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We meet property mogul Mohammed Mahroof

Bodybuilding pro Paul Jenkins introduces us to his weight-loss supplement We take a closer look at Satyajit Ray’s astounding Apu Trilogy Our fashion pages go pastel perfect Front Cover Artwork: Supplied by Janan courtesy of Upendo Images

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07 Insight - Apu Trilogy | Page 30 Satyajit Ray’s Apu Trilogy is Indian cinema’s greatest achievement and arguably the best film trilogy of all time. We take a closer look

Editor’s Letter Here at Asian Chic, each month we strive to highlight the most creative, influential and entrepreneurial individuals within Yorkshire’s Asian communities; we feel that this month’s issue is our best yet. This issue of Asian Chic is particularly special as it marks our expansion north into Bradford, where we’ve enjoyed meeting a whole host of new business-minded individuals over this past month. Sheffield based Chartered Surveyor Mohammed Mahroof kindly took time out of his busy schedule to chat with Chic this month; our meeting with him provided a fascinating insight into both his own history as one of the nation’s first Asian Chartered Surveyors and into the future of Britain’s property market. We also had the pleasure of chatting to local bodybuilder and businessman Paul Jenkins, who talked us through the benefits of his new weight-loss formula, DNA Lean. For this month’s Insight, we decided to take a look at India’s greatest cinematic achievement, the Apu Trilogy - a trilogy of Bengali films directed by Indian Icon Satyajit Ray. I had a great time re-watching these stunning films and researching Ray himself, and I strongly urge you to seek the DVDs out - you’ll be moved.

DNA Lean - Paul Jenkins | Page 32 Inside: Property mogul Mohammed Mahroof gives us his advice on estate management Body building pro Paul Jenkins introduces us to his unique supplement, DNA Lean We take an insight into the astounding Apu Trilogy Our fashion pages go pastel perfect

Issue 07

Front Cover Artwork: Supplied by Janan courtesy of Upendo Images

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Bodybuilder and proprietor of online store British Bodybuilding Supplements, Paul “Boulders” Jenkins, dropped by to tell us all about his latest weight-loss product, DNA Lean

We do like to take care of you here at Asian Chic, with that in mind, we’ve called in local health and well-being specialist Penelope Crawford to give us her hottest tips to feeling your best - this month we’re learning how to eat ourselves happy, looking at the positive mental benefits of our grub! Of course we have all our regular features, including a glance in at some of Yorkshire’s most promising up-and-coming-businesses. Our itchy-footed traveller pays a visit to the cultural melting pot that is Corfu, and gives us his tips on how to get the best out of our Grecian getaway. The most chic of the Chic staff gives you a sneaky look at Sougat Paul’s summer collection, while resident rev-head Tim Barnes-Clay talks us through the dynamic Mazda3 1.6 – what more could you ask for? Your editor

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Local Businesses | Page 06 We take a look at two of Yorkshire’s most exciting entrepreneurial endeavours; Mahmoods and Cairo Zaks

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Mohammed Mahroof | Page 10

Hussain Shafique

We talk with Sheffield based chartered Surveyor, Mohammed Mahroof, and get an informed insight into the future of the property market

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Travel - Corfu | Page 35 This month, we come from a Grecian culture-clash paradise, Corfu

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Paul Jenkins, DNA Lean, Mohammed Mahroof, Upendo Images, Uma Cakes, Interpal, Maysa Fashion, Redlands Business Centre, Janan Luxury Fashion

Asian Fashion | Page 18 A look at Sougat Paul’s pastel perfect summer collection

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Motoring - Mazda3 1.6 | Page 40 Our resident rev-head Tim Barnes-Clay gives us his take on the sleek Mazda3 1.6

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A quick glance at some of Sheffield’s hottest businesses

Health - Happy Eating| Page 26 The ever helpful Health Detective, Penelope Crawford, teaches us to eat ourselves happy


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Local Businesses Mahmoods Leeds Road, Bradford, BD3 7HJ, 01274 722 686, More restaurant locations online at The Mahmoods restaurant chain was established in Bradford in 2001 by Tariq Mahmood and Mahboob Hussain. These highly successful entrepreneurs have extensive experience in developing and running busy fast-food restaurants. They have thriving company owned outlets in Bradford and Leeds plus their flagship store in Dewsbury. Through research and knowledge of the fast food industry, Mr Mahmood saw potential of good quality fast food outlets, outlets that can compete with established high street chains, in quality, value for money, cleanliness, professionalism and above all serving halal food. Mahmood and his team have worked hard to establish their brand across Yorkshire, gaining a reputation county-wide as the very best fast food chain north of Watford. Serving up a mouth-watering selection of pizzas, wraps and of course their legendary burgers, including the tantalising Big Dripper, Not one for the feint of heart, the Big Dripper consists of three succulent burgers in a seeded bun, topped with lettuce and onions and of course lashings of Mahmood’s special sauce, and if you think that sounds like a monster of a meal, don’t get us started on the King Kong burger! Staffed by an enthusiastic, friendly team, Mahmood’s guarantees great grub at even greater prices in a clean, welcoming environment. Bet your mouth’s watering already.

Cairo Zaks 87 White Abbey Road, Bradford, BD8 8DR, 01274 307 503 Anyone who knows Bradford will know Cairo Zaks; a culinary staple of the city’s nightlife, dishing out burgers, fries and those infamous kebabs to hungry punters night after night has cemented its position as one of White Abbey Road’s most reliable and most frequented eateries. We know what you’re thinking, “a kebab take-out, surely that means greasy grub for post-club punters?” But Cairo Zaks reputation proceeds it, and the constant flow of hungry customers suggests otherwise. For some time now, Cario Zaks has been without its founder and namesake, but now the wanderer has returned with Zak himself back behind the spit, and what good is a decent takeaway without a great personality behind the counter! So whether it’s a film-night in with your other half, or a night out on the tiles, it isn’t complete without a trip to Cairo; the friendly, hard-working staff and succulent halal dishes on offer ensure that Zaks remains a cut above the rest.


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Janan Luxury Fashion 14 Shearbridge Road, Bradford, BD7 1NP Tel: 01274 949 700

The Khan brothers originally envisaged Janan as a fashion house in which the regal traditions of South Asian dress would could fuse with the minimalist designs of the west; their vision is fast becoming one of the most renowned couture fashion stores in the UK. Offering a spectacular range of Indian/Middle Eastern fashion with a contemporary twist, Janan offers the finest in Asian fashion. Whether it’s an outfit for your big day or just casual clothing to meet the requirements of your everyday needs, Janan is here to help. Janan takes pride in offering some of the most luxurious designs available in today’s eastern culture and sharing them with our western clientele. The works of well known fashion designers sit comfortably alongside the latest pieces from up and coming Eastern names in Janan’s luxurious designer lounge, situated at 14 Shearbridge Road, Bradford. Janan’s experienced, in house personal shoppers are happy to guide you through your journey, giving you everything you need to help you make those all important decisions - whether its clothing, accessories or shoes you are looking for, the in house team will go out of their way to ensure you are well looked after. Exclusivity, carrying a unique edge and of course comfort are three features that define contemporary fashion, Janan is built on the foundations of these fundamental characteristics, something which is reflected in the products available both in store and online. Fashion is an ever changing marketplace, so to keep up to date Janan regularly revamps their collections. They are the sole suppliers of Needlez by Shalimar and Junaid Jamshed, in the UK, whilst also stocking designers such as Setrms, Gul Ahmed and many more. Their stock ranges from party wear to burqas to casual wear. Janan loves challenges and rather than populating their collections with just one brand, they have gone all out this month and introduced five new and exclusive brands; Aab, Khuda Baksh, Maria B, Widyaan and Kashish Banshee. To view their new collections visit Janan at 14 Shearbridge Road, Bradford (BD7 1NP) or shop online at


