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Nadeem Shah Interview

Regeneration Of Attercliffe, Zack “King� Khan Venture / Transformed / Beauty / Travel / Motoring

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Editors Letter Venture | page 20 Check out five of Sheffield’s thriving businesses.

Transformed | page 24 Beauty Beneath demonstrate how to create three perfect looks.

Editor’s Letter Welcome to the first issue of Asian Lifestyle. Sheffield has a thriving population of creative and business minded Asians and we want to pay homage to your cultural influence on the Steel City. Each month we’ll highlight the city’s most

influential entrepreneurs and it’s most successful and creative inhabitants. As well as creating staple features such as Travel, Motoring , Interviews, Venture and Beauty, we’ll also bring you in-depth insight into current events.

This month we put the spotlight on one of Sheffield City Council’s biggest regeneration plans and speak to businessman and charity founder Nadeem Shah who aids us in highlighting the plight of those still suffering in the wake of the 2005 Pakistan earthquake. From the emotive to the motivational, we also speak to Sheffield’s own bodybuilding champion Zack Khan about his inspirations and aspirations. What’s left to say is that we sincerely hope you take pleasure in reading our debut issue of Asian Lifestyle. We’re constantly striving to bring you interesting and entertaining features, thus any feedback is greatly welcomed. Feel free to drop us an email! Your editor


Nadeem Shah Interview

Regeneration Of Attercliffe, Zack “King” Khan Venture / Transformed / Beauty / Travel / Motoring

Issue 01


Asian Lifestyle, Asian Living, Asian Chic

Beauty Review| page 25 Our in house beauty expert reviews Illusionz in Attercliffe.

Luci Cadman

Luci Cadman

Local Businesses | page 07

Photoshoot | page 28

The Team

A homage to Sheffield business scene’s new additions: Origin Broadband and Kashmir Crown Bakeries.

Wigs & Warpaint and Beauty Beneath demonstrate how to create the perfect Chic look.

Hussain Shafique

Managing Director Editor

Luci Cadman

Nadeem Shah | page 08

Design Director Shane Gilmartin

Businessman and charity founder Nadeem Shah shares stories of hope for a small Kashmiri village, still struggling with the effects of the Pakistan earthquake.

Junior Designer Jonathan Tilbrook

Web Designer Benjamin Tilbrook

Sales Manager Melanie Jackson


Rebecca Towler


Jackie Wilson, Mary Tate, Imran Khan

Special Thanks Zack “king” Khan, Nadheem Shah, Shabbir Mughal, Beauty Beneath, Wigs & Warpaint.

Zack King Khan | page 12

Travel | page 35

We meet Sheffield’s own King Khan, who proves brains and brawn are a winning combination in the world of heavyweight bodybuilding.

We explore one of the world’s most transcendent cities, Turkey’s capital, Istanbul.

Attercliffe Regeneration | page 16

Motoring | page 40

Currently a grim, neglected gateway to the city, we touch upon some of the regeneration plans set to turn Attercliffe into the thriving high street it once was.

Tim Barnes-Clay introduces the latest designs from Aston Martin to hit the road.


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Local Businesses Sheffield Origin Broadband

Speeding up streaming and banishing buffering in the South Yorkshire area are two Doncaster entrepreneurs with a fresh new venture; Origin Broadband. Flaunting a fancy fibre optic network, Origin Broadband was inspired by the duo’s own love for the Internet, teamed with their frustrations at the area’s slow connection speeds.

“high speed internet” In modern life having an Internet connection is becoming somewhat of a necessity. Banking, grocery shopping and even booking hospital appointments can be done online with ease. Many high profile businesses even promote the use of the Internet as a channel to save money on their products and some banks even offer more interest to customers who manage their accounts online. Not having a reliable Internet connection is fast becoming a great disadvantage. What the pair at Origin Broadband have

tapped into is the UK’s most advanced and widespread fibre optic broadband network currently available, and it’s hiding beneath our feet right here in South Yorkshire. Origin Broadband offer a range of Internet packages, from the basic ‘Ignition’ which offers 20MB speed with unlimited downloads and uploads, ‘Fusion’ which they boast is superfast broadband, offering 60% of users 40MB speeds, to the ‘Inferno’ package, which is for the ‘heavy Internet user’. Inferno customers can experience lag free gaming, fast HD streaming and ‘’unparalleled download speeds’’. On the cusp of advancing technologies, Origin Broadband can also provide VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which means customers can make free international phone calls, via the Internet, without having to pay for a BT line. Origin Broadband are passionate about making high-speed Internet access available to everyone. Visit their website at to see what they can provide for you in your area.

