane

By Paula on Trusper 1. Project Gutenburg A site that enables you to download over 30,000 free e-books to read on your computer. 2. Ref Desk A site full of searchable databases, reference materials and other resources, which can’t be found anywhere else. 3. Free Translation Translate a word, a document or even a website. 5. Discount site for textbooks. 7. Google Docs Great for group projects; share documents online and work on them together. 8. Evernote Save your notes and ideas and access them on any computer.

Directions Step one: Combine vanilla vodka, white crème de cacao and peppermint schnapps in an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Step two: Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Step three: Garnish with peppermint candy or candy cane.

Make your own nail polish By Shelby Truesdell on Trusper Step one: Buy a clear nail polish or use an old one. Step two: Take any colour eyes-shadow you want and put some in the nail polish. Step three: Keep adding and mixing the eye-shadow and polish until you achieve desired colour. Step four: Paint your nails!

page #58

How to: Surviving your final year of university

It’s nearing the end of term and the university is starting to smell of human fear. If you’re looking for a final year student, you’ll most likely find them cowering in a corner of the library. It’s easy for final year stress to take hold but if you follow this guide you’re almost guaranteed to survive…

• Duck, jump or hide every time you see your dissertation tutor and soon enough avoiding them will just become one big game of hide and seek. Surely by doing this you’ll be able to convince yourself that your dissertation doesn’t even exist, right?

• Don’t try and fight it, just accept the fact that chocolate will become your closest friend. It will be there for you throughout the good, the bad and the ugly. Just remember to keep it hidden from all of your housemates. • Get Instagram and share your stack of books, all of those finished essays and of course your best stressed face. Nothing spreads final year panic than a constant reminder of all of the work you should be doing, really you’re actually doing your followers a favour.

• “So… what are you going to do after university?” It’s that question dreaded question which has given you nightmares over the last few weeks. Any time you hear this just smile, take a deep breath and nod your head to every possible suggestion, it will help to keep Granny happy. • Be prepared to live in the library. Sooner or later, you’ll be spending morning, noon and night here – so don’t expect to see daylight for a while. Whilst you’re there make friends with the staff, eventually they’ll take pity on you and bring you free coffee.

• You’re nearly free so make as many plans after university as humanely possible. Get your ticket for that festival, make plans with your friends and travel the world (but only book a one-way ticket, just in case your results don’t quite go to plan). Lisa Robinson

7 social hacks for manipulating people By Nea on Trusper Clearly no one likes a selfish and manipulative person, but everyone likes being liked and these are neat, subtle tricks to psychologically shift someone’s opinion or attitude of you. • Open with “I need your help”. People don’t like the guilt of not helping someone out. When asking a favour of someone begin your request by saying “I need your help”.

• If you want someone to agree with something nod while you talk. This gets the other person to nod to and they begin to subconsciously think they agree with you. • Fold your arms to determine interest. If someone is observing you they will likely mimic you. Fold your arms and see if they do it too. • Repeat a person’s name many times during a conversation. It helps you to remember it and makes them like you more.

• Rephrase what the other person says and repeat it back to them. This makes them think you’re listening and really interested in what they’re saying. It makes them feel validated. Obviously, you don’t want to overdo this.

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SPORT CELEBRATING 125 YEARS OF SHEFFIELD UNITED This year Sheffield United celebrates reaching a giant milestone, it's 125th birthday, perhaps marking the longest roller coaster ride in history. The club started out life in the Adelphi Hotel (now the Crucible Theatre) on the 22nd March 1889, and was originally an offshoot of Sheffield United Cricket Club. Sir Charles Clegg, the president of the Cricket Club (as well as United rivals The Wednesday) started the club in order to generate income from United's home, Bramall Lane, after previous tenants, Wednesday, moved to their new ground Olive Grove. Their first game was a 4 - 1 defeat to Notts Rangers on 7th September 1889 at Meadow Lane, their Bramall Lane debut not coming until 28th September 1889, a 4 - 0 loss against Birmingham St George's.

During their 125 years The Blades, who gained their nickname from Sheffield’s renowned steel industry, have experienced many highs, having won the league in 1898 and then the FA Cup in the years 1899, 1902, 1915 and 1925. They were promoted to the Premier League 2006, but unfortunately the side have also experienced many lows after United found themselves back in the second tier when they were relegated in 2007. They faced relegation again in 2011 placing them in League 1. Sheffield United play in league 1 to this day, and continue to provide the roller coaster experience finding themselves in the semi-final of the FA Cup, with possibility of silverware as well as a guaranteed place in the Europa League, if they beat Hull City on 13th April at Wembley Stadium.

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LIVING THE DREAM: FOOTY RAMBLER Wondering what to do after the safe bubble of university pops and you’re left outside in the big, bad real world? Why not take a leaf out of Nubaid Haroon’s book and let your hobby become your career path?

Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and many more. I know the guys in the team have many other people they'd love to interview an example being Paul Scholes but he doesn't even do interviews for Sky Sports.” gushes Nubaid, it’s clear to see that football and sports truly is his passion.

After finishing a degree at Sheffield Hallam University Nubaid moved to Germany and began working for Adidas. One day, whilst sat in the office, a colleague told him that he rambled a lot and that “people should stop calling me Rambo (my nickname) and start calling me Rambler.” This is what prompted Nubaid to think about what it really meant to be a rambler. He certainly had a great many opinions about football and yet somehow nowhere to share them. “I spotted a niche in the market of football debates.” Says Nubaid. This was the birth of Footy Ramblers.

Reaching success so quickly hasn’t fazed this boy, who is still modest and looking forward to a bright future with him and his team. “Obviously me and my team are working hard to get this ball rolling quickly. We want to develop a brand and several other things but hopefully you'll see our journey develop over time.” Want to find out more? Check out Footy Ramblers online: Twitter: @FootyRamblers

Before long Nubaid had started a Twitter (now over 1000 strong, with over 4000 interactions) and a successful YouTube channel. “People love our brand at the moment and hopefully we can grow it.” Now, just eight weeks after the launch, there are three people working on Footy Ramblers and on the YouTube channel the guys have already interviewed Aston Villa legend Ian Taylor and ex-FHM model turned presenter Nathalie Pike. But who else would Nubaid like to interview in the future? “That is some question! There's a fair few people, where do I begin? Me personally? I'd love to interview Steven Gerrard,

Interview with Natalie Pike

Interview with Ian Taylor

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The teeth straightening specialists

Now that’s something to smile about. We are now offering discounted orthodontic treatment for students. Dr Sonil Kalia and Dr Chin Fung (Victor) Leung

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I hungrily scroll through the page results until I stumble on his Twitter, but after a moment or two, his account has failed to reveal anything of interest bar his borderline obsession with Parks and Recreation. His last tweet was months ago I note, as a wave of disappointment washes over me. But then I stumble on his Instagram. I’m praying to the social networking Gods that he’s a prolific user, maybe even partial to an #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) or a #selfie or two. My heart’s pounding, my fingers are sweaty as I wrap my fingers around the mouse. Within a few seconds a surge of photos flashes across my screen. With more than 1,200 posts, I’m more than spoilt for choice. There’s him posting a cheeky little #selfie in reindeer lasses and playfully sticking his tone out in a Santa hat. Then there’s a filtered full English breakfast image accompanied by the obligatory hangover cure hashtag. There’s also a throwback from his travels in Miami on South Beach, in skin tight blue trunks showing off his ripped physique and golden Florida tan. He’s surrounded by a bevy of busty brunettes, I can’t help resentfully noticing. My fleeting moment of satisfaction instantly evaporates as a rush of guilt and shame envelops me. Within the space of a few minutes, I’ve met his entire family, friends and even his family golden retriever of five years. I can’t help noticing that it took me more than six months in my previous relationship, yet it only took the ad break between Corrie, sitting down in my student pad in my fluffy dressing gown, mug of tea in one hand and my iPhone in the other.

Suddenly everything’s going into slow motion and I’m uncomfortably hot. My playsuit is suddenly too tight, my legs feel weak, the bar’s lights are suddenly too bright. I’m desperately praying to the time God to turn it back to two minutes ago, where we were flirting playfully, and the night ahead ablaze with a head mix of endless possibility and adventure. Any attempts of mine to desperately try to backtrack that I’d ‘accidentally’ stumbled on it fail miserably. A mixture of horror, disgust and shock is etched on his face. I attempt to swerve the conversation but small talk is now forced and wooden. His arm, casually resting on shoulders just a moment ago, is now tapping furiously on his phone so as to avoid eye contact. The date comes to an abrupt close less than ten minutes later when he mentions an essay that he’d ‘forgotten’ was due in the next day. Suffice to say, I didn’t hear back from him again and a not so coincidental Instagram photo of him arms wrapped around a busty blonde a week later, accompanied by a first date hashtag appeared on his Instagram a week or so after. Insta-stalker? More like Insta-creep…

Social media stalker names

It was initially intended as an innocent ‘pre-date’ Google stalk. What if he had a foot fetish, say, or some other unsavoury feature?

Date night arrives, one Mojito too many, my inhibitions have been dangerously lowered. We’re discussing travelling and I mention Miami, adding that I’d seen his photos on Instagram.

Instagram stalker = Insta-stalker Facebook stalker = Face-stalker Twitter stalker = Tweet-stalker Vine Stalker = Video-stalker MySpace stalker = Living-in-the-past-stalker LinkedIn stalker = Potential-employer-stalker Google+ stalker = No, no, this doesn’t exist

Salma Haidrani page #66

Asking for it... I’m crazy boy obsessed. But I have big teeth and I tower over my housemate who all the guys love. Seriously, any guy I fancy, my best friend will naturally attract their attention and I suddenly fall into inexistence. I think I’m pretty, I mean I’ve got braces now. I’ve been with one or two guys but I’ve never loved them. I’m scared if I do introduce a really nice guy to my friend she’ll just take him away from me.

