Summer 1970

Page 108

AUTHORS lN THIS ISSUE James A. Coriden, S.T.L., J~C.D., is Assistant Professor in the School of Theology at the Catholic.University of America. Robert B. Eno, S.S., S.T.D., is Assistant Professor of Historical Theology at Catholic University of America. George W. MacRae, S.J., Ph.D., is Associate Professor of New Testament Studies at Weston College School of Theology, Cambridge, Mass. J. Robert Nelson, Ph.D., the first non-Catholic to teach at the Pontifical Gregorian University, is presently Professor of Systematic Theology at Boston University School of Theology. Thomas F. O'Meara, O.P., Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology, Aquinas lnstitute of Theology, Dubuque, Iowa, visiting Associate Professor, Notre Dame University. Anthony Thomas Padovano, S.T.D., Ph.L., is Professor of Dogmatic Theology at Immaculate Conception Seminary, Darlington, N~w Jersey. Robert F. Trisco, Eccl.D., is Associate Professor of Church History at the Catholic University of America and Editor of the Catholic H~torical Revimv.