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very strong, quality accommodation for the younger generations to rent, and the stigma of renting will disappear. What would be the long term effect of this? Well the European example is the reverse of what we’re actually used to; people there see a twenty-five year mortgage a burden. It depends on whether owning a property is your ambition or whether your quality of life is more important. If you’re tied to a property, then with all the good intentions in the world, it’s going to take you six months to sell and move etc. whereas if it’s rented, you can easily move on to another job, and what you find is that as your salary levels increase, your rental costs become quite insignificant, so you’re investing in other things - your own lifestyle. At the moment, for £100,000 property you’d probably be paying something in the region of £900 a month mortgage, and then you’ve got maintenance costs etc. the difference between what you earn and what you’re paying out becomes very small, and what are you paying out for? Capital gain in twenty five years. Whereas if you’re paying £500 a month rental, and your salary is £1500, you’ve got £1000 to play around with, because you’re not putting it into maintenance or anything. Now property prices aren’t rising as much, and your salary level starts to increase as times goes on, the gap becomes wider, and you can spend that on a holiday or a better car or whatever. On the flipside, it’s an opportunity for investors to get in a strong position on the marketplace. What advice would you give to someone considering a career in property? I think that to become a Chartered Surveyor is a very good profession. It gives you an opportunity to practise wherever in the country, you’ve always got it and you can always set up on your own as well. I think that there will be more opportunities for people as the marketplace improves; I do a lot of work with Hallam University and there are students coming through on the courses for surveying and they’re worried about what’s at the other end. But then, when I was coming through in the ‘85-’86

period, there was a recession going on, and two years later, people were clamouring to take Surveyors on. Surveying is going to become much more of a worldwide profession, so don’t just look at operating within your little field, because that generation is my generation and I think things are going to move on quite significantly. It is a good profession, but people will have to think about moving, it’s grown very strong in China and very strong in India and it’s growing in Europe as well. Every single person is involved in property in some way, whether you’re renting or buying, everybody has some knowledge of and some opinion on property and therefore it will always be a valid and important profession. Having said that, I think the areas to get involved in are commercial and regeneration, that’s where the future is. The need for property and the need for property professionals will always be there. Finally, what do you consider to be your greatest achievement? I think that one of the biggest achievements for me was just to become a Chartered Surveyor in the first place, and also to have the highest ranking role in the local authority. I’ve been blessed with the fact that I’ve achieved whatever I’ve wanted to achieve within the property world and been involved with so many major projects in the city. Which is your favourite? Quite a number of them are personal to me to be honest. I don’t want to mention one in particular but I’ve been involved in quite a number of them and they’re all your favourites in the end, at the time they’re always important to you. I think just being involved in that process of change has been quite important to me. But what’s been most important to me is not what I’ve achieved but what people think of me – I know you shouldn’t really say that, but your professionalism is gauged on how people perceive you and how they respect you. It’s the biggest achievement that people still come to me to talk about property, even now.


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Mohammed Mahroof Interview

Mohammed Mahroof has spent his working life forging one of the most admirable CVs in the Sheffield property business, working on countless projects and renovations across the Steel City. Showing a keen interest in property from an early age, Mahroof became one of the nation’s first Asian Chartered Surveyors in the late eighties after completing his degree at Sheffield Polytechnic. Before long, Mahroof was rising through the ranks of Sheffield City Council to become City Property Manager, overseeing major projects throughout Sheffield. Now working as one of three consultants with local property firm, Mark Jenkinson & Son, Mahroof’s passion for his work is undiminished. Talking to him, a deep love and expansive knowledge of his home city and his profession is clear; he shares with us the story of his career and the indispensable advice gained from a lifetime’s experience in local property. Firstly, could you explain to our readers what it is that you do here at Mark Jenkinson & Son? I’m a Chartered Surveyor, I qualified around 25 years ago. I think people often mix-up an Estate Agent and a Chartered Surveyor, they’re two different things completely; a Chartered Surveyor needs to spend four years getting a degree and then two year’s worth of diary before you become chartered, so it’s a very disciplined profession. I’m a consultant here at Mark Jenkinson & Son, possibly because I’ve been in the profession for such a long time now, involved in regeneration, involved in putting together projects, putting planned applications together and advising people on major projects. The set up here is that there are two or three consultants and around nine Surveyors. So basically, anything that others find difficult, I welcome the challenge, I think it’s the same with anything when you’ve been doing it as long as I have this. I understand that you were involved with property from a very young age, what inspired you to choose property as a career? I was about eight or nine, I grew up in Attercliffe like a lot of the Asian community. Attercliffe was going through compulsory purchase by the local authority, but I didn’t know what compulsory purchase was at that stage, it was just that we were having to have a house bought by the council. People wanted to move to a house that they owned, as tends to be the tradition within the Asian community. My English as an eight or nine year old, was probably better than my father’s generation. I used to pop down to the local newsagents on a Saturday when the Telegraph came out, go through the property guide and circle all the properties that I thought they were interested in, then I would run down to the telephone box, which was outside the swimming baths in Attercliffe and ring up about the property, then get on the 69 or the 17 bus to collect the keys and go round the properties on a Sunday. Of course this wasn’t as a profession, but as the news got out, I sort of got this role within the community. On the Monday it’d be back to the telephone box outside the swimming baths, and I’d ring up and say, “I’d like to make an offer”. As a young boy, making these big cash offers, the experience was quite surreal in many ways. From that age onwards, every week I have always bought the Property Telegraph, I must be one of their longest readers. Some of the Surveyors working now still remember me from that period, it was of course quite strange for a nine year old to be ringing up. What then made you pursue it as a career? I’ve always had an interest in property. I did have a bit of a wobble, at the age of sixteen when I was doing my A-Levels, I went down the accountancy route, not because I wanted to at all, but I think my father thought accountancy was a good profession; either a doctor, solicitor or an accountant. I was the first one in the family to go to university, so it wasn’t even as if we had a tradition of professions. I played along with it for a while, and got a few places at universities to do accountancy, but my heart wasn’t in it, so I persuaded everybody that property would be the right path for me and I ended up at what was then the Sheffield Polytechnic. It was only later that I found out that there are very few Asian Chartered Surveyors in the country, even now I don’t think you’d find that many at all, which is strange given how involved the communities are involved with property.