There’s a deluded and obsessive guy I’ve been talking to for a while now. We talk every so often over text. This guy is my sister’s ‘boyfriend’ – or at least he’s trying to be, seriously trying. My sister doesn’t know he contacts me for advice because he’s said he confides in me. (He even rang me once when he was drunk and told me stuff I should never have known). He doesn’t even take my advice. I use my sly, detective skills to find out what my sister really thinks about this guy and she gives me such blunt responses about him. I don’t thinks he even cares anymore, which is fine. But HE won’t leave ME alone. And his jokes aren’t funny either.

Kim, 20 What is wrong with you Kim? I want to tell you to stand up tall and be confident; to embrace your big teeth and height, but it sounds like you’re never going to be successful in keeping a guy at your side as long as your housemate is around. Either move out, or stop introducing your guys to the hot one.

I’m quite comfortable with my sexuality. I’m gay and proud, when I’m around my friends at least. But when I come home from uni every few months, my dad doesn’t seem to interact with me. Not since I came out anyway. My sisters and mum run to hug me, but my dad will just wave hello from afar and walk into another room. When it’s just me and him in a room, I attempt to sit next to him and talk things through, but he’ll awkwardly shuffle away from the sofa or just stand up. I don’t know what the issue is.

Tina, 21 I understand that he’s been confiding in you, and it’s good that you respect that. But first of all, why are you talking more to him than your sister? It’s a little creepy. His problems aren’t your problems. It would help if you got more out of your sister, or better yet stopped getting involved altogether. Take a seat Tina, you’re not an Agony Aunt. And I’d be careful, he might just end up becoming obsessed with you.

Jack, 18 Your dad’s a homophobe Jack.

PERSONALS page #67



star signs PISCES



February 19th – March 20th

April 20th – May 20th

June 21st – July 22nd

This month is something of a fresh start for you, my friend. You will have the chance to start over with a new job, a new outlook and, possibly most importantly, a new face. That’s right, someone is going to steal your face this month.

You are a bull… wait for it… y. Yes, you are a bully. Stop bullying other bulls you big bolshy bully. People are getting sick of your nonsense and they’re conspiring to shove your horns right up your behind.

You’re a lover not a fighter, Cancer, and I like that about you. However sometimes your love hurts me; sometimes I feel as though your love is sucking the very life from me. Can you stop doing that? Ta.




March 21st – April 19th

May 21st – June 20th

July 23rd – August 22nd

Aries, Aries… away with the fairies. Sometimes the world hands you a little magic to smoke in your pipe, other times it hands you a little darkness for your heart. This month the world will hand you nothing at all. This will be good for you.

Are you seeing double? Then you’ve drunk too much gin and should probably stop. You have a lecture in the morning and if you continue on this rocky rock to someone else’s bed then you probably won’t make it in time.

Sit down; it’s story time. Once there was a brave little lion with a very short tail. All of the other lions made fun of him for having such a small tail. Whenever they went to lion school the other lions would laugh at him. That lion was you.

page #70




August 23rd – September 22nd

October 23rd – November 21st

December 22nd – January 19th

Last month was a rollercoaster for you, but things are looking up. This month you will find your own personal truth. Whether that truth be that Kim Kardashian’s bum is fake or that One Direction are awful, that truth will be yours and yours alone.

Are you super excited to finish uni this summer? Are you excited about what the future may bring? Are you looking forward to your new career as a high flying whatever? I bet you are. Well, as it turns out by July you’ll be signing on.

Why are you reading this? Seriously. Why on earth are you wasting your time on star signs when you should be essay writing? I am very concerned for your degree…




September 23rd – October 22nd

November 22nd – December 21st

January 20th – February 18th

Hello there, is it me you’re looking for? Probably not. You are looking for someone who is the embodiment of absolute perfection. Uh, yeah, good luck with that… Have you looked in the mirror lately?

We’ve been watching you closely, for your own good of course. We have your internet browser history and we know where you hang out. You sicken and fascinate us simultaneously. We want you. We want your skin.

You’ve missed your calling, my friend. You should have been a clown, in the circus or visiting children’s parties. You are better than this. You need to pursue you’re true dream. Come on, Coco, let yourself shine.

page #71



12th April / 7:30pm / £14

+William Beckett and Paradise Fears 13th April / 7pm / £12

From the sea, to the land, to Sheffield. British Sea Power have been named ‘The Best Band in Britain’ by the Sunday Times. The sixman band who originate variously from all over the UK and now based in East Sussex, are now making their way to South Yorkshire to drown you indie-rock lovers in a tidal wave of talent. With each member of the band on their own instrument from guitar, cornet, keyboard and drums – they will be live performing live their fifth album, Machineries of Joy – a creative high, superbly composed, multi-stylistic tour de force.

After a few years of playing music together, Jess Bowen and brothers John and Stephen Gomez, set out in the fall of 2007 to form The Summer Set with newfound vocalist Brian Dales. On their latest full length album, Legendary, the band are calling to all their fans with a simple Summer Set statement: be legendary.

The album was mixed by Ken Thomas in rural Hampshire and in Castleford in West Yorkshire. Ken has previously worked with musicians including David Bowie, Wire, Queen, PiL and Sigur Ros. Tickets include entry to Sonic! Club night after the gig.


Arizona’s American pop rock band are making their way to Sheffield.

Their last album, Everything’s Fine meant fans were swarmed with deep and moving sentiments. But Legendary takes a new turn in their approach to inspire and rejuvenate the minds of their fans, filled with irresistibly catchy hooks and infectious beats. The 12 tracks that will be heard on the night will hope to inspire youths to challenge themselves and never back down. Forget about your problems for a while and dance to the inspiring yet energetic sounds of Summer Set this April.

page #72

Tuesday 1st April 2014

Saturday 5th April 2014

Fagans: Tuesday Session. Traditional Irish and Scottish folk music session. 9pm-11.30pm Greystones: Emma Stevens. Catch the wildly talented Emma Stevens on her appropriately named Enchanted Tour. A haunting mix of folk and pop music. 7pm.

Shakespeares: The Melrose Quartet. This quartet is made up of two duos; Richard and Jess Arrowsmith, and Kerr and James Fagan. Get your feet tapping and enjoy a night of sweet music. 8pm. Price: £11-£13.20 Greystones: Alex McKown. Three times British Blues Award nominee, Alex Mckown, is set to take this city by storm. 8pm. Price: £8.80 O2 Academy: Morgan Heritage. Reggae, reggae, reggae. 9pm. Price: £23

Wednesday 2nd April 2014 Delaney’s Bar: Blues Jam. Full drum kit and band gear provided. Anyone can come along and have a play. 8pm Greystones: Miles Hunt. Lead singer of indie outfit, The Wonderful Stuff, Miles is a talented singer-songwriter. 7.30pm. Price: £13.50

Sunday 6th April 2014 Greystones: Eillidh Mckellar. Rock, blues and pop from this 19-year-old singer and performer. 7.30pm. Price: £8.80 The Red Deer: River Rats. Acoustic blues trio playing interpretations of John Lee Hooker, B. B. King and Muddy Waters. 9pm. Price: Free

Thursday 3rd April 2014 The Harley: Johnny Foreigner. Brummie indie rockers take to the stage of Sheffield tonight. Check out our interview earlier in the mag! 10.30pm. Price: £6.60 O2 Academy: Halestorm. Sexy guitar riffs, classic rock melodies and a feisty female vocalist. What more could you ask for? Price: £17.25 Greystones: Curved Air. British progressive rock band. Price: £16.50

Monday 7th April 2014 Corporation: The Last Carnival. Young up and coming band with strong melodies and a fresh new sound. 7pm. Price: £7

Tuesday 8th April 2014

Friday 4th April 2014 Leadmill: Canterbury. In 2009 this indie rock band released their first album as a free download. Hey, it worked for Radiohead, right? 7.30pm. Price: £8.80 O2 Academy: Riding The Low. This highly prolific band is known for its constant new material. Every show is different. Also they’re kind of indie. 6pm. Price: £7.70 Greystones: Blackbeard’s Tea Party. Dramatic and tasty sounds from this unique and odd outfit. 8pm. Price: £11

Sheffield City Hall: Foreigner. The legends that are Foreigner are supported by some more legendary legends, Europe and FM. Price: £44.75 O2 Academy: Matt Cardle. X-Factor winner and former painter / decorator will take to the stage and sing some pretty little songs. 6.30pm. Price: £20 Greystones: Fay Hield and The Hurricane Party. Some very talented folk. 7.30pm. Price: £10-£12

page #73

Sunday 6th April 2014

Thursday 10th April 2014

Greystones: Eillidh Mckellar. Rock, blues and pop from this 19-year-old singer and performer. 7.30pm. Price: £8.80 The Red Deer: River Rats. Acoustic blues trio playing interpretations of John Lee Hooker, B. B. King and Muddy Waters. 9pm. Price: Free

The Academy Theatre: The Ragdolls. Magical sounds of the past. 7.30pm. Price: £12-£13 Greystones: Ian Siegal. 'The cleverest writer and most magnetic performer of blues currently working in the UK' according to Mojo. 8pm. Price: £11

Monday 7th April 2014

Friday 11th April 2014

Corporation: The Last Carnival. Young up and coming band with strong melodies and a fresh new sound. 7pm. Price: £7

Leadmill: Raglans. Irish acoustic four piece will be playing some delightful tunes. 7.30pm. Price: £6.05 Corporation: Little Caesar. Soulful rock music from ballsy, tattooed biker types. 7pm. Price: £16

Tuesday 8th April 2014 Sheffield City Hall: Foreigner. The legends that are Foreigner are supported by some more legendary legends, Europe and FM. Price: £44.75 O2 Academy: Matt Cardle. X-Factor winner and former painter / decorator will take to the stage and sing some pretty little songs. 6.30pm. Price: £20 Greystones: Fay Hield and The Hurricane Party. Some very talented folk. 7.30pm. Price: £10-£12

Wednesday 9th April 2014 Sheffield City Hall: Susan Boyle. Yes, so that’s happening. 7.30pm. Price: £51 Shakespeares: Horizontal Sunday. Folk music with a fiddle. 8pm. Price: £5.50 Greystones: Steve Forbert. American singer-songwriter from Mississippi. 7.30pm. Price: £16.50

Saturday 12th April 2014 Leadmill: British Sea Power. Indie legends take to the Leadmill stage for the night. Price: £14 Plug: Suborbital Lobotomy. Four piece Nu Metal band from Sheffield noted for insane, energetic live shows whose unique style has been described as "Disturbed on Crack". Price: £6 plus £1 booking fee Greystones: John Bramwell. Lead singer from I Am Kloot does some solo stuff. 7.30pm. Price: £16.50 Corporation: XSLF. Ex-members of punk band the Stiff Little Fingers, Henry Cluney and Jim Reilly, take to the sticky Corp stage. 5pm. Price: £10

Sunday 13th April 2014 O2 Academy: The Hoax. British Blues Hall of Farmers return to the international stage. Price: £16.50 Corporation: The Summer Set. Pop rock and hit driven choruses, why not? 7pm. Price: £14 Greystones: Laurence Jones. He’s been playing guitar since he was eight and he’s not going to stop any time soon. 7pm. Price: £9

Monday 14th April 2014


O2 Academy: Toseland. Hard, classic rock and power ballads. James Toseland fronts the band with vocals and keys. page #74

Thursday 17th April 2014 Corporation: Hawthorne Heights. Remember that emo band from way back when? Apparently they still exist. 7pm. Price: £12 Greystones: Roddy Woomble. Some good old fashioned Scottish rock music. 7.30pm. Price: £13.20

Tuesday 15th April 2014 Soyo: Paparazzi – A night of glamour, cocktails and drinks offers 8pm-1.30am Viper Rooms: Risqué – RnB beats and electro house across Viper Rooms' two floors 10pm3am Tiger Works: Just Play – Dance the night away with commercial RnB, house and chart music 10pm-1.30am Plug: Spanked! - Get your dancing shoes on for a night of student anthems and super cheap drinks offers 10.30pm – 3am Sheffield University Union: The Tuesday Club – DnB, hip hop, house and more

Wednesday 16th April 2014 Embrace: Boing Boing – Hallam Uni's very own student night. A variety of rooms with a variety of music. Expect sports teams and cheap drinks Sheffield Uni Union: Roar - Sheffield uni’s equivalent of the above night. Full of pop hits to get you dancing Leadmill: Rehab. Free entry and free drinks. Come party and receive a free drink every half hour! Motown, pop and indie classics.

Forum: Groovy house and chart toppers brought to you by Jack Opus Carver Street Block Party: Get your glad rags on for some hip hop, D&B and chart hosted at Paris, Crystal, Viper Rooms and Beg Borrow & Steal Plug: Jump Around – A night of student anthems, chart and dance music to get you going Sheffield University Union: Ugly – A night of old school Hip Hop and RnB beats Fez Club: The Squatters – A night of electro house and jump up party sounds from The Squatters plus Kollective Residents Paris: Baby Got Back – RnB and Hip Hop from past and present

Friday 18th April 2014 Plug: DJ Paul Morgan – Bringing you a fusion of deep house and techno Corporation: Drop – A Friday night phenomenon of alternative music and cheap drinks offers Plug: Propaganda – A night of indie hits Paris: Baby Got Back – RnB and Hip Hop from past and present

Saturday 19th April 2014 Leadmill: Sonic - Dirty dancefloors and dreams of naughtiness, apparently Plug: Shuffle - Full of floor-fillers, house and chill out with free entry for students before midnight Sheffield Uni Union: Pop-tarts – big cheese from your childhood revisited in the big room Plug: Jump Around – A night of student anthems, chart and dance music to get you going Sheffield University Union: Ugly – A night of old school Hip Hop and RnB beats Fez Club: The Squatters – A night of electro house and jump up party sounds from The Squatters plus Kollective Residents Paris: Baby Got Back – RnB and Hip Hop from past and present

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Friday 18th April 2014 Plug: DJ Paul Morgan – Bringing you a fusion of deep house and techno Corporation: Drop – A Friday night phenomenon of alternative music and cheap drinks offers Plug: Propaganda – A night of indie hits Paris: Baby Got Back – RnB and Hip Hop from past and present

Saturday 19th April 2014 Leadmill: Sonic - Dirty dancefloors and dreams of naughtiness, apparently Plug: Shuffle - Full of floor-fillers, house and chill out with free entry for students before midnight Sheffield Uni Union: Pop-tarts – big cheese from your childhood revisited in the big room while the little room jumps back to the swinging 60s and 70s Replica: Like it's 1999 & Insomniacs 14th Birthday – Celebrate 14 years of trance and hard house with 20+ DJs over 3 arenas

Tuesday 22nd April 2014 
 Soyo: Paparazzi – A night of glamour, cocktails and drinks offers 8pm-1.30am Viper Rooms: Risqué – RnB beats and electro house across Viper Rooms' two floors 10pm3am Tiger Works: Just Play – Dance the night away with commercial RnB, house and chart music 10pm-1.30am Plug: Spanked! - Get your dancing shoes on for a night of student anthems and super cheap drinks offers 10.30pm – 3am Sheffield University Union: The Tuesday Club – DnB, hip hop, house and more Wednesday 23rd April 2014 Embrace: Boing Boing - Hallam Uni's very own student night. A variety of rooms with a variety of music. Expect sports teams & cheap drinks Sheffield Uni Union: Roar - Sheffield uni’s equivalent of the above night. Full of pop hits to get you dancing Leadmill: Rehab. Free entry and free drinks. Come party and receive a free drink every half hour! Motown, pop and indie classics.

Sunday 20th April 2014 Harley: Sunday relaxation – An end of week chill out The Wick at Both Ends: Pulp Funktion – An evening of motown, funk and soul Plug: Where Love Lives – The launch of the night that takes clubbing back to what it used to all be about... The music Fez Club: Blow presents Wave and Odyssey – Bank holiday special

Thursday 24th April 2014

Monday 21st April 2014 Corporation: Oddball – DJ Pete and DJ Bug – Funk, Ska, Punk Hip Hop Hallam Union: Pounded - £1 drinks all not long, with your favourite tunes DQ: Plus 1 - DJ Stoxx and DMK bring you the best house, chart, dubstep and funky house Leadmill: Shag - 60p drinks, glowsticks, candyfloss, sweets and sweet, sweet giveaways

Forum: Groovy house and chart toppers brought to you by Jack Opus Carver Street Block Party: Get your glad rags on for some hip hop, D&B and chart hosted at Paris, Crystal, Viper Rooms and Beg Borrow & Steal Plug: Jump Around – A night of student anthems, chart and dance music to get you going Sheffield University Union: Ugly – A night of old school Hip Hop and RnB beats

Friday 25th April 2014 Corporation: Drop – A Friday night phenomenom of alternative music and cheap drinks offers Plug: Propaganda – A night of indie hits Paris: Baby Got Back – RnB and Hip Hop from past and present

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Saturday 26th April 2014

Wednesday 30th April

Leadmill: Sonic- Dirty dancefloors and dreams of naughtiness, apparently Plug: Shuffle - Full of floor-fillers, house and chill out with free entry for students before midnight Sheffield Uni Union: Pop-tarts – big cheese from your childhood revisited in the big room while the little room jumps back to the swinging 60s and 70s

Embrace: Boing Boing - Hallam Uni's very own student night. A variety of rooms with a variety of music. Expect sports teams and cheap drinks Sheffield Uni Union: Roar - Sheffield uni’s equivalent of the above night. Full of pop hits to get you dancing Leadmill: Rehab. Free entry and free drinks. Come party and receive a free drink every half hour! Motown, pop and indie classics.

Sunday 27th April 2014 Harley: Sunday relaxation – An end of week chill out The Wick at Both Ends: Pulp Funktion – An evening of motown, funk and soul

Monday 28th April 2014 Corporation: Oddball – DJ Pete and DJ Bug – Funk, Ska, Punk Hip Hop Hallam Union: Pounded - £1 drinks all not long, with your favourite tunes DQ: Plus 1- DJ Stoxx and DMK bring you the best house, chart, dubstep and funky house Leadmill: Shag- 60p drinks, glowsticks, candyfloss, sweets and sweet giveaways

Tuesday 29th April 2014
 Soyo: Paparazzi – A night of glamour, cocktails and drinks offers 8pm-1.30am Viper Rooms: Risqué – RnB beats and electro house across Viper Rooms' two floors 10pm3am Tiger Works: Just Play – Dance the night away with commercial RnB, house and chart music 10pm-1.30am Plug: Spanked! - Get your dancing shoes on for a night of student anthems and super cheap drinks offers 10.30pm – 3am Sheffield University Union: The Tuesday Club – DnB, hip hop, house and more

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COMEDY Funhouse Comedy Club at New Barrack Tavern

Thursday 10th April 2014

6th April / 7.30pm / £5.50 The Funhouse Comedy Club is your chance to see a handful of great comedians. This time the lineup is looking top of its game.

The Lescar Hotel: Tony Jameson. A favourite from the North East comedy scene, Tony Jameson is an imaginative and interesting comedian. Support by Carl Hutchinson, multi-award winning comedian. 8pm. Price: £5.50 - £8.80

Main act: Meet Philberto, Portugal’s top reality TV star. Well, actually meet Milo McCabe, a brilliant comedian who has thought up the Philberto character and woos audiences on the comedy circuit with his brilliant performance as him. Other acts include Harriet Dyer, ‘one to watch’ according to The Guardian, Rachel Fairburn and Jonny Greatrex.

