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Heartbreak amidst the flora, a countryside full of corpses and a search for redemption on the Adriatic coast are amongst the offerings in this month’s what’s on.




Crab burgers with an added kick of Thai spice and a combination of berries makes something very nice.

Lathering laundrettes and enticing eateries; we introduce Laundry Point and Barrett’s restaurant.



Our beauty expert discovers Ecclesall Road’s fabulous The Hairband, whilst Wigs & Warpaint work their magic!



12|13|14 Tips for beautifying yourself on the beach and a trip to The Tanning and Beauty Clinic.

Jersey born songstress Nerina Pallot shares her dislike for vacuous reality stars and her passion for performing.



We discover the rural retreat of Derbyshire’s Dog and Partridge. FREE _ Issue 36 _ SHEFFIELD’S PREMIER LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE

ATTRACTIONS|GRAVES ART free Issue 36 Sheffield’s Premier Lifestyle Magazine


We discover the macabre miniature paintings and world full of books at the Graves Art Gallery and Central Library. Spoils | Flaunt | Wanderlust |Beautify | Cuisine | Tresses |Legal | Momentum

WELCOME Editor’s Letter



This month is all about music for us Sheffield folk. As hundreds of musicians prepare to descend upon the Devonshire Green and beyond for the Tramlines festival, we caught up with two of this year’s headlining acts. Singer-songwriter Nerina Pallot shares how she’s much funnier on the stage and Guillemots percussionist Greig Stewart reveals the band are considering an exclusive for their Sheffield shows. As well as acts dominating the main stage, we’ve tracked down more intimate Tramlines treats and introduce Sheffield band, The Whispering Dolls, who are playing their first major festival.


With Tramlines on the horizon there are plenty of events to keep the music lover happy this July. West One Rox is just one of those and we have the scoop on what’s going on.


A cosmopolitan haven with an Eastern bloc twist, Prague is fast becoming the new hotspot for holidaying Brits.




The foursome have something special planned for their Sheffield show. We discuss what inspires this quirky quartet.

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As well as the musical offerings, we discover plays in the park, identity theft Parisian style and escalating body counts in the sleepy English countryside. Chic’s in-house, style savvy Geordie Becca, gives advice on looking radiantly regal without breaking the bank, and beauty expert Kate gets a Crystal Clear complexion courtesy of the Tanning and Beauty Clinic. July has an exciting array of events for Sheffield. I’m particularly pleased to have the beautiful Nerina gracing our cover this month. I had the pleasure of meeting her in London many years ago when she was just starting out, and much like she expressed in the interview, once you’ve seen her live you’re a fan for life.

Luci Cadman


Opulence on the road, we test drive the Infiniti EX30d GT Premium.

Norrie, Waite and Slater solicitors give us their ode to divorce with their invaluable legal advice.





Kate Middleton has burst onto the scene as the newly crowned Queen of Fashion; we find out why.




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Dot Cotton, Pauline Fowler and Ethel Skinner, famous washerwomen whose curlers and tendencies for gossip have coloured perceptions of laundrette services for over a generation. Setting out to wash away those negative connotations with a range of contemporary laundering services, Laundry Point arrived at Sheffield’s Barber Road this May. This modern laundrette is breaking tradition; televisions replacing old copies of Take A Break, free WiFi, refreshments, comfortable seating and, most importantly, high spin speed washers and fast, efficient dryers. Offering a range of services for both domestic and commercial clients, Laundry Point engages with its customers in a way its competitors never have.

“ high spin speed ”

Quality is paramount to those at Laundry Point. Fresh scented cottons and crisp ironed shirts are their forte. Why waste your precious evenings getting steamy with the iron when Laundry Point can do it for you? Laundry Point is open 8am-6pm on weekdays and 10am-5pm at weekends. To find out more visit, search ‘laundry point’ on Facebook, or visit their twitter @laundry_point.=


Laundry Point provide a ‘same day laundry service’ during the week. If you drop off your garments before 9am, they can be washed, dried, folded and ready to collect by 5.30pm the same day. Commercial clients can enjoy the flexibility of collection and delivery, as well as express turnaround. Laundry Point offer a fantastic student service that is great value for money. For just £7.50 per week, students can have all

their laundry washed, dried, folded and bagged once per fortnight.


Barrett’s Bistro

Today’s fine dining market is an expanse of variety. Everything from North African tagines to Brazilian feijoada are available for the sophisticated professional’s enjoyment. It seems though, with the influx of international cuisine, that more traditional British dishes are being left to go stale on the pass. Setting out to revive British cuisine by serving tradition with a twist is Hutcliffe Wood Road’s newest eatery, Barrett’s. Opened in May, this eponymous bistro is owned and run by James Barrett at the site of former bistro Ranulph’s. James has fifteen years experience, learning some of his culinary skills at the Michelin- starred Fischer’s of Baslow. After branching out and starting a chef consultancy business, James has returned to the kitchen, and as a result, has enjoyed immediate success.

“ tradition with a twist”

with a ginger and orange glaze, rock salt bread and griddled asparagus. Not content with simply opening the new ‘it’ restaurant, James has vowed to constantly keep things fresh. Every four weeks, he creates a new menu that adds to the Barrett’s experience, whilst keeping the core of the restaurant’s essence intact. James has created an inviting local bistro where flavour and variety triumph.


James has done most of the bistro’s restoration himself on a budget, creating a bijou yet earthy contrast of mushroom coloured walls and gilt mirrors. With the exception of the ice cream, everything on the menu is made in the Bistro’s kitchen from freshly sourced produce. The menu boasts dishes such as braised beef, crab linguine, wild mushroom risotto, pork belly



L’homme qui voulait vivre sa vie (The Big Picture) // Showroom Sheffield //

Friday 22nd July - Thursday 28th July - various schedules available at



Paul Exben (Duris) loses everything after discovering his wife’s affair with photographer Greg Kremer. Finding himself stood over Kermer’s body, Exben is faced with a dilemma; face the music or flee life as he knows it? Deciding to assume his victim’s identity, Exben flees to an isolated part of Yugoslavia on the idyllic Adriatic coast for another shot at living life. What follows is the story of how, even after commiting a great sin, redemption can be found. Beautifully shot, this dark and fascinating story will make for a thought-provoking evening at The Showroom.


The British have become very macabre as a nation. For some reason, maybe due to the British Press, we seem to enjoy watching powerful people fall from grace. If this is the case with you, then you’re in for a treat with a distinctly Parisian twist. Running from Friday 22nd July to Thursday 28th, The Showroom is screening French film, The Big Picture, as part of its ‘World Cinema’ Season. Starring French actors Romain Duris, Marina Fois, Niels Arestrup and Catherine Deneuve, the film explores one man’s tumultuous fall from grace. An executive who seemingly has it all,


Cosi Fan Tutte

Library Theatre - Thursday 18th August & Friday 19th August

A night of opera can be confusing. With vocal scores entirely in Italian and unsympathetic protagonists, opera isn’t necessarily something many of our generation identify with or appreciate, however that’s about to change. On August 18th and 19th Steel Opera (in association with Sheffield City Opera) are staging Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte at the Library Theatre. This is an abridged production with a modern twist. Sung entirely in English and accompanied by a string quartet and continuo, Cosi Fan Tutte tells the story of two gentlemen who put their fiancées fidelity to the test by disguising themselves. Risqué for its time, this production takes a comical twist on a classic piece. Bringing an archaic art form forward for the modern generation, it is an evening not to be missed.

The Drummond Will The Showroom - Thursday 26th July, 18:30

The Drummond Will explores what it would be like to be stuck in a world where the peculiar rules of Ealing cinema apply. A sleepy English village harbours dark secrets, which estranged, city-boy brothers Marcus and Danny Drummond discover as they return to the countryside for their father’s funeral. The independant film, which has made significant impact at film festivals internationally, is a modern retelling of the classic comedies and murder mysteries of British Cinema’s Ealing Era. Screening at The Showroom on 26th July, the black and white black comedy is follwed by a Q&A with the film’s writers, producer and actor Mark Oosterveen.