Has your Asian heritage informed the way you work at all? I think more so now than when I was going through my public sector career. More so now also because the Asian community is very much involved in property and it’s a traditional involvement. But all things considered, not really, I mean I’m a Sheffielder so I have no real heritage beyond Sheffield. I came here when I was about six months old, so basically I’m a Yorkshireman, I don’t have any real knowledge of our heritage, so in that sense, probably not. But then, a lot of my generation have grown up in this country, so it’s been quite helpful really. What makes Sheffield a unique or exciting place to work in property? I think it’s something that has gone through phases. When I was at the local authority, I was privileged enough to be involved in quite a number of big projects in the city, so I’m able to go around and say that I was involved with this or that. For me that was quite exciting but others would get bored silly of it. The fact is, that a lot has changed in Sheffield. Sheffield was, and can still be an exciting place to work in property because we’re at the developmental stage in many ways; while other cities have leapfrogged us, we try to think we’re in that sort of league but I think there is still quite a way to go. For me Sheffield has always been an exciting place to work, it’s given me a fairly good insight into the property market and I’ve gained recognition in Sheffield that I perhaps wouldn’t have gotten in Birmingham or Manchester or London. I think that there are a lot of opportunities for people in Sheffield, but then just before you came I was talking with one of my colleagues about how, as a city, we still seem to be in village mode, people haven’t got the wider understanding of how they could improve things, many are beginning to, it’s taking a while but there’s scope. Knowledge of the market is very important in Sheffield; one street might be completely different in value to the next. You can go on Google Search these days and it comes up with, “how much is a property value within a mile of this location?” But unless you know the market particularly well, you could be misleading yourself, it’s not as simple as that. There examples in cities - and this is just residential – where houses with just a few steps between them could be fifty or sixty thousand pounds difference. Sheffield has a peculiar and very interesting market place and the divide between the north and south is growing wider. How does the constant flux of the city affect your profession? Well, it is changing all the time. I think that what is going to happen in the future - for the younger generations, ownership is going to become less of an aspiration, rented will become much more common. Not just in Sheffield, but across the country, and I’m glad to see that nationally people are thinking the same way too. If you think about it, what you’re doing is giving yourself a twenty-five year commitment with a mortgage; the money you’ll be paying is similar, perhaps slightly less than you’d be paying if you rented, but it’s tying you to an area. What we’re finding is happening in Europe where people are a lot more footloose - is that they can change jobs or lifestyles and the rental sector gives them that opportunity. I’m not talking about the rental sector for students or anything like that, I’m talking about longer term lets in houses of higher quality. I think you’ll find in the next five to ten years that there will be people coming forward with

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Redlands Business Centre 3-5 Tapton House Road, S10 5BY Tel: 0114 266 6155

Looking for competitive, flexible office space in a prestigious location within easy reach of Sheffield city centre? Redlands Business Centre, set in the heart of the desirable south western suburb of Broomhill, looks set to meet all your requirements – whether you are a one-person start up or a quoted public company. Redlands is a former family home of great character that has been converted into a business centre offering all the modern internal office facilities you would expect. Its reputation has gone from strength to strength since its acquisition in 2006 by B-TAK Enterprise Ltd. who have overseen the gradual internal modernisation programme in keeping with its stunning, characterful, original external features. The result is a friendly yet efficient working environment situated between town and countryside, providing fully flexible office space, from 150 square ft. to 2000 square ft. Redlands’ lets are very flexible; each suite is available on a short-term licence agreement and with only two months’ notice to terminate, - there is no long term commitment to tie you down to lengthy contracts. The Business Centre offers immediate occupation, no legal fees and a single monthly charge which includes rates, heating, electricity and building insurance. Redlands has an ample free car park, with plenty of additional on-road parking nearby. There is 24/7 access to the fully-alarmed office suites, which are supported by serviced reception facilities, and there are kitchen areas on all floors. Companies have noted repeatedly, that Redlands offers an ideal location for their business and many are long standing tenants. The centre enjoys one of the highest occupancy rates in Sheffield, having maintained steady growth and increased turnover in the last three years, despite the economic downturn. There are, however, some limited spaces currently available so please, don’t hesitate to contact the Business Centre for further information.

Flexible office accommodation with immediate occupation

Call now on 0114 266 6155

Redlands Business Centre 3-5 Tapton House Road S10 5BY Tel: 0114 266 6155 Email:


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Maysa Fashion Maysa, 485-487 Leeds Road Bradford, BD3 9ND

Trading for eleven months now, Maysa Boutique - situated at 485-487 Leeds Road, Bradford - is a stylish, elegant boutique stocking a wide range of unique clothing for men and women, from casual wear, to party outfits and of course a large array of stunning bridal items. The brainchild of Shabana Ahmed, a former teacher who decided on a drastic career change after the birth of her daughter; “ I believe in trying new things and taking opportunities that come my way,” says Shabana, “Asian fashion has always been an interest of mine since I was young and I love to be creative Maysa Boutique has given me a platform to utilise these skills and make it in to a successful business”. Maysa Boutique aims to provide customers with a fresh take on modern Asian fashion. Putting countless hours into researching the latest styles and trends, and taking regular trips to India for inspiration, Shabana and her business partner Bhavna have come up with a unique take on contemporary Asian chic. Maysa’s spacious premises provide a relaxing environment in which to browse their vast selection of clothing and accessories, while their customer service is second to none. Shabana believes in “making customers’ experience a happy one”, and endeavours to leave every customer satisfied, offering a range of personalisation and consultation services. “We endeavour to bring customers high quality products at reasonable prices,” says Shabana; “we stock women’s sizes UK size 6 to UK size 26 and can make items on order to the customers’ specifications. We work very hard to make sure our customers walk away happy and with a product they will love and we are happy to provide alteration service to achieve this. Our staff are very welcoming and are keen to advise and assist. We encourage customers to speak to our staff to get the latest advice on fashion, colours, styles and designs. Bridal wear consultations are available at any time, we highly recommend these”. Maysa Boutique has been a labour of love for Shabana and Bhavna, and they have a lot to show for it. Maysa offers the very best in both high-end product and customer service, all at a very reasonable price. So whether you’re looking for that perfect lengha for the wedding season, or need personalised bangles to match your dress, look no further than Maysa Boutique at 485-487 Leeds Road, Bradford (BD3 9ND). Like their Facebook page for real-time updates and information on new arrivals or, alternatively visit them on


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PASTEL PERFECT It’s been a long awaited Summer and if the view from my window’s anything to go by, it’s still not really arrived yet! If you’re not quite ready for those summer-bright neons, go for softer shades to ensure you still have a bit of colour in your every day wardrobe. Sougat Paul, a designer who graduated from NIFT, has a gorgeous collection filled with peachy orange, mint grey and faded purple shades; just what we need to get back into that summer vibe. Each piece is more stunning than the last with beautiful silks and heavily embroidered detailing. Most of Paul’s collection is made up of cocktail dresses and evening gowns, however, paired with smart skinny-fit trousers or leggings they can easily be made into every day outfits for all occasions - this was a big trend at the extravagant Pre-Fall 2012 shows. Opting for flat shoes, ballerina pumps or sandals will also help make the distinction between day time and evening wear. Sougat Paul pieces available at