Origin Broadband

Innovation Centre, Portobello, S1 4DP, Sheffield // Tel: 01302 247 339

Kashmir Crown Bakeries

Widely considered as one of the first Asian bakeries in Bradford, Kashmir Crown Bakeries now boasts over thirty years of experience, a turnover of millions and worldwide renown. Not bad for company creator Mohammed Saleem, who arrived in the UK from Pakistan in 1961, with only £5 to his name. Saleem opened his first shop on Bradford’s Carrington Street in 1970 and the bakery’s ethos to provide locally produced, freshly made baked goods from the finest, high quality ingredients has proved to be a winning formula. Saleem has recently brought his tried and tested recipes to Sheffield’s Barnsley Road and although the bakery has only been open a matter of weeks, it’s already creating quite the buzz.

that was stumbled upon by chance - and the bakery’s bestseller Gulab Jaman. In addition to the sweet delights, the Barnsley Road bakery cooks up traditional savory edibles, such as succulent chicken cooked over charcoals and accompanied with a handed down, traditional Pakistani sauce. Kashmiri Crown Bakeries is a welcome addition to Sheffield. The bakery’s fresh, scrumptious creations will certainly leave you salivating for more.

Kashmir Crown Bakeries 502-504 Barnsley Road, Sheffield, S5 7AE Tel: 0114 244 24 13

“sweet delights” The bakery is a vast offering of tempting traditional Asian sweets, cakes, puff pastries, biscuits and cookies. Specialities include the Crown Cake Rusk -a prize winning recipe


Asian - CHIC -


It is a time of spirituality, patience, humility and submissiveness to God, but for the people of Azad Kashmir in 2005, Ramadan was wholly subservient to one of God’s most powerful creations; Nature.


Asian - CHIC -

Awoken on the 8th of October by messages of concern for his loved ones still residing in his birthplace of Pakistan, was Doncaster businessman Nadeem Shah. Shah immediately turned on the news and witnessed scenes of the aftermath caused by the earthquake that had ravaged Pakistan-administered Kashmir. Upon seeing the heart-wrenching scenes, Shah felt an overwhelming, inexplicable impulse to travel to the devastated area. Thus, three days after the earthquake hit, Shah found himself landing 6600ft into the lower Himalayan village of Noon Bagla. What was an idyllic landscape of pine forests and natural beauty, where the people lived peaceful, frugal lives, had become a place of complete ruin. Within seconds, the tranquility had been broken by the reverberant convulsions of the 7.6 magnitude earthquake. Homes and schools were instantly destroyed, taking with them many young lives. Shah reflects upon what first struck him as he arrived in the village ‘’the silence hit me like a physical blow. More brutally shocking than even the visual horror, the sounds of life had been ripped away’’.

In 1966, an eight year old Nadeem Shah- the eldest of seven- moved from Pakistan with his family to Doncaster, and it seems the youngster immediately found an affinity with the South Yorkshire town, as he still resides there today. Shah spent his youth working closely with his father who had invested in property and taught his son hard graft and the skills of the building trade. Inspired by the words of his father, “everybody can run at something’’, a sixteen year old Shah went against the family convention of a university education and left school with the vision of starting his own business. A few years later, Shah launched his own successful property firm, Swan Homes. What ensued was a thriving venture, which inevitably saw ups and downs over the years, but which has today developed in to an international asset management business, the Vigo Group. Shah is a pillar of the Doncaster community and is constantly striving to improve the local area and is highly proactive in the regeneration of the town. His roots though, gave a pulling twinge when news of the 2005 Pakistan earthquake hit.

‘’The earth had shouted and raged, punished those around them with a roaring vengeance, and in mute incomprehension, they dared not speak, or laugh, or play.” Although vast areas surrounding the earthquake’s epicentre were affected, it was the remote village of Noon Bagla which would need additional aid. Many were dead, many more injured and the community was left bereft. However, a resolute community spirit prevailed in the small village. A faith existed which was far more powerful than the natural force that shook the village that day. Amidst the despair and tragedy, an unshakable optimism remained. The tenacious spirit resonated with Shah, thus upon his return and in honour of his late father, he created the AHS Foundation. Chaired by Nadeem with the aid of a progressive Board of Trustees and volunteers, the foundation actively engages in fundraising to induce a permanent, realistic improvement to the community of Noon Bagla.