Heartbreak Productions The Botanical Gardens - August

Live theatre is a dying art in this modern age of internet downloads and streamed programming. Audiences simply don’t want to make the effort and that’s where Heartbreak productions (a touring theatre troupe) come in. Throughout early August, Heartbreak productions are putting on performances of classic literature. Coming to Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens, Heartbreak are staging Pride and Prejudice from the 4th to the 7th of August. Taking Austen’s interpretation of early nineteenth century feminism, the production explores the theme in greater detail, exploring what it meant to be a woman in a patriarchal society. Also running in the Botanical Gardens from the 11th-14th of August is Pinocchio. Dani Carbery’s adaptation of the Disney classic looks to avoid the sugary sentimentality of the original, carrying to the stage a fresh, lively adaptation of the children’s fable. FLAUNT PREVIEW






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ion s s ofe nd r p gal rity a m e l a teg we ai s n d i ee s of s ed r n e o c y t iet ndard olici ut ex or c o s n s b a tio ill st st aw ards a u h L s j g w e. n i T n d c e h r s i G n r p ode dopts m. At e sta com awye al adv ur m s l A h a nalis t the ident jury ssion ion, o c i wh essio mee s acc ur in profe putat rk t o f o o it pro only t ther laims most our re we w ir bes e e c not . Wh jury ve the s are ty and ure th the m in ns with cei ndard tegri e the onal e r o n a t i u t s n, r r s o s o t e u y r p n p re w ou is o r clie ted u u s m en T La alis ou nd ac f n G o a At essio h all d rth e o v t f i r N pro ely w re se . ark P l s a e ia clo rests igenc ad dustr o l s R ey In e r inte ost di Go owsl ey m t Kn owsl u 770 S 6 6 23 n K 3 7X 4 85 9 41 L3 : 084 1 54 Tel x: 015 Fa



Since her debut release in 2001, ivory tinkling songstress Nerina Pallot seems to have been perpetually pedaling her wares, piano and legion of loyal fans in tow. Combining poignance and unabashed, well-crafted pop, the thirty-something chanteuse has just released her fourth studio album.

As she prepares (albeit two minutes beforehand) to take to the main stage as part of this year’s Tramlines festival, we talk to the Jersey born singer-songwriter about her tendency for touring, the influence the arrival of her son Wolfgang has had on her sound and how she’s much more comfortable on the stage. Early on in your career you opened for established acts such as Suzanne Vega and Sheryl Crow, in many cases stealing the show and gaining many new fans. How does it feel to now yourself have be a successful, established artist? I don’t really think of myself like that. I’m not very good at taking stock of where I am and where I have come from to get to where I am, I’m always looking to the next thing. How do you measure your success? Whether I am happy and enjoying what I am doing. And if I can pay my bills AND buy myself stupidly expensive shoes. It’s clear you have a loyal fan base, how did you manage to build and maintain that over the years? Gigging, gigging, gigging, online networking and messaging, gigging, gigging, gigging and more gigging. I truly believe that a fan you win from a gig will stay with you for life. I think it’s my strength - it’s definitely where I feel the most comfortable as a musician, and probably as a human being in general. The moment I get on stage, I am funnier, more outgoing, more myself than I could ever hope to be off stage. That’s why it’s so addictive. I have so much fun onstage, and I think people respond to that. I like my gigs to feel like a party where everybody’s involved - that it’s not just about a huge ego bawling at you from the stage. How has your fan interaction through YouTube and Facebook influenced your work? It’s of paramount importance. It’s so important to know, really know, your fanbase, not to imagine who might be into what you do but to find out who those people are individually and strike up a musical and non musical dialogue with them. My fanbase is modest but incredibly loyal, and the online support I have received from them has kept me making music at times when I have wanted to stop it all. For me, my relationship with my audience is integral to what I do - I am acutely aware that their loyalty is what allows me to get up every day and do the thing I love and make a living from it - so it’s a two way street, really. Can you describe the sound of your new album… Cohesive, epic and intimate, lush. (I hope!) Specifically, how has being a mother influenced the sound of your new album? Well, I think it’s made me a thousand times more vulnerable as a human being, because when you love so unconditionally and the centre of your universe is this tiny little thing, the thought of anything happening to that little person just doesn’t bear thinking about. So I look at the world differently now, and as a result have written songs like ‘History Boys’ and ‘If I Lost You Now’, which I would never have done before. Especially as you work closely with your husband, how do you balance your work and home life? We’re both obsessed with our son, our dogs, music and food so we don’t really try to make a distinction. We have no home/work life balance, which is probably really unhealthy, but it works for us!!

You clearly have proclivity towards touring. What attracts you so much to being on the road? It’s like a school trip with your best mates, except loads of booze, fags, other things if you like them and no set bed time. What’s not to like??! What are your plans for the Sheffield Tramlines set this July? I have no idea. I usually write the set list about two minutes before going on stage. Do you plan to see any other acts whilst you’re there? I would like to catch the Guillemots. They’d better play ‘Get Over It’ or I’ll cry. What current music is on the Pallot playlist? The new Jill Scott album, ‘The Light of the Sun’, ‘Pala’ by Friendly Fires. After investing your life into your music, how do you feel about the media’s influence over instant fame? The instant fame thing has always existed, but unfortunately it has bred a certain type of vacuous, can’t be arsed halfwits like Cher Lloyd who are legends in their own lunchtimes but have about as much emotional weight as a toddler. I don’t have a problem with X Factor - it’s just that it’s encouraging some very mediocre individuals to ‘live their dream’ when really they should be going to college and hoping for a career in event planning. This is not to say that there aren’t some really talented people coming through - Leona Lewis is undoubtedly an amazing singer, and JLS are a great boy band, so it can definitely be a good thing. Oops - rant over. As part of the ‘I Don’t Want To Go Out’ sessions, you’ve done many collaborations and covers, are there any you would consider releasing? I really like the cover of ‘When Doves Cry’ that I did with Bright Light Bright Light - that may well see the light of day in recorded form. What’s next for Nerina Pallot? A cup of tea and a Kit-Kat, I feel.

Nerina makes a much welcome return to Sheffield as she takes to the main stage at this year’s Sheffield Tramlines festival. Saturday 23rd July 12pm-3pm



Nerina Pallot ‘Year Of The Wolf’ available now.





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Museum Late with Tramlines Festival Do you want to start Tramlines 2011 in the right way? Head to the Millennium Gallery, Arundel Gate on Friday 22nd July. What will greet you is an explosion of creativity as the Gallery starts off the weekend in the right way, showcasing local artistic talent. There will be a selection of great British art, encompassing vastly different eras of culture and style. Displaying the works of Sheffield street artist Kid Acne, famous for his graffiti art around our city and beyond, the exhibition gives a chance to witness the genius of South Yorkshire’s answer to Banksy. If you’re looking for something more traditional, check out the John Martin exhibition. The exhibition arrived at the Millennium Gallery on 22nd June, available for public viewing until 2nd September. John Martin, who was known as the ‘lost’ apocalyptic painter of the latter half of the nineteenth century, was an artist whose work endured a love/hate relationship with the public during his career.

Denied recognition in his own lifetime, he is seen as having had a profound influence on many twentieth century artists. The night promises to impress even the most hardened critic. Throw in live DJ sets with thumping beats, some ‘live’ art, a bar stocked to the brim with Thornbridge beer, live music from the Heebie Jeebies and plenty of random creative activities and you’re sure to start off Tramlines 2011 with a bang. It promises to be an eventful evening for the sophisticated festival goer, and the best bit? It’s completely free to get in.

Details :

Museum Late with Tramlines Festival Friday 22nd July The Millennium Gallery 6pm - 8pm

WHISPERING DOLLS With Tramlines coming up, the weekend is going to see sets from some of the most talented and musically diverse acts around. One such act are up and comers, The Whispering Dolls, who talked to Chic Lifestyle, about their style, Tramlines and much more. For our readers, can you tell us more about your music? We’d like to think it’s somewhere in between The Dead Weather and Grinderman, alternative with a strong blues element. It’s also a lot darker than anything we’ve ever done before, both lyrically and musically.

What projects have you been involved in prior to your Tramlines set? Our first gig was on Leadmill’s main stage in January. It was pretty hectic, as we had the tunes but had never played them with a drummer before. We weren’t sure how they were going to go down, but people seemed to like it… That gig had a lot to live up to, and set a precedent really.

What are your plans for your Tramlines set this year? Well, we’re playing twice this year - Friday night at The Forum and Sunday afternoon at The Frog and Parrot. We’ll be playing in front of two different crowds, one very much on a high, looking forward to the weekend and one probably hungover and just starting to top up. This includes us.

Apart from your set, are there any other bands you’re looking forward to seeing?