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Interpal Charity

922 - 924 Leeds Road, Bradford, BD3 8EZ Tel: 01274 656 985 As the eyes of the world have been turned to the uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa region, and the desperate political and humanitarian crisis in Syria, other issues may be given less attention. But the plight of the Palestinians cannot be forgotten easily. Many hundreds of thousands of Palestinians still live in refugee camps in countries surrounding their homeland, whilst many thousands more in Occupied Palestine exist with restrictions blocking almost every aspect of their lives. In the years following the Gaza war of 2008-9, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have struggled to mend and rebuild their lives. Without access to clean water and sanitation, a real risk of total food insecurity, extremely high unemployment and inadequate resources for education, there is still much to do to help Palestinians in Gaza. A similar picture can be seen around Palestine and the refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon. The need to help Palestinians is still great. This is why the work of humanitarian relief organisations is so important to the people of Palestine. Interpal is one of the leading humanitarian aid and development organisations operating across the occupied Palestinian Territories and Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan. Last year we initiated a supporter campaign to raise awareness of the challenges Palestinians face every day. Many people around Britain were moved to help; over £578,000 was raised in support of our projects in Gaza alone. The funds were used to help Palestinians gain access to clean water and sanitation, food parcels and financial assistance to help families escape the poverty cycle, school kits for young students and university fee support for older students, access to medical treatment, and many other projects. This year, we anticipate that our campaign will help Palestinians even more. Wish You Were Here aims to raise awareness of the ongoing necessity for humanitarian and development aid for Palestinians. Be There With Interpal and give Palestinian men, women and children the opportunities that all of us have, and everybody deserves. Follow developments of Interpal’s Wish You Were Here campaign online on u@InterpalUK, and the #wishyouwerehere hashtag. “Like” our Facebook page at f/InterpalUK to see regular updates on the campaign. Most of all, Be There With Interpal!


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Nutrition Power 710 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, S9 3RP Tel: 0114 244 2677

Nutrition Power is the latest addition to Attercliffe’s ongoing regeneration project; a muscle and fitness supplements store which takes a personal approach in catering to each individual’s requirements, providing a friendly, informative service at an affordable price. “We wanted to be centrally located so that we would be easily accessible to people from the city centre as well as those from Rotherham, Doncaster and Chesterfield,” say proprietors Nabby and Zed, “But it’s also great to be part of Attercliffe’s regeneration, plus there is free parking for our customers”. Having only opened its doors two months ago, business is already thriving, with a list of regulars already building up. Local fitness freaks have a blessing in Nutrition Power, offering the highest quality supplements at the cheapest possible prices, even undercutting popular online supplement stores. But it’s not just the prices that bring returning customers, Nabby and Zed’s customer service is second to none. “We assess every client’s current training regime, their current weight and medical condition and find out what it is they want to achieve. We then work with them to put together a plan, even if it is just a change of diet, we are here to help and advise with any customer”. Bridging the gap between personal trainer and store clerks is what is key to Nabby and Zed’s success, their passion and eagerness to help out any customer. “We try to cater for everyone”, says Nabby, “Earlier today we had a 22 year old girl just starting out with supplements, followed by a cancer sufferer wanting to gain weight after treatment – we provided both customers with the advice and products suited to their requirements, both left happy and will be sure to return”. Nutrition Power are one of the cheapest supplement stores in operation in the UK, and offer a friendly, informed service in a welcoming environment and what’s more, they show no signs of slowing down, with talks of more branches across the UK. So whether you’re a wannabe Schwarzenegger, or just looking to live a little healthier, be sure to pay Nabby and Zed a visit at Nutrition Power, 710 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, S9 3RP, or give them a call on 0114 244 2677 .


“I came in for some products to help lose weight, I walked away with some great advice and a product that’s given me great results! I would highly recommend Nutrition Power” Janet Barsley, 32 “I was having no results on the product I was taking, the guys advised me that it was the correct supplement but that I was taking it wrong. The advice was invaluable, I will be using Nutrition Power in the future for all my products” Gary, 28 “It’s fantastic to have a convenient supplement store that’s cheaper than the internet and with no delivery charge” Shabana, 29


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Venture About Town Noodle Inn Centro 15 Westfield Terrace, Sheffield, S14GH

Noodle Inn Centro will be the latest addition to the Steel City’s ever expansive array of eateries. Situated on Devonshire Street, in the heart of the city, Noodle Inn Centro brings an authentic taste of the Far East to Sheffield city centre. Noodle Inn has been a stalwart of London Road for some years now and the new Noodle Inn Centro aims to take the very best dishes from the original restaurant and bring them to their beautiful city centre establishment. With an authentic Oriental décor, friendly, knowledgeable staff and a delicious array of foods both exotic and familiar, a table at Noodle Inn Centro is sure to be one of the hottest tickets in town. Noodle Inn Centro will also be the only Chinese restaurant in Sheffield serving Halal beef, chicken and lamb dishes across their entire range of dishes. From a simple Chow Mein to Szechuan spicy crab dishes, Noodle Inn Centro guarantees to get your taste buds tingling – doors are opening at the end of August so be sure to book your table soon, and don’t forget your chopsticks!

Relax & Unwind

Essence Spa at the Hilton

Essence Spa

Living Well Health Club, Hilton Sheffield Furnival Road, Victoria Quays, S4 7YA Tel: 0114 252 55 66

Sheffield’s Hilton Hotel, located in a beautiful spot beside Victoria Quays, is home to some of the city’s most luxurious health and spa facilities. Alongside the hotel’s well-stocked fitness studios and their 20-metre heated indoor pool, sits the indulgent Essence Spa.

Total Indulgence Package (180 mins) Elemis 60 Minute Facial Face and Body Sensation - Hot Stones Scalp and Shoulder Massage File and Polish for Hands and Feet Light Lunch Glass of Champagne Use of Health Club Facilities

Only £140


A branch of LivingWell Health Clubs, Essence Spa offers everything you need to unwind after a week spent in the hustle and bustle of the Steel City. Open seven days a week, the spa offers everything from 30 minute hands-and-feet treatments, to full body Swedish massages right through to full pamper day packages promising the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation. Why not treat yourself to their Deluxe Pamper Package, a two hour treat consisting of a Hot Stones Back Massage, Jessica Deluxe Manicure, Spa Pedicure, an Elemis 60 Minute Facial, light lunch and, of course, a glass of Champagne, along with use of the health club facilities. Go on, treat yourself. For more information visit

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Uma Cakes

07814 575 724 Over the past year, Uma Cakes has steadily been gaining a reputation as one of the best cake bakeries in the county, specialising in beautiful couture wedding and celebration cakes. Adjusting to the personal style and specifications of the customer, Uma Cakes consistently surpass expectations with their delicious array of flavours and styles, from tried and tested classic Victorian Sponge, via rich, indulgent chocolate cake through to their own unique take on a marble sponge. More recently, the team at Uma, led by Rudhaba Kazi, have found themselves working for major corporate events in Manchester and Sheffield as well as taking part in the prestigious Asian Premier Show. The most exciting news however, is that Kazi has begun offering cake decoration courses so you too can be an Ace of Cakes! Of course we couldn’t pass up an excuse to pay Uma a visit, so we met with cake maestro Rudhaba Kazi to see how she turned eggs, flour and sugar into a fully fledged business. What compelled you to start Uma Cakes? My passion for the craft, and because I was after a new challenge.

has helped a lot. The most important tool for me however, is social networking, Facebook in particular. What do you feel gives Uma Cakes the edge over your regional competitors? My creativity and style – I’m very much inspired by vintage designs and this makes Uma unique. The Asian and vintage style is really taking off now we’re a little more established, customers are attracted to the look What is your attitude towards business? I always strive to deliver new innovations and styles and never let anyone under-price my work. My advice is to be strong willed to reach your potential. It’s important, as well, to let customers enjoy your work. What do you believe is the secret to Uma’s success? New styles and designs, and understanding the needs of customers, without forgetting the importance of customer satisfaction. Would you do it all again? Definitely, 100%!

