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IN LOOK Vol. 1

Spring 2010 Fashion Week Issue

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Letter from the Editor:

Welcome to the first edition of IN LOOK magazine. The purpose of this issue is to show you, the reader and give the clothes and trends from this Spring 2010 Fashion Week . I will be giving ideas for beauty and how to still stay chic this fall season. I will be taking tips and ideas from designers and the runway shows and making it possible to you and your closet. I remember when I first saw the spring 2002 Gucci by Tom Ford Collection fashion show which was held in Paris that show inspired to be in the fashion industry. The fashion show it self was beautiful the runway was covered by white rose petals and music played by Enya. To some people in the audience it was an emotional show. The clothes and make up on the models was of course, fierce. I will always remember my Paris trip and how fabulous the fashion show. Along with that I will always admire Tom Ford as a designer for putting a collection out that empowered women in a sensual way. In this magazine I will take the inspiration from fashion shows and iconic designers to clothes and to beauty. In this issue I have tips from the best when it comes to makeup and hair at the runway shows in New York, Milan and Paris. I will also get the advice and steps on how to look runway ready for everyday. Also in this issue we will talk to the most influential and hip designer right now in fashion, Marc Jacobs. Plus premiering on the cover is Model of the Year and Karl Lagerfeld muse, Kate Moss. Hope you all enjoy this issue. Best Wishes,

Saneeta R. Harris

-From New York to Paris one of the most influential designers in fashion…

This article would be about marc Jacobs a designer who holds creative director at two fashion houses, Louis Vuitton and his own brand Marc Jacobs. The Louis Vuitton show is held in Paris and the Marc Jacobs show is held in New York. I will talk about how difficult it is to be such a decision maker at two clothing brands that are completely different and then to have shows in two different countries in a weeks time. I will also discuss his impact on the celebrity/Hollywood world from rapper Lil’ Kim to director Sofia Coppola. Also how is it to design for a woman and what kind of woman inspires him when thinking of a collection. I will also discuss his Spring 2010 collection in New York that was known as a “super bowl moment of fashion.” In conclusion discuss what Marc Jacobs himself likes to do when he is not behind a sketch board or dressing a celebrity.









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The new breed of technology that’s making fashion more accessible and

interesting… This article will be a bit more of an intimate look of how technology/ internet/ computer are changing the fashion industry. During Paris Fashion Week the Alexander McQueen fashion show ending was something as people in the audience never seen before. Appeared out of the middle of the studio inside an empty glass pyramid was an apparition-like image of Kate moss turning and twisting in a beautiful white gown and disappeared like a puff of white smoke. It was a hologram by a video maker Baillie Walsh and art-directed McQueen. As people looked in awe and try to fathom what they just saw, were they clapping for the show itself or the techno-magic that just happened? Also I will talk about for the first time ever fashion shows from Bryant Park tents were broadcast live on the internet. Usually with the shows at Bryant Park that are sponsored by Mercedes Benz the shows are invite only, mainly to buyers, editors, journalists, stylist and celebrities. So shows are not open to the public and only the who’s-who’s gets the best seats. But now anyone can see the exclusive fashion shows free from their computers or laptops. With this great virtual revolution will the hassle of getting in the shows and getting pushed and shoved to see a 15 minute show still be worth it?

Spring Forward Blast into spring with versatile pieces styled different ways

THE LOOK OF BEAUTY | The Best Moments from Spring 2010 Fashion Week This article will be about looks that were on the runway this past fashion season in New York, Paris and Milan. As I recap the looks I will be asking the hairstylist and make up artists that create the looks the how-to’s achieve for the readers to try at home. The hairstylist and makeup artist include Eugene Souleiman, Orlando Pita, Pat McGrath, Charlotte Tilbury and Guido Palau. And will include steps and beauty products. For the reason many beauty products are expensive I will give alternative products that gives the same result but at a better prices. Products such Maybelline, L’Oreal, Vidal Sasson, Motions, Covergirl and Pantene Pro-v. The hairstylist and makeup artist will talk about what each designer wanted as it pertains to the models and the matter of the collection.

Audience: The audience that reads IN LOOK are young female adults from the age of 18-25. These young women like to shop for clothes, shoes, accessories and have indulgence of beauty products. They are the kind of shoppers that aware and sometime splurge on high end brand names (i.e. Chanel, Versace and Luis Vuitton) but also shops at lower priced stores like H&M and Wal-Mart. Their occupation might include sale associate, retail buyer, trend forecaster, fashion writer/journalist. Also if the reader is a student they might be a major in fashion such as fashion merchandising management, communications, public relations and cosmetology. The audience during their fun time likes to read other magazines such as Teen Vogue, Glamour, Elle and The Daily. They know who are the most stylish starlets on the red carpet and the designers who dress them. Also they know of today’s fashion icons such as Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicole Kidman and Sienna Miller but know the icons of the past such as Edie Sedgwick, Greta Garbo and Audrey Hepburn.

Advertisers: Target Target clothing is appropriate because the clothes are at reasonable prices and provides for all ages. Plus Target have very will known designers such as Isaac Mizarh and Luella Bartley. Mac Cosmetics – Viva Glam Lip Gloss - Mac is appropriate because this brand was majority of the makeup artists used at fashion shows. Also it is celebrity endorsed and the proceedings from the Lip Gloss go to help to fight AIDS. Neutrogena® Energizing Body Wash - Neutrogena® Energizing Body Wash is appropriate because it’s a product that can be used for woman/men of ages Marc Jacobs - Marc Jacobs clothing is appropriate because it’s is a popular and trendy brand among young people and older adults.


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