Kuji Tramlines Tramlines is inevitably going to attract a deluge of revellers. The main stage will be crowded, and although we’re not knocking this hedonistic social scene, flailing arms and splashing spirits are not for everyone. Find retreat amongst the couture and cameras at Kuji shop. On Saturday 23rd July, take a break from fierce partying and head down to Ecclesall Road’s quirky boutique for an acoustic set. The fashion and accessory store is playing host to an afternoon of music from Indie band ‘Volcanoes’, in a set lasting from 1-4pm. The band, who are also playing at The Washington the evening before, have been described as having ‘no particular style or apparent purpose’, using this lack of direction to take their music to new places. The afternoon promises to be a relaxed, acoustic set of beautifully crafted tunes. The afternoon, whilst more relaxed than-

some of the other events hosted in the city, promises to be far from boring as the band are said to have ‘an affinity for chaos’. With a history of thinking outside of the box in areas decidedly non music related, it is set to be more than just a musical performance. With the Tramlines website describing the experience as a ‘trip to Valhalla’ and a ‘loop de loop through the dirtiest nightclubs’, the Volcanoes set promises to be both chilled out and full throttle. Not something you’ll want to miss!

Friday night at the forum should be pretty special. The lads at XRAY HORSE have got a top line up sorted, with Fallen Trees, Elephant Keys and Hot Club de Paris, so really looking forward to that. Also worth looking out for is our good friend William Barstow’s new band The Ruby Jacks. It’s their debut at tramlines, we’ve had a sneak peak and it’s sounding promising. I always said he should get a band together so looking forward to that!

I’ve heard you’ve recently been featured on a new EP, ‘Underneath the Stairs’. Can you tell us how this came about? It was the brainchild of Phil and Tom from the Elephant Keys. After the Leadmill gig we were discussing recording at their studio Fat Elephant, and Phil suggested putting an EP out with a few local bands, and we could all promote and get our music out to each others’ friends and fans. Plus it would showcase Fat Elephant Studio. It features Elephant Keys, Whispering Dolls and Dan Williamson; listening back all the songs seem to flow really well and compliment each other.

Do you have any future projects in the pipeline? Details :

Volcanoes at Kuji Shop 405 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8PG Saturday 23rd July, 1pm - 4pm

Yeah, along with the new recordings and releases, we’ll be trying to work on more of the visual side of things, so getting a few live videos on the internet, as well as trying to establish ourselves in Sheffield and further afield. It’s going to be a busy year! TRAMLINES //////////////////


In the recent years we have helped our clients in various business sectors acheive there marketing communication goals. If you would like to share the same success, feel free to give us a call on 0114 261 0708.


Prague A cosmopolitan haven with an Eastern bloc twist, Prague is fast becoming the new hotspot for holidaying Brits. A stunning city with a tragic past, Prague has served as the seat of empires, the crucible of revolutions and as the midwife to cultural rebirths. As the Amsterdam of the East moves away from its chequered, soviet-dominated history, the city is transcending its negative image and becoming a cultural idyll. Getting to Prague is cheaper than travelling across country, with many low cost airlines flogging flights from as little as £25 from most major UK airports, landing you a thirty minute drive away from the city centre. If you’re looking to slumber close to Prague’s cultural heart, St Wenceslas Square, then opt for a stay at The Julis hotel. The four star hotel is situated at the top of one of the Square’s tallest buildings, leading to stunning views of the thoroughfare below. Stylish and cosmopolitan, with gorgeous, simple rooms and sumptuous furnishings, the Julis boasts its own restaurant, bar and health suite. Prices start from 120€ per night. For a place to stay that’s slightly more removed, yet still within walking distance of the hub of the city, try First Republic Hotel, a five-minute walk from the square. With an air of casual quirkiness, its furnishings evoke a sense of the city’s cultural clash, with charmingly quaint antique style fittings standing next to ultra up-to-date amenities. You can rest here for as little at 70€ per night. If you visit Prague in the winter months you’ll witness a beautiful, snow covered metropolis,

adorned with ornate Christmas trees and beautifully intricate street decorations. A highlight in the winter months are the Prague Christmas markets. Stalls line the pedestrian centre of the city, vending everything from hand carved marionettes, to pastries and meats. In summer Prague can feel like a different city, where temperatures can soar to 35°C. Then you have a choice; bask by the beautiful Vltava River or find relief from the rays amongst the shade of Prague’s many outdoor bistros.

Ferdinand’s getaway from authoritarian court life at Konopiste Castle. Straight out of a fairy tale, the castle’s grounds are a lush space of exotic plants, neatly clipped lawns and stunning Imperial fountains. Head inside the castle and be greeted with the largesse of a by-gone era; large beast heads adorn the walls, priceless nineteenth century treasures glitter and war banners hang proudly from the ceilings. Walking into Konopiste you feel as if you’re entering the Imperial court.

The first thing that will immediately strike anyone is the city’s architecture. An Imperial style of ornate tiers and decadent architectural details line every building of St Wenceslas Square. The square is the heart of Prague’s business and cultural communities and acts as the city’s epicentre for public gatherings. Another landmark synonymous with Prague is the Charles Bridge, which runs across the Vltava River. A continuous alley of baroque-style statues line the historic gothic bridge which, by day, is home to street vendors, painters and street performers.

From serene to tumultuous, the city’s history isn’t all Viennese garden parties however, in stark contrast, the history of the city’s Jewish population is chequered at best and it needs to be experienced. Tour the Jewish quarter and learn about life, in what was once a medieval Jewish ghetto. The knowledgeable tour guides tell the colourful tale of the plight of the Jewish population throughout the pogroms of European history, with both accuracy and pathos. Including stops at an old Jewish cemetery and an ancient synagogue, the tour provides a valuable glimpse into medieval Jewish life.

Prague is much like the A-Z of central European history. From good King Wenceslas to the catalyst of the First World War, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the city’s history is a who’s who of warmongering European royalty. Day trips allow you to explore taxidermy enthusiast

From medieval to modern, if you feel the need to acquaint yourself with the history of Prague’s Jewish population in modern times then you should take a day trip to Theresienstadt. It’s a former holding camp the Nazi’s used throughout the Holocaust to detain Jews before deporta-



WANDERLUST|PRAGUE tion to Auschwitz. Theresienstadt at its height housed over 50,000 inmates. After the arrival of over 50 Danish Jews, the Danish Red Cross demanded the Nazis allow them to tour the camp to ensure decent living conditions. This tour prompted the Nazi’s to perpetuate the deception of Theresienstadt as a ‘model camp’, setting up fake shops and a café in order to fool the inspectors. The ruse worked, unfortunately, and the Nazi’s took the deception further, filming a propaganda piece centred on the camp. By no means a pleasant experience, Theresienstadt is, however, well worth a visit. If you need some breathing space from the ghosts of the city’s past then dine at one of Prague’s delightful bistros. If you’re in the square, there’s the Bredovsky Dvur restaurant, a popular eatery just off the square in the new town. With rich, meaty, spicy Czech dishes, accompanyi beers on tap and an authentic atmosphere, it’s the place to sample traditional Czech cuisine. For a lighter lunch, top tourist attraction Tram Café in the heart of Wenceslas Square is the place to stop. Two early twentieth century tramcars converted into a popular café, the quirky venue serves coffee to traditional beverages such as Hot Pear Tea.

“ culture and hedonism ” Moving from the evening, the nightlife is colourful to say the least. If you’re on the Charles Bridge you should visit Lavka Bar. Described by some as just about the best night out in Prague, it’s the perfect mix of culture and hedonism. The bar’s high-energy, cosmopolitan atmosphere contrasts with the stunning views of the historic bridge and the calming Vltava. If you want somewhere closer to the Square, head to the Duplex club and café. Right at the top of a multi-story-building in the centre of Wenceslas Square, the club boasts stunning views of the city at night from its roof top terrace. Cool and elegant, The Duplex is one of Prague’s most modern and exclusive clubs. A society on the brink of the post modern lifestyle, Prague has almost everything - lush nightspots, hearty traditional cuisine, quirky reminders of an era gone by and a tapestry of monuments that encompass the wealth of human history.

fe Tram Ca



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When a couple divorce it is a time of great upset for all involved.

Added to that, the complexity of untangling the finances and property will often be an added burden that can cause conflict throughout the process. An experienced divorce solicitor can work on your behalf to achieve the best possible settlement available to you at this time. But just how are the finances split, and what determines who will get what? Demelza Wrigley, Partner at Norrie Waite & Slater Solicitors and head of their matrimonial department explains, how the process works. The negotiation of a financial settlement will involve taking into account many factors, including: • The financial and other needs of any children • The current earnings of both parties • The potential future earning capacity of both parties • Length of the marriage • Standard of living enjoyed during the marriage and income needs • Contributions that both parties have made to the marriage, both financial and otherwise – including looking after the house or caring for children • Assets of each party, including accrued pension values

Reaching an agreement on finances

The ideal solution is for an amicable financial agreement to be reached by negotiation between both parties and their solicitors and possibly through mediation. This will help to minimise legal fees and avoid the necessity of going to court to reach a settlement. 22


If an agreement can be reached out of court then your solicitor will draw up a consent order giving full details of the agreement reached. Both parties sign this agreement and it is then sent to the court for a Judge to check it is reasonable before the court endorses it as a legally binding order.

Will the family home have to be sold?

What is a clean break?

A clean break is a type of settlement where all finances are finalised at the point an agreement is implemented. It usually involves a division of assets between the parties with no ongoing spousal maintenance. A clean break is also achievable in cases where spousal maintenance would normally be payable. If enough assets exist to enable the party liable to pay maintenance to transfer assets of a suitable amount, then this can negate the payment of maintenance on a capitalised basis.

This will depend on your financial circumstances. The courts will always seek a fair financial settlement, which can often mean an equal division of assets, unless there are reasons to depart from equality.

Once a clean break has been accepted by the court, then neither party can try to claim additional assets or maintenance at a later date, no matter what their change of circumstances.

If you wish to retain the family home, this may be possible if enough other assets exist to satisfy your ex-spouse’s financial entitlement, you can effectively pay them off and keep the house.

A clean break applies only to your spouse. It is not possible to get a financial clean break in respect of your children as you have an ongoing financial responsibility to support them.

If other assets are not sufficient then you may need to sell the property and share the proceeds so that you can both start again.

LEGAL|DIVORCE SETTLEMENTS In cases involving children, things become more complicated as their welfare is judged to be of the highest importance. If it is possible for the children to stay in the family home with one parent, this is preferable as it would cause less disruption to their lives. However, the courts will not allow an unfair settlement so this type of arrangement will depend on many other factors, such as the other parent’s income and ability to afford a second property for him/her to live in. Sometimes the family home is transferred to the primary carer of the children but with a charge registered against the property in favour of the other parent which can be realised at an agreed future date. We call this a ‘deferred charge’.

order can be made for the pension to be shared. Financial settlements are often complex and each case will be different, reflecting the differing circumstances of each couple. For more advice contact Demelza on 0114 2766166.

Can I get spousal maintenance?

The entitlement to payment of spousal maintenance depends on many factors including: • The length of the marriage • The standard of living before the divorce • Your respective needs and the needs of any dependent children • Your respective incomes from all available sources • Your respective future earnings capability • The contribution made to the marriage, either financial or by caring for children and looking after the family home As an example, if a couple have been married for 20 years and by agreement the wife gave up a well paid job to bring up the family at home, whilst the husband became the sole bread winner, then the wife’s future earnings capability may be severely compromised. In these circumstances the wife should not be penalised for her lack of earning ability. The courts see the role of the homemaker as no less important than that of the bread winner. A fair settlement may include the wife receiving half of the joint assets including the husband’s pension entitlement, as well as ongoing spousal maintenance. On the other hand, if a young couple with no children have been married for a short time and both are working, then it may be fair for them both to leave the marriage with no ongoing financial ties and taking with them what they brought into the marriage.

How are pensions treated on divorce? Pensions are treated as an asset of the marriage. This may be of particular relevance in a long marriage where one party has worked and built up a substantial pension pot, whilst the other has been the homemaker and brought up the children, losing out on a private pension entitlement.

In circumstances such as these, the party without a pension may have a claim over the other’s future pension entitlement. This may be realised in a number of ways. The entitlement could be satisfied during the financial settlement negotiations by the payment of a lump sum or by transfer of other assets. For example the party with the pension may give up some of their share of the family home to counter balance the pension benefits. In cases where sufficient other assets don’t exist, then an LEGAL DIVORCE SETTLEMENTS


Cake ‘R’ Us, Bakery & Coffee House - 151 London Road, Sheffield, S2 4LH Tel : 0114 255 88 22

Expert Legal Advice In All Criminal Matters & Accident Claims Whether it be privately or publicly funded, everyone is entitled to the best possible defence, no matter what your background. Thanks to our vast experience we can provide you with dedicated representation, regardless of the allegations you face.

We uphold a faultless reputation, based on a diverse, strong and often high profile résumé of cases. Telephone :

0128 269 98 55 07813 902 666

Members of the Law Society Criminal Litigation Scheme, Regulated bt the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Registration Number 540736

Authentic Indian Resturant take away service available

SPECIAL OFFER Papadum & Pickle Tray Any Starter Any Main Dish Pilau Rice or Naan

Only £8.95

(per person)

( Every Tuesday & Friday - Dine in only King prawn & fish dish will be charged £1.50 extra for limited time only)

“Sheffield Telegraph’s Top Ten Restaurant 2010” “Top Ten of Martin Dawes’ Finest Restaurant Reviews 2010” Simply good food at affordable prices We cater for large parties, birthdays, anniversaries etc 186 London Road, Sheffield, S2 4LT Tel: 0114 258 25 81

Guillemots What are your plans for the Sheffield Tramlines set? “We are thinking about playing a cover. Never done it before at a gig as a band.” TRAMLINES EXCLUSIVE

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// What are the Guillemots currently listening to?

Fyfe Dangerfield, MC Lord Magrão, Aristazabal Hawkes and Greig Stewart are the Guillemots. Following the critical acclaim of their first full-length release ‘Through The Windowpane’, the quirky four-piece are back in the spotlight with the medley of melodic, avant-garde pop tunes of their third studio album ‘Walk The River’. The London based band are heading North this July to help kick start Sheffield’s Tramlines festival with a free gig at the Leadmill, as well as a stint on the main stage. We caught up with percussionist Greig Stewart to chat about chart success, ‘secret gigs’ and going solo.

Arista; R+B and Hip Hop. Mc; Industrial noise bands. Fyfe; Leonard Cohen. Me; World music.

You’ve done a few secret gigs recently, how did that idea come about? Just to get away from the norm and break us in gently into gigging again. Also was good for publicity for the new record.

How does playing together in the studio compare to being on stage? Totally different. There are nerves involved but different sort of nerves for each one. Studio - after a few days the nerves go. But live - they are always there. You can practice all you like. But you can’t practice in front of an audience. It’s good to have a bit of nerves before, makes concentration better.

How did the Guillemots get together? Totally Random meetings. Fyfe knew Arista from a Utopian village musical project they were both asked to play. I met Fyfe by accident on the beach in Barcelona. MC had an advert in NME.

What is the best part about touring? Seeing other countries and meeting and talking to people after the gigs.

Why the name Guillemots? Fyfe is a bird watcher. Guillemots are a seabird.

After some time apart, how does it feel to be playing together again? Weren’t really apart for that year Fyfe’s record was out. We’d meet about 3 or 4 days a week to write the new record. Think maybe we had 3 months without seeing each other Which was healthy for us.

Fyfe’s had success with a solo career, do any other band members have solo projects?

What are your plans for the Sheffield Tramlines set? We are thinking about playing a cover. Never done it before at a gig as a band.

Fyfe is a bird watcher. Guillemots are a seabird.

Recording in Norway, late August. Then a South America tour.

See the Guillemots perform free at the Leadmill on Thursday July 21st and on the Tramlines main stage on Saturday July 23rd.

We all do have our own projects. Arista is working on her solo record just now. MC has a band and also makes short films and does music for films. I have a dance band called ‘Elephant Shampoo’. Check it out; elephant-shampoo

What inspires the sound of the Guillemots?

How important is chart success to you?

We all come from different musical backgrounds. So it’s different for everyone else. For me it’s listening and playing different rhythms from around the world and getting them into Guillemots songs.

I would be lying if I said it wasn’t. But not to the point where we would try and write music solely for that purpose. If it happened, then it would be nice. Also I could do with the money.

Do you write together as a band?

What tracks on the album are you most excited about playing live?