“a resolute community spirit prevailed” When speaking to Shah, it’s obvious one of the Foundation’s projects he’s most proud of is the Pharmaceutical Dispensary & First Aid site, which was put in place to tackle the preventable deaths that were occurring in the village, after the influx of immediate aid had petered. Though immediate action was undeniably required to aid this devastated community, Shah continued to invest with longevity in mind. The log cabins imported from Sweden, which were once a base for medical teams have now been replaced with a purpose built, permanent health centre. For its opening, Shah was joined by a team of volunteers and medical staff who set up a medical camp at the health centre, dispensing medicines and treatment to over 800 people in just one day. The construction of the health centre is a great achievement for the foundation and a much needed addition to the struggling village. The centre now employs a full time paramedic and a full time dispenser, who together treat around 650 cases per month. Perpetually in search of funding to help regenerate the small Kashmir village, the AHS is holding an evening of dinner, raffles and auctions at the DoubleTree by Hilton on November 18th. All proceeds go towards the AHS Foundation, which has been highly praised by the Pakistan High Commissioner and His Excellency Wajid Hasan who called the project ‘’courageous and impressive’’.

Nadeem Shah founder


For A Reliable, Professional & Dedicated Quality Legal Service Our professional legal team provides solutions for your legal issues:

. Conveyancing - Residential & Commercial ( Sale, Purchase, Mortgage & Re-mortgage ) . Civil & Commercial Litigation . Wills, Trusts & Probate . Insolvency . Employment Law . Immigration Law . Personal Injury . Power of Attorney & Administration of Oaths Benefits of using Wosskow Brown Solicitors:

. Shariah Complaint Islamic Wills . Competitive Rates . Personal Injury - You Keep Maximum Compensation . Multilingual Staff ( Urdu, Punjabi & Kashmiri Spoken ) . Free Parking Wosskow Brown Solicitors The John Banner Centre 620 Attercliffe Road Sheffield S9 3QS (Near Karachi Stores)

Call: 0114 256 1560 Visit us online: or email: Our firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority


The first Muslim British Super Heavyweight champion in history, thirty something Zack Khan and his 61’’ chest have certainly made it big in the world of Bodybuilding. We caught up with the Sheffield based ‘King Khan’ to talk inspiration, motivation…and teddies. What first inspired you to hit the gym?

I was inspired to go into boxing when I first watched the Rocky movies, I was hooked on the masculine look of Sylvester Stallone. I thought, that’s how I would like to look. So I joined a local boxing gym.

When did bodybuilding become part of your life?

Bodybuilding became a part of my life when I got injured as a boxer and I had to do extensive rehab work for my injured shoulder. I was advised to start doing some weight lifting to build strength in my shoulder and arm muscles. After a few months of doing this, I realised I was starting to gain muscle mass and people were starting to notice this. I was enjoying my weight training more than boxing, so much so that I never went back to boxing.

How did you venture into competing?

I never intended to compete until the gym owner said to me “Zack you’re looking awesome, most guys don’t look this good after many years of training. You’ve got a gift, you should compete’’. I still wasn’t interested until he told me there was a local show and all the gyms in Sheffield would be participating and it would be great if I would be a part of it. After much persuasion I decided to compete and I won. I got the bug and never looked back.

What specifically about yourself do you think it is that has produced your cult-like following?

I think it’s my hard core, no bull attitude, people don’t like liars and I keep it real.

How much creative input do you have over your merchandise? I design and create everything from scratch. Luckily I was good at art in school and that’s become useful now.

What advice would you give to anyone considering bodybuilding as a career? Don’t consider any sport as a career, consider it as a hobby and enjoy it. Always go to college and University because there is a big chance you will one day need it as backup.

What have been the highlights of your career as a bodybuilder so far?

Being the first Muslim British champion in history.

Did you ever imagine having the celebrity status you’ve acquired? Never in a million years, I never trained to become famous, this is all from God and I don’t take it for granted.

Arnie, Sylvester and the like were the icons of the 80s, to you, who represents modern day bodybuilding?

Phil Heath, the current Mr Olympia. He is the best in the world.

What impact do you think the media’s recent interest in Jodie Marsh will have on the sport?

You will always get people hating on her for who she is, but I think its great she has taken her life from negative to positive and she is much happier with her inner self.

What’s next on the agenda for Zack Khan?

Compete in the USA next year and let God guide me the rest of the way.

How would you describe an average day in the life of Zack Khan?

Wake up, cardio, breakfast, check email, send my merchandise out, lunch, answer questions from fans on diet and training, more food. Then I make sure my parents are ok and don’t need anything. Followed by more food, gym, food and gym. My evenings are spent taking Skype calls from around the world, more food then I thank God and it’s time for bed with my teddy.

How do you keep yourself motivated during competition season?

My motivation is to always better myself and prove the haters wrong; simple!

When did it become apparent to you that you’d dedicate your life to the sport?


It was never apparent as I always worked and bodybuilding has always been my hobby, I’m just fortunate to get paid for something I love.