How did you make it a reality? I invested a lot into the business and I used marketing to increase awareness among the public. How did your business arrive at the place it is today? With the constant support of my family, friends and colleagues. How have you used advertising to establish and expand Uma Cakes? Early on I featured in the Sheffield Star, and word of mouth


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Mood Draining Foods

First, let’s look at the foods that can negatively affect your mood.


Foods that contain naturally occurring substances called goitrogens have a negative impact on the thyroid, which can lead to exhaustion and irritability among other things. Products made from soya contain goitrogens, which interfere with thyroid function and can make you tired and affect mood. Alternatives: Drink nut milks such as almond milk, and look for other healthy plant sources of proteins such as nuts, legumes, or grains like quinoa. By the way, fermented soya products, such as tempeh and miso are acceptable because the fermentation process disables some of soy’s negative properties.

Many people choose pop, believing it is a healthy choice. Diet soft drinks, however, are loaded with chemicals including artificial sweetener. Many people who drink fizzy pop report a number of health issues including headaches and mood swings. Alternatives: Drink fresh water with a squeeze of lemon or herbal/ fruit teas.


It may seem that consuming sugar in any of its forms (including agave or high-fructose corn syrup) provides a natural energy pick me up. The truth is it leads to a rise in blood glucose. As your blood glucose rises, your body releases insulin to return it to safe levels. As blood glucose normalizes, you may experience an energy dip with resultant mood changes. Alternatives: Try natural sweeteners like stevia or xylitol.

Feel Good Foods

Just as certain foods can negatively impact moods, others can lift you up and make you feel terrific.

Complex Carbohydrates Eating unrefined carbohydrates can boost the level of serotonin in your brain, which can elevate your mood. The trick is finding those carbohydrates that are minimally processed and don’t lead to blood sugar spikes and troughs.

Spicy Foods

Selenium deficiency can lead to irritability, depression and thyroid problems. Eating foods high in selenium, however, can support thyroid function and boost mood, but don’t overdo it. Your body doesn’t need much selenium, and you should be able to get adequate amounts from dietary sources.

Foods to try: Chili peppers

High-Selenium Foods

Folate deficiency has been linked to depression, because it can decrease serotonin levels in the brain. Eating foods high in this B vitamin can overcome deficiencies, boosting your mood. Foods to try: Dark, leafy greens like spinach, and legumes like lentils or kidney beans

Alternatives: Start your day with a green smoothie using nut milk, plain yoghurt and a mix of green soft vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, spinach with some berries and ground flax seeds. It will give you energy without negatively affecting your mood.

Foods to try: Coconut oil, nuts, advocado

Need a little pick-me-up? Spicy, warming foods can increase circulation, cause your brain to release endorphins, and help boost your mood.

High Folate Foods

A cup of coffee seems like a pick-me-up, and many people rely on caffeinated beverages to give them the boost they need to start their day. Caffeine, however, works on the adrenaline centers of the brain, and can trigger anxiety. With such anxiety can come irritability and mood swings.

The brain needs fat to function properly. Unfortunately, conventional wisdom suggests that all fats are bad for you, leaving people woefully deficient in this brainfriendly macronutrient required for healthy function. While you don’t need a lot of fat to boost your mood, you do need some. Beauty fat is important for moisturized, youthful skin.

Foods to try: Quinoa, millet, steel cut oatmeal or porridge (not instant), brown rice.

Foods to try: Brazil nuts


Fatty Plant Foods

Foods High in Magnesium Many people are deficient in this essential nutrient, or wind up with an imbalance of calcium to magnesium. The mineral, however, has mild muscle relaxing qualities that can help reduce stress and improve mood. Foods to try: Artichoke, beet greens, almonds, kidney beans

Iron-Rich Foods If you don’t have enough iron in your blood, you may experience exhaustion, depression, and irritability. Eating iron-rich foods can ensure you keep your red blood cells pumped up with oxygen, keeping you in a great mood.

Foods Containing Omega-3 Fats

Foods to try: Pumpkin seeds, legumes, sea vegetables

A 2006 study at the University of Pittsburgh showed that people with lower blood levels of the polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids had an increased likelihood of mild depression and poor moods. Eating foods high in this valuable fat can improve mood.

How you start your day makes a huge difference. While many have interpreted “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” to mean that they must eat a large, dense, breakfast, I believe that high-protein, heavy breakfasts start you off sluggishly; this can weigh you down physically and mentally all day long. Likewise, skipping breakfast can lead to blood sugar problems, also affecting mood. The perfect option for breakfast as far as I am concerned is a green smoothie with soft greens and nuts, seeds as well as berries and some coconut milk - a light meal that gives you tons of energy but doesn’t weigh you down.

Foods to try: Flaxseeds, walnuts, chia seeds, oily fish

Foods High in Vitamin D Vitamin D comes predominately from sunlight absorption - in northern climates and during the winter, many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to mood problems. Because of this, many experts recommend vitamin D supplementation or eating foods high in this nutrient during the winter or in northern climates.

Glowing Green Smoothie

Foods to try: Shiitake mushrooms

For more good ways to eat yourself happy every day contact The Health Detective, Penelope Crawford on 07734961242

Fizzy Pop


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Eat Yourself Happy How Certain Foods Can Change Your Mood Feeling grumpy or a little down in the dumps? It could be the foods you eat! The food-mood connection has been the subject of recent research, and many experts now recognise that certain foods have a powerful effect on mood. It stands to reason - food has chemical properties, vitamins, and minerals. Recent research has shown that the nutrients in food are precursors to neurotransmitters. Depending on which foods you eat, you develop certain levels of those neurotransmitters, which can vastly affect mood. The secret, however, lies in knowing which foods have an overall net positive effect on mood, and which assert a negative effect.