How does the sound of this album differ from your last?

I love playing ‘I Must Be a Lover’ - it’s got a good groove. Also ‘Yesterday is Dead’. Just love the repetitive feel.

It’s more of us playing live, and it’s an emotional sad record.

Yes. We improvise in the rehearsal studio and Fyfe records everything. Then he will go away and develop the songs. Also he will come in with full songs he’s written.

What’s next for the band?





10th Year Anniversary SPECIAL OFFER Papadum & Pickle Tray Any Starter Any Main Dish Pilau Rice or Nan

Only £10.95

Per Person

Every Tuesday - Dine In Only (King Prawn & Fish Dishes Will Be Charged Extra - Starters £1.00 & Mains £2.00) For A Limited Period



OVER £15.00 From Sunday to Thursday Only For A Limited Period

Terms And Conditions: Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, Management have the right to withdraw this offer at any time

A new fashion icon in the form of our very own Duchess of Cambridge has been born! Fashion press around the world simply can’t get enough of our stylish English rose and her recent fashion transformation. Flying the flag for British designers and local high street chains, Kate has caused quite a stir with fans, even crashing the Reiss website into meltdown after she stepped out in their ‘Shola’ dress!


KATE MIDDLETON Recreate Kate’s look with our suggestions below, it’s time to get ‘posh’.

Paying homage to the great British designer Alexander McQueen, Kate looks professional and chic whilst keeping warm. For elegance on those chilly nights, add a crisp white blazer to your outfit:

Kate ‘Alexander McQueen’ Jacket vs.Reiss ‘Hazel’ Blazer £195

Showcasing another British Designer, Kate is the perfect princess. Don this sparkly number from Marks and Spencer for a night of dancing and cocktails:

Rule Britannia in this patriotic red box jacket:

Kate Red Jacket vs. Hobbs ‘Britannia’ Jacket £129

Kate – Jenny Packham dress with LK Bennett shoes vs. Marks and Spencer dress £85


Once again proving that a simple cut and fresh colour is fabulous; add some bright accessories like Kate to update the look:

Kate Reiss White Dress vs. Coast ‘Irah’ Shift Dress £110

Already a fan of fashion chain ‘Reiss’, could this ‘Livia’ Dress be Kate’s next purchase?

Kate Navy ‘Erdem’ Dress vs. French Connection ‘Anna Lace Dress’ £110

Unfortunately this famous dress is no longer available in store or online and Reiss have announced they will not be making anymore. Grab this lookalike from Tesco instead for less than half the price tag!

Kate Reiss ‘Shola’ Dress vs. Tesco F&F Dress £30



Let Your Business Grow With our easy to use professional websites.

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Shopping L


For the C ~ .450g coar rab Cake Burge rs .3 large sh se crabmeat allots, p .2 tbsp e eeled a n with Spicy Remoulade .2 tbsp frxetra virgin olive oild finely diced Favouring seasonal ingredients and lusting after the delicious edibles provided by Britain’s .1 lemon, sh chopped parsle shores, we sourced a crab infused seafood recipe with a generous splash of spice. y .2 eggs, bezest only a t To Cook: Prepared in 2 hours, cooked in 10 minutes, serves 4. .175ml m en .cook Heat the olive oil in a small frying pan over a medium heat. Add the shallots and .100g fresayonnaise for five minutes, or until just softened. Remove the shallots from the pan and set aside to cool. .3 tbsp su h breadcrumbs .4 brioche nflower oil .beaten In a large bowl, using your hands, mix the shallots with the crabmeat, parsley, eggs, lemon zest, mayonnaise, salt, freshly ground black pepper and .Large pin buns, toasted breadcrumbs until well combined. .Freshly g ch of coarse salt .leave Shape into four equal-sized burgers. Wrap each burger tightly with clingfilm and ro to chill in the fridge for at least two hours, or overnight. For the S und black pepper .burgers Heat the sunflower oil over a medium-high heat in a large frying pan. Cook the .250ml of picy Remoulade for 1 minute on each side, until golden-brown. .10 gherk mayonnaise .bowl For the spicy remoulade, combine all the remoulade ingredients in a small .1 tbsp Thins, finely chopped and mix well. .2 tbsp pe ai hot sauce/ hot c .brioche Squeeze some of the lemon juice over each burger and serve on the toasted buns, spread generously with the spicy remoulade. .½ juice o eled, finely choppe hilli sauce d onion .¼ freshlyf a lemon

Crab Cake Burgers


Sum- is ritish h dly, B oat, let t e s o c p , sup your rain is t a h an w iminea in ummer. its th s h er fru nd the c d zest of m m u n su resh uddle aro armth a f le w p h o sam have to elling the n ime t u tter t ven if yo in chan e b No . E ktail aid time mer aça coc h cac a


Nic Berry chaç

. 6cl caall limes es . 2 smw raspberri es lled . A fe w blueberri diced and hu . A fe rawberries gar to cut in . 6 st sp brown su and m o b tt .1t e bo nd th

e: ove the toopttoam. k a M To lime, rem top to b


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s. errie to a each ts, from lime the b e fruits. f Wash segmen d o d s h a t ce n from small d pie s, the juice run freely ar an g e u h s t g es e the leasin e juic dd th Add e, re until th ler. A m b li m le e h d tu . dle t mud small d stir Mud tinue to to a d ice an in n p o C cke serve scoo rries, one and cra e e b c ing traw. Pla chaça main ts ca ith re nd shor w h a is r n r e r a G a stir with


Sriracha is a Thai hot sauce named after the costal city of Si Racha, Thailand. A paste of chilli peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt, it traditionally accompanies Thai seafood dishes.

black p



Upon arriving at this chic, post modern bistro, an air of sophistication immediately hits as the sights, sounds and colours of a restaurant that is clearly catered to the young professional set is immediately evident. After quickly hanging your coats, the efficient wait staff will escort you to your table. Tables at Prezzo are all up-to-date, all boasting beautiful, faux-wood panelling and plush seats that, whilst hardly lending a unique feeling to your dining experience, do add to it a certain sense of authenticity.

“ fashionably predictable ”

Lasagne dish. Inspired by recipes straight from the Tuscan heart land, done simply this dish is full of gooey béchamel sauce that will make your mouth water. Prezzo is stereotypical modern meets stereotypical Italian; the end result being something new altogether. PREZZO 631 Ecclesall Road Sheffield S11 8PT TEL : 0114 267 05 65


This is definitely the same feel one gets for Prezzo’s menu. To sum it up in one description - fashionably predictable. All the usual dishes one would expect from such a place are on there, including certain Italian staple dishes such as a variety of pizzas and pastas, but since the restaurant is primarily Italian in feel and in menu, though a predictable choice for the professional set, it really does work with the over all tone of the place. Saying that, the food is light and charming, not too filling and perfect for a business meal. The pizzas are fluffy, yet not stodgy, with an array of Mediterranean inspired toppings to suit the most ardent southern-European cuisine enthusiast. A particular highlight is the Traditional

u : love_prezzo f : loveprezzo Ring now to book a table.


Bar 27 27 Boston Street, Sheffield

The Steel City is deluged with watering holes for the sophisticated drinker. West Street is lined with so many bars that it’d be impossible to visit them all in one night. Trippet Lane is home to more than one of the city’s cocktail havens and Leopold Square is a hotspot for alfresco socialising. Where you may not think to look for a chic night out however, is anywhere near London Road.


srent whicphirit. Raoilaobm le to ottle of sests and u b Av for g de a mail: inclu mpagne ervice, e Cha itress s tmail.c wa r27@ho info. ba r more fo

Nestled amongst classically British buildings, Bar 27 is humble and unassuming from the outside. Stepping inside however, is like going from slow to full throttle. What awaits is a modern oasis in the midst of a brick desert.

