Spring 1971

Page 18

John A. Coleman, S.J.

Body Ltieral-- Body Symbolic: The Body of Christ

The great problem facing U3 today as men is the problem of our bodies, coming in touch with them and with the body of mankind.

I am not particularly a pious or sentimental person. I generally find it awkward and myself hesitant when I am asked to point to or picture some vivid feeling or experience which I define as religious. Recently I was pushed to describe some experience which captured for me the reality of Christian life. Here is the experience I pointed to. On several occasions when I have been celebrant at a Catholic eucharist, at that point in the mass when communion is being distributed and lines of hundreds and hundreds of faces and bodily shapes approach like unbroken waves of humanity, I find myself caught in a kind of rhythm of my body, my arm 17