Spring 1971

Page 54


Petrine Primacy

A New Testament exegete takes issue with Hans Kung fm路 mim:mizing the PetTine p1路imacy.

It is no secret that today Papal authority is openly questioned and even flatly denied, even by Catholics, in favor of episcopal collegiality or even of an unstructured charismatic Church. It should be clear, moreover, that good theology depends on a careful examination of the biblical data, even though Scriptui路e, is too often bent in the direction of personal theories. The following presentation is based on the conviction that the pertinent gospel texts on this question of Petrine primacy are being minimized in certain quarters, often for Jack of a proper modern exegetical approach, but also as an over-reaction to a fundamentalistic or speculative theological approach. Certain basic considerations will be the focus of attention without any attempt or pretension to complete coverage. For example, since hardly any scholar today and no critical edition question the 55