Spring 1969

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Dreher, John. Sacramental Aspects of Tradition DuBay, William H. Democratic Structures in the Church Dvornik, Francis. The PatJ·iarch Photius and Roman Primacy Dyer, George .J. The Unbaptized Infant ·in Etemity, Docb·ine Growth or Betrayal, New Emphasis in Sacramental The-. ology, The Theology of Deaih Ellis, John Tracy. A Seminary Jubilee Emanuel, Thomas, C.SS.R. The Nnmen and the Good News Fichtner, Joseph A., O.S.C., The Fellowship of the Saints Gaffney, James, S.J. William James on the Vi1·tues of War Geaney, Dennis J. The Chicago Story Gorman, John & McDonagh, Andrew. God's Disappointments Gray, Donald P. Sin and the Destruction of Community Haring, Bernard, C.SS.R. The Dynamism of Christian Life Hassel, David, S.J. Mediato1· Between Church and Secular Learning Heaney, Thomas W. Cosmic Resun·ection and .4pocalpse Hofinger, Johannes,· S.J. Contmeporary Catechetics Jedin, Hubert. Luther: A New View Keating, John R. Marriage of the Psychopathic Personality Kiesling, Christopher, O.P. Dewart on Faith, From Ceremony to Comnwnication.. The Church's Institution of Liturgy, Liturgy ·in the Modern World Klauder, Francis. Challenge of Thought of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Kreyche, Gerald. Philosophy and Contemporary Man Lambert, Rollins. Jewish Background of the Liturgical Year Lay, Thomas, S.J. Contemporary Images for Contemporary Preachers McClory, Robet·t. Modern Morality and the Natural Law McElwain, Hugh. Theology in an Age of Christian Renewal McFarland, John S.J. Polarity in Ce>·tain Existentialists McKenzie, John, S.J. Signs and P01ver: NT Presentation of Miracles Mahon, LBo T. Machismo and Christianity Malone, George. Mater, Si! Magistra, Si!, Academic Freedom and Apologetics, The Chu?'Ch Organization and Sbucture, Academic Freedom Revisited Mangan, Joseph, S.J. Questions on ''The Pill"