“ crystal chandeliers ”

BAR 27 27 Boston Street Sheffield S2 4QE TEL : 07976 938 915


The place is futuristic meets classic chic, with modern style faux crystal chandeliers hanging over toned down, Warhol-esque prints of classic rock icons, such as Kurt Cobain and Debbie Harry. It’s boho-chic vibe fits in well with what the bar is trying to project, an image of itself as the new ‘must visit’ bar of Sheffield. The drinks menu matches this feel, being filled with classic cocktails and sophisticated

wines that fall perfectly into the image of what the typical bar geared towards young professionals should be. Mixed with the off-beat, indie vibe the place gives off with its music dedicated to slightly less mainstream artists, it provides a good balancing act. Inner city experience, away from the hustle and bustle of West Street. u : bar27sheffield f : bar27shef

Opening Hours : Mon - Sun, 3pm - 12.30am

You Drink We Drive 0114 239-39-39 - - Sheffield’s No1

Come along to Sheffield 8’s new Indian restaurant where you will enjoy fabulous food prepared by our award winning chef and served in spectacular surroundings, we are open every night of the week from 6pm

A La Carte Restaurant - Monday Evening Buffet - Party Catering Private Dining Room - Takeaway Menu - Full Licensed

Forehead Lines

Brow Lift Between Eye Brows Crows Feet

Sunny Lines

Nose To Mouth Lines Bleeding Lines Upper Lip Marionette Lines Lip Contouring Chin Lower Face Wrinkle Relaxing


With an unruly mane threatening to take over my head, I decided it was time to hunt out another of Sheffield’s salons to seek some hairy expertise. This month, I paid a visit to The Hairband on Ecclesall Road. Having driven past countless times, I could resist no longer and the contemporary and twinkling exterior enticed me in! Run by Artistic Director Paul Oates, the salon is the longest established business on Ecclesall Road, having been there since 1976. Paul himself has been cutting hair for an impressive 40 years, passing his knowledge and skill onto his assistants with in-house training taking place every Tuesday.

isit, rst v k on fi n ount disc ehairba nditions .th s & co ffers. w w w r term ther o fo nd o a

“ hair haven ” The salon interior is a stylish, modern mix of sparkling glass, funky sixties inspired furnishings, grey and white flowers and glittering lights. With a layout much more inspiring than the average salon, the ground floor cutting stations are suspended on a raised platform, with colouring chairs to the rear and The Hair Spa right at the back. Hidden behind a glass wall, The Hair Spa is a world away from the business of the main salon, a softly lit hair haven with soothing music, calming blue and green spotlights and black walls. Having been met warmly at reception, I was introduced to Paul, who would be my stylist. My hair was mess of overloaded product, so I was ushered to The Hair Spa for a swift shampoo to see what lay beneath the hairspray. Paul Mitchell Clarifying shampoo was rubbed in to dig out the dulling products, then dried. I’d neglected my strands for a couple of months so they were in need of a trim and a boost of colour; Paul whipped out the colour charts and selected a pale golden blonde and warm caramel to add a bit of warmth to my highlighted hair. Holly, my colourist, set about applying the colour with foils, adding a bit of lighter blonde to the roots on top and working more of the caramel throughout the rest of my hair. Armed with a hot chocolate and stack of magazines, I was left under the heater for the colour to develop.



Having confessed my love of big hair, Paul applied a Paul Mitchell volumising styling lotion then brandished the blow dryer and got to work with a large rounded brush, brushing up against the root to boost in some oomph, with a spritz of Paul Mitchell Super Clean Finishing Spray to add fullness and thicken hair. To finish, Paul backcombed the top of my hair, scooped it up into an elegant up and pinned to perfection with a highly quiffed top, without being too neat. The result? I enjoyed every minute of my time at The Hairband, with all needs catered for by Paul’s enthusiastic assistants. My barnet has a tendency to be annoyingly limp but Paul successfully achieved unbelievable volume whilst keeping smoothness and shine and quenching my locks, something which even stuck around for the next couple of days! For a pampering treat and superstar hairdo, I’d recommend The Hairband for anyone after something a bit special.

THE HAIRBAND 625 Ecclesall Road Sheffield S11 8PT TEL : (0114) 268 56 85


After about 30 minutes, I hopped across to The Hair Spa again (my favourite part of the salon!), where an assistant gently removed the foils and washed my hair, using a Paul Mitchell volumising shampoo and conditioner to boost life into my limp locks, repair damage and maximise shine. I was then treated to a deeply nourishing treatment, with Paul Mitchell Lemon and Sage Thickening conditioner, promising to add zest to my locks, boost volume, detangle, protect and refresh, all soothed in with a relaxing head, neck and shoulder

massage, then washed out.

u : thehairband f : the-hairband Telephone for all appointments

on The Transformati & Bumble shampoo with Bumble shed hair thoroughly ck and sides . Waed ved short ba . Dri t haanir ddosha wn to length on top to sides . Cu dually ble ed hair from top . Graled hair witnd erican Crew Fiber . Styed hair throhugAm . Dri tured hair hout . Texled and finished off with Boost by American Crew . Sty

Bookings at www.wig

11 West One Plaza, Fitzwilliam Street, Sheffield, S1 4JB

Tel: 0114 270 03 36 or 0114 278 07 02 WWW.WIGSANDWARPAINT.COM

Summer brings about a whole new host of beauty conundrums – but there’s no need to wallow in a mess of melting mascara and dwindling fake tan. As always, I’m here to sprinkle my beauty tips and techniques on even the trickiest of holiday problems! Up this month: Ploys to get you looking bikini ready with minimal effort, plus the lowdown on holiday make up. My tireless research into the beauty world of Sheffield this month took me to the Tanning and Beauty Clinic in the city centre, where I was treated to the skin smoothing Crystal Clear facial.

Holiday Make Up Sun, sea and… melting make up. Not particularly ideal when you’re aiming to ooze glamour and sophistication on the poolside. It’s easy to forget that holiday makeup is much different to that required of everyday British climes, but a face caked in make up just won’t work when the rays are burning down.

“ sunkissed beauty ” The key to beating this facial conundrum (the alternative being simply giving up completely, opting for a crypt-like, mak up-less look, something which would never cross your mind to do at home), is preparation. Think effortless, sunkissed

beauty – prepare for this with a spot of fake tan to boost a bit of colour into your cheeks before the genuine bronze takes hold; semi-permanent lashes give length, volume and definition to your eyes without the risk of panda eyes; an eyebrow tint for perfectly proportioned brows. Remember any mascara needs to be waterproof and lip balm is a must for juicy lips. On a balmy night out on the terraces, forget the heavy foundation and replace with tinted moisturiser or a dusting of mineral powder, with a spot of bronzer or cream blusher on the apples of your cheeks. A touch of peach or gold eyeshadow will complement the sunkissed look perfectly.

Bikini Body Cheats Summertime equals holidays, and holidays equal bikinis (or Speedos?), making a bikini body a must for strutting your envious self on the beach. Dreading the hours of sweaty boredom spent on a relentless treadmill, a measly vegetable-crammed diet and hundreds of tiresome ab crunches? No need to despair – luckily there is a sneaky alternative for those too busy to hit the gym. A flurry of cellulite busting, skin toning products have burst onto the market to make a movie star body all that bit more of a reality.

“ movie star body ” Soap & Glory’s ‘Sit Tight’ gel promises to work miracles – sitting down actually helps the product to work! Once applied in the morning, the friction and heat of sitting down triggers the movement of the product to the lower body areas most affected by fatty tissue build up. Loaded with caffeine, the product drains and firms to result in a peachy bum. 40

Bliss offers a huge range of cellulite busting tricks, including The Lovehandler – a caffeine-filled gel focused on banishing those wobbly bits around the abs and waist. Stimulating skin surface firmness as well as improving tone and contour, the product works on shifting those hard-tobeat love handles. Lush’s offering is Lovely Jubblies – a firming lotion to tighten up the bust, décolletage, stomach and bottom. Loaded with cold pressed, organic oils, meadowsweet, orange blossom and rose, this fragrant treat promises to have the ‘Jubblies’ tightened up in no time.

Our Choice ////////////////////////////////// 1.Soap & Glory, Sit Tight - £14.30, 2.Bliss, The Lovehandler - £30.70, 3.Lush, Lovely Jubblies - £14.85,

uck l d goo

x e t Ka


The Tanning & Beauty Clinic

A haven of all things beauty, The Tanning and Beauty Clinic is a firm fixture on the Sheffield beauty scene, hot on the heels of any new treatment to hit salons. Hearing tales of a new Crystal Clear facial, I popped down to find out more.

“ exlixir for skin ” Met by beauty therapist Rebekah, I popped downstairs to the treatment room and got comfortable on the bed. After ensuring my hair was tied out of the way, Rebekah started the treatment with a superficial cleanse to my face with Crystal Clear Wipe Away The Years – a cleansing milk for all skin types, which removes makeup with no need for toner. This was followed with a dose of Deep Cleanse Gel, soothed on with warm, soft pads to dig out dirt and make up, dissolving grease, grime and excess sebum, all whilst leaving a protective film on the skin to lock in moisture.