Thursday 3rd April 2014 The Lescar Hotel: Jo Caulfield. Graham Norton’s writer and warm up artist takes to the stage for a night of belly laughs. 8pm. Price: £8.80-£11.00

Thursday 17th April 2014 The Lescar Hotel: Matt Reed. Previously half of the comedy duo, Mat and Faron, Matt Reed has been going it solo since way back in 2002 and making us giggle along the way. 8pm. Price: £5.50-£8.80

Saturday 26th April 2014 
 The Lescar Hotel: Barry Dodds. Near the knuckle comedy from this Geordie motormouth comedian. Subjects range from euthanasia to the supernatural and a sprinkle of bare faced cheek. 8pm. Price: £5.50 - £8.80

Saturday 5th April 2014 Motorpoint Arena: Miranda Hart. Apparently everyone thinks that Miranda Hart is funny. I am not sure quite why. I can only presume that her stand up act is better than her God-awful sitcom. Here’s to hoping. 8pm. Price: £30.80 from

Sunday 6th April 2014


New Barrack Tavern: Funhouse Comedy Club. Philberto, Harriet Dyer and many more. 8pm. Price: £5.50

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Summer’s coming...

星座物語 雙魚座 2月






親愛的,這個月對你來説可 能是一個嶄新的開始。你很 有可能會有一個新的工作, 新的行頭,甚至新的面孔。 真的,這個月可能有人要偷 走你的形象。

你是一頭牛。。。額。。等 等。。。。嗯是的,你是一 個牛氣沖天的惡霸。別再到 處作威作福了。大家都受夠 了你的惡氣,正準備從背後 挫挫你的銳氣呢。

你是個愛力比戰鬥力強的 人,我就是喜歡你這一點。 可是你的愛有時候是一種傷 害,有時候我覺得你的愛正 一點一點地吸食我的生活, 放過我好麽?謝了!







白羊,白羊。。。總是有仙 女親睞。有時候世界給你的 煙圈撒上一點魔術,有時候 世界又給你的心靈帶來一些 黑暗。然而這個月世界什麽 都沒給你,是好事。

你是不是一直看到雙重影 像?那你就是喝多了,該消 停了。如果你繼續這樣亂七 八糟地躺在別人床上,今天 的課就別打算上了。

坐下來,是時候講個故事給 你聼聼了。從前有一個很勇 敢的小獅子但是它的尾巴很 短。其他獅子都拿你的短尾 巴笑話他,恩,說你呢。








上個月跟坐過山車一樣驚 險,但是好事即將發生。這 個月你會發現一個自己才知 道的精天大真相,不管是Kim Kardashian的翹臀是假的, 還是1 Direction是個爛組 合,你將獨享這個真相。

今年夏天就畢業了,是不是 很興奮?對未來是不是充滿 了期盼?是不是正準備大 展拳腳在事業上一飛衝天? 嗯,7月底你就會被簽約了。

你爲什麽在這?說實話的, 你不是該寫論文麽?怎麽浪 費時間看星象?我都開始擔 心你的畢業問題了。。。




9月23 日- 10月22 日

11月22日- 12月21日


嗨,我在這呢,你找我麽? 哦不是找我。你在找一個完 美的化身。嗯,希望你早日 成功。。。話説你最近照過 鏡子麽?

我們最近一直有留意你,當 然是爲了你好。我們掌握了 你的網上瀏覽記錄,知道你 最近都在哪閒逛。我們覺得 你噁心的同時又被你吸引, 希望你加入我們的隊伍,歡 迎。

你錯過你的召喚了,親愛 的。你其實一直該做個小 丑,待在馬戲團裏或者去參 加兒童生日派對。開玩笑 的,請堅持追求自己的夢 想。快,扣扣,讓自己發 光吧。


專欄 候是這樣。每隔幾個月我會從大學回家一 趟,可是我爸爸幾乎都不跟我交流,自從 我出柜以來再也沒有。我姐姐和媽媽會出 門迎接我,但是我爸從來都是遠遠的揮手 打個招呼然後進自己房間。如果只剩下我 和他共處一室,每當我想坐到他身邊跟他 好好談談,他就會很不自然地移到沙發地 另一邊或者乾脆站起來。我不知道他這是 怎麽了。 Jack, 18嵗

我最近一直和一個偏執狂聊天,我們無時 無刻地發短信。這個人是我姐姐的“男朋 友”—或者準確地說他想做我姐姐的男朋 友,很想的想。我姐姐不知道他跟我聯係 因爲他說他信任我,(他有一次喝醉了打 電話給我,跟我說了一些我不該知道的事 情。)問題是他根本不聽取我的建議。我 用自己狡猾的偵探技巧從姐姐那裏探到了 口風,其實姐姐直截了當的給了答案。但 是他好像一點也沒興趣知道,這也就算 了。主要是他!不!放!過!我!!而且 他的笑話很冷。。。 Tina, 21 嵗


我很喜歡男孩子,但是我有點暴牙而且 身材魁梧,遠比我那個万人迷室友高得 多。不管我喜歡上哪個男孩子,我的室 友都會自然而然地吸引他們,然後我就 頓時成了隱性人。我覺得自己長得挺好 看的,現在還戴著牙套。談過幾場不疼 不癢的戀愛。我擔心要是把一些還不錯 的男生介紹給我室友認識,她會不費吹 灰之力搶走他們。 Kim,20嵗

雖然說他聲稱他信任你,我覺得你尊重他 的信任不是壞事。不過問題是,你跟他聊 天遠比你姐姐跟他聊天多,有點奇怪。再 怎麽說他的問題不該成爲你的問題。Tina 坐下來好好想想,你難道想扮演知心妹妹 的角色?如果我是你的話我會多加小心, 或者他極度迷戀的不是你姐姐,而是你。 我對自己的性別很滿意,作爲一個同性戀 我也很自豪,至少和朋友們在一起的時

你怎麽了,Kim?挺直腰桿!你的自信 呢?暴牙怎麽了?高怎麽了?但是聼起 來只要你的室友在,你就難以把男人留 在身邊。要麽搬走,要麽乾脆不要把男 生介紹給這個万人迷了。



Nourish 的宗旨是為顧客提供新鮮健康的快餐食品。 目標是寓教於食,向食客們解釋爲什麽我們的食物 是健康食品。我們不會以顧客們的健康為代價做生意, 而是希望盡自己的微薄之力讓大家的生活更健康, 而我們的微薄之力在於為大家提供美味又健康的食物。 Nourish 招牌漢堡

土耳其肉 丸子&保加 利亞小麥

炒雞蛋, 聖女果 &羅勒

烤紅薯 配白乾 酪&韭菜

印度 蔬菜 沙拉 雞肉沙拉 火腿芝 麻菜配 芥末醬 三明治

墨西哥 雞肉卷

罐裝葫 蘿蔔西芹 甜椒配蘸醬

草莓藜 麥酸奶罐


良心快餐 營業時間 週一至週六 7:30 ‒ 18:30



畢業后進入殘酷的現實社會如何生存?漫無頭緒 你,不妨聼聼Nubaid Haroon的創業經驗,看看如 何將愛好 轉變為一生的職業。 從謝哈畢業后Nubaid搬去德國任職于阿迪達斯。 有一天在辦公室裏和一個同事聊天,那個同事一 直嘮叨自己有多愛吐嘈:“大家與其叫我‘槽縂’,還 不如叫我‘槽君’。” 無意間的一句笑話,讓Nubaid開始 仔細考慮“槽 君”這個商機。他本人對足球有許多見地但是卻不 知道找到志同道合的人相互分享。“我認爲足球討 論區是一個有利可圖的市場。”於是Nubaid就有了“ 足球吐槽君”。 沒多久Nubaid就註冊了Twitter(粉絲上千,多達 4000條留言),並成功拍攝了一部宣傳片上傳 YouTube。“目前網頁的效果很好,我希望會越做 越大。”

距吐槽君的成立還不足兩個月,團隊已經有3位新 成員加入,YouTube 的宣傳片系列已經採訪了足 球明星Aston Villa 和 Ian Taylor,還有前男人幫模 特現為主持人的Nathalie Pike。 但是大家好奇的是下一位要採訪的 是誰?“還有 很多值得期待的採訪!例如Steven Gerrard, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry等等。我知道大家都有心目中想採訪的對象 例如Paul Scholes,但是你知道的,Paul 甚至連 Sky Sports的專訪都拒絕。“看得出足球確實Paul 唯一真正在乎的。” 面對來得如此之快的成功,Nubaid坦然應對的同 時依然虛心不減,期待團隊會越做越好。“我和我 的團隊的努力工作是如今成功的一大因素,我希 望將來能夠擁有自己的品牌,一步一個腳印,希 望會成功。” 更多詳情請登陸足球吐槽君(FootyRamblers) Twitter: @FootyRamblers


小玩意 日子是不是越來越無聊了?夏天還沒見影呢你就想給生活找點刺激 了?不怪你。衆所周知這是一年中最悶得季節,無所事事,一堆即 將而來的考試,太陽公公每天都咧著笑臉引誘你出門,然後用颶風 低溫給你劈頭蓋臉的一擊,冷! 現在你需要的是新鮮的玩意!沒錯孩紙們!購物治愈絕對是不二之 選。心情低落?購物!想哭?購物!考試黃了?購物!。。。看看 下面有沒有你想買的東西。

髒話元素周期表吸鐵石 -- £11.99

Fuel:世界上最小的充電器 – £24.99

暖寶寶靴子 - £16.99

沒錯,是時候讓你的文采飛揚 了。在冰箱上隨時拼湊你想要罵 的字眼,上次你看到冰箱吸鐵石 都是什麽時候的事了還記得麽?

