Page 1 Step 1: Log on and Register

Step 2: Choose Manage Quizzes

Step 3: Choose Create a Quiz

Step 4: Select quiz type e.g. Multiple Choice. Save

Step 5: Write question and tick correct answer. Repeat steps 4 & 5 to add more questions. Save

Step 6: Press Continue to reveal the Manage Quizzes screen (see Step 7 below)

Step 7: To start quiz click on the Main Menu link

Step 8: Opens the quiz options screen and also gives you the room number (you will need to give the students this number)

Step 9: Click on the Main Menu link

Step 10: Choose the type of Quiz Activity, e.g. Space Race

Step 11: Select the number of teams and auto-assign colours if want Socrative to do it for you. Press Next.

Step 12: (a) Ask the students to open Socrative on their device(s) (b) There is no need for them to register; instruct them to enter the Room number and add, as indicated, enter their full names (c) Press Start Space Race to begin (d) Finished? Press End Activity to reveal a Reports Screen.

Step 13: Select Download Report (as shown in the spread sheet below)

FAQs 1) Thirteen steps makes Socrative looks difficult! My slides make it look more difficult than it actually is. It is quite intuitive. Once you are registered I think you will find it fairly straight forward. Do let me know if you manage to simplify them! 2) Do my students’ require a smart phone? No. Any device that is connected to the internet will work. 3) Can they do a quiz in their own time, say, as a homework activity? Yes. Providing the quiz is open and they can reach Socrative, they can do it anywhere, any time. 4) My students’ don’t have a PC or mobile device. Often students will share and work together but ILT Development have a number of Asus mini-laptops which we are happy to lend out. Just ask Richard or Keith. 5) What is the process for borrowing one of these? The student signs a declaration that they will use it within the Terms of the current IT policy and a return date is agreed and they take it away with them! 6) Why did you use a QR code in your demo? It’s a quick and effortless way of handing out a web address. 7) What do you need to use a QR code? Most new smart phones come with a QR code reader. If not a i-Nigma can be downloaded for free from 8) How do you create a QR code? Very easy. Just go to

How to use socrative