Once dry, the face mask easily peeled off; no tugging or pulling of hairs required!

Rebekah finished off by soothing in the Skin Brightening Complex, a cream to lighten pigmentation, brighten skin and give an all over radiant complexion. The final result? Straight after the treatment my skin felt clean and refreshed, and looking in the mirror I discovered my skin was smooth and soft! A problem spotty area had noticeably reduced in redness and my whole face looked clearer and silky. This is one of the most effective facials I’ve ever tried so I’d recommend Crystal Clear to anyone with problem skin or even just for a skin rejuvenation – very impressive!

THE TANNING AND BEAUTY CLINIC 49 Church Street, Sheffield, S1 2GL Tel: (0114) 270 19 32


Once the gel had been wiped off with toasty, damp towels, it was time for the scrub. Rebekah soothed in the Crystal Skin Polish; a gentle facial exfoliator. The fine micro crystals give a microdermabrasion effect to the skin, nourishing the skin with essential oils whilst gentle enough for any skin type. Hidden treats in the polish include ruby to encourage microcirculation, which in turn increases collagen, and honey to promote skin suppleness. Using circlular movements, Rebekah gently rubbed the scrub over my face and neck, removing dead skin cells to reveal the sparkling new skin underneath.

Next up came the Skin Repair Serum; a light, anti-aging moisturiser which can be used on any skin type. Stimulating cell renewal, the serum helps wrinkle reduction, increasing the skin’s firmness. On average by 14 per cent within 21 days. Containing plant extract to repair skin, whilst rebalancing skin with amino acids, the product is an elixir for skin! Rebekah then applied a Mini Lift face mask, freezing cold so a bit of a chilly shock to the skin but I could feel the product instantly cooling and soothing my face. Intensively hydrating and lifting, the mask firms and smoothes, reducing redness and giving an almost botox-like effect. Whilst setting, Rebekah treated me to a lovely hand massage, kneading my lower arm, hand and fingers with oil – very relaxing!

Want to be reviewed in our magazine? Contact us on 0114 261 07 08 or email us at

Crystal Clear is a range of hi-tech beauty and skincare products, all aiming to deliver immediate and outstanding results and a favourite with celebs. Eager to try it out for myself, I was treated to the Express Facial. Opening times Mon - Fri 9.30am - 7.00pm Sat 9.30am - 7.00pm




DOG & PARTRIDGE DOG & PARTRIDGE Country Inn Derbyshire

Life can be stressful, the hustle and bustle of a modern metropolis can wear you down. What you need is a break, to get away from all the noise and the stress. Why not take a trip to the country? The Dog and Partridge Country Inn is the ideal retreat. Roughly an hour and a half by train from Sheffield in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, this throwback to simple living personifies country life. Set in the midst of the Peak District’s stunning natural flora, the Inn is surrounded by breathtaking views of the English countryside. An idyllic, farm house-esque building with exposed black-painted woodwork and whitewashed walls, the Dog and Partridge Inn is the perfect place to sit back, breathe in some country air and get back to nature.

“ breathtaking views ” Family owned for over twenty years, the Inn is a popular stop-off for walkers, ramblers and climbers. Favouring rustic over resplendent, the rooms are simple, with guesthouse style furnishings and lightly patterned wallpaper. Like a throwback to the days of yesteryear, the rooms have a quaint air with quirky, mismatched furniture and large, comfortable double beds. It isn’t living in the lap of luxury, but from £75 per night for a double room in such a beautiful setting, it’s likely you’ll spend little time in your room. Surrounded by high, open moorlands, picturesque dales, rivers and limestone cliffs, there is plenty to explore for those with a love of nature. Close by attractions include the stately home and landscaped gardens of the Chatsworth House Estate, The Heights of Abraham and Alton Towers. If you absolutely must work, the Inn specialises in conference and meeting facilities. Rooms set up to hold meetings include an OHP projector, flip chart, television, slide projector and good quality conference furniture. Complementary drinks are also provided to ensure the comfort of those working in the spacious, sunlit rooms.

down on summer evenings, and if you’re aching from all the activity, solace for sore muscles can be found in the hot tub. It isn’t cocktails at the Radisson, but if you’re seeking a break from the city, the Dog and Partridge is the ideal scenic locale. The country air will leave you feeling refreshed and will insert calm into even the most stressed city-dweller. Dog and Partridge Swinscoe, Ashbourne Derbyshire DE6 2HS TEL : 01335353183


After a hard day of walking or working you don’t have to venture far for country cuisine. Locally farmed trout, Derbyshire Stilton and traditional Staffordshire oatcakes are amongst the offerings on the menu at The Dog and Partridge. The Inn’s lounge authenticity matches that of any isolated village pub, with an exposed brick chimney, mismatched furnishings and small, framed pictures of the countryside gracing the walls. Refreshments include village ales such as Nemesis and Oblivion on tap (both of which are locally brewed) as well as wines and spirits. In winter months you can enjoy a whiskey and a warm by the log fire. A private garden area provides a peaceful spot to watch the sun go free wireless internet Just 10 minuites to Alton Towers

r QR ith yocucess w n a c S e r to a Readeebsite for eth the w& Partridg . ////// Dog ///////// / / / / / / / / ///



Graves Art Gallery and Central Library

The Steel city has been heralded in recent times as being the centre of Northern culture. Set against our city’s skyline are some of the most beautiful, architecturally inventive buildings in the western world. Housed amongst such buildings are Sheffield’s museums, art galleries and centres of learning, which are internationally regarded with high esteem. None more so than the Graves Gallery and Central Library.

figures almost seem to fly from the non fiction books and the characters appear to jump off the pages of the fiction books. The library is extremely modern, boasting everything from a children’s library and video and music rentals to reference sections and interactive-style tech pods. All services are relatively efficient and up to date, with an effectively organised referencing system to aid you in your learning experience. What’s more, there’s a wide variety of subject matter, from fantasy and sci-fi to books chronicling the history of the European medieval wars of religion. Speaking of all things European, if you

has regular exhibitions. One currently running until the 13th of August is ‘The Triumph of Maximillian the 1st’ exhibition. Maximillian the 1st was a Sixteenth Century Holy Roman Emperor obsessed with his own death; he carried his own coffin with him wherever he travelled. In turn, before the age of photography he turned to portraiture to ensure he was remembered. The exhibition displays a series of miniature paintings commissioned by the macabre head of the Holy Roman Empire, which depict his achievements as ruler over a large swathe of medieval Europe. Exciting, innovative and daring, this cultural hub of

The library is extremely modern, boasting everything from a children’s library and video and music rentals to reference sections and interactive-style tech pods.

Situated in what now is the heart of Sheffield’s art and theatre district, the Victorian establishment has long been home to visual art. Avid art collector and local businessman John George Graves financially supported the opening of the gallery back in 1934. One is greeted with the neutral colours and clear lines that typify everything that the post modernist movement stands for. Post modernist really is the buzz phrase, as everything about the building screams it, from the mod cons lining the walls to its lights, fixtures and fittings.



However if you want something more exciting than standard gallery fair, Graves

information is a must for anyone who lives and breathes academia.


Scan ////////////// Read with your ///////// websiter to accesQR Art Ga e for Grav s the llery es // ////////


Graves Art Gallery 48 Arundel Gate, Sheffield S1 2PP TEL (0114) 278 26 00


This also applies as you step up onto the first floor of the building, and into the library. Teeming with knowledge, facts and

care to take a trip a few floors up you’ll arrive at the Graves Gallery. What will greet you is a lightly, but sumptuously decorated space, sleek hardwood floors and glitteringly shining lights gracing the high vaulted ceilings. Moving onto the actual art itself, there is certainly a wide range of pieces from varying styles and cultures, from eccentrically dark African statues to the more typical portrait style of art that has come to personify the entirety of the western European art movement. A particular highlight is the unadorned black and white picture art pieces hanging from the walls, which are absolutely stunning in their simplicity.


u : museumsheffield f : museums.sheffield Opening hours : Mon - Sat, 10am - 5pm


Where Teamwork Counts Introducing some of the team members at Lookers Ford who are ready and willing to answer all your questions and share their expert advice with you.