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Upendo Images Wedding Photography Tel: 07873 877 824

Upendo Images is a friendly company based on the outskirts of York, specialising in wedding photography. Established by self taught photographer Bhavna Pandya-Barratt. after falling in love with wedding photography shooting for family and friends, Upendo Images operate nationwide, and bring a passionate, personal touch to traditional wedding photography. Bhavna says, “Seeing two people in love gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, it makes me happy that they are making the commitment to forever stay in love and be there for each other as best friends. To be chosen to photograph this is a privilege. Photographing weddings and capturing people in moments that they can look back at in years to come, preserving the wonderful moments, milestones and memories, is what I do best. I have an unobtrusive yet candid style of photography and capture all the little moments that you could sometimes miss”. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands with Bhavna; her passion for her craft and her discrete style of shooting guarantee first-class results and a selection of photographs that you will treasure for years to come. Bhavna’s background gives her a particular advantage when photographing Asian weddings, as she has a comprehensive understanding of the ceremonies and rituals that need to be observed and captured. “I also love all the Gulab Jamuns I get to eat at Asian weddings!” Bhavna adds. Upendo Images offer three distinct, colourfully named packages for whatever your price range; the £600 “Sherbet Lemon” includes four hours of coverage, a DVD with full resolution and print ready photos and a password protected online gallery and is perfect for intimate weddings, engagements, mehndis and sangeets. The “Strawberry Bonbon” costs £950, and includes seven hours of coverage, a DVD with full resolution and print ready photos, a password protected online gallery and a complimentary two hour e-shoot; this package is ideal for those who want a full days wedding coverage from morning preparations to their first dance. The most comprehensive package on offer is the “Dolly Mixture”, which costs £1500 and combines coverage of mehndi or sangeet, with both wedding and reception coverage, along with the DVD, e-shoot and password gallery. And even if none of these packages suit your specific needs, Bhavna is more than happy to workout something tailor made for you. So, if you’re looking for a dynamic and candid photographer for a pre-wedding, engagement or wedding, look no further than Opendo. Available for all types of engagement and wedding ceremonies including Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Pagan and Muslim services - Opendo guarantee special images to match your special day.


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The three films, which were made in India by Satyajit Ray between 1950 and 1959, swept the top prizes at Cannes, Venice and London, and created a new cinema for India - whose prolific film industry had traditionally stayed within the narrow confines of swashbuckling musical romances. Never before had one man had such a decisive impact on the films of his culture. Ray (1921-1992) was a commercial artist in Calcutta with little money and no connections when he determined to adapt a famous serial novel about the birth and young manhood of Apu - born in a rural village, formed in the holy city of Benares, educated in Calcutta, then a wanderer. The legend of the first film is inspiring; how on the first day Ray had never directed a scene, his cameraman had never photographed one, his child actors had not even been tested for their roles - and how that early footage was so impressive it won the meagre financing for the rest of the film. Even the music was by a novice, Ravi Shankar, later a teacher of George Harrison. The trilogy begins with Pather Panchali, filmed between 1950 and 1954. Here starts the story of Apu when he is a boy, living with his parents, older sister and ancient aunt in the ancestral village to which his father, a priest, has returned despite the misgivings of the practical mother. The second film, Aparajito (1956), follows the family to Benares, where the father makes a living from pilgrims who

have come to bathe in the holy Ganges. The third film, Apur Sansar (1959), finds Apu and his mother living with an uncle in the country; the boy does so well in school he wins a scholarship to Calcutta. He is married under extraordinary circumstances, is happy with his young bride, then crushed by the deaths of his mother and his wife. After a period of bitter drifting, he returns at last to take up the responsibility of his son.

The three films were photographed by Subrata Mitra, a still photographer who Ray was convinced could do the job. Starting from scratch, at first with a borrowed 16mm camera, Mitra achieves effects of extraordinary beauty: Forest paths, river vistas, the gathering clouds of the monsoon, water bugs skimming over the surface of a pond, proving the work of an amateur can on occasion surpass that of a consummate professional.

This summary scarcely reflects the beauty and mystery of the films, which do not follow the punchedup methods of conventional biography but are told in the spirit of the English title of the first film, “The Song of the Road.” The actors who play Apu at various ages from about 6 to 29 have in common a moody, dreamy quality; Apu is not sharp, hard or cynical, but a sincere, naive idealist, motivated more by vague yearnings than concrete plans. He reflects a society that does not place ambition above all, but is philosophical, accepting, optimistic.

What is sensed throughout The Apu Trilogy is a different kind of life than we are used to. The film is set in Bengal in the 1920s, when in the rural areas life was traditional and hard. Relationships were formed with those who lived close by; there is much drama over the theft of some apples from an orchard. The sight of a train, roaring at the far end of a field, represents the promise of the city and the future, and trains connect or separate the characters throughout the film, even offering at one low point a means of possible suicide.

He is his father’s child, and in the first two films we see how his father is eternally hopeful that something will turn up - that new plans and ideas will bear fruit. It is the mother who frets about money owed the relatives, about food for the children, about the future. In her eyes, throughout all three films, we see realism and loneliness, as her husband and then her son cheerfully go away to the big city and leave her waiting and wondering.

Effectively founding Parallel Cinema, The Apu Trilogy is an epic of honesty and emotion, it’s importance in the canon of world cinema can’t be overstated - it is about a time, place and culture far removed from our own, and yet it connects directly and deeply with our human feelings. If you are not already familiar with Apu’s world, be sure to acquaint yourself soon.


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Insight The Apu Trilogy In recent years, the film industry has become more international; the western film-going public are embracing foreign cinema like never before and thanks to online streaming services like Love Film and Netflix they can do quite easily. The Far East has, over the past decade or so, been a phenomenal force in western cinemas, even if it ends up being in the form of a bastardised remake - look at the J-horror surge that flourished in early 2000s, or the rise of Korean existential-gore, headed by Oldboy director, Park Chan-wook. More recently the frosty backdrop of Scandinavia has proved popular, with startlingly syccessful imports, Let The Right One In and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This is of course just a small sample of examples, but hopefully serve to highlight the expansion of foreign film into the western consciousness. But if we are so hungry for foreign film, why is it then that we are yet to embrace the cinema of that nation that produces more than any other, India. The growth of Indian cinema follows more or less parallel to its western counterparts; the Lumiere Brothers’ films were screened in Mumbai (then Bombay) the year after they were screened in London, an industry was formed, reaching a golden age in the mid 50s just as Hollywood did, and continues to thrive now producing some 1300 feature films per year. Indian cinema is as varied and expansive as its homeland, from vibrant Bollywood musicals through to the socially conscious Malayalam features. Certainly, in recent years, South Asian cinema is being made more readily available in communities with a large Asian population, but where does Indian cinema feature among the all-time greats? The Far East had Ozu and Kurasawa, Europe has Godard, Fellini, Bertolucci and the Archers - how can the nation that produces the most films per year so continually miss out on critics’ “greatest” lists? Of course there is an exception . . . The Apu Trilogy comprises three films directed by the now legendary Bengali director Satyajit Ray – Pather Panchali, Aparajito and Apur Sansar. Based on two autobiographical novels by acclaimed Indian author, Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay, the three films trace the growth of an impoverished Bengali boy named Apu. Each of the films has been met with unanimous acclaim since their release in the 1950s, regularly appearing on “best film ever” top tens, and often been recognised as the greatest film trilogy of all time. The Apu Trilogy changed Indian cinema and its influence on western film is still felt today, with directors such as Wes Anderson and Danny Boyle citing Ray’s work as an influence.


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Interview Paul, can you tell us about the British Bodybuilding Supplement Store and about your latest product? British Bodybuilding Supplement Store is an online store which I operate and from which I sell sport supplements. Aside from that though, I’m paying to have manufactured a small range of fat-burners. Having been in bodybuilding for a while, you learn about food and nutrition and things, so I came up with the formula for DNA Lean myself. At the moment there is DNA Lean XY for the males, and XX for the females.