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It was once home to a thriving high street of high-end shops, world-renowned foundries and a close residential community. But fast-forward forty years and Attercliffe is a desert of derelict buildings, where as dark descends the only life visible is the flashing of the neon, promoting the area’s more unsavoury establishments. But now Sheffield City Council, with the aid of local businesses, have set firm plans to regenerate the area to its former glory, with the Attercliffe Action Plan. Located in Sheffield’s industrial Lower Don Valley area, Attercliffe has long been a gateway to the city. Unfortunately though, it’s predominately the path for high volumes of heavy goods traffic, blasting carbon monoxide and dust across all in its trajectory. This is one of the major problems the plan hopes to dispel. Another contributor to the area’s poor image, is the plethora of adult stores and establishments which dominate the high-streets outskirts, rendering Attercliffe Sheffield’s answer to SoHo. This is something the Action Plan also wishes to tackle. In recent years however, Attercliffe and the surrounding area has become the epicentre of sport for South Yorkshire.


Home to Ice Sheffield, the English Institute of Sport and the Sheffield Steelers base, the Motorpoint Arena. Attercliffe’s excellent sporting facilities attract local, national and international visitors. England’s securing of the 2012 Olympics has certainly influenced the decision to finally insert some cash into the run down area and Attercliffe will no doubt reap the rewards, should it be chosen as a base for training teams.

“stunning historic architecture” The juxtaposition between the contemporary and archaic architecture is a real pull for the area. Due to Attercliffe surviving any major effects of the Blitz in 1940, the area is home to some of Sheffield’s

most stunning historic architecture. The Adelphi for example, erected in 1920, a former cinema, bingo hall and nightclub, now sits derelict, yet catches the eye for its design. As does the site of former high-end department store Banners, which was the first site in Sheffield to introduce escalators. To acknowledge that Attercliffe was once a thriving commercial site, ahead of its peers in technological evolution, only adds to the poignance of its rapid decline. Attercliffe’s business population and small residential community is 70% Asian and has been since the early 1970s. One member of the Asian Business Connection-a group of entrepreneurs and business owners who are actively

Asian - CHIC -

improving the area-is Shabbir Mughal, owner of Karachi Stores. Mughal moved to Attercliffe from Bradford in 2000 and is a key member pushing for a cleaner, more inviting locale. Mughal and a team of local volunteers are getting their hands dirty with major clean-ups in Attercliffe’s most neglected areas. Attercliffe resident and community pillar Shabbir is passionate about regenerating the area and has high hopes for the Action Plan, but knows its going to be some time before any major improvements are visible. Shabbir strongly encourages the area’s local businesses to clean up their act, promoting a clean up of facades and a reformed pride for the largely untended area. The introduction of simple, aesthetic improvements such as hanging baskets across the high street are being partly funded by the Council, with cash injections from Mughal and other local businesses. Shabbir is adamant that the key to the area’s regeneration will be the appeal for new businesses to set up in the area, creating new jobs and more importantly, a reason for the consumers to be drawn to the area.

“former glory” All major regenerations take time, thus the Attercliffe Action Plan will be a 10 year venture. Key plans are to make the area more aesthetically attractive, more appealing for those wanting to start their own business (by 2012 the local Council hope to have rights over rents and will actively use those rights to encourage and aid new businesses) and to finally regain a residential community to restore the area to its former glory.


Asian - CHIC -


About Town

Orchis Floral Design // // tel: 0114 201 4049 // Address : 573 Abbeydale Road, S7 1TA

Choosing the right flowers for that perfect occasion can be daunting; what type of flower, what colour, will they clash with the décor? Whatever your requirements, local florist Orchis are on hand with their stylish, unique flowers for all of life’s occasions. Founder Emma McGeehan opened Orchis seven years ago, simply out of boredom. Emma says, ‘I knew if I started my own business the only thing getting in the way of me realising my full potential would be myself and I have to say, I have never had a boring day at work, in fact, I yearn for just one boring day!’ Orchis pride themselves on their friendly, professional service. Combining good work ethic, talent, laughter,

amazing staff and a sprinkle of mischief, Emma and Orchis have garnered worldwide success. Supplying flowers to global superstar Rihanna, the World Snooker at The Crucible Theatre, as well as being named as one of the UK’s top floral designers by Wedding Flowers Magazine, things are on the rise for Emma and her team. With her positive outlook and get up and go manner, it’s easy to see why Orchis is so popular. When starting her business Emma states, ‘I acted upon a gut feeling and didn’t listen to the negative people. Getting the funding, premises etc. are the easy bits, jumping off at the deep end and committing to an idea is the hard part’. Even in the tumultuous economical times Emma stays optimistic, ‘I have found the economic down

turn to be a very good time to be in business, it forces you to think creatively and work effectively and if you can survive this you have only happy days to come’. With their inspirational floral designs and the best quality flowers available, Orchis bestows an elegant beauty, but what is their secret to success? ‘Obviously providing an excellent product and service, however never underestimate the power of being a happy smiley person, no one likes to part with their hard earned cash, but it’s not too bad if the person who receives it isn’t a massive grump! Just do what you love and love what you do’. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Akbar’s // Meadowbank Road, Rotherham, S61 2NF // Tel: 01709 555 500

