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Know What is HCG Weight Loss at Chicago Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic The uncountable failed attempts by individuals towards losing weight can one day be booked for Guinness World Records. However, the successful weight loss programs can also be booked for the same, but for being so few; pun intended. But the majority will yet be on the side of NO SUCCESS – despite of the regular efforts – concerning which Chicago Weight Loss and Nutrition Clinic brings the best weight loss program. The program is renowned by the name 'HCG Weight Loss'. Explaining 'What is HCG Weight Loss' further is the clinic's spokesperson Dr. Anand Thakkar who says, “It is the quickest way to shed those annoying pounds off your body, that too, without sacrificing your health and metabolism. It is indeed the most unique weight loss program for patients desiring a healthy, effective weight loss and management program.” Elaborating minds about how HCG Weight Loss Diet Program acts as a catalyst in achieving desired results Dr. Thakkar adds, “HCG actually tricks your body into thinking it’s pregnant, which changes the metabolism to burn the fat while eating a very low calorie diet.” Without confusing his patients with the complex medical terms he concludes, “Normally, without HCG, ingesting a very low calorie diet would result in fatigue, loss of energy, and give you hunger pains. HCG enables the body to lose the weight while maintaining your energy level and decreasing appetite.” The whole elaboration of the Weight Loss HCG Program can be further read at the following link: About the Clinic Located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, Chicago Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic offers personalized weight loss programs helping their patients to lose weight in a healthy manner and maintain it for a long period of time. Not all weight loss therapies or diets effect equally for all. But this clinic is unique and has helped more than 2100 patients losing more than 64000 pounds. The clinic customizes the weight loss treatment for all individuals depending on their metabolism, lifestyle, hormones, eating behavior, stress management, etc. The clinic tests patients to identify Food Sensitivity and Hormonal issues that may prevent customers from losing weight. To know more, please visit: Contact:

Contact Person: Dr. Anand Thakkar Address: 1000 Grand Canyon Parkway, Suite 104, Hoffman Estates, IL 60169 Contact No: 847-884-7379 Email ID: -

Know What is HCG Weight Loss at Chicago Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic