Spring 1969

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Karl Rahner is a theologian in whom it is easy to see that theo-logy is man's impassioned living-with God's word. Throughout Rahner's prolific writing there is a constant concern for the concrete; saving meaning in the topic at hand., This theology' is unabashedly "existential"riveted to the being-roots of man, where grace and freedom decide Christ's reception. The publication of· the third volume of Rahner's Theological Investigations (Theology of the · Spiritual Life) underscores this preoccupation with the personal implications of revelation. The essays colMan finds true freedom lected there are formally "asin. opening his heart cetical," but the biblical, dogto Gods sovereign r-ule., matic, and moral themes of Rahner's other scientific articles play in them. Because Rahner does express much of JOHN CARMODY, S.J. his thought in the cast of asr, ·• cetical or spiritual theology, and because the Christian in search of profound religious doctrine has no excess of sources, it may be useful to offer Rahner's maih insights as they apply to the personal spiritual life. I shall try to indicate the major theses of Rahner's overall '.'synthesis," analyze the sub-themes of his spiritual theology, . and then show the particular utility of his theology today.


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