Established in 1995 in Bradford by founder Shabir Hussain, Akbar’s started as a small restaurant, seating only 28 customers. Fast forward 16 years and Akbar’s is a brand you instantly recognise, one that is known nationwide. Named after Shabir’s father, Akbar’s has earned a fantastic reputation throughout the country due to quality cuisine and service provided. Opening its doors in 2007, the Sheffield chain has been going strong ever since. Offering exquisite South Asian


delicacies, the food is massively authentic – teamed with the warm exterior of the restaurant (personally designed by Shabir himself) and vibrant atmosphere, Akbar’s is contemporary, stylish and creative. Making sure Akbar’s is always ahead of the competition, Shabir often returns to his homeland in search of different recipes and spices thus bringing his findings home and into the kitchens of the Akbar’s restaurants. With 10 restaurants under his belt, the madness doesn’t

stop there for Shabir; long term goals include continuing to expand the Akbar’s brand throughout the country, taking his culinary dream from city to city as well as to continue working with young people and support local communities. As a restaurant that is always evolving, Akbar’s is going from strength to strength, Shabir’s motto has always been “anything is possible - it’s just a case of how bad you want it”. It seems this may indeed be the case.

Asian - CHIC -

Cakes R Us // Tel: 0114 255 88 22 151 London Road, Sheffield, S2 4LH

Situated on London Road, Cake R Us Bakery and Coffee House specialises in many a treat. Though known for their selection of tempting sweet treats, this tasty wonderland has many strings to their bow. A selection of Chinese delicacies such as savoury roast pork puffs and fried dough sticks, as well as a range of sweet and savoury breads and buns, are just some of what is available on this extensive menu. For something a bit naughty pop in for a slice of delicious gateaux or a slither of Swiss roll in an array of mouth watering flavours, we guarantee your sweet tooth will be satisfied! When in need of something a bit special, a family occasion perhaps, then why not contact the team at Cake R Us for a unique, made to order cake. Experts in Asian wedding cakes, they offer sugary indulgence in all shapes, sizes and flavours. Fresh fruit, chocolate, chestnut and tiramisu are just a snippet of what will tempt those taste buds. For a reasonably priced delicious delicatessen then head on over to London Road and fill your boots with a number of scrumptious delights.

The Brookhouse Florist // Tel: 0114 2667087 398 Sharrow Vale Road, Hunters Bar, S11 8ZP

Sharrow Vale Road’s The Brooke house Florist has long been established as the place to go for contemporary sculptured arrangements and stunning hand tied wedding bouquets. Two years ago, the business was taken over by florist Maria Proctor. Having already sampled success with her silk flower arranging business, which she ran from home, The Brooke house’s existing reputation, teamed with her recent redundancy, inspired Proctor to venture out and take over the establishment. Although Proctor admits it’s been “a lot of hard work’’, her simple ethos of “you get out what you put in’’ certainly seems to be working. For two years running Maria has been awarded for her creative efforts at the Hunters Bar flower shop. Catering for corporate events, weddings and funerals, quality is paramount to Maria and her team. The Brooke house Florist creates traditional arrangements, to contemporary displays with the “wow factor’’. Proctor also boasts a same day delivery service in the Sheffield area, a national delivery service and free delivery to those in the Sheffield area. With a chic website and impending Facebook campaign, it’s clear Maria and her magnolias are making quite the mark.

Noodle Inn

156 London Road, Sheffield, S2 4LT TeL: 0114 255 4488 //

London Road is fast becoming the place to eat in Sheffield. It boasts a selection of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and more. If Sheffield had an Asian Town, London Road would be it. Clearly making its mark on London Road and on the palette is Noodle Inn Chinese restaurant with rave reviews in the windows and an inviting spicy scent which emanates out into the street. Noodle Inn is bright, airy, clean and contemporary. Of course it has the obligatory fish tank but there is something modern about this Chinese restaurant. Noodle Inn already has the reputation of being a quality eatery, but with the influx of new businesses and Sheffield’s new-found love of London Road, business really is booming. Opening at 12 noon each day, you’ll often find it bustling with the Chinese community for the lunchtime rush and then again up until its 11pm closing time. The food at Noodle Inn is simply divine. A seemingly simple dish of sweet ’n’ sour chicken tastes so succulent and rich in flavour and not at all like the sickly sweet efforts you’d get from the local Chinese. The noodles are light and not greasy as Chinese can often be. Duck is a popular meat on the menu and is featured in some of their best selling dishes. Portions are ample at the Noodle Inn and you can chose to eat in


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Transformed Before and After Beauty Beneath have created three distinctly different bridal looks with their stunning make-up application and styling.

Style 1

Style 2

To transform their model into a lustrous bride, Beauty Beneath have selected from an array of premium makeup and styling products. Commencing with Dinair Airbrushed Foundation as a base, the water-based cream renders skin radiant, creating a creamy, dewy complexion. The long lasting base is easily applied and appears flawless in HD video and photography. MAC products were used to add colour and definition to eyes, cheeks and lips. The model’s hair was styled using the Patrick Cameron technique for a classic bridal bun. Wella Flowing Form and Wella Performance Hairspray ensure the hair appears glossy and the style firmly fixed. Style 3


Asian - CHIC -

Beauty Review


Vinisha Ali has been nurturing nails, creating miraculous makeovers and perfecting pouts from her Attercliffe Road salon, Illusionz, for over ten years. -555 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S9 3RA, 0114 261 8000 -

Vanisha’s reputation is renowned, especially amongst the Asian community where hers is the first name on every bride-to be’s Wish List. However, it’s been a long journey for the Sheffield entrepreneur, who states that the business only really took off six years ago. Vanisha’s attributes the salon’s more recent success to rise of highflying female Asians, seeking professional treatments in a locale where quality is paramount. Ali likes to boast that when it comes to beauty treatments, Illusionz salon “provides everything’’, a statement which is certainly not far form the truth. From sculptured acrylic nails, luxury pedicures, airbrush tans, semi-permanent make up, eyelash tinting, threading, Botox, lip contouring, laser hair removal, facials, Microdermabrasion, acid peels, contour wraps and teeth whitening to name but a few treatments abound are available from the inviting and efficient salon.

since been able to take her bridal makeovers to the most professional of levels. Much like Ashraf ’s works -which have graced the covers of Asiana Wedding and Spell and Pride magazines amongst others- Ali now boasts a stunning portfolio of beguiling brides.

“customer’s happiness is paramount” Perpetually on the cusp of new beauty and business innovations, Vinisha is currently in the process of expanding Attercliffe Road’s Illusionz. In January 2012, Ali will introduce a hair styling salon and a Hair and Make-up Training Academy to the plethora of treatments and services already on offer. Keen to share her enviable skills, Vinisha plans a six day course where she’ll train on contouring,

highlighting, colour techniques, bridal make up, basic hair styling and more advanced bridal inspired finishes. Word of mouth and a list of praising testimonials has ensured this salon has maintained a reputation for providing quality treatments, with a personal touch. For the creative Vinisha, the customer’s happiness is paramount and nothing pleases her more than the confidence she can create with a make-up brush!

“masters in aesthetics” Vinisha recently completed a Masters in Aesthetics, qualifying her as an Aesthetics Practitioner. This means the salon can now administer Botox, Dermal Fillers and Skin Needling treatments to lift brows, eliminate wrinkles and plump lips. Somewhat of a perfectionist, Ali is always seeking to improve her skills, thus she invited award winning make-up artist, hairdresser and stylist Jawaad Ashraf to the Sheffield salon. Training under the watchful eye of the passionate and committed Ashraf, Ali has


Asian - CHIC -

Photoshoot Beauty Beneath & Wigs & Warpaint Beauty Beneath joined forces with Wigs & Warpaint to create five Perfectly Chic looks, through a mist of hairspray emerged the models and below are the results.


Classic Chic

Contemporary Chic

Evening Chic

Party Chic

Asian - CHIC -

Wigs & Warpaint: 11West One Plaza, Sheffield, S1 4JB Tel: 0114 270 03 36

Beauty Beneath

620 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, S9 3QS Tel: 0114 242 21 22

Models: Sally Bollands,

Emily Hameed, Iyah Saeed Emily Fox, Lydia Danial-Ward


Asian - CHIC -

Evening Chic

Sexy Chic

Contemporary Chic

Party Chic 30

Asian - CHIC -

Travel Guide


Byzantium. Constantinople. Istanbul. A city that truly defines the term ‘influx’, Istanbul has seen civilisation after civilisation lay claim to its lands and throughout the millennia has played host to some of the greatest empires throughout history. Originally an outpost of the Hellenistic civilisations of Ancient Greece, Byzantiumas the site was first known- bore witness to some of the most epic events of Grecian myth, from the Trojan War to the ‘eureka’ moment. Abandoned with the downfall of Hellenistic might, the city received new interest from the first Christian Emperor of the Roman Empire, Constantine, who re-christened the city, ‘Constantinople’, in his own image. A bastion of Orthodox Christianity for over a thousand years, Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks in the fifteenth century AD, and from then was transformed into Istanbul; a major powerhouse of the largest Islamic Empire the world has thus far known. Now a city within Turkey, Istanbul unabashedly exhibits the scars of its past across its multi-faceted face.

