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Webjam interface style guide Body text •

Default body text: 14px Arial 666666 line-height 18px

For css: Arial, “Helvetica Neue”, Helvetica, sans-serif)

Default text: 14px Arial 333333 line-height 18px

Unimportant but not informal text: 14px Arial 999999 line-height 18px

Informational text: 12px Arial 666666 line-height 18px

Small text: 10px Arial 666666 line-height 18px

Headers •

Small header: 14px Arial 666666 bold line-height 18px

Header: 18px Arial 666666 bold line-height 27px

Big header: 24px Arial 666666 bold line-height 27px

Actions • Link colour: 336699 • Action red: bb0000 • Action green: 5a9d51(used for text on buttons) •

Webjam pink: dc4b7f

Elements • Horizontal ruler colour: dddddd • Background colour grey: fafafa

• Form field border: aaaaaa

Grid I’m using the 12 column grid with a baseline of 9 pixels (to enable both a line height of 18 and 27 pixels)

This is a nice tool to test it: