Fall 1968

Page 102

What happens to you when you work in a 520-bed hospital for eight weeks as a member of a supervised training program? Well, you have an opportunity: to consume all the free food you can, to meet a great number of people, to empty bed-pans, to participate in televised liturgies, to get depressed, to learn how to make a hospital bed, to "T" group, to reflect on your experiences, to help patients die, to procrastinate by taking a morning off, to sit with a patient waiting in the clinic, to watch electric-shock therAn open letter on a new apy, to work with authority phase of Catholic sem1nary figures, to meet nurses, to make an inventory of your experience. areas of competence and incompetence, to view surgery, to visit a captive clientele, to drink coffee, to manipulate people, to talk with injured White Sox players, to heal and not quite know how. Any questions? Well perhaps some more information distilled from this summer's Mercy Hospital team experience might be of help.

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