Spring 1971

Page 89

Edonard Pousset, S.J. translated路 by John Ashton, S.J.

The Eucharist: Real Presence and Transubstantiation, Part II

Does a conte-mp01路a1路y encharistic theology 1-ule out t1路aditional eucharistic devotions?


To express the truth that it is Christ himself who is present in the form of food, the very same Christ whom men have seen, heard and touched, and who now dwells in glory, the Church uses the term "substance": in the Eucharist Christ is present in his entire substance, the reason being that the substance of bread and wine has been changed into the substance of Christ's body. In the light of the preceding analysis of the notion of presence, it is clear that the term "substance" denotes that aspect of a being (a being also necessarily in relation with others) by which it is "en-soi" and "pour-soi." One can see at once that this way of speaking emphasizes one side of 'pres91