手機越來越智能,外表越來越討 巧,可惜電池的持久力問題卻不 見解決。終于有一款可以隨身攜 帶的充電器了。超迷你的Size, 保證20-30分鐘的通話時間,保 證你能說完酒後留言,第二天早 上毫無遺憾。。(咳咳。。)

要麽勒緊腰帶少吃幾頓,要麽就 咬咬牙不開暖氣,然後整個冬天 病得亂七八糟。不用再擔心凍 得跟冰塊似的雙腳了,穿上暖 寶寶靴子,兩分鐘腳丫子就暖 烘烘的。

誰說髒話是不好學的反義詞?向 你隆重推薦髒話元素周期表,寓 教於樂的典範!群居的學生宿舍 裏,公共冰箱的外交禮儀是一門 必修課,怎麽能不顯得粗魯的同 時又能保證自己那瓶牛奶在回家 前不消失?這是表達你内心想法 多彩又詩意的一種方式。

它外型像是一個油桐,充電的時 候你會感覺在往電話裏加油,跟 給汽車加油異曲同工。


防滑鞋底,三种顔色。 放鬆然後沉浸在靴子散發出來的 薰衣草芳香。告別臭腳丫,暖暖 的香香的腳丫子!





亂中有序 回到未來 4 by Jack Greenwell

藝術設計產業正在謝菲爾德茁壯成長,越來越多 的藝術出現在酒吧裏,俱樂部裏,商店裏甚至建 築物上。如果你有心留意,你會發現謝菲爾德的 各個畫廊都有驚喜。謝哈Arundel Gate Court工作 室為在校學生提供長達一周的展覽機會,兩位來 自平面設計系的學生展示了自己的作品-“亂中有 序”,這次展覽將他們的處女秀展覽-回到未來 4, 拉到了最高水平。 亂中有序:Emma Greaves和Gemma Hardiker, 還有筆者到Leeds欣賞了一場名為“Lord Whitney” 的藝術展覽,並從中得到啓發,這兩個人現在正 全心鑽研神奇的3D設計和場景設計。

培養藝術細胞 藝術不僅僅指盯著一堆封塵的老照片思緒 萬分。何不試試培養體内的藝術細胞?有 人覺得藝術是個很好的消遣,當然不是所 有人的話你都該相信。普遍而言,所有人 都是騙子和傻子。 人體素描 地點:Life Drawing 4月4日 星期五; 4月11日 星期五 10.30am-12.30pm £7.20 / £8

幾個月前Emma 和Gemma開始圍繞“回到未來”的 主題設計自己的概念模型。成功申請到爲期一周 的展覽空間后,兩人在同學們的幫助下,展覽了 自己的作品。

一直想試試人體素描?機會來啦!(嗯 嗯,說的就是給裸體模特畫畫。。。禁止 偷笑)。如果你有自己的繪畫小竅門,不 妨來一試。

亂中有序是她們在謝哈學習的第三年和最後一年 間一個里程碑。從她們的成功展覽中可以看出她 們的努力和最近建立的對3D設計的興趣,前途大 好。AGC展覽廳長年對學生開放,並接受類似“亂 中有序”的展覽設計,筆者強烈推薦讀者前去置身 其中,感受大學藝術氣息。

夜場秀:錄製影片不是麽? 4月25日 星期五 7pm-10.30pm免費入場 “一個有音樂有藝術有創意的夜晚。”夫復 何求?整晚攝影組成員都在拍攝綠影帶, 你很可能會成爲其中一個群衆演員!

詳情請瀏覽Twitter:@OrderedChaosD @AGC Works Gallery 页#27

城市 by Sam Whitaker

不久的將來近在眼前:倫敦到謝菲爾德只需不到 一個小時。求之不得。 你知道從人口學來講,倫敦是法國的第六大城市 么?最近發表的一篇BBC文章的調查結果顯示近 30至40萬的法國公民居住在英國首都。除了更 好的就業機會以外,致使如此巨大的人口選擇并 堅持移居還有很多別的原因。首先倫敦離法國較 近,不過同樣為毗鄰國的德國和西班牙並沒有同 等水平的公民移居現象。那麼究竟倫敦對巴黎人 有什麽吸引力呢? 個人認為主要原因在於歐洲之星列車的運行。搭 乘該列車從倫敦到巴黎只需要2小時15分鐘。歐洲 之星,又稱HS1(1號高速鐵路),目前其項目下 的另一工程2號高速鐵(HS2)路正在建設中,乘坐 HS2從倫敦來回謝菲爾德只需要一小時左右,是 目前所需時間的一半。通車后Sheffield是否會面臨 與法國一樣的下場:大批的人口爲尋求更好的就 業機會流向首都? 然而謝菲爾德不是巴黎,人們可以一個小時內從 倫敦回到這裡,意味著大量的人口南遷沒有必 要。兩城市間距離的拉短,使那些在倫敦才能找 到理想職業的村裡人不需遷移也能在倫敦工作。 有說法認為,投資者和企業家意識到從倫敦到城 市外圍的時間不比到謝菲爾德的時間短時,大量 資金會北流到Sheffield這樣樓價低,綠化好,擁 有兩所大學以及大量可以雇用的畢業生的城市。 對于謝菲爾德來說,另一個好處是這種現象帶來 的文化多元性,藝術家,音樂家,演員會爭相來 到這所城市,基於其可以為各類藝術提供國際性 舞臺。 南北分化一直是討論的熱點,關於如何填補南北 間的鴻溝一直是爭論的焦點,主流意見認為資金 應該更多地分配到北方。不過一個勁地砸錢永遠 沒法解決問題,HS2的開通不僅讓Sheffield有機會 自己茁壯成長,更為村裡人開闢了一條通向大倫 敦的快線。



裡各 個街 角, 穿著時尚的學 生們總是一道 靚麗的風景。 作為學生群體 的一員,我敢 打包票市中心 總會有我們的 影子,光顧著 每個時裝店充 分利用學生 身份帶來的折 扣,然後再徘 回于校園間與 友伴們聊著前 一晚的派對。 這週日我心血 來潮決定去靠 近謝哈校園的 市中心逛逛, 瞧瞧村裡的童 鞋們是否開始 迎接春天的到 來。

Bethanie Markham, 18 歲 謝菲爾德哈萊姆大學

Geneva Mate, 16歲, 謝菲 爾德學院

Bethanie的打扮一下子吸引 了我的眼球。高腰寬鬆卷腳 牛仔褲和格紋襯衫是春式裝 扮的絕配,將襯衫束進褲子 里搭配細皮腰帶,這身取材 于爺爺裝束的搭配棒極了。

褐色破舊套頭衫搭配花紋藝 術圖案雪紡襯衫,Geneva 看起來相當有復古范,特別 搭上馬丁靴和褐色流蘇背 包,絕對的混搭英倫經典 搭配。

Bethanie的搭配鏈接: 深藍色復古牛仔褲 -Topshop £55 粉色方格雪紡襯衫 -Newlook £17.99

Geneva的搭配鏈接: 流蘇背包 -- ASOS £25 花紋雪紡襯衫 -- Topshop £32

Kelly Beall 页 #25


Emma Senior, 歲,謝菲爾 德哈萊姆大學

Sophie Moore, 18歲, 謝菲 爾德學院

Amy Bennett, 21歲,謝菲爾 德哈萊姆大學

Emma的撞色搭配絕對吸 睛,搭配恰到好處卻又不乏 春天的感覺。深紫色圍巾和 淺藍色包包的色彩對比點亮 了整身搭配。而帶有蜻蜓圖

喜歡黑色系的女孩肯定喜歡 Sophie搭配:波點網狀黑 色裙子,配上黑色Legging 更休閒,黑色機車皮夾克配 上一對匡威鞋,既時尚又 實用。

Amy的搭配大氣經典:都是 女孩子衣櫥的必需品 – 緊身 牛仔褲,駝色大衣和格紋圍 巾。配上黑色機車靴和單色 小背包,怎能不喜歡?

案的裙子又適時地增添一抹 女人味。 Emma的搭配鏈接: 玫瑰紫圍巾 -- Miss Selfridge £16 藍色小背包- Topshop £20

Sophie的搭配鏈接: 黑色皮夾克 -- Newlook £39.99

Amy的搭配鏈接: 藍色緊身牛仔褲 -- Newlook £22.99

攝影 : Sophie Hanson

页 #24

美食 蹭吃蹭喝指南 Lisa Robinson 當學生的都知道靠那點生活費想要頓頓吃香喝辣 是不可能的任務。看到pasta都怕,但是手頭拮 据?Student Mag來給你支招,教你蹭吃蹭喝。

免費生日蛋糕 – Fancie


別忘了在你生日那天來Fancie領取免費紙杯蛋 糕!只需要出示有效ID,選擇你喜歡的口味,蛋 糕就是你的了!有生日當天天上掉蛋糕這麽好的 事你知道麽?

感覺錢不夠用了?去餐館找份兼職吧。不但能包 你一頓美食午飯,還能順便賺點外快。更好的是 還能把多餘的食物打包回家。



不可否認大學調查問卷是件很煩人的事,但是它 絕對有自己的好處。如果你不介意抽出一個下午 畫勾勾,參加一場團體討論會或者做個集體實 驗,就可以免費獲得一頓熱噴噴的午餐 – 絕對比 芝士三明治的味道來得好。

試吃蛋糕、品嘗西班牙小點心、喝幾口香檳,如 果你想度過這樣一個下午的話,找個異性朋友去 參加一場婚禮吧。可能你需要時刻留意自己手上 的婚戒,還要忍受得意洋洋的新娘新郎,不過相 較之美食美酒,划算!



