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*A Long Road

It was a quiet night in Warsaw, Poland and all but for Stephen he was wide awake watching the news and praying that this day would come...“Everybody get into a bomb shelter QUICK” those were the last words he ever heard from the news guy again. When he was running down the street all he heard was baby’s crying and people screaming trying to find a bomb shelter it was September 1, 1939 the economics were bad in Europe and Hitler came to rise and that’s when my life changed. Hitler was trying to take over all of Europe starting with Poland first which was the weakest country in Europe. He took out our planes, trains and airbase so all I could do was just wait.

When we got to the bomb shelter it had a weird smell to it, there was moss growing from the walls and it was damp. It felt like we were in a cave again but when we got there, their were to other families,

they came to the same bomb shelter. They both had boys about the same age of Stephen their name were Felicja and Rafal they almost acted the same way as Stephen they both liked the same activities until one crazy night when Stephen’s life will change forever he found out that the parents were gone sense they were all Jewish.

“Hitler’s men must have taken them,” said Rafal “What do you mean?” Felicja didn’t reply fast. It almost sounded like he was choking on something until he could get the words out. “Hitler didn’t like people with Jewish faith” he mumbled with a sorrow filled face. Stephen just took a quick look at his face and frowned and asked why Hitler didn’t like the Jewish people. Rafal mumbled and said, “Because he thought that the Jewish people and had some kind of monopoly going on.”

“So what will happen to my mom” Stephen cried with sorrow, “We don't know what they do in the consent ration camps”.

So they just sat there thinking of what they good do, Rafal thinking he was the toughest kid on the whole street and saying “I can take on the Nazi’s”

Authors Note Long Road is based on the World War ll. Which started on  September 1, 1939 when the Germans attacked. Poland first during  World War ll 50­70 million people died, This story is based in Warsaw  which was a major city in Poland. While men were at war woman worked in factory's as Drivers, Air  Force, and Hospital Nurses. But on April 30, 1945 Hitler committed  suicide because he finally recognized that all was lost and didn't want  to be held captive. The Capital of Poland was Warsaw the language they spoke was the  Polish. They called the money Zloty for $ 1.00 us dollar you would get  2.65 in Zloty. The crisis that led directly to renewed in 1939 due to the European  conflict. 


~Lukas Graig

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A Long Road  


A Long Road