Summer 1965

Page 106



that peace which surpasses all understanding, for war will be no longer because its root, sin, will have been definitely over¡ come. Our lives as Christians must then consist in a gradual emer¡ gence from the isolation and hostility of sinful autonomy into the authentic interpersonal relationship of love within the Christian community, the body of Christ. This process of personaliza¡ tion through community existence will be consummated in the eschaton, but not until then. In the time in between the war between the two cities, the one of sinful man in isolation, the other of the children of God, will go on. For as long as there is a city whose unitive principle is in reality a principle of division, namely, human autonomy over against God, war rimst go on, in some form at least. Conflict in general and war in particular are simply manifestations of a deeper, underlying spiritual cancer.