Summer 1965

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Community beyond N.Y. [New York]" 22 In the sequel it was Searle hims~!£ who was sent to Berkeley, a choice that met v:ith Riodan's hearty approval who declared him, "just the one to have. charge of an institution of this kind."23 Meanwhile the Arch, bishop of San Francisco handsomely supported the new foundation,.and when his silver episcopal jubilee in 1908 brought a gift of $35,000 from his faithful people, he turned it over for the. construction of a student's chapel. At length his dream witnessed its fulfillment on March 10, 1910, with the dedication of Berkeley's Newman Hall, and as its activities multiplied and attracted more and more students, so did the archbishop's confidence· in its future rise, as he revealed when he told Father Elliott: "I look upon our institute at Berkeley as one of the most encourag· ing things of -the Pacific Coast, and I am confident that if we get·it.sufliciently manned it will prove a surprise to you good . :. ·. · · • · · .. people of tlie.east." 24

If I have dwelt on the Paulisl enterprise at Berkeley to the exclusion· of the thirty-two other campuses. where· these men sel"Ve, it is because its history -is better known to ·me, and, too, because in many .ways this pioneer undertaking set the pattern for Paulist·efforts that soon· followed elsewhere. For example, at the -University ·of Texas their Saint Austin's Chapel made history -when it became the first university chapel under Catholic auspices to lie made a canonical parish, and when in 1915 it was the first· such institution to have its courses in Catholic doctrine accorded- amademic credit by a state university .. It was here as well that Father J. Elliot Ross began to win renown in Newman circles, a man who in a number of ways was in advance of his time, for example, in a suggestion he. made in 1918 ·that the Pa ulists establish a seminary that would be affiliated with the University of Texas. As that time it was probably regarded as a quixotic notion; yet today the same idea has taken on an air of. genuine reality for a growing number of thoughtful seminary administrators, like the abbot and .the provincials of three religious:.communities iri the Middle West, who recently ap. pealed .to the ordinary· of a large. metropolitan see that they be perniitted to open· jointly a theological school in the. immediate