新生歡迎會上能撿到的便宜可不止書簽文具這麽 簡單。臉皮不怕厚的話,可以打包一堆免費食 物,有水果,糖甚至皮薩。只要確保你能起個早 床就行了。

相信大家都有類似的經歷,冰箱空蕩蕩的,但是 已經連續第四個晚上吃烤麵包配豆子了,何不去 朋友家串串門?特別是不湊巧地在飯點敲門,很 可能蹭上一頓飽飯或者至少一杯酒哦! 页#23

每 OP 日晚 EN 上 6P 6点 M 至 -2 凌 AM 晨2 DA 点 ILY RESTAURANT


点心10英镑4碟 DIM SUM 4 FOR £10

海鲜火锅每位 13.99 英镑




To book call 0114 228 8980 or visit gentingclubsheff CASINO | LATE BAR | RESTAURANT | ENTERTAINMENT

Genting Club Sheffield, St Paul’s Place, Arundel Gate, Sheffield S1 2PN

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11/02/2014 12:48

書評 紙上談英 專訪

Stan Skinny

桑心的是還沒有實現,你覺得文化委員會的工作 報酬那麼高麼?哪有錢買個雪糕車呢?我在想會 不會有個什麽雪糕車黑手黨類似的組織,或者雪 糕車共濟會什麽的?聽起來很神秘,實話說起來 關於雪糕車我有很多創意性的想法,不只是覆盆 子醬或者巧克力醬這種老生常談。

詩人Stan Skinny是個有趣的 小夥子。我們最近跟 他聊了聊。



主要在謝菲爾德和羅瑟勒姆這兩個地方來回跑動 舉辦一些活動,在Riverside每週一舉行流行智力 競賽,還有羅瑟勒姆的Bridge Inn舉行的卡巴雷晚 會。經常也寫一些零碎的東西,還在忙一個音景 項目,錄製墻的聲音。

我為這部作品來回奔波了近三年了,作品特色既 包括英國最知名的頂級詩人,也包括一些轟動當 地的民俗文化演出,目的都是引起大家閱讀詩歌 的興趣。點綴其中的一系列角色包括鯊魚喬治 (George the shark),Liam Gallagher 書評, 漂流瓶等遊戲,當然還包括蹩腳抽獎(大家所熟 悉的Naffle)。舉辦地點目前共有四個,離我家 越來越近,終有一天會在我家舉辦,到時候我肯 定給大家準備個浪漫泡泡浴,當然這只會發生在 夢裡。

未來有什麽計劃? 繼續來回跑,繼續創作繼續表演直到我擁有了一 架雪糕車。 採訪者:Priyanca Kumari

航運預測 地點:The


作者Jack Greenwell 似乎春天的臨近喚醒了謝村居民們最美好最有趣 的一面。這些日子以來,整座城市都瀰漫著藝術 的氣息,但是像詩歌和喜劇這樣的子藝術,還是 最近的新發現,而愛好子藝術的朋友們絕對不能 錯過“航行預測”這樣的代表性作品。

寫詩的靈感來自哪裡? 大部份靈感來自音樂家Morrissey,Paul Heaton 和 Jarvis Cocker(不知道爲什麽,Jarvis是我來 謝菲爾德的主要原因,我希望能見他一面,然後 交換信箱。當我終於見到他面時我對他說我是專 門來謝菲爾德見他的,他說沒看出來有多專門, 我說我把我的卡片給你吧,他說“今天不是我生日 啊”,至今他還沒回覆我的郵件。)

上映幾天來,該喜劇成功體現了城市里本土藝術 家以及最近經常徘徊在 The Riverside酒吧里的地 下業餘喜劇演員和詩人的生活。Riverside是個分 享笑容的絕佳場所,4月11日不見不散。

目前我的創作靈感來源於現實生活中遇到的人, 詩歌中心有很多很可愛的人,而我要特別感謝的 兩個人是Matt Black和Joe Kriss,兩個才華橫溢的 本土詩人,兩個傑出的銀類(原話)。 你的自傳里提到你依然夢想擁有一架雪糕車,這 個夢想實現了么?

航行預測節目除了可以觀看表演外,還為你提供 了一個展示才華的舞臺,有興趣在演出間隙上臺 表演的朋友可以通過郵件報名,我們的聯繫方式 為 更多最新消息請瀏覽Twitter:@poetryforecast



科幻小説類的愛情 當然,《雲端情人》不是第一部將愛情故事融于 科幻世界的電影。以下推介一些類似的影片: 王牌冤家 (2004) 分手很痛苦。如果我們能忘記這種痛苦會怎樣? 該電影探討了関於“回憶”這一主題,講述了一個假 如過去能被忘記的故事。 時空旅人之妻 (2009) 改編自同名暢銷小説,講述一場超越時空的愛 戀。影片中唯一讓人好奇的一點是影片中的時空 穿越者在遇見仍是小孩的心上人的時候,爲什麽 本身卻已經成年。想不通。

一部關於一位大叔和一個聲控電腦操作系統之間 的婚外戀的故事,竟然是筆者心目中至今最浪漫 的電影之一。

定時器(2010) 故事的確圍繞著一個定時器展開,只不過這個定 時器裝在女主的身體裏,而定時為距離你遇到自 己的精神伴侶的那一刻。對於烏娜奧莉麗來説, 她的定時器是空白的,意味著她的感情歸宿依然 沒有著落。

背景設在不遙遠未來裏的洛杉磯,《雲端情人》 是一部浪漫喜劇和科學小説的結合体-浪漫科學小 説喜劇。可能乍一聼起來怪得很,其實不然。 影片中史派克瓊斯導演下,未來世界裏的洛杉 磯,人們的生活幾乎完全依賴科技。西奧多(喬 昆尼菲克斯 飾)以寫情書爲生,他的職業暗示未 來社會中這種維繫戀愛關係的基本途徑都已經逐 漸被擯棄。男主處於剛與妻子分手即將離婚的不 安情緒中。電影開頭,喬昆尼頽廢呆滯地盯著鏡 頭的幾分鈡充分描繪了男主的精神狀態。

順,很快沙曼莎的進化速度就超過的戀情本身成 熟的速度。

一時興起,西奧多下載了一個最新版本的人工智 能電腦操作系統,於是他邂逅了由史嘉蕾喬翰森 聲控的語音秘書沙曼莎。此時的她只不過是一張 白紙,全凴西奧多大叔向她展露的世界和“讀書”塑 造。電影中一個場景描述了西奧多大叔帶著沙曼 莎“走馬觀人”;西奧多把手機鏡頭面向人群放在 自己的襯衫口袋裏,透過他的手機鏡頭,沙曼莎 看到了人來人往的真實世界,同時兩個人用耳機 交流著。

電影很感人地塑造出兩個角色間的親密關係。很 難想象要與沙曼莎這樣一個沒有軀體的角色建立 親密的愛戀,不是通過纏綿的床戯,而是通過長 篇的對話和若即若離的感情交流。 旁注:個人覺得電影本身就是對人類極度自我沉 迷的最佳闡釋。事實上,假如我們都邂逅了這麽 一個按照自己想象塑造的角色,我們都會毫不猶 豫地愛上他/她,因爲我們都非常自戀。不過,是 我自己想太多也難説

隨著劇情發展,兩個人建立了親密無間的關係。 或者由於在沙曼莎身上看到了越來越多自己的影 子(不足爲奇因爲他不停的用自己的思想塑造著 她),西奧多前所未有的感覺自己和另一個人如 此的接近。兩人迅速開始了一段戀情,一段性伴 侶替代者參與在内的戀情。當然事情不會一帆風

新片快遞 页#20



Priyanca Kumari

不動產 -- 《地圖集》 值得一提的是,不動產(Real Estate)是一支來自美國新澤西 州的五人幻覺系新興獨立樂隊。 成立于2008年,迅速引起公衆的 注意,如今已成爲美國以及 歐洲 最受歡迎的樂隊之一。樂隊早期 的專輯由歌手兼吉他手的Martin Courtney和Matt Mondanile錄製 (Matt曾是著名的同城樂隊Ducktails成員)。Matt的慵懶的嗓音是 Ducktails的標誌,強烈推薦。 個人最喜歡“Days”。特別在炎熱 的夏日裏,躺在海灘邊看著日落,這張專輯可以 一直聼下去。“Talking Backwards”單曲附帶了一 部記錄了“Atlas”灌錄過程的音樂錄影帶。另一力 薦。

葯癮戰 --《迷失夢中》 前幾年,偶然間聽到他們第二張專輯《Slave Ambient》上的一首歌后,我才發現這支特別樂 隊。來自費城的四個樂隊的成員如今個個都一 身行頭,他們的音樂受美國文化的影響很大。聼 聼‘Your Love Is Calling My Name’,我敢保證你 能聽到Tom Petty的影子。

Chet Faker – ‘Built On Glass’ Jack Greenwell Chet Faker如今正變得家喻戶曉。2012年剛與 Downtown Records簽約,Chet(原名Nicholas James Murphy)創作的電子樂十分特別。來自澳 洲的墨爾本,在與Blacksreet合作了“No Diggity” (2011年最流行單曲和2013年世界盃廣告曲目) 后,Chet迅速走紅。 Chet的唱片集中,包括與長期合作的電子音 樂家Flume一起編寫創作的曲目。其中一張名 叫“Lockjaw Ep”。之前我沒有聼過他們的作品, 試聼這張唱片的時候神奇地感覺到約克郡的天氣 都晴朗了。

一如之前,這張新專輯在保存著現代獨立搖滾的 精髓的同時,也完美闡釋了樂隊的美國本色。長 期合作的Adam Granduciel 和Kurt Vile成立了樂隊 葯癮戰。第一張專輯發表后,三個成員退出了樂 隊 。Adam解釋樂隊的名字包含了可以自由探索 的各種音樂形式 ,正與他們如今的目標相契合。 收錄新專輯之一的曲目“Red Eyes”,進一步詮釋 了樂隊慵懶模糊音調的風格。對於專輯的其他曲 目更是令人期待。

Chet Faker

“Built on Glass”是Chet第一張獨立創作的專輯。 第一首單曲名為“Talk is Cheap ”,柔和清新,預 示了貫穿專輯的主題基調。管銅樂器的圓潤音色 和強力的電子鼓,與Chet的完美嗓音(還有他的 鬍子,自己看視頻)相互輝映,絕對是場聽覺享 受。


婦仇者聯盟 上映時間:4月23日

分歧者-另類叛逃 上映時間:4月4日

個性火辣的女律師—卡莉(卡麥蓉狄亞 飾)決定 卸下情場花蝴蝶的封號,專情地對待新男友—馬 克(尼可拉科斯特瓦多 飾),沒想到卻碰上了一 個花心男!

