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from nov2004 till may2005 Internship at Arch. Alberto Novati I-22063, Cant첫

EDUCATION Last Degree Grading Thesis


from jan2008 till feb2008 Internship at Arch. A. Stelvio Carpentieri I-73100, Lecce


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Advanced Good Basic

I am experienced at working with various type of teams and people from all around the world, thanks to my past foreign experience. I am able to speak directly and brightly, in order to answer to specific questions from the costumer, thanks to the skill of debating on project themes developed in my past job experiences.


Mother tongue ITALIAN


from may2008 till aug2010 Senior Architect at CA | Carpentieri e Architetti Laboratorio degli Errori I-73100, Lecce


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ENRICO CLERICI 87, via XX settembre, I-22075 Lurate Caccivio (CO) (0039) 338 580 44 30 Nationality


Date of birth


COMPUTER SKILLS Master of Civil Architecture (2008) Politecnico di Milano 110/110 Mediterranean EcoTones Alexandria of Egypt and Istanbul Their new Infrastructural Setting

OS: MS-DOS, Windows, MAC OS X Office and iWork suites. WEB: EditPlus, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks 3D: AutoCAD, ReVit, 3d Studio Max, Sketch Up CAD drawing: AutoCAD, ReVit, ArchiCAD Graphic: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Owner of Italian Partita IVA since jun2009 Legally admitted to the Architects Register of Como (inscription n.2427) since feb2008 European Driving Licence (B) since jan2002




OSHouse - Cape Coast (GHANA)...........

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City of Arts & Music - Lecce (ITA).................


Vertical Zoo - Buenos Aires (ARG)................



Designing in Teheran - Teheran (IRAN).........

CasaMED - Leverano (ITA)...........................


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Mediterranean EcoTones (THESIS)..............

New Novara Station - Poltecnico Milano...... Ex Falck - Politecnico Milano....................... AlexMED - Bibliotheca Alexandrina..............




Piazza AUR3A - Gaggiano (ITA)...................

TAORMINALAND - Politecnico Milano.........


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Thesis in Architecture Politecnico di Milano apr2008

CONCEPT: Our work takes as test cities Istanbul and Alexandria of Egypt, two metropolis with a legendary background, nowadays about to face a reorganization of the rail network that will involve the construction of a new rail terminal. We think that designing a new rail station will be a matter that goes over some purely technical aspects, involving different scales: first of all, we obviously need to consider the regional network plugged in with the new railway service, on the other side we also have to foresee the urban and functional structure due to the new conditions of accessibility. Consistently with this premises, we carried on a project over the new railway terminal of Al Iskandariya starting from the hypothesis to lay underground the tracks coming from Il Cairo, essential to let the train to pass through the city and reach the new settlements in the western side of Alexandria.





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Urban & Landscape Politecnico di Milano oct2007

CONCEPT: Imagine now to pass through the wall of the brownfield land of the ex “Acciaierie Falck�, where the production line was used to time and limit every kind of action. In this empty space, nowadays we can lose the meaning of our behavior. Right here we perceive the need to imagine there a project, never stiff into old pattern, but able to slough off following the infinite changes of the context. This feature find its direct representation thanks to the concept of the fold. The park we designed becomes, through its concave and convex shapes, an unique element able to build up new hierarchies between the focal points of the project. We should try to get through all the different scales that represent the spatial phenomenon we are facing, looking for every architectonic chance taken in our project, investigating their ability to solve social and urban problems.





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Academic Study Politecnico di Milano sep2007

CONCEPT: The typical european skyscraper, gathering the historical heritage of the tall buildings, may adopt a strategic role in relationship with the different parts of the city. (Hilberseimer; Groszstadt Architecktur; 1927) This way on, the station, as a strategic part of the city, represents a connection for the city with that sorrounding lands that are not yet part of the city. Exploiting the pre-existent, the project reshapes a slice of the city, configurating an organic and heterogeneous system based on the series of open-closed, internal-external, vertical-horizontal, static-dynamic spaces able, thanks to their formal values, to “look far away as much as be seen from far away�, as Bramante used to say. Maybe not only spatially but also temporally.



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School Refurbishment ETSAV Barcelona feb2006

CONCEPT: The role of buildings as a main energy consumer has to be inverted. Integrated Energy Design or Climatic Design must be the key issue for understanding buildings as potential energy generating systems. The building skin palys a major role in this; this consiteration let us to intevent also on existing buildings, that needs a careful design process with an energy optimization in every stage. This could be obtained only with a close collaboration of architects, engineers and simulation experts. Only this multidisciplinary approach allows the energy optimization of the whole project, the early implementation of the right energy system and the best use of existing resources for bioclimatic architecture, like sun, wind and microclimate.


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Urban Refurbishment Bibliotheca AlexMED nov2007

CONCEPT: “This extraordinary capacity of Alexandria of rebuilding itself after each defeated, of being in a continuos state of mutations - incredible property of the cities that wrote history - is difficult to assign that to Dinocrate, also if he could have done a perfect job in drawing the city walls and applicate the rules of Ippodamo. The glory of the cities never took origin in their perfect dimensions or in the grid imposed in their streets. The glory of the cities depends on the immagination of their citizens, and this immaginations itself depends on the experiences and the changes made in the city: at last it depends on the energy of the places.” Giancarlo De Carlo - Nelle Città del Mondo

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Turism & Infrastructures Politecnico di Milano set2006

CONCEPT: The project starts the partecipation within urban subcultures and landscape, bringing back the places to a new utilization; an example could be the work over the old Tysandros Bay hills plugged in with new agricultural terraces, that enable a more direct experience of the places and reconcile the agricultural culture to the actual consumistic view of the world. Other actions concerns to infrastructures (spectacle of the actions). The highway, with its tunnels and viaducts, becomes a new place for living, matching infrastructure and architecture, suggesting new visions and new limits. The railway station, like a big parasite, insert itself on the highway bridge, reshaping a sort of “new amphitheatre� where everyone could be actor and spectator in the same time, spectacle of the arrive.