“Largest Islamic Empire” Istanbul resides on the edge of two peninsulas, one in Europe, one in Asia, and is the only city in the world to sit astride two continents.

The moment you land, the sights, sounds and smells of a thousand people will overwhelm your senses, and upon reaching the heart of the city, this combined with the discovery of Istanbul’s rich tapestry of history, makes for an unforgettable introduction to the city.

“overwhelm your senses” If opulence is high on the agenda when it comes to a place to slumber, then a stay at the Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel, which sits on the European shores of the Bosphorus- the canal separating European and Asian Istanbul- is a must. An undisputed paradise, this stunning locale is the height of luxury, with sprawling palm tree lined grounds and deep azure pools. The rooms are adorned with silk hangings, plush grand sofas dominate the space and the soft lighting only aids in making you feel as if you’ve stumbled upon an imperial parlour. However, it’s pricey, as a single room here will set you back 650€ per night. If you fancy something closer to the cultural

heart of Istanbul, try the Alzer Hotel, which sits in the centre of Istanbul’s religious district. Surrounded by honorific buildings such as the Topkapi Palace and the infamous Hagia Sofia Mosque -formerly the largest Basilica throughout medieval Europe- the Alzer is the place to immerse yourself in tales of the city’s tumultuous religious history. Walk into an Alzer room and walk into simple luxury; beautifully coloured walls, deliciously sumptuous bedspreads and glittering furnishings start from the more reasonable price of 89€ per night. If you wish to venture away from luxury trappings and out into the culture of Istanbul, then you can, in any season. Unsurprisingly, summer days are long and hot, but relief can be found as the heat is tempered by the maritime climate associated with the city’s close proximity to the Bosphorus Strait. Summer evenings see many tourists flocking to the waterfront cafes that line the canal, to sip iced Turkish tea and bask in the gentle Bosphorus breeze.


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Various winter festivals and markets ensure that Istanbul doesn’t fall into hibernation during the notably milder winter months. However, tourism does dwindle, resulting in well-known sites such as the Blue Mosque and the Byzantine Hippodrome being less crowded, the advantage being that you can discover them at your leisure and to their fullest. If outside excursions in winter aren’t your thing, then of course we can’t forget to mention one of Turkey’s most famous traditions; the cleansing, relaxing Turkish baths, which are well worth a visit if you’re in search of rejuvenation.

“gentle Bosphorus breeze” From relaxation to hedonism, saunter from the sauna to the cocktail sipping sites of Istanbul’s exquisitely cosmopolitan nightlife. Pulsing with wall-to-wall speakers and flashing with glittering strobe lighting, Babylon is one of Istanbul’s most stylist live music venues. Entertaining with high-end spirits and exclusive cocktails, Babylon is the place for music loving hedonists who enjoy tunes that encapsulate the entire Eurasian landmass. If something more subdued and traditional is your scene, then head to the Baran Bar. A world away from the traditional British pub, Baran none the less has that ‘local’ vibe. Unusually it has no bar, rather allowing patrons to simply gather around a beer tap!

“subdued and traditional” Luckily for your taste buds, Istanbul’s cuisine is world class. For something light hearted and Mediterranean, try the Meze by Lemon Tree. Cluttered, yet homely, the cosy, inviting ambience is perfect for lovers who want a light supper before strolling the shores of the Bosphorus. Noted for its impeccable service and exquisite dishes, including the aubergine stuffed with fish and tomato plum, it comes highly recommended for a reasonable priced eat. In contrast, the vertiginously priced Poseidon promises to serve up some of the best seafood you’re likely to sample. Almost suspended over the Bosphorus, this gourmet restaurant sits on a large decked area, offering stunning views of Bebek Bays. Thoughts of the impending bill are immediately forgotten when dishes such as marinated sea bass and stuffed calamari are presented at the table.

“stunning views of Bebek Bays” The history of this unique site has undoubtedly had a direct effect on the way modern citizens of Istanbul live their lives. A cosmopolitan city, beating as the cultural, economical and financial heart of Turkey, Istanbul is a peerless fusion of past and present.


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Motoring Car Review

ASTON MARTIN is one of the coolest automotive brand names on the planet, so getting a chance to drive one of the beautifully crafted cars from the British motor manufacturer has to be on the wish list of many. - Aston Martin’s newest stablemates: Virage and Vantage S -

Well, luckily (and I don’t want to sound boastful) my wish came true very recently. I was invited to the home of Aston Martin, at Gaydon in Warwickshire, to sample not one, but two of the newest models on the block - the Virage and the Vantage S. Were they glorious, exquisite and powerful? Of course they were. Here’s an overview of both cars: The Virage combines outright sports car performance with opulence, comfort and refinement. It sits between the elegant DB9 and overtly sporting DBS, resulting in a car that remains luxurious and understated but capable of delivering increased athleticism that is always accessible for effortless driving.

