Fall 1968

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When St. Paul speaks about the various gifts of the Holy Spirit that he distributes in a Christian community, he .does not make any mention of the charism of a canon lawyer. And no doubt, many persons would deny that such a charism exists or could exist. But at the same time we find that canon lawyers have a humble but indispensable role in the Church to help to develop and preserve order and peace in the Christian community and in this way prepare the ground for the work of the Holy Spirit. Order, however,

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structures but the ordered play of creative forces, the Christian community. ordered release of energies. Order in a living body is + the perfection of movement. Peace does not mean the abLADISLAS M. ORSY, S.J. sence of tension and of radical change. It means that the + moving forces are rooted in love and carry the community toward a Person. Both order and peace include a creative element. True, the canon lawyer's charism is not that of the theologian. He is not scrutinizing God's mysteries; he is concerned with simple norms of action. He is not interpreting the Word of God to an unbelieving world or to believing disciples; he is concerned with the practical happiness of God's people. 251