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New Public Spaces Gaggiano (MI) - Italy lug2007

CONCEPT: Designing and projecting is a constant search for the best expression of the idea; in this panorama we could gradually change some architectural shapes with some others (pyramids, cones, cubes, spyrals). The memory of changed shapes leave their own marks, creating the cultural background of a place where the images lost could be revealed later on. We tried to create a field of forces where the project could place a generation of organic and inorganic shapes under tension. But since aesthetics of the shapes is not the ending point of lived spaces, we tried to produce a groundbreaking system, versatile and multiform, able to feed everyones life. This space should become an attraction that could call to socialize every citizen of Gaggiano.




Clima House Concept Leverano (LE) - Italy set2008


CONCEPT: The search project starts from the idea of realizing a low-cost housing estate, with a low climate impact and zero CO2 emission. The first choices we adopted are oriented to a major integration between the optimal exposition and orientation, the shape, the skin and building typology with pasive and active strategies of energy consumption. The basic residential unit is conceived with the more compact front exposed to the north and the more articulated one looking to the south, as to ease the natural, transversal ventilation. The southern side ensures the cost-free heat contribution of the sun, screened during the summer by the projection of the upper floor. A wide surface is covered using special “glass to glass� solar cells, providing energy for the house.





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Open Source House Cape Coast - Ghana mag2010

CONCEPT: The architectural project is the result of research of raw local materials and hand crafted techniques in relation to the analysis of costs. A plan of the house foresees a longitudinal development, in which there is a functional nuclerisation linked to the morphology, to the solar exposure and to the primary infrastructure. The built nuclei foresee an expansion through an ‘A-B’ relationship (concept of Bataille). ‘A’ is the main nuclea that functions both as the living and sleeping areas, where the living space is amplified from the corresponding ‘B’ and the sleeping area is potentially expandable through an elevated area above ‘B=A’. This approach projects an utilisation of the land without the need of building and results in the right synthesis, which enables the response of transforming the spatial needs into urban vectors.




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Vertical Zoo B. Aires - Argentina nov2009

CONCEPT: Puerto Madero. The prosperous area of Buenos Aires has become a metropolitan battlefield: here within the speculative schizophrenia of the contemporary market economy, capital vices are clearly conveyed in architectural terms. As a parody, it may appear as a suggestion for Post-Humanity: “Roll up! Roll up! All creatures great and small, the cities need you”. Like an Architekton, our project explores gravity’s force transforming the three bio-zones into artificial planets meeting by chance on earth’s surface, having the ability to be conquered in a programmed manner by a future civilisation that is perhaps more deserving inhabitants of this terrestrial globe. A succession of “dialectic” rooms for living, naturally powered by sun, and sanitised, creating a healthy refuge for the characters of the comedy: the animals.

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Office & Retail Building Teheran - Iran mar2009

CONCEPT: The image of a metropolis spilled over its territory extend itself below the ancient plateau: the result is a tangled urban diversity, hard to be defined because of its fluid structure. From this point on starts the challenge of Architecture: building up new possible universes, our architecture structures the plot through geometrical harmonies, based on synchronized forms and dimensional rhythms able to generate volumetric complexity and a multiplicity of views. The shapes of the residential roof, representing some parasitic splinters that try to join themselves to the main volumes, become some kind of molecules, as much as the dried crack designed at the ground level, that symbolize the arid urban patterns typical of the urban structure of middle-eastern cities, are clear samples of our design process.






City of Arts & Music Lecce (LE) - Italy feb2010


CONCEPT: The architect, like a traveler getting off the new train below the new station, decide to go out towards the new complexity, free from the smell of baroque, hanging all over him. Coming out from the new terminal, he want to uncover the constitutional elements of the history of that places: the stone, with its hardness and its color, light, porosity has been revalued from the old garbage dump to the new architectonic front. The stones, one by one, steel over steel, glass and ceramics, every material joined to the rest into a sort of “jam session�, expressing the rhythm of the architectonic recover. Multifaceted forms anchor themselves to the crag border; sometimes they become pure volumes, sometimes they will appear carved with small crossings of light, that dilate into the open space of the new park and the new city.

2008 2009 2010

Manhattan WineShelf Penrose Desk Nihon Mirrors


Le Lame Resort Carpignano Salentino (LE) - IT Bar Manhattan Castrignano dei Greci (LE) - IT DeM Loft Milano (MI) - IT Bar Principe Porto Cesareo (LE) - IT House P Otranto (LE) - IT House A Bari (BA) - IT Adriatic Resort Lecce (LE) - IT Art Hotel&Park Lecce (LE) - IT House F Lecce (LE) - IT House M Lecce (LE) - IT House B Lequile (LE) - IT Tattoo House Taurisano (LE) - IT


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OTHER WORKS - C.A. | Carpentieri e Architetti

OTHER FACTS 2008 2009 2010

Creates J.A.N.U.B. Jam of Architecture and Neighborhood Urbanism based on Biomimicry Project Rail.Road to J.A.N.U.B. Purpose taking part to KUBLAI project Italian Dept. of Economic Development Partecipate to 72h Urban Action 2010 Bat-Yam International Biennale of Landscape Urbanism



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