根據維蘿尼卡洛斯同名小説改編,故事發生在未 來世界的芝加哥,人們被分爲了五大派別,分別 是:誠實(Candor)、智慧(Erudite)、和平 (Amity)、無畏(Dauntless)、無私(Abnegation)。每一個孩子在16嵗的時候都要選擇一個派 別加入,並且經受考驗。

卡莉在一次前往馬克家展開驚喜突擊檢查,卻意 外發現男友已婚,並與正宮元配—凱特(萊絲莉 曼恩 飾)遇個正著,當兩位女人發現同時被馬克 這個花心大少玩弄時,她們決定化悲憤為力量, 聯手反擊馬克,沒想到劇情越演越烈,她們又再 發現年輕貌美的大奶妹小四—安珀(凱特阿普頓 飾)。

女主Tris正面臨著這樣的選擇,然而她與別人不 同,她同時具有無畏、無私、智慧三种特質,她 是一個分歧者,面對死亡的威脅,她需要做出重 大的決定。。。 徘徊于友情、自我和愛情間,Tris不得不信任她的 同類們,攜手一起在一切都還來得及之前,尋找“ 分歧者”的真相。

於是她們拉攏小四,憑藉著律師、老婆及胸器的 力量組成婦仇者聯盟,再加上卡莉的閨蜜兼軍師 (妮琪米娜 飾),計劃展開最強大的復仇計,究 竟花心男會有什麼樣的遭遇?婦仇者聯盟又會如 何出招?

蜘蛛人驚奇再起2:電光之戰 上映時間:4月18日 《蜘蛛俠驚奇再起2:電光之戰》(The Amazing Spider-Man 2)終極版預告,已在全球公開, 有別於之前的幾支預告,將焦點集中在占美霍士 (Jamie Foxx)飾演的電光人身上,在這支終極 預告中,彼得帕克與兒時玩伴哈利奧斯朋,分隔 10年的重逢似乎另有內情,彼得帕克的身世之謎 也將真相大白。 在《蜘蛛俠驚奇再起2:電光之戰》中,彼得帕克 享受成爲蜘蛛俠的每一刻,他的超能力也在這一 集達到高峰,對他來說沒有什麽比擺盪在摩天高 樓間、打擊犯罪更棒的事了,但他也面臨最重大 的危機;綠惡魔、電光人、犀牛人等惡煞集結, 蜘蛛俠最關鍵的一戰即將展開。 飾演關史戴西的艾瑪斯通(Emma Stone),與飾 演蜘蛛俠的安德魯加菲爾德(Andrew Garfield) ,因拍攝《蜘蛛俠驚奇再起》結緣,戲裏戲外都 甜蜜蜜,兩人的配對大受觀眾支持,因此關與彼 得兩人的感情,在這一集將如何發展,還有關的 命運究竟何去何,也是大家關注的焦點。 页#18



Nick Mulvey 作者:Ina Fischer

独自一人抱着吉他站在空旷的舞台上,Nick Mulvey沐浴在深紅色的鎂光燈下。 他深褐色的眼睛嚴肅地注視著前方,靜 靜地等待著。當舞台下的人群開始靜下 來,他開口唱道:“夕陽西下的夜晚,她 輕輕地唱,歌聲將我帶到遠方,直至我 重見復活的晨光。” 整場演出Mulvey都沒有提高過音調,然而他的歌聲濃厚深邃,充滿 穿透力。他輕輕呢喃,緩緩撥動吉他弦,全神貫注地演奏一首又一 首歌曲。完全陶醉其中的,不止Mulvey一個人。 他那醉人的歌聲催眠了在場所有聽眾,下意識地隨著拍子輕輕前後 搖擺著身體,毫不費功夫地散髮出全身魅力。Mulvey微笑著和聽眾 互動了幾句寒暄后,又將大家的注意力拉到了當晚的主角上---他的 音樂。

我不喜歡複雜的和 絃樂,我喜歡音樂 有簡單的形式但是 厚實的質感。


Mulvey曾在倫敦亞非學院修讀人種音樂學,他回 憶說大學的學習對他的生活產生了重大影響。在 學校他遇到了Portico Quartet的其他成員,6年前 他也曾是這隻成功樂隊的一員。亞非學院的學習 同時也對他作為一個單飛藝人的音樂創作產生了 影響,很大一部份原因在於在學校,他有機會接 觸了來自世界各地的不同音樂。 “我經常對各種聲音有感覺,雖然現在聽起來有點 奇怪,但是回想17歲那年,我曾今十分迷戀津巴 布音樂。我不是喜歡世界各地的音樂,我只是喜 歡音樂本身。” Nick強調說,他還列舉了一些列音 樂愛好包括踏波雷鬼樂、現代古典樂、日本古典 樂、西非音樂和搖滾、高科技舞曲。

他是否刻意選擇了一條和原樂隊背道相馳的音樂 道路?他搖搖頭回答:“自然而然所致。因為我的 歌包含很多歌詞,而我只用吉他伴奏,這從一開 始就和原來的曲風完全不同。”

雖然Portico Quartet很成功,曾于2008年獲得水星 音樂大獎,2011年Mulvey依然決定脫離樂隊以專 注于個人的音樂事業。“腦海裡一直縈繞著這種想 法,已經到了不做不舒服的地步了。”他坦白說。 “是時候做一些改變了,如果你不做出這些改變, 這些變化會朝你嚷嚷。”他朝沙發的扶椅上有力地 拍了一掌。平靜下來后他解釋道:“我拖了很久因 為樂隊很成功,我也很喜歡作為其中一員。但是 過了一段日子,我開始覺得不舒服,不得不做出 改變。”

是時候做一些改變 了,如果你不做出 這些改變,這些變 化會朝你嚷嚷。

晚些時候,我在Harley酒店後臺的走廊上碰到這位 創作型歌手,談話間我發現他的舉手投足都是音 樂的氣息,不分風格與狀態的音樂。

深層面來講,Mulvey繼續解釋說,我參加的很多 項目都用共同性。“雖然脫離了樂隊,我還是當時 的那個我,相對音樂的和諧統一性,我更注重音 樂的質感。我不喜歡複雜的和絃樂,我喜歡音樂 有簡單的形式但是厚實的質感。” Nick Mulvey的專輯《第一排》-- First in Line將于 5月12日上架。他將在歐洲各地的夏季音樂節進行 演出,秋季會在英國進行巡迴演唱。詳情日期請 登錄網站:



如果非要在英国选出两个盛产音乐的城市的话,那肯定是谢菲尔 德和伯明翰。我知道这样讲口气有点大,不过是我的心里话。 这个月伯明翰超级无敌宇宙无穷酷乐队Johnny Foreigner来钢 铁之城演出。我们有幸與樂隊成員坐下聊聊音樂、愛情、還有 Sheffield。 首先,一個老土的問題,樂隊的名字有什麽故 事? 文化,社會疏離感,枯燥和絕望。噢噢噢。 最近幾年樂隊發生了什麽變化? 我覺得人都老練沉穩了,可是音樂卻越來越吵越 來越憤怒了。在處理一些與歌曲創作和表演無關 的“其他樂隊事宜”方面我們越來越成熟,知道什 麽時候該審視自身,相信在作為音樂人這個角色 方面我們進步了很多。感覺每一張新專輯的發佈 都是對自己的新突破,但是每張專 輯都有一些類似的特質代表著我們 的風格。 如果當初沒有做音樂,現在會在做 什麽? 其實是音樂選擇了我們,而不是我 們選擇了它。如果沒有走這條路, 很可能如今在進行一些重複性的單 一“現實中的工作”,難以從中得到滿 足感,或者是出賣自己的才能。說 實話我們也沒有別的什麽大本事。

就一首首寫下來了。 最喜歡的單曲是哪一首? 雖然商業反響不如人意,但是我個人最喜歡的一 首叫“你可以更好”。我們專門爲了以後開場演唱而 寫的,不會收錄于專輯里。不過要我選一首最愛 有點不太對,有點像讓我說更偏愛自己的哪個孩 子,是不是?其實即使是那些效果不太成功的作 品,我都很喜歡。 什麽時候發現自己想做個音樂人?

謝菲爾德一直對我 們很友好,感覺不 管怎樣都會有一群 觀眾來看樂隊的演 出“因為這是一種有 趣的社交活動”。

介紹一下“你可以更好”這張專輯。 這是我們的第一張全員參與製作的專輯。原本負 責藝術設計的Lewes2012年決定要做吉他手,當 然最不搭的那個人會出局。這是目前為止我們最 吵鬧最短的一張專輯,第一次同時發售CD和上電 臺,歌詞與現實生活接軌不多。我依然不清楚這 種方式是好是壞,只不過在上一張專輯瘋狂地記 錄生活點滴之後,這種改變很自然也很必要地發 生了。另外每隔一張專輯,我們都會制定一個大 概,像這張專輯的創作過程中,我們滿足於在一 兩年間零星地發表唱片,隨后的那個夏天,歌曲

我記得大概是8歲還是9歲的時候, 迷戀上一部卡西歐電子琴,當時會 反復彈奏相同的兩個電子和絃音以 達到協調的效果,那時候每次一抬 頭就發現幾個小時過去了。就像發 現了新大陸一樣,但是真正促使我 立志探索這片新大陸並且成立樂隊 的是13歲那一年,看到幾個超級酷 的高中女生在某個跨校舉行的智力 大賽上演奏“漫步陽光下”。(原話)

謝菲爾德這場演出有什麽值得我們期待? 很特別,因為這是我們在英國第一場有視覺效果 的演出。我們的一個朋友Ben發明了一種“鍵盤吉 他”可以編輯修改圖像,將圖像映射在我們身後的 屏幕上。謝菲爾德一直對我們很友好,感覺不管 怎樣都會有一群觀眾來看樂隊的演出“因為這是一 種有趣的社交活動”。你們有自己獨特的公民自豪 感,如果我太興奮把麥克風弄壞了把帳單寄給我 就行了。 最后一個問題,有沒有愛過? 無時無刻。