“luxurious and understated” Aston Martin’s revered hand-built 6.0 litre V12 engine produces 490bhp, 420 lb/ft of torque and is mated to a six-speed Touchtron-


ic II automatic transmission. This contributes to the Virage’s refined power delivery making gear changes tangible yet effortless.

“refined power” Aiding driver control, a ‘Sport’ button on the fascia allows you to select a sharper throttle response and faster gear changes. Also, a newly developed adaptive damping system intelligently ‘reads’ the road to provide optimum road holding, adapting to different conditions. And if you want to scrub off speed quickly in the Virage, you can; it comes with carbon ceramic brakes as standard, offering progressive and tremendous stopping power. The magnificent machine sits low and wide, asserting the power which lies beneath. As you open the swan wing doors, you are greeted by the aroma of seven hides of the finest leather expertly hand stitched by craftsmen.

Simplicity runs throughout the car with an integrated satellite navigation system that has been developed in conjunction with Garmin. Contributing to the feeling of luxury, finely polished glass buttons adorn the facia inviting you to select your desired setup or control. Aston Martin’s design team have stayed true to the ethos of using material honestly where facias are real, hand finished, polished woods, dials are milled aluminium, and leathers retain their sheen and aroma years into their life. In coupe form, the Virage is available as a 2+2 or a 2+0 , the latter providing a rear parcel shelf ideal for soft bags, while also reducing weight.

“feeling of luxury” Another new member of the Aston Martin family is the V8 Vantage S. The ‘S’ is the most


The 4.7 litre V8 engine has been modified to deliver peak power of 430bhp at 7200rpm and torque of 361lb/ft at 5000rpm, representing an increase of 10bhp and 14.75lb/ft respectively. In addition, the car features a new automated manual seven speed gearbox. It is one of the best features of the car because it enhances the acceleration feel and gives you increased control. Driver interaction with the gearbox is made as simple as possible to allow you to concentrate on the road ahead. Two columnmounted paddles allow an up or down shift through the gears, and you can always locate them with ease no matter what position the steering wheel is in.

“driver-focused package” As well as selecting gears manually with the paddle-shift, you are also able to select the ‘D’ button on the facia to engage automatic mode. This acts like a traditional automatic gearbox changing gear at precisely the right time, making light work of urban traffic and motorway driving. But the Vantage S’ sporting character really comes into its own when the ‘Sport’ button on the facia is pressed, it gives you faster gear changes and it prevents the car changing up to the next gear when the revolution limit is reached. The default ‘normal’ provides a more progressive throttle response suited to more everyday situations. The Vantage S also features a unique exhaust muffler specifically tuned to aurally define its sporting intent. In ‘Sport’ mode the car produces a wonderful crackle. It’s a sound that is utterly magnificent.

Aston Martin Virage (V) & Vantage S (VS)

Max speed: (V) 186mph (VS) 189mph Tech 0-62 mph: (V) 4.6 (VS) 4.6 Spec Combined mpg: (V) 18.8 (VS) 21.9 Engine: (V) 5935cc V12 (VS) 4735cc V8 Max. power (bhp): (V) 490bhp at 6500rpm (VS) 430 at 7300rpm Max. torque (Ib/ft): (V) 420 at 5750rpm (VS) 361 at 5000rpm CO2: (V) 349g/km (VS) 299g/km Price: (V) from £150,000 (VS) from £102,500

You Drink We Drive

significant outward indication that the car is different to the already acclaimed Vantage. Basically, the engineering team at Gaydon looked at every single performance attribute of the standard model, from engine and transmission to suspension, steering, brakes and tyres, and considered what was required to make this car deserving of the coveted ‘S’ badge. The result is a pure driver-focused package that exploits and emphasises the sporting nature of the iconic Vantage.

Tel: 0114 239-39-39 Sheffield’s No1

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“gills of a shark” Step inside and the tailored Vantage S’ cabin hints at the car’s dynamic capabilities, defined by a distinctive three-track stitch detail on the doors and on the seats. A folded leather design runs along the stitched tracks, echoing the gills of a shark. And, needless to say, the sumptuous seats cosset you, providing support during spirited driving while remaining comfortable on long journeys. The Vantage S coupe is hand built alongside the Virage at Aston Martin’s global headquarters in good old Blighty. Each car has a unique character, and it is very difficult to say which is better. From a cost point of view the Vantage S is much cheaper but, price-tags aside, you’d really struggle to turn any one of these beautiful British beasts away.


Asian Chic Magazine Issue 2  

Asian Chic Magazine Issue 2