Summer 1965

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Rather death is only the prelude and the way to life. The Christian is not a masochist trying to satisfy his inner guilt feelings; he is a man who is seeking to live interpersonally more and more fully, but who realizes that this process requires death to the false self as its price. Marriage is also a sacrament of the Church's life, mirroring the mutual gift of Christ and his Church, and it should at all times reflect the values of the person as these are realized in community. The family is the basic unit of coll)munallife; in it the exigencies of community life are grasped, and the beauty and joy of community life as well. Nothing need be said about the irreparable harm done to every form of community, whether it be social, political, or religious, by a broken home or a home in which persons do not meet in freedom for community living. The divisive character of sin is seen in all its tragedy in the broken home, and this basic separation radiates into every subsequent community structure, all of which in one way or an¡ other are built upon the community of the family. In the sacrament of marriage two free persons merge their individual lives into a communal life. They do in fact become " two In . one fl esh"N ¡1.. ' stmply . ~ . _f) I_onger- C3.!1 c:!uCi" pai¡Litcr ..tooK to his or her own interest but must steadfastly seek the good of the community which they have founded. The deeper they penetrate into the meaning of their life together as married Christians the more profoundly will they enter into the meaning of their baptism, their reception of the Eucharist, and their life in the Church. By living marriage as the sign of the Church in every aspect of their common life they will come to know something of the inner life of the mystery of the Church. And because the Church is the sacrament of the Trinity in the world they will also come to know something of the inner life of God himself. FREEDOM IN COMMUNITY

The meaning of unity in community is a subject open to much misunderstanding. Unity is not uniformity but the very antithesis of it. Uniformity seeks to deny the uniqueness of the gifts of the person and the distinctiveness of his personal vocation. By