How long has the product been on the market? It was launched in January - before finalising the formula, I had lots of different samples made up and had them sent to bodybuilders around the country, and of course the one that got the best feedback was the one that I chose to use. I’ve not had one bit of bad feedback, even online where people have no obligation I’m getting unanimous good feedback and returning customers.

How do they work?

Paul Jenkins

Paul “Boulders” Jenkins has been a regular fixture on the British Bodybuilding circuit since his début in 2004; when he isn’t competing nationwide or keeping in top shape at the gym, he runs British Bodybuilding Supplement store. The online store boasts a vast stock of bodybuilding equipment and supplements - from protein bars, through fat burners, to apparel and exercise apparatus – and is one of the most reputable, affordable and well regarded outlets in the country. More recently, Paul has been using his years of experience in the sport to devise his own fatburning formula, DNA Lean, arguably the most powerful and effective fat burner on the market. Since launching DNA Lean earlier this year, Paul has received nothing but unanimous praise for the product, which encourages raised body temperature, quick water loss and acts as a catalyst for fat burning chemicals, enabling safe, speedy weight loss. We took an opportunity to chat with Paul about DNA Lean, to learn more about how it works, and how it can help us achieve that physique we’ve been dreaming of.

Well, of course you don’t just take a tablet and lose weight, the tablets help increase your body temperature, it’s called thermogenics - the hotter you are, the more calories and body fat you burn up. Then they also have different ingredients in which will stimulate chemicals in your body and help to break down body-fat. They contain appetite suppressants and things that help get rid of excess water in your body. It’s not just one particular thing, but all these things working together that make it so effective.

What about the horror stories you hear about people using weight-loss products? Well firstly, when you’re selling products online, they go through rigorous health and safety checks, it’s not like buying something on the street behind the gym. Basically “weight-loss products” is a very broad banner, under which there are countless different varieties. The kind of ones you hear the horror stories about are ones that don’t encourage weight-loss, but they actually block enzymes in your body that digest fat and so it ends up coming out in all manner of unpleasant ways. DNA Lean doesn’t stop your body from getting the nutrients you need, it’s a safer, healthier and more efficient way of losing weight.


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DNA LEAN Made in Britain, Backed by Science, Melts Bodyfat, DNA Lean

A new era of fat burning has arrived with DNA Lean - Containing nine select powerful fat burning ingredients shown to incinerate body fat. DNA Lean is aimed at being the most potent fat burner on the market. Its key ingredient, Yohimbine has been scientifically shown to increase weight loss. Yohimbine works in synergy with Citrus Aurantium stimulating the breakdown of body-fat by the release of noradrenaline; this in turn increases resting thermogenesis and enhanced permanent weight and fat loss with added exercise. DNA Lean also contains Huperzine A - Huperzine has the ability to block the enzymes that decrease acetylcholine levels, thus helping maintain higher levels of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter which has been shown to aid memory function and well being. We feel that by enhancing your mood you will not suffer from the “dieting blues” and be able to stick to your weight-loss programme. In a nutshell, it works, so use DNA Lean and unlock your genetic fat burning potential!

Super Concentrated Thermo Stimulant

Formulated with nine of the purest and most potent ingredients ever seen in a thermogenic fat burner, DNA Lean has been formulated to deliver a powerful neurostimulating physical experience - a mind and body booster.


DNA Lean has been formulated with a powerful and effective dose of caffeine, cayenne, yohimbine and citrus aurantium that has been scientifically suggested to stimulate a thermogenic response - an increase in body temperature will ensure that your body is burning more calories and therefore encouraging and enhancing weight loss.


Even on low-carb diets, users report that their energy levels are through the roof while using DNA Lean. This will enable you to follow a low-carb style diet without the typical drawbacks of energy loss and fatigue.

Mental Focus

By focusing your inner-self and encouraging stern concentration, DNA Lean quickly triggers an unrelenting training experience.


With each and every dose, DNA Lean supports an overwhelming physical drive that makes you feel unstoppable - in the gym, on the track, in the ring, or wherever you may be and whatever your fat loss goals are.

Compare For Yourself

We’ve performed our own analysis on these formulas - see how they stack up for yourself. You may already be aware that many leading competitors will not disclose the ingredient amounts in their formulas but DNA Lean is different; the doses of each ingredient are fully disclosed so you know exactly what you are getting.


Buy online now at Nana Manu IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

“Over the years I have tried many fat burning and weight loss products and I can honestly say that the DNA Lean XY fat burners are by far the best! I always know that I can rely on these to get me shredded for competition.”

Paul Jenkins

“DNA Lean XY are probably the best fat burners I have used. They give me the energy I need to get me through my workouts even when my calories are lower than normal. They curb all my cravings for sweet stuff and most definately help me get rid of all my body fat! I can thoroughly recommend them to anyone wanting to lose weight and get in shape regardless of you sport or goals.”

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Travel Guide


Literally the island amidst the storm, Corfu has, at its heart, always been a place of turbulence. The island has changed hands so many times over the years it leaves your head spinning, Roman; Byzantine, Venetian, Ottoman and Greek men and women have all at some point in time or another laid claim to the island as their home. The result of 2,000 years of conflict and war, of struggle and strife - Corfu has become a unique experience, unlike any other, where cultures clash and old meets new. That is ultimately the Corfu experience, the island is a place where you can escape into the tomes of the history pages one minute, and fly at the speed of light with the thudding bass and blinking strobe lights the next. The furthest west of all the Greek islands, a flight to Corfu ranges from between £50 to £100 from low cost airlines such as Easy Jet and Jet 2. Once you arrive at Corfu International Airport, take a short shuttle bus north for three miles, right into the heart of Corfu Town (Kerkyra). Get off the bus in the centre of the hustle and bustle of the mini Greek metropolis and you’ll be immediately hit with the pure energy the town holds, your sense of smell will be assaulted by the aromas of Greek culture, and your sight – well your sight will be astounded by buildings of Neapolitan, Greek, Venetian, Ottoman and even British architecture. To step foot into Corfu town is to take a step back in time, to an age where life was an ever-changing adventure.

Upon reaching Corfu Town, you’re going to need somewhere to lay your head when you’re not out and about soaking up all the island has to offer. If you do want to stay in the town itself, there is no better place than the Cavalieri Hotel. Originally a 17th century nobleman’s mansion, it’s no Ritz or Hilton, it’s not supposed to be; The Cavalieri Hotel has charm and charisma, with high crystal chandeliers, marbled parquet flooring and lush, regency style furniture that make you feel you’re stepping out onto the terrace during a garden party for the Lords and Ladies of the land. The rooms are stereotypically Greek, light colours, bright furnishings and large windows that let the sun shine through onto your face as you wake to greet the day. Rooms start from just £46 a night with amenities including a safe, mini bar, room service and air conditioning.