The new state-of-the-art Sheffield South showroom at Archer Road, which opened at the end of last year, is fast gaining a reputation for having the friendliest staff in the area, all of whom specialise in different areas and are dedicated to the highest level of customer care. Fronting the team is general sales manager Ryan Smith, who started in the motor industry in 2005 as a sales representative. Beginning his career at the Saville Street site, when it was Dixons Ford, Ryan stayed on when Lookers took over and helped the business achieve the prestigious title of Dealership of the Year. Ryan, of Pontefract, praises the new site in Sheffield 8 for its friendly atmosphere and the fact local residents no longer have to travel across the city to benefit from the the services and quality of care offered at Saville Street. One of his goals is to see the local operation land its own Dealership of the Year award.

Business manager Adam Devoy is in charge of the finance side of things, ensuring that customers get one-on-one attention and all the help they require to find the right finance package for their situation. Overseeing the accounts, Adam can help car buyers with their finances, often even those with not-sogood credit ratings. “Even if people haven’t got amazing credit scores, we can help them with it and find the right deal for them. You don’t have to have the best credit rating in the world,” explained Adam, of Pontefract. With six years experience in the motor industry, Adam previously worked at Lookers Saville Street site for almost three years.

to suit you for the next three years.”

“ award winning cars ” Offering an extensive range of award-winning cars, some for nil advanced payment and others for low initial rent, the Motability scheme helps disabled people, their families and their carers to become mobile. Senior advisor Steve, of Rotherham, has five years industry experience and has been working for the Motability scheme for three of them. With seven years experience in motoring, Glenn, of Barnsley, began specialising in Motability when he made the move to the Archer Road site this January. Committed to turning first time customers into customers for life, after-sales manager Pete Dent plays a huge role at Lookers Ford. With more than 30 years experience - ten of them as service manager at the Saville Street site Sheffield’s Pete is an expert in all things Ford.

Servicing your car regularly is an important part of keeping it in tip-top condition and Lookers service advisor Tracey Dearn is your first port of call. With more than 25 years industry experience working with Ford, Tracey has worked for Lookers for five years and prior to that spent 13 years with Dixons and a decade with the GK Group. Tracey, of Intake, is enjoying working at the new South Sheffield site because of its relaxed feel and the friendly customers she meets.

“ Motability specialists ” Motability specialists Glenn Day and Steve Cooper are dedicated to finding the right car to match your needs and requirements. Dealing in new and used cars, Glenn and Steve make sure that customers get the best value for money on vehicles that suit them. “It’s not just about getting a new motor car,” said Steve. “We talk about your needs and requirements, arrange test drives and make sure we have the right car for you and one that’s going

Accreditation to Heron Publications Ltd, Publishers of Active8 Magazine

Also vital to the winning formula at the South Sheffield venue is the workshop team, all of whom are trained to the highest standards by Ford with all the latest diagnostic equipment.

Lookers is now at Sheffield South. 185 Archer Road, Sheffield, S8 0JX Tel: 0114 2356 300

MOMENTUM|REVIEW Infiniti EX30d GT Premium

Opulent travel is something I could easily become accustomed to; after test driving the new Infiniti EX30d GT Premium my motoring appetite is hungry for more. The second diesel to come from the mouths of Infiniti, the FX30d crossover promises to raise the bar for diesel engine refinement and vehicle safety, on top of delivering the brand’s greenest environmental performance yet. Priced from £35,975, the intimidating price of Infiniti’s SUV offering towers over that of its more prestigiously badged rivals; the Audi Q5 starts at £28,000, whilst BMW’s X1 clocks in at just £24,270. Faced with this stiff competition, the EX30d needs to pull something pretty impressive out of the bag.

“ intimidating price ” I was offered the top of the range model – the EX30d GT Premium, priced at a shuddering £41,220. As an SUV, the model is halfway in between a saloon car and a 4x4; designed to be a crossover alternative for those wanting a little bit more without going the whole hog with a full blown, growling beast. Although a intuitive idea, sometimes I find these designs to look a bit odd; neither here nor there SUVs can resemble the poor man’s four wheel drive. On first glance however, the Infiniti’s exterior is attractive; a slightly over-elongated bonnet perhaps but sly, snake-like headlights, tinted windows and a huge grill offering a refined air of street credibility. Sitting in the driver’s seat one sinks into the body hugging leather upholstery; equipped with seat adjusting tricks to refine the perfect position, keeping one from feeling lost in a sea of overly dominating fixtures, helped by the ten-way power driver’s seat with memory, electrically adjustable steering column, heated front seats and rear air conditioning vent. The interior is dominated by a huge central block

Infiniti EX30d GT Premium Price: £41,220 Max speed: 137mph 0-62 mph: 7.9 seconds Combined mpg: 33.2

of technology, boasting a large digital screen with Around View Monitor for a 360 degree bird’s eye view of the car and its surroundings, and the acclaimed Connectiviti+ sat nav. Four times faster than the previous version, the 30GB hard drive offers 3D graphics on a high resolution touch screen, access to Michelin Green Guide tourist information, gastronomical Red Guide and automatic warnings of fixed-position safety cameras. On the sound front, Connectiviti+ hosts a 10GB Music Box, large enough to store music in from up to 300 CDs.

into gear the piezo-injection 3.0 litre V6 diesel engine, boasting more torque than Infiniti’s petrol V8; delivering more miles per gallon yet emitting less CO2 than the petrol models; refined to give low noise and vibration; tuned to resemble the sound of a sporting engine. Being used to driving a manual car, the automatic Infiniti was something of a change and didn’t manage to dispel my belief that an automatic takes something away from the thrill of driving. That aside, however, I was impressed with the ride - smooth and incredibly effortless;

A wave of cream interior swamped me as I settled in to my seat; perhaps not my personal choice as the thick carpet was already gathering dirt and a zero tolerance on shoes would be slightly over the top. After a brief flick through the Around View Monitor I was already confused; that would certainly take some practice. But on to the important bit – the drive itself. A keyless start (with no obviously specific place to keep the key?) kicks

a touch of the wheel and tap on the accelerator could easily nudge the vehicle into place. Although larger than what I was used to, the EX30d felt much smaller than its actual size when behind the wheel, making manoeuvres simple. My rear passengers were a little disappointed with the back seat space however; the curved shape of the vehicle means the rear is narrower, and leg room disappointing.

Engine layout: 3.0 litre V6 diesel Max. power (bhp): 235 Max. torque (lb.ft): 406 at 1750rpm CO2: 224g/km



With a top speed of 137mph, reaching 0-62mph in 7.9 seconds, the EX30d certainly stands by its promise to keep a sporting coupé style. Adaptive Shift Control, sevenspeed automatic transmission, active torque distribution all-wheel drive, Xenon cornering headlights, front and rear parking sensors, 18-inch alloy wheels, Scratch Shield selfhealing paint, cruise control and audio system all come as standard, even in the entry model. The über luxurious GT Premium version is packed with added safety features: Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC),

Intelligent Brake Assist (IBA) and Forward Collision Warning (FCW). ICC ensures a safe distance is kept from the car in front when cruise control is operating, and when off a combination of IBA and FCW is constantly on alert. As an additional safety feature in the diesel model, Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) warns the driver if the car is going to stray out of lane, then takes action if the warning is not heeded, applying gentle braking on one side

Tel: 0114 239-39-39 Sheffield’s No1

You Drink We Drive


of the car to guide the vehicle back into lane, an innovative taster of the automotive technology to come, available in Europe for the first time from Infiniti. Although incredibly pricey when compared to its rivals, the Infiniti EX30d GT Premium is loaded with luxury features, lavishly equipped to offer the driver a feeling of opulence whilst entertained with a wealth of gadgets and gizmos, safe in the knowledge that a suite of innovative safety technology encases the driver behind the scenes. Personally, I found the drive a bit too simple – more like being driven around than driving myself – but when out of the inner-city the fierce snarl of the engine offers a sporting thrill once the accelerator is pressed; a sense of inferiority to other road users that only an SUV can offer.

PRO’S & CON’S Allure Comfort Spaciousness Overall //////////////////////////



Let Your Business Grow With The Most Dynamic Forms Of Advertising

.. .. .


Contact For More Information : Tel : 0114 261 07 08 Email: Web:

Chic Lifestyle Magazine // Issue 36 // 2011  

This month we interview Nerina Pallot & Guillemots percussionist Greig Stewart ,ahead of their shows in Sheffield this July.

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