更多艳 遇,从头 开始 BARBER BARBER 美发 // 剃须 // 发量稀疏治疗 // 现金礼物卡 // 学生8折优惠 HELLO@BARBERBARBER.CO.UK // 0114 256 9955 MEADOWHALL, SHEFFIELD, S9 1 EN // WWW.BARBERBARBER.CO.UK 页#13




梁展锋医生 Dr "Victor" Chin Fung Leung 英国注册牙齿矫正专科医生 Specialist Orthodontist 香港大学 牙科医学士 瑞典卡罗连斯加学院 牙齿矫正科专科证书 瑞典卡罗连斯加学院 医学理科硕士(牙齿矫正科) 英国爱丁堡皇家外科医学院 牙齿矫正科院士

481 Ecclesall road . Sheffield . S11 8PP 0114 2678797 持NUS卡現可享受優惠


海茵姆地點: O2 Academy演出廳

情緒帶向高潮的一曲Beyonce的 “XO”。樂隊第一 次演唱該曲目是在BBC 1電臺的由Fearne Cotton 主持的現場休息室,該曲目如今已被收錄該節目 單中。

燈光暗下來,原本相互竊竊私語的熱鬧人群隨之 安靜下來。一串讓人心跳加速的鼓聲伴隨著與之 交相輝映的閃光燈響起。主角們出場了。 一開始只能看見幾個人燈光下的輪廓,慢慢聚 焦成手抱吉他的長髮身影。樂隊的首支演唱歌 曲“Falling”隨著鎂光燈投射在歌手們的臉龐上慢慢 響起來。海茵姆,樂隊成員為出生在洛杉磯,恰 巧都具有音樂細胞的三姐妹,此時此刻正置身于 舞臺中央,很快就用自己獨特又怪異的玩笑和出 乎意料的插科打諢吸引了所有聽衆。 Este似乎負責大部分的談話:“謝謝謝菲爾德邀請 我們來到這裡演出,現在請一起想象置身于海茵 姆之家,我們三姐妹正擠在同一個小屋裏,彈奏 著“古老又流行的搖滾樂”。 演奏完一些觀衆最喜愛的歌曲包括“Don’t save me”后,三姐妹開始認真起來。“大家想聼我們說 唱麽?”當然觀衆們的答案不言而喻。於是三姐妹 開始了似乎毫無預謀的説唱,然而很快讓觀衆們 失去了原有的興趣。幸虧沒多久她們就直入主題 開始演奏“Forever”,挽救了冷場。 作爲一支成名太快的樂隊,海茵姆要比大家想象 中專業得多,儼然一支已經參加過很多大型演出 身經百戰的老牌樂隊。除了唱完七首歌后的突然 落幕離場外,歌手們總體上很好的控制了整場演 出的節奏。隨著意料之中的觀衆邊跺腳邊高呼安 可,三姐妹重新回到舞臺並演奏了當晚的將觀衆

自從近來開始聼她們的歌以來,我一直對海茵姆 的現場有所期待,今晚的演出不但沒有讓我失 望,而且讓我對她們有了更大的期望。

七岩(Seven Tors) 地點: The Hop酒吧 去聼七岩的演出是個意外,其實我一直有打算某 天去聼聼他們的演唱,不過一直沒對上時間。出 於偶然,上個月某週三的晚上,飢腸轆轆的我, 胃裏充斥著各種酒精的混合物,碰巧在The Hop看 了場七岩演奏。 樂隊成員包括Nicola Worthington(主唱/吉他) ,Tracy Hendry(吉他),Emily Agius(音效 合成/調音/和唱),Dave Cuthbertson(低音) 和重新加入的老成員Jen Tomkinson(鼓手/敲打 樂)。當晚恰巧是Jen 重回樂隊以來的第一場演 出。Jen的回歸宣佈得到了不少歡呼,隨著幾聲不 合時宜的模仿狼的嚎叫,樂隊演出開始。 Nicola Worthington毫無疑問擁有一副柔美悅耳的 好嗓音,每一個從她嘴裏吐出的歌詞,在樂隊其 他四位成員才華橫溢的承托下,都變成了一種無 以言比的聽覺享受。令我印象最深刻的是樂隊早 期的Clubfoot by Kasabian,因爲這是我第一次 聼清楚歌詞内容,現場的效果遠比錄音棚灌錄的 要好。





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486, Glossop Road, Broomhill, S10 2QA Telephone: 0114 267 12 22 優惠到期即止。更多價格、預訂等信息請登錄; 此優惠只適用於Broomhill分店。經理保持對 優惠進行解釋的所有權利。 页#9

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永遠不會一個人 – 全新 GYM 體驗 我們 在: Unit 4 Flora Street Retail Park, Sheffield, S6 2BF Be X Fitness

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美國獨立樂隊奧古斯汀去年收穫頗丰,剛 發表的第二張以樂隊名字命名的專輯獲得 了如潮的好評,同時將在倫敦萊辛頓舉行 的演出票4分鐘内一售而空。我們有幸採 訪到Pela樂隊的前成員Eric Sanderson, 談談樂隊2014年的新願景。

上個月剛發表的新專輯《奧古斯汀》,至今都收 到了怎樣的評價? 反響很劇烈。每當你發表一個新作品,都很難預 料共眾對它的反應,但是我們這張專輯很幸運得 到大家的喜愛。我們收到了一系列的好評,很多 歌迷在演出的時候都跟著一起唱專輯裏的新歌, 我們對此受寵若驚,感覺很好。 你把專輯形容為“徒步旅行”,有什麽特殊含義麽? 其實主要是對上一張專輯的回應,上一張專輯的 很多主題並不容易表達。但是這張專輯不僅有精 神上的掙扎,還有肉體上的。我們渴望做音樂人 的同時又希望掙脫一些不必要的束縛。在這方面 我們算是幸運的,因爲通過發表專輯,我們不僅 有機會成爲專業音樂人,也有機會作自己真正想 做的事情。

你知道當你長期處於同一种狀態下,那種狀態某 程度上也成爲了自身身份的象徵。而我長期以來 作爲一個掙扎中的音樂人,久而久之我就是一個 掙扎的音樂人,可是突然間,我不再掙扎,我名 正言順地被貼上了“音樂人”的身份標簽。但是這 種身份認同帶來的自由附加著更大的壓力,我們 不得不繼續甚至加快靈魂追尋的腳步,不停地重 塑自我,不斷向前才能從工作中獲得足夠的滿足 感。 那麽爲了適應這種突如其來的成功,你們的生活 是不是發生了很大的變化? 當初我們創作第一張專輯的時候還只是無名小 卒,沒有人會在意所以基本上我們是為自己而做 的該專輯。但是現在的創作有了聽衆, 在意音 樂的聽衆,對我們有期望的聽衆,這是最大的不 同。除了樂隊自己的要求之外,我們如今必須達 到聽衆的期望。 页#7

剛剛你說你曾經是個“掙扎的音樂人”,那當初是什 麽讓你決定投身音樂呢?是從小的心願麽?還是 後來成長中樹立的目標? 其實兩者皆有。我還是小孩子的時候就夢想做個 音樂家,我熱愛音樂,音樂能讓我產生精神的共 鳴。 不過真正的轉折點可能是在Pela解散后,沒有新 的機會,沒有專輯,沒有樂隊,Bill和我陷入了一 個前途渺茫的境地,再加上一屁股的債。所有關 於音樂的夢想都破碎了。

數月的自我反省讓 我探索到自己的靈 魂深處,讓我意識 到做音樂帶給我的 純粹而實在的快樂

那種感覺就像和女朋友分手了,或者是失去了生 命中的摯愛,必須要經過一個放空的階段,重新 接受一切然後繼續自己的生活。我們必須放開那 個曾經堅持做音樂人的夢想,重新審視自己的内 心,什麽帶給我真正的快樂,那一刻其他的一切 都不重要。 然後,數月的自我反省讓我探索到自己的靈魂深 處,讓我意識到做音樂帶給我的純粹而實在的快 樂。如果我需要自己的人生快樂起來,音樂必須 是其中一部分。那份信念是我后來成立奧古斯汀 的動力所在。 你在相對短的期間發表了兩張專輯。怎麽做到如 此多產呢?

你覺得新專輯較之于上一張專輯是不是有所進 步?一定的知名度有沒有給你們的創作上帶來壓 力? 一點都沒有。雖然知名度帶給我們新的責任,我 們做音樂的過程和標準依然沒有改變。盡你最大 的可能,創造出讓你自豪讓朋友自豪的音樂,這 是我們事業早期開始就一直遵循的創作宗旨。 自然如此。下個月你將在卡姆登(蘇格蘭東南部 城市)的演出演唱Koko,還有其他值得聽衆期 待? 大家會聼場演唱會,順利地話還會喝點酒,開點 玩笑,聼歌最好大家都跟唱。當然希望演出順 利。生命如果都花在自省上太浪費了,誰都要時 不時放開心智,用力的活一次。

完成第一張專輯的製作后,我們只休息了3個星期 就重新回到製作室著手創作了。初衷是我們不想 失去那種在臺上演出和聽衆們互動的感覺,對於 我們來説沒有什麽比那種感覺更美妙了。 第二張專輯製作過程很順利,很自然。不能說我 們是特別高產的樂隊,只不過我們比較勤奮,日 以繼夜的創作,如果遇到一些挫折,我們也不大 放在心上,只是將心思放在可以見效的工作上。 我想這種方式提高了創作效率。 2014年有什麽新計劃? 這是我們很期待的一年,因爲大部分時間樂隊都 在巡演,很可能會去澳大利亞,對此我們很興 奮。還會在英國和愛爾蘭作許多巡演。我很希望 這次能去墨西哥,而夏天大部分會參加各種音樂 節的演出。 奧古斯汀最近的一場演出將于4月10日Leeds的 Cockpit舉辦。更多詳情請瀏覽網頁http://www. 页#6







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