“ Lush Trees ” If you would prefer something more modern and luxurious, away from the busy city streets then check into the Divani Corfu Palace, a four star hotel on the wooded hillside of Kanoni, overlooking the

lagoon of Corfu. More of a traditional resort-style hotel, the Divani is bright, spacious, decked out with all mod cons; free wi-fi, televisions in all rooms, as well as safes, luxury swimming pools and beautiful outdoor areas surrounded by lush trees and stylish patio furniture. With prices starting from £80 a night, you’re sure to get your money’s worth in this gorgeous hotel overlooking the city. Once you’ve settled in, you’re going to need a bite to eat. If you want traditional Greek fare, then there is no better place than Avli, a proper Greek style Taverna on Garitsa Bay. At the heart of the old town, the place has a certain charm with its old solid oak furniture, warm toned patio and the air of natural serenity provided by the surrounding olive trees. With meals ranging from £8 - £12 per plate, it’s value for money with traditional Greek dishes on the menu. A particular highlight is the moussaka, which has a rich, homey taste to it and had been known to delight and satisfy customers from every corner of the globe. Along with a fantastic atmosphere, crazy plate-throwing Greek waiters and an old crumbling Orthodox church in the background,


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the Avli guarantees the full Hellenistic experience. If, on the other hand, Greek comfort food isn’t your thing, then maybe try the Greek take on Italian cuisine - La Cusina, a typical Italian style restaurant in Giallina in the town centre should be just up your street. More modern than the majority of Greek restaurants, the style is chic and contemporary, all monochrome, silver and light oak furnishings. The food is typical Italian, but with a classic Greek twist, including, pizza, pasta and garlic bread. Of particular note are the thin, Italian style pizzas made with a feta cheese which are truly delightful and filling. Although the restaurants furnishings can seem high class and slightly pretentious, the food is anything but, hitting the spot in exactly the right way.

If the grandeur becomes too jarring, take the opportunity to catch a ferry day trip to the coast of neighbouring Albania. The contrast between the two is astounding, if Corfu is opulence, Albania is poverty on so many levels. It would seem at first that this would be a negative experience; however it is eye opening, humbling and something that needs to be done at least once. It makes you appreciate what you have, especially as often a ferry trip to Albania can include a meal at a luxury hotel, which contrasts so sharply with the simplicity of the sur-

roundings below the plateau of luxury. So there it is. Corfu is such a place of change. Nothing remains the same; nothing has ever remained the same. The island has changed hands so many times, and the scars of the past show upon the face of the island. But it wears it scars, its difference and turbulence with such a stark beauty that you can’t help but fall in love with Corfu, not just for its carnal pleasures, but for the rare enrichment it can offer its guests.

Once you’ve finished your meal you may want to hit the bars to wash down your cuisine with something that really sets the night on fire. For something up market, with a slightly older, more sophisticated crowd, than try Ekati at the end of the ‘Disco Strip’. A venue with flowing booze and cool live acts, it may target the more sophisticated crowd, but it’s still a place to let your hair down and party hard; this chichi bar is well known for its sumptuous cocktails and hearty wines. If this isn’t to your taste, and you want something younger and more relaxed then try Libro d’oro in Liston, on the Southside of the town, a cool bar with cane wood furniture on the patios overlooking the promenade; the interior is loud, mad and bad with music booming from the speakers and drinks pouring all night. With great views of the city, unique furnishings and a stunning atmosphere, the Libro d’oro is sure to give you a night to remember! Once you’ve been fully sated you’re going to want to go out and explore Corfu. Take a bus out of the city to experience the relaxed atmosphere of one of Corfu’s many resorts. Top resorts include Karoussades to the north, Kanali to the east, Kavos on the very southern tip of the island and Sinarades on the western coast. The resorts have everything you need to relax and have a good time, huge swimming pools, glorious sun kissed beaches, various leisure activities, water skiing, jet skiing, diving expeditions, outdoor bars and heaving clubs. For the true pleasure getaway visit the island resorts, where good times are a guarantee - you’ll never want to come back.

23° | May Average Temperature | Corfu

If, however, you want to take in a bit of the culture and history of the island then you need to take a trip to the Achilleion. A palace commissioned by the Austrian Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria in 1890, the Achilleion used the classic Greek hero Achilles, his story and his famed acts of heroism as its main theme. Built in the classical style, a step into the Achilleion is a step back into the grandeur of Imperial Europe; fabulous hangings, grand portraits and sumptuous Imperial Austrian furnishings greet the eye as you wander around the infamous palace. Whilst admiring the palace learn of its amazing history, tenure of ownership under the infamous Kaiser Wilhelm II, contribution to the war effort in the 1910s as a military hospital for French and Serbian troops and the hardships it helped to inflict as a military base for the Axis powers during the Second World War. The Achilleion is where the legends that make up Greece’s national character embrace the nation’s turbulent modern history.

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Original Kebab House

The Best Kebab In Yorkshire

TEL: (01274) 30 75 03 FREE DELIVERY: (with orders over ÂŁ10 within a 3 mile radius)



You Drink We Drive

Tel: 0114 239-39-39 Sheffield’s No1

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Mazda3 1.6D TS2

Max speed: 116 mph 0-62 mph: 11 secs Engine: 1560 cc 4 Cylinder Max. power (bhp): 103 at 6000 rpm Max. torque (Ib/ft): 199 at 2500 rpm CO2: 115 g/km Price: £ 18,295 on the road

Tech Spec


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Motoring Car Review

The Mazda3 1.6 oil-burner is a perfectly adequate hatchback. It pulls more powerfully than you might expect, and the drive is actually quite engaging. - Mazda3 1.6D TS2 On start up, the diesel engine sounds a little harsh but, on the move, the engine noise doesn’t intrude on any conversation you might be having with your passengers. The clutch is surprisingly heavy for a mid-sized family hatch and the ride is too firm at times but, on the plus side, the Mazda3 holds the road well and the car cruises very nicely on motorways. The Mazda3 is big enough for a family of four. Your adult passengers won’t be stretching their legs out in the back, but they won’t be doing that in any medium sized car. Access to the rear is particularly good in the five door version of the 3; if you’re a parent of young children, you’ll notice that the doors open wide enough for you to lean in and secure your offspring in their seats easily. Another tick in the


box for this Japanese-made car is the load area – the boot is deep and wide allowing, for example, a folded pushchair to be lifted in without any hassle. Aesthetically, the Mazda3 is appealing - in fact, it has had a makeover for 2012, giving it a more muscular, aerodynamic, look. It has a new face, a different rear bumper and it features up-to-the-minute ‘twist-spoke’ alloy wheels. Inside, there are fresh materials and Mazda’s designers have replaced the previous silver colour of the lower dashboard console with black. Behind the wheel, the dials and controls have been ringed in satin-polish silver, making them clearer to see. As well as general improvements to its appearance, and

little tweaks here and there to make it even more driver friendly, the Mazda3’s fuel economy has been enhanced. If you’re careful, you can now get a maximum of 65.7 mpg out of the hatchback. This is impressive – and largely due to the new model’s refined aerodynamics. The TS2 model comes well equipped with front fog lights, dusk-sensing lights and rain-sensing front wipers. It also has Integrated Bluetooth, a heated windscreen and cruise control. But you won’t get much change out of £20,000 if you want a brand new Mazda3 with this level of kit and a turbo diesel under the bonnet. The 1.6D TS2 will set you back £18,295. Still, in today’s market, that’s actually pretty competitive. - Tim Barnes-Clay

Asian Chic Lifestyle Issue 6  

Asian Chic Lifestyle Issue 6

Asian Chic Lifestyle Issue 6  

Asian Chic Lifestyle Issue 6