Summer 1965

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relevancy to counseling psychology were given below the request: "Please mark (X) the courses or areas listP.d below in which you definitely w~ni more understanding and knowledge." A total of 91 Ss answered this question marking a total of 424 courses for a population mode of three courses, a median of four courses, and a mean average of 4.5 courses per respondent. The size of this total response offers firm support for the supposition that the priests themselves feel that their psychological understanding on the basis of three courses in counseling is inadequate, and that they desire further training. Moreover, the three courses in this list that were most obviously concerned with psychodynamics: "feelings, emotions, and motivation," "counseling practicum," and "group dynamics" are those desired by most of the respondents, being marked by 55 (60%), 49 (54%), and 46 (51%) respectively. This tendency also supports the idea that they do want a greater understanding of psychological factors,. whether or not they feel that their conceptual framework is adequate. OTHER METHODS OF COUNSELING

In the previous question concerning the particular areas the ........ ..J •- ~..__.] __ r---• 1· --- .,,... ,.,.~,.,, o' ,·'ne ......... u................., .lUlLUcJ., vv \i:Ji:Jib} ---r-·------- rJ.,.~"; _. . . a..o.~ .... l.~1 .,.,r I priests desired further knowledge of other methods of counseling. In another place, 15% suggested that other methods and techniques should be included, while a few suggested that the limitations of the non-directive method also be studied. A specific test item was designed in order to determine the range of this opinion in the population. This was a statement: "Other methods of counseling should he· taught in the program." Respondents were asked to mark agreement with this statement on a scale including: strongly disagree, disagree, undecided, agree, and strongly agree. Eleven Ss (12%) disagreed, while 44 Ss (47%) agreed. The total number opposed was 19 (20%) and the total in favor was 53 or 56%. A cross tabulation of another item on the form, "various methods of counseling," revealed that five other Ss undecided here marked this item on the previous question. This raises the total number of respondents in favor of instruction in